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    Servant Lily, Enkidu SI

    I created a space to post some excerpts and ideas for some possible stories, I hope you like it.


    I have always loved stories from Isekais.

    I have always loved the adventures of ordinary people that somehow ended up in a fictional world.

    The evolution from a weak person to someone strong and courageous.

    Sometimes I imagined myself in their place interacting with certain characters and even helping the protagonists to overcome their challenges.

    But there is a big difference between imagining and doing.

    It was falling.

    Falling down a long kaleidoscopic tunnel.

    I was scared.

    I didn't know how I ended up in this place.

    I knew that something very bad had happened to me, I always knew that I was not a good girl and that this was a burden for my uncle, but I never thought that this could have happened.

    I felt numb and cold.

    The books and stories I've read have always highlighted how bad these two could be for the human body if you were careless.

    both only lead to a result.


    But I didn't want to die.

    I'm only 8 years old.

    I didn't even finish school.

    or I said goodbye to my friend

    Besides that

    I had just started the Losbert series.

    Is not fair.....


    why did this happen to me?

    why did my uncle hate me so much?

    Was I that bad?

    Stretching his hand forward with tears in his eyes, the child cries out to the kaleidoscopic.


    If someone is listening to me

    Please .... save me.

    I promise I will be a good girl.

    I promise I will not harm.

    I swear I will become strong.

    I will be your weapon for good.

    I will shape my destiny according to your will.

    I will protect those you love.

    and your interests will be mine.

    So, please

    The child's crying resonated everywhere.

    Dozens of multiverse verses were covered by his lament.

    Hundreds of plans have felt their fear.

    Thousands of kingdoms have realized their presence in the world.

    Millions of beings with a deeply spiritual and magical bond have heard his voice.


    Only one had responded.

    Only one had the strength and speed to respond to his call.

    For although she heard, few would have the strength to save her from the space between worlds.

    Perhaps because of how close it is to this particular multiverse.

    or even how willing that particular being was to save her.

    or all of the above factors.But...

    Suddenly a strong light appears.

    It didn't matter...

    A Ghostly feeling of a hug.


    Surrounded by a much-desired heat.

    He came to her.

    Don't worry, little one ...

    Thousands of memories, sensations, and emotions that do not belong to you fill your being.

    I'm here.....

    Memories of the days when he lived among animals, of melancholy when he left them to live among human beings, emotion when he faced what he would call a friend, sadness, happiness, and concern when he was proclaimed by his king as his greatest treasure, just after his curse letting him return to his lonely life.

    "Who would understand me? who else would march beside me? Do you still doubt after all our misfortunes? Well, listen carefully, I declare here and now as one of my two greatest treasures, it is by my word that you are my friend and no matter who says that alive or dead, you will feel my fury, so said the king ... "

    And I promise I will never leave you.


    Thank you


    The light goes out the same way it starts.

    Suddenly thousands of sensations manifest in my body.

    I'm alive.

    So, I sit on the floor under my knee and foot and the heat around me was a slightly uncomfortable feeling when I was freezing a while ago.

    'But you are alive now, little one,' said the serene voice in an amusing way with a touch of kindness in her mind.

    I opened my eyes to a world on fire, realizing at that moment that I was kneeling on a shield, it is instantly the pieces fit together.

    I closed my eyes with a young man with dark hair, my master for this new life.

    Fujimaru Ritsuka.

    'I think it would be very polite if we were not present, yes?'

    Inwardly nodding in agreement the child opens his little mouth and in a neutral, soft, and melodic voice informs his new master.

    "For your call, I have come pseudo-servant Alter lily Enkidu, I wish that you use me as mercilessly as you think is best, do not worry master, because with me neither the gods dared to hurt you."
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    Dreams that unite us

    Ember has always been a creative child.

    Her parents always said that she was a peculiar child with a very fertile imagination.

    Your uncles not so much.

    his dreams were very strange.

    She had once dreamed that she was at a tea party with a giant chocolate fish in a top hat.

    Others were that she flew in a sky with cotton candy clouds mounted on a striped horned unicorn.

    All of his dreams were creative, colorful, and had many adventures.

    That's why she was surprised by this one.

    It was a park very similar to the one she had gone with her mother near her work, the museum that was a palace was in that dream.

    For a moment she had thought she was going to be a princess, but for her happiness and disappointment she was wearing a simple light blue dress, it was comfortable, without ruffles or pricking fabric.

    She loved it.

    Her hair was loose, she was also barefoot.

    The grass at his feet made carriages.

    With a happy giggle, Ember ran through the park, crossing the grass and flowers that were there.

    Of course, that's when the weird part that his dreams usually had decided to appear.

    For this very distracted she did not notice how part of the lawn had been abruptly replaced by gravel and stone, and she only realized this after her lovely bare feet stepped on that hard ground.

    Stumbling over the change in terrain, she falls and instinctively rolls over thanks to her Papa classes ending the lying motion.

    This would normally lead to snubbing and bruising, and any girl would be crying from the accident.

    But Ember was different, curious she got up and surprised to see the reason for her fall.

    One side of the environment in which he found himself was the park he knew and the other was a city.

    Or it should be.

    The place was empty and the houses were of stone with ceilings that looked like brown or beige grass.

    At the bottom of the landscape was a castle with white walls and golden highlights.

    Smiling she decides to go to the castle to explore the place.

    Maybe she'll find a friend?

    With leaps in his steps Ember walks down the gravel street and after a few minutes she arrives at the castle gate.

    It was huge with golden marks and beautiful designs with shapes of flowers, plants, and birds in the center of it there was a mark of a circle with two triangles one on top of the other forming an image that reminded it very much of that of a star.

    Without hesitating, Ember pushes the door open, but not before knocking on it as his mama had taught, and enters the castle.

    It was empty.

    His smile slips from his lips and with a pout.

    Where is everybody?

    Without thinking twice Ember speaks.

    "Is anyone there?"


    Maybe they're playing hide and seek.

    With a giggle she replies.

    "Well if and how you want it, ready or not there I go!"

    Without hesitation, she walks through the lonely corridors in search of her prey.

    Going through some rooms she searches for her opponent in a detached search of all possible hiding places.

    Soon she sees two huge wooden doors, not as big as the ones in front of the castle, leading to a room full of shelves full of paper cones.

    But this was not what stood out the most.

    For in the background sitting on a cushion by a window holding one of the cones was a boy who looked much older than she.

    He was a very different boy, he had dark skin and long white hair with a beautiful braid hanging, he wore a white shirt with many gold jewelry in the same color as his eyes.

    Moving silently she approaches the boy until she is in front of him.

    He was reading the cone with strange drawings and he looked very bored.

    Maybe it took too long, that's why he decided to stop playing?

    Well, he was stupid so pope always said that patience leads to victory .... or was it a virtue?

    Whatever, he was stupid to come out of hiding and so he lost because of that...

    She pokes him in the cheek and says "I found you!"

    The reaction was instantaneous.

    With a cry, the boy drops the roll and falls backward onto a heavy bench.

    Blinking at his reaction Ember approaches and asks "are you okay?"

    Sprawled on the floor and boy looks at her momentarily stunned before orienting himself and asks.

    "W-who are you and how did you get here?"

    he spoke in a different language, he was different from his working friend who speaks English, she could understand it somehow.

    she approached him and poked his nose like his pope did when she asked strange questions.

    "I'm Ember and I walked in the front door duh!"

    His eyes kind of crossed before he shook his head, stood up, and spoke.

    "But as the guards wouldn't let you in ..."

    "What guards?"

    "what do you mean guards? they stay everywhere in the castle!"

    "No one here but you and me"


    "yes, the palace is empty as is the city".


    "Don't worry, they'll be back as soon as the dream is over"


    Crossing her arms the girl makes a bored face before speaking.

    "You have to imitate everything I say, and it was really boring, you know? Yes, a dream and so we can play and have fun without adults getting in the way!"

    The boy blinks at her with an empty look as if he does not know how to fight.

    "So what's your name?"



    "it's Solomon not solomoni"



    "Nice to meet you Sol".


    "It's a nickname, Friends give each other nicknames"


    "Yes, that and if you want to be my friend, not that I don't want to but I don't want to force you to do what you don't ...

    "Yes !" he says taking her hands and with a happy smile and a little blush


    "I want to be your friend Em-nbery"

    "Oh really?" exclaimed the animated memory while ignoring the wrong name.

    Solomon nods.

    "We are going to have a lot of fun, Sol."

    Suddenly, the environment starts to shake, as does the dregs.

    Sol widens his eyes and asks.

    "What's happening?"

    "Ah, our time is up". says the girl with a look of taste.

    "Oh" with your eyes reflecting your sad disappointment.

    "Don't worry, we'll see you again and we'll play a lot."

    "But how can I find you?"

    "hmmm", she thinks for a while before having an idea, going to the window she points to the horizon where the city met the park and further on was the museum at the top of the hill and says "See the park near the palace, every time he appears I will be waiting for you. "

    Solomon looks at where it ends and makes an astonishing sound as if he had never seen a park in his life.

    What was not a lie, the boy stayed in the palace for a long time without even leaving to visit his city, much less the world outside the walls.

    Realizing his admiration and how little he knew, he has an idea.

    "But you have to pay attention and not be reading all the time or you lose playtime and I can't keep coming all the time, you have to go there or we can't play together".

    Looking at her he realizes what the youngest girl would be like and agrees with the spread.

    Em-nbery and her first and only friend he will not let you down.

    The world shakes again and soon the girl starts to disappear but before disappearing completely she holds her little finger and shakes it lightly.

    "This is a little finger promise that means we can't undo or lie about what we agreed to, I hope to see you again in the sun, and you can buy my nickname Em".

    This done it disappears.

    "Me too Em." says Sol to the void while looking at the place where her friend was.
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    The craft of destiny.

    {A/N: : English is not my native language, I use Grammarly, if you find any mistake let me know, I accept constructive criticism]


    Ok, let's check this out again.

    Endless darkness, checked.

    Empty, checked.

    Lack of body, checked.

    Memoirs? the most important at the moment is too blurred to be understandable.

    Well, I don't remember my name and the people I lived with, as well as physical appearances, but I remember only the basics, who was a girl in my old life and who loved to read and liked green, other than that I was in mine and did not try to make trouble with anyone.

    Oh, it was also a green belt in Jiu-Jitsu.

    Interestingly, my memories of fictions I saw and read are clearer than ever, little things like when the Spock ate kiss (chocolate) with his mother or that scene that became Gandalf's meme with an electronic clock on his wrist, or even that King Solomon's fanart with kitten ears.

    I never found that image again:. (

    Returning to the subject in question, everything on the imaginary list was counted and checked.


    I am dead.


    Ambulance -sama why? I thought we were friends ...

    [Pss ...]

    But how would I know that I would be hit inside her?

    [Pssss ...]

    You mean who would be so psycho to hit everything in the back of an ambulance during a rescue?

    [Hey you!]

    Now only a higher being appears ......

    [Damn stop ignoring me]

    Blink ..... Blink.

    Woah! there's a blue box floating to my left, how the hell can I see it if I'm dead ?!

    Ok .... breathe, sigh, and not pyre.

    Just accept it and move on.

    [Haa ~ ignore me first and then don't be surprised by my presence, you are so embarrassed!]

    I'm really sorry about that, I was thinking a little too much.

    [You will only be forgiven if you agree to do something for me ~]

    Do not.

    [Glad you ... What?]

    I said no, I won't do anything for you.

    [If you really want to embark on an adventure?]

    An adventure in which I would be sent to another world that may or may not be extremely dangerous, without the means to protect me and survive, just to be your entertainment and risk me in the most horrendous or worst way to be killed?

    Nop, I prefer to stay here in my corner, taking a nap is such.

    [Wait! Please wait, sniff I am working for so long as guardian of souls, with nothing to do but keep an eye on them until the moment they need to move on, and you are the only soul that has 'awareness' .. ...]


    [As a mere guardsman, I may not have as much power as my superiors ...]


    [If I promise you a power that can evolve over time, something that is well known in your world and that can not only help you survive but put it on top ... would you then agree to do that? ]


    [S-seriously, Ok so ... don't worry you will love it]

    Oh ... not my arachnid senses are buzzing.

    [The World and the body you are going to stop will be radomized]


    [Your gender will not be changed and of course, you will still be a girl ....]

    Ufa ...

    [But your age can be quite different]


    [Yes, you can end up being transmigrated to a fetus, a child, a teenager, or even an adult.]

    So, without risk of being transmigrated like an old lady?

    [Oh what a great idea]

    No, don't even think about it, or I will not continue with this business!

    [He..he..he Calm down just kidding ~ besides that it wouldn't be fun if you return here so soon.]

    Sigh * please don't do this anymore, I thought you would really make me an old woman.


    It is my power, could you tell me, come on, it would be easier if I am aware of it to be able to use it.

    [Well have you read 'The Player'?]


    [So, you will have a power similar to this, but weaker].

    Oh .... so am I that kind of Isekai?

    [By realizing it quickly, you gain +1 Int]

    Yes !, then I was right.

    [Ok so without further ado, let's start random character selection, and we advise you to get some sleep, to assimilate all the memories otherwise your head will explode]

    Wait for what? what you...

    [ho, look at the time .... Link Start!]

    0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- 0-

    Argh .... damn it hurts!

    I groan in pain when I awake.

    Moving a hand, I gently massage my forehead, decreasing the intensity of the headache, which I realize by the number of pencil objects, colored pens, papers, and books that I had 'fallen asleep' on the table when I was finishing my homework.

    Looking at the papers described, I realize that they were texts for a historical lesson, about the great fire that occurred in the city of Fuyuki ......


    I know where I was transferred ...

    The universe where the mystery has strength.

    The place where the good guys without weft armor die early.



    [Yo! You are alive! I knew I could do it!]

    How come I am alive?!, You put me in something without knowing if I would survive ?!

    [What, n-no, of course, see, may not seem like just people with a great desire can go through this procedure without suffering any damage, it is you and the most determined person I know, besides if something happens to you would return to the void, so no problem ~]

    No problem they say .... *sigh *

    "Okay, is it now?"

    [Now is the time for the introduction! so welcome to Fate / Stay Nigth, something you may have realized by then ...]

    [For the perception of the universe in which you were transferred you gain +1 Wis]

    [Damn you are fast ~ barely started and is already rising in your statistics!]

    "I try to please" I reply with a shrug.

    [Well anyway, let's start a quick tutorial, just for you to have some understanding of the game ok? so to see your statistics say ..]


    Name: Okazaki Hisui
    Age: 12 years old
    Feminine gender
    Alignment: Good Neutral
    Level 1
    Exp: 0/100
    HP: 10/10 (1Hp / hour)
    Mp: (locked)
    Stamina: 10/10 (1Sta / hour)
    Luk: 87 (Fixed)
    statistic points: 0
    Money: ¥ 350]
    This ... this was supposed to be like this.

    [Yes, it is exactly what you are seeing, how you are starting your statistics will be extremely low, except for your luck which was something you already had in life, but as a result, it cannot be changed]

    But why wasn't it easier to give me the points and let my luck develop?

    [Well on the one hand you are in the universe that those who have low luck could have a very violent death, on the other hand, I could not give you statistical points as this would exercise a lot of my power, much more than I already did, in this the only way to earn points and level or complete a world mission.]

    "World mission?"

    [These are missions that can completely change the fate of the world, these missions are extremely rare, so their rewards can range from rare to legendary materials, in addition to 50 to 1000 statistic points depending on how dangerous the mission is]

    "5-50 to 1000 points? ' I say stunned.

    So many points.

    [Yes cool right? in leveling, you can receive 5 points for each leveling]

    "Ok ." I say quickly leaving my stupor "But why is my MP blocked?"

    [Well this is because you have not yet awakened your magic circuits and therefore cannot use prana! , for that, you need to awaken them, so ...]

    [Quest: Awaken your magic circuits

    You are in a universe known for magic and mystery, inhabited by dark creatures and lords who claim to be superior to the human race, to survive in this world you must awaken your magic circuits.

    Reward: Ability to perform magicraft.

    Grimmorio of the Okazaki family.
    250 Exp.
    Failure: Magic circuits withered.
    loss of inheritance.
    risk of survival].

    "Damn it"

    [Yes, now that everything has been explained I leave it to your adventure, so bye ~]



    "Damn, he didn't talk about the Menu"


    Oh and so then, hello my old friend.

    Maybe you can summon Enkidu the first time like last time? ....

    Hey, it's the hell you're going through...

    I'll put that aside, I don't even want to think about it at the moment.

    Leaving this aside, I think I better see these memories, I'm a little curious about one of the rewards given in the mission, like why there is a grimoire as a reward, especially a grimoire from my family, I thought that magus did not use it.

    Besides, I don't know anything about it at the moment, maybe the mission's answer is recorded in my memories?

    Humm let's see!
    Holy shit, Batman! I am a descendant of de Masamune, Muramasa and Gān Jiàng !.

    It seems that my current self comes with an ancient lineage of 'spellcasters' with a line of mixed Blacksmiths and artisans from the west, with a focus on creating and recreating impossible mystical / phantasms codes that would possibly help in the development of humanity and even in the return of magic.

    Ok calm down Hisui, there's nothing to be ...

    Screw fangirl on.

    * Mentally screaming *

    This ... This is gold, if I can open my magic circuits I can build anything ...

    These idiot nobles will not know what hit them

    Careful world! , I will soon introduce the power of a Transformer!

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    The Queen of Knights - Guinevere SI

    Metal-to-metal beats were heard around him.

    left, defend, and counter-attack.

    The intense smell of iron hung in the air.

    Dodge, defend, kick, and strike.

    The cries and moans of the fallen, both allies and enemies, afflicted my soul.

    Defense, dodge left, redirect the blade and attack the opening.

    The sacred blade weighed in my hand recognizing that it was not its handler, the handle was wider, its blade was longer and wider, something like that would only be an issue for me, but....

    she agreed with the job next to me.

    Dodge, defend, defend, deflect, and counter-attack.

    I was not surprised when I discovered that the enchanted swords had a small degree of sapience.

    Dodge, Strike.

    It was to be expected that of a weapon created by Faes.


    My internal monologue is interrupted abruptly, when I raise my sword I defend myself from the attack launched by a red and silver missile.


    The strength of the blow that would have brought me to my knees before now was nothing more than a small cut, I thank you internally for the Merlin classes and the Lancelot training, but still for myself if it weren't for my stubbornness and my constant requests for his teachings have no strength to protect my beloved.

    "Modred" I answer inside the helmet, my voice came out hoarse and in the same deep tone, from my beloved, thanks to the sound illusion.

    This is magic for you.

    "Recognize father, recognize me as your son, recognize me as your heir!" Screams the boy.

    Its swings were wild and powerful, its attacks were intense, never leaving an opening.

    I was on the defensive, a little more and would be discovered, that's what happens if everything I did, all the sacrifice would be in vain.

    No, I can't let that happen, the Battle of Camlann was inevitable, no matter what one tries, the only way my beloved survived was if someone took his place, it doesn't matter my apologies, right there in I knew this result.

    That's why as your queen, I took your place.

    With tears, I looked into the maddened eyes of the child who was yet another victim of the witch's plans, of the boy that my heart considered as a son.

    The boy who wanted nothing more than the love of his parents.

    With a hardened heart, I make my decision.

    Moving my sword aside, breaking the facade I took on, I leave a small opening on my right side.

    A suicidal move to use during a battle, any experienced warrior instinctively would take advantage of that opening.

    It Mordred perfectly met those requirements.


    His sword went through my chest, completely ignoring the armor I wore.

    His body freezes in shock, leaving him vulnerable and giving the opening he needed.

    Excalibur shone slightly giving me the strength I needed to carry out the intended action.


    The sword of the distant future pierced his heart, the strength of this movement breaks the helmet of the knight of the tuition, leaving his face to be seen.

    A face that was so similar to my beloved's, but also so different.

    His blond hair was disheveled, his emerald green eyes stared at mine through my lunch, with a spark of desperation and delight.

    I pull into my arms without hesitation.

    His weight, as well as that of his armor plus the armor he wore, ends up putting us on our knees.

    The spell that covered me dissipates, the armor that used to fit my body perfectly was now loose and wide.

    A surprised sigh came from his lips.

    Leaning his helmet on his shoulder, pulling his head to lean against mine, his body curves a little.

    "Forgive me". I sob "Forgive me, my little dragon".

    "w-why?" he asks me in a whisper.

    "Because your father loved you so much, as I loved you, but we couldn't let Morgana take over the kingdom, she would destroy everything, so we couldn't take it over". I murmur regretfully in his ear.


    As if it were my own flesh, but I couldn't let Arthur fight you, it would destroy you" Me, ignoring the blood that drips from my lips "Forgive me... Mordred"

    His arms tighten around me as a last effort.

    "I ... lost ... you ... mom". he said on his last breath.

    His body softens like a puppet whose strings have been cut to the side.

    My eyes briefly look at the carnage around me.

    The floor was painted red with spilled blood, my eyes moved searching among the bodies of the knights, those who swore to serve and follow my beloved.

    "My king!" the familiar voice screams.

    I hear the sound of hurried steps, coming to my left, fear, and a battle of relief so that moving the helmet in that direction I see familiar armor.

    At that moment the adrenaline that kept me upright decreases, my body leans precariously, but before I fall on my face I am caught by two familiar arms, which support me easily.

    "Who are you?" asks Sir Bedivere with a touch of coldness in his voice when he perceives the smaller figure in his arms who wore his king's armor.

    His hands move quickly to the helmet, removing it quickly, to reveal the fake one.

    "My Lady ?!" he exclaims surprised, horrified, and shocked by the figure he holds in his arms.

    His face was smeared with dirt and sweat by many men, his beautiful blue eyes were swollen and reddened by the tears he shed, his red hair was stuck in a messy bun, his little lips were quickly blue and his skin was extremely skin.

    "The others?" I ask in a whisper to Airgetlám's Shining knight, completely ignoring the loss of sensation in my legs.

    They were more important.

    "H-hurt but safe my lady". said the stunned knight.

    "I'm happy," I say, relieved.

    "Where's the king?" He asks.

    "In Camelot". I answer

    "This whole time was you, you took your place from the king". says the same instantly realize what I did.

    I smile at him, not being surprised by the discovery.

    " Why?". he asks in a saddened tone.

    "He would not return." I reply, moving my trembling hand to my neck, holding the pendant on my necklace, it was a small topaz stone in the shape of a tear. "Sir Bedivere, I ask you to return your sword."

    "No, my lady, I refuse to leave your side, hold on a little longer, my prana can help you and reload the sheath .."

    "GUINEVERE!" cries the desperate voice of my beloved.

    No' I think desperate 'he should be Camelot'!

    The familiar face of my beloved appears in my field of vision, his beautiful features were distorted in horror and despair.

    "Art ... I thought I left you ... in Camelot". I say, feeling the cold rise in my arms.

    "But I am here" I reply sobbing hugging "I am here ... when you should have stayed there as it was due".

    "I was never one to follow what was expected," I say.

    His voice was getting muffled, so he could no longer hear him.

    "I know". he said, "is one of the things I loved you the most, wait a minute my love, Merlin will be here soon".

    "Remember ..." he said ignoring the last sentence, "remember ... what I said to you in the Jardins ..... on our first date?"

    * snorts * "How could you not .... it was apart from that I knew how intelligent and charming you were, how you had a beautiful voice".

    "Sing ... sing for me ... Please". I ask with difficulty, it was increasingly difficult to maintain awareness.

    It took a moment before I heard it again.

    "Hey, Jude ..."

    Sings with a choked voice

    "Don't make it bad ..."

    Tears were streaming down his face...

    "Take a sad song ..."

    Raised one of my hands ...

    "and make it better ...."

    Give a tender kiss, before caressing her with your cheek ...

    "Remember to let her .."

    A few drops of water splash on my face ...

    "into your heart ...."

    His voice was distant.

    My vision died out, his beautiful face was the last thing I saw.

    Soon the darkness surrounds me.

    Then the light.

    Thousands of information and knowledge are recorded in my mind.

    Some that I already knew, others that were lost, and others that I haven't even heard of.

    My eyes open, for the first time since I was reborn I found myself again in the modern era.

    It is and I see that I was in a Warehouse, in front of my master.


    There, lying on the floor, was a red-haired boy that I knew a long time ago, his eyes were wide and shocked by my sudden appearance.

    Hello shirou ...

    My lips part and I ask the infamous question of the suicidal nob.

    "I ask , You my master ? "



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    Fate/Grand Order: The last human.

    Happy Halloween!
    [A/N: This is an AU, so there will be certain things that work differently than they do in the canon of the Grand Order of Destiny. For example, most machines in Chaldea need to be operated manually or at least need to be monitored by a team, however, in this Chaldea the vast majority of systems work automatically, requiring only minimal external intervention beyond the initial input.]

    [ A/N 2: Depending on the reaction of the readers, I may or may not continue this story.]

    [A/N 3: you think you saw something that shouldn't work, or that is simply against the Fate / Grand Order plot, remember that this is an AU and that there is a good chance that it will be an intentional change, and this can be explained later. These changes can be a turning point in the story or simply a side effect because of the change in the plot.]


    I woke up with the feeling of hard and cold ground on my face, dizzy with ears ringing, I felt a twinge of pain in my head accompanied by the hot and somewhat sticky sensation in the back of my head,

    I pressed my hand against it, feeling something like liquid, and brought my palm to my face.

    My eyes widen slightly with dark crimson blood, my blood dripping.
    with shabby legs I get up and look around, then I realize that I am in a place I did not recognize.

    Looking a little further, I came to the conclusion that I was in what was probably an infirmary, but ... the place was completely destroyed as if a hurricane was going through there, stretchers, curtains, and medical instruments were scattered everywhere, completely ruined. She could also see some exposed wires that were sparking, indicating a possible fire.

    But in the front there was a huge hole in the wall that led to a poorly lit corridor, the debris on the floor next to that wall indicated a possible explosion, she deduced from the angle of her vision that the force of the explosion had pushed it to the other side of the room towards the opposite wall, this explained injury to his head as well as the loss of his memories.

    Leaning on the wall, she looks to the side and realizes that there was a huge window overlooking an isolated region, with snow that went beyond her field of vision at a distance she could distinguish contours from what should be mountains.

    There was a snowstorm outside, she felt lucky because it could very well have been thrown through it when she heard the explosion. If the glass doesn't kill itself then the storm would have.

    It was then that she saw her reflection.

    Upon a more detailed inspection of myself I find in the woven pocket of the lab coat that I was wearing a badge with a strange symbol, declaring myself as a 'Chief Nurse' of a 'Chaldean Security Organization', that name alone sent signs of alert in my head, yeah I didn't know why.

    Another thing that made me uncomfortable was the name described in the identity because that name gave me an ambiguous feeling as if it both belonged to me and not.

    Kishinami Hakuno ...

    Now things are officially getting weird.

    Mine was awakened from my deep reflection by a sharp pain in my head, reminding me that I was still hurt.

    Searching the place a little more, I found the items needed to perform first aid, and after treating my wound I decide to leave the infirmary because I saw no sense in staying there.

    Passing through the hole I find myself in a long, futuristic-looking corridor. On the wall opposite the room I just left, there is a symbol identical to the one on my badge

    That's when I realized I was completely silent.

    There was no one in sight...

    So I came to a terrible conclusion ...

    Where is the team?


    During my search, I noticed 4 things after walking for 20 minutes.

    The first was that the infirmary was not the only place destroyed.

    The second was that this place was much bigger than I thought.

    The third was that I was the only survivor of the explosion.

    The fourth and that there was a lot that my body could take.

    The sight of the victims' bodies in the debris was too much for me, the sight of the first body crushed by the rubble was enough to make me vomit.

    After leaving this one, I look for survivors.


    I only found other bodies and each one was worse than the other.

    Day 1 :

    After what seemed like hours of searching, I was unable to find any survivors, so I decided to do three things. The first would be to locate the bodies and provide adequate assistance to the victims.

    The second would be to find out more about the installation I was in, and why it was so important.

    The last one was about writing everything in a diary.

    The reason for this is twofold: the first is to not forget anything important and the second is to make sure I am not going crazy.

    Someone has to doubt his mind after finding himself in an abandoned facility in the middle of nowhere, after all.

    To summarize after getting my bearings and leaving the place I was, I looked for survivors for a large part of the facility, using a floor plan I found to prioritize the places
    I thought I was most likely to meet other people.

    Facilitated by the pleasant revelation that my badge seems to grant me access to all the doors I have tried to enter so far.

    This was due to the fact that the system recognized me as the only one with the highest position.

    It was because of this that I discovered that the wristband I used had a GPS and vital signs detector.

    It was also how I discovered that more than 200 of these bracelets were offline.

    After not having been successful with this for several hours, I tried to do a brief survey of the places I thought I would need most to support myself and find out information about that place.

    In addition, the medical box (or as it is called when it is part of a research center), which I found was one of the five existing in Chaldea, and mine was the closest to one
    of the canteens. from what I discovered there was a canteen, as well as a large kitchen and storage room with a wide variety of foods.

    They had also stocked up on medical supplies, equipment, and books.

    Although not many of the supplies are recognized, I knew that my chance of survival had increased so I just had to be cautious about using these supplies.

    This would also include, in retrospect, Amazon foods.

    Many servers and console rooms are scattered throughout the building. They seem to operate the facility, to provide an IT infrastructure that many research institutes would undoubtedly be envious of.

    The last important thing I discovered was a library that seems to be divided into several parts, depending on the purpose of the books.

    There is a General section, which appears to contain books detailing general knowledge that you could find anywhere, literature from antiquity to the present day, as well as any books that did not fit into the other sections.

    The technical section has several topics ranging from "basic user knowledge" to "system administrator" and "latest IT research".

    This section is the one that I had the most difficulty understanding, the more I needed to learn since the installation was in urgent need of maintenance and I was the only one to have to do this.

    The research section is probably the most cohesive, as it appears to be comprised of books from all types of research fields that are practiced here, from mathematics to biology, and more.

    The last section, however, is the one that got me thinking.

    Magecraft. This section may be the largest here and, in fact, it seems to contain books that talk about all the ways of the occult and the supernatural. My first reaction was to assume that someone had a little fun and renamed their Fiction section; however, the General section also appears to contain a good number of works of fiction.
    I also looked at several books, all of which were academic in tone, as if they were actually written with the assumption that the reader will study and research them, lacking any narrative that would be expected in fiction.

    I was very tempted to take a closer look at this section, but I realized that there was a lot to be done and that I also needed to research the rest of the installation, so for now I would not move this section. After all, books will not leave here.

    With that in mind and knowing my obligations, I prepared a list with 5 objectives.

    1 ° Search for the installation.
    2 ° Study the manuals.
    3 ° Perform maintenance.
    4 ° Discover Chaldea's objective.
    5 ° Find out more about Magecraft.

    After writing these goals, I went out to continue my research and found that the elevator was still working but was unable to open the doors on some floors. I believe that some rubble would block the doors, many rooms and rooms in this immense building focus on all kinds of strange research.

    I just took a quick look at them, I felt that I would be at great risk if I got too close, in addition, some of this research was extremely unethical.

    Reminder: get rid of the contents of rooms 226,281 and 356.

    Reminder 2: Wear armor and a flamethrower in room 356, I don't know what that thing was, but I believe it's alive ... I can still feel your eyes in my direction.

    After running back to the room that belonged to me, I decided to stay there and after taking care of my injuries, and before I know it I fell asleep.

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    The queen of hidden desires.

    How long have I been in that void?

    It could be days, weeks, or months .....

    My senses were long gone.

    Hearing, sight, touch, and taste...

    I felt numb.

    There is only one thing I could still do was think.

    But I still ran the risk of losing my mind.

    It is with this in mind that I did what anyone with self-prevention would do .....

    I fell asleep.
    "......... I want you to bring my beautiful Jeanne!"

    I woke up again in fright when I felt like a tiny part of me was separated from my being.

    That's when I realized that something...

    I was no longer in the void.

    I could see it!

    What you saw scared her ...

    The place looked like a gothic church, it was dark and had a dark aura, she could see the enclosure with the dark wooden benches leading to the church entrance, but at the same time she could see, The cross and the candles, along with the piano that was on the left away from the pupil, which should have been on her back, but somehow she could see as well as she could see in front of her!

    Unfortunately, that was not what scared the most, of course, that waking up after hibernating in a place devoid of life should be the first warning sign, it is discovering after waking up from the snooze that I could see in 360 °, cool although it was disconcerting, raised flags in my mind.

    But that was nothing compared to waking up and discovering that I was being held by the hand of a giant that I definitely knew!

    Dark hair combed back a huge, furrowed brow, his skin was a sickly pale shade, his dark eyes were bulging like fish eyes where the glow of madness was visible.

    His robes were dark, and around his neck, there was a kind of scarf with stripes in varying colors between light and dark purple.

    Gilles Of Rais.

    It was there that I realized something of extreme importance: that I had somehow reincarnated in the nasuverse.

    But how?

    "Finally ..... Finally we will be together again, my Jeanne! And with that we will take revenge on the traitors who have hurt her". cries the man crazy.

    His disgusting fingers caressed me, touching me with a tenderness that made me sick, his touch felt wrong in so many ways that he couldn't explain it.

    It was as if my own being realized that he was unworthy as if someone's touch is expected.

    It was from there that I realized ...

    No please .... please don't tell me that ...

    The drainage feeling became stronger, what used to drop became a small stream, as thin as a silk thread.
    No ... no ... no

    The atmosphere became heavy, and a circle with familiar symbols appeared on the floor.

    Stop .... STOP ...

    An intense light came out of the circle, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop it, it was like being tied to a chain, and no matter how hard I pulled that chain, it wouldn't break, the only way was to obey the order I was given.

    I knew that if that was what I believed it was if I really were in that specific universe then humanity would be condemned, if this madman's will was fulfilled then millions of lives would be lost in that era.

    So this was how the Alladin genius felt?

    The time seemed to decrease when a figure started to appear, that's when I noticed something.

    Just because I can't fight it doesn't mean that I necessarily have to obey your wish.

    Because if he did that, it was very likely that Ruler would not appear, which would probably end up resulting in the failure of the chaldea to end the singularity, since Jeanne is the key to solving it.

    For this and other issues, it was what motivated me to act, stretching my 'hand', I wove the thread, altering his desire, granting what he wanted but not exactly as he wished.

    He wanted the resurrection of his saint, but he also wanted revenge, he wanted his beloved back, but totally distraught.

    That's how he would have it.

    But also it would not be 'complete', because where there is light there is also darkness, that is why just as there would be an Avenger there would also be a Saint.

    The light faded, and finally, the figure takes shape, She wore a black tiara that adorned her head, her hair was short and white, her eyes were golden, she wore dark robes, she had black armor that highlighted her skin was pale.

    Confused, the woman blinks, touching her chest as if she doesn't believe she was alive, her eyes move quickly, scanning the environment in which she found herself, before settling on the man who held me.

    Her eyes widen and incredulous.

    "Gilles are you? What happened to you? W-how am I alive?"

    "Yes, it is me, my dear Jeanne, it turns out that I finally saw the truth, my eyes were opened to the ingratitude of the French people for their sacrifice, it is thanks to my efforts, I was finally able to revive it and repair the injustice that these inconsistent fools did to you my beloved Jeanne ". responds the madman.

    Hers lose focus when she hears that answer, lost in memories soon she starts murmuring...

    "Yes .... justice will be done .... they will pay, all France will pay, I will take revenge on everyone, I will make them feel my hatred, when it is over there will be no stone unturned". it was possible to hear the uncertainty in heA tone, but with every word that came out of his lips, but that uncertainty was subsisted by the spread and in the end, only hatred could be distinguished.

    Finishing her speech the avenger throws her head back, releasing the most insane and horrifying laugh that she could have heard.

    Meanwhile, in a distant forest, a blonde figure with a face as beautiful as an angel opens her beautiful blue eyes and looks around in confusion, as she knew that her summons was different from the others.

    It was not alone.

    In the next few weeks, they were marked by blood, it is kind of a disgrace that has occurred throughout France, some servants had responded to humanity's call for help.

    Meanwhile, in a small church, a sanctified object that has become sentient plans the next action that should follow.

    After all, what's the point in being an object of phenomenal cosmic powers if you don't have fun?

    Hmmm ... Grand Order never had a savior servant, did it? I would like to know what would change if I introduced this servant into history?

    It doesn't matter, we already have some rules, so what a difference it will be since it is The Holy Grail.

    In addition, trolling a certain beast will be a very nice bonus.

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