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    Servant Lily, Enkidu SI

    I created a space to post some excerpts and ideas for some possible stories, I hope you like it.


    I have always loved stories from Isekais.

    I have always loved the adventures of ordinary people that somehow ended up in a fictional world.

    The evolution from a weak person to someone strong and courageous.

    Sometimes I imagined myself in their place interacting with certain characters and even helping the protagonists to overcome their challenges.

    But there is a big difference between imagining and doing.

    It was falling.

    Falling down a long kaleidoscopic tunnel.

    I was scared.

    I didn't know how I ended up in this place.

    I knew that something very bad had happened to me, I always knew that I was not a good girl and that this was a burden for my uncle, but I never thought that this could have happened.

    I felt numb and cold.

    The books and stories I've read have always highlighted how bad these two could be for the human body if you were careless.

    both only lead to a result.


    But I didn't want to die.

    I'm only 8 years old.

    I didn't even finish school.

    or I said goodbye to my friend

    Besides that

    I had just started the Losbert series.

    Is not fair.....


    why did this happen to me?

    why did my uncle hate me so much?

    Was I that bad?

    Stretching his hand forward with tears in his eyes, the child cries out to the kaleidoscopic.


    If someone is listening to me

    Please .... save me.

    I promise I will be a good girl.

    I promise I will not harm.

    I swear I will become strong.

    I will be your weapon for good.

    I will shape my destiny according to your will.

    I will protect those you love.

    and your interests will be mine.

    So, please

    The child's crying resonated everywhere.

    Dozens of multiverse verses were covered by his lament.

    Hundreds of plans have felt their fear.

    Thousands of kingdoms have realized their presence in the world.

    Millions of beings with a deeply spiritual and magical bond have heard his voice.


    Only one had responded.

    Only one had the strength and speed to respond to his call.

    For although she heard, few would have the strength to save her from the space between worlds.

    Perhaps because of how close it is to this particular multiverse.

    or even how willing that particular being was to save her.

    or all of the above factors.But...

    Suddenly a strong light appears.

    It didn't matter...

    A Ghostly feeling of a hug.


    Surrounded by a much-desired heat.

    He came to her.

    Don't worry, little one ...

    Thousands of memories, sensations, and emotions that do not belong to you fill your being.

    I'm here.....

    Memories of the days when he lived among animals, of melancholy when he left them to live among human beings, emotion when he faced what he would call a friend, sadness, happiness, and concern when he was proclaimed by his king as his greatest treasure, just after his curse letting him return to his lonely life.

    "Who would understand me? who else would march beside me? Do you still doubt after all our misfortunes? Well, listen carefully, I declare here and now as one of my two greatest treasures, it is by my word that you are my friend and no matter who says that alive or dead, you will feel my fury, so said the king ... "

    And I promise I will never leave you.


    Thank you


    The light goes out the same way it starts.

    Suddenly thousands of sensations manifest in my body.

    I'm alive.

    So, I sit on the floor under my knee and foot and the heat around me was a slightly uncomfortable feeling when I was freezing a while ago.

    'But you are alive now, little one,' said the serene voice in an amusing way with a touch of kindness in her mind.

    I opened my eyes to a world on fire, realizing at that moment that I was kneeling on a shield, it is instantly the pieces fit together.

    I closed my eyes with a young man with dark hair, my master for this new life.

    Fujimaru Ritsuka.

    'I think it would be very polite if we were not present, yes?'

    Inwardly nodding in agreement the child opens his little mouth and in a neutral, soft, and melodic voice informs his new master.

    "For your call, I have come pseudo-servant Alter lily Enkidu, I wish that you use me as mercilessly as you think is best, do not worry master, because with me neither the gods dared to hurt you."
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    Dreams that unite us

    Ember whenever he was a creative child.

    Her parents said that she was a peculiar child with a very fertile imagination.

    Whatever that meant.

    Your uncles not so much.

    his dreams were very strange.

    She had once dreamed that she was at a tea party with a giant chocolate fish in a top hat.

    Others were that she flew in a sky with cotton candy clouds mounted on a striped horned unicorn.

    All of his dreams were creative, colorful, and had many adventures.

    That's why she was surprised by this one.

    It was a park very similar to the one she had gone with her mother near her work, the museum that was a palace was in that dream.

    For a moment she had thought she was going to be a princess, but for her happiness and disappointment she was wearing a simple light blue dress, it was comfortable, without ruffles or pricking fabric.

    she loved it.

    her hair was loose, she was also barefoot.

    the grass at his feet made carriages.

    With a happy giggle, Ember ran through the park, crossing the grass and flowers that were there.

    Of course, that's when the weird part that his dreams usually had decided to appear.

    For this very distracted she did not notice how part of the lawn had been abruptly replaced by gravel and stone, and she only realized this after her lovely bare feet stepped on that hard ground.

    Stumbling over the change in terrain, she falls and instinctively rolls over thanks to her Papa classes ending the lying motion.

    This would normally lead to snubbing and bruising, and any girl would be crying from the accident.

    But Ember was different, curious she got up and surprised to see the reason for her fall.

    One side of the environment in which he found himself was the park he knew and the other was a city.

    Or it should be.

    The place was empty and the houses were of stone with ceilings that looked like brown or beige grass.

    At the bottom of the landscape was a castle with white walls and golden highlights.

    Smiling she decides to go to the castle to explore the place.

    Maybe she'll find a friend?

    with leaps in his steps Ember walks down the gravel street and after a few minutes she arrives at the castle gate.

    it was huge with golden marks and beautiful designs with shapes of flowers, plants, and birds in the center of it there was a mark of a circle with two triangles one on top of the other forming an image that reminded it very much of that of a star.

    Without hesitating, Ember pushes the door open, but not before knocking on it as his mama had taught, and enters the castle.

    it was empty.

    His smile slips from his lips and with a pout.

    Where is everybody?

    Without thinking twice Ember speaks.

    "Is anyone there?"


    Maybe they're playing hide and seek.

    With a giggle she replies.

    "Well if and how you want it, ready or not there I go!"

    Without hesitation, she walks through the lonely corridors in search of her prey.

    Going through some rooms she searches for her opponent in a detached search of all possible hiding places.

    Soon she sees two huge wooden doors, not as big as the ones in front of the castle, leading to a room full of shelves full of paper cones.

    but this was not what stood out the most.

    For in the background sitting on a cushion by a window holding one of the cones was a boy who looked much older than she.

    He was a very different boy, he had dark skin and long white hair with a beautiful braid hanging, he wore a white shirt with many gold jewelry in the same color as his eyes.

    Moving silently she approaches the boy until she is in front of him.

    He was reading the cone with strange drawings and he looked very bored.

    Maybe it took too long, that's why he decided to stop playing?

    well, he was stupid so pope always said that patience leads to victory .... or was it a virtue?

    Whatever, he was stupid to come out of hiding and so he lost because of that...

    she pokes him in the cheek and says "I found you!"

    The reaction was instantaneous.

    With a cry, the boy drops the roll and falls backward onto a heavy bench.

    blinking at his reaction Ember approaches and asks "are you okay?"

    Sprawled on the floor and boy looks at her momentarily stunned before orienting himself and asks.

    "W-who are you and how did you get here?"

    he spoke in a different language, he was different from his working friend who speaks English, she could understand it somehow.

    she approached him and poked his nose like his pope did when she asked strange questions.

    "I'm Ember and I walked in the front door duh!"

    his eyes kind of crossed before he shook his head, stood up, and spoke.

    "But as the guards wouldn't let you in ..."

    "What guards?"

    "what do you mean guards? they stay everywhere in the castle!"
    "No one here but you and me"


    "yes, the palace is empty as is the city".


    "Don't worry, they'll be back as soon as the dream is over"


    Crossing her arms the girl makes a bored face before speaking.

    "You have to imitate everything I say, and it was really boring, you know? Yes, a dream and so we can play and have fun without adults getting in the way!"

    the boy blinks at her with an empty look as if he does not know how to fight.

    "So what's your name?"



    "it's Solomon, not Solomoni"



    "Nice to meet you Sol".


    "It's a nickname, Friends give each other nicknames"


    "Yes, the palace is empty as is the city".


    "Don't worry, they'll be back as soon as the dream is over"


    crossing her arms the girl makes a bored face before speaking.

    "You have to imitate everything I say and it's really boring, you know? Yes, it's a dream and so we can play and have fun without adults getting in the way!"

    the boy blinks at her with an empty look as if he does not know how to fight.

    "So what's your name?"



    "it's Solomon not solomoni"



    "Nice to meet you Sol".


    "It's a nickname, Friends give each other nicknames"


    "Yes, that and if you want to be my friend, not that I don't want to but I don't want to force you to do what you don't ...

    "Yes !" he says taking her hands and with a happy smile and a little blush


    "I want to be your friend Em-nbery"

    "Oh really?" exclaimed the animated memory while ignoring the wrong name.

    Solomon nods.

    "We are going to have a lot of fun, Sol."

    Suddenly, the environment starts to shake, as does the dregs.

    sun widens his eyes and asks.

    "What's happening?"

    "Ah, our time is up". says the girl with a look of taste.

    "Oh" with your eyes reflecting your sad disappointment.

    "Don't worry, we'll see you again and we'll play a lot."

    "But how can I find you?"

    "hmmm", she thinks for a while before having an idea, going to the window she points to the horizon where the city met the park and further on was the museum at the top of the hill and says "See the park near the palace, every time he appears I will be waiting for you. "

    Solomon looks at where it ends and makes an astonishing sound as if he had never seen a park in his life.

    What was not a lie, the boy stayed in the palace for a long time without even leaving to visit his city, much less the world outside the walls.

    Realizing his admiration and how little he knew, he has an idea.

    "But you have to pay attention and not be reading all the time or you lose playtime and I can't keep coming all the time, you have to go there or we can't play together".

    Looking at her he realizes what the youngest girl would be like and agrees with the spread.

    Em-nbery and her first and only friend he will not let you down.

    The world shakes again and soon the girl starts to disappear but before disappearing completely she holds her little finger and shakes it lightly.

    "This is a little finger promise that means we can't undo or lie about what we agreed to, I hope to see you again in the sun, and you can buy my nickname Em".

    This done it disappears.

    "Me too Em." says sunshine to the void while looking at the place where her friend was.

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