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Thread: 2021 Server Migration

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    2021 Server Migration

    Hello your friendly ghost admin here.

    The hypervisor hosting the virtual machine for the forum has been online for almost 5 years. One of the redundant power supply units died and I suspect the next time the server reboots it will not come back again. So it's a good time to start moving. I will be moving the forum starting on July 19th 2021. I should be done by July 21st or sooner. I wanted the three days in case there are unexpected issues. (Like this old version of PHP the forum is running on not being compliable on modern Linux distros or something.)

    edit: I'm also in need of testers after the move. The best way to reach me is via Discord: dovac#3836
    edit2: Dates moved up. tl;dr the server is ready to die soon (tm)
    edit3: Forum move complete. Please report bugs here
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