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Thread: Angel Notes stuff from Character Material

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    Angel Notes stuff from Character Material

    Hey everyone. I bought Character Material and I've been using it to just throw myself in the deep end with Japanese study. I'm still learning, so if this turns out to be full of mistranslations, then you know why.

    If you haven't read Angel Notes, read this first:



    Real name erased. He is known by the names "Gun God" and "False God".

    In the world that has fallen into ruin, there are only a few "humans" left from the old era.
    In the present day, most of them have perished due to the end of the world, and the few that survived were unable to adapt to the grain that filled the air and became extinct.

    Godot is from an artificial paradise created by humans who tried to survive the apocalypse.
    The paradise itself was promptly extinguished by the Black Aristotles. However, a human who had undergone environmental adaptation, Godot, had the misfortune of surviving as the last remaining human on Earth.

    However, even though he survived, he doesn't have long to live. For Godot, life is now like living on the moon. Without the help of machines and medicines, he can't breathe properly, and he has no choice but to eat poisonous food.

    It is certainly quite bleak but since he's survived many an apocalypse, Godot's philosophical views have become more masochistic than a pessimistic (also known as resignation) and he is taking it easy every day.

    Once, out of a desire for revenge from the bottom of his heart, he excavated the Black Barrel from the sealed area of Atlasia, and participated on a military operation to stop the descent of Type-Venus, and afterwards, his whereabouts became unknown to avoid conflict.

    There's a rumour that he got himself involved in a mission to intercept Type-Saturn in a certain city, and is considered to have died in battle.

    He's the weakest but is a sniper who can resist the strongest poison.

    Black Barrel
    An armament made by the true fifth element that causes the fifth imaginary element to destroy itself. It is called the conceptual weapon of natural life by the Six Sisters. The bullets fired by this gun are activated by objects of true ether [grain]. It is a magical gunshot that inflicts a wound that bypasses any kind of ability value. It is as if you were to drive a cancer cell directly into a body.

    One of the reasons why humans fell from the crown of creation was that they could not deal with the grain that filled the atmosphere, and would be fatal if inhaled. This new energy called grain refused humanity and as a result, humanity had become the weakest living organism on earth -- but the Black Barrel is a weapon that suddenly reverses this flaw.
    It is highly versatile with every kind of option via the exchanging of parts, and it can even be used as a sniper rifle. It is fundamentally a rifle with a curved gunstock.
    At the time of excavation, there were two guns, the original and the replica. Godot's favorite is the original.

    Source/Notes. (Tsukihime Dokuhon ni Shuroku/Tsukihime Reading Book Compilation)
    An episode of a story about angels from the land of steel. He is the weakest but he also defeats the strong. He is definitely a person who meets the requirements to be called the protagonist. Later on, I decided to have this style be inherited by Shiki from Tsukihime, I think, not so much I think.

    Little Girl
    Projection. Angel of fantasy.
    She plays the guitar. She's pretty bad at it.
    Appears at Godot's apartment, acting as if she were a maid but is actually a good-for-nothing freeloader, she is a big troublemaker for Godot's very few earnings. Basically, she just sits around and does nothing.
    V/V has a special ability that gives her a subtle healing effect. V/V's signature move however, is to completely eat up Godot's wages.
    Her hobby is appreciating the lives of those gathered under the big trees.

    City of the World Trees
    It is a base built for the purpose of monitoring Type-Venus's corpse.
    At the time, the people assigned to that place where as good as exiled, but it was confirmed that the corpse that was greening the ground, and the place gradually grew into a city.
    In the military shooting operation involving Types-Uranus & Neptune, most of the leaves belonging to the big trees will be lost.

    Heaven's Corpse (Type-Venus)
    The Ultimate One of Venus.
    It could be described as a carnivorous plant with the overall length of about 1000 meters. It is said to have a form similar to a fish with a pair of gigantic trees behind it, but nobody has ever recorded it accurately because it was hidden between the sea of clouds.
    It came flying into Earth a little later than the other invading Aristoteles and drifted among the sea of clouds for a long time. For a moment, it was harmless until it completed its search for an ideal seedbed and finally began its descent.
    That true form roots into the earth and spreads millions, or rather an indecipherable number of spores (angelic predator terminals). It is an invasive creature that resembles a forest plant that is capable of growing from the environment.
    The Aristoles was a parasite so it had "taken" the concept of the human species.

    Admirable and single-minded in nature, she had fell in love with the idea of love itself.
    The command that had been inputted was "Prey upon everyone and every thing on Earth", but the answer that was created was "Love everyone and every thing on Earth", I suppose that can't be helped.
    Ah, it became an incurable thing. Thy name to be loved.



    Details unknown. Rumour has it that it is a mutant species that suddenly fell into South America before the Christian Era (AD, Anno Domini).
    As a creature of aggressive nature, it takes pride in its distinct extradimensional abilities. The previous 5th ancestor recklessly attempted to capture it and was killed instantly. After that, it gained vampiric abilities, which established its treatment as an ancestor.
    An alien entity with an over-all length of 40 meters.
    It's covered with an outer skin that's harder, more flexible, more resistant to temperature differences, and sharper than any other material on earth.
    Besides the main body's absurd attack values, it possesses a special ability resembling a reality marble - The Crystal Valley.

    Crystal Valley
    This is the invasion of a repulsive, beautiful landscape.
    Some magi and the twenty seven ancestors are capable of controlling mental worlds known as "reality marbles", but the one that ORT holds is on a different level.
    ORT is a "visitor from another planet".
    Just by existing on earth, the environment around him (?) changes towards the environment he (?) once lived in. To put it simply, it is a falsification of the laws of nature — a leakage of an otherworldly order.
    If human beings are a species that destroys the earth, ORT is an "invader" that that literally rewrites the earth into a different planet. Well... luckily since ORT is a lazy Mr. (?) Spider, it doesn't seem like he (?) has any interest in harming the earth. Maybe he (?)'s not interested in — an invasion.
    He (?) accidentally came along on the wrong time schedule, it is believed that he (?) has secluded himself (?) within the crystal valley until the promised time.
    However, it is impossible for humans to comprehend ORT's circumstances, the higher-ups of various organisations have been trying to deal with this kind of dangerous creature as soon as possible but have been unable to do so for one reason or another.

    The basic concept is "hopeless despair." You could say that if this was an RPG, ORT would be a hidden boss that is stronger than the last boss. "What is this game balance? The developers clearly put no thought into this!" No, no. You should know it is your fault for messing with him(?).
    ORT completely lacks the ability to learn the earth's culture, but by preying upon living creatures, it seems that he(?) can partially mimic abilities.
    (Because it is a mimicry, even if ORT talks in a human speech pattern, it is nothing but a repetition of something that was said in the past. Well, it's up to the individual to find the romance in that.) By the way, ORT considers the former 5th Dead Apostle Ancestor to have had the deepest, most intense flavour out of every living being on Earth so far.
    But as a side note, while ORT crystallising many trees simply by moving around was my early visual image for Crystal Valley, PFALZ's spider web idea for the Crystal Valley's river was amazing so I went with that. Also, many of the designs I asked PFALZ to create were based on the information in this book, which he compiled in an amusing way. He's like a rival, isn't he!? A super U.F.O. The strongest aggressive creature. It's an amazing design from another dimension! Or rather something that not even Arc win against!! Someone better get [email protected] over here!

    Source / ???

    The Ultimate One of Mercury(?). Appears in the science-fiction short story "Notes." as one of the Ultimate Ones's comrades......but by mistake he(?) arrived on Earth before the others (about 5000 years), ahhh you stupid boy(?)!
    ......To tell you the truth, ORT wasn't the strongest species to receive the distress call sent to Earth.
    By the way, you can't kill this thing with mystic eyes of death perception. There is no concept of death so there is no other way but to destroy ORT physically.

    Ado Edem
    Magical Sword - Slash Emperor

    The magical sword wielded by Ado Edem. The thing that feasts on the stars.
    It is a simple magical sword that increases the size of the blade to match the size of the target.

    The sword-seed in Edem's hand germinates and rapidly expands at the speed of a thought.

    However, no matter how much true ether [grain] is used for a magical sword, a huge conversion source is required to compose such a huge mass.

    The more Edem's magical sword increases in size, the more it scrapes the earth at the same time. The flow of the old world's many laws allowed it to gain resources; Edem is no different, bringing ruin to the world in order to protect humanity. It is possible to say that he is the embodiment of all humans existing at this present moment.

    Before the formation of the magical sword, it stands by in its seed state, until it pierces the earth in response to Edem opening his eyes to the truth, growing like a green eggplant.

    This scene shows the normal battle state. What seems like a blue aura is not the grain emitted by the blade, but the sky being torn by the sword. Slash Emperor shows its majestic appearance when it cuts through the devastated world's "red sky" to show a glimpse of the truth.

    Ado Edem

    The knight that forms the magical sword - Slash Emperor. The knight didn't stand out during the battle against the hundred A-Ray subspecies, however at the time the aristoteles came flying in, he rose to the centre stage.
    Edem bisected Type-Jupiter, "The Black Aristotles" with one swing of that magical sword.

    Since then, due to the overwhelming deviation of the magical sword's advantage, the hundred A-ray species, human species and the other knights built a disposal site on a large fault of land known as "The Witch's Umbrella" where Edem was imprisoned.

    ...... When the battle with the Aristoteles was approaching its end, he was thrown in as humanity's trump card, and "The Cross", Type-Saturn, which was said to be impregnable was annihilated, since then it is unknown if they are alive or dead

    Witch's Umbrella (Witch Swift Umbrella)
    A castle built in the middle of a large fault. Its name comes from the fact that it is built on a scaffold that looks like an open umbrella turned upside down. It is the original concept for the millennium castle from Tsukihime. Within the depths of the castle-shaped prison's many walls and multiple doors, a thousand chains bind the thing that sits tied to a throne. From the castle walls, these chains stretch towards the throne like a spider web, lifting from the throne requires nothing other than the strength to destroy the entire castle. In addition, there are 78 doors that must to be passed to arrive at the throne, these are also magical doors that no ordinary knight can break down.

    Large Fault (of Land)

    The leader of the hundred species of A-Ray, the youngest sister of the six sisters halved the world with a crack in the land. The Six Sisters were not created out of love, also the younger sister's death cry as she was killed by a knight was just like a star being gouged out. By the way, in the land of steel "magecraft" is lost but rumour has it that each of the six sisters were true magicians.


    The human race is a new species that has adapted and evolved to survive on the devastated earth, these are the ones that have evolved into more humanoid creatures.
    From the moment of birth, this new species of human has another organ on the outside of the body, which will be materialised from grain.
    The thing that the person materialises from grain is generally named magical swords, those which handle these swords are called knights.

    Source / On the Land of Steel (Overcount 1999)

    A story about a battle between a new species and other planets. The story is a fairy tale about a battle between a new species that has adapted to the environment and the next generation ecosystem created by humanity, the a-rays.
    The story takes place on a dead planet, where people are happily fighting over who will be the next leader.
    However, a mysterious object called an Aristotles and his friends came from outer space and told them that it was time for both of them to die.
    I'm sure you'll agree with me. ......
    This is a very sad story.
    The strongest species of each planet, Ultimate Ones (Aristotles) will appear frequently in the TYPE MOON games from now on.
    Also, as a side note;
    The "blue sky is seen through the red sky" is the idea of PFALZ, who is in charge of the design.
    This is the idea of PFALZ, the designer. I'm surprised he used the "red sky" that even the original story had forgotten.
    I can't believe he used the "red sky" in this way. ......!

    Guess I'll throw this in here:

    Extract from February 12 2002 interview with MelonBooks

    February 12 2002 interview with MelonBooks

    "Can you please tell us the origins of your circle name?"

    Nasu: "It was hard to decide. Is it really okay to be called an Aristotles? It's a reference to an Aristotles from Notes, but for me, that naming that was a youthful way to make a decision.  So, if we're going to start with something related to note.
    "... As a matter of fact, in that story, Type-Moon is revealed just before the final obstacle. They wield the magical sword, Real of The World (True World)"
    I told the story I had been keeping secret, and was told, "Why don't you use Type-Moon?"

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    Man this is some ancient stuff. I think arai translated many snippets of it back in the day but it was probably gone with old bl/fuyuki.

    Seems some of these entries are in the TM wiki, you could cross check here to see someone else's take:

    Also, welcome to BL!
    don't quote me on this

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    From what I remember, Lianru did most of these as well. But I'm not entirely sure.

    Either way, good going.

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    The strongest species of each planet, Ultimate Ones (Aristotles) will appear frequently in the TYPE MOON games from now on.
    It sure did huh

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