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Thread: Chaldea's Case Files

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    Dark Crime Skyscraper: Manhattan: given how crazy nasuverse names get sometimes, a dude just named kevin is very funny

    Hijikata Toshizou (and the) Kidnapping Incident:

    The Servants in Chaldea drank to celebrate the Master returning safely with another Grail, drank to welcome new Servants, drank to drown their sorrows of every Event... they were basically doing these feasts all the time.
    tfw ywn

    “Oh dear, the three of you were training today? How admirable.”Tamamo no Mae, Kiyohime, and Ushiwakamaru.
    “Those’re the three ladies who surrounded Master at the feast yesterday and didn’t move an inch the entire night, right?”
    tfw ywn

    “What an evil monster, I’m terrified! I’ll need to ask the Count of Monte Cristo for help!”
    Driven to find the culprit, Nursery Rhyme left the grand library with a graceful bow. The trio just stared dumbfounded.

    that said reading these has really reiterated why I hate the light novel format. will read rest later

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comun View Post
    Volume 1 was by writters of traditional mystery, while volume 2 was by writers of weirdo mystery like time loops, magic murder, or autopsy-centric investigation.
    Ah, that explains the Amphibian and Kusariya authors then, I mixed it up

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