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Thread: Create A Servant or Mage Idea

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    Create A Servant or Mage Idea

    So, ...
    I've been brainstorming cool new weaponry for a new hero across all platforms. Honestly, maybe Fate can pull this one off if they acknowledge it.
    Straight to the point: wouldn't it be cool to have a new hero (servant or mage, idc) to WIELD A SWORD?
    But Here's the catch:
    His/her opponents underestimate him/her. Ha, he's using a sword in the modern era of war? Who does he think he is...
    But then bam. Wtf, AAHH, his strikes feel like bullets to the heart, as if in each swing thousands of pellets were twisting the fabric of reality on its targets.
    Dam that would be one hella cool version of a reality marble. Behind each swing is a hidden army of thousands of mercenaries and soldiers from other worlds firing their guns.
    You can also have different operators with diff variety of guns and ammo.
    So I tried drawing some of my own designs of this sword, where the ammo can be loaded at the hilt one at a time like a shotgun, but the ammo is stored as energy within the blade (cuz its a reality marble / trans dimensional blade)
    I wanted to pitch this idea out to the community to see what kind of fan art can inspire maybe a new type of character in the Fate series. Although a character with this kind of like "Stand" power could work in other stories as well. I made my own sketch of other cool weapons to go with other potential characters. This one is the best I think. Some nice motifs and themes can work really well with it, as do all Fate weapons and character builds.

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    So basically it's a sword that contains/is a Reality Marble filled with tons of guns that shoot at the enemy when it's slashed. That's pretty cool, but I think this would be better off in either Fanfic Ideas or Create-A-Mage. Making a distinct thread just for this (especially when the title sounds like it's just a compound of the Create-A-Servant and Create-A-Mage threads) isn't really necessary.

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    Sounds like inverse Unlimited Lost Works to me

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