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Actually, does it matter that I've put everything on a different hard drive than the one my OS is running from?

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I assumed it was looking for already-installed versions of the routes and that the patches worked similarly to the old translation for the separate .exes. I may have been mistaken.
As for having the three routes already installed, OP at the top of the thread never clarified that they shouldn't be. Should I be pointing the installer to the .7z archives with the routes instead? That seems odd to me, since the installer asks to point to folders containing the route .exes.
It's fine if you have already installed versions of the separate routes and point the Ultimate Edition installer towards those to fetch the files it needs. As long as you end up with the correct files specified in the first post, the game should run. Where is your save data folder "faterealtanua_savedata" located (subfolder of the game folder, subfolder of user documents, subfolder of AppData)? If you're no sure which directory Ultimate Edition is using, you can check the file "config.ksc" in the game folder; it's basically a text file.