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Thread: "Trigger, off" scene crashed the VN

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    Post "Trigger, off" scene crashed the VN

    I was playing the fan-translated VN just now and when I got to the part where Shirou say "Trigger, off." After the screen slowly scrolled down, the VN crashed and I got a prompt telling me to return to the title screen and I clicked ok and it took me to the forums. I tried searching for this bug in the bugs and known error issues section, but I could not find it at all. The prompt it gave me said it contained save data and exception files. I tried deleting the folder and the files to see if anything changed. First one I noticed is that it basically deleted all of my achievements. However, since the save files are still playable, those are fine. Second one is that when I booted up the last save file that led into the scene crashing, it's playable up until that point again. Third change, when I got the prompt again, it said something about a file that has -1.0ks in line 1469 is tagged with eval and is out of rectangle. Finally, it is saved as data 959 and followed with a bunch of data files that end in ksd./bak. I have asked this same question on r/fatestaynight about this and thought that I should ask for help on here as well! Please let me know on how to solve this dilemma? I'm so closed to beating the thrid route!

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    I was able to resolve the issue with the help of the reddit community members. Turns out, I had to disable the movies and put the aspect ratio back to 4:3. After that, I was able to achieve the true end of Heaven's Feel! The bad part about it though is that it crashed again during the final fight between Kirei and Shirou.

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