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Thread: [QUEST] - Remnants: Revolving Maze of Trials

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    0.2 - Prologue

    Silva shook her head.

    What was she thinking? Climbing a steep broken down wall without even knowing what was on the other side? That was just asking for some kind accident. Like slipping and cracking her head against the floor like and idiot.

    As for exploring the room?

    Yeah, that would be a no.

    For starters, she didn’t like how this thick purple mist looked. Just the feeling of it against her skin was enough to make her cringe. As if every movement sent a small static shock through her. Going further into the mist… probably wouldn’t be the best idea.

    She was lost and amnesiac… not stupid.

    Which left her… waiting.

    For what exactly? She wasn’t sure.

    Someone must have brought her here for some reason. And trying to leave probably went against that reason. So instead she was gonna stay put and wait to see just why someone went through all the trouble of kidnapping someone, and dumping them into an empty ruin, as if this was some Indiana Jones parody flick.

    If she waited long enough, something was bound to happen.

    Until then, she had to figure out what happened.

    Memories were… fuzzy. She barely recalled part of her own name and her only memory was of a fight she doesn’t even know the reason she got into. Obviously, that was her job, what with the arena full of people and ring announcer. But back then… it didn’t feel like just a job.

    ‘It felt like it was fun.’ Which only served to confuse her.

    What kind of person liked to get into fights? Had to hold herself from jumping someone because it wasn’t the ‘right time yet’?

    She was missing so much context.

    ‘Okay, deep breaths. Panicking isn’t gonna help.’

    Taking a seat on a nearby piece of rubble, Silva looked up at the stormy clouds covering the ceiling. What was happening wasn’t normal, and the purple mist hadn’t vanished either. Small shocks running down her skin even as she tried to ignore it. This was either a very strange and surreal dream.


    Or what?

    Merda. Oque que eu to fazendo?
    Shit. What am I doing?

    Dream or not, reality or not, she needed to try and make sense of what was happening. Not remembering who she was… felt wrong, wrong in a way that made her stomach drop with cold fear. Like she was looking at a puzzle missing all but a handful of pieces. Enough to get an idea, but not enough to really see what it really was.

    She had to do something about that.

    She had to remember yet no matter what.

    Taking deep breaths, Silva looked back to her last, and so far, only memory. Images and sounds flashing before her in a spiral of color as she delved deeper and deeper into them. Only to once again run into a wall.

    So she did what she did best.

    Hit it head first.


    Her world was pain and static. Like the aftershock of a bomb, her ears rang as her eyes struggled to make sense of what little pieces of broken information passed through the gap. Before a voice rose above all others.
    It was an angry, desperate thing. So much so that she flinched back by instinct.
    Sua filha é um demônio!
    Your daughter is a demon!

    Why did that hurt me? I felt confused. Was it my fault for being born as I was? Had I done something wrong? I just wanted to… wanted to… what did I want?
    Por favor, não me machuque…
    Please don’t hurt me...

    Hurt you? No!

    I didn’t mean to. I just wanted to join in.

    Não tenho nada a te ensinar. Saia daqui.
    I have nothing to teach you. Get out.

    Sad. I was sad again. Why didn’t anyone let me join in? Why were they afraid of me? I just wanted to have fun. It’s so wrong that I was better at this than everyone else? Why are even the adults scared?

    I was smaller than them.


    So why did they flinch when I got close?

    Why did they look away when I tried asking them to explain?

    Angry. I was angry.

    Porque você machuca as outras crianças, querida?
    Why do you hurt the other kids, dear?

    Eu quero brincar.
    I want to play.

    Gosta de machucar pessoas?
    Do you like hurting people?


    Yes, that 's right. I never wanted to hurt anyone! People just got hurt. They got scared and ran away. Then the adults came and started trying to tell me off for doing the same thing those kids did.

    Why couldn’t I join in?

    Why only they got to have fun?

    I wanted to have fun too!

    Não é justo!
    It’s not fair!

    Sim, não é. Sabe por que?
    Yes, it isn’t. Do you know why?


    Why? Why did things have to be so unfair?
    Por que você nasceu forte.
    Because you were born strong

    Born strong?

    Todo mundo começa fraco, querida. Menos você. Você foi sempre forte.
    Everyone starts weak, dear. Except you. You have always been strong.

    Was that it?

    Was everyone around her afraid because she was strong? Did that mean they were all just weak? She didn’t like the sound of that for some reason. Why did it hurt when they ran away then? Being strong means you don’t get hrt right?

    Older kids don’t bully you. You don’t get teased.

    That was a good thing, right?

    Then why?

    Why did it hurt?

    Because I was strong? What sort of reason was that?!

    A sua força é uma maldição.
    Your strength is a curse.

    I felt something moist and cold run down my cheek. Tears? Why was I crying? I was supposed to be strong. Then why did these words, these vague images had to hurt so much. As if they were opening up old scars I didn’t even know I had.
    A whirlpool of conflicting emotions swirled through my mind, a building pressure akin to a pipe about to burst as I felt the familiar pain of the ‘wall’ repelling me, tears budding on the corners of my eyes as I fought against the tide carrying me backwards.

    Before the memories finally stopped.

    She gasped in pain.

    The sensation of a thousand needles pushing into her head as the ‘wall’ blocking her memories finally pushed back. It was all Silva could do to grunt as she rode out the waves of pain. Eyes screwed shut as she breathed slowly, trying to steady her thundering heart.

    Then something moist hit her tight.

    A drop of blood.

    Then another.

    Reaching for her face, Silva winced as her fingers came back bloody. The sight of it sending a mixture of terror and anticipation down her spine. Knuckles turning white as her hands clenched tightly.

    This was starting to piss her off. She had so many questions and not enough answers. Trying to remember only gave her even more questions about who was the man talking to her. Why did she hurt people and what he meant about strength.

    What did he mean…

    A flash of… something poked through the haze of her memories.

    Silva’s back hitting the dirt as the ground beneath her shook. Never mind that, the entire room was shaking, stone and dust coming loose as the silver-haired woman pressed her back against the rubble she’d been using as a sea, legs tucked in with her head between them.

    Um terromoto?! Agora?!
    An earthquake? Now?!

    She heard the sound of a crash, the ground shifting beneath her.

    Not coming undone…

    It was… moving? Something was opening up beneath her!

    Silva rolled off her seat, blinking away the purple mist as she stood and ran back, eying the center of the room, sand slipping downwards as if a sinkhole had been opened underneath. It was all she could do to watch as the room seemed to come undone before her.

    Had it stopped at that she would have been glad.

    But no, what the sinkhole revealed filled her with equal parts excitement and dread.

    An entrance, or rather, a slope. It looked as if someone had build a slide out of bricks, the opening comfortably fitting an adult person as it stuck out of the sloped ground. Even now, sand slid down the entrance, the rough sound of grain scratching against stone echoing downwards as it disappeared in the darkness.

    Then a second quake knocked her off her feet.


    What the hell was happening here?

    It was as if the walls were coming apart, loose bricks breaking down as if something were pushing them apart on both sides of the room. On one side, a tall staircase being revealed behind one of the walls. A dusty thing with a low ceiling leading upwards. From where she stood, Silva couldn’t see where, only that at some point the mist became too thick to see through.

    On the opposite side, a hole on the all remained.

    Like a gate had been torn open, the hole lead further into the room, purple mist pouring out like a furnace, darkening the room. Unlike the others, Silva could see where it lead, a vast hallway sprawling forward before her. Some sort of light peeking at the end of it, winking lazily as it hanged there ominously.

    This was strange, far too strange.

    These passages couldn’t have been made in a hurry. This place, strange as it was, looked old. As if the passages had always been there.

    Why? Who would go through all the trouble of creating three openings and then hiding them?

    And what was with all the shaking? These couldn’t be just coincidences. Silva already felt a headache pouting against the sides of her head. She was never one for puzzles and jigsaws. Give her a challenge and she’d run with it, but give her a quiz and she would run from it.

    And how was she so sure this was true she barely remembered part of her own name.

    Someone was toying with her.

    This was far too much to be a dream.

    The question now was on where to go. She had three options. Slide down into the darkness, climb the stairs or walking down the spooky hallway. The first two didn’t even let her know where they lead, while the last one felt ominously like a trap. Like someone was teasing her with a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

    Only to kill her.

    She didn’t need memories to know she didn’t want to die.

    But where to go? Up? Down? Middle?

    It wasn’t like there were any signs either.The quake had completely ruined whatever clues she might have found. And needless to say, whoever took her wouldn’t suddenly reveal an exit if they wanted to keep her. Then there was their ability to just open them without just blowing up the place.

    Questions! Questions! Questions!

    Silva coughed, hacking a wad of… something black and thick which had clung to the back of her throat. A shiver running down her back as she tasted copper in the air. The mist was getting thicker. Whatever it was. Wherever it was coming from, she had to believe it was some part of this sick game. She needed to get out of here before it did whatever it was meant to do.

    And she had to do it now.

    But go where?

    Choice Time!
    Slide down.
    Climb up.
    Run through.
    It was the better hidden out of all passages. Maybe there might be more secrets down there. Or you could get stuck.
    Get to the higher ground. Maybe the mist will be clearer there. Maybe you might be stranded. But its better to try and see where you are.
    Trap or not. It is the only path where you can see where you are going. The mist might be cause for concern.

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