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Thread: Can the "Armor of Fafnir" event be recreated?

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    Can the "Armor of Fafnir" event be recreated?

    Apologies if this isn't in the correct sub-forum, but I'm not quite used to the system.

    We know from F/Apo and Siegfried's profile that the NP "Armor of Fafnir" is the servant representation of the "invunerability" he was said to have gained by slaying Fafnir and being bathed in its blood.

    We also know from Siegfried's words in the First Singularity (FGO) - and somewhat implied with Sieg - that Siegfried and Fafnir come as a duality, where " the appearance of one calls for the other" or something.

    If someone was to slay this Fafnir (or Sieg-nir) and be bathed in its blood, would they get an ability similar to the above NP?

    Extra: Sigurd's "Crystallized Wisdom" is a result of him eating his Fafnir's heart. So, same scenario as above.

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    I'd say it's not possible, unless we're talking about the original Fafnir from Nibelungenlied.

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