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Thread: (Linux Lutris Installer) Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Ultimate Edition

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    (Linux Lutris Installer) Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] - Ultimate Edition

    Linux-based Beasts, Magii, Servants, and other unsavoury denizens rejoice! A Lutris-specific Linux installer for Jacktheinfinite101, et al.'s transcendent "Fate/stay night [Réalta Nua] Ultimate Edition" patch masterpiece is now alive, much to the delight of the twelve Linux users still in existence.

    details or it didn't happen

    Thanks to Lutris automation, installation is much easier than under Windows. Delicious irony is delicious:

    1. Install Lutris.
    2. Get "Fate/stay night [Realta Nua] for Windows." nyaa is your special friend in this and... other interests.
    3. Install Fate/Stay Night [Realta Nua] Ultimate Edition. Thanks to the magic of, the preceding link is a one-click Lutris installer that transparently downloads and runs both itself and the Ultimate Edition Windows installer under Lutris on your local machine. It's pretty boss. (No less than twenty clicks or your Saint Quartz back.)
    4. Optional, but recommended. While playing:
      • Enable the Patch → Options → Skip movies in-game option. Consider watching these movies either online or via the Extras title option available after successfully completing the Prologue. Attempting to play movies usually raises fatal runtime exceptions – usually at the fade-to-white Prologue ending.
      • Disable the Patch → Vita Additions → Play Vita OP in-game option. In addition to raising fatal runtime exceptions, Vita movies also contain heavy spoilers – especially for Heaven's Feel, the final route and grand finale. (All remaining patches are spoiler-free, as far as I know.)

    Detailed installation and usage instructions officially live at the GitHub repository publicly hosting this installer.

    ask not what your Lutris installer can do for you! ask what you can do for your Lutris installer

    Clearly, the Lutris installer should be improved to get in-game movies (both original and Vita) to play as expected. Can we do this? Probably not. This has been an on-going issue for nearly a decade and we are few in number and strength. In theory, however, there just might exist a perfect storm of Wine version, Windows version, LAVFilters version, winetricks "apps," and Lutris commands to enable this to happen. Doing so will require extensive and doubtless very boring testing from a small cabal of sacrificial volunteers. If this describes you, an open GitHub issue tracking this discussion has your name on it. (No, really. It does. Kinda creepy, huh?)

    thank all the good volunteers that made this happen

    Mostly, that means:

    • Project leads:
      • Jacktheinfinite101.
      • Quibi.
      • Kotonoha.

    • The Cast:
      • Jacktheinfinite101: Lead editor, programming, some image editing.
      • Quibi: Lead programmer, installer creation.
      • Koto: Lead translator, text editing, some image editing.
      • Hintay: Additional programming.
      • Anonamous: Additional programming.
      • uyjulian: Krkrz development.
      • Waku Waku: Lead image editor, programming consultant, PS2 resources,legacy project.
      • ニサンカタンソ: Additional programming.
      • NM64: Audio editing, beta testing, media assets.
      • SmilingWolf: Upscaled image assets.
      • Hyarion: Initial translation of Fate H alts.
      • MeruP: Programming.
      • Terrafire: Script comparisons.
      • Dallas Hickan: Additional image editing.
      • GameCreater32: Custom voice replay icons, supplemental tools.
      • Commander Rase: Beta Testing.
      • Thryfe: Beta Testing.
      • Inuhanyou: Beta Testing.
      • SkitZoFrenic: Beta Testing.
      • Ownsin: Beta Testing.
      • UnlimitedBladeWorks: Beta Testing.
      • Taka-jun, ArchDemon, Tjm, and puKKa from Mirror Moon: Originaltranslation.
      • bishopcruz and Annonymous: First H uncensor patch.
      • Himeros and Belldandy100: Second H uncensor patch.
      • Special thanks to any other BL members who helped out.

    All I did was develop the Lutris installer and associated GitHub repository – a paltry thing beside the Sisyphean journey of the stalwart heroes above. They deserve our praise, our tears, and all our coffee.
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    Dammit, I just found this after finishing the less polished version I found on reddit which I had to install using Playonlinux and took me 2 days to set up...

    Well, it's great to know in case I have to recommend it to someone else. Now, onto the hell that might be installing Hollow Ataraxia!

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