[FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=4]I'm not sure if anyone could help me but I'm in a predicament in which I'm playing the ultimate editon of fate stay night relta nua with the patches and such. My problem is that I saved in a dead end on the 15th day of the fate route (the last day of the route) I saved beforehand the choice whether or not Emiya should plan how to defeat Kieri and Gilgamesh. I thought originally that I could just use the history option and press load to bring me back but silly enough I couldn't find a load option so I've been stuck of what to do now. I tried just loading up a new game but it gives me the option to skip dialogue so I did so but then after day 6 it just brings me back to the hub screen. Can someone tell me what I should do I have no ideas besides just getting the game all over again which would just suck and be a waste of time.