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Thread: "306 The Game " [Free] [Fan-made] [Action] [Adventure] [Mystery] [VN/mostly kinetic]

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    "306 The Game " [Free] [Fan-made] [Action] [Adventure] [Mystery] [VN/mostly kinetic]

    The plot revolves around a group of classmates who are entangled in a dangerous social game that threatens their friendship, principles, and questions their nature. With one person leaving the game each day, friends are forced to choose between who stays and who’s eliminated while something sinister gathers around them.

    Visual Novel “306” was inspired by Umineko no Naku Koro ni (written by Ryukishi07). It's been in development since 2016 and we are proud to show the results. A lot of hard work has gone into this game. I hope you all enjoy it.

    Every asset used in the game was created by this team, minus the majority chunk of the BGM and SFX.

    • Created by: ReDHoddie/レッドフディー
    • Art: Gegi Petriashvili, Marie Mzareulishvili
    • Code: ReDHoddie/レッドフディー, Mari Babakishvili
    • Original Score: Gegi Kirtadze (But most of the game music is placeholder OST from various official franchises)
    • Voice Cast :
      Levan - Ryan Pratt
      Achi - Josh Portillo
      Marie - Sam Slade
      Pavle - Vincent Fabbri
      Teona - Loganne Digma
      Tako - Katie Otten
      Irakli - Josh Portillo
      Gvanca - Rebecca Chiara Marano
      Salome - Shakyra Dunn
      Miranda - Kelly Greenshield and Jenna Oliver
      Nino - Mari Chavez
      Mari - Cat Protano
      Giga - Mylo Reid
      Lika - Veronica Laux
      Natuka - Bella Sapphire and Kelsey Jaffer
      Veronica - Cat Protano
      Tatia - Kelly Greenshield and Jenna Oliver

    Prologue – 100%
    1st Chapter – 100%
    2nd Chapter - 100%
    3rd Chapter - 0%
    4th Chapter - 0%
    5th Chapter - 0%
    6th Chapter - 0%
    7th Chapter - 0%
    8th Chapter - 0%
    9th Chapter - 0%
    10th Chapter - 0%
    11th Chapter - 0%
    12th Chapter - 0%
    13th Chapter - 0%
    14th Chapter - 0%
    15th Chapter - 0%
    16th Chapter - 0%
    We hope you enjoy our game.

    Levan, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame.

    Achi, one of the main characters, member of Tsubame.


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