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Thread: Fate Sword Dance, and the fatal fake series

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    Cool Fate Sword Dance, and the fatal fake series

    HEY Y'ALL zolo here and im wondering why there arent any more cool 2D fighters based on the fate series like melty blood we'll always have sword dance and fatal fake is fun i prefer the first version of it though as it just felt more anime which i just discovered yesterday and ofc Unlimited codes but i feel like so much has happened in the series since idk how game devlopment works but i love the idea of a fate grand order 2D fighter Marvel V.S Capcom style, idk if anyones good with sprites or game engines and stuff i feel like we could do it or maybe a plat form fighter like rivals im down for anything really if you know of any more recent titles that involve type moon ip that'd be cool as well

    idk just thought i'd throw it out there icymi like i did

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