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Thread: Metroid-Halo Crossovers (How-to Discussion)

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    Metroid-Halo Crossovers (How-to Discussion)

    Metroid-Halo Crossovers

    Prolly the wrong forum to be posting this, but it's the one I frequent. Oh well.

    I’ve been wondering how one might go about doing it effectively. There are many small details in both of these fandoms that feel like they’d be right at home in the other, but at the same time, there are large swaths of content that would be incompatible.

    Most of the discrepancies can be attributed to the series' respective histories.
    In Metroid, the Galactic Federation originally had its capital on a planet called Daiban (as of the Metroid manga), but Metroid: Other M canonized Earth as being part of the Metroid universe as well.

    In Halo, we have an obvious counterpart with the UNSC, except that’s a decidedly human organization, and not a conglomeration of many different spacefaring species.

    Moreover, there’s also the ‘ancient’ history of the Halo universe, with the Precursors being overthrown by the Forerunners, the initial rise of spacefaring civilization, followed by the discovery of the Flood and its subsequent consumption of almost all other life in the universe before the Forerunners built the Halo Array, gathered up the survivors, and then purged the galaxy of all life outside Installation 00/The Ark.

    This, and Metroid’s more fantasy-based approach to sentient aliens — there being a much larger variety of sentient species, similar to Star Wars — seems to make the two narratives incompatible already. The Forerunner-Flood War would probably coincide with the ‘birth’ of Phaaze in the Metroid timeline, and much of the interim can be traced through the lore entries throughout the Prime Trilogy. The Bryyonians had thousands of years of prosperity, and the Chozo would be the Metroid universe’s equivalent of the Forerunners, with their existential conflict occurring with their discovery of the X-Parasite on SR-388 a few thousand years prior to the setting.

    The things that make both Halo and Metroid so interesting fun often come part and parcel with the settings. Samus can’t exist in the Halo universe without finding a way to insert the Chozo into the narrative, and their existence seems to clash with the Forerunners, so a lot of history would have to be rewritten to make this work, or otherwise Samus would need a completely different backstory.

    The Space Pirates (Zebesians, Urthragians, and their various mutations) would be easier to drop in since their history isn’t as detailed. That much of Samus’ origin story wouldn’t be a problem. It’s the Chozo and the Galactic Federation that would be the issue. I suppose Samus could join the UNSC in place of the Federation, but it would have to be reworked into a different kind of organization including a variety of other races. The various other aliens could potentially be worked in on a case-by-case basis, while the Covenant races would be their own opposing party, though since I haven’t read the books, I’m not really aware of what’s going on with the Covenant anymore, especially since High Charity was… well… devoured by Flood.

    It’d definitely be hard to join these two narratives without tearing out a lot of details from Metroid’s lore. Still, as difficult as putting Samus into a Halo setting would be, I think it would be impossible to add the UNSC to the Metroid universe.

    So, does anyone have any ideas on this subject? I’m not looking to start any sort of project, mind. I'm just curious about how other people might go about doing it.
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    Except the Chozo don't have to be the Forerunners, because they're still around to raise Samus. Have the Chozo as a hermitlike old but not Forerunner old race, who never encountered the Covenant. Space is a big place with lots of places to hide. Space Pirates are basically Jackels IIRC. Here's an idea: The Chozo were the dominant group before humanity and the Covenant and they found the halos and took it's warning super seriously. So when they found the X they freaked out thinking it was the flood and dedicated themselves to getting rid of it. Their civilization stagnated until they reach the level they're at when Samus' backstory happens. In the end they were the scientist in the Sci-Fi movie who found the apocalypse warning message years ago but came to the wrong conclusions about it.

    The hardest part might be explaining away how Samus can operate in UNSC space while wearing unknown alien tech and not immediately have it confiscated and dissected, given this is the same government that kidnaps children to turn them into supersoldiers.
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