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Thread: FSN VN - Crash issues (not realta nua version)

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    FSN VN - Crash issues (not realta nua version)

    Hi all, so I've begun FSN VN journey awhile ago (not realta nua version) and finally reached heaven's feel route. However, I kept crashing on the Mapo Tofu scene with Kirei (error command prompt in the imgur link below), and I've tried some common solutions I found through google (reinstalling the file, updating windows, checking integrity of save files). However, nothing seems to work and I just can't seem to go past the Mapo Tofu scene with Kirei without the VN crashing. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

    Screenshot of error prompts:

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    Hi. There are two reasons I think might be why your having this problem: Some weird CG glitch/error that can be fixed with LAV filters Or Kirei has gained the power to stop your machine at his own will, epsecially since he has replenished his energy with mapo tofu (kidding!). I've only just started playing the UE Realta Nua, so I may unfortunately not be able to help fix your problem. GL OP
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