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Thread: Ultimate edition install help

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    Unhappy Ultimate edition install help

    I have been a massive fan of fate for the past four years and was looking to come back to re read the novel when I saw that this version had finally been finished! I have downloaded all of the patches to the best of my knowlage and merged the files without issue, but whenever I try to start it I am given the error message
    script exception raised
    file://./c/program files (x86)/Fate stay night[realta Nua] ultimate
    edition/patch.xp3 is not .xp3 archive or unsupported.

    this was the download location that the installer gave me. I have the game files from the Win Rars in a D: drive and the faterealtanua_savedata folder is in My documents which is also under the main C: drive.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated here as I am really looking forward to seeing what all of you great people have done to my favourite VN.

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    I recently tried to install the game, and have run into the same issue. I know you posted this a while ago, but were you able to get the game to work?

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    Hi. I'm not sure exactly what the problem could be --- because I've never had that problem --- so I'm gonna have to guess blindly here for ya. You might have an on-going conflict with having two of the same named files co-existing with eachother; check if you have a duplicate of the patch.xp3 file. You might of have installed the patche(s) manually and with the setup as well. Hope this helps somehow.

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