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Thread: A Fond Farewell to TYPE-Moon

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    If the goblins were supposed to be a critism, then she forgot the part of it where she turns it on it's head. as is, it just comes off as normal antisemitism.

    She did do better with teh Werewolves as AIDS metaphor. Yet also consider, AIDS ravaged the gay community to such an extent that it's still associated with them, decades later. And despite Lupin being one of the more developed characters in the series, he dies offscreen to little fanfare. Along with his shapeshifting wife, who's the closest thing the series has to a trans character. Good old 'Bury your gays'. Hell there's so much more evidence of Lupin and Tonks being LGBT than there is for the one gay character she did write (who also died, but at least got an on-screen death).
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    Can we close this thread...?

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    Please. Let it die already.

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