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Thread: Fate/Destiny (Quest)

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    Location: Warehouse
    Time: Afternoon
    Overall Status: Peak Performance

    Character Status
    Health: 400/400 (Excellent)
    Stamina: 400/400 (
    Mana: 400/400 (Excellent)
    Mental Health: (Confused)


    “Death itself has paused its ever persistent waves so that I may bring your pitiful existence to its end. I may dream once more for God has made my purpose your destruction. It is simply divine Providence that we meet here. This I swear on my lord. I shall slay the menace that is the Brave of Yamato.”

    My servant makes a bold decree, looking down on the crowd with haughty disdain. The temperature of the room seems to steadily rise merely from the intensity of the glares battling it out between my servant and Takeru. This ever increasing expression of displeasure was a more dangerous conflict than the various mobsters who are slowly buckling under the tension.

    On the floor lies Haru, his body half rotten, an old wooden pipe spawned across the floor from an unclenched hand. It’s surreal to see his corpse lying there so casually, no one else has even noticed he.... I can’t feel anything for him, it’s like he’s not even gone.

    “I wasn’t exactly expecting a servant battle today, Takeru. What exactly is that
    of yours doing?”

    Blackwell takes a step backwards. She moves her gun into a far more threatening position and the other men follow the motion with far tenser movements, cautiously depending on her for a way out. They all so nervously watch the two servants, waiting for the slightest spark to set them off. Perhaps they understand the reality of a servant better than I do after working under one.

    “Getting ideas they probably shouldn’t.”

    Takeru scoffs, face a scowl. Compared to his interactions with me before he had been gripped by an obvious displeasure.

    Abigail looks over in my direction in confusion, her eyes a little empty as if she had overloaded. As the person most out of the loop in the room I can say this kind of reaction is understandable. Until now I was backing my way through the smoke, and I didn’t want to admit that I wasn’t thinking about Abigail at all. With my attention in her hands now I motion her over.

    She’s still fairly stiff and as she gets a little closer I can hear a wheeze in her breath. After what happened I wouldn’t be surprised if her lungs were in terrible shape. I still don’t know how she did that. Or maybe that’s just what happens when you smoke so much. Even with injuries it should still be possible for the two of us to get behind a crate not far from here and then……...

    “Then this is war. I will not let you escape.”

    From across the room I see Takeru glance in my direction. His foot moves backwards. I pick up the pace, his subordinates stare right past the servant to the sitting duck. There’s only so far I need to go, I can make it.

    My servant makes a single step forward. The silence is broken by a groan of anxiety and panicked worry. The sound of fear is not something I wanted to hear.

    In a swift instinctual motion I duck to the floor, slamming my chest into the concrete as gun fire fills the room with an explosive roar. It started with one but it quickly unfolded into an overwhelming onslaught. The simple single shots of the handguns beforehand had been replaced with full automatics of some kind.

    The frightened emotions brought out in such tight tension exploded forth in a hellstorm of metal. The order of the men collapsed like dominos as exterminating me became their priority. I’m starting to understand how dangerous a servant may be.

    My face has been married to the ground but there’s something odd, the expected sounds of bullets colliding with concrete never came to be, rather something far more strange filled my ears. I glance back as I hear bullets collide with some kind of odd surface. Unlike stone or flesh it appears to fizzle on collision.

    The air parts, lingering smoke vanishes in the wind as golden hands move out from the servants back and weave throughout the open space.

    In an instant they swat bullets from the air like flies. Every shot races forward in an attempt to end my life yet not a single one could make it past her. I think I remember reading that if you wanted to dodge a bullet from short range you’d need a reaction speed of a fruit fly, which is like 5 milliseconds or something. If so then what the hell was this?!

    “What a fool you all are. Are the masses as empty headed as they once were?”

    There’s a loud noise followed by a shockwave which knocks over various metal containers in the vicinity. One of the many hands extending from my servants back practically teleports across the room and turns a gunman into a messy splatter on the ruined stone floor.

    The man's entire life might as well as not have taken up the space it once had as the fist pulverized the brick wall in a mix of dust and smoke and the upper half of his body was deleted. So casually like a kid playing with toys the arm moves along the wall, cutting through everything in its path like paper.

    The smell of burning flesh follows as the numerous mobsters are consumed by the arms' raging flame. Each wounded hunk of flesh behind is partially charred, wounds cauterized by the intense heat which destroyed them. Numerous human lives are snuffed out in an instant, the gunfire ending as soon as it began.

    I simply look away. The hand is more interesting.

    The attack's intense charge doesn’t halt for a moment. It shreds the rest of the wall in a blur of movement.

    Suddenly it ends with the sound of a rapidly parting air.

    The arm is suddenly split in two, dissipating in golden dust. With but a swipe of his arm Takeru severs the incoming assault. His face looks so apathetic.

    It was all over before I could even try following it. At least the mafia are gone.

    It feels like my hair is being burned away as the temperature of the room skyrockets. I can tell my servant is glaring quite strongly now.

    “You dare challenge the emissary of God! You, Who is barely divine and your posse of peasantry? Put your aunt on the phone so she can ask that imitation sun goddess of yours to come beg for mercy.”

    “I have no time for a servant dumb enough to wear their identity on their sleeve. I am unconcerned with your babbling Akhenaten. You don’t have room to negotiate here or make threats using your long dead false god.”

    “I will not take insults like that from a knock off King Arthur! You should have stuck to your back water island if you wanted a fair fight. You best fly on home bird boy.”

    With a mocking tone Akhenaten makes an imitation flying motion with her arms. The way she puts her arms on her hips and looks down on her opponent made something clear to me. She’s really tall isn’t she?

    One of the many arms extending from her back twitches and casually swats away a projectile from her side.

    The kinetic energy of the attack carries on into the earth. The impact rips through concrete and splits the stacks of metal boxes in two, scattering the pieces throughout the room. Cracks splinter along the ground and even up the nearby wall shaking the warehouse to its foundations.

    “You’d depend on your master to fight for you? Oh, how far our great hero has fallen. To think a man like you is a threat to the world.”

    Blackwell stands a fair distance away, smoke rises up from the end of a gun barrel. I get that she's my enemy but she’s wielding a shotgun with one hand, it pains me to say that’s cool. I can already see her reaching for something behind her, don't tell me she’s going to dual wield!

    That’s badass!


    Wait, I'm getting distracted by the spectacle! But I mean….. When was the last time my heart beat this way? But that’s besides the point, I’m missing out on a great opportunity while the two are blathering on.

    I have to use my power on someone. But who? I wish that bastard wasn’t so annoyingly vague, I mean how am I supposed to know what to do with it? And the way he worded things beforehand, do I have more than one?

    If I’m to break it down I suppose we have two options. It's gonna be something supportive or it’s gonna be offensive. Probably. It’s meant to help me break fate but that doesn’t really assist me in narrowing it down.

    Thinking it through, I suppose Abigail might be the safest bet. She’s the most in need and I want to help her, so if it’s support I might repair the damage she’s sustained thus far.

    Alternatively, and this is entirely speculation, she has some kind of magic inference, she’s made that clear recently. If it’s offensive, maybe it will just be negated? That way I can at least see what it does.

    Roko promised it would help right? So maybe there isn’t a wrong answer……

    Fuck it! Throw caution to the wind!

    “Abigail, brace yourself I’m gonna use a cool power on you.”

    “Makoto, what the hell are you talking about? What the hell happened to you during those two seconds? Don’t just randomly bring these things up! It’s probably not even going to work. I mean-“

    “Just let me try!”

    I step back and I…….

    How do I use it?

    I hang my arms out there awkwardly in a strange pose while Abigail stares expectantly. I flinch as more combat is heard behind me.

    I glance to see Takeru punching away one of the many flaming fists. The entire thing explodes, spreading embers throughout the room.

    “It’s good to see you can step up like a legend should. Or did you just remember that your wife isn’t here to die for you and you have to act yourself? You're a man who got trashed by one god, I toppled them all! You’ll need a little more than that to get out of this.”

    I can see Takerus' eyes twitch a little. He’s tapping his foot loudly on the floor with his arms crossed.

    “You’re speaking utter nonsense and boasting about garbage and then tarnishing my wife’s name. You’re as delusional as your master. You’re an ugly, potbellied, inbred iconoclast who couldn’t convince the public that they were human let alone divine. I don’t want to hear this from a parasite that wormed their way into the throne. And you want to talk about wives? What are you doing? Who would I even start with? The walking bust or your sister?”

    “You would dare take the Great Royal Wife’s beauty in vain! That’s it you abomination! Your history is one of failure and disgrace, it will be mercy to obliterate your pathetic existence.”

    “You wanna talk about history? You? You’re such a disgrace your own people had you erased.”

    This is kind of embarrassing to watch, what happened to the glory of heroes, they’re so petty! They are just standing around arguing about nothing, what the hell are they doing?!

    Whatever, I'm ending this!

    I can feel the magical energy of the room rise, there's a tenseness in the air that wasn’t around just a moment ago. It’s an immediate sense of danger followed by an intense heat burning overhead outside…..

    I need to hurry up! I hope this thing gives us an out.

    “Alright Abigail, lets see what this does.”

    I look away and close my eyes as I brace for impact and try to force my will upon her. To connect her in some special way.

    “Don’t look away like that when casting a spell! It’s probably not even going to work, I negate that shit, that’s all I do!”

    I figured as much but I have to try. I can feel something shift within, a feeling I don’t entirely understand. It’s bubbling up from within my heart and igniting something abnormal. My body starts to ache for a moment, the world becomes dizzy for a moment as I’m possessed by feelings of confusion and disorientation.

    Status Update

    Mana: 400/400 (Excellent)→ 300/400 (Good)

    “Did it work?”

    “I think?”

    I quickly turned back to look at the servants but nothing seemed to have changed. Takeru is still rattling on and on, occasionally exchanging blows. Blackwell is just standing in the back, as apathetic as ever.

    “You’re truly insane Akhenaten. You-“

    There’s a loud sound of crackling, a recognizable noise I had heard a few times today. There’s a noticeable array of sparks emanating spontaneously from a Takerus form.

    “Really? You really-“

    He looks past my servant's haughty figure to me again. Suddenly the man's stretched hand begins disappearing. It turns into dark golden dust which falls gently to the floor, vanishing into mist. The sudden decay travels up his arm, consuming his form, and in an instant the man is gone as if he never existed at all.

    “Haha! Serves you right you-“

    The dialogue suddenly ends. In an instant Akhenaten vanishes as well, disappearing into the ether.

    There’s a moment of silence as the two servants' absence takes hold. Nobody moves, instead staring at the space the two figures once dominated.

    Nothing about Blackwell changed. She was still leaning against the wall with a blank expression. It’s a little unnerving. With a glance her gaze falls upon me, it pushes me backwards with the awkward shuffle of my feet.

    “Thanks for the offer today but I’m gonna, you know, quickly skedaddle. Surely you understand, right?”

    I’m already sprinting in the opposite direction. With my energy back this is a breeze. Don’t even need to rely on my charm.

    “Wait a minute! Don’t just run without me!”

    Glancing behind me I see Abigail running to catch up. She’s still a little unsteady. Would it be better to wait behind rubble and team up? It would make logical sense.

    I slide to a stop behind one of the scattered containers. It was hard to slow the momentum and I nearly slipped on pulverised remains of the floor.

    As Abigail gets closer I peek through a gash along a metal sheet that was scattered across the disaster zone from who knows where. Servants are really something to completely alter the battlefield in such a casual show of force. I need to keep that in mind.

    Calmly, through the jagged slit, I see Blackwell toss a shotgun to the side as she starts digging into her coat pockets. She looks right at me.

    “Makoto, what’s the plan now?”

    “Very simple…Bye.”

    I feel such a strong tension in my legs as they quickly push me away. A large hole is torn into that metal container where I once stood.

    I wouldn’t have to deal with this if the destruction hadn’t made so much empty space! Closer to the corner of the room though there’s a noticeable pile of rubble that should block us from sight. Going around it and straight forward should lead to the door we came in.

    My muscles strain as I move faster than I ever did before. I’ve never been grateful for doing track as a kid, maybe now is the time. Could I finally beat my sister in a race? God I hope so.

    I can hear a second bullet colliding with the wall. Each shot was clearly being carefully aimed, I’m not sure how it missed. At this point I still can’t tell the difference between what’s fate and what’s not.

    In a snap movement I change direction, legs being pushed to their limit as I practically leap around the corner. After this it’s just a straight run across some rubble and out the door. It’s a miracle that there’s still a path through here….. Wait a minute.

    There’s a finger tap on my shoulder. Abigail was finally behind me, hands on her knees breathing heavily.

    “Just….. What…… Are you waiting for?”

    “Well I…. Well.”

    How do I put this into words….. Dammit Roko!


    “What? Just fucking go!”

    I feel Abigail's palm on my back as she pushes me forward, my feet sliding on the pulverized Stone.

    Perhaps that’s it? I’m gonna slip and break my neck if I’m not careful.

    I start moving quickly but with far more calculated steps. The pace is slightly slower but I will ensure that there are no mess ups. I am even keeping a better pace with Abigail.

    I am not getting screwed over here, it's the first move. I still don’t trust you Roko you dumb fuck, I’m no-

    I’m suddenly lighter on my feet. I pass the side of a ruined container when a strong force collides with my gut. A figure rapidly moves around the corner in a blur, a recognizable cold expression fills my sight.

    Pain resonates throughout my body as Blackwell seemingly tries to shove my internal organs out of my posterior.

    I’m physically carried backwards, my flailing body bumping into Abigail and knocking her over onto the cracked stone.

    My entire torso aches but I’m alive. I was expecting to die there but life didn’t even flash before my eyes. That superhuman strength of a magus like I imagined wasn’t around. That means I have a chance here.

    Even so it fucking hurts. This gonna take willpower to not cradle my injury. I lift my arms for a defensive stance, it’s best I can remember from my childhood.

    “You’re hitting a little worse than-“

    Without hesitation a kick rams me into a container at the side. My head collides with metal and my Vision becomes momentarily blurry as my head spins. I can tell my sides will bruise from this. The impact fills me, my stomach contracts and I feel nauseated.

    My feet don’t even touch the ground when the kinetic energy weapon attached to the girl's arm collides with my stomach again. The quick jab strikes like a snake and flings my body several feet back.

    My voice can only eject a terrible whine as I lay upon the floor, breath ejected. My body was filled with that terrible sickness that accompanies such terrible blunt force trauma.

    I really didn’t stand a chance. It’s the same thing over and over again…..

    My sword. I need it! I can turn this around. Take this second chance by the throat!

    “They’re really making me work overtime today.”

    As I work against the oppressive weight of gravity to stand again I see why my throat had not been crushed beneath the weight of someone’s heel.

    Abigail had knocked my pursuer back and now stood in a recognizable defensive stance, like something I would see a boxer take.

    Blackwell quietly stood again and dusted her coat off.

    “Your assault is illogical. There is no need to take this action, I suggest you vacate the premises while the option is available to you.”

    “Or what? What do you think you can do? Killing magi is my expertise.”

    In an instant Blackwell's darts forward, right hook moving in a clean deadly arc. A swift movement directs the blow off target before Abigail moves the other hand forward in agile strike, colliding with the woman’s jugular briefly before her target pulls herself away.

    She doesn’t move from her spot, surely it’s because she is too weak to carry out a full offensive like she normally does, but even so she’s an unshakable boulder separating me from Blackwell. A role model for the ages, just what I need!

    Not missing the chance I moved out into the rubble. If I can find my weapon I can circle around in which case that woman is done for. Even so, time is of the utmost importance.

    When my body was blown away and the room was forcefully remodeled by Akhenaten my sword and bag was probably scattered, it could be anywhere….

    I see one of the bodies scattered along the back wall.

    They have guns……

    That’s way more useful!

    I quickly scrap my previous idea and run towards the back wall. I glance to where Blackwell once stood, a pile of various guns lay in a pile. Even the gun she shot at me with was resting on the stone floor discarded.

    If these mobsters' guns are magic in some way would they still work? It’s not impossible but I don’t have time to question it. I step through whatever’s on the floor to pick up the nearest gun. I don’t know what kind it is but it’s a rapid fire automatic weapon so it can kill things good.

    Actually might kill things too good. I can’t say I won’t just mow down Abigail if my aim is poor, they use automatics after all….

    Turning around, valiantly, in a pile of stone rests my sword. Sticking out of a pile of rubble and metal like a marker of a grave.

    Roko thinks he’s real funny I bet.

    I casually toss the gun to the side and unearth the blade from the position it was tossed to. It’s just as sharp as I remember, though a small amount of blood now stains it’s steel edge.

    Seeing the path Blackwell must have taken I follow her footsteps and swiftly round the corner with a blade in hand.

    “It’s over Blackwell! You’re surrounded.”

    The martial arts match had seemingly turned to wrestling as the two tussled on the floor. It’s clean Blackwell had tried to backtrack and cut me off again when her initial assault didn’t work.

    Abigail's solution was to grapple with her.

    “Don’t gloat! Do something jackass!”

    Blackwell's elbow slams into Abigail's face as she forcefully pulls herself free from her grip and rushes rapidly down the narrow path.

    A moment passes as she slams her foot into the ground, her momentum carrying her fist forward like lightning.

    It intended to surely break bone but it failed to meet flesh, colliding violently with metal. My sword shakes yet never bends. Right now this force is only human.

    I had quit most combat sports ages ago, but I at least never stopped pursuing this. I’ll end it instantly.

    I see her fist move back, a second blow comes in from the side. There’s a clear opening by my torso and as quickly as ever it homes in. My body tenses.

    The pain is overwhelming, threatening to knock me off my feet. I was never good enough to stop this woman from hitting me, but I could at least count on it. With an intense force it collides with the flesh of my ribs and with it follows that cringe worthy agony. Even so, I can stand.

    Swiftly my blade weaves through the air to sever the arm which assaulted me. The yoko giri is a simple side cut but it was perfectly effective here.

    Her arm was already returning to her side as the metal began to cut through flesh.

    Fate has preserved its sharp edge so that it may cut down an appropriate evil. It severs the woman’s arm in a shaky, unclean cut. It’s sharp metal rubs up against bone and can’t make it all the way through.

    I’m pushed away with a strong thrust and I can’t help but topple. Regardless enough damage was done that blood was spilling across the floor into a large puddle. The front of my shirt was surely stained.

    Blackwell simply takes a step backwards. After all the pain I caused her, she’s still blank. How? It's not like she is emotionless. I've seen her express it. Yet she simply stares at her arm which dangles weakly from her forearm as if she had merely bumped herself.

    I’m uncomfortable seeing such a sight. It’s making my heart beat.

    Silently she turns around and heads the other direction. She jumps over Abigail who was still on the floor and disappears around the corner in a sharp turn. Her footsteps could be heard moving out of the room.

    “I did it! I kicked her ass! That’s a first.”

    Abigail grabs the metal container to the side and pulls herself up. She just sighs, shoulders slumped.

    “Let’s just go. I want to be out of here before any more monsters show up.”

    That would be a good idea. I don’t know how long this ability will last. I can still feel my connection to Akhenaten so surely Takeru will come back if it wears off.

    I move to put my sword in my bag only to realize it’s not there. I know it must have been smacked around but I don’t even remember where I left it the first time. It was two weeks ago after all. Perhaps the box we first hid in? That probably means it was obliterated then?

    Fuck my paper. Roko you better have another miracle in store or I’m gonna be pissed.

    Suddenly the sound of casual foot steps from out in the hallway echoes in. There’s another tense moment as we wait. As the adrenaline fades my body begins to hurt, another battle is not ideal.

    In an insane situation an older looking man peers in from the doorway, hand on the frame.

    “Ehhhh, I’m lookin for one, uh…..”

    He looks down at a card in his hand, squinting a little.

    “Maakoto Nakazaawa.”

    I was gonna say me and my big mouth but what is this? It sure is a coincidence but I’m not sure what this means.

    “......that’s me.”

    “Great! Come with me.”

    “Who are you?”

    “I’m your host with the most! The name’s Lucas Barros. I’m here to help with this funny little Grail War business. Consider me a patron of your future endeavors.”

    With a free hand the man adjusts the hat atop his head before putting the card back into a shirt pocket.

    “I’m going to be real with you, these past two weeks have been a little wild. Why should I trust you?”

    “Two weeks eh?”

    The man rubs his chin as he looks the room over, cringing a little as looks at quiet bodies along the destroyed wall to his right.

    “Why not? Do I not have a face that screams friend?”

    “I am just a little unsure about accepting every convenience thrown my way. That fact that you even know me at all is suspicious.”

    “Oh that’s an easy one to explain.”

    The man gives a dismissive wave of his hand.

    “I simply…..”

    He pauses for a moment as he picks out the right word.

    “Borrowed some information from a powerful clairvoyant.”

    “And who is that?”

    “Now now.”

    The man holds out his hands suddenly to stop me.

    “I can’t just give this kind of valuable information without a price tag to anybody. Of course if you were to be a business partner of mine then maybe I’ll consider it.”

    The man gives a practiced smile and rubs his hands a little before shoving them into his pants pockets.

    “And if I refuse?”

    “I’d leave. I’m not the mafia, just an entrepreneur.”

    I can’t help but raise an eyebrow at his words. He doesn’t look that deadly at least. Motivations aside this is at least a lead as to what to do next. I was a bit worried about the aimlessness I imagined would follow our escape from this stupid warehouse.

    “Can my friend come?”

    A glance the man looks over my shoulder to Abigail who is standing behind me. He lightly lifts his hat in a friendly gesture.

    “And who may you be?”

    “My name is Abigail Harkness.”

    The Abigail Harkness, in the flesh?”

    “Does my name really get around that much?”

    “I have no idea who you are.”

    With a hearty laugh the man turns arounds and shrugs his shoulders.

    “Sure, whatever. Let’s get going, we are on a time limit anyhow, lots to do.”

    He taps his watch in an exaggerated motion before heading out the door without even turning to look back.

    I can’t say it’s very easy to trust this man, especially after he so suddenly showed up. Even if he honestly has no ill intentions, I can’t help but worry Roko is involved.

    It would be better to approach this cautiously.

    With a jump in his step the man saunters over to a taxi car parked out in the front of the warehouse and opens the driver seat door.

    “We are taking your car? And it’s a taxi? What about mine?”

    Abigail worriedly points over to her own vehicle parked not that far away.

    “No time, hurry up. I mean you get a free taxi trip, what's to complain about?”

    Not even bothering with the complaint, the man slides into his seat and shuts the door.

    I pat her on the shoulder.

    “Hey, I’m sure they would track your car or something. It's probably a good idea to go.”

    I have no clue if it’s a good idea. I’ve just committed to my current decision.

    Abigail just looks at her car longingly.

    “My guns…... Are you sure this is a good idea at all?”

    “I’m going to bet on my servant showing up before anything bad happens. Let’s just keep him busy until we find out what his aims are. Plus on the way out he offered medical supplies, look at us, we need that.”

    “Fine. I don’t know what a servant is but if it’s one of those monsters then I imagine it’s a safe bet.”

    With a sigh Abigail loses the tension in her arms before swinging open the taxi with a slight excessive force.

    Quickly I slip into the back as the engine roars to life. It’s fairly spacious and compared to Abigail's car I would argue it’s clean….. That’s a depressingly low bar.

    “Did the clairvoyant inform you of my abilities' time limit. If you’re this worried I assume it’s not very long. I don’t want to have to worry about a servant again.

    “The what now?”

    Lucas glances back with a confused expression. Casually he runs over something left in the road causing our seats to shake.

    “..... the thing that made it so a hero of old didn’t turn us all into a fine red mist that seemingly won’t last too long.”

    “Damn!.... Glad I missed that. No, our problem is that the magi as good ol Academia de Belas Artes sent a, well I suppose enforcer is the closest equivalent, after us and I’d like to avoid him.”

    “You didn’t borrow the clairvoyant's information did you?”

    Lucas gives an exasperated sigh as he turns a corner onto the road.

    “Ok! Maybe I did a little corporate espionage alongside some embezzlement and high treason and….”

    “I’m not interested in hearing the entire list….. wait high treason!?”

    “Yeah I sold out the Brazilian government.”

    I watch as Abigail just closes her eyes and sighs as she leans back into her seat. She understandably hasn’t said much but I can see via uncomfortable facial expressions her attempts to unpack all available the information.

    She’s much deeper into the moonlit world than I am so you’d think she would be more prepared for these kinds of things, but I suppose everyone has their limits.

    If we get this kind of break I should try breaking down some information to her. I don’t really trust Lucas much though so it would be better to not have to say anything aloud. If only my bag was preserved……

    “Hey, you got a pad of paper and a pen?”

    Lucas silently rummages around various places in the car until fumbling open the glove box.

    I’d be worried about his divided attention but so far there doesn’t seem to be anyone on the road.

    After shoving his hand inside for a moment the excess movement comes to a halt.

    “Would you look at that! We do.”

    Casually he grabs the two items and tosses back without a word.

    Great, with this I can just write out everything she needs to know. Hopefully I can divine up my attention enough to ask a few questions to Lucas while I do so.

    Wise Up

    -Your servant's true name has been revealed.

    -Her ability is some form of magic interference.


    -It seems most of her weaponry involves some form of magecraft.


    A new line of Fate manifests:
    It appears I only have time for one question, What do I ask?

    1. Why did you sell of the Brazilian government and what exactly did you sell?
    2. Who is after us?
    3. What do you know of the current Holy Grail war?
    4. Why are supporting me?

    5. What do you know about me?

    6.Visit Roko
    7.Write in

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    Mana: 300/400 (Good)
    Mental Health: (Normal)


    “They say aim for the moon and you’ll still end up amongst the stars yet for some reason everyday I kept waking up in London! I would always ask what I was doing wrong to experience such hell but heaven was silent. I tell ya kid, I wasn’t too happy about having to come here again but sometimes you get pulled by higher causes. Anyways, that’s why I’m never going to be stepping foot in a Tesco ever again.”

    “......Right…...Lucas, why are you even working with me?”

    That was annoying but hopefully now we can focus. With a quick scrawl I begin jotting down notes about the subjects my future self educated me about. I’d like to focus on my conversation with Lucas so I’ll have to keep these sentences as short as possible. Goodbye grammar, I always hated you.

    “It’s just business my friend. I’ve done a little math and I think you’ll be the most profitable master to back.”

    In a sharp turn the taxi spins around the corner, wiggling the word I was writing into an incomprehensible mark. The once busy London roads have been possessed by an eerie stillness. Without the crowds I can get a much better look of the city's architecture. The old walls and dirty streets are far more clear to me now. Far more ominous, every building which surrounds us more like an encroaching wall. This hunk of junk doesn’t help. The old vehicle is practically form fitting, an iron vice. Perhaps it’s better to think about the more important things.

    “Why would I make you money?”

    “Because I think you can win. You got the protagonist set up, let me tell you. If the clairvoyant thinks you're a threat then you must be a real powerhouse of some kind. You from a great family kid?”

    “You came this far and you don’t even know!....No, we are nobodies who live in the backwaters of Okinawa for some reason where our magecraft is weak by nature.”


    The man stares ahead at the empty road. He had his hand raised as if was going to make a point but it remained frozen in place as he searched for something to say.

    “I’m sure you got something…….. Anyhow, I was originally going to support Brazil, I mean my company basically dominates the market there so it seems like a solid deal but I don’t think their new wannabe dictator was too interested in splitting the spoils, you get me?”

    Lucas begins to ramble so I quickly cut him off.

    “Wait a minute. You dominate the market of an entire country.”

    “I’m a billionaire, did you not hear my name, friend? I assume I’m famous world round.”

    “And you want to financially back us?.....”

    “Yeah, have you been listening? Your life's on the line lady!”

    We have to team up with this man! That’s big M O N E Y! ….. Or the good of the world or something….. Ah shit, I’ve started writing that on the paper.

    “Let me get this straight. So you think I could win, because the other person you think will win thinks I’m a threat so I'm a strong contender for usurping them, and they aren’t gonna give you enough money which seems to be the main motivating factor.”

    “Yeah! Bitch already started seizing my warehouses! Look you sounded poor and so I figured you needed my support. At the end of the day this grail war is going to have only one winner and I want to be on the winning side, and make even more money than this war already has.”


    I can feel my doubts drifting away, as if bribed. This man clearly just wants to be with the money for the financial influence after the war. I really don’t care.

    “Why does this clairvoyant mean so much to you that her words would make you support me?”

    “Her name is Claudia and she ain’t no sham when it comes to that clairvoyant business. Everything she’s ever predicted has come true with absolute certainty. Politics became a child's game I’m sure. She would even predict what you’d say before you even said it. It was pretty annoying actually. If I have to hear your next line is one more time I swear…. I’m getting ahead of myself, she’s practically an omniscient God is the point you see. She seems to know the identities and actions of every master and servant in this war as far as I can tell. If she has actively predicted you being a threat then that’s gotta mean something.”

    Calmly the man steers around the corner. I’m amazed he can talk with hands so much and drive at the same time. Still, if she’s marked me down as a threat by name then that has to mean something. I can only assume she knows about Roko and that’s why.

    “Did she just tell you all this?”

    “Nah, it was in a notebook with a convenient list of times and places. I think it was going to be used for a letter or something.”

    “And you assumed she didn’t predict you stealing the notebook?”


    The man begins to sweat visibly, the liquid slowly crawling along the back of his neck.

    “I…. Uh…. Believe that she only predicts the things she’s thinking about, so if you do something out of left field she won’t see it coming. Like betraying a major business partner when you’re me. That’s how it always looked to me.”

    “But you don’t have any real evidence.”


    Great, do I have two assholes now controlling the future? At the very least the dude seems to not be that malicious. Even so if he’s wrong this could easily be a trap. I’ll need to gather up more evidence.

    “You betrayed one of your largest business partners but you said you’re making money.”

    The old man's one solemn tone quickly returns to its regular upbeat character.

    “That’s right. World War III has been great for business! Ever since she dropped that nuke on a civilian population my stocks have been through the roof with all the panic buying. Best third quarter of my entire life!”

    Abigail, who had been resting with her eyes closed the entire time, suddenly jolts awake. I accidentally scribble through one of the notes I made on the paper in a single thick line as Abigail moves suddenly on her seat. At least I’m almost done.

    “Nuclear war! Are you insane! What business are you going to make after a nuclear war! Everything will be destroyed!”

    With a stressed look she suddenly grabs the back of the passenger chair, glaring forward into the front seat. I can see Lucas squirm away only to be trapped by his seat belt.

    “That's a fourth quarter problem! Besides this a servant war now! Nukes are outdated these days. I mean they dropped said Nuke on one of those mother fuckers! Lancer took that hit like a hero! …… Which he probably is.”

    “That’s not very good either! They can’t just protect everyone can they?”

    With another tired look Abigail just falls back into her seat. Seeing the opportunity I hand her the notepad I had been writing in. It’s fairly minimalist to say the least, but I think it’s comprehensible……

    I can tell with her quick glance that it’s not really. I suppose in the end it was mostly single words and vague gestures to true meaning like “legend embody.” My handwriting isn’t good either, maybe this was a bad idea.

    “I know those servants looked pretty powerful and all, but do you really think they could just fight off the entire world?”

    “Nah. While I’m sure the nuke fear mongering helps keep things controlled, even if there was no one else alive who can’t hurt them I’m sure most servants wouldn’t be able to do it. After all they are only one super human, they lack the range and masters are still squishy fleshbags.”

    “So how are they getting away with it?”

    Lucas scratched the back of his head as he thought about it.

    “From what I remember every servant in this was blessed in some form to help them cover the range issue, that was something she brought to me actually didn’t have to steal that one. Depending on the servant they might already have the capacity to do so and are just getting support. Not sure where from….. the grail perhaps? Beats me, but you should probably check if your servant has one.”

    One bit of suspicious information after another. Is it Roko? Just how involved is that guy getting? If they have such a reach that they can support servants it must be pretty notable, but how do they do it?

    Having read the paper a little more Abigail suddenly spoke up.

    “By the way, where is your servant?”

    “Right here.”


    The two of us both jump in our seats, smushing ourselves against the window as a voice suddenly manifests from the seat in between me and Abigail. Lucas in surprise nearly steers off the road and into the pavement.

    “What the fuck is going back there! Do I need to turn this taxi around!”

    “Keep going, carriage driver. The Pharaoh is finally here, I will excuse you for leaving me behind just this once.”

    In a spontaneous golden mist a figure begins to form in the air. Quickly it manifests into a full person, arms crossed, still giving off a subtle glow of divine radiance. The tight space of the car really makes something quite clear. She’s tall

    Carefully they look over the car's interior. Their gaze sweeps across every random thing that catches their eyes

    “I find your choice of transportation unfitting for our status, get another.”

    I made a note of it before but she’s really tall. I was always told I was decently tall but she really puts me to shame. Towering over the seats the girl's head shot past the head rest and rubbed against the roof of the vehicle. I knew the taxi was a bit small but this is a little too far isn’t it?

    “Hmmm? What is this device?”

    Suddenly her looming figure leans forward into the front compartment of the taxi. With a long lanky arm she points to a vent up front.

    Lucas just shifts uncomfortably, as if trying to push himself away from the arm.

    “Now this seems like a true luxury. Tell me magus, what device is this?”

    Lucas clearly looks nervous with such an entity so close to him, trying his best to focus on the road.

    “....It’s an air conditioner.”

    “Ah yes, I do feel I have knowledge of such a device. So long as it stays then I shall find this vehicle sufficient.”

    With a satisfied nod the woman returns to her seating position. Without a world Lucas quickly turns the air conditioner to max.

    He seems a little too afraid of this clown, I’m wondering if he has had contact with a servant before.

    “Akhenaten do you have a blessing?”

    “I am the chosen one of Aten! My blessings are as infinite as they are great. Surely such things would be obvious.”

    “....... That’s not what I meant. Do you have any extra blessings? You know, something not Aten.”

    I can’t help but roll my eyes at her words. This is going to be painful for sure, it’s a pharaoh for fuck sake.

    “Hmmmmmm? Yes, I see. It is clear to me that my form has been tampered with. I maintain knowledge of myself and abilities, a skill says that my power weakens without sunlight, yet that flaw is clearly missing.”

    “..... And…. And that’s gonna help us fight off countries?”

    I was sort of hoping for, no, definitely expecting something a little more significant than that. Where is it! I’ve been scammed!

    “How does that help us with our problem!”

    Lucas glances back from up front.

    “What I think that means is that your servant there probably has the capacity to defend such a large range from other servants without special assistance.”

    “Akhenaten explain yourself.”

    I quickly turn to face my servant who was still casually leaning back in her seat, making an already cramped vehicle claustrophobic. Her posture was slouched to distance her head from the ceiling which only serves to highlight how tall she really is.

    “I refuse. I have yet to trust the bald man, I would not reveal my Noble Phantasm to the likes of him.”

    “But you would reveal it’s your Noble Phantasm that does it?” Abigail suddenly chimes in. I think she’s finally catching on to the situation. I suppose the note may have helped.

    Akhenaten just grimaces.

    “....There is not much he can do with the knowledge. A Noble Phantasm would be the most likely guess anyhow. It’s our trump card but it’s not a surprise we have one.”

    “I see…”

    Abigail quickly looks down at the paper again, perhaps I could have made things a little clearer.

    This topic though has made me remember something important.

    “When the room got really hot earlier I strongly felt all my mana was at risk. Was that you using the damn thing because your wife was insulted? That’s way too irresponsible! If you’re going to wipe England off the map, do it when I’m not there.”

    Akhenaten just crosses her arms and quickly dismisses the concern.

    “I’d say it’s entirely justified to wipe out such a threat. But I wouldn’t waste something so great on him. No, I was simply going to use my other….”

    Suddenly she clams up without another word. Her smug expression never falters but I can practically hear it crack and start to fall apart.

    “And how much damage was that thing going to cause?”

    She sits there silently for a moment. She was stuck in place, lifeless like a statue as she copes with her losses.

    “......... level a decent chunk of London.”

    “Yes, Yes I see….. Are you a fucking dumbass! In what world do I survive that kind of nuclear tier explosion at close range! Also you’ve been alive for like 5 minutes. How did you calculate that?”

    “Never underestimate the wisdom of the divine.”

    “After you nearly killed us all.”

    “I’m sure you would have survived.”


    “.....Divine magic.”

    Yeah, we’re screwed. I summoned a walking nuke that’s gonna kill everyone, and it will be because she hates the way the British sound or something….. I can’t let her talk to a real british person, I have to keep her on a tight leash. I’m not sure how happy she would be about command seals though……. I’ll try saving it for emergencies.

    Suddenly Akhenaten speaks up, her tone cold and stern.

    “Fat man!”

    “You don’t want to ask for my name?” Lucas says in a quiet voice, slowly shrinking into his chair.

    “What is our destination?”


    “Is that how you got here?” Abigail suddenly speaks up.

    “Yep, called in a favor. I know a guy who can get us out of here without issue, just have to get there.”

    “And go where after that?” Abigail's tone starts getting a little annoyed, clearly fearing more poor planning.

    “I got word that a servant was summoned in India, they’re calling it a “super soldier” program. Alongside the fact that a number of important officials including the president haven’t been seen in a few days which seems a little suspicious I’d say. So hopefully we’ll meet up with a business partner and go to war with India.”

    I would prefer he didn’t say such things so casually. Still, at least he has a proper plan, I didn’t have any plan at all.

    I glance out the window, still there’s no one around and that emptiness starts to feel like melancholy. If only there was truly no one around, then perhaps I could have fun with these bare streets.

    With a sudden movement Akhenaten points forwards down the road. As the taxi quickly rolls in a figure suddenly comes into view standing in the middle of the street.

    “There is a man in the street.”

    I try my best but it’s too hard to make them out. It only after a moment as we move in that it becomes a little clearer.

    “Hey guys, I’m gonna run that dude over.” Lucas says with a clear caution in his voice, the car slowly picking up speed as it barrels forward.

    “Why? Have you finally decided to kill the citizenry for fun?” Abigail says as she adjusts herself in seat.

    “No….. that’s the guy from Academia de Belas Artes.”

    Despite a car speeding towards him at an easy 60 miles per hour the man stood solidly in place, glaring the vehicle down. I really don’t like that.

    There’s a brief moment when I can finally see his scowl clearly before I feel a powerful crash occur beneath the vehicle, the tires popping loudly as the taxi rapidly spins out of control. Lucas forcefully tugs on the wheel, trying to ease the car to a stop, the vehicle quickly turning to the side, sliding along the street with the sound of scraping metal.

    “This is very fun, I have never been on such a fast ride before.” Without a care in the world Akhenaten leans back in her seat as the car nearly flips over.

    Suddenly our momentum comes to a quick stop, slamming my body into Akhenaten's. On the other side of the car, right between the front and back door is a notable indent which nearly shredded Abigail's body. A powerful counter force breaks the glass of the car and pushes the taxi lightly back the other way.

    Casually with a leg raised the man had kicked the taxi and shoved it away from his body. With a loud crash the giant piece of scrap slams down onto the road with a clash of metal.

    Without a moment's hesitation Lucas forces the car door open and throws himself out onto the ground.

    Before I can even motion to open the thing, Akhenaten casually flicks our own door open, sending the hunk of metal flying down the road, cracking the pavement as it goes.

    “It seems our transportation is busted, let us gather a new one so we may try this again.”

    “I would hope I never have to do this ever!”

    “Nonsense master, let us go.” With a quick push I am shoved out of the car onto the road, a clank following shortly afterwards as my sword hits the ground. Casually Akhenaten steps out behind me, her tall figure looming. While Abigail follows closely behind to cower behind the vehicle, Akhenaten stands proud without a care in the world.

    “Lucas Barros, for your crimes against our great nation and your collaboration with one Makoto Nakazawa, you have been sentenced to death. If you wish to receive your last rites, speak now.” The man speaks sternly from across the way.

    The sound of bells suddenly filled the air. They ring softly in my ears without a clear source. A bright light shortly follows, a divine radiance behind the man who stood before us. A second figure rises above him, floating above his head.

    Divine Figure

    Wise Up

    -Your servant possesses two Noble Phantasms
    -A previous weakness of theirs when out of the sun has disappeared.
    -Stat Update: Strength: D

    All Enemy Servants:
    -All servants in the war posses some ability which lets them control exceptionally large ranges.

    -She is in possession of an exceptionally powerful clairvoyance.

    New Enemy:
    -Attack Potency: D+


    A new line of Fate manifests:
    A new opponent appears, how do I confront them?

    1. Ask Akhenaten to deal with them. (100 mana)
    2. Use my new ability on them. (100 mana)

    3. Buster: Go all out. Make use of Semei Kikyo, and swordsmanship. Cost: 40 mana, 50 stamina.
    4. Arts: Stay back and hit him only with my magecraft. Cost: 40 mana.
    5. Quick: Attack with only my swordsmanship. Cost: 50 Stamina.
    6. Don't fight, just run away. Cost: 100 Stamina.

    6.Visit Roko
    7.Write in
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    1. Ask Akhenaten to deal with them. (100 mana)

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    G-goodness, threat of nuclear warfare was one thing, but now the participation of a global Grail War with goverment influence? Hoo boy...

    For now, let's see what Akhenaten's capable of, yeah.

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    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    8. Your Life is in a Jobbers Hands

    Location: London Streets
    Time: Afternoon
    Overall Status: Excellent

    Character Status
    Health: 350/400 (Excellent)
    Stamina: 400/400 (Excellent)
    Mana: 200/400 (Decent)
    Mental Health: (Cautious)


    I crouch even further down in hopes of avoiding the gaze of whatever it was that just appeared on the other side. Where did it even come from? It seemingly just manifested considering I couldn’t see anything like that on the street beforehand. I find it concerning.

    Looking around the only real way out if I do make a run for it would be the alley ways. It’s just rows of old stone and brick buildings all the way up to the intersection where our aggressor blocks the way. Really, even if I wanted to flee, Akhenaten would still be the person I’d have to depend on for the escape to be viable.

    I’m mostly worried about the presence of any ordinary citizens. Based one the various little flourishes on the windows or a nearby flag of Saint George hanging in front of a door, most of these don’t seem to be residences. Based on the circumstance this seems like a point in our favor. Even so I can’t exactly confirm all of them.

    Lucas compared this guy to an enforcer, I don’t think there’s a chance in hell I can deal with someone like that. Even so, I have a super weapon now, surely an enforcer wouldn’t stand a chance…..

    Wait. They have a clairvoyant on their side right? Could they be prepared? That’s just more reason to send my servant. I couldn’t beat someone ready for that, we have to take this seriously.

    “Akhenaten! Can you take care of this?!” I whisper to her with a strained voice.

    The woman suddenly perks up, having been lackadaisically leaning against the ruined car.

    “Hm? If you say so? It’s just a human and a flying thing, don’t believe there’s much to worry about.”

    Without a single concern for our safety and the fact we were all using the thing as cover, a large golden hand casually manifests above the taxi, it’s golden light nearly blinding. Slowly it descends and grips the top of the vehicle, shattering more of the broken glass and giving off a smell of melting metal and plastic. The sheer heat of the arm feels like I’m standing next to an open oven. The hunk of metal bends beneath the fist like an empty soda can as it’s lifted upwards, Akhenaten picking it up like a crane.

    “Don’t just pick up the car!”

    I am not a fan of her first choice being to use my only real line of defense as a weapon. She doesn’t even seem to pay attention to my complaints. Lucas looks even more worried at the sight but he doesn’t move anywhere else. Can’t say I don’t understand.

    With my back exposed and still low to the ground I quickly crawl forward to get in the vicinity behind my servant. With her lean figure being the best wall between me and death I turn around to actually face the threat, the man's glare visible beneath the rising vehicle.

    “My aim should be better in this class right?”

    Standing casually with her arms crossed in a relaxed posture, she looks up at the angel with curiosity. Idly she taps her foot as familiar floats gently in the air.

    “If you have no intention of accepting my request then let us proceed.”

    The man glances up at the car hovering freely in the air. The shadow which lords over him is unable to disturb his disposition.

    “How boring, you’re too quick to rush these things.” She responds with a disappointed sigh.

    “Very well. The Pharaoh does not do charity for the unworthy. Stand down before you suddenly leave this earthly plane.”

    In a sudden motion the large arm of gold stretches backwards, bits of hot debris plummeting to the earth as it travels over our heads.

    The calm, breezeless air is intensely torn asunder in an instant as the vehicle becomes a missile of destruction, disturbing the entire street in its wake. The hunk of metal burns as it picks up speed like a rocket leaving Earth, colliding with the angelic being less than a second after it parted with her hand in explosive hell fire.

    Smoke fills the air, painting the sky the color of dark ash as it rises high above the London streets. I see Akhenaten's arm raised in the air, having caught a piece of scrap on its way to pierce the pavement behind her. I guess she can protect us when she needs to as I can only assume there was more.

    I don’t know how he did it but the man with the glare was standing calmly a few meters away, staring up at the fireball which consumed his familiar.

    Abigail and Lucas just look at the smoke cloud in awe. I can’t blame them, everyone is doing it, it’s hard to miss.

    “You’re fast for a mage mortal. I can respect your performance but it is simply lacking. Should you not return home by now? Can you not tell the difference in capability? For your bravery I shall bestow upon you this one great mercy.”

    Akhenaten turns to face the man, haughtily looking down upon him from her position. He doesn’t move, hands still in his pockets glaring up at her.

    As the smoke cloud begins to fade into the wind, a soft bell can be heard. It’s gentle touch breeches my tense form and calms my heart.

    Beautiful and undisturbed, the Angel floats freely in front of a pristine sky, the smoke quickly vanishing into nothing. Even if it was a casual throw that was still an attack from a servant it took without so much as flinching…… I think I made the right choice doing literally nothing at all. I am not touching that!

    Despite being attacked there is no retaliatory action. In fact it doesn’t move at all. It just lords above us without taking action. It’s an Angel right? Is it just turning the other cheek or something?

    “That’s fairly unexpected I must say. You’re really pushing your luck just because that toy is sturdier than average. Even if the familiar is sturdy you are still just a man of flesh and bone.”

    Calmly she begins walking towards the man whose stance finally begins to change. The sun disks which follow her begins to burn brighter, the presence of magical energy growing ever more heavy. The Angel does not move even with the pressure.

    The tension between them is immense, though Akhenaten walks over with a gait of one without a care in the world. It seems the mage is finally taking this seriously as they perk up, waiting for an opportunity.

    “Despite the power of that which approaches, you do not turn your back. Eternally unflinching, no matter how overwhelming the foe, no matter how great the might. In my time such conviction would have been called heroic. I can respect such dedication.”

    With every step forward the man's body grows more tense. Their feet shift further, steeling themselves for the inevitable conflict.

    “Such were the times of fantasy. In the age of man, to do so without true purpose, it is a just selfish wish. A fool's errand. I know not the extent of your heart's desire, but I can see something clearly here. It is not enough.”

    “There is no greater dedication than the one a man makes to the lord. I cannot accept such words from anti-hero such as yourself.”

    Having finally found their footing their movement becomes deathly still. As if they were a statue, they preserve the most ideal stance they can bring forward, glare stronger than ever.

    “What a short path forward.” She speaks far softer, her normally booming voice having gone quiet for just a moment.

    Looking in the distance beyond their little scuffle I see more smoke, rising high over the London streets. I am certain that’s not a good sign. Why is the biggest mystery on my mind. Did these two bring more with them? If so, what are they doing?

    A low rumble quickly follows my awareness of the tower of smoke.

    The moment the sound hits our ears the mage moves instantly. In a blur he moves across the street. The vague burst of movement my eyes can make out travels in a clear arc, attempting to circle around the servant and make it to their original target.

    It took only a moment for the man to clear several meters, and another moment to be sent flying backwards. A golden arm instantly appeared with only the after shock indicating movement. It bisected the street, touching a wall a fair distance away leading to the mage comically slamming into its length and being slammed onto the pavement.

    Bruised and burnt the man is clearly injured but unfazed, quickly jumping back onto his feet. He is nothing if not dedicated to his goal, but it’s still too suspicious. Even now the Angel has yet to move. I really need to work on a way to coordinate with my servant, if she would even listen. I’d like to encourage her to get on the defensive.

    “What part of too slow do you not understand? Show me something a little more impressive, you must have something to even be sent here!”

    The man doesn’t respond, he just glares right back at her the same as he always did. Calmly he raises his hand and snaps his fingers.

    “Very well.”

    “Too late.”

    As if it spontaneously manifested, another golden arm appears right in front of the man's chest, index finger on its thumb.

    In a single motion it flicks him, generating enough destruction force to tear straight through his chest cavity with an explosive force. The force resounds down the street, the excess power dispersing in the air parting lingering smoke. With a massive hole in his chest the body was launched backward at an intense velocity as if hit by a car.

    Actually it’s worse than that considering he was already hit by a car and was fine.

    Hands on her hips with a disappointed pout Akhenaten turns to face me.

    “Well that was pretty boring, what exactly was their plan again?”

    I think I am beginning to understand why Lucas was so unnerved by Akhenaten. I don’t think I had a single chance against that many and she killed him without even trying. She was just a ruler in life as well, so what could a proper hero do? I don’t want to think about it.

    There’s another moment of silence before the gentle sound of bells fills the air again. It rings louder than ever before.

    Akhenaten still just casually glances up at the Angelic creature.

    “Do I still need to swat this thing with its master dead?”

    There’s a low growl which follows the toll of the bells angelic sound. It’s far more ominous sound now, something which does not bring the grace of God but a herald of demonic forces

    A terrible presence builds behind Akhenaten, an explosion of menace and dread which hangs over my head as if it were to suddenly crush me underfoot. I can feel the sickly presence behind her so clearly. Even my servant can’t help but quickly turn around.

    The corpse of the man had been replaced by a monster, crawling across the floor. Growling which emanated out of the dark figure grows ever more vicious and violent as the beast which produced it writhed upon the pavement. The man which was so playfully executed but a moment before was no longer fully man at all.

    Their expression was one of agony and rage, they bellowed as humanity left them. The whites of their eyes vanished into a dark depth, the face strained, veins bulging as if all their focus was on staying alive.

    Their body sprouted inhuman features, bursts forth from flesh like plants from soil. They grew horns like that of sheep and lost teeth which were replaced by long fangs. With claws they shredded the pavement, as if trying to find the will to stand again.

    “Truly, how unsightly. It must hurt. Such is the path you’ve chosen. If you let it hold you back now it’s that last thing you’ll ever do.”

    Akhenaten just looks down on the thing with disdain. Even so, her expression was softer than before.

    Before it can even stand another hand manifests. No longer was it an attack with a playful aura but the golden blessing of God which would smite a demonic entity with divine wrath.

    In a blur of light the fist smashes straight into the road, pavement is shattered and uprooted as it travels into the ground, scattering smoldering rock.

    “....Too slow.”

    It was a low, more strained voice but it was recognizable. A few meters back stood a monster, it’s arms dangling with a hunched back in an uncomfortable manner, but alive all the same. I am very glad I opted out of fighting even more now.

    “Oh? You continue to make things more interesting. Very well, I suppose I can try a little harder.”

    Raising her hand into the air, Akhenaten snaps her finger with a loud audible noise, seemingly mimicking the man's earlier actions. Servants are so powerful I guess they can snap loudly as the sound echoes down the street. I'm learning new things every minute. I hate it. I want to go home.

    There’s only a second before something crashes into the pavement in a golden light. Even greater than those golden fists the road is seemingly turned to burning gravel as windows shatter from the force of impact. It hurts a little to even be near it.

    Even so the target of such an attack stands unharmed a few feet away from the crater left behind.

    “Hahahahaha! You are impressive for a human. If only you had a better reason to be here.”

    A second bombardment unfolds, one after the other another beam of light incinerates the earth. In a blur the beast navigates in between them, moving cleanly out of the way even if it means attaching themselves to the side of buildings with an iron grip. It hurts a little to see all these structures get damaged but I’ll count it as a worthy sacrifice or something.

    For the first time since the start of battle the Angel begins to move. Randomly above one of the buildings a wall of light forms. A single beam from heaven collides with a holy shield for a moment, battling against a protective force, saving a building from total annihilation. It looked like a thin layer of glass, with only the divine glow giving any indication of its supernatural origin. Cracks grew along it as the beam of light pushed against it with numerous flying sparks.

    It didn't take too long for the thing to shatter, but the momentum of Akhenaten's strike had decayed to the point that only a few roof tiles were blown from the rooftops.

    I suppose this is the advantage of standing back, I can observe the battle and attempt to make educated guesses about our opponents behavior. Too bad I have no idea why it just started protecting buildings randomly. Why not target its master? There has to be a pattern or hidden variable.

    To be honest he’s clearly some demonic creature, and that’s an Angel, the two are surely fundamentally opposed so I guess it makes sense that it wouldn’t protect him. Though it healed him, that's peculiar. Can I test it?

    I best hurry on that front, I don’t know how long I can support such an intense assault considering my shit tier mana output.

    The Beast continues to gracefully weave through the downpour of destruction which is digging a massive hole into the street. Every bombardment tears apart the road and digs deep into the ground while scorching the surrounding area. It seems like every second there's another loud explosion as more asphalt and rock bursts out like geysers. Each strike glides past its body, close enough to burn hair and clothing, but before it even strikes the ground it is already several feet away.

    Even with burns of such close shaves they have not been hit by a single blow. Such rapid movement however is only good enough to save their life, each dodge a struggle to move forward.

    Despite its slippery nature, Akhenaten observes the spectacle with an amused smile. I can already read her mind, it’s surely saying “dance monkey, dance.”

    “You try so hard to move forward, but you have not a moment to rest. How long can you keep this up, trapped in endless stasis, a human only has so much endurance you know?”


    The beast just roars a guttural howl before leaping from one side of the street to other, landing atop the flag of Saint George which hung on a building's side in front of the door.

    It looks straight at me….. No, I had been ignoring them the entire time but there was a specific person they were after still cowering just a few feet away that they had locked onto.

    Another flash of light appears in the sky as another ray of light descends rapidly towards the Earth. An explosive crash instantly follows, battling intensely against the divine barrier of the Angel. For the first time since this battle began the Beast had been successfully defended by his companion.

    It was the opening it needed.

    Before the death ray from above overcame the angel's divine light the Beast leaped forward with full force, shattering the stone wall as it disappeared, my eyes struggling to follow.

    “An impressive attempt.”

    Golden hands surge forth from behind Akhenaten, the air is parted with explosive power as they tear though the air.

    Without hesitation holes are ripped through the wall of a building right in front of us. I couldn’t keep track of anything but the back of the beast's legs are seemingly vaporized as the fists successfully connect with its target.

    With nothing to slow their momentum the hands pass through the building traveling deep inside. The sheer heat of the attack seems to catch something on fire, the recognizable smell reaching my nose fairly quickly.

    I can only watch as the beast is flung through a wall as it’s knocked off course, their outstretched claw having been only a moment away from striking Lucas's throat.

    Not wanting to be near the thing at all I begin backing away towards the other side of the street. I, or I guess all of us but especially me just need to keep our distance until Akhenaten finally wipes them off the face of the Earth. Should be easy right?

    I hear another ring of the bell followed by the noisy crashing of something scrambling about inside. Moments pass as the crashing dies down but the creature never emerges.

    With a sudden leap, as if she was flying, Akhenaten gently touches down from the sky in front of me. Her eyes scour the building as it finally falls silent.

    “I’ve been holding back a bit to keep damage to a minimum, should I just wipe the building off the map this time?”

    Part of me wants to hope they decided to turn tail and run but with the Angel still hanging out in their usual spot I find it unlikely.

    “No, that's a terrible idea.”

    Soon that warm glow becomes visible through the shattered window as smoke begins to waft out of the hole in the wall.

    God I hope no lives there.

    “Looks like this isn’t the only conflict going on right now.”

    Abigail suddenly speaks up startling me. When danger comes my focus really seems to laser focus, I tend to forget about my allies. Surely I should do something about this one day.

    Following the direction of her outstretched arm leads to another smoke cloud much further away. I’m worried the strange demon man is not gonna be the last of my problems getting out of the city.

    “So long as you are under the Pharaohs protection there is nothing to worry about, you guys should wipe that worried expression away.”

    A low rumble of something going terribly wrong shortly follows. I was wondering if maybe the Mage's Association was going to show up after fighting in the streets for so long but at this point I imagine their hands are full.

    As I pondered the rising smoke clouds, Akhenaten's head snapped to the side in the span of a single blink. Turning to follow her sight I only catch the glimpse of a blur.

    “It’s still on the move.”

    Without a moment of hesitation Akhenaten dashes forward, concrete shattering beneath as she moves up to the roof. Golden hands follow behind her, whipping through air wildly towards a target I couldn’t catch a glimpse of.

    The top of a nearby building is smacked away into the distance but the demon is still nowhere to be seen.

    “I’m getting tired of playing around. How about we end this game on a high note.”

    In a quick and graceful movement the beast suddenly appears atop the building, standing right across the way from Akhenaten, hunched a top the edge like a gargoyle. Keeping up with the visual information of servant speed entities seems like a problem. Can I even improve my eyesight, that seems like the sort of thing that can only get worse.

    At least I can make out the creature from here, silently it stands balanced on the top of the roof without a single movement. I can more clearly make out it’s demonic visage at least. They still have the tattered suit, and the horns are mostly definitely that of a sheep. Even so their mouth hangs open with a massive collection of sharp teeth, two distinct tusks visible in its mouth.

    I’m absolutely certain now. I have no idea what he is.

    “Let us end it.”

    The man suddenly speaks up with a cold, strained voice. I didn’t realize he could still speak.

    “Very well. May Aten bless you.”

    There’s flash in the air as another of the many golden fists attempts to destroy the creature. There’s a bright glow of light, a loud crashing sound as the attack smashes against a hard surface.

    A golden divine wall of the angle separates the blow from its target. It was a brief delay but it was all the Beast needed to slip away. Launching itself off the roof it descends towards our group.

    Before I can truly register it left the spot it stood in, the creature crashes into the street, the dark pavement of the road scattering in a cloud of dust and rock. A ray of golden light trails right behind it.

    I’m too slow to do anything about it. Am I going to die here?

    A shame.

    There’s a single blur of movement as it’s claw drives forward, the hand giving off a strange glow. Then, in an instant my vision is filled with darkness.

    I hear the snap of someone’s finger.

    There’s a noise or clashing metal. Of flesh being torn asunder and the smell of burning flesh. More pavement is uprooted and my body is knocked backwards from the shock wave.

    I’m alive! A strange black object stands between me and the beast. It’s odd looking and clearly not human but It saved me anyways I can't complain.

    “Kihihihihihi! Talk about arriving just on time! I’ve never missed my timing thus far.”

    It suddenly turns to face me. I don’t think there’s a single Japanese magus who wouldn’t know what this thing was supposed to be.



    With an overly eager jump Akhenaten slams down onto the pavement, cracking it in a far less graceful manner than she did earlier. Her body now marking a clean line between me and the magic talking umbrella.

    I hate that an umbrella saved me, take it back, pick a different yokai.

    I can hear another bell. The body of the beast which has been tossed aside begins to stir. It’s body was charred and split apart but It writhes on the ground once again. Moaning in agony as it attempts to get up, it slips and falls back onto the pavement.

    It wasn’t something I could see before but I think it’s clear now. The angelic being is healing the demon's wounds. The cuts on its body begin to mend itself and shattered bones realign. Even when it was fully restored it still yelled and clawed at the ground.

    How does this thing work, that doesn’t seem like something an Angel should do.

    “To think I would find my target so soon! Too much is going on, it almost left my mind!”

    The umbrella quickly turns to face me, it’s single eye staring right at me and Akhenaten.

    “ Makoto! As a representative of my lord….. wait a minute I think I forgot-“

    There’s a single blur of motion which rapidly extends out from the shadow of the nearest alley way. A single fist manifests and collides with the umbrellas side. It’s explosive force shatters the yokai into pieces in a single instant, scattering it’s body across the road. It’s a little gross to watch as its single eye bounces across the street.

    A figure emerges, they look a little bruised and covered with various scrapes, but they don’t appear to be bothered at all, standing up straight and sturdy. Their mere presence is notably intimidating.



    “Hey! Let the thing finish its sentence! I probably needed to know that, probably!”

    I can’t believe she just punched it while it was speaking to me. I should at least look at the information we actually got out of it. I know Brazil isn’t the only faction after me in London right now.

    Suddenly there’s a tap on my shoulder.

    “I think we should use this opportunity to get out of here. That’s an enforcer, just play it safe and I’m sure she’ll keep our problem at bay.”

    Abigail creeps up behind me to whisper in my ear. I suppose due to working with the Clock Tower for so long she would recognize someone like that.

    “None of you will be going anywhere until I have answers.”

    The woman speaks with a controlling coldness, her eyes carefully scanning the situation. Her expression is plain, not revealing anything, but she lingers on Akhenaten for an extra moment who stares right back.

    “You look strong enough, I’m not particularly interested anymore, I’m leaving, have fun with that guy.”

    With a dismissive wave Akhenaten turns around and begins walking away. With an unexpectedly tough pull she yanks me up right, lifting me off my feet by my shirt and begins pulling me away.

    “I will not allow that.”

    Having turned to fully confront us she begins to follow our retreat. Knowing the reputation of enforcers I can’t help but wonder if she hasn’t confronted us because of Akhenaten, such a powerful force of magical energy is a cause of hesitation for anyone.

    “I do not care. I am a kind ruler but I will only accept so much back talking, human.”

    “I will not forsake my mission. You’ve caused too much commotion to back down now.”

    Looking back I notice something very important.


    “Master, there is no need to bother with this woman.”

    “Not that! The demon! It’s gone!”

    Ending their squabble the two both look behind them to see the once imposing Beast had vanished during the conversation.

    Note to self, don’t let Akhenaten get distracted by nonsense…… Why must I be given the hardest challenges?

    “Huh…. I’ll call that a win.”

    Unconcerned with where it may have gone, Akhenaten continues to walk away from the enforcer. Looking ahead it seems the Angel has vanished with its master. At the very least it means the beast is probably gone for sure, but now I have no idea what their goals were.

    Considering Akhenaten was walking at a casual pace while she motions the other two to stand up again the Enforcer can quickly catch up with a short speed walk.

    I wish Akhenaten would put me down.

    “What is your group doing here?”

    Unconcerned with whatever Akhenaten had said earlier she continues to spew out interrogative questions.


    “Are you involved in the current situation?”

    “Ugh, this is starting to sound like politics all over again.”

    With annoyed expression Akhenaten begins to walk a little faster. Lucas, who was taking too long to properly get back on his feet, is grabbed by the back of his collar and dragged away, his feet dragging across the ground.

    “Hey, hey! We just dodged a life threatening situation. Let's take it easy for a minute. You’re gonna ruin my good shirt!”

    Though he complains about being manhandled too roughly he doesn’t try to escape. I’m just gonna go back to ignoring him for the time being and take advantage of our enforcers current lack of hostility.

    “I personally would like to know what this current situation even is.”

    “Careful master, you're already giving away information.”

    I suppose keeping cards close to our chest would be a good idea but that seems a little over the top. I’m not particularly used to talking to strangers so I might need to depend on others to cover this. They seem to have a greater level of expertise on this topic.

    Abigail who had been silent for a minute walking by Lucas leans forward to get a clearer look at the enforcer.

    “This seems like a big deal, am I being called in? This seems like it might be an all hands on deck kind of situation.”

    The enforcer doesn’t return a look, her cold gaze focused on what’s ahead.

    “Indeed. The Clock Tower has been compromised."


    Wise Up

    - In possession of rapid ranged attacks
    -Stat Update: Agility-B
    -Stat Update: Mana-A

    New Enemy:
    -Durability: D (D+)
    -Possesses a monstrous form, it's exact capabilities are unknown but the speed and agility is on a servants level.

    -Does not engage in offensive activities.
    -Can heal allies from even fatal wounds.
    -Can manifest shields with a durability on a servants level.

    -Attack Potency: D+

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    Ooohh this is an interesting development

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    “Well then! Not my problem. Lucas, where is the boat, let us take one of those fancy carriages and be on our way.”

    “W-we are heading out via the River Thames, we just have to keep heading forward from here. Though if we took a right a bit down that way we should pass by the British Museum, w-which as I understand is a little dangerous.”

    Lucas tugs uncomfortably on his collar which had begun to dig uncomfortably into his neck. I can only empathize, if only she would put me down.

    “Excellent, the monsters are of no concern. Now tell me, what is the River Thames?”

    “Don’t just take charge of directions if you don’t know anything about the city!” I say exasperated.

    I’m finding her tight grip on me to be troublesome. If I can get used to it though I won’t have to walk. I should consider it honestly.

    “I’m finding your avoidance of the situation irritating. Those of you with ties to Clocktower shouldn’t be taking these developments so lackadaisically.”

    The enforcer which has been persistently following us continues to ask questions much to Akhenaten's displeasure. She treats her inquisitive pursuit into our relationship like the annoying buzz of a fly and dismisses it outright.

    After meeting that yokai though, I can’t just pass on this opportunity. Especially when she seems like the type that might turn hostile any second if we continue to ignore her. I’m pretty sure Akhenaten's presence as a servant is the only I’m not a splatter on the wall right now.

    I really am no good at dealing with these stone cold types.

    “I have no idea what our relationship is to anything happening here. In fact, we do not even know what is even going on right now. Our battle was independent of anything else.”

    “Your actions are still highly suspect. That yokai was clearly interested in you specifically, regardless of the truth of your ignorance. It’s not a matter I can just let go.”

    I suppose in a sense I am lying to her, I’m sure it has something to do with the whole servant summoning fiasco. I’m just not sure I can tell an enforcer about this, who knows what they might do about it. I can only imagine I’m in trouble with the Clocktower already…. if it’s still around after all this.

    “Listen you don’t have to bother with intimidation or whatever, you can calm down. I’m sure we’ll help, at least a little, we just need to get caught up on the situation. If the Clocktower is compromised then what are you doing out here on the street? Actually how would such a thing even happen?”

    Abigail suddenly interjects. I hope I can depend on her for this kind of conversation considering she appears to be the closest to an enforcer amongst us.

    “Our duty is to preserve mystery, and so long as it is my duty I will continue to fight out here on the association's behalf. Clearly the yokai which so casually spit on the concept are of highest priority. Evacuations have occurred but it’s clearly a difficult situation. Concerning the Clocktower, they’ve simply flooded it with overwhelming numbers. The enemy varies in type and power but they all seem to exist in the category of yokai. Western magi unfamiliar with their nature seem to easily fall for their tricks and abilities.”

    “I’m not really good with familiars but strength wise how much are these guys varying by? If they show up I’m not too interested in standing on the sidelines again.”

    “Approximately 60% of what I’ve seen can be damaged by firearms. I am already aware of at least one which gives off magical energy comparable to that woman there. With possibly two or more already within the Clocktower based on information provided.”

    With an accusatory finger she points right at Akhenaten. That’s a very concerning thing but I’m not entirely surprised, what else could go up against the Clock Tower. Still, at least 3 servant level entities, how can that be? A Noble Phantasm maybe? I find there just being a 3 way alliance for this one task to be too unlikely.

    Is that even enough power to go up against the Clocktower anyways? It’s still an ancient and powerful place. The strongest magical fortress in the modern world, that’s what I’ve always heard. I can’t see it being broken into very easily. I’m sure that means what’s going on here is too much for our group to handle. I think Akhenaten is right, let’s just leave.

    “I see….But how did they get inside? I can maybe see one of the more powerful invaders making it in, but what about the regular ones. How did they do it?”

    The enforcer stays quiet for a moment. It’s impossible to tell what the cold woman is thinking. It's certainly true that enforcers are intimidating, even just standing around in pure silence makes me nervous.

    “It seems they had infested the students and faculty.”

    What’s she doing saying something so horrifically significant like it’s nothing!

    I was wondering if perhaps they had been making it via some kind of incompatibility with western magecraft of some kind, but that’s incredibly odd. I wanted to let it go but this situation has too much interest to me as an exorcist now.

    “When you say infested you don’t mean possession?”

    I didn’t want to have to say anything more in this conversation but I need to ask.

    “That's correct. The yokai seemed to have burst out of their bodies. It was hard to perform an autopsy in that kind of situation but their bodies are partially devoured. They were described as having exploded forth physically from the victim.”

    “That is uhhh, really, worryingly strange. I’m no expert on conjuring yokai but I don’t think that’s something they normally do.”

    “I’ll take it into account.”

    God my heart is racing already, I haven’t talked to a stranger like this in a long time. Too much like my sister.

    These yokai though, it has to be a unique quirk of the servant making them. I've never heard of anything like it, it’s probably beyond my pay grade.

    “Regardless of how many pests may be crawling around it is of no interest to me, playing exterminator is below the likes of a Pharaoh. I can tell you desire our assistance but I must deny your request. Do not even ask.”

    “But would this not be a possible chance to investigate an enemy servant?” I ask.

    “If they are even here. I will not waste your already exhausted energy swatting insects. I no longer have any interest in this conversation. I've heard enough.”

    With a final dismissive glance down at the enforcer out of the corner of her eye, my servant vanishes into a golden mist.

    Now that there is nothing left to hold me up I fall suddenly onto the pavement. It wasn’t that odd a position so I can land right on my feet.

    Lucas on the other hand…..

    “Ow, my head! Dammit! At least I can finally breathe!”

    Having been pulled along by the collar the old man topples to the ground, his head bumping against the pavement.

    The enforcer just stares a hole into the spot Akhenaten used to stand. Suddenly she turns to look at me.

    I can feel my mind trying to hide itself away, why is she looking at me like that.

    “I see, so they were some variety of familiar of yours. What kind of existence are they, how were they created?”

    How did she already come to that conclusion? Is this what Akhenaten meant when she said I was giving away information? What gave it away, the golden mist? That’s certainly a clue I guess. Either way I have to choose my words very carefully with this woman.

    “I-I …. do not know. It’s well…… They can be pretty diverse, I don’t think any knowledge I have would actually be of use.”

    “So there are more types?”

    Dammit, I’m giving the game away.


    “What were they like?”


    “How does that inform their diversity?”

    I can't do interrogations like this. I’m really starting to sweat. Reminds me too much of my sister.

    “Now, now, Bazett, we are all in the dark. Let’s take it easy.”

    My savior, by the grace of God someone has come to rescue me from this. Blessed Abigail, your Christian name must surely mean something.

    “From what I hear they’re heroic spirits. The great legends of the world's past. Simply put legends and their foundations are quite diverse, who knows what to expect.”

    With a bold expression Abigail calmly explains the concept of servants aloud for all to hear. I thought we were gonna play a defensive information game, why not just lie?

    Seemingly harboring similar worries, Lucas leans in and speaks with a strained voice.

    “Are ya sure saying this is a good idea?”

    “Yeah, it’s fine. Ain’t nothing to worry about here.”

    With a confident stance she takes a step forward. The enforcer in turn takes a step back, maintaining the exact distance between them that they maintained before.

    “That is certainly valuable. The Clocktower will do their best to research their identities.”

    Digging around in her pockets again, Abigail unearths another cigarette and moves to light it. After all that’s happened I’m surprised she hasn’t moved to do so earlier. It’s something that’s supposed to be relaxing, but despite the laid back demeanor I can tell there’s something calculating behind those eyes. It’s a fairly recognizable expression, the kind she wears for clients. This is how she always does things.

    “You know, in all this talk I think there’s a name we seem to have to have looked over. Monsters, total abominations defiling this great fortress of ours, assaulting the very nobility of our moonlit world. And yet I have heard nothing about them, you’d think they’d have this handled by now.”

    The enforcer doesn’t move at, her expression not bending an inch under the weight of whatever she was implying. I hadn’t thought about it all, but even I am starting to catch on to what Abigail means.

    “Where’s Barthomeloi? I can see them handling a servant.”


    “Is it something they want to keep on the down low then. I’m basically an enforcer, tell me all about it. I got all that unofficial clearance.”

    Abigail moves slightly forward and the enforcer shifts slightly back. I don’t think I’m wrong that she was playing along with us because of Akhenaten, but is she also concerned about Abigail?

    This conversation is clearly on very shaky grounds, we were walking around with such a powerful entity after all causing ruckus in the middle of London. Even so, an alliance, regardless of brevity, could be of us.

    “It would be dangerous to just hand over private information to someone’s who true allegiance I can’t determine.”

    “You at least trust me enough to fight right away. I’m only one person so there is not too much I can do but even I wouldn’t be happy letting London die. I’m not going to tell you we are the Clocktowers' buddy in this fight but right here, right now our interests align.”

    Abigail suddenly reaches into her pocket again. Unlike the careless digging she so often does, she removes an item with single graceful motion.

    I can’t really make it out. A piece of paper?

    With an outstretched arm she offers it to the enforcer who looks at it for a moment before carefully plucking it out of her fingers.

    “If you want until this mission is done you can hold on to that as a testament of my honesty.”

    Bazett looks at it carefully in her hand before just shoving back at her with a sigh.

    “Alright, I get it. Keep the thing.”

    Wait, that worked! What even was it? Is there some unknown enforcer code magic thing they just pulled off. Are they secret friends and I never knew it. People will be an eternal mystery I guess.

    “Barthomeloi and her brigade are out of commission. Barthomeloi survived, but it seems most of her group has passed.”

    “What did em in?”

    “There currently isn’t a proper lead. As far as the Clocktower can tell, it’s natural causes. Yet that is nearly 50 people who suffered a fatal medical condition at the same time, we can only conclude it was part of some planned action. Considering it occurred not long before such a wide scale attack, it can only be assumed the two events are connected.”

    Wait! That’s not good, but something I was already prepared for I just wasn’t thinking about it.

    There was a very important idea my future self told me.

    That the magi with the power to challenge servants have passed away.

    If that’s the case then Roko is executing these people right? That raises an incredibly important question. Why are Yokai right here, right now? What compelled them to attack at this very moment?

    Is it Roko just making a coincidence? How can I even tell?

    “I see, I see. Anyone else?”

    “It is difficult to determine amongst the chaos and numerous casualties, but it is possible with the general disorganization that other important figures were targeted.”

    Abigail takes a long drag of her cigarette, carefully thinking the information over.

    They’re missing the biggest clue but how would I even tell them about it? Do I even want to?

    “When did the attack begin?”

    “Approximately Noon.”

    “That was about the same time as the nuke fiasco right?”

    “So you’ve heard about that as well. Indeed, it’s hard to forget, the event caused a notable commotion. Barthomeloi’s heart attack was within the same range of time.”

    Abigail turns to look at Lucas who was fiddling with the stretched fabric of his shirt.

    “And on your way to the warehouse you didn’t notice anything?”

    “Nah, I never crossed anything of the sort.”

    “I’m beginning to understand what you’re getting at. It would make sense if everything was connected but in what way?”

    Abigail begins to fiddle with a lighter in her hand as the enforcer considers the information.

    “If I were to make a guess, and put my knowledge together, the answer is fairly simple. We are dealing with a clairvoyant.”

    “You think Claudia is behind this too? Where’d the yokai come from, I don’t exactly remember their servant being Japanese.”

    “Then you will have to tell us all about them later, but I imagine an alliance is just as fair, unless you have reason to say otherwise. Ultimately I have no evidence to prove either way and I won’t be jumping to conclusions. Still, such convenient timing must surely be the product of foreknowledge, I can’t imagine planning this kind of thing perfectly with so many variables otherwise, and this something Lucas you’ve already established was in play.”

    It’s hard to say if that’s actually it, but it seems to make sense based on what we know. I suppose it could be possible to know where we were going, and when the bomb would go off, but a heart attack is difficult to plan for. I suppose they still think it’s a traditional murder. Or is it? How would Roko have decided to kill them in this game of theirs?

    Even with these variables the enemy has thrown together an entire invasive force anyways. Do we have two users of clairvoyance?

    The big question is, was this something Roko planned for as well or did they not care either way? They seem to have a particular way they want to interact with the world and this “game” as they put it. If this is how they plan to play, I’ll have to be prepared.

    “Clairvoyance sounds like a difficult ability to handle. There is no need for direct confrontation to use it to its full effect, so it’s hard to counter in large scale battles. I am unaware if the Clocktower has anything which can counter such a power.”

    “We don’t have anything on us right now to deal with it so there’s no point worrying. They can figure it out, and they can let us know.”

    Seemingly ready to move again, Abigail shoves her lighter back into pocket and begins to walk forward with a causal gait.

    “What matters most is what we do going forward. If I went into the Clocktower I’d just make things worse so I’m not gonna bother with that stuff, and ultimately worrying about the bastards in there isn’t my priority. Information is the real important part.”

    The enforcer seems like she was about to say something but Abigail quickly stops the words in their tracks.

    “Even if I am going to cut my ties with the Clocktower, right now there is a course of action where our interests still align. Simply put for both of us, before we head out to….. where were we going again Lucas.”


    “Right, before we head out there, it would benefit us both to learn more about this threat and their goal. If we are gonna fight them in the future there are a couple of things I’d like to investigate. With the power of a servant behind us, I don’t think there will be any limits going forward.”

    The Enforcer chews on her words for a minute. Carefully considering the offer down to the tiniest possible detail.

    “If it assists in protecting the people of London then I must proceed with your group for the time being.”

    “Excellent! Let’s shake on it.”

    With a forceful slap on the back Abigail suddenly pushes me forward towards the very, still intimidating enforcer.

    “Makoto you do it.”


    “I can’t touch her, it’s up to you.”

    The great anxiety in my heart is back to begin tearing me apart from the inside. I can’t even look her directly in the eye as I try to keep some distance between us without moving my feet.

    With a very stiff arm I point it in her general direction. My open palm is met with a solid, firm grip in a single awkward moment before it vanishes into the depths of time.

    “Why did we have to shake?”

    Abigail just ignores her and pats me on the back again with a fervent energy.

    “Welcome aboard! Let us together find out why these bastards are fucking everything up.”

    Abigails cheerful jeer ends with an increase in pressure, a rising pressure across this London block.

    “Hmmmmm? Have you considered simply asking?”

    A foreign voice echoes across the road. It’s grating, arrogant tone digs under my skin. In an instant they stand amongst the group as if they were our pal all along.

    Despite moving beside me, Akhenaten doesn’t stir. Does she not think of this guy as a threat, the arrogant bastard.

    Bazett doesn’t waste a moment, I’m basically pushed away like a leaf in the wind as her fist slams into the monster's abdomen. The force of impact resounds loudly in my ears, but the new beast stays firmly planted upon the ground.

    “We have no time to play my dear, there’s a mission I must fulfill first. Such weak humans aren’t worth fighting right now.

    The creature wags it’s finger in a condescending admonishment. The enforcer readies for an attack but the creature just sighs.

    I’m sure I’d be an asshole too if I could tank an attack that would surely pulverize a brick wall. I still hate them though.

    “Does that mean I’m free to ask you why you’re here?”

    With an amused expression she tosses the remains of her cigarette at the monster. It’s clearly not something that did any physical damage but it certainly shakes their pride. Their permanent smile trembles for a moment but they don’t make any sudden movements.

    “There’s no need ape, to provide knowledge is why I am here. You are very lucky and should continue to savor my good graces.”

    With a swift hand the creature gestures towards me. A phone is soon visible in their hand, appearing suddenly like some kind of magic trick.

    I stare at it as it rests there silently in their palm.

    “Go ahead, take it.”

    I nearly jump as the phone suddenly rings. The caller is just a string of numbers, there’s no clear indication of who is contacting me.

    Everyone waits expectantly, eager to see this sudden development unfold.

    I don’t think I have much of a choice. If they wanted to kill me they’ve had plenty of chances by now. It’s dangerous to fall too deep into a trap but I don’t think I have anything to lose by just listening, right?

    Hesitantly I pluck the phone from the beast's grasp. Putting as much time as possible between me and the conversation I slowly accept the call and raise the phone to my ear.

    “Greetings from China Makoto, uhhhhhhhh, Ni hao. This is the master of Caster speaking, on behalf of the Chinese government I hope you are doing well.”

    A strange voice reaches into my mind. They speak casually but there’s a certain level of theatrics to their tone. Something about this voice, it feels oddly familiar. Where would I have heard this man's voice before?

    “.....I’m doing fine.”

    I can give the most blunt of responses. I wasn’t prepared for another to contact me so soon. In fact I wasn’t prepared for any of the others even knowing I exist.

    “I’m glad to hear it, my friend. It took me a while to figure out how to set this conversation up, so I’d be devastated if we couldn’t have it in good spirits.”

    “Why are yokai coming out of China?”

    “No no, those are mere spirits you must understand. My dear employers would be a tad cross if they heard such slander of their national icon.”

    “That’s clearly bullshit!”

    This man is just going to come out here and like through his teeth. What the hell is happening here?”

    “You worry too much, no need to be so bothered with the details.”

    I just sigh. This is so painfully annoying.

    “What do you want?”

    He hasn’t said anything notable but his words dig into my skin, crawling down my spine like a spider. I can’t stand it. I want to speed through this conversation whatever the costs and start to undo the knot in my guts.

    “Straight to the goal, I approve, I do. Very hardworking, very unusual. The reason for our visit to London is twofold. First, I simply wanted to borrow an asset of the Clocktower but they were unwilling to part with it so we have to ask a little more forcefully. It’s just a short rescue mission, they had a uhhh, sealing designation was it? Really it doesn’t matter, I must be a Good Samaritan and save this poor soul. Once I have them, I will leave the city alone. And two, well that’s happening right now.”

    I shuffle uncomfortably in place. I can still feel all the eyes on me, gauging the course of the conversation with every motion I make.

    “I have some information for you. Come to China, there’s something you would surely desire here.”

    “How can I trust that? What even is it?”

    “I swear upon my heart and soul. I’d even spend a command seal on it, though that might be hard to do with such a distance between us.”

    So to prove his promise I would essentially have to go to China anyways. It’s highly concerning, but it is a lead.

    “Are you hooked? Word around town is that you have something of a demon problem. If that’s so, I hear there’s something in China that can help with such things. A force meant to bind those of a higher dimension. Surely, in your position, it is an offer you can’t avoid.”

    “Why do you….”

    The man on the other just laughs.

    “It doesn’t matter too much. It’s all mutual interest my friend. I don’t think I can stop you, not with the backing of such a monster. Even so, it’s both something we want to deal with. I can assist but only you have the power to do anything about it.”

    I don’t say anything. I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to say to them. It’s all just so….. tedious.

    “Well, I’ll give you a chance to think it over. Make your way to Jiàn’s Royal Huang Academy of Martial Arts. If your group makes it through the spirits, I’ll look forward to seeing you.”


    With a cruel crackling laugh the call suddenly ends with a monotonous tone.

    Dammit! I suck at this, I couldn’t ask him shit!

    With their ever swift fingers the monster plucks the phone from hand. This is just another entity too fast for me to keep up with, I didn't have a chance of holding onto it. Not that I really wanted it.

    “If all is settled then I must me off. I hope this conversation served you well. And remember, if I ever see any of you again, I will kill you. Bye!”

    The beast leapt into the air, it’s motion was as graceful as it was mocking. They stared down on us with a smile, waving goodbye as they flew through the air.

    “Hey, you might want to look out for….”

    Abigail casually points to something before she can even finish there’s a sound of burning flesh.

    A golden had manifested in the air, and with an iron grip, grasped the creature.

    “I will not take kindly to the inferior stock who take lightly those blessed by the heavens themselves. If you had threatened just the trash I’m sure you could have avoided this.”

    Shining down onto the street, Akhenaten manifests atop one of the roofs, her golden aura burning an almost blinding light.

    Smoke begins rising out as the beast struggles within its grip, the smell of burning flesh fresh in the air.

    Before it can even begin to properly protest the hand tightens its grip and the yokai is torn in two, crushed like a rotten tomato. It burns through its physical body, evaporating blood and flesh, and rendering all of it mush. The head and shoulders as the only thing which remain pop out of the top and plummet to the floor with an uncomfortable splat.

    With a graceful descent, Akhenaten touches down to the street. She really can’t help but do everything in an over the top manner.

    “I wanted to stay away but that creature's smugness was truly insufferable.”

    I must keep a hold on my courage before I start something from that.

    “It no longer matters, Makoto, relay to us the contents of the phone call.”

    Alright, let’s get this over with.

    “Okay, that simplifies things.”

    Abigail suddenly claps her hand, seemingly satisfied with my explanation. I had left out the information about Roko for now. I’m not even sure how I would start explaining that situation. It would be better to not waste time one it, debating it won’t help.

    “In what way? This literally makes everything worse.”

    “Eh you worry too much. Sure it changes our plans but now we have a proper goal.”

    Abigail just gives a dismissive wave of her hand.

    “I can’t go into the Clocktower, but now we don’t have to. With the knowledge that this is a rescue operation, we just have to wait for them to come crawling back out.”

    “Are you just gonna believe that though?”

    “They could be lying, sure, but from the way it sounds it’s a very odd way of going about it. If they want to trick you, I imagine it would be in China, not here.”

    I’m not sure why they are doing this but I suppose there’s not much we can actually do but take their word at the current time. My survival is at stake here so I still want to be careful.

    “We don’t have much time, it’s in our interest to head off immediately.”

    The enforcer who had been leaning against the side of the building stands upright, a combat ready tenseness clearly visible in her posture.

    “You know if we are gonna be helpin the Clocktower and all, would be nice if you put in a good word for this old man here.”

    Sheepishly Lucas approaches the enforcer, rubbing the back of his head nervously as he made a hesitant suggestion. Right away the bastard’s already moving in for self interest. He literally hasn’t done anything the entire time, just a lump on the side of our party.

    …… I say that but I’ve seemingly only done anything today because of convenient fate. Maybe I should put the complaints of uselessness on the back burner.

    “.....Who are you?”

    It’s hard to watch a man's spirit leave him instantly.

    “......I guess I never got to do an introduction. Let’s see here.”

    Immediately he begins to reach into his shirt pocket, unearthing a paper card.

    “Almost forgot about the convenience of paper. Here’s my business card, send the association my regards.”

    Bazett grasps the card lightly in her hand, looking at it coldly for a moment.


    Turning around to start marching forward she shoves the card into her back pocket to seemingly not litter like a Good Samaritan because I struggle to imagine any other reason to keep it.

    Lucas is left there silent and empty.

    Not my problem, I couldn’t care less either way.

    I’m not really that good with directions but trying to map things in my head, so long as we walk forward the River Thames would be hard to miss. Of course we have to find our designated driver after that but it shouldn't be too much of a problem if we stay in the area.

    Not too much of a diversion, and there isn’t much of a hurry to get out. How nice of Lucas to get this guy to park so close to the British museum.

    Personally I can’t say I’m really Invested in the outcome of this side track. My only priority is really living through it and living after it.

    Clocktower sucks anyways, I’m only here to be a dancing monkey for some racist orientalist. I’m sure a yokai spiriting that old man away would be a suitable ironic fate. So long as I don’t have to return home, I’m fine with going to whatever country that enemy master feels like. China or India or whatever is no sweat off my back.

    The destruction of London? Nuclear war? It’s not much of a concern of mine. I’m only involved because some demon wants me to. If things go wrong I’ll have Akhenaten get me out and that will be the end of it.

    The further we travel along the road, the more discouraging things seem to be. The evidence is clearly littered across the empty street. The claws, the blood, the smashed brick and pavement, it’s all over the place.

    I had thought I would get used to the empty streets, but it’s only more unnerving the further we go. What’s worse than an eternal silence is a silence which is only parted by a distant explosive rumble.

    Picking up the pace a little to catch up to the two pack leaders, I’m hoping that I can distract myself a little with conversation.

    “Who are guys even planning on talking to, do both of you just have someone in mind?”

    Abigail takes a moment to consider the question before turning to look at the enforcer. She clearly didn’t have anyone in mind.

    “I assume there must be someone running the defense operation that gave you an idea of where to go or what to do.”

    “Things are chaotic enough that pretty much anyone still alive in policies that’s a non-combatant should be our go to. I was sent out immediately, so it’s hard to say where anybody from there is positioned or if they are still alive, but they should have the authority and time to spread the relevant information effectively. That is if we make it in time.”

    I’m still fairly foreign to the Clocktower but I know from back home that politics amongst magi is often a sociopathic all consuming power struggle. I wouldn’t be surprised if the desperate power grabs have already begun. Could be a major pain in the ass for London in the future.

    I’m not staying here, it’s not my problem. Good luck to the poor souls still stuck there.

    “I know the place is infested so we should be on guard but do you not think it’s strange there aren’t any on the street here.” I ask.

    “It’s difficult to say, perhaps having such a powerful entity around is sufficient to make the lesser ones want to keep their distance.”

    “Listen if it's fine it’s fine, if it’s a problem it’s a problem. I ain’t worried. If it’s too difficult just jump ship.”

    Abigail just shrugs her shoulders. I find it difficult to tell if she's even invested in this at all. She’s always had Ill will towards Clocktower politics, it’s no surprise.

    “That’s a very irresponsible approach. We can’t take this casually. So long as we have such a powerful entity on our side we should be able to make it through if we play our cards right but underestimating this enemy force after all they have done is foolish.”

    “If worst comes to worst I’ll ask Makoto to use her power on me, should give us a good chance to make it through despite its risks.”

    As the two of them start to bicker about strategies I take a chance to back out of my first plan. I turn to Lucas who had been silently trying to keep pace with the group.

    “You know, can you actually do anything? Like magic, do you cast spells.”

    “Huh? Yeah, I got all kinds of magic. Money can buy all sorts of good shit.”

    “And it all does…..what?”

    Lucas hesitates for a moment with shifty eyes, checking to make sure the other two were still engrossed in conversation.

    “As my most favored ally I’ll let you know a little for free. My family's magecraft involves manipulating gold, probably not helpful in a fight. I will admit most of the cool stuff is on the boat. Right now I don’t have crazy effects but I have some decent fire power. Consider me the big boom guy.”

    “Cool, don’t die.”

    “You don’t want to know more about it?”

    If he can attack stuff that’s fine with me. I don’t want to have to worry about my easy ticket to luxury passing away defenselessly.

    Heading along the street we begin to approach what I think should be familiar territory.

    I say think because it’s honestly hard to tell. The entire place has been reduced to rubble. No longer just cold empty shells of buildings scratched on the outside, the entire street has been mostly flattened. There are a few remaining buildings in the edges of this war path but they aren’t looking good.

    It’s understandable that they can’t help just stop and look at the waste and ruin.

    “You see that, looks a little too fresh for comfort. The destruction might have happened a bit ago but something went through here far more recently.”

    Abigail stops to look past the various stains of violence to something which had yet to properly dissipate. A cruel dark red color, mixed with the dust of grounded stone which pooled around amongst rubble.


    “It seems we may need to just rush the entrance of The Clocktower and clear away all enemies. It’s likely conflict is unavoidable. So long as you follow behind me, we should make it.”

    Atop a pile of rubble a golden light manifests. Akhenaten looks down upon our group with a warm golden glow, an ever present smugness clear in her face and body language.

    “If this is the path you choose then I shall lead the way. One servant level entity is nearby. I am sure they are awaiting our arrival, I shall dispose of them.”

    That’s clearly a worst case scenario. I can’t help but feel the master of Caster was imagining this confrontation. They seemed to act like they’re aren’t in London, but their control over this situation seems fairly prominent. Everyone is planning so far ahead in this war it’s beyond my cognitive abilities. I’m clearly enveloped in a deep ignorance of everything, that makes this far too hard.

    “Hmmm I wanted to avoid them but we don’t really have the time, who knows when they’ll get their objective. Hopefully this is the only one we have to face and we can just go all out.”

    “There is no need for such concern. A mere beast is no different from an ant when faced with the sun's grace. I’ll burn them all away.”

    “If you say so.”

    There’s a moment of silence afterwards as everyone focuses on preparing for the potential assault. I don’t have my bag or paper anymore so I’m really only stuck with drawing magic stars with a lighter. At least it should be fairly decent against yokai.

    I glance over at something Bazzet is fiddling with. I had never actually met an enforcer before so I was curious as to what kind of magecraft that kind of entity would have but I can’t really tell what the thing she is messing with even is. A round, plain metal ball of some kind. What the hell is she gonna do with it, play Bocce Ball?

    It’s no use puzzling over it, my own capacity to fight this battle needs to be considered.

    I feel like I’ve probably been taking this yokai problem too easy. I mean even weak yokai are dangerous spirits, mysterious and terrifying in all sorts of ways. Normal humans and below average mages generally can’t handle them. At least I have an advantage due to being from a family of exorcists.

    Even then I’m not that good, I can only feel this calm because servants are clearly on a whole other level. Takes the fear right out of it.

    I suppose the biggest concern is managing my poor mana output, if I take things too easily I’ll be at too much of a risk, but if I go too hard I won’t be able to support Akhenaten anymore. I’m gonna pray there’s some easy way to up my mana capacity. I should have stolen Yui’s magecraft when I had the chance.

    I can hear another small quake, but it was clearly much closer this time.

    “Everyone stand back, something of high mana density approaches!”

    Leaping from the rubble pile forcefully enough to turn the stone to dust, Akhenaten suddenly dives into the street with a landing crater that deforms the very asphalt we stood on.

    She gave us a warning but there isn’t any time to react. In an instant one of the remaining buildings bursts into a powerful mix of debris, various pieces of stone and glass and other ruined junk being flung around like an artillery bombardment. Without Akhenaten's around just the arrival of this entity would have surely torn us to shreds.

    A cloud of dust rises up from the building's sudden demolition. A hazy but sinister figure, a shadow within the cloud of destruction is all I can make out of this approaching calamity.

    “You were taking so long to show up I just couldn’t help but bring the party to you. I’ve been getting excited for a real conflict for a while now, better not disappoint.”

    With a swing of an arm the rising dust is pushed to the side. I can feel the force of their arm all the way across the street, pushing me like a strong breeze. A threat unlike the rest of the minor yokai, no average mage could hope to go toe to toe with this.

    It was something with a vile, contemptuous energy. A true oni in every sense of the word. Possessing power most extreme, wicked to the very marrow of their bones, standing strong against the forces of humans. It reminded me of someone.

    "You insolence is truly unsightly, and offense on all that is good. I will end you life here!"

    The oni only smirks

    “You won’t be getting in the way of my fun that easily my friend.”

    Wise Up
    - Skill: Independent Action (A): Seemingly the only reason you're still alive with the way it offsets the amount of mana need for her upkeep. General actions cost no mana beyond the cost of maintaining passive skills and the cost of Noble Phantasms are reduced. In exchange however Akhenaten can sometimes make decisions on her own, though she can be controlled with a command seal in such circumstances.

    - Attack Potency: D+

    - Durability: C

    Mysterious Oni:
    -Attack Potency: A-
    -Durability: A

    A new line of fate manifests: A powerful oni and a gang of yokai stands between our group and the clock tower. How do I get out of this? Akhenaten is also acting on her own, I'll have to take this into account.

    -Due to Akhenaten attacking the enemy on her own: - 100 mana by default.

    1. Focus on assisting Akhenaten: Cost: 40 mana.

    2. Focus on clearing out the miscellaneous yokai, Cost: 40 mana: 50 stamina.

    3. Focus more on clearing a path to the Clocktower than combat: Cost: 50 Stamina.

    5. Don't fight, just run away. Cost: 100 Stamina.

    6. Use my new ability on them. (100 mana)

    7.Visit Roko
    8.Write in

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    3. Focus more on clearing a path to the Clocktower than combat.

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    Y-yeahhh, best to clear away enough to make through -- picking a fight with the Mysterious Oni (Otakemaru) is just asking for a bad time.
    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    10. Clocktower

    Location: Albion
    Time: Afternoon


    There wasn’t a noise outside of a small drip which continually hammered against the stone floor. The hallways this far down were tight, cramped and dim, ancient and mysterious in all aspects, running like veins beneath the earth. It’s a place where you could taste the mystery in the air, like a heavy humidity.

    There’s a terrible noise, an unsettling mushing, uncomfortably shattering and bending of flesh and bone. Something unspeakable carried on in the darkness.

    It was then deathly silent. Not a sound, not a breath or sign of life.

    With a light foot the invader gracefully moved down the stairs. There was a unearthly glee in every step, a certain playfulness as they seemingly skipped their way down the hall. Across the pools of blood they made, over the spoiling meat they had left behind.

    The flesh boiled and bubbled as poison devoured both muscle and bone. It gave off a powerful stench which flooded the halls. If there was anyone left they would surely be intoxicated by the strength of the alcohol that plagued the air.

    “Fufu, to think such talented magi would melt so easily. Truly a waste, even for me. To think I have not even the time to taste them.”

    The oni without concern for the life of men spoke idly to herself as she moved calmly through the tight corridor. Her voice echoed deep into the darkness.

    It was close now, just at the end of the hall. There wasn’t anything left to stand in the way of their target now but a mere door.

    It was covered in all sorts of defensive barriers but there was nothing to worry about. Reaching her hand out with a gentle touch the poor metal began to crumble and bend like tinfoil. With a light push the hunk of iron collapsed to the floor.

    The dim lighting creeped into the darkness giving the small room slight visibility. A single figure, bounded to the wall was visible in the shadows.

    “Oh? Are you perhaps Akkrum?”

    “That would be me.”

    “Fufu, I thought it would be wise of me to make sure but I’m not convinced. You understand, right?”

    Before a reply could be made the onis hand sweeps down in a singular swift motion. In an instant the man's head collapses in on itself as all structural support vanishes. As if she had performed a successful card trick the demon held aloft a bloodied skull.

    “That’s certainly a way to check.”

    With the blink of an eye, as if no change had occurred, the man was back to normal.

    “It seems you are truly ideal. I couldn’t pass up a chance to take a cutie such as yourself~.”

    The oni makes a sadistic smile, clearly satisfied with her action.

    “What do you want from me, Shuten?”

    “So long as you follow my advice you’ll be allowed to interfere in this world. Obey me and you’ll finally accomplish what you have long sought. You’ll finally be free.”


    Location: London Streets
    Time: Afternoon
    Overall Status: Excellent

    Character Status
    Health: 350/400 (Excellent)
    Stamina: 400/400 (Excellent)
    Mana: 200/400 (Decent)
    Mental Health: (Hesitant)


    As the dust settles more yokai begin to crawl out from the rubble I hesitate to call a city, gazing over us like predators. Some of them are hideously terrifying while some are almost comical in their strangeness. I recognize the identity of some but there’s a few there I don’t think I’ve ever heard of before.

    It’s pointless to worry about that right now, what matters is dealing with them. I’m already running low on fumes but I have some stamina to spare, defusing myself with my blade is the best option. I’ll depend on the enforcer and just help with clearing a path. We don’t have to defeat everyone here, we just need to make it into the Clocktower.

    “You’re wasting our time with such utter drivel, it seems I'll need to crush you and your pests underfoot.”

    As arrogant as ever Akhenaten looks down in the oni as if he was just some ordinary bug.

    There’s bright, blinding light in the sky. The oni is forced to cover his eyes and squint, staring right into the sun to see what it is.

    In an instant a beam of light slams directly into the side of his face, the sheer momentum of it knocking him off his feet and slamming him deep into the pavement. The whole thing explodes like a flashbang, forcing everyone to cover.

    “Oi, what’s the deal with that move? You control the sun or something?”

    With barely a scratch the oni rises up from the ground, casually dusting off the pavement which covered his body.

    “It seems you really are tough unlike the rest of rabble crawling around.”

    Unleashing hellfire like a gatling gun numerous similar sun rays strike down upon the demon. Despite the way they melt through the street like a heated knife through butter, uprooting the earth and turning the once flat pavement into messy, uneven terrain, the oni either swats them away with his hands alone or is struck to only receive a slight burn.

    Quickly he moves closer, a firm foot shattering stone, shaking the earth, as his leg rips apart the air in a ferocious kick. Akhenaten's lean body gracefully bends back to avoid utter devastation that quickly moves past her torso before moving backwards in a swift leap.

    Another wave of projectiles crashes into the earth but the onis mighty blows don’t let up. It was a battle of sheer power versus agility that made me wonder about something important.

    Is Akhenaten weak? For a servant. Like I don’t know who this oni guy is but she can barely scratch him while he is putting her on the back foot. Is even a full servant?

    I’ll just have to hope the best for her, I’ll take the opportunity of their ongoing destruction and start making our way forward. The enforcer seemingly made her move at the first flashbang and jumped into the fray, moving gracefully in battle with a powerful and ugly looking beast.

    I quickly turn to Lucas and….

    He’s gone. I don’t see him anywhere….

    Is that why he was staying in the background, so he could duck and cover without being noticed. Ah, whatever fuck him, dumb money bag ugly fuck.

    With a kick to the face I see Bazett send one of the beasts flying, another long snake looking creature darting past it like a bullet, the enforcer barely moving out of the way before smacking it into the ground.

    Yeah…. Abigail probably doesn’t have much return fire as ammo is limited, so I should pick my fight wisely. More yokai start appearing from out of a ruined building, happily laughing and chirping and gurgling as they move out onto the street.

    We just need to move past them and follow the oni's trail of destruction to the Clocktower….. I’ll start with an easy yokai, yeah that sounds good.

    Slowly with a waddle a small white almost doughy blob walks up. It’s…. It's cute. But it’s also tiny and weak, a perfect target. I don’t think my sister would be happy that I’m using her sword techniques in this way. Still, my opinion is the only one that matters here.

    Readying the blade with a calming, deep breath, I take one step forward. I’ll end this swiftly. Trying my best to move like my sister taught I swing down the blade in a single powerful motion onto the blob.

    A clang of metal resounds out as the blade bounces off the thing like I just struck a brick wall. It sends tremors up my entire arm. It’s only followed by amused laughter from the beasts who bid their time watching the show.

    Now that white thing is looking up at me in an unnerving, sadistic manner.

    God dammit! Put that cute face back on at least!

    I hop backwards as the small white thing bashes it’s head into the ground leaving a large crater where I once was. They really are just playing with us.

    “Get back!”

    There’s a sudden movement beside me, a blur quickly running past, moving towards the blob.

    With a powerful kick Bazzet punts the creature into the remains of a wall where it splatters like a rotten tomato.

    The laughing suddenly stops. There’s a silence as the yokai look at her. Several corpses of their kind already litter the street. That was way quicker than I was expecting. Maybe I can get away with her doing it all.

    “Be careful.”

    With an affirmative nod she moves forward again, the yokai let out horrible cries and cheers as they start cautiously moving around her approach. I really am useless for this job.

    It’s fairly interesting the way they went from condescending to worried, now hesitantly they approach or just watch from the back as the enforcers powerful fists slam into their allies. Just what are they thinking, these yokai are strange in their behavior. They are uncooperative and uncoordinated, expressing a notable degree of self preservation and forethought.

    Still, taking the opportunity to depend on her I follow behind and rush forward. While the enforcer pushes on towards the main group, I move in to the side, approaching some stragglers. I’d like to say I’m going this way because this is where they’re coming from, but I’m mainly going because it seems fairly empty.

    I prepare for combat but these yokai just look at me. One of them calmly walks forward.

    It’s certainly unsightly. It’s face is uncannily wide, wrinkly and sagging. It’s face seems stuck in a perpetual frown. It’s short and stumpy too, with unnaturally long arms which droop to its side.

    I raise my blade again as it’s head turns to the side in a snap as if it broke its neck. Actually I think it did, that’s really uncomfortable to look at.

    “So you’ve chosen to not help your friend?”

    The creature suddenly speaks, its deep voice taking on a kind of unearthly ring. It makes me nervous.

    “....We aren’t friends.”

    “Is that enough reason?”

    “Stop randomly moralizing! Why are you all the way over here?”

    “I am weak for my kind. I don’t want to die.”

    “There we go, you should get my motivation.”

    This thing is weirdly…. Non-Hostile. It’s just being annoying and talking to me. I need it to shut up.

    “Even so, there is not much either of us can do against the inevitable. The yokai here have no choice in the matter, our masters will still use us. I already know my own fate.”

    “So what are you even doing?”

    “I’m trying to avoid it anyways.”

    The creature slowly approaches. It’s movement is awkward as its short legs shuffle forward.

    “I want you to take this. It’s my best effort.”

    Carefully moving one of its long boneheaded fingers beneath its shaggy robes it pulls out a single purple stone. Carefully resting it in its palm it moves towards me.

    “What is that?”

    “It’s a gemstone. Let us fulfil a bond.”

    I stretch out my, and that small purple stone falls down onto my palm and I feel something suddenly pulsate within.

    “That thing on your back-“

    In a swift cut my blade comes down across its face. In a single motion it rips through the eye, nose and cheek leaving a long cut along its face.

    It stumbles back with an inhuman squeal, one its long arms swinging through the air quickly. As a yokai, that hand would surely shatter my ribs and it travels with a quick and powerful momentum to blow me away as well. Even so, it’s still slow enough that I can quickly step back out of the way.

    I raise my sword again to strike. It’s simple.

    In a single motion the blade falls heavily atop its head. It’s thick head is hard for me to penetrate, the sharp steel struggling to cut through all the flesh and bone it’s momentum stopping not even half way through its face.

    It’s good enough. With a tug I dislodge it and the yokai falls backward onto the pavement.

    I look down at the glistening stone in my palm. I stare at the creature's head which is leaking a dark, sickly looking liquid across the pavement. It’s joined the rest of its unimportant friends fore a quick nap. The problem back here has been taken care of.

    I can hear the explosive booms of a servant battle shaking the city behind me, and the final screams of yokai as that enforcer finally finishes some of them off.

    This seems as good an opportunity as any, let’s finish clearing the way.

    A large, rubble-filled path dotted with only a few buildings with barely enough foundation to stand marked the way to the Clocktower clearly. It’s insane to think about the oni who did this so casually.

    I’m more familiar with the spiritual types but looking out amongst the ruins, there might be a place or two a yokai could be hiding. Yui talked about how they liked certain hiding spaces to surprise people.

    Looking around, there’s a pile of stone from a collapsed building with some large crevices something could have snuck inside. There’s also the building holding itself up by a thread, something may have hidden itself within. It seems like it might be more efficient to pass through there but it seems likely something might want to hang out there.

    Still, we have to push onwards as fast as possible, it might be a good idea to take that path. For now I need to help Bazett and get us out of here. We need to leave. It doesn’t matter if there are some left over. Hopefully.

    The enforcer's movements pulverize flesh with an exceptional intensity, there’s not a wasted movement. She both evades and repels several attackers that surely possess unimaginable strength. I don’t know exactly what goes into those reinforced fists of hers but I think they literally hit like a truck.

    If she’s that good then she’s a good enough distraction for me to do something and pretend I was really helping out all along.

    A large, dark oni jumps back to move out of the way of the enforcers fist and with my own thrust forward I use their momentum against it and run my blade through its back. The oni yells out a deep roar as it’s damaged.

    “Bazett! Let’s go!”

    There’s resistance as it meets the bone of the spine but it travels through the rest of his flesh without much trouble, straight to the hilt. It forcefully smashes into my hand and sends me backwards.

    God! My wrist! I tried holding onto my weapon but I was flung away, not lasting a second.

    “I’m on it!”

    Approaching the situation with extreme efficiency the enforcer dashed forward. The oni swings sloppily only to have its hand knocked out of the way with a force that snapped its bone at the wrist.

    With one free hand she yanks the blade from out of its back and with the other hands pulls me off the ground and throws me over her shoulder.

    Great, I'm being carried around again. I’m a bit surprised she decided to take me with her at all there. I suppose I am a master, it would make sense if she’s after Akhenaten's power.

    “I’d watch out for the rubble up ahead by the building over there, I’m sure there’s something hiding there. I’d check the second floor too.”


    The situation is still dangerous but I can’t say I’m not having a little fun. It’s like a roller coaster but not that comfortable to ride.

    It’s less fun looking over my shoulder, the yokai that remain decided to pursue and I can’t exactly say they’re slow either. Its like that scene from Jurassic Park when they see the T-rex in the rearview mirror.

    I see a quick one dog like beast start to gain more ground, nipping at my feet.

    “Hurry up! Hurry up!”

    It’s starting to get a little bumpy as we cross the remains of a ruined building. Leaping off a large hunk of concrete we fly over a pile of rubble and a deep crevice in the road.

    As soon as her feet touches ground she crouches quickly, the momentum pushing my stomach into her shoulder far too hard. I feel a breeze move my hair around as a creature's leg flies past like a fighter jet overhead in a blur of movement.

    With a quick twisting of her leg the enforcer wastes no time to shift her direction and use her forward momentum to move to the side.

    I can see something slither out of the rubble behind us before my body is jerked to the side again. The oni creature smashes its fist straight through the pavement where Bazett once stood.

    She moves to the right, that momentum carrying over to a kick which smashes into flesh like a shotgun blast and flings away a second impish creature to the sound of several bones snapping.

    I can see the building up ahead, we are really close but I don’t see anything up there. Maybe we won’t-

    In an instant she dashed forward before leaping upwards in a jump that smashed concrete straight towards the second story.

    This is seriously hurting my back, I’m getting terrible whiplash!

    I see a small fox creature waiting over a hole in the floor only for it to suddenly disappear as Bazzet swoops in from the side and launches into the stratosphere before leaping out of the remains of a window. I guess it was waiting to ambush us but we got to surprise it instead.

    In the brief moment in the air I can see our destination in the distance. At least the museum isn’t smoking or something.

    I can hear the howls and cries of the yokai still in pursuit behind us. Just a little bit further now, we can do it. This enforcer seems unstoppable, we just have to keep moving.

    With a painful bump we smash down onto the street and launch forward like a rocket. Seriously flooring a car is slower than this, these takeoffs are terrible, the gforce immense.

    The only thing I can see behind us is that oni running on all fours like it had gone mad and some deformed spirit looking creature with a long neck. I think something is missing from this mess, where is the thing that crawled out of the rubble?

    There’s another blur of movement and I see my life flash before my eyes and pavement inches away from my face. An oni crashes into the pavement right in front of us. Bazett snaps into an upright position and the blur of the oni’s leg flies by my face, the force blasting away street debris in the aftershock.

    The spirit's head shoots past, mouth agape as if to bite us two. The enforcer doesn’t waste a moment to start running forward after it missed but the oni now in front of us steps in front to block the way. It swings its heavy fist missing by a hair's breadth.

    “They’re in the way! What are-“

    I’m flying……

    Wait a minute she fucking threw me! I hope she can catch me magically enough to not shatter every bone in my body! This is too fast!

    As my momentum slows and I reach the apex of my arc upwards my rage calms a little. I can see a fair bit of London over the numerous roof tops. There’s smoke rising across the city as far as I can see, the scent of fire heavy in the air. The destruction has spread so far in such a short amount of time. It’s kind of awe inspiring in a way.

    ….wait a minute just how high did she throw me that I can see this?

    That brief moment ends as I start to plummet back to the earth.

    “Wait wait wait wait wait!” I just scream and flail as I fall. I see the wreckage below, the spirit with its head torn clean off and the oni falling back with one of its arms missing.

    It steps forward to swing but with one arm gone it’s left a clear opening the enforcer doesn’t hesitate to take, her fists slamming wildly into its chest sending its heavy body to the floor with several deep dents in its torso.

    “Hey! Catch me already!”

    With a nod the woman simply leaps up and grasps me in arms before breaking her fall and touching down onto the road. It wasn’t a smooth landing but it’s better than breaking every bone in my body like I feared.



    “Never do that again.”

    “I apologize.”

    “....Can you put me down now?”

    Carefully she grips my sides and plops me down on my own two feet before dusting off something on my shoulder. Am I as light as a feather or something? How does she manhandle me so casually?

    “What did you do with my sword?”

    “It seems I forgot about that, it’s behind us.”

    Looking back over my shoulder I can see it clear as day sticking out of the neck of that one spirit creature. Grumbling to myself I stomp on over and yank it out of the things flesh.

    “There’s no reason to stand around, let's go.”

    Already in an efficient mode the enforcer starts moving towards the Clocktower. It’s just a little bit further. The museum looms over ahead and I’m unable to shake the dread of going in.



    It was unexpected but Bazett suddenly covered my eyes with her hand. It’s not a good feeling.

    We were welcomed on by the entrance having caved in, a massive hole of brick which appeared to have been vaporized in some massive blast.

    We made it two steps in before she covered my eyes.

    “Hey Bazett…. Is it……..Is it fairly bad?”

    “It’s hard to stomach.”

    “I see….”

    Well I’d say this time ignorance is bliss. I can’t imagine those students are handling whatever happened to them too well.

    Carefully stepping through uncomfortable wetness and hard lumps we move into another room. We spend minutes in careful silence fumbling around. Across the room and down some stairs I have to move with the enforcer completely blind. After an awkward five minutes her hand is finally removed from eyes.

    I’m not sure how to feel about walking around with her hand on my face, I could have just closed my eyes, what a forceful way of doing things. Part of me did want to look though, maybe it was for the better.

    Stepping away from the hallways we seem to have ended up in some kind of library. It’s eerily empty. A couple book shelves have been flipped along with broken chairs and tables. Blood stains in all sorts of odd places but there isn’t a body in sight.

    “Where are we even going from here? This place is empty.”

    “We’re heading to a research lab, I can only assume protecting those would be a priority to magi must be there.”

    “And if it’s overrun?”

    “We will go to the next closest one.”

    There’s a painful silence as we move by some collapsed bookshelves. It’s not a fairly big library but it’s filled with many nooks and crannies.

    We arrive at a small door hidden away in a corner. It seems our path to our destination is convoluted. I don’t come here often enough.

    Opening it slowly to avoid making even the smallest sound the door reveals a long hallway stretching into darkness.

    At the very least the coast seems clear for now.

    There’s a thought that’s been nagging me in the back of my mind. I suppose this enforcer still intimidates me but she’s protected me thus far. Perhaps it’s time to ask.

    “Do you know anything about whoever it is with the sealing designation?”

    She doesn’t say anything for a moment.

    “He’s an anomaly unlike any the Mages Association has seen, it seems like a miracle he was ever captured. I wasn’t there to see it so I’m unsure how it transpired.”

    “It seems they’re important enough that the would go this far to get them but I find it hard to imagine that’s the true reason.”

    “He appears to be one of the greatest magi of the modern age. Though he is sealed it seems they struggle to actually preserve him. I’ve never seen him in action but the enforcer which did finally capture him won’t speak about what happened. They just called him a God and that we were fools. That we could not handle them.”

    Yeah, that’s terrible. On track for everything that’s going on. He’s just a modern human though right, he can’t be that bad. I’m sure I can just avoid him somehow.

    “Do you believe it? That he’s that strong.”

    “Not particularly, the world is filled with monsters. Being an enforcer is impressive in a sense but even against that oni from earlier I have enough experience to know I wouldn’t last long. He’s surely just another powerful magi with a useful talent.”

    The enforcer continues to boldly walk ahead, just a foot in front of me. This hallway is far too tight to comfortably walk side by side. The light is too dim to walk confidently, my feet hidden in shadow, so I rely on her to control the pace.

    I can hear the dripping of water echoing through the damp air. It’s oddly peaceful, the water falling in a steady rhythm up ahead.

    “I suppose the world is still a scary place. The balance of power isn’t in our favor.”

    “Nothing has changed then.”

    “Hey, I -“

    Without warning Bazzet blocks me from moving forward.

    “Something has been here.”

    The light was still dim but I suppose I do see something up ahead. A lump on the floor and a glimmer. The movement of something small.

    Oh it’s just the leak, dripping steadily onto the floor.

    “I’m going to open the door carefully, just keep looking ahead and be ready. Anything could be beyond it.”

    As we take a few steps forward the object in the darkness becomes clearer.

    …..It’s…..a person.

    A corpse, grotesque in its disfigurement, lays slumped, bleeding rivers steadily through the cracks in the pavement. It seemed like a student but they were fundamentally unrecognizable. Their face torn cruelly from their body, their minds spilling out on their torsos.

    The dripping continues as they look down on me with a twisted expression. It’s something not worth thinking about.

    There’s a small creak as the enforcer opens the door ever so slightly. Painfully slow the thick oak finally opens wide enough that we can squeeze through.

    Using the enforcer as a shield, standing close to her back we shuffle into the room leaving the body behind.

    Great, it's another poorly lit room. It’s a fairly large one as well, multiple stories and hallways and other fancy bits of décor. I’m not sure what it’s for, it’s like a grand hall or something.

    It’s size probably makes a good hiding place for any terrible creature waiting for our approach. Hopefully we shouldn’t be here too long.

    “Our destination is just down that hall, then we just need to take a left. It’s probably protected. I'll get us in.”

    There’s a click as the door behind us suddenly shuts.


    “I see you made it past that boring brute somehow. Aha! What a mistake. Oh, how I will curse you while you’re here.”

    A pair of golden eyes look down ominously from above. It’s hard to make out the voices features in the darkness, but there’s something powerful and ominous about them.

    “Hmmmm, is one of you already cursed? I sense something odd…… I suppose it doesn’t matter~.”

    With an amused smile the creature jumps from the railing and lands in front of us without so much as a sound.

    “Now where did you say you were going? I was just thinking more humans were nearby.”

    She said one of us was cursed? She didn’t seem sure about it. There’s too many other things it might be, I shouldn’t worry about it.

    Bazett is the first to make a move. Quickly jumping several meters backwards. Her arm is raised upright, the steel ball I saw earlier floating in the air.

    Then she suddenly stopped. She just stood there, her face contorting before anything could happen.

    “Hey! What’s wrong?!”

    I start hesitantly moving towards Bazett.

    If the enforcer can’t attack then what can I do? What is she doing? Hurry up!

    “If you aren’t going to attack first I’ll guess I’ll just have to go instead.”

    There’s a terrible increase of magical energy in the air. It floods every cell of my being, a terrible weight which fills the entire room, the spell building up like the sun in the fox's hands.

    Ah, this is terrible. I can’t move.

    The beginning of the attack suddenly shakes Bazett awake.

    “Get out of the way!”

    “Prepare to die~ Higanbana Sesshouseki!”

    There’s a blinding light which vaporizes everything in its path, turning the great hall into rubble in an instant.

    I feel something collide with me as the sheer force of the oncoming attack causes everything from the floor to the ceiling crumble.


    Status Update
    Health: 350/400 → 200/400 (Injured)

    Fuck my head hurts. My body all around aches actually. This has happened too many times today.

    The dust finishes settling around me, rising up slightly as various bits of debris tumble off of my body. I need to dust myself off but I’m…..

    The world is already spinning. This is gonna be hard.

    “Are you alright?”

    “I’m fine, I’m just….”

    I can hear a rock shift and crash down onto the stone floor. Twisting myself around I see a figure standing close behind me.

    “Wait! I should be asking you that!

    Shifting a piece of some pillar off her back the enforcer finally stands up right from a slouching position. She was dusty and her suit was torn somewhat but she was at least alive.

    “I’m alright.”

    “Why would you do that?”

    “I just prevented some of the rubble from crushing us. It seemed like the right thing to do.”

    Right. She’s an enforcer, for all I know she just punched the rocks away. There’s no reason to be worried, I shouldn’t have bothered. I really don’t get this woman.

    “It appears we are stuck down here for the time being. I’m not sure where exactly we ended up but we’ll search for a way out.”

    With a tired sigh I sit down on a stone. One half of the hallway is caved in and the other stretches off into the darkness. All this rubble spread across the floor, flooding the hall is gonna be annoying to clear up. I feel bad for the magi here.

    I can’t help but feel this is another miracle or something. How did we survive? That fox could still be around too.

    I don’t know. Let’s just figure out what to do next.

    Wise Up
    Mysterious Oni:
    Strength: C
    Endurance: A
    Agility: D
    Mana: E
    Luck: E

    Three Tailed Fox:
    Strength: C
    Endurance: E
    Agility: B
    Mana: A
    Luck: D

    Strength: D
    Endurance: D
    Agility: A
    Mana: A
    Luck: B

    A new line of fate manifests: Well, we made it. Sort of. Now we're lost underground and that fox is probably still right above us. Best start looking for a way out.

    A. Ask why she decided to protect me and instead of carry on with the mission

    B. Ask about Injuries

    C. Ask for info on the seal designation

    D. Explain more of your situation to her

    1. Let's head straight down the hall.

    2. Try to remove the rubble.

    3. Look into the side rooms

    4. "Yeah, I'll help look for a way out." By looting the place.

    7.Visit Roko
    8.Write in

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    11. A Lowly Position
    Location: London Streets
    Time: Afternoon


    “So? What are you doing here fatass?”

    “What?! How did you find me already?!”

    Shocked by the sudden voice behind him, Lucas suddenly stands straighter than he ever has before, that extra bend to his spine seemingly fixing itself in an instant. Frozen like stone he stood rigid, not daring to look behind him.

    With a tired expression and an exasperated sigh Abigail just looks at the man's back, her hands resting casually on a ruined stone wall.

    The two stood in the center of what might have been someone's living room approximately five minutes ago before an oni was tossed through it, just waiting in extensive silence. Every so often the earth would shake as the servants continued their goal of leveling London at a world record pace.

    “You were so eager. Did you lose your spine and decide to back out?”

    “I’m not backing out, I'm just being strategic. Like strategically not getting eaten by monsters. And strategically getting the boat ready.”

    “Mmmhmmmm. Without saying anything.”

    “...I wasn’t gonna ditch anyone. I’m sure it would have been a nice surprise to see me alive too.”

    Lucas just shrugs his shoulders, and rubs his hands together nervously.

    “As my father would always say to me, You ain’t slick chief. I was better at this stuff when I was five. I’m sure you would have welcomed us back but you were prioritizing getting out of town before anything else. What’s the matter buddy boy, that demon dude scare the nerves out of you?”

    “Wha- No, not a chance. You’re talkin out your ass my friend. I'm an upstanding guy you must understand.”

    “You literally betrayed an entire government the first chance you got.”

    “Oh give me a break, it was just Brazil.”

    Lucas gives Abigail a dismissive wave before shoving his hands in his pockets. After dealing with so many affluent businessmen and their kin, the facade of practiced disarming smiles they always hung on their faces was something she always saw through easily. Like other magi there was always a hint of inhumanity behind them she disliked. She couldn’t help but be a little overly confrontational in the face of that.

    Makoto always seemed to have a natural talent for seeing through it as well, she thought. It was not a capability of hers she often made use of sadly. It seemed like a waste. Lucas seemed especially dangerous considering she might willfully ignore that part with a big enough price tag behind it.

    “You’re afraid of getting killed but you were confident enough to just wander off alone in a monster infested city. You’re a magus right? I’m sure you got a spell or two you make use of.”

    “Indeed, I am certainly talented in my craft. Though information is never free, I won’t tell without a little somethin somethin. Company policy.”

    “I see, I see. Alright I’ll pay.”

    Abigail casually reaches down into her back pocket.

    “You know I was fiddling with my stocks the other day, and the price of lead has gone up a fair bit. You want some?”

    The old man's eyes widen as the girl's gun rests itself on the ruined wall. He takes a step back, shifting uncomfortably.

    “....Actually the lead prices went down….. Though they might be up now…….I should check my stocks…..”

    With an unamused expression Abigail tried to bore a hole through the man with her eyes in order to conserve ammunition.

    “Alright, alright. I get it. Jeez, just calm down my friend. My magecraft is all about actualizing the symbolic and mythological properties of gold as a divine, eternal ideal. If a yokai found me I would have just thrown some at it and let the anti-corruption properties take care of the rest.”

    “Wow. Even as a magus you literally just throw money at your problems.”

    “Hey kid, if it works it works.”

    Giving her another sleazy smile he reaches down into his pocket, revealing a small, shining gold nugget.

    “Maybe you were right to leave, that sounds like shit. That’s ironically worthless.”

    “Hey! I’m a master of modern magecraft, all the fancy tech has got gold in it these days, ya hear me.”

    “I do, thanks.”

    Frozen one again in an exaggerated pose, hand stuck in its senseless gesturing, as if about to say something, Lucas realizes the extent of his mistake.

    Abigail can only imagine the series of miracles it must have taken for this man to make this far.

    “You’re a magus right, lady? What’s in your bag of tricks?”

    “Oh, me? I’m not a magus.”

    “Huh? Do you mean you’re like a spell-“

    “Nah. Got no circuits. I ain’t doing no magic shit.”

    Abigail raises her hands and moves her fingers as if it would show something to him somehow. With an amused smile she slides her gun back into her pocket.

    “Nothing? Nothing at all?”

    “I can take my thumb off, wanna watch.”

    “What are you even doing at the Clocktower then?”

    “That’s a state secret, you must understand.”

    With a click the man crosses his arms with a grumble and turns around.

    “Well I suppose you can come with to the boat. Make sure it’s all ok.”

    “I’ll be sure not to break the boat either.”

    “I’m afraid as to how you would do that.”

    Approaching him with an amused smile she gives him a hard pat on the back.

    “Don’t worry about it at all buddy, I can keep myself under control.”


    Abigail looked up at the wall which stood before them, a monument to Lucas’s poor planning.

    A single line of brick blocked the two of them from following the path Lucas had set out. Abigail wasn’t sure where or when he got his little plan but he appeared to have overlooked the large wall in the middle of this alleyway.

    It wouldn’t be too hard to just go around but who knows what they could run into during that detour. Abigail felt she wasn’t that great at directions either and Lucas was clearly missing half of his brain so she would prefer to come up with a clever solution instead.

    “Hmmmm, this is certainly a problem. I really don’t want to go back around.”

    The alleyway they had wandered into was stuffed with various pieces of trash of all sorts. The walls were grimey and wet and the rubbish covering the place ranged from used cigarettes and broken class to large empty crates.

    Looking over the junk in the alley she wondered if perhaps they could be stacked. She kicked a cardboard box and it casually crumbled beneath her foot.

    “Don’t worry, I have the perfect spell for the occasion.”

    Lucas reaches deep into his coat, before confidently pulling out a strange looking object and holding it aloft.

    “Lucas, that's a pipe bomb.”



    Abigail stares at it for a minute.

    “Is it at least magic?”

    “I get asked that all the time. Alchemy, chemistry, potato, patado. It’s basically the same thing.”

    Abigail didn’t really know where Alchemy ended and chemistry began, but at the very least in the moonlit world of theirs, there was definitely a difference.

    “Lucas this is a terrible idea, it’s gonna be loud, attention grabbing and most importantly, dangerous. Do you even know how to use the thing.”

    “I got a general idea.”

    “Wow, really getting my hopes up.”

    “Ya got any better ideas? Geez, I don’t pay you for this kind of annoying back talk.”

    “You don’t pay me at all.”

    “Force of habit.”

    Abigail scratched the back of her head as she looked up at the wall. She was already asking herself why she was here and if going along with this was even worth it.

    As the two bickered and fought, the sound of footsteps in casual gait approached behind them.

    “Greetings my friends. It seems the two of you have been caught in a bit of a tiff. I understand these may be hard times but perhaps I can be of some assistance.”

    The two arguing come to a sudden halt as they slowly turn to look at the gentleman standing behind them.

    “Who the hell are you?”

    “The name is Adam. Adam Wonder. It’s good to meet you madam, how are you? What’s your name?”


    With a pleasant smile the man stuck out his hand. Abigail who has basically made it her personal policy to shake everyone’s hand firmly in an introduction instinctually accepts, swept along by his energy.

    “It is lovely to meet you Abigail!”

    Lucas suddenly barges in and grips the man's hand himself when the shake ends.

    “And I am one Lucas Barros, it is a pleasure to meet you.”

    “It is excellent to meet you sir! I must say, I am a good read of character and you seem like an excellent specimen. I know your type well. You are looking very much like an alpha male today! A real big shot if I’ve ever seen one.I got just the thing for you.”

    The man smoothly slides into the group, placing his arm along Lucas’s back in a performative, friendly manner.

    “I don’t know what that means but it sounds like a compliment, I’m sold. What’s this thing you have?”

    Abigail is already starting to feel a headache come on. Both of these men are unimaginably irritating.

    “Tell me, are you perhaps feeling like you’re stuck in place, like there’s a hurdle out there you just can’t get over? Well lady and gentleman, do I have a new spectacular product for you.”

    The man suddenly reaches into coat and pulls out a thick rope.

    “For the low price of twenty five ninety nine, this wonderful magic rope is all yours.”

    “25 pounds! For a rope, I’d rather get mauled, are you out of your mind!”

    At the sheer thought of paying for something Lucas seemingly recoils in horror at the outrageous price.

    “Lucas you’re a billionaire you’ve probably made your money back before he even finished selling it to you…. But did you say magic?”

    “That’s right young lady, it’s magic through and through. It attaches to any surface and as a bonus, protects you from spirits. Sound up your alley?”

    The man steps back and stares at the group expectantly, presenting the rope as if it was an extravagant item. Abigail looks at the rope, carefully thinking it over before leaning over to Lucas.

    “Is it really magic?”

    “I do sense some magical energy from the man.”

    “Hmmm, do you think-“

    “Sounds great, I'll take it off your hands.”

    With an excited expression Lucas suddenly shoved a bill into the man's hand as he shook it before ripping the rope away from him. Abigail wondered what this little adventure would be like if he was this quick on the draw all the time.

    “Wonderful, wonderful. It was a pleasure doing business with you fine folk, now I will be off.”

    “Aren’t you concerned about the, you know.”

    “A little civil unrest is nothing to worry about.”

    With a wave, as quickly as he came he disappeared, practically running away. In the end the two were left staring down at rope which hung limply in Lucas's hand.

    “I suppose we should try it out.”

    Unsure how he should really be using it Lucas just haphazardly tosses it at the top of the wall. It sticks to the top for a moment before sliding off and falling to the floor. There’s an awkward moment of silence as the two of them looked at the rope crumpled on the floor.

    In the end they went with Abigail's idea of climbing up on a barrel and using each other to climb over.



    Two figures hurriedly marched down a damp tunnel. The air was heavy, an ever present veil which filled the space. It had no physical presence but it exudes a pressure as if one was traveling underwater.

    They are 40 kilometers beneath the earth. Spirit Tomb Albion. It was a terrible place, unnatural and uncanny in every way, a mirage which called mankind to horrific fates. The common sense of man was faded here, an ever shifting gradient down to Avalon where the idiosyncrasies between the two can only produce the strange and disturbed.

    Even as enforcers it was the sort of place where death remains a single wrong step away. In that sense it was a world which tended to blur the lines between the world or living and the afterlife paradise below the rock and stone. That’s why Chloe hated coming here most of all. It was like knocking on death's front door.

    It made sense she was jittery, frightful in a way unexpected for an enforcer of her caliber. Even so, if you asked, this horrific unease was overshadowed by the thing crawling it’s way up to the surface from the depths.

    “Calm down Chole. You captured the man on your own, there shouldn’t be a problem. This sudden anxiety is illogical.”

    The enforcer Leo coldly addresses the woman walking to his side. His voice was deep and serious, someone who many imagined would act the part of a professional to the exact moment of death and into the next life over. He didn’t seem like a man who was afraid of anything. Chole felt that was an extreme mistake this time around.

    “You don’t understand, you…. you weren’t there at all. You don’t know what he’s like.”

    “The reports were vague. Why not tell us what happened for once.”


    The woman mumbled incoherently. She couldn’t say it. It was hard enough to even recall what she saw, what she had felt.

    “Hurry up. We could find them any minute now.”

    “.....They…...I only got to capture them by chance…. They essentially resigned.”

    “It was simply a fluke then.”

    “Well, I hate to remember but….. My magecraft…… It worked on him.”

    The man sighs.

    “Isn’t that what you want to happen? I do not understand.”

    “Well you see…..”

    Chole suddenly stops in her tracks.

    “Tell me, what is it?”


    Her heart began to beat wildly. She could feel it in the darkness. Her soul resonated with it, that unmistakable, overwhelming miasma. He couldn’t be seen but his aura preceded him, a clear picture of that uncanny nightmare.

    After the initial encounter Chole had simply called him a God. Even as enforcers hauled him without resistance, she was inconsolable. It was a mere five minutes, but she now knew she was truly scarred forever.

    That man. That thing was long beyond humanity. She wished she could look away, just forget.

    “NO! Stay away from me!”

    Unable to stay calm the girl fell back, frantically crawling towards the wall.

    “Chole! Are they here? What did you see?”

    Still unable to detect anything himself, Leo quickly readies himself into a defensive combat stance. Two daggers in hand he holds them before his torso in a defensive position. With a careful eye he searches throughout the dark hall, waiting quietly for one of his senses to pick up anything at all.

    “Fufu, to think that we would be detected already. What keen senses that girl has. I want to see them closer.”

    “We don’t have time for you to play with everything you see. Let’s just be on our way.”

    The first to remove herself from the shadows was a strange girl. She was clearly inhuman, a creature with demonic horns and claws. It was another one of their yokai that had devoured the students and faculty.

    The man who stood by her side though was an enigma to him. Scraggly and disheveled, wearing a dirty white tshirt, old jacket and ruined sweatpants, he stood out as perhaps the most unusual in these unnatural halls. He didn’t fit the perception he had of the kind of magi which received sealing destinations.

    He seems too carefree and casual. Leo couldn’t imagine this being the same man which terrified Chloe, a trained and talented enforcer of all things.

    Still, he knew his duty. These were highly powerful individuals, that much was sickly obvious. If they made it back to the surface, who knew what kind of calamity they might bring upon London. Even if he was outmatched he would hold them off all long as possible. That was the duty he accepted when he agreed to come down here.

    “I will not let you two pass! You shall not return to the surface as long as I stand here!”

    He would have to open with his strongest abilities first. He was a master of certain powerful conceptual weapons. He could cut them off here with their power if he used them at full force.

    It was certainly destructive, to others and himself but with the tight spaces of the tomb and the decayed nature of the world of man this far down, he might be able to pull something off. He only needs to bait them into the correct position.

    The enforcer mind raced as he plotted the most ideal positions. There were only so many places everyone could move in this space. He saw a path forward, he had a feeling he could do it.

    “Stay back Chlo-“

    “I don’t have time for this.”

    The disheveled man steps up to the enforcer and raises his hand up, palm outstretched towards him.

    In a single, overwhelming burst of light the man and the numerous walls and rooms behind him were promptly incinerated. Not a single hair was left behind, just an intense heat and rising steam persisted as the only thing which remained of the enforcer and the many stone walls.

    “Aw, that was no fun, now was it.”

    “I have no reason to fuel your constant sadism.”

    “That’s just because you’re a boring, empty man. Not a problem though, there’s still the second one.”

    A shadow now loomed over the girl who was curled tightly in a ball. The demon could only chuckle in cruel amusement, its wicked smile a vile deformation of a human grin.

    “Hold on a moment.”

    The man steps forward and looks down at the girl. While the demon could not stir a reaction the man's presence twisted her heart in greater terror.

    “Oh, do you have something to do with her? I’m very curious.”

    “She was the one who captured me before. In all my years I had never experienced anything like it. It was disturbing in an odd way. Still I think her abilities will prove useful.”

    “How amusing. What exactly does this woman do?”


    Location: Clocktower
    Time: Afternoon
    Overall Status: Decent

    Character Status
    Health: 200/400 (Injured)
    Stamina: 400/400 (Excellent)
    Mana: 200/400 (Decent)
    Mental Health: (Stressed)


    The two of us set off down a long dark path. There was one road straight ahead, a single endless corridor. The Clocktower was a mysterious and ancient place, who knows when someone was last here. This odd nature gave this fortress of magic a constant gloomy chill. An emptiness which invaded even my heart.

    The lighting continued to shine from candles with a soft dimness which painted dark shadows across the wall. Even that is not enough to say for certain people have been here in recent years. For now it was just me and an enforcer, our deep black silhouettes following along close behind.

    There isn’t an end in sight. The hallway just stretches on for an eternity, repetitively we walk by door after door. Minutes pass but the hall carries on as if we made no progress at all. It doesn't really make any sense. It’s almost suspicious. If Bazzet isn’t going to say anything though then I haven’t a qualm. I’ll just follow behind her.

    My side is really beginning to ache from all the walking today or something. It’s certainly sore. The more I calm down the worse it feels. I need something to take my mind off it.

    “You know, I’ve been meaning to ask….. Why didn’t you use your metal ball doohickey thingy.”

    “Ah... I suppose that would make sense to explain. I still have to get used to expanding on these things.”

    The enforcer suddenly perked up as if she had remembered something important. I think that’s the most emotion I’ve seen all day. Maybe she hit her head.

    “I was going to use it but…. I felt a horrible ache in my heart. It was a terrible premonition. It felt like if I went through with it I’d die on the spot.”

    “You mean like the fox thing was gonna kill you? She did say she was gonna curse us.”

    The enforcer just shakes her head.

    “You would have found out anyway, so I suppose I’ll explain. The thing in my bag, it’s a weapon from the Age of Gods. Fragarach. An ultimate counter to enemy trump cards. I felt I could use it to get us out of the situation, but it seems something is going to kill me if I do.”

    I don’t understand how that works, I don’t know how that weapon exists but it doesn’t matter. My stomach plummets 80 kilometers straight down. My heart is beating louder and louder in my chest, pounding away and endless toil to carve into itself a terrible misery.

    I’m surely at fault. I’m at fault aren’t I? It’s true, it’s definitely true. It always goes this way, why expect anything else, future sight or not. I feel sick.

    I can feel a terrible pain in my side.

    It’s Roko isn’t it. I should have said something beforehand. It’s a pointless secret to keep. Who cares if she’s a stranger, I can’t have her dying on me! Being left alone down here is basically a death sentence.

    “You’re not looking alright. Are you hurting somewhere?” The enforcer speaks with a hesitant voice, having at some point turned to face me.

    “I’m just-“

    Another sharp jab, like a hot needle strikes my side as the enforcer casually pokes her finger into my ribs.

    “Argh! Fuck!”

    “Alright, sit down for a moment.”

    With a forceful hand the enforcer has me slowly sit down on the ground.

    “AH! Shit!”

    God this sucks. Damn my frail body. This pain in my side hurts like hell now.

    Carefully the enforcer lifts my dusty shirt and jacket, looking closely at my side.

    “Hmmm. It’s certainly bruised. Perhaps it started hurting more when the adrenaline began to wear off. Seems it was too hopeful of me to expect we might make it down unscaved after all that.”

    The enforcer begins staring harder at the wound as if her vision might suddenly fix it. To be honest, as a mage that could work for all I know. Instead I just have to rest against this rough, decayed wall awkwardly.

    This isn’t the time for my injuries. I have to get this thought out of my mind.

    “Bazett. I think I know what's targeting you. It has their gaze on everyone with abilities like yours.”

    The enforcer looks like she was about to say something more about injury, but her mouth remains shut.

    “What is it?”

    It takes a lot to swallow my nerves, you don’t have to keep staring.

    Still, I decided to put my pain aside for a moment. I tell her all about my experience in Death. The first to properly know.

    It’s a surprisingly short story. Two weeks of solitary confinement is easy to cut out after all. It would be too embarrassing to explain how I spent all that time after all.

    “I see. That’s certainly troubling.”

    Having heard me out she immediately goes back to looking at whatever bruise I have.

    “I’m afraid I don’t know much in the way of medically useful magecraft. I’m supposed to be someone who makes use of the practical stuff other magi won’t use. I should have focused more on this. I’m sorry I’m fairly useless here.”

    “What nonsense. I haven’t done anything at all and you still protected me to the end. Even now you’re trying to do something for me. It’s absurd in its own way….. And wait a minute, that’s all you had to say?”

    “Doing this was a choice I decided to make. It’s truly nothing to worry about. We can worry about that situation in a minute.”

    The enforcer chuckles lightly at my praise of her.
    It was the first laugh I think I’ve heard from such a serious enforcer. It is strange. Maybe she did hit her head.

    “To be honest, this was all a sort of a gamble in the end. I wasn’t sure we wouldn’t just be buried on the way down. We only made it out safely by chance. Fate might still be on our side.”

    “You’re telling me you didn’t just punch all the rubble out of the way?”

    “I wish I was that cool.”

    The enforcer chuckles lightly again. The cold expression of her has relaxed, if only somewhat.

    “It’s not much, but I’ll try using one of my reinforcement runes on your side. It’s not exactly going to fix the problem, but it might make it easier to deal with.”

    Digging around for something in her pocket she removes an object from it and moves closer to the wound. I can’t really see what it is.

    Something cold suddenly touches the sore spot.

    “AGH! Dammit!”

    It hurts like hell. The Enforcer just carries on. I think she’s making a mark there of some kind.

    “You know, If you’re correct about the situation, based on what we have seen, I’ll be killed by this deity only if I take action to interfere with this grail war. The fox from earlier then would count as a natural participant then. If so, there’s something very important we can infer from this information.”

    “There is?”

    “Loreli and the Brigrade. This would explain how they were taken out. I believe they would appear as a sufficient threat level. It makes sense they would be targeted. Based on our experience though, they would have had to use a sufficiently powerful ability, implying they had gone against a notable threat. Most importantly, this all happened right before the Clocktower was compromised.”

    I see what she’s getting at here. Roko doesn’t target Bazett just because she has Fragarach, what matters is that she actually uses it. That means they all had to have been doing something which could sufficiently interfere.

    “Something was going on before the infestation happened is what you’re saying. But what? Is it whatever facilitated the spread perhaps?”

    “I don't know, it seems important to look into. It could have been the mafia, it could have been this mysterious servant themselves, or it could be someone we don’t know yet. We are still too ignorant of the situation.”

    Still ignorant. How do you even do an investigation into something like this? It seems we’ve reached another dead end. The enforcer, seemingly interested in keeping the conversation going while she works changes the subject.

    “Do you mind if I ask why you’re here? The Clocktower can be fairly discriminatory, magi from the East aren’t common because of it.”

    I certainly wouldn’t have expected her to take an interest in me beyond an interrogation.

    “It’s fine. I wasn’t really planning on coming here but, uh, I guess I had no choice.”

    Leaving home was no fun. It was a difficult transition. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing anything if I didn’t meet Abigail. It was just a random chance I stumbled upon her agency.

    I was supposed to do an exorcism on my patrons behalf so he could see what it was like. Abigail however was also investigating at the time. She proved it to be a fake spirit, just a regular delusion.

    I suppose even magi can sometimes be fooled by these things.

    “There’s a lecturer here, George Byland, who took an interest in our family history. Agreed to assist us in some financial struggles if one of us taught him some Onmyōdō basics……. They decided to send me…….. I’m not that useful at home, I was the best choice in the end.”

    “I believe I’ve met them once. They sounded like someone who might do that. Some colleagues felt his free spirit brought something new to the stuffy general everyday lecturers, but he’s ultimately the same kind of existence as the rest regardless of how he paints himself. ”

    “I’m sure I’m not the first considering that. Ever since I’ve met them they’ve been constantly taken by random flights of fancy. He doesn’t think much of anything about me these days though. I haven’t seen him in a month now.”

    “They are just another part of the culture of the Clocktower it seems. Condescension is a fairly common expression. The aristocracy don’t think very highly of me either.”

    “I don’t know how they could think lowly of you. You’re strong, awe inspiring when in action. That’s got to be pretty annoying right?”

    “I can no longer say that it didn't hurt me, but I’ve been able to get over it. It’s not worth the effort to worry about it right now.”

    “I’m sure. Politics is a strange thing and all. So there’s only so much time to care….”

    I still hate that man.

    That man didn’t think a thing about our family's life work. This power of exorcism, this blade of mine, it was something important left to me…. Something beyond valuable. In the end it was meaningless.

    Something priceless is inevitably worthless, there’s nothing you can hope to do with it. It makes sense it was an empty thing to all others. Even so,it’s something I have to treasure with all my heart. He has no association, he has no reason to care. I know that. Yet that man treated it like a passing amusement, and brought me here to entertain him with parlor tricks.

    A despicable wretch, unworthy of all things.

    Maybe I’m lucky and he was infested. Yokai are often tools of moral lessons. I suppose that’s often the meaning of all myths. If that’s in their nature then perhaps some curse will be placed upon his soul.

    “He’s probably gotten bored by now and that’s why I don’t see him much. I wonder if he’s used this information for anything.”

    “Unless he has an idea to incorporate a concept or technique into his own craft, I doubt he would waste magical energy on something that’s not a part of his own foundation.”

    “I see, so it was probably just fun trivia for him.”

    I think he practices a western alchemy of some kind. He never would tell me his secrets, always firmly refusing. The room he took me too often smelled of chemicals. Regardless of how many flowers he stuffed the walls with, it was a smell that could never be snuffed out. He couldn’t keep it a secret forever. I can always just read the titles of the books he kept amongst the overgrowth of his office and do research in my own time. Magi thinks they're so slick, but so often do they just bleed information when they let their guard down.

    I have no knowledge as far as I know that might have assisted that profession of his. I always wondered if perhaps it was because he worked with spirits in some ways. Now I wonder if it was just the curse of unfavorable probability.

    Feeling a light tickle to my side I can see Bazett is still working on her little rune. I suppose she’s kept me sufficiently distracted with this endless nonsense. I still don’t understand.

    “I’m not really familiar with all the strange things the Clocktower does. Why would they think so lowly of an Enforcer? My family always appreciated power and efficiency. I guess it’s just outside of my common sense.”

    “In the end it’s just a job people look down upon because it’s ultimately dirty work. Though who knows all the reasons and justification they might conjure up. I’m only in this role because I just wasn’t deemed very useful as a regular mage. In that sense I’m something of a failure.”

    “You’re clearly a powerful mage though? That’s successful. I can’t say I’m the best judge but in terms of base talent you’re better than any of my sisters.... I guess you don’t have a frame of reference for that. Still, I don’t know why they wouldn’t see you as useful.”

    I’m more of the useless one. Being strong like Bazzet has always been a goal of mine. An unreachable dream. I have to respect it. I mean watching her was like a real life action hero. I can’t so easily swallow the idea proposed here. Just what kind of shitty place is the Clocktower? Even after a year it still surprises me.

    “It's just the nature of their goals compared to what your family does. Unlike you I actually came to the Clocktower of my own wishes, I wasn’t planning on being an enforcer back then. Even so I couldn’t make it as a regular mage. Regardless of how powerful I am, I’m not quite cut out for chasing the Root and all that it entails. I had no value outside of being an antique. In the end, I just wanted to be recognized, so I still stuck with the Clocktower. I used my abilities for a practical purpose most magi hate and ended up here.”

    “What nonsense. That’s an absurd attitude to have. You’re plenty useful.”

    “Maybe a little. In the end I pursued something practical but never honed a talent that could do something as minor as properly fix this wound.”

    “Your power is great! I mean it was like watching a real hero. I’m sure I would have died a second time today without that strength of yours. I mean even to the end, you allowed us to make it through the foxes attack alive.”

    Once again the enforcer chuckles. It's a surprisingly bright thing from someone whose appearance is so often cold. I still don’t understand.

    “Very amusing, you exaggerate me greatly. Killing a few monsters is nothing. The tumble down here was purely chance as well. Are you sure you are seeing things right? I'm not that special.”

    The enforcer speaks lightly with an amused tone. I suppose after all that’s happened today, I can’t speak with certainty that I truly understand everything I witnessed today. It’s a good reminder to not to trust everything I come across while I still don’t understand what Roko is able to do.

    This stone floor is beginning to feel more uncomfortable on my side.

    “I still must thank you regardless. I’m still not sure how you’ve been able to so easily get over it despite still working here, but I think you should be more proud about that strength of yours.”

    It’s something truly worthwhile after all.

    “It’s really not worth that much. I will admit however, I’m not sure when or how I really got over all this. I think it happened when I was about your age. It feels like it happened a million years ago. I still struggle to recall what it even was that changed me…. I’ve been trying to remember for a long time now.”

    “How old are you even?”

    “I’m almost 40 now. Not that long to go.”

    “Wow….. You still look fairly young.”

    “I hope I’m not considered that old yet. My work keeps me in shape, so maybe that makes me seem a little younger.”

    I suppose I’ve never been one to focus on the small details. The day has been too busy anyhow. Paying better attention to her face for once, the decay of time is certainly there.

    “Why have you stuck with the Clocktower for so long? That’s a significant amount of time to spend in such a seemingly terrible place.”

    “It’s complicated. Not an easy position to just leave either.”

    “Of course it is.”

    “I can’t say I’ve never thought about it. Maybe if I could remember what’s been digging at me in the back of my mind recently I could give a better answer. Plus, it’s not all bad at least. There are plenty of fine folk around. It's nice to do things for them at least. I’ve had a strong sense of justice since I started this line of work, and I would like to think I could do something right with this position while I’m here. Part of me wonders if today is the day.”

    The enforcer lets out a sigh, stopping her work on the rune for a moment. Idly she fiddles with an earring.

    “I suppose it isn’t always nice, I’m still just a hound of the Mage's Association. I dream that maybe if I remember what is strangling my heart I’ll have the will to find my own path properly for once. Maybe what I have forgotten is just an excuse. I’m still weak. Or maybe it was just my Destiny to wind up here.”

    “I suppose it’s there that we are kindred spirits. I just don’t have anywhere to go either if I left. Fate isn’t very kind when it comes to these things. It seems it was my destiny to end up here as well. As weak as ever.”

    “I suppose it’s been quite troublesome for us both then.”

    “At least I got a servant out of it. Could have been worse.”

    “That’s certainly true, I wouldn’t mind one myself. I remember often reading all about the legends of Cu Chulainn as a child. I think I would like to summon them if given the chance.”

    Cu Chulainn, a great Irish hero. I had heard the name and small details about the tale here and there during my time in London. Still, it’s a fairly foriegn legend to me.

    “I’m not sure who I would have picked if I could. I think maybe I would have gone for something more strategic. I figured you would have had the same sort of thought as an enforcer.”

    “In the end it’s just a tale that means a lot to me, strategy only means so much compared to that. As inspiring or immersive as it may be, it’s in the end a tragedy of fate. I often wished I could somehow prevent that inevitable fate of his. When you talked about these servants, great figures of the past, part of me started to wonder if I could find a way now.”

    The more I think it over the more I find my gut feeling concerning. I can’t say I don’t relate to the feeling. There was one legend which always filled my heart with a sense of melancholy. I always wondered why things had to end that way. A tragic figure to the end.

    Yamato Takeru…….

    Never meet your heroes I suppose.

    Suddenly Bazett pats my side as she ties something down with a torn piece of cloth. Not sure where she tore it from.

    “I’m afraid I’ve never done something quite like this before, so it took a bit. Should at least help a little. I didn’t heal the wound but I used a rune to reinforce your side which should give you enough strength to walk properly. Your side will also be abnormally durable for the time being, so you’ll be able handle more than just the strain.”

    I’m surprised we are done already.

    Steadily gripping the old grimey cracks of the stone wall and floor I carefully pull myself upwards. It certainly still aches but not as much as it did before. It feels strange really. As if I finally became a cyborg or something. My side feels unnaturally sturdy. I suppose it does take some of the stress off. Makes me feel a little off balance though.

    “It seems it works well enough. Thanks.”

    “No problem. I’m afraid I will have to ask you to walk quickly however. We can’t waste any more time.”

    With a quickened pace we decided to move straight down the hall at a fast pace. I was expecting things to hurt more. I suppose it is withstandable for the time being.

    The conversation we had still lingers in the air. It’s hooked into my mind, stacked with heavy weights that can’t be so easily shrugged away. It’s still all so confusing.

    “Honestly, this rune of yours makes me feel stronger than I ever have in my entire life. Sure, it hurts a little, but it also seems like my side could take any blow now. How did you even get this strong?”

    “I got this strong by doing 5000 pushups, 5000 sit ups and 100km of running everyday.”



    Didn’t see her as the type who would crack a joke. I suppose she’s been a bit more than a traditional cold mage I expected, so it fits with current trends.

    “My strength in the end is just the magecraft I developed and inherited from my ancestors. I don’t think wanting to get strong like this is so important these days, so stop worrying about it so much. I've been looking for more fulfilling ways to do things for a while but I’m not an expert so I don’t have much to offer. I’ve been working on myself for the past 20 years, but that work never seems to end.”

    “It’s good to have a strong work ethic at the very least. That’s certainly something to be proud of right there.”

    “I suppose it is.”

    There’s a minute of awkward silence as we continue to walk down the hall.

    “I didn’t think I would talk this much about myself so suddenly.”

    “It certainly surprised me. I wouldn’t have expected it either.”

    “Maybe that’s the true nature of the mysterious power you received. You can make people talk for too long.”

    “I don’t want my one possible cool point to turn out to be the power of monologues.”

    I can only imagine whatever it was that thing gave me, it has to be more important than that. It’s true nature is still vague. It still confuses me as to why it wants me to figure it all out as I go. Is it just easier to manipulate me that way? That’s a bit overkill to be honest, I’m already at its mercy anyhow.

    Bazett flashes a brief, amused smile before facing forward again and moving deeper into the hall.



    Again, as I search for anything to say, we move in silence. There’s a slight chill in the damp air which seems to irritate my nose, the only thing within this place that seems to have any intention of disturbing our walk.

    This stone tunnel really does stretch on for an eternity. An endless sameness of old brick and wooden doors. I was sure we had stopped closer to the end, but it seems that’s not the case.

    Minutes pass in an indistinguishable mass but the dim and dreary claustrophobic scenery remains and unchanging constant.

    I can’t deny that I’m starting to get worried. Bazett I suppose hasn’t said anything yet, so I guess this is normal. Or at least, nothing to worry about.

    Still the chill down here burns. It touches my back and my skin crawls. The conversation weighs heavy in mind. The shivers creeping up my spine are unending.

    It’s all just a reminder. How cruel, how much bullshit it all is. Bazett just doesn’t entirely understand.

    I took something very important from home. The meaning of my family's declining legacy, the reason we live in Okinawa. It’s stuck to my back. I haven’t done anything with it, I don’t think I can.

    Yet it does things. It doesn’t move, it doesn’t speak. It mocks me all the same, it creeps about regardless of its inanimate nature.

    If only I could figure out how it works amongst these yokai. If they all didn’t want to slaughter me so eagerly, it would certainly be a perfect opportunity. I’ll find a way to rip it out of them if I can.

    There’s another sharp quiver on my back.

    I swear there’s something out of the corner of my eye. A simple shade, like a small dot overlapping my sight, a true form indiscernible.

    Bazett doesn’t seem to notice. Perhaps it’s just my imagination. A result of faulty sight, I’ve been through a lot already. It’s the more reasonable assumption to make. I don’t have super advanced senses.


    Maybe my back does. It can only quake.

    There’s seemingly an end in sight now.

    An open, dark doorway rests at the far end of the hall. Unlike the rest of this place it doesn’t have a door at all. It’s just a stone archway. It’s still tiny from here, a black hole in our narrowed line of sight.

    The warmer air of a draft disrupts the cold which has filled the tunnel thus far. Like a soft breath this entrance way exhales something unnerving.

    Soft, constant in its flow, a beckoning call of life I can no longer just dismiss as the delusions of my poor mind. Fear is a vile thing which takes hold in an unshakable vice. It’s not a thing that reason can contend with when it clutches the heart.

    I can feel something in my spine. The knowledge that something exists past the barrier.

    “Bazett! I don’t want to go in there!”

    “What is it? Did you notice something?”

    Bazett's voice remains calm and unchanging. She shifts her leg smoothly across the stone floor in a casual movement. A recognizable combat position now.

    The black spot is still there as well. It doesn’t move.

    I stare forward into the hallway again. This time there’s something there. A single small eye amongst the dark which stares back at me. Another contemptuous, unnatural gaze.

    Our eye contact lingers.

    “Oh, Makoto! Is that you? Never would I have thought I would be so glad to hear your voice again.”

    A voice I despise echoes down this long hall.

    Status Update
    Mental Health: (Stressed)→ (Afraid)

    Why? Why here? Why with this terrible presence.

    “I mean yokai? In the Clocktower of all places. I never could have imagined your tricks would be so relevant to an old man like me!”

    My heart thumbs violently again. A loud drumming that fills the hall.

    “Professor Byland. Are you alright?”

    Bazett continues to speak calmly to the force beyond the black veil.

    “Oh I’m just fine. Come closer….Our I’ll head out there and greet you properly. I almost forgot my manners.”

    I don’t want to see it! I don’t want a single part of it! This uncanny thing, this abomination! Stay in the darkness where you belong!

    “Go away! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

    “Now don’t say that Makoto. These are dangerous times. I need those exorcism tricks of yours now more than ever.”

    A hand slithers out of that void, gripping the side of the doorframe. An unnatural appendage not of this world, twisted and contorted away from what one might call a hand.

    Slowly it emerges into the dim lighting. Bending down so that it may fit inside the hall.


    “NO! Stay the fuck away from me!”


    The thing gave up the human persona, now speaking in a human could never hope to.

    I simply crumple and huddle down.

    I didn’t come here for this! Why is he such a beast now! I didn’t come here for this! I didn’t leave home for this!

    This is all your fault Nee-San! Why did you make me leave! You should have denied him! You could have done that!

    Something crawls uncomfortably upon my back. My skin moves, it shakes of its own accord. Pulling itself tight, resonating with something.


    The creature screeches again as parts of its body begin to tear itself. It splits into tendrils, eyes and unspeakable masses. An expansive, chaotic mix of flesh pours out consuming one of its legs and part of its back.

    In such a small space it maintains firm control. In a single whip-like motion it smashes into Bazett. It tears apart stone and cuts somewhat into her suit as it tosses the woman into the wall.

    My back only twists further. It crawls up my spine and into my mind.

    “A gift.”

    Wise Up
    - Magic Circuit Quality: N/A
    - Magic Circuit Quantity: N/A

    - Foundation: Gold Symbolism
    - Rope has been added to inventory
    - Possesses at least one pipe bomb in his inventory
    -Perk: Demolition Expert (False): A perk which denotes someone confident enough to think they can professionally
    handle explosives without training. It is closer to bravery than an actual talent.

    -Possesses the Noble Phantasm Fragarach
    -Your Bond Level has Increased: 1 ---> 3/15

    "There is no need to die in a place such as this. It is not your Destiny."

    -You have been granted one perk point. You can now master one skill instantly thanks to the support from the thing on your back.

    Brawler (I) - A perk which grants the player offensive hand to hand combat capabilities. This perk focuses on strong offensive combat allowing the user to deal lots of damage in short bursts. This combat style is brutal and generalized, it should be considered to be like street fighting. At rank one your base attack potency is E+

    Brawler (II) - Requires Brawler (I). It’s the same perk but now with an inherent supernatural edge. Increases your base attack potency to D

    Martial Artist (I) - A perk which denotes a practitioner of traditional Martial Arts. Compared to Brawler this is combat style is focused more on defense. Defense while in combat is increased to E+.

    Martial Artist (II) - Requires Martial Artist (I). It’s the same perk but with a supernatural edge. Increase defense in combat to D, allows for some of your punches to ignore durability on human opponents.

    Charismatic - A perk which denotes someone who is considering naturally charming and possess a particularly effective way with words. Adopting this perk increases the effectiveness of options which require you to convince someone of something, and sometimes opens new choices entirely. Choices which require a certain level of bond to achieve can now be achieved at a lower bond and bond level increases quicker.

    Historian: A perk which denotes someone decently knowledgeable about history. When analyzing entities with a historical or mythological basis such as servants you get more information out of it then you would otherwise.

    Swordsmaster (I) - A perk which denotes a near masters level of skill which the sword. It is now possible to keep up with those with the same or similar perks of the same level and can survive defensively against a similar perk of one rank higher.

    Ranged Weapon expert - A perk denoting someone with sufficient training with ranged weaponry. Grants a combat bonus when using ranged weaponry and gives the player above average aim. Some items can not be used properly without this perk.

    Medic: A perk denoting someone with medical training. This allows the player to carry out basic medical treatments and diagnosis. It also boosts healing magecraft.

    Mental fortitude - denotes someone with a strong mind. This perk allows the user to somewhat resist various types of mental interference and resist the effects of psychological trauma. It also becomes a little easier to stomach gruesome scenes.

    Survivalist - A skill the denotes someone successful at living in the wild. Makes forging attempts more successful and makes the character more resistant to the elements

    Demolition expert - A skill for someone with knowledge of explosives. The player can now safely use explosives. With the right materials they can also craft them.

    Elucidation - obtain more information out of regular observation than normal.

    Hunter- A skill which denotes someone with skill in hunting. Adds a stealth bonus when stalking, and a tracking bonus when following someone.

    Mana Synthesis (I) - regenerate 10 mana every post.

    Tutoring- a perk which unlocks the tutor option which over time allows you to teach skills to npcs

    Practice makes perfect- a perk which makes well used spells easier to cast. Your most commonly used spells can cost up to 20% less mana to cast.

    Reactive Evolution - a perk which allows for minor adaptation due to repeat exposure. After being exposed to a certain magical effect enough times it’s damage or influence is lowered.

    Pain resistance - A perk which increases your pain resistance through exposure. The more you experience pain the higher your tolerance for it increases, decreasing the negative effects of pain.

    Punching bag - A lesser form of battle continuation, allowing you to keep moving even after taking a beating or receiving dangerous wounds.

    Hero of Justice - Combat strength increases when protecting someone, attack potency gains a plus such a situation.

    Sleight of hand - It is now possible to try and pickpocket someone. You can also perform some magic tricks of the non magic variety.

    -.Visit Roko
    -.Write in

    -Checkpoint Reached, if you die, you will now restart here.

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    Since we're still in all levels of danger and relatively outmatched even by familiars, this'll be a good starting point to arming ourselves for what lies ahead.

    Mental Fortitude and Elucidation are other good choices, but wiser to start off with something that can help us defend ourselves against any foe.
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