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"Hey, son! Guess what I found?" Kiritsugu said as he found a stash of alcohols shelved on the wall, the contents inside are unharmed as far as he concerned.

"Jii-san... I don't think it is a good idea to drink something that was left abandoned from like 5 years ago. I know that we are Servants but the taste might put you off. At least let me check its content for itself." Shirou said in order to persuade his father from doing something he might regret.

Kiritsugu reluctantly giving the bottle to his son. Shirou used his Hawkeyes on it and check if there are any anomalies in it.

"The bottle was sealed to the point that it is airtight. This bottle of wine isn't even opened at all and so we can confirm that he can drink it without any problem with taste." Shirou thought as he analyzes it.

"So... can I drink it?" Kiritsugu asked.

"Yeah, it's fine. You can drink it all you want." Shirou said as he gives the bottle to his father.

Kiritsugu snatches the bottle out of Shirou's hand and quickly grabbed his Swiss Army Knife in his pouch and quickly opened it. He then sniffs its fragrance and aroma before commenting on it.

"Damn, feel like witnessing the star and nebula itself. Must have been some special type of wine to have this kind of effect." Kiritsugu commented on it.

Kiritsugu then turned around to see if there is anything wine glass so that he can pour this thing in. Shirou noticed what Kiritsugu is trying to do and thus he checked alongside him. In just a bit later, he opened a shelf and find an array of glasses of all kinds. Wine glasses, beer mugs, martini glasses, shots, hightail glasses, so much more... that is collecting dust.

"Damn... This place is oddly well prepared, there are ingredients although spoiled and glasswares. Must have been a self-service bar." Shirou said as he checks through the glassware.

And now that they realized it, there are barstools and stuff that make an essential part of a bar but they just have to notice the alcohols first.

"Guess I will clean the glassware first, you wait for a bit, Jii-san". Shirou said as he takes some glasses with him to the outside.

Kiritsugu then plugs the wine bottle and then situates himself on a barstool while waiting for some clean glasses. While he is waiting, he takes a look at the cursed sword that his son has given him.

"Damn... Just when did I got so comfortable around the fact that I have a family?" Kiritsugu said as he smiles for one of those really rare times.

He remembers back then when he first summoned to Chaldea. He was some really anti-social and a lone wolf kind of person, he ignores the help and caring of the others adamantly during those first hours. Well... that was until he received the memory of his alternative self that completely changed who he is. Now, having a reason to fight for has probably allowed him to attain much greater performance over begrudgingly accept any orders and dirty jobs that he thought no one ever would care about who he is and bats an eye about it.

Over the course of his stay in Chaldea, there were no less amount of happy moments and tragedies that shook his spirit like an earthquake. The acceptance of the dilemma between the life of other Lostbelts and then his world, he knew that his world is far more important because there are others who are waiting for his return. But he knew that the hardship and the culmination of other lives there are also real but he got no choice to destroy it for the sake of his world.

The Alien Gods really know how to torture people with ideals like him, the sacrifice of others for one singular world. That is what he truly hated during the time as Counter Guardian, who knows the number of lives lost that resulted from his action back then? For greater good humanity? At least in Chaldea or its second base... he has a clearer goal right now...

He looked at the blade again, the name "Natalia" echoes through his mind. He can't help but wonder, what would his mother think of him right now?

"Mom... If you are watching over me in some form of ways although I know that you not exactly having the means to travel between worlds. But if you are watching me right now... I wonder if you are proud of what I have managed to reach this far. You used to say that no dream is too ridiculous to attain although I don't know if you were joking back then or not. But nonetheless, I am with Chaldea right now. An organization that fought for humanity's future and their safety, I am happy that I managed to reach for this place and not suffering any longer for my own dream and ideal. I also have a lovely wife and five children and they are also partaking in the duty to protect humanity too." Kiritsugu whispered for himself.

"Shirou... Kuro... Illya... Miyu... Sitonai... They may not be exactly the best in Chaldea's line up but they are doing the best they could in their capabilities and expertise. It is the heart that matters..." Kiritsugu continues to say for only himself to hear.

"Jii-san? Are you talking to yourself?" Shirou said as he enters the place back with cleaned-up glasses.

"Oh. It just... there is nothing wrong here." Kiritsugu said in surprise to notice Shirou came back a bit earlier than how he expected.

Shirou already knew what his father is talking about here, he knew just how much he loved his family that he will prevent any possibility that might potentially split the family apart again.

"You know... Since we are in a bar right now, it would be a waste to just drinking stuff straight like that. We have all sorts of alcohol there and we can ask for stuff from Shadow Border in order to make some cocktails. We have gin, vodka, tequila, rum, champagne, whiskey... etc. We have a huge plethora of possible combinations we can work with. Just imagine what we can possibly make." Shirou said as he quickly walks toward upstairs to his Master's room.

Kiritsugu sighed, his son has always had a knack for culinary and cooking. Although it was partially because his cooking always turns into a disaster that Shirou quickly have to take it up to make him stop back when both of them were alive as a normal person. He thought it was hilarious as it was when he was alive but needless to say though, it really sucked for his son.

"Father! What are you doing here?" Illya enters the bar and said to her father.

The little magical girl then jumps at him and Kiritsugu embraced her. That little bundle of joy that he swore to never let go is once again near him.

"Illya, I was just waiting here so that your brother can make some cocktails with me," Kiritsugu said.

"Oh, you mean like those bartending mixing game on the fully downloaded internet in the library? To be fair though, there is too much combination to work around and I am not exactly allowed to keep hogging the computer for myself so I really never know." Illya said.

Kiritsugu simply nodded, while the computers in the library are still working and people can check on them, they are pitifully slow compare to the supercomputer used as interfaces and controls of Shadow Border. Those things are lightning bolts compared to a snail and thus they were used more for information search and calculations than the library's computers.

"Hey, you're here too, Illya?" Shirou said as he comes downstairs wearing a gray shirt, black khaki pants, and a white apron. In his hand is the communicator that is connected to the Shadow Border.

"Wow! You look so cool, Onii-chan!" Illya said to her brother.

"Well, gotta make myself looks like a proper barista, right? I am going to make a supply rayshift point right at this bar so that we can have more stuff to work around with." Shirou said to his father and sister.

"Yes! I am going to taste my Onii-chan's cocktails made by himself!" Illya said cheerfully.

"Illya, the only cocktails I would make for you is the non-alcoholic ones. I ain't risking it like the last time." Shirou said to her as he gets to the other side of the bar table and grabbed a 'mana chalk' on his pouch before drawing something on the table.

"Aww... come on... What uses is cocktail without the alcohol?" Illya said to her brother.

"The last time I did so in the cafeteria when we celebrate Sitonai's birthday and you went down on multiple alcoholic cocktails at once. You eventually overplayed your liquor tolerance and let your own drunken shenanigans to dictate what you should do. Not only that but you decided to mistook intoxication-curing pills with aphrodisiac and chuck down a mouthful of them at once. Let me tell you though, things turned into a complete mess and devolve into chaos as you tried to do the 'snu snu, wink wink, nudge nudge' with me, your own brother! Do you know how close I was to receive the ridiculed ire of everyone?!" Shirou said as he rants about his sister.

Kiritsgu sits as both the siblings argued with each other. He remembered that day when he was there to see Sitonai's birthday party but he was tired on that particular day and decided to stay until Sitonai blows out the candles on her birthday cake and then hit the bed soon afterward. When the following day comes, nobody wanted to say anything about that particular night, no one which makes him wondered what exactly went down that night. Now that he received the answer, he doesn't know how to respond about it but to remain tight-lipped.

"Sigh... Anyway... I get really thirsty after arguing with you and anything that can quelch this thirst is fine by me. If you have done so, I'll forgive anything that transpired between us until now." Illya said as she gasps for breath after arguing non-stop.

"Yeah, shouldn't have waste time just to argue about stuff we can't change any more. Okay then, I shall make one for you." Shirou said after he gasps for breath like her.

Shirou then gives the magic circle that he drew on the table some mana and suddenly all of the bar ingredients appeared right in front of him. Ice, sugar, lime,... all of them are freshly laid out in front of him.

"Boy... this will take a while." Shirou said as he tries to find the correct stuff to make the right cocktail.

He grabs those bottles of cream, specifically the green and white chocolate one, and placed it separately so that he doesn't grab the others by mistake. Both of them are written 'green creme de menthe' and 'white creme de cacao'. He fills the cocktail shaker with ice and then pouring the required ingredient including the light cream into it. He then proceeds to reinforce the shaker and then shakes the thing repeatedly so fast within a split second and the thing has already chilled the moment he is done with it.

After that, Shirou grabbed a martini glass then he strains the content into the glasses and then he garnishes a sprig of mint into it.

"Woah! This is something I never saw before, you didn't even use any alcohol at all! This green creamy texture is so satisfying to look at." Illya said to her brother cheerfully once again.

"This is the Grasshopper cocktail, the guilty pleasure of any people who loves a nostalgic childhood treat. Why don't you try it?" Shirou said to his sister.

She takes a sip out of it and then the nostalgic feeling kicks in. It really does taste as if it was chocolate mint candy converted into a liquid form and it felt like some sort of pleasure that can only be found when you eating some treats secretly from your parents. It's sinfully sweet, creamy, and delicious. Much like the guilty pleasure of having a bowl of ice cream or a rich dessert on a hot summer day.

"I... This is so great!" Illya said cheerfully.

"You sure have a ton of experience when it comes to anything that involves food, and your skills are surely belonging to an experience one. Hell, you are looking like one too" Kiritsugu said.

"Thanks, Jii-san. What cocktail do you want?" Shirou said.

"You know, surprise me?" Kiritsugu said to his son.

Shirou smiled, he knew that while his father may try to keep on his face a tough exterior. Inside, he has a love for sweet treats that he isn't willing to admit to anyone but his family members. He remembered back during Valentine's day, his mother baked a chocolate cake that she tried the damn hardest to give to his father. Not wanting the others to know what a bleeding-heart he is, he deliberately run away and stay out from his mother as long as he could. Too bad that the rest of the family caught up and cornered him back to his room.

Although he isn't going to say it, he loved that cake to every bite of it. And now, Shirou will surprise him with what he will come up with.

Grabbing that same bottle of white creme de cacao, the unopened bottle of brandy on the shelves, another bottle of gin, and what he guessed is lemonade tea. The only reason he can trust it fully because he supervised the whole process it was made. It is definitely not Tomoe or Kiyo who made it because he couldn't trust them enough to somehow mess the most basic up.

He then grabbed a pony glass and then poured the creme de choco bottle into the glass, he then pours some gin and brandy into it and then whips it off with some heavy cream. After that, he started to do the finishing touch with a cherry on a toothpick and placed it on top of the cocktail. Not even using any cocktail shaker.

"Hey, catch!" Shirou said as he pushes the glass of cocktail over to his father.

Kiritsugu catches the glass of cocktail and checks it at his first glance, he then has a small sip before commenting on the taste.

"Don't know if you intentionally pick on the fact that I like sweet or not, but this thing has a really sweet and uniquely piney and flowery taste, the heavy cream does make it have a rich and thick flavor to it. What is this cocktail's name may I ask?" Kiritsugu asked after tasting it

"Wanna know?" Shirou said to his father.

Kiritsugu nodded. He wanted to know what is the name of this cocktail that he is given right now since he is interested.

"Angel's Kiss, just something simple I managed to cobble up from what I know and your preference". Shirou said.

Kiritsugu became speechless for a little while before he chuckles as he pieces them together.

"Haha... You literally use a drink with a name that makes me reminded of your mother. And you know, she would also pull the same thing if she knew about something like this." Kiritsugu laughed as he carefully placed the glass back.

Both the father and the son have a good laugh with each other while Kiritsugu enjoys the drink himself. That's until another guest has come to this place, Larry. The Servant that fought alongside them who just learned of this bar.

"Hey, welcome to the bar.". Shirou said as he welcomes his new guest.

Larry simply sits on the barstool with a slightly annoyed expression on his face. It felt like the guy is in a perpetual state of constantly pissed off without dying down. The guy is good at heart but something about him just straight up tells that he is unsatisfied with everything in his life.

"Give me something kicks harder than a mule. Something really hard..." Larry said to Shirou.

Because the further they are in enemy territory, the higher the mana density. This place is left abandoned for 5 years in the fourth ring and thus the mana here might have seeped into everything in this place. The only reason that stuff can work on Servants is because of the mana within, the higher the mana, the higher the potency it can affect Servant. A cocktail made entirely out of stuff here would knock a Servant out cold.

But still, Shirou decided to oblige anyway.

"Okay then, a cocktail that kicks harder than Mordred on her mother's face." Shirou tried to say it with a straight face but failed, especially after personally witnessing his 'wife' getting kicked right on her face because of his "daughter"'s impulse.

"Uh? Her? Her mother?" Larry asked confusedly because even if he knows of Arthurian Mythology, he didn't know King Arthur is a woman nor even his supposed son is actually a daughter.

"It's a long story but I'll get on with your drink right now," Shirou said before he focuses himself back on.

Grabbing a bottle of gin, a whole lemon, a bottle of simple syrup, and the bottle of champagne, or more specifically, the brut version. You either love it or hate it, no exception, no middle ground.

Shirou then pours gin into the cocktail shaker then shaking it vigorously. The speed he did so is ridiculous that even Illya can tell the change in the airflow of this place.

"Onii-chan, if you keep shaking like that, you might as well replace the electric fan above us, although assuming it even worked at all." Illya said with a 'WTF' expression on her face.

When he has done doing so, he pours the shaken gin into the hightail glass, and then follows up with simple syrup, squishing a whole lemon in it and filled the rest with champagne then grounded ice. Shirou then decided to add a finishing touch by putting a slice of lemon on the edge of the glass. After that, he pushes the glass across the table to Larry.

"Here you go, that drink is when you felt like strapping yourself to an artillery's muzzle and then fire that thing while you're at it.". Shirou said to Larry.

Larry catches it with his left arm and then he checked its content. After doing so, he chugged the whole thing down in one shot. Kiritsugu baffled at what Larry just did as if he has no sense of self-perseverance. Considering what he just did back at the battle against Severloh, that might have been something to be expected no matter what given time.

Larry stares at the empty glass for a while before uttering a single word.

"You know, I have drunk something kicked harder than this, but this thing is still good no matter what so I give it a passing grade.". Larry said before he stood up and proceeds to walk out of the bar.

At least, that is what he tried to do...

Larry's movement started to become more sluggish and then he just came to a complete stop. The others started to notice that something is wrong and seems to only go even worse.

"Onii-chan, what did you do with that cocktail?" Illya asked for she felt something is going to go wrong.

"I don't know but I think I probably shouldn't have reinforced the gin. Reinforcement tends to also increase its target's effectiveness and potency after all." Shirou said before something happened.

Larry then falls face flat into the ground and no response was detected afterward.

"Onii-chan, I think you just killed him." Illya said with a 'WTF' expression.

Before Shirou tried to approach him and check he is okay, Larry suddenly picked himself up and then suddenly moves toward the center of the room they are in.

"Shirou, what is he trying to do?" Kiritsugu asked his son.

"Beat me..." Shirou said as he shrugged.

Larry then started tapping his foot to the ground while also clapping his hands at the same time. They seem to follow a rhythm of sorts, one that felt distant yet familiar. Shirou looked directly into Larry's eye and noticed that he is completely drunken out of his mind. His own action from this point onward might just as well be the impulse of his mind. And then Larry suddenly said.

Ievan Polkka

And at that moment, Shirou's mind just went with one single word: "Mother of-". Back when Chaldea was at its temporary peace, he fucking heard that song for nearly every day in his life when he worked in Chaldea's cafeteria. A certain group of Servants played that song literally any given moment and while it is not bad or anything. The sheer times he heard it imprinted straight into his mind even if he doesn't want to hear it.

Nuapurista kuulu se polokan tahti

Jalakani pohjii kutkutti

Ievan äiti se tyttöösä vahti

Vaan kyllähän Ieva sen jutkutti,

Sillä ei meitä silloin kiellot haittaa

Kun myö tanssimme laiasta laitaan

Salivili hipput tupput täppyt

Äppyt tipput hilijalleen...

What Larry is singing sounds like complete gibberish in itself. The Finnish language completely filled with so many double words that it is plain impossible to tell what it actually means unless Finnish is their mother tongue. To the others' ears, his Finnish right now sounds like what a washing machine would make if you threw a brick into it while it is still functioning.

Even then, Kiritsugu, Illya, and Shirou can't hold their laughter back when they watch Larry dancing like a maniac while singing this gibberish. The whole sight can only be described as completely hysterical.

"I... I can't... " Illya tried to hold her laughter back but she just completely failed the moment she attempted to do so.

And time passed as this whole hysterical scene still going on, but there is no doubt that this is the happiest they ever been in a while.

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