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Thread: Fate/Destiny (Quest)

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    17. The Vampire and the Red Container


    Location: The Floating Orphanage
    Time: Midnight
    Overall Status: Great

    Character Status
    Health: 400/400 (Excellent)
    Stamina:385/400 (Excellent)
    Mana: 380/400 (Excellent)
    Mental Health: (Tired)

    Unable to bear the sight of the monotonous and stagnant night sky I bid Akhenaten farewell and head off into the darkness of the night. I had mapped out a spot where I can work on improving my craft in privacy and figured I could get some work in before morning. It’s tough in this environment but I have been falling behind. It’s paramount I take this chance to improve before something dangerous happens again.

    Though tiredness is beginning to catch up with me as I work through the night, there’s a single annoying matter which demands my attention before I can rest. If I truly wish to master these magical arts I must call his name.

    Slowed by hesitation I invoke the monster and beast which forms our foundation. It’s a new feeling which blooms this time around under my skin. A simple surge of magical energy and it bubbles forth from a dark sea with the tingling of needles.

    Now sitting in the lamplight the oddity attached to my person makes itself apparent. It’s a subtle thing, practically nonexistent yet definitely there like an illusion in the night. My own shadow remains misshapen. Slowly an amorphous corruption on the border of fantasy leaks into our world. It continues to crawl upon my back unmistakably as an oddity, as if to point out to me his incongruity with our modern reality.

    My dark shadow stretches across the deck in a clear and distinct black shape which clearly resembles my own body. Too closely in fact.

    “Oh Inei, reveal yourself to me. Gift to me your secrets once more.”

    I speak with a hesitant whisper, unsure if I really want to break the silence and commune with the creature. For a moment it seems as if it never heard me and I could just head to bed, yet eventually it stirs and a single eye opens on the shadows chest.

    “If my expertise is what you seek then by the nature of our contract I must oblige.”

    “So you can actually answer me now.”

    It’s been like a year now since we contracted but for as long as I’ve been in London he’s been practically useless. The most I’ve been allowed to do is cast our spells far from home but his function as a familiar has been nonexistent. It seems only in the worst of times he can manifest.

    “My true body is still thousands of miles away, it takes a proper shock to truly invigorate me. You should consider it a miracle I’m here.”

    “Well if you’re working now then I can finally get you to do something instead you lazy ass.”

    I can no longer stand by in weakness or fail to improve. This creature's mastery of our family's art is what I need now more than ever. I know now that I won’t survive without it. I’ve learned to be practical so even with a creature like this I must make do.

    My shadow begins to dissolve and moves across the floor like spilled ink. Slowly it flows until it spreads itself atop the loose papers I had scattered across the floor.

    “Hmmm, you’re working on making talismans huh? I must say it's not awful, though you’ve made a few mistakes here….. What is this paper!?”

    The shadow condensed until it begins to tear the paper I had been working on for the last 20 minutes to bits. It looks over the rest of my shoddy craftsmanship with a skeptical expression as its many eyes scan every inch.

    “It’s printer paper…..”

    “What!? Why use modern constructs instead of your sacred supply from home?”

    “I lost it in London with my bag……”

    “Incorrect, I would recognize the sense of my handy work anywhere.”

    “You mean to tell me it’s on board somewhere!?”

    “Of course. Your senses are far too weak.”

    How can this be? I mean I never saw where it went but there was so much commotion anything could have happened to it. Who could have brought it on board?

    “Take me to it.”

    “I suppose we can’t start any lessons without the right supplies. Throw the trash away, let’s go grab that bag.”


    Silently in the night my shadow pulls me across the dark deck, navigating rows of shipping containers until eventually arriving at a pile indistinguishable from the rest. A singular rusted and dark red container sits at the bottom of a small tower of similar containers, dilapidated from years of exposure to the elements and moist sea air.

    “You’re telling me it’s in here?”

    “I believe so. It has the correct scent to it.”

    “….. Should I wake people up?”

    Surely that would be the more reasonable thing right. I came here out of interest and surprise but surely it's an intruder or something? What could I do on my own if it’s something powerful? I should at least grab Akhenaten right?

    “Your other familiar should be enough. Simply summon them here.”

    Before I can turn to head back the door to the container slowly begins to creep open. Startled, I quickly leap out of the lamp light and retreat into the darkness.

    Light leaks out of the container as the door swings open revealing a pale figure on the other side.

    “My dearest guest I have been expecting you….. At least I believe so? Where'd Ya go? That voice belongs to one Makoto, no?”

    Instead of the miscellaneous boxes or other supplies I would have expected to fill a container, the interior is instead a furnished room. An intricate red carpet covers the floor, numerous orange spirals spread across it in an intricate design. Several surreal paintings and shelves of unnatural objects line the way to a truly inhuman creature. The hooded figure sits comfortably at an oak desk at the back, leaning over the desk trying to peer into the night.

    I’m incredibly confused.

    “Wha- Who the hell are you?”

    I can’t help but walk back into the light, lost as to what is going on in this situation. I don’t know what to expect but another strange guy seemingly wanting to sell me things is not what I would have imagined.

    “I am Anjur Ataturk, a helpful hand in trying times. Whenever a mortal finds themselves in unexpected supernatural strife I appear to offer my aid. You can call me one’s guardian angel.”

    “And how exactly do you do that?”

    This demon thing really can’t be trusted. I should just try and get out of here before it does something and grab help.

    “I trade magical artifacts and materials for other supernatural objects. Bring me something peculiar and I might have just what you need. Actually just the other day I got this cool new thing you might like. Seems to fit your background.”

    Reaching down below the table he pulls out a very familiar looking bag.

    “Hey wait a minute, that's mine!”

    Annoyed at the audacity of the thing I haphazardly march into the container and up to the desk the thing was sitting behind.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “How’d you get that.”

    “Oh you know, trading, the usual.”

    “It should have my name on it.”

    “It doesn’t.”

    “May I see it?”


    My shadow glides up to the table before its tendrils crawl along the surface of the cheap bag.

    “This is most certainly ours.”

    “Scram you pest! Hands off the merchandise! Shoulda put up a no pets sign.”

    Futilely the man tries to scrape off the intangible creature from my backpack.

    “You gonna hand that shit over dumbass?”

    “Never. But because this is our first meeting I will provide it as a gift for a good partnership. You should be happy I’m offering such a good deal.”

    Annoyed, I snatch the bag from his grip and throw it back over my shoulder. I suppose I should at least be relieved to have my supplies back. I’m more concerned as to how he got it though, there was only a short timeframe he could have taken it after all, yet no one saw him.

    “Yeah yeah whatever, how do you even know about my situation anyhow?”

    “I don’t, what do you think I am? A psychic? I just show up, it’s what I do. Consider me your guardian Angel but with a fee.”

    “Just leave me alone.”

    “Hey, I don’t bother anybody. It’s always your choice to find me.”

    “If that’s all then I’m just gonna leave.”

    And prepare to kill your creepy ass next time I see you.

    “Are you sure you don’t want to buy anything? I just had this cute little Ifirit come in the other day and-“

    “I have about 19 dollars to my name.”

    “….. I suppose you can come back another time…. Unless you want to sell your-“


    Not willing to turn my back to him I speed walk awkwardly out of the shipping container until I can close the doors in front of me.

    “You should keep a better hold of your things before it gets stolen again. Who knows what a vampire like that was gonna do with these things.”

    “After everything I don’t know why you’re…. Wait, he's a vampire?”

    “Darling if you can’t even tell that much at a glance then it seems your circumstance is worse than I thought.”

    Unnaturally my own shadow moves its….or my arm I guess, motioning me forward.

    “I’m feeling inspired. Forget the dumb stowaway, I’ll show you a few tricks not even Seimei knew how to do.”


    Sitting down in a far off corner I start combing through my precious talismans making sure they weren’t damaged. Hopefully with these I can learn something useful for once. Don’t know how much I could really improve though.

    “Alright kid, are you ready for the lesson? I’ll be working you until the morning so prepare yourself!”

    “Do I really? That’s a pain.”

    “No, not really. As if I’d waste my time being a real teacher.”

    Black tendril stretches out across the wall like vines from my shadows chest. It covers the room for a moment before the black stain reaches back and touches my shadows forehead.

    A shock of energy shakes my body for a moment before the feeling vanishes like nothing happened at all.

    “And there, another gift. I just upped your talisman game. You can thank me later.”

    “So it’s just like my swordsmanship….. why don’t you do this all the time?”

    “Ugh, I really picked the worst magi around, didn't I? Obviously it has a cost that is hard to pay, are you twelve? I’d make you a God instantly if I could afford it.”

    “Is there a way I can make paying that cost easier?”

    “Go home and unseal me.”

    “Not a chance.”

    That’s certainly convenient. I was never particularly good at learning anything, but with powers like this I might actually accomplish something. I just gotta figure a way to squeeze it out of that wannabe magician.

    “Anyhow, I did my job so we can do something actually fun now, yeah?”

    “You’re right. I’m going to bed.”

    “Weakling! I cured the need for sleep a millennia ago!”

    “Read on your own time or something dumbass. You don’t need me to entertain you.”

    “Fine! I’ll just do some more catching up on what I’ve missed while sleeping in your dumb shed!”

    Ignoring my shadow I march back into my room and flop onto my bed. I can only hope I’m not too tired in the morning. I gotta investigate that weird creature.


    “There’s nothing here.”

    “You sure?”

    “It’s just standard supplies in here I’m afraid.”

    I struggle to believe my eyes as I look at regular junk rather than the fancy shop the Dead Apostle had set up within the red container.

    I figured it would be important to ask about it, but it seems I’m only making a fool of myself now.

    “Well I’m sure you weren’t seeing things. Probably. Doesn’t seem very important either, why not put it on the back burner.”

    “Ugh…..I guess.”

    There were some extra investigations into the issue as everyone kept their eyes open, but nothing was found. I can’t help but worry that thing really was an illusion.

    “Get your ass up partner! Shore is insight!”

    Abigail begins kicking and pushing the side of my bed, shaking it as I groan in protest.

    “Go away, it’s like nine in the morning….”

    “It’s twelve thirty in the afternoon you lazy bastard!”

    “Well it’s not like we’re doing anything.”

    “We’re almost at shore, learn to listen.”

    “Almost isn’t there yet, not like we got much to pack.”

    Annoyed Abigail begins pulling the covers off my body. Though I did my best to resist her evil, it was easily plucked from hands with little effort.

    “Fine, you win.”

    With a groan I finally pull myself out of bed and stand on my own two unsteady feet. I liked being out at sea because I didn’t have to do anything, but I suppose all good things must come to an end.

    Haphazardly I throw on some clothing before heading out into the hall. Though I intended to head straight to the deck, noise coming from another room quickly caught my attention.

    Slowly peeking inside I spot Akhenaten hunched over a small phone watching some kind of video.

    “Akhenaten, what the hell are you doing?”

    “This is as close to one of those televisions I could get my hands on. I am watching that news entertainment show now that we are near shore.”

    Taking a closer look, the news show is clearly coming from China and I cannot understand a word.

    “To think the world has gone to war three times. Times have truly changed indeed.”

    “....Three? …………I guess it’s finally here. I shouldn't even be surprised. Let’s hope we can avoid the fighting. ”

    “You will be fine, I am stronger than any army. Weak human weapons are no better at stopping me than a gust of wind. I am more concerned over what is going on with my screen than I am of a gun. Is it supposed to do this?”

    Confused Akhenaten points at the screen but I can’t see any issues with it.

    “What are you talking about?”

    “I am unsure. Sometimes it seems the footage experiences glitches of some kind.”

    “I can’t see it. Is this just a result of your supernatural sight instead of the show?”

    “Perhaps. Master, you must learn to see better to tell me what is wrong with these shows.”

    “I’ll surely try.”

    As if I could just see better I swear to……. Actually, could I? My shadow certainly has a lot of eyes, perhaps I could borrow them.

    Wait, I don't need superhuman sight just to look for glitches in an iPhone. I’m leaving this stupid idea behind.

    “Where’d you get this thing anyway?”

    “I picked it out of your things.”

    “You stole my phone!?”

    “Your things are my things. We are comrades in this war as God decreed after all.”

    “Ugh, just give it back later.”

    With an annoyed sigh I head out to the deck unwilling to bother with her entitlement. I’m blinded slightly as the bright sun hits my tired eyes. The air is far cooler outside, my face being hit by a chilled breeze which blows my hair back.

    As my eyes finally recover I’m met with a distant shoreline stretching across the horizon, a dark bloom of smoke corrupting the clear blue sky.


    Coming to shore has proven to be an uncomfortable experience. We arrive at a local harbor only to find it seemingly void of human life and are forced to sit for a while in impatience as the ship gently rocks against the waves.

    Many boats still float listlessly in the water, not another soul in sight on any of them. It seems the entire place has been abandoned. With whatever is going on in the distance, I can understand the desire to leave. The only real concern remains, wouldn’t it make more sense to try and flee through these boats if you could? Surely the harbor should be empty. Did they have a reason to head inland?

    Spotting Lucas continuing to chat with the captain I bid the man a quick goodbye to avoid awkward interactions and slip out on to beautiful and well missed dry land.

    I would rather not wait around here for long all things considered so the main course of action is finding a reasonable route to that martial arts school. I really don’t want to go, but it remains our only lead and I’m just as worried as to what might occur if I ignore it.

    Knowing my luck, a threat could be here already. While I wait for Lucas to finish up his current business I should take a properly cautious approach to this area. Anything could be out there.

    And when it comes to proper detection I know only one technique.

    “Akhenaten, you sense anything?”

    On key, a golden form materializes next to me. As if I would rely on my own feeble senses I’ve been reminded of so much recently. I think I’m getting an idea as to how neat having a servant is.

    “So long as they are in the light I can find any living thing. It seems the surrounding area is mostly empty.”


    “Five living souls exist at the entrance to the port.”

    “They seem normal?“

    “They are regular commoners below our worry.”

    Considering these suspicious circumstances I’m worried if I can actually trust her judgment on someone’s character. Plus, even regular folk can be dangerous all things considered.

    1. Go towards the group

    2. Try going around the group

    3. Visit Roko

    4. Write in

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    1. Go towards the group

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