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Thread: Titanomachy Rebirth (IC)

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    Titanomachy Rebirth (IC)

    Location: ???
    Time: ???

    “Failed again… but why?! This time it looked like it was working… did something intervene? Damnit, if only I could-!”

    The being in the throne of mirrors shook the strange monitor on her hands, babbling to herself half-insane with frustration. That her hopes had surged up just ever so slightly after millennia of stillness just made the let-down crueler. That the connection had been cut before she could see just what had gone wrong on top of that made the result maddening.

    She fell silent, all of a sudden, and the surge of emotion abated. It was always brief nowadays, just muted eruptions inside a frozen hellscape. She closed her eyes, the mirror-like irises disappearing behind her eye-lids as she thought, and as she forced herself to accept the result.

    How many times had it been already? Hundreds, for sure. Perhaps a thousand? The result changed, not every time, but it changed. It just was never the result she wanted.

    And yet, without a doubt, it was shifting. Slowly. Very slowly. But each attempt seemed to bring her closer. Already she had an idea of what may have cut her off in such a way.

    “The Nightfall Protocol, huh?” She opened her eyes, and the mirrors inside spun disconcertingly as she mused. That was possible. Not that she could confirm it. She knew distressingly little about it even after all these eons, but-

    “Oh, you finally got here. Hi!” A mocking voice sounded besides her, interrupting her reverie, and the Transparent Tyrant sighed before looking down from her throne to the crystal floor.

    A little blue silhouette of a man danced mockingly there, face distended into a grotesque, inhuman smile. When she stared at him, the smile became an annoying smirk as he waved at her, and the Tyrant sighed again.

    “How come you always know, Connor?” She asked almost plaintively. The way the transition worked, she had always existed when she made the transition, and yet every single time he knew when she ‘truly’ came here.

    “Oh? What a silly question. It would be weird if I didn’t know. Don’t you think so, sis?” The Blue Reaper answered in a way he absolutely knew would annoy her, but she didn’t give him the pleasure of externalizing her annoyance. She merely diverted her stare to the complex machinery surrounding her throne, and she wrapped herself on her cape.

    She had heard so many variations of that answer already. She’d just accept that she would never know. That she had ended up being a sort of ‘sister being’ to this absolute jackass was something she would have to live with, either way.

    “Don’t try to pull the act on me, Connor.” She said tiredly. The Reaper stiffened slightly, but acted as if he hadn’t heard her. “I imagine the Tower of Babel must be buzzing with activity by now?”

    “Of course. You know how it is. We all can feel it in the air… the alteration in the spiritual currents is pretty indicative by itself, you know? Every single one of us is looking forward to the new food!” The Reaper replied. “Personally, I would prefer it if it came in a better package this time. A few pretty girls, maybe. It has been a while for me, you know?”

    The Tyrant rolled her eyes and elected to ignore the last part. “Might as well keep away the most troublesome ones of the bunch for a while. Again.” She nodded to herself, and then a sudden thought struck her. She looked towards her interlocutor again, and asked with genuine curiosity.

    “How come you never ask?”

    The Blue Spirit shifted slightly on the crystal floor, the inhuman figure writhing and blurring momentarily. “Now, now. You’ve not asked my endgame either! Though you already know, perhaps. But hey, I bet you it changes every time, doesn’t it?”

    His fellow Spirit nodded mutely, and he shrugged, genuinely amused by the question.

    “I don’t believe in fortune telling. Besides-“

    A soft beeping interrupted the conversation, and both Spirits turned to look at one of the monitors at the other side of the throne.

    The screen came alive by itself, the machine below reacting to a program coded within centuries ago, and showed a certain phenomenon: somewhere in a strange, alien world, a gap in the heavens opened, just below the dome of the accursed Broken Sky. Space cracked, spiritual power pouring down the gap so thickly that it was barely visible as greenish-blue dust.

    The whole of the Warped World shuddered and screamed as the terrains and buildings of Zeus Experimental High School started to fall through, slowly, ponderously, and yet catastrophic in its impact all the same. The objects inside, as well as the unfortunate souls trapped within started to warp as it fell, the world asserting itself over the school.

    A shambling corpse of a god executed its mechanical task once more.

    “So, it has finally come! The Fourth Generation has arrived!” The silhouette celebrated joyfully, unable to keep a predatory edge to his voice. For he was the Reaper of Blue, and although he had his reasons to do his task, he did it well. “A man reaps what they sow. A good phrase, right, sis? So if you pardon me, I have a harvest to attend to now.”

    The Transparent Tyrant swirled towards her fellow Spirit, and suddenly, those horrible transparent eyes were full of cracks. Her body tensed forwards, lean and almost hungry in manner, fair skin seeming briefly to warp into glass, revealing beautiful and yet revulsive crystal structure where muscle and sinew should be.

    “One more word, and I will announce what you are to the entirety of the Warped World.” She said, in a tone too calm and even to be human.

    The blue silhouette twitched noticeably in the floor, and then shrugged, apparently disdaining to offer an answer. Its head tilted, bending the neck grotesquely, and he listened to a faint sound that it was only for he to hear: the sound of a seal breaking apart.

    He smiled his annoying smirk, looking almost euphoric for a moment, and the shadow in the floor of mirrors slithered away.

    The Tyrant ignored him. As tempting as it was to throw a parting shot at him, she had other things to attend. The connection with her other had been completed just now, and she absorbed the information she received even as she braced against the undercurrent of emotions that were hers but not hers and that hit her with the force of a tidal wave.

    Her instinct was screaming at her. It had begun howling the moment the cycle started again. Last time had been special… and this time somehow felt even stranger than then. She didn’t know why, for this particular variance she had seen a few times before, but the Tyrant felt the difference she couldn’t explain, and the mirrors on her face twinkled mutedly.

    If this time was it… if this time could be it, then…

    She frowned. She couldn’t have full access to her other until she awakened, but she had no time to lose. Not when she was acting on a hunch without fundament. She had to start making her moves now.

    This time around, she would need to play it smarter than ever, and the thought made her grimace. Subtlety hadn’t been her forte even as a human, so long ago, but she would have to do her best.

    Besides, she enjoyed tormenting her other with weird enigmatic bullshit, like once had been done to her.

    With a smirk on her face, the Tyrant of Transparency sat on her throne, closed her eyes, and started to probe at the dreams she could access.

    “Fear not the shadows outside. Fear first the shadows in your midst.” – Angel saying.

    Johnny Justice & Cyrus Ferdinand
    Location: Kansas – Zeus Approach
    Time: The Past

    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Justice
    “Hey, principal guy, ya got a minute? Ya see, my buddy and I got a proposition for ya. You like gambling? Well how about we make a bet. You play my friend here and if we win you enroll us in that school of yours, you win and we’ll do whatever ya want.”
    “Oh, is that so?”

    One would have expected the man to react with surprise to being approached out of nowhere by an overly familiar stranger and being given such an outlandish proposal.

    Instead, Sir Darion Charles Parsons, adventurer, globetrotter, inheritor of a vast fortune, turned around and regarded you coolly, without any signs of being startled by your approach.

    You had expected someone taller, and something told you this man had once been powerfully built and handsome, before old age sank its teeth into him. This dapper, well-dressed gentleman still looked suave and handsome despite that, but he was truly old. The information you had had placed him on his late seventies, after all.

    And yet, he still had a sort of understated presence, a subtle and powerful sensation that emanated from his terse posture and dignified air. Without a single iota of a doubt, he was someone completely out of the norm.

    And so was the bodyguard at his side. You’d been pretty sure Darion’s protectors had allowed you to approach. Even now you could feel at least one hidden presence watching at you, but evidently, they hadn’t expected you to actually touch their charge.

    The white-haired, lanky youth at his side stiffened, and looked like he was about to do something about that, but the principal of Zeus High School lightly touched his arm, stopping him.

    “Calmly, Mr. Zhao.” He said, and the youth relaxed slightly, still keeping his eyes on both of you, his face neutral and inexpressive. Darion nodded, and let him go, clasping his hands behind his back, his stare going from Johnny to Cyrus and back to Johnny.

    He perused you like a collector of rare antiques would examine a rare piece, and smiled slightly.

    “Now, now. What kind of bet did you have in mind, young man?” He asked gently.

    Jordan J. Jones
    Location: Zeus High School – Courtyard (Football Field)
    Time: Noon

    “HUT!” Lavrenti Petrov roared his third hut, signaling behind his back with a wave of his hand.

    You had memorized the signals and strategies he had outlined long ago, and you nodded to yourself as you took your stance, a running start, the best one for an explosive dash.

    “HUT!” Lavrenti roared again, and your team came alive all of a sudden, running ahead while the second-string players in the opposite side did their best to stop you.

    You became a black meteor as Lizbeth Moores slammed into a lineman twice her size and almost sent him flying. The black man staggered to the side, and you disappeared through the hole in the line without even slowing on your stride.

    The linebacker came at you with a grunt of effort, deftly turning and running to intercept you, moving at a surprising speed for his size. You grinned. So far, according to plan.

    “FASTER, JONES!” Kian Philips roared, his booming voice shaking the entire field. Your blood boiled when you heard him, and you accelerated even further beyond.

    But instead of moving to evade, you kept running straight towards the linebacker. You saw the enormous man flinch, eyes widening as he understood your plan, and then you slammed into him with the greatest speed and force you could produce.

    The man let out a pained groan as all breath was forcefully driven out of him. You didn’t quite have enough mass to send him backwards, but you managed to stagger him and stop him in his tracks.

    From behind you, Nathan Rain surged past, the second running back taking the opening you had created to run freely through the field. On the other side of the line, William Rain, your team’s best receiver, ran in a toe-to-toe contest with the other team’s cornerback.

    You could picture it behind you, Lavrenti still holding on the ball, protected by the line, calmly choosing his target. Now it was up to the Rain brothers to drive it home-!

    The towering boy came out of nowhere, somehow free, and his perpendicular course caught Nathan unaware, and the boy was just too thin and lacking in strength to shrug him off.

    Dammit. You pushed the still stunned linebacker aside and jumped forwards, trying to tackle the boy and free Nathan, managing to entangle his arm, and the three of you struggle. You were on your fourth down already. If you could only manage to push a bit farther, you would be near the touchdown line. Just a bit more…!

    The ball flew…


    The mood in the locker room wasn’t good.

    Lavrenti frowned as he considered the results, his back turned to the team, his gaze on the various strategy boards strewn about.

    Saying that the result had been bad would be wrong. In fact, it had been fairly good. The training was showing its fruits, but the result wasn’t good enough, not with the match against the former sub-champion so near. The result simply wasn’t up to standards

    The team’s weaknesses were painfully clear.

    Firstly, two linemen had caught the flu at the worst possible time, and one was out for a while after getting into a dumb fight. That meant that the second-string players had to replace them, with Lizbeth at the center of the line, and their lack of coordination was regrettable. There wasn’t much that could be done about it except additional training.

    The second issue was thornier, and one you had only noticed recently. The team depended on Lavrenti. Sure, the Zeus Olympians had a lot of people, replacements weren’t much of an issue. Rick, your second-string quarterback, had serviceable throws, was calm and steady, and had a head for tactics.

    But he didn’t have the leadership and the ability to coordinate the team’s positioning that Lavrenti had. And that made your quarterback and leader one of the team’s biggest strengths and weaknesses. If he went down, if he was hurt by a sack, the team would fall apart.

    That put a lot of pressure on the line. They couldn’t afford to be as offensive as the team would’ve liked, as they had to concentrate of protecting their leader. You had the feeling recently that Lavrenti had been trying to raise you as a possible replacement for his role, but he hadn’t been exactly direct and forthcoming about it.

    Speaking of which, you caught him grimacing as he sent an annoyed, almost angry glance at the Rain brothers. The third problem.

    They didn’t show up enough to practice, most of the time due to being in trouble for one reason or the other. Then William would always lose purchase of the big picture and get embroiled in his own competition with the opponent’s cornerback, often with detrimental effects for coordination and Lavrenti’s strategy.

    And Nathan… simply was unmotivated. He was fast, not as fast as you, but he was fast and stable. But he wasn’t keeping up with the training, his physique wasn’t quite good enough for his job due to that, and he just… wasn’t quite there during games.

    They had been the main problem today. With the line still trying to reform, the back had to carry the slack, but of their stars you’d been the only who performed how you were supposed to.

    You looked around. Lizbeth looked bored and about to doze off. The Rain brothers were staring intently at anything but his fellow teammates, and you were sure the captain would rip their heads off in private later on.

    Kian was unusually silent, arms crossed and watching silently, evidently wanting to see how the team would handle this situation.

    But the mood was no good. No good at all. You had to say something…

    Masaki Tomomi
    Location: Zeus High School – Floor 2 (Class 208)
    Time: Noon

    It was rare for you to envy one of your classmates, but right now you wished you were in Shelia Hathaway’s shoes.

    The pink-haired singer had obtained permission from your teacher to excuse herself from class early, citing duties in the Music Club. She would pay for that in the next math class, you were sure of it.

    Perry Hunt, your Mathematics teacher, looked prim and proper and imposing. With his build and look, one would expect his job to be more of a PE teacher, or perhaps a martial arts coach. But he taught math. And, as you had discovered a year ago, he was a sadist.

    He always customized his problems to match the capacities of his students and push their limits just a wee bit farther. You had to admit he was good at his job, but being on the receiving end of that method of teaching wasn’t very fun. No wonder he was unpopular with the student body.

    The problem he had given you was overly complicated and long. Your perfect memory retained all the principles and equations that had to be used, but applying them was a different issue entirely. Ultimately, this university-level problem wasn’t quite a challenge for you, but it was ultimately long and boring, and you couldn’t go to lunch break until you finished it.

    You looked at your two friends. You had put your desks together and started working on the math problems. At least Mr. Hunt allowed you to form groups and talk or work together, as long as you weren’t too loud and weren’t obviously copying from another group.


    Gennadiya Petrova was still chipping at her problem. Unlike you or Rachel, she wasn’t a super-genius, so her exercise wasn’t that complicated, and between you and your other friend, you had managed to give her enough hints to keep her on track.

    Rachel Raeburn herself had been progressing slowly but surely, working at her own pace. She’d always been just slightly better than you at math, but evidently even for her this was something she had to trudge along to complete, if only due to the sheer length of the problem.

    You wondered if it was just your own impression, but Rachel didn’t quite look like her usual cranky and ill-tempered self. In fact, you thought she’d looked slightly worried ever since Shelia had gone out of the classroom.

    Was something going on here?

    Masaki Taichi & Eleanor Lansing
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Swordsmanship Team Training Room)
    Time: Noon


    You and Kaitlin Walterson clashed once again in a furious dance as your practice epees flashed towards each other, the ball-points of the weapons piercing simultaneously towards each other’s hearts.

    You stepped to the side, and your opponent did the same, your swords suddenly cutting towards the side as the stab was transformed into a slash, and they met in a clash of sparks that forced the both of you back.

    Neither of you were used your preferred weapon or even your preferred style. Your teammate Alexander Tanner, who was a more classic fencer, would’ve been more at home with these weapons than you or Kaitlin, but that didn’t mean either of you lacked the skill to use them effectively.

    Still in synchrony, the both of you stepped forward again, and initiated yet another clash, a storm of red and blue as you sought each other’s’ weaknesses. Kaitlin was a bit faster and stronger, but you were steadier and had a better overall defense.

    You met eyes as you circled around the mat, and at that moment, almost as if you had agreed beforehand, the both of you lunged…


    “Haah… haah… that was a good workout. You’re pretty good, Eleanor.” Kaitlin acknowledged with a graceful nod, as the both of you sat down, breathing hard. Ultimately you had scored two points each before you had reached the agreed time limit for the spar, which had been put in the first place due to your need to consume lunch at some point.

    A tie was a fairly unsatisfying result, but given just how good Kaitlin was, you weren’t sure if to file that as an accomplishment or not. If only you could’ve gone at her with full strength, your true style versus her true style, and see who ended up the winner…

    But for one reason or another, the British aristocrat was good at gracefully avoiding invitations to use her true strength, be it against you or other members of the team. Even Taichi and Alexander had never managed to get her to go all out.

    Kaitlin took out a handkerchief from her pocket, wiping the sweat from her forehead with the same aristocratic grace that accompanied all of her movements. The both of you had been classmates for a while, and you knew well of her dislike for getting dirty. It wasn’t on the level of a phobia, but it was always striking just how much she did in order to maintain cleanliness.

    Having made certain that she had accounted for all the sweat in her forehead and face, Kaitlin slowly and deliberately pocketed her handkerchief and turned to face you. She took a deep breath, before speaking.

    “Tanner asked me to talk to you about your probation.” Kaitlin said in a serious tone. Although she was being stiff and somewhat formal about it, her expression made clear she didn’t want to pressure you much about it. Perhaps just hear you out as a teammate, or even as a friend.


    “Bravo! What a magnificent display!” The white-haired girl sitting at the table clapped twice after Eleanor and Kaitlin’s spar was done. Having said her praises, she sipped elegantly from a golden cup of tea, part of a gold tea set the girl was fond of using.

    You didn’t know that much about Izabella Lovasz. The albino girl was a transfer student from Hungary that had entered Zeus a few months ago, an able fencer, with a family that was stupidly rich, perhaps even on the same level as Tammara Ackerman’s… and that was it. Anything else was a mystery, and Izabella seemed to like to keep it that way.

    “Ah, Taichi, try this tea, by the way. It is a special blend from Eastern Europe. I think you’ll like it.” She said, pushing another golden cup your way with your smile. You hadn’t managed to stop her from using your first name. At least she was friendly, but she was perhaps a bit too friendly, especially noticeable in someone so ladylike.

    “Oh, and there’s for you two as well, Rumiko, Shinoko!” She called to the twins, who were currently sparring against each other.

    Both girls held bokkens as they engaged each other at a high speed, and you observed their forms with a critical eye. Their unique kendo style that took advantage of speed and movement was somewhat unsuited for your frame and your own style, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t give them advice as their senpai.

    Currently, Rumiko had scored one hit more than Shinoko, and the smaller of the twins strained as she tried to even the score. But her sister was using her advantage in speed and reach to play keep-away, and she was doing pretty well at it.

    “Ah, it seems like it will still be a bit until their fight ends.” Izabella shrugged.

    You nodded, more to yourself than to her words. The fight would still last a few more exchanges, perhaps about five more, but Rumiko had this one in the bag unless Shinoko pulled some sort of surprise reversal.

    This was nothing new. The twins always managed to have a very even number of wins against each other, although lately Rumiko was on a winning streak.

    There were a few more other members of the team, but they weren’t here. Tanner was most likely still busy with Student Council work (and after you had been exposed to the insane amount of paperwork that they had to process, you hadn’t been able to begrudge him), and Griffin probably was still stuck in class.

    But either way, you hadn’t come here just to drink tea and eat snacks… the question was, what will you do now?

    Location: Zeus High School – Rooftop
    Time: Noon

    “-and the creep just wouldn’t take no for an answer!” Ludmilla Selee complained loudly, picking at her lunch with a fork. “Seriously, who does he think I am? Geez, I know there are these rumors around but I don’t open my legs to literally anyone who asks!” She added in a bad mood, uncaring of the crudity of her words.

    You’d never quite understand what made Ludmilla stick to you so much nowadays. Of course, that the both of you were considered the top two beauties in the campus probably had to do with it.

    And she did try to have a one-night stand with you, although she had both understood and accepted your rejection the moment she had tried to push it beyond just dates. So, she definitely felt some lust towards you, not that was anything new to you.

    Or perhaps it was just that the both of you were alike in that you weren’t the kind of girls people got close to. Popular, yes, but close friends were a wholly different thing.

    “Geez, that about soured my morning.” She sighed, and stretched, which did interesting things to her figure. Students had often compared the two of you that way: you were compared to be akin to art, while Ludmilla was like an incarnation of seduction. “Kaguya~! Heal my sooouul! Spoil meee~!”

    Ah, perhaps the answer to the mystery was just that she liked to flirt with you.

    You were about to reply, when you heard strong footsteps approaching. Suddenly, the door to the rooftop was wrenched open with great strength, and a girl you recognized burst into the scene.

    Mary Hanson stopped for a moment, swiveled her head to scan the roof, located you, and approached quickly, expression thunderous.

    “THERE YOU DWELL, YOU WANTON SLATTERN!” She yelled, pointing straight at Ludmilla, who rolled her eyes.

    “Oh, for the love of god, here we go again…” Your friend said, rolling her eyes.

    “Don’t you dare mention the Lord with your dirty mouth!” Mary bristled. “How dare you extend your dark tentacles to the Choir Club?! Corrupting such an innocent and pure boy with your feminine wiles!”

    “Sis, with what that choir boy was packing, he got nothing of pure.” Ludmilla replied with a smirk. “And lemme tell ya, he sure can make a gal sing. Probably not the kinda choir you’d like, though.”

    Mary’s cheeks immediately colored pink at that crude comment. “Y-y-y-you evil seductress!! You demon! Succubus!”

    “Thanks.” Ludmilla smiled, blushing slightly.

    “IT WAS NOT A COMPLIMENT!” Mary practically roared. “And now I see you lurking here, working your devilish craft, trying to stray an innocent sheep into the path to deviancy!”

    She advanced until she was between the two of you, and stood in front of you protectively, facing a surprised Ludmilla.

    “I shall not allow it! You shall not soil this innocent girl’s purity!” She said, both hands extended to the sides, and with the face of a martyr about to sacrifice himself to stall a perilous foe.

    Wait. Was she talking about you?

    You traded glances with your friend, whose eyes had glazed over. The exact same question was in your minds…


    Rika Griffin
    Location: Zeus High School – Floor 3 (Class 306)
    Time: Noon

    “Umm, excuse me. Mr. Johnson?”

    You tilted your head as you heard Bryanna Halls voice. You hadn’t quite noticed when your classmate had stood from her desk and approached the teacher.

    “Hm? Yes, Halls?” Marlowe Johnson, Ethics teacher, known philosopher and essayist, tilted his head a bit when he heard her.

    Your teacher’s reputation was both good and bad. For all of his accomplishments, Marlowe was extremely spacey and disperse, somewhat clumsy. And forgetful, on top of that. His classes could either be incredibly easy or a small slice of hell as he fumbled with the homework and teaching materials.

    But his nature had an undeniable advantage, as your friend was about to demonstrate.

    “Here, I finished my homework.” Bryanna smiled and passed her paper to the teacher, who gave it a cursory look and nodded, putting it on the stack. “Do you mind if I take my lunch break now?”

    “No, go ahead.” Marlowe nodded at her. Bryanna smiled again, then turned towards you.

    “Alright, let’s go, girls!” She called out.

    You startled a bit at her call, and so did your adoptive cousin and best friend Elora Griffin, seated to your right. To your left, Lara Klein, Captain of the Acrobatics Team you were in and a close friend of yours, was equally surprised, although she was better at disguising it.

    “Hm? But they’re not done with their paper…” Marlowe replied, confused.

    “Oh? But they submitted it earlier.” Your friend replied.

    Your teacher frowned slightly, and looked towards you, but you three had enough sense to pocket your pens and act as if you hadn’t been chipping at the mini-essay for the last few minutes.

    He blinked, and shrugged upon seeing that you appeared to be idle. “Sure, you can go.”

    All of you then shuffled out of the classroom without a word. Marlowe was already back to his reverie and he wouldn’t bother to check the stack, plus you didn’t think this particular piece of work would have much influence in your score.

    If Bryanna wanted to play hooky, you didn’t mind following her, although Elora looked very dissatisfied at being dragged on this.

    Lara, meanwhile, grabbed her little sister’s hand and practically dragged the confused girl along with you. It had been already three days since Marie Klein had been living with her big sister in the dorm, and you still didn’t quite know the circumstances involved. Not that it mattered, Marie was too headpatable and the Acrobatics Team had enjoyed having what basically amounted to a new mascot.

    Yesterday, Marie had asked about seeing how classes in Zeus were, and today she had received permission to attend to her sister’s classes. You suspected that Marie herself wouldn’t enter Zeus High: she was fourteen years old already and hadn’t attracted the attention of the Zeus scouts, nor did she seem to have any special talent other than healing souls with cuteness.

    Still, you idly wondered if you were giving her a good example by pulling this off…

    “What’s going on, Bryanna? We hadn’t finished our work yet! Mr. Johnson is going to get mad once he notices he’s missing our papers.” Elora asked as you came to a stop in the hallway, crossing her arms as she asked the reporter. The fencer had always been an honor student, and she’d been struggling a lot to keep top scores in an environment as challenging as Zeus High, so she was understandably annoyed.

    “Oh, give it a rest. That essay is barely going to count towards our total score.” Lara yawned, then smiled cheerily. “Anyway, for one I’m glad we’re out of there. Mr. Johnson’s classes are pretty boring.”

    “Lara! I know you have high scores, but you’re not going to keep them if you keep slacking like this! Besides, a certain one of us isn’t doing so good on Mr. Johnson’s class.” Elora sighed, exasperated, then winked at you. Well, you had taken advantage of this particular teacher’s absent-mindedness more than once. “And, think of what example you’re giving to Marie.”

    Lara opened her mouth to reply, but was quickly interrupted.

    “Give it a rest, you two.” Bryanna said, rolling her eyes. Elora and Lara never did quite fight, per se, but for some reason you couldn’t ever guess, they always seemed to find a way to disagree and clash with each other. In fact, the normally dutiful Lara seemed to turn into a slacker when Elora was around, and the strict-but-kind Elora seemed to turn into a stickler for the rules when she was around Lara. “I called her out because I wanted to show Rika something… interesting.”

    You turned towards her at that, curious. Bryanna’s expression and tone expressed bemusement… but there was an undertone of someone who’d seen something unbelievable or just plain strange.

    “Have you heard about that Italian transfer student from a few weeks ago?” She asked.

    Sakura Sumeragi & Ishmael Freeman
    Location: Zeus High School – Floor 6 (Infirmary)
    Time: Noon


    “Hm, you seem to be alright already. Have all symptoms disappeared, other than the numbness?” Mila Kovaleva, the school’s nurse and vanguard specialist in strange diseases and abnormal physiques asked as she finished your examination.

    You nodded. You’d known that you were about to have a bad day when the normal symptoms had started manifesting. First it had been the normal ones, mostly muscle soreness and a generalized sensation of numbness on your whole body. The stuffed nose hadn’t been that normal, but the dizziness and sudden fever had definitely been out of the norm, not that you hadn’t experienced it sometimes.

    Some of your classmates had noticed you going deathly pale, and while accustomed to your bouts of sickness, they had ended up carting you to the infirmary. By the time you got there, however, most of your symptoms had abated, and your fever had gone down and practically disappeared.

    “Well, I think that your condition reacted to a common cold.” Mila clicked her tongue in amazement. You’d had a long relationship as her patient, ever since you entered the school, and she was rather familiar with your condition. “It got annihilated in less than an hour. Quite impressive, really.”

    She looked at you seriously, without her usual teasing air about her. “Now, I think you should stay here for a bit, just in case the symptoms come back. I doubt it but… anyway, stay a quarter of an hour or so, and then you can go enjoy your lunch break.” She smiled at you, then turned towards the classmates who had brought you here.

    “Misses O’Brian. Wouldn’t you mind keeping an eye on her, meanwhile? Call me if she starts feeling ill again.”

    “Yes!” “We don’t mind.” The red-haired twins replied almost simultaneously.

    “Are you sure she’s alright?” Medb, the oldest and… less blessed by feminine attributes of the two asked.

    “Yeah, she looked like she was about to drop dead!” Maeve, the youngest and more, ah, bountiful of the sisters followed.

    “It was worse…” “…than the usual…” “she almost fainted…” “…we think.” And there they were doing their thing again.

    Medb and Maeve O’Brian. Twin sisters and your classmates. The talent that had made them enter Zeus High school was precisely the one they were portraying right now: their absolute synchronicity. They excelled at all kinds of activities that required two persons to synchronize with each other, to a point where they looked like they had trained more than a few decades together.

    More disquieting was the way they talked in synchrony, completing each other’s phrases with ease, and sometimes talking simultaneously as if they were one person, which was quite headache-inducing actually, and you were thankful they weren’t pulling that bit right now. In fact, many people in the school speculated that they were more like one person than two, like some sort of twin-based hivemind.

    You, of course, had known them long enough to know they were two distinct persons altogether. Medb was cold and standoffish, if internally kind, while Maeve was cheery, loud and teasing. Still, that was about what you knew of them: they were hard to get close to.

    Mila looked like she was about to reply, when the door to the infirmary opened, and a girl entered, carrying a very beaten-up boy.


    “Seriously, you should stop letting that bitch do this to you.” Myrthe Zegers, captain of the female Swimming Team, complained as she helped you walk towards the infirmary.

    The result of yet another close encounter with Liu Zhongli was plainly visible on your bruised face. She hadn’t actually hit you that much today: she was on a particularly good mood today and hadn’t put that much effort on rearranging your face, all things considered.

    Still, one bad hit and now you were feeling quite dizzy and weak in the limbs. Maybe you should have protected you jaw from that uppercut, after all, but it had been worth it to see her mounting annoyance at your passivity before she just shrugged and left. And thankfully, Myrthe had found you shortly afterwards.

    “Do you even know how much of an issue it will be for our team if our manager ends up hospitalized? And after they went all the trouble to force me to accept you, no less!” The Dutch transfer student complained as you leaned on her.

    Normally you’d have enjoyed the close physical intimacy, especially since she was quite the looker, but it was hard to when the ceiling and the floor couldn’t seem to agree about which one belonged where.

    You’d shrug it off and be back to your feet soon enough, and you had told Myrthe as much, but right now a visit to the infirmary was sounded nicer than you cared to admit.

    “Geez, as if I had nothing better to do!” The swimmer sighed loudly, clearly exasperated, and swung open the door to the infirmary as you finally arrived there. “Oi, Mila! Got you a patient here.”

    “Keep it down in the infirmary.” The school’s nurse snapped immediately, then walked towards you.

    “Oh, it’s you again, Freeman. Had another lovers’ spat with Liu?” She asked teasingly as she and Myrthe helped you to a chair.

    Alexandra Gray
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Martial Arts Team Training Room)
    Time: Noon

    The Martial Arts Team didn’t have practice during the lunch break today. That, combined with your friendship with their ace, was mightily convenient if one wanted a peaceful and quiet spot to have lunch with.

    Though in your case, you were merely having lunch with Gwendoline Dale, the aforementioned ace. She had invited you, and you had lacked previous plans, so the both of you had made your way to the now empty room, and ate your food in companionable silence.

    Well, you weren’t exactly alone. Hiyori Fontaine had entered the room a few minutes ago, in an extremely bad mood, and she had quickly made her way to a corner of the room and started to eat her lunch there in deeply sullen silence. The both of you knew better than to talk to her when she looked as annoyed as she was right now, so you had chosen to leave her alone until she calmed down.

    You ate and waited patiently, and finally, Gwendoline cleared her throat, and looked up at you, apparently now willing to reveal why she had specifically called out to you.

    “Umm… Alexandra, err…” You applied more patience, knowing very well how awkward she was when it came to communicating. “Well, I was thinking… um, would you like to join the Martial Arts Team?” She asked, rubbing her hair nervously.

    She didn’t add anything to the question, waiting your answer, but you were keenly aware of Hiyori’s eyes focused on the both of you all of a sudden.

    Aster Hunter
    Location: Zeus High School – Courtyard (Tree Garden)
    Time: Noon

    The campus of Zeus High School was big. You had known that intellectually before arriving, but you hadn’t been prepared for the sheer size of it the first time you had come to the school. You’d been here for a while, and it was still sometimes strange just how big they were.

    The school’s courtyard, for example, was immense. To the point it contained a whole small forest within, at one corner of its greenery. Although you suspected the appropriate term was ‘copse’, the school had chosen to call it, somewhat pretentiously, ‘tree garden’.

    It was good looking, alright, but you weren’t in the mood to appreciate aesthetics. You were bored out of your gourd, and you were skulking around the yard in an effort to find something to do.

    The rest of the gang you formed part of was busy. Zhong herself had been cackling while holding some DVD, apparently mightily pleased with the contents within. Something to do with some Krystine, apparently. You hadn’t inquired more: you knew well of her sense of petty cruelty and her hunger for dominance to feel all that curious about it. Stacy and her had quickly gone off on their own to discuss something.

    Zack Brown and a few other members of the gang were also busy. Chamellia Rhodes had managed to annoy the gang once again. Even you had to agree that having that pest snoop around trying to sniff everyone’s secrets for no reason other than that she could was pretty annoying, but that girl was good at pulling out and disappearing the moment the heat got too much for her. Even waiting for her outside of the door of her class was useless, as she seemingly disappeared from the room without needing to pass through the door, somehow.

    Well, you couldn’t be bothered to engage in a futile search, and while Chamellia might’ve been good at running away, you knew she was no good in a fight, so you wouldn’t be able to get much entertainment out of her either.

    And as for the rest of the gang, they were all busy with their own stuff.

    You were considering maybe tracking down one of them and getting in a fight with them. Not Zhong, for now. You planned to reserve that particular challenge for your graduation, once there was nobody else left to fight.

    So you thought, until you saw a head of red hair nearby.

    Cecily Ridley dragged her usual victim of choice, Jane Rain, with her. The moment they were within the limits of the copse, she shoved her roughly against a tree, causing the black-haired girl to stumble.

    You were a bit too far to hear what Cecily was telling her, although you doubted it was anything pleasant.

    Suddenly, a group of five boys appeared, one of them jumping in-between your fellow gang member and her intended victim. You felt your eyebrows raise.

    This was new. Usually, only Jane’s teammates bothered to defend her. Most quickly became disillusioned at the girl’s sheer incapacity to stand up for herself.

    You approached, just enough to hear out what was going on.

    “Be reasonable, Ridley. We outnumber you five to one. Leave Jane alone.” The boy said, sweeping back his black hair in an attempt to look cool. Behind, Jane looked surprisingly hopeful.

    Cecily looked at them in confusion, then looked closely at the boy that had spoken… until she recognized him, and an unpleasant smirk floated on her face.

    “Oh! I know who you are. From the Tennis Team, aren’t you?” Cecily said, hands in her pockets, evidently not feeling very threatened yet… no, she looked like she was almost enjoying herself.

    The boys looked surprised, but their surprise soon turned into anger when Cecily spoke her next phrase.

    “I heard from someone else that you guys had made a bet… something about the loser of your next game has to go play white knight for Jane, help her, and get on her panties if possible?” She said, her smirk sharpening. She saw the confirmation in their faces, and Jane, still leaning against a tree, paled suddenly.

    “Boys, boys. That’s never going to work. Klein and that Griffith will bash your heads in before you even get to first base, you know?” She laughed at them, and the expression of the boy standing in front of her warped in fury.

    “Shut up, bitch!” He shouted, all cool gone from him now.

    “Huh? How the fuck did you call me, asshole?”

    And of course, hostility flared up instantly.

    Xavier Augustus & Willow Durand
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Music Club)
    Time: Noon

    “And it should be something like that. What do you think?” Cynthia Flag asked to her audience.

    Xavier and Adelyn Josephs frowned as they looked at the composition Cynthia had given them. The blond girl’s talent as a singer was well-known, sure… and she had good taste for picking and arranging the music, but you didn’t know she could compose her own music.

    Well, it wasn’t exactly a good composition. It was very amateurish, and if Xavier was going to be playing this, he’d need to retouch it a bit, and he saw the same thoughts crossing Adelyn’s mind, judging from her expression. But it was otherwise pretty serviceable. Rather impressive work for an amateur.

    “And then! I figured that this rhythm would be pretty good to dance to! So, with you and a few others from your club we should be able to put quite the spectacle!” Cynthia smiled as she turned towards Willow.

    No wonder her club had sent her once they heard someone in the Music Club had a project that’d involve participation from the Dance Club. Much as Willow would loathe to admit, Zeus didn’t have that many dancers, and the styles present were pretty disparate. The majority did ballet, which… she didn’t think it would suit this kind of cheery, upbeat music, at least not this ‘pop’ type.

    “You know, this is going to take a lot of work, right?” Adelyn pointed out the obvious. “This isn’t putting up a series of individual performances, this will require a lot of coordination between a bunch of people.”

    “I know!” Cynthia nodded at the musical virtuoso’s words. “I bet you the result will completely outdo all the shows Shelia’s put together combined! She’ll have no other option but to acknowledge me as her rival!” She said triumphantly, making a victory sign with one hand and winking at the room in general.

    “C’mon, I bet prodigies like you guys should be able to make easy work out of this…” She added, tone suddenly teasing.

    This brat…

    Lorelei Weber
    Location: Zeus High School – 4th Floor (Class 405)
    Time: Noon

    “Hey! Lori~!”

    You sighed, and reluctantly put down the sciences textbook you’d been perusing in preparation for next week’s exam. Not that you doubted you’d be able to crunch the exam in a few days, given your rather unique capacity, but you’d wanted to get an outline done beforehand.

    Jozefa Czajka burst into the classroom like a whirlwind, red ponytail bobbing behind her as she made her way to your desk in the blink of an eye.

    “Hi!” She waved at you energetically.

    You’d come to know her when she had, very insistently, tried to recruit you for the Track Team. Apparently, she’d thought your ability would make you excel at long-distance running, especially marathons.

    You had declined back then. Sure, resistance had its place in those events, but you’d never been very fast, and you had doubts you’d be able to win with just mere stamina. Plus, it was hard for anything to interest you, and the whole thing sounded like a bother.

    That hadn’t stopped Jozefa from trying to be your friend. She had somehow sensed the depression that invaded your days, and had followed you about like an overeager puppy until she had practically forced her friendship into you, in some sort of utter reversal of everything your history classes had taught you. It seemed she just couldn’t leave someone like you alone…

    And someone as defenseless as her did kind of bother your own complex, so it was also hard for you to leave her alone.

    “Um, do you mind making me a favor?” Jozefa asked sheepishly. “No, I don’t mean joining the Track Team!” She added quickly.

    “I was hoping you could come help us in the Student Council.” Your friend explained. “We’re getting pretty overwhelmed with work there and we need all the help we can.”

    Olivia Reeds
    Location: Zeus High School – 4th Floor (Class 406)
    Time: Noon

    “And that’s the class!” Sally Harland announced. The Sciences teacher put down the chalk and dusted her palms. She smiled encouragingly at her class. “C’mon, go and enjoy your lunch break. But don’t forget to study for next week’s exam. Mr. Garrard’s been worried about the performance of this class when it comes to this particular subject, so let’s try and get our scores up, okay?”

    A chorus of okays went up from the class, and Sally’s smile widened momentarily, and she started storing her stuff in her purse. You weren’t all that surprised: she was perhaps one of the most popular teachers in the school as a whole. Energetic yet calm, always kind and composed and willing to help her students.

    The fame of the Sciences Director, Chester Garrard, was more neutral. It was hard to live up to the standards of a Nobel Prize winner, after all, but most coincided on him being a cool old dude. That he had chosen to double as one of the school counselors helped quite a lot. You’d heard not even Zhong’s gang or that duo from Brooklyn fucked with him, but that might’ve been an exaggeration.

    Either way, you were pleased to be free after another relatively exhausting day of classes. As Sally left, you dropped your textbooks on your bag, and wondered where to eat your lunch.

    However, your attention was caught as you saw a younger boy enter the classroom, one with his hair dyed red and the unmistakable air of a punk.

    The boy didn’t bother looking around. Instead, he went straight towards two of your classmates, and the rest of your classroom found, all of a sudden, that they had to be somewhere else really quick-like.

    The classroom was then left mostly empty. The boy approached Ida Lockwood and Krystine Winfield, and the former cowered behind the latter while she argued with the boy.

    You couldn’t hear anything, but the body language was clear: the boy was aggressive, angry and on the offensive. Krystine was angry yet defensive and protective of Ida, who looked very afraid.

    Curious, but it was your choice whether you absconded with the rest of your classmates or intervened now.

    Aaron Arturio
    Location: Zeus High School – Courtyard (North Side)
    Time: Noon

    It had been a strange mix of instinct and coincidence that had found you hiding behind some shrubbery as you listened to two nameless members of Zhong’s gang passing by.

    “Man, I don’t know what Zack’s thinkin’. No way in hell we’re gonna catch fucking Rhodes at this point.” The first one, a tall and rough looking boy that looked like a former lineman from the Zeus Olympians spat.

    “Yeah. But can you fault him? Bitch’s been poking her nose in our business way too much.” The other boy, younger and lankier, replied. “I betcha she’s the one that’s been breaking into our rooms. Trying to get dirt on us, I tell you.”

    “That’s only half of it. Rumor is that Rhodes was the one that got Hitachi busted and kicked outta school in the first place. Zhong’s got one hell of a grudge on her even before all this.” The bulky lineman explained. “And that’s without mentionin’ the mess with Ashley and Camila. Zack wanted us to keep the search on the low-down ‘cause Camila will go absolutely fucking nuts if she even hears Rhodes’ name.”

    “Damn. Didn’t know half of that.” The younger boy whistled. “What do you think boss lady will do to Rhodes if we manage to catch her?” He suddenly sounded quite uncomfortable, you thought.

    “… I dunno. Probably somethin’ ugly and nasty.” The taller boy stopped for a moment, and faced his counterpart. “Listen’, kid. Believe it or not Zhong’s a pretty decent person most of the time when she’s not on one of those weird adrenaline rush ‘highs’ of hers. But she can get seriously nasty. And I don’t mean ‘nasty’ like a particularly bad prank or anything like that. I mean seriously nasty… if she gets triggered enough. And what Rhodes did… yeah, that’ll get Zhong triggered alright. She respected the hell outta Hitachi, and what that bitch did to Ashley and Camila… yeah. If I were you, I’d shut my mouth and not ask dumb questions.” The ex-lineman said, voice deadly serious.

    The younger one gulped and nodded, and both continued on their path.


    Chicanery was afoot. And crime, too.

    Now, what would you do with this juicy bit of info?

    Eilian Aubrey
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Crafts Club)
    Time: Noon

    “Do you think you can get it fixed?” The tall boy in glasses asked you, and you peered on the mechanism of the antique clock as Astor Miller fretted anxiously. “You see, it belonged to my grandfather, or well, older than him actually, it is somewhat of a family relic-“

    You held your hand up to ask for silence, and he stilled, as you discerned the inner workings of the clock.

    The Crafts Club was pretty peculiar even within the myriad clubs of Zeus High. Almost anyone who had a talent related to making or crafting something ended here. Sewing, designing tools, woodworks, etc. Even your clockworks had a place here.

    The room was enormous, taking a big chunk of the fifth floor, and had the facilities to support all the students needed. Also, to your understanding, gave the Student Council a monthly ulcer with how much money the club and its endless need for tools and materials sucked from the school budget.

    Currently, not that many students were here, which gave you the ideal environment for you to do your work.

    After making use of your trusty tools, you quickly ascertained that you could indeed fix the mechanism. It would be delicate work: the clock was rather unique, or rather, you’d never seen anything like that before. The mechanism was rather different, and it would take a lot of skill, as well as time to get it fixed, especially given the diminutive size of the components.

    A challenge, for sure, but certainly one you could handle.

    Neru Sune
    Location: The End of the Spiral
    Time: Unknowable

    The nice mannequin guided you through, holding your arm as you walked through the multicolored ruins.

    Shadows and nightmares and monstrous shapes twisted and screamed between the shattered edifices, writhing and clawing and hungry. Yet the moment they tried to reach near the mannequin, they disintegrating, becoming dust that carpeted the ground in infinite amounts.

    And thus, they dwelled, between sundered debris of blue and white and red and purple and black and gold and silver and yellow and teal. All the colors, all of them mixing in a dizzying array of eternal decadence, endless decay.

    You advanced and the stars pulsed warmly above, shrieking endlessly in the tormented void, the abyssal horrors crying and screaming as the light lanced them, an elysian hellscape that strained at your already straining sanity.

    You advanced, and passed by rows of impaled human shapes. A void in the form of a man, his body pierced through and nailed to a stake, smiled at you even as his white, empty eyes cried tears of scarlet blood.

    You advanced, and you reached the spiral, and there you hesitated and stopped, because once again rows of stakes awaited you, this time with the heads of your fellow students at Zeus impaled on their top. And there, on the center of the spiral, was yours, bleeding from all its openings.

    The mannequin pulled at you, and you resisted, and you felt the pain as your hand was ripped away from your body.

    And then the sun rose. And it was a terrible sun, all red and scarlet and crimson and vermillion. You looked upon it instinctively, and gibbered and whined as you saw madness. You closed your eyes and tried to look down, but it was too late: the pain when your left eyeball was seared completely and entirely was indescribable.

    But then the light changed, and you looked up again, unable to avoid it. And your sole remaining eye witnessed the green, mocking moon. And you screamed as your body groaned and suffered, parts of it disintegrating, your flesh changing while you felt every single insane change, becoming dust like the monsters had before.

    “ME. KI”

    You fell to the ground facing up, staring horrified and that monstrous moon, your mind buckling, your mouth gibbering insanity and horror.

    “LL ME.”

    A featureless face appeared in front of you. The friendly mannequin left the ruin of your hand on the ruin of your chest, ignoring the many pieces your body was missing as you became as dust.

    “KILL. ME!”

    You heard its shout.

    And then you woke up.


    Location: Zeus High School – 4th Floor (Class 409)
    Time: Noon

    The screams nearly tore your throat out as you practically jumped from your desk and started howling like you had just caught it with your zipper and had risked it by zipping it back down in one shot.

    Which was perhaps a good way to describe just how that insanely fucked up dream had felt.

    Your classmates put their hands over their ears and grimaced to themselves. Nobody bothered to ask if you were alright. Falling asleep in class and then waking up screaming your head off was normal for you.

    Suddenly, a ruler snapped against the desk, and you shut up automatically, as a sight more dreadful than your dream entered your eyes.

    “Sleeping in my class, Mr. Sune?” Carmine Polley asked dangerously, her cold eyes spearing you through.

    The Arts Director of Zeus High was perhaps, by far, the most disliked of the school’s staff. People dreaded whenever it was her turn to give class.

    She was rude, strict to the point of ridiculousness, exigent to a fault, and fault was something she’d find with any student that made the mistake of slightly displeasing her. And she hated men, as many boys had sadly discovered during their time in Zeus.

    As an example, no matter how hard you’d tried to explain her, she didn’t care at all about your condition. Sad thing was, by all rights this should already be lunch break for your class, but she refused to release it until she was completely done with whatever she was teaching. Something about color theory probably.

    You needed to think something, anything to avoid her wrath. Otherwise, you might as well go back to the friendly mannequin and ask it to finish dusting you off as slowly and painfully as possible. Would be a preferrable fate, all things considered.

    Location: Zeus High School – Dorms (3rd Floor – Myo’s Room)
    Time: Noon

    You opened the envelope addressed to you, and read the name of your target in the slip of paper, before destroying them both and erasing the evidence entirely.

    So, after months of waiting, your time here was coming to an end. You finally knew who you were supposed to deal with.

    This was perhaps the weirdest mission you had taken on during your whole life, and the Organization had behaved strangely all the way through. It had been… not sloppy, but not up to its usual standards of secrecy and discretion.

    You recalled the many names you had heard as you were shipped from Japan to the United States. Izanami Zaibatsu. Teijitsu. Dawn Organization. The Round Table. The Sixteen. And many like these. It seemed like your own Organization wasn’t as independent as you thought, given the apparent connections to Izanami, whatever it was.

    Getting you delivered to Zeus High had apparently been quite the behind-the-scenes task. You’d been given your forged documents and precise directions on what to do, but your handler had gone away as fast as he’d been able to. Apparently, America wasn’t a good land for your people to be at right now. Hell, they’d sent you in completely unarmed.

    You’d done what you had to do, and you had remained within the school for eight months before the name of your target had been finally revealed.

    You looked around your room. That the envelope had materialized here, and that your weapons of choice had appeared on top of your bed, meant that someone from your side had entered here. Apparently, you had a partner.

    And, given the sneakiness shown, you had a good idea of who she might be. As far as you knew, there was only one from your particular batch still around. And she was the best at stealth from your generation as well.

    You’d never worked with an actual partner before, but given your task, it was pretty convenient. The problem would be making contact with her first.

    You’d need to find a place without people, and she’d surely appear before you. Of course, that also meant you had to avoid being spotted by your fellow Track Team members, or you’d have a lot of trouble getting rid of them.

    Well, however you wished to approach your task, it was up to you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1984 View Post
    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
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    Johnny Justice & Cyrus Ferdinand
    Location: Kansas – Zeus Approach
    Time: The Past

    Johnny cracked his neck clicking his tongue as his eyes flicked across the bodyguard, a lazy smile crossing his face. It felt like his blood was pumping in his veins again, running hot as they started yet another one of equally mad schemes from equally devilish minds.

    But that was fine.

    The whole point of games existing was to play them, right?

    "A man's bet, of course!" He grinned like the devil, leaning forward as he looked the former world traveler in the eyes. "See, me and my partner here, we ain't on the up-and-up like the rest of the sheltered brats you've got stewing inside there. You say you're looking for the best of the best, right? The cream of the crop?"

    Johnny's eyes flicked over to the inside of the cafe for a brief moment, tracking the people milling around inside. One sent a curt nod his way, which made Johnny's lips curl into that same devil-may-care grin.

    "See, in my mind you'd have picked us up if ya knew we existed anyways. You're talkin' to a man of spirit, see? A totally stand up guy! If you'd seen some of the things Cy an' I have pulled off..."

    A laugh barked out his lips as a flash of cards falling down flickered through his mind.

    "Well, let's just say you've gotta see it to believe it! So, the bet--"

    Johnny pointed a finger at the cafe doors, the principal was about to walk through.

    "Next person to leave, Pres! Who's it gonna be? Is it a boy, or a girl?"
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    Alexandra Gray

    As always, the day began as usual.

    I awoke at precisely 4:45 AM, after a night's rest of approximately 6 Hours and 45 Minutes, rose from my bed, crossed the room to brush my teeth and do some small attending to my personal appearance.

    Appearances were important, the visual factor to any and all communication is key, you must be presentable, yet not overbearing. Pleasant, but not simpering.

    Personally, I favored a more professional approach, even if I suspected it made me more intimidating than I wanted, and perhaps drew ire from some of the individuals who misliked individuals who even looked like authority, and appreciated my appearance solely on the factor that it gave them an excuse to harass me.

    I did not mind.

    I could correct them.

    Still, that was neither here nor there, as the polished professional had no place in the morning work-out. The tie would get in the way, the collar would restrict breathing, and the cut and seams on both jacket and pants would not allow for suitable flexibility for proper athletic form.

    The shoes were simply a non-starter.

    At best, I would lose efficiency and cause my appearance to be rumpled and unprofessional, not optimal.

    At worst, I could injure myself, or damage my clothing which had been a personal gift from my father. Unacceptable.

    So, I would dress myself in clothing that would accentuate my personal fitness for the morning, tight-fitting, but loose enough to not restrict bloodflow, or disrupt breathing, nor cause any unnecessary movement or distraction.

    I had a brief snack before my work-out, a single banana, as today happened to be a recovery day and, as always, my pink-colored 'Woofy The Venture Dog' canteen, having drained half and filled it as I began my stretches in my room.

    It was a humble affair, a wide-screened television with an attached DVD/VCR combination and my sticker-less laptop, which creaked and popped when I moved it about, much like a geriatric despite it's youthful age, sat motionless atop my desk in the corner, a poster, depicting a certain foreign action movie I favored for its high intensity action and martial arts: The Assault, hung behind it. I stood at a rough angle to it, eyeing myself in the mirror as I tied my hair back, not bothering with my usual braid for now.

    Beside me was a corkboard I had purchased to assist me in my organization, I would likely need a second one soon, as even with only my short time here at the school, I had already filled it to near-bursting.

    Sticky Notes of contact information, clubs I frequented, contact information of various acquaintances and the few friends I had here, pictures and drawings from the children at the nearby preschool I volunteered at on weekends (both as rest and because I genuinely enjoyed it), individuals of note who I deemed worthy of further observation, a small calendar on the corner which I dotted with dates and appointments I would need to keep in mind, such as the Martial Arts Club's next exhibition. Even if Gwendoline had not invited me, I would have come along both to support her and Hiyori, and to further my own development.

    I am a creature of self-interest in the end, as I feel all living things are, and the importance of being a human being is the capability to surpass that and work for a common good.

    This is the end I am striving for.

    It is, admittedly, difficult.

    Next to the corkboard was my bed, a small nightstand accompanying it, topped with an alarm clock, a lamp, and a framed photograph of my parents and I, Mother, gushing and proud as always, and Father, distant, stern, but with a warm, affectionate hand on my shoulder.

    I rubbed my shoulder as I gazed at the picture, frowning.

    That picture had been taken maybe four years ago, on one of the rare occasions my father was home for more than a few days at a time.

    Those occasions had only grown rarer.

    I turned away, nudging the small mat topped with a set of free weights further back under my bed with one foot as I did so.

    To business.

    I'll begin with a small run, perhaps 30 or 45 minutes for the morning, then I'd return back here and do some calisthenics and yoga exercises.

    It'd give me some time to shower, dress and have a proper breakfast before the day began.

    Probably some jellied toast with a side of eggs with an apple and some yogurt.

    Some juice as an accompaniment would not go awry either...

    These thoughts, and others, brushed across my mind as I opened the door and stepped into the hall proper, to begin the day.
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Martial Arts Team Training Room)
    Time: Noon

    The room, as per usual during a down day such as this, was quiet, the aesthetics and aura of the room gently tuned to give the certain je ne sais quoi of a Dojo in the Far East, tatami mats dotted the floors and a faint scent of incense touched at the nose, along with the tea that had been brewed not too long before.

    It provided an accompaniment to the somewhat inescapable scent of sweat and conflict that filled the room, a peaceful interlude between bouts of focused violence, discipline draped over viciousness like a silken cloth, accentuating and focusing the words contained within the limbs in a beautiful harmony.

    My jacket lay neatly folded next to me, and my tie was loosened a small amount, sleeves rolled up to my forearms so as to not soil them with any food residue.


    I enjoyed spending time here.

    And not only because some of my few friends were here with me.

    But still.

    I had to consider other matters.

    “Umm… Alexandra, err…”

    I waited calmly, gently setting my tea to the side as I waited, calmly, for my friend to gather her words properly. I knew that it would likely be easier and far more intelligible for the pair of us to simply begin a spar, but I understood that if she wanted to speak in a certain way, it would be respectful to continue in that manner.

    Communication, is, after all, a two-way street.

    So, I waited, the blonde, tailed form of one Hiyori Fontaine huffing in the corner of my eye as I awaited Gwendoline's continuation.

    “Well, I was thinking… um, would you like to join the Martial Arts Team?”

    I paused, blinking once, slowly, taking the brief lull to take the cup of tea in my hands and having a long sip, to gather my own thoughts.

    There were several things to consider.

    Why I was being asked, what would I bring to the team, how would my joining the team effect the dynamics (Hiyori's reaction had not escaped me).

    And, ultimately:

    Did I actually want to join?

    I considered the matters.

    "While I appreciate the offer, Gwendoline," I began, smiling softly, "I must ask, why exactly do you think I am a good choice? Certainly, of course, my talents are suited to this sort of place, and it would assuage a slightly guilty conscience of just freeloading and leeching off of your own talents while not contributing anything in return..."

    I shamelessly lambast myself.

    Honesty has always been my policy.

    For a person like me, who learns from watching others, I rarely have anything to give back to the people I learn from, a quiet worry of mine was that I was taking advantage of my friend in my relationship with her.

    "My own Martial Arts, I feel," I frowned, "Are lacking, I would be a third-string, at best, after both Captain Hiyori," I nodded to the girl in question, "And yourself. While I'm not going to downplay my own abilities, to be on a competitive footing, especially with people who've trained in the subject for years, well, it's a bit daunting to say the least."

    "Now," I continued, "The logical continuation of this would be that the Martial Arts Club is naturally capable of further honing and developing my own slap-dash style of sorts, which is certainly true, but I don't wish to take up more of your time than I already do, if you're not accepting of it."

    I am, of course, not actually averse to the idea.

    "And, of course, I would have to consider Miss Fontaine's own opinion on the matter," I continued, turning my head towards the blonde captain, "For all that we're good friends, Gwendoline, and I do truly appreciate your offer." I smiled at my ponytailed partner, "She is the one in charge here."

    The objective of my words is to turn this into a clash.

    Join or Not Join, setting myself as an antagonist, and bringing Hiyori into the mix if Gwendoline quails.

    Conflict, as always, would be the surest way to feel out exactly how everyone perceived this event.

    Even me, truthfully.

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    Eleanor Lansing
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Swordsmanship Team Training Room)
    Time: Noon

    Ties. Deeply unsatisfying, especially when both people weren’t displaying their true potential. Eleanor wasn’t so immature as to let it show on her face, riddled with indifference. The bout was otherwise fine, perhaps even splendid, but if people weren’t testing their full mettle against one another, it was unexciting at best. Kaitlin was a master at evading that level of commitment, so, if she had to put words to it, Eleanor didn’t like it, not at all.

    “Tanner asked me to talk to you about your probation.”
    “Oh.” Eleanor blinks, slightly surprised. Not that she didn’t expect this to happen, but that Tanner would do it directly. Did she come across as someone who needed to be treated with tact?

    “It’s well deserved,” she says, her voice steady and firm. “I don’t regret any of my actions.”

    That, she realizes, comes across as quite rude, so Eleanor decides to elaborate. Her therapist said she needed to be more communicative.

    “To play on the team, I’d need to change my behavior. And I refuse to be complicit in the depravity this school lets fester in its halls.”

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    Cyrus Ferdinand
    Location: Kansas – Zeus Approach
    Time: The Past

    "Next person to leave, Pres! Who's it gonna be? Is it a boy, or a girl?"

    “Cart before the horse, Johnny.” Cyrus cut in, hawklike eyes peering at the old gentleman from beneath the bill of his cap. “Ya gotta lay out the terms before putting the game on the table.”

    Johnny was good with his mouth, better with his fist, but not the best at setting up games. Johnny’s games were played with knuckles and bones, Cyrus’ with tricks and terms. Of course, he had counted on that from the start.

    “See,” Cyrus pointed with his thumb at the parked hotrod 2000 Pontiac Firebird that the two had been waiting in. A car which clearly did not belong to either of them. A car which Johnny ripped the owner’s keys right out of their hands. “We’re what you’d call… troubled youth. Talent begets trouble, or something. Someone told me that once, I think. But we’re not all talent, no brains. There’s not a bright future laid out for heads with talent like ours. So…”

    Cyrus folded his thumb in, uncurling his index finger, which he pointed at Darion Sharles Parson. All the while, his eyes remained locked with onto the man’s smile, Cyrus’ own expression utterly still, unflinching, seemingly unfeeling.

    “We want to enroll at your school. You scout for talent, right? But talent like ours, you don’t find it at prep schools or in the ballroom. Of course, we’ve gotta show we’re something worthwhile, which is why we’ve got this idea for a little game.”

    Cyrus withdrew his hand, glancing at the bodyguard. His head tilted down a bit as he looked at the man from under his cap. Capable, to be sure. The best money could hire, or just a zealot defending a man worth fighting for? At the least, he followed orders and didn’t have an antsy trigger finger. Nothing Johnny wasn’t ready for, though.

    “If we lose, we’ll drive to the PD and turn that car over, turn ourselves in, and head for whatever correctional joint they’ve got for guys like us. If we win, we want go to your school. As for the game, well, if we suggest cards or dice, you’d think we rigged them. So like Johnny said,” Cyrus put his hand to the bill of his hat. “We each take a shot in the dark on who’s gonna come outta those doors next. A guy or a girl.”

    The fingers gripping his hat were carved of the same stone as his eyes and lips. His index finger and thumb firmly pinched the hat, waiting for a response. If the man accepted, and took his guess in turn, Cyrus would give the signal.

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    Empty SEKAI
    Location: Zeus High School – Rooftop
    Time: Noon

    Today was yet another ordinary day at Zeus High School. The sky is a clear, beautiful blue; she's eating lunch with Ludmilla Selee on the school's rooftop, away from prying eyes; and of course having her favorite food, a steaming hot cup ramen, as her lunch to top it off.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludmilla
    “-and the creep just wouldn’t take no for an answer! Seriously, who does he think I am? Geez, I know there are these rumors around but I don’t open my legs to literally anyone who asks!”
    Kaguya smiled in amusement as she listened to Ludmilla's story, slurping her ramen as she nods a few times in understanding as Ludmilla complained about her latest endeavor; the girl is the closest person that Kaguya could call a friend in the school, perhaps because they are both the two most beautiful girls in the entire campus, and her date with the redhead sometime ago had managed to invoke some form of mutual understanding between them, especially with how well Ludmilla handled her firm rejection towards her advances and invitation for a one-night stand.

    As someone who had gone on many dates with many different people, Kaguya knew that seeing how someone reacts to a rejection is a pretty good indicator of someone's character, and as such those who handled her rejection well automatically shot up in her rankings of people that she could respect; Ludmilla being somewhat similar to herself is an added bonus, and she doesn't dislike it when the redhead starts hanging around her. Birds of a feather and all that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ludmilla
    “Geez, that about soured my morning. Kaguya~! Heal my sooouul! Spoil meee~!”
    Of course, she actually enjoys Ludmilla's teasing and flirting more than she appears to be - after all, teasing and flirting is one of her own favorite pastime - and Kaguya can definitely appreciate an alluring figure when she sees it, like when Ludmilla stretched just now. So she lets out a small giggle as she put her now empty cup ramen aside, admiring the redhead's figure and thinking on what to say, but just before she could flirt back or oblige the redhead's request, their peace was interrupted by the sound of footsteps and the loud sound of the door being wrenched open as Mary Hanson entered the scene.

    Kaguya knew about the girl of course; if not from rumors and hearsays, then Ludmilla's many, many stories about her encounter with the sister will do the trick, even if she's not sure whether Mary is actually a sister or not. But as she passively watched the two exchange words in person for the first time (internally noting that she should look up what slattern means later), at the very least Kaguya can admit that Mary acted the part of a sister well--

    Quote Originally Posted by Mary
    “I shall not allow it! You shall not soil this innocent girl’s purity!”
    Kaguya blinked.

    Just to make sure she heard that right, she traded glances with Ludmilla, and sure enough the redhead's eyes had glazed over, which means she didn't mishear what Mary had said.

    Of course, Kaguya knew that the biggest difference between her and Ludmilla is that all of her dates had never went further than a date, while the redhead certainly did - in fact becoming many students' first time - so perhaps in that sense she could understand why someone like Mary would think of her as being better than Ludmilla.

    But innocent? Pure?

    Even if they had never talked much about their past, Kaguya knew that someone
    with a borderline-supernatural beauty like herself and Ludmilla would be the furthest thing from being innocent and pure.

    "Mary, is it?" Kaguya began, her tone light as she slowly walked around the sister in order to be able to talk with her face-to-face, though of course this also means that she's now standing besides Ludmilla. "I can admire your dedication to your religion and your attempt to do what you think is right." She gave the sister a smile, her tone genuine. "However, I'm neither as innocent nor as pure as you think, and Ludmilla and I were just chatting. So maybe rather than trying to make her listen to what you have to say, you could try to do so with your, erm... 'sheeps', which are more likely to listen and follow after your example?"

    Despite Ludmilla's stories and the rumors she'd heard about the girl, Kaguya herself has no reason to dislike Mary for the time being, so she hoped that she could convey that well enough through her tone and smile; in fact, she's positively curious on how the sister will react, so she'd reserve her judgment until she could really see Mary's character for herself.

    Thus, Kaguya patiently awaits at how Mary will answer with her ever-present smile.
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    Willow Durand
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Music Club)
    Time: Noon

    Quote Originally Posted by RacingeR View Post
    “And then! I figured that this rhythm would be pretty good to dance to! So, with you and a few others from your club we should be able to put quite the spectacle!” Cynthia smiled as she turned towards Willow.
    Willow returns her smile. “This song looks great! I could certainly work on choreography for you.”

    She’s proud of Cynthia for taking a leap and composing her own music. Looking at the sheet, it makes sense Willow’s club sent her, this kind of music is more of her style than it is theirs. Unfortunately, she’s not sure if she will be able to give Cynthia what she wants. Most of her club isn't a good fit for this song, and more importantly, Willow probably won’t dance it either.

    She’d have to perform for a large crowd and she’s just not feeling up for it. For some time now Willow has had a difficult time motivating herself to dance for a crowd. Smaller groups are fine, but she rarely performs for larger groups anymore. Willow doesn’t want to refuse Cynthia, but she also doesn’t want to give her a half-hearted performance. It wouldn't be fair to her.

    Quote Originally Posted by RacingeR View Post
    “I know!” Cynthia nodded at the musical virtuoso’s words. “I bet you the result will completely outdo all the shows Shelia’s put together combined! She’ll have no other option but to acknowledge me as her rival!” She said triumphantly, making a victory sign with one hand and winking at the room in general.
    Oh dear.

    As much as Willow doesn’t want to say no to the idol, she wants even less to do with competitions. Her time competing is long over. That, and she worries that Cynthia’s fixation on Shelia won’t be good for her.

    “I think you’re quite the gifted idol in your own right, Cynthia! I’m excited to see you use this opportunity to really show people what you’re capable of!”

    Do it for yourself, not to beat someone else. Such motivations can be very unhealthy and don’t often lead you to the best places. Something Willow knows well. Enough with all of that negative stuff, though. She still has something she needs to say.

    Willow gives Cynthia an apologetic smile.

    “Unfortunately, most of the dance club have little experience in the style necessary to perform this song and I would struggle as well. We could, however, work together on the choreography to make your performance absolutely stunning!”
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    Rika Griffin
    Location: Zeus High School – Floor 3 (Class 306)
    Time: Noon

    "Italian transfer student...?"

    It's a bit of a shift in her thought patterns.

    The introduction of a kid to vaguely delinquent activities was one that had come with a bit of worry, a small tingling feeling that perhaps they weren't being the best of role models for a small headpattable child to emulate... Of course this feeling was contested by relief, of being able to just skip a mind-breakingly dull assignment and move onto more interesting things already, but-!


    Ultimately, the jeans wearing girl is able to just push it to the side in the end; the time of youth was the best time to push the boundaries of rules, you couldn't get away with it so easily in the working world, there are life experiences of all types-!


    She was pretty sure this was justifiable role-model behavior, really, everyone was saving the kid from another hour of droning words and painful silence, besides-!

    Elora is being the proper role model here anyway, the kid will get it-!

    "That the girl everyone says looks almost exactly like me?"

    She questions with a smile.

    It's a bit of a bizarre topic to bring up, but not an entirely unexpected one either-! A few people had made some passing remarks about it in the past couple of days, something about a similar hair-color and build, although she figured it was probably the hair that really had people making the comparison, I mean if she really thought about it, her hair color was sort of strange with the whole no-dyes natural silver-head thing she had going on, but-!

    "How true are the rumors Bry? I'll believe it if I hear it from you. Do I really have some sort of twin here? I already have a cute 'little sister' in my life, so I'm not sure how to feel about any hypothetical long lost siblings of mine turning up now~"

    Her tone is mostly amused at the thought of it.

    Not too surprising of course, she was always rather cheerful around her friends, and the idea of an anime-like development of running into a long lost twin at a weirdo high school was just genuinely funny.

    "As for any hypothetical grade-slipping that may or may not be happening in Mr. Johnson's class, it's fine~ I'll make it work! I never fail the tests!"

    Was that bit of low-key flattery before this towards Elora an attempt to keep her happy while also agreeing more in spirit with Lara? Perhaps, perhaps! The struggle between those two was always a bit of a bizarre one, sorta nit-picky towards each other in a way they weren't towards anyone else...

    Very bizarre.

    ...She still couldn't say she wasn't happy to be skipping class, so she agreed with Lara's sentiment.
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    Exodus (Complete)

    Even if the author is silenced, the performance is stilled and the actors leave the stage, the story will never truly end.

    Regardless of the form it takes, as long as there are memories of it's existence, the story will continue on.

    In a small ward in the heart of a once devastated town, life carries on as it always has...

    Because of you.

    Please, remember it warmly.

    We'll continue to walk down this path for eternity.

    Mugen No Sekai

    "The Illusion Incomplete Memories Produce Are,

    Fleeting, Disappearing into the Future,

    Until the Ruins of Yesterday Overflow,

    For That Which Falls Only to Rise is Simply a--"

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    Lorelei Weber
    Location: Zeus High School – 4th Floor (Class 405)
    Time: Noon

    Lorelei sat down at her desk, legs crossed as she pored over her science textbook. It would take her an accumulated three hours of concentrated study to get this satisfactorily retained, forty five minutes of which she would need to spend outlining what concepts were going to be on the test. Maybe it would be better if she returned to her dorm for the outline... that route quickly proved to be the one she should've taken as Jozefa burst into the classroom. Lorelei's eyes rotated from her work to the energetic Pole as she skipped to her desk.

    In response to Jozefa's greeting, Lorelei merely raised an open hand and gave a curt wave. Why was this girl so keen on sticking to her, like a barnacle on a trade ship? Ever since she'd been asking about her joining the track team, Lorelei felt that she couldn't do much in her free time outside her dorm room without Jozefa somewhere close by. Asking her so many questions, trying to do things with her... couldn't she see Lorelei didn't have nearly the same energy for life she had? She was a drain on Jozefa.

    And yet some selfish part of Lorelei liked having someone like Jozefa as a friend. Or, what equated to friendship. And Jozefa was just... too friendly. With everyone. And there were students in school who seemingly were taking advantage of this girl's kindness before she'd started pestering Lorelei. So whenever Lorelei saw Jozefa in a position to be taken advantage of now - by students wanting to crib off of her homework or pestering her for money, typically - Lorelei would be there, behind Jozefa's back, a looming threat. Fear of a beatdown from the tall, empty eyed German girl was usually more than enough to scare those people away.

    But Jozefa tended to interpret these actions as Lorelei wanting to hang out, and Lorelei would simply be caught in the wake, sometimes even dragged by the arm to go do something...

    "Hmm." Lorelei thought for a moment on Jozefa's request, her hands lingering on her desk. Jozefa was probably just interested in hanging out. What could the student council be overwhelmed with exactly? It bothered Lorelei to leave work undone, but she'd alreadly calculated how much time it would probably take for her to complete. Three hours of time wasn't too strenuous, and she'd slept a day ago. There was time. And Jozefa wouldn't leave her alone until she said yes.

    "...Very well." A girl of few words, so few that she forgot to ask exactly what it was they needed help with. She picks up her bookbag, sliding her science textbook into it and slinging the strap over her shoulder. She realizes her mistake, and decides to try asking after consigning herself to it. She wasn't prone to errors like that usually, especially not with people.

    "So what is it that you need, Jozefa?" She didn't have a nickname for her how she had one for Lorelei. But Jozefa seemed to have a nickname for everyone she associated with, including acquaintances. Usually it was these acquaintances who took advantage of that overeager friendliness... she stood up from her desk, waiting for an answer.
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    Masaki Tomomi
    Location: Zeus High School – Floor 2 (Class 208)
    Time: Noon

    Twenty minutes until lunch break. Like clockwork, the reminder echoed in Tomomi's brain, urging her to put her pencil to paper and finishing the complex maths problem glaring at her from the desk. If only it were so easy: the Euclidean nightmare sitting before her demanded no less than seven vectorial space calculations, staining the normally blank surface of her workbook with elaborate matrices and applications of Euler's theorem of distribution that turned simple numbers into an alphanumeric soup that would've had the average student vomit at a glance. The halfway-done geometrically unlikely prism described in the latest page might have well triggered a violent epileptic attack on the arithmetically averse.

    For a brief moment, she considered whether her pencil would instead serve a better use if she inserted it in Hunt-sensei's rectal tract.

    But then, Tomomi considered with a sigh, going to detention would be even more boring than class. It would leave her stewing in thoughts and memories she'd seen a million times before, and as much as she loved novels like Dark Star or The Neverending Story, playing them out in her head page by page had long since become dull. Whatever objections she might have to her teacher's draconian philosophies and the challenges he offered, they were at the very least exactly that: challenges. Hunt-sensei might have been a hard S, but he never wasted her time.


    Tomomi's thinly pressed lips upturned a little at Genna's burst of frustration. Finally a release from ponderous repetition. The young prodigy did not hesitate to table the problem in front of her as she nudged her desk in Genna's direction, her slender frame leaning over to peek at her best friend's suffering.

    Genna might not have been the most eloquent of people, but she was visually expressive. Pouty pink lips gnashed against the back of a pencil, the cherry-red cap dented with tiny teeth marks. Her lilac eyes shimmered, narrowed thinly below dainty silver eyebrows currently scrunched together like she'd just bitten on a lemon. Her matching long hair bobbed slightly over shrunken shoulders, all but hissing at the unresolved abomination sitting on her desk. Were she a cat or squirrel, her adorable fur would no doubt be frazzled all over.

    Tomomi fought the urge to usher the girl into her arms and pat her friend's troubled head until she calmed down, such skinship was reserved for the privacy of a sleepover and she had no intentions of letting all the horny idiots in the class get any ideas. But she did want to help nonetheless, so she lifted her bottom and edged her thighs closer to the border of the seat so she could get a better view of the maths problem.

    "You're going to want to set up a differential equation for the area of the prism here." A manicured nail pressed against Genna's sheet, right below a garbled mess that looked like it'd been scrubbed over with an eraser several times over. "There's not enough data for you to do things the normal way, so marginal approximation is the best thing you can do. You can use the second equation on page 4 of the formularium for it, but Hunt-sensei won't accept it unless you can justify it."

    Tomomi tapped on the sheet, pensive for the barest moment while she presented a reassuring smile for her friend's eyes only. "You could somewhat frame it like a fashion problem. When your math problem is, for example, a beautiful young lady like you or moi, you can't use a mass marketable cheap brand. It'd be like a picture hanging at a lopsided angle or a brand new house with dollar store paint. Girls like us deserve some haute couture, don't you think?"

    Perhaps it was a bit of an obnoxious comparison, but Genna had a savant-like talent for the craft. If there was anyone who could derive inspiration to break through a math problem by referencing fashion, it would be her friend. Tomomi didn't want to outright tell her how to demonstrate that the formula should be used, she would never learn that way. If you cared about someone, you would teach them how to fish rather than simply gifting them the food outright.

    Her work done, Tomomi gave Genna a gentle arm rub before peeling back and diverting her attention to the other as of yet silent member of their study group.

    Rodin's Le Penseur could not have done justice to the thoughts racing across her peer's head. Her contemporary confrere shared in her suffering at the moment, staring down a heavens-defying maths problem that no doubt would have dumbfounded the Greeks that envisioned Heracles' Twelve Labours. Unlike Genna, however, there was no pen-biting or involuntary clenching. Rachel might very well snap at the slightest insinuation against her person and own a temper only a mother could love, but when presented with a problem her lips would purse together and she'd quietly go at it with a stoic frown until it was settled.

    Tomomi would have left her rival to their mutual suffering, had she not noticed one key detail. While Rachel indeed was staring at her sheet, her pencil hadn't budged but for the occasional click on its button cap as Rachel fidgeted with the graphite stick release mechanism.

    Rachel never fidgeted unless she was concerned, and Rachel was never concerned with anything unless it involved a certain person. She also knew that Rachel was hardly the type to share these concerns or even accept help regarding them. At the moment, however, Tomomi had nothing better to do.

    Besides, wasn't it in the nature of friends to aid each other even when they expected rejection?

    "Don't worry," Tomomi broke the ice with a toothy smile with a hint of cheek. "If Hunt-sensei decides that Shelia needs strict guidance, we can engineer a way to take him down between the two of us. He may be a wall of muscle, but that won't save his shins from being kicked at by two flailing little terrors."

    Tomomi brushed her luxurious hair behind her shoulder with a flair of the hand, and raised her chin as she boasted. "It is only natural, after all, for a little sister to know how to best destroy a man's dignity."

    Not that she would ever do that to her brother, but it was the principle of the joke to sound ridiculous.

    Bread and circus would only go so far with Rachel, however. Tomomi didn't draw out the joke, but instead scooted closer to the girl so that their shoulders almost touched, but not quite- Rachel could be hit or miss when it came to physical contact.

    "Carl Jung once said that the repression of concerns and emotions leads to their manifestation in the Shadow self." Tomomi began their usual banter as always, presenting a random philosophical quote that would've made anyone's eyes roll. One of the curses of high intellect, however, was a bloated sense of self-importance and Tomomi knew that her peer could both take and appreciate it.

    "I, of course, can't tell your own thoughts. But frankly, I find the thought of a repressed Shadow Rachel terrifying." With casual ease, Tomomi transformed the aforementioned trivia into a laser-guided barb to prompt Rachel into action. "So I will once again remind you that if you ever need to speak I, the Moriarty to your Sherlock, am willing to listen."

    In the brief silence that stretched, Tomomi twirled her pencil between her hands, before bringing it to the flat surface of her desk and rapping the top against it in a swift rhythmic sequence that would've seemed completely random to the uninformed.

    If anything, it was where the real line of communication opened between them.

    'Or we can talk in Morse code if you want the extra privacy.'

    So read the bullet-speed sequence that Tomomi fired off in the span of a few seconds.
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    Neru Sune
    Location: The End of the Spiral
    Time: Unknowable

    There was an urban legend which said something like "you can not actually die in your sleep. You can only think you are about to die. That's why you always wake up before you hit the ground. If you actually died your heart would stop."

    Not for the first time, Neru wished that were true, as he was once again dragged to his own execution. The nice thing about the living is they could only be tortured to death at most once. For Neru? it was an old friend returning after an all brief absense. Equally frustrating, for most people, dreams recreated analogues of previously experianced feelings or emotions.

    Put another way, while unpleasant, a nightmare of freezing to death did not truly create the feeling a bone chilling, necrosis creating freeze, it was "really cold." A dream of starvation made one feel "really hungry” not the soul crushing sense of malnourishment that causes you to bite off and try to swallow your own brittle fingers that snap like twigs so come off easy but dont have any meat to eat.

    Sure the strange creature seemed friendly enough, but the blue haired boy knew how this would go. He would be dragged to some fresh hell, be presented with death, try to escape, and fail, and then wish he had tried to escape earlier. Then again, if he tried to escape earlier, he would just be killed anyway.

    The ironclad, most unbreakable rule of the nightmare was whenever you felt you had a choice, you did...but every choice you made would turn out to be the wrong one.

    If you run you will be caught. If you manage to get away, it will turn out you ran into the territory of something so horrifying that whatever was chasing you wouldnt enter. Like the one time Neru had manaeged to rip his way out of the webs of disgusting 12 legged, three mouthed spiders, and stumbled envenomed and sick into a clearing where he had thought he could rest for a minute. …Only to find the arachnids had fled because they could not bear to face the disgusting weird, round yellow man with short legs and blue eyes that demonstrated all life's failures and cast them directly into your soul.

    So, Neru lived the story that had been wrote for him. It was worse then usual. Normally he had some level of ability to adapt the nightmare. He had tried to "hit the reset" when he lost his own arm.

    Again, for a normal person, this would have been "uncomfortable.” As they did not actually know what the pain felt like, they could not truly imagine. Neru felt the ripping of his own flesh, felt his bones gring and tendons rip and stretch, trying for a futile moment to hold on. He felt the rush of his own blood, and the dizzying breathlessness of shock, intermixed with the pain of an arm that wasnt there yet somehow he could still feel. "Phantom pains" he had learned it was called.

    It didn't work. Reseting was a process that happened often in nightmares, where one found themselves reliving the same chain of events over and over, gradually getting worse and worse all the while. Sometimes, if you were lucky, you could reset enough times that the alarm (or the pounding of your heart) woke you before whatever bad end you were trying to escape claimed you. But it seemed something much stronger then Neru had the reigns this time. He tried a few other things, like twisting the scenario or dropping the floor out, since falling was preferable at this point, but those also failed.

    When truths he in no way could fathom, much less bare ripped through his mind and boiled out, he got to feel what it was like when the now unencumbered ocular connections hung uselessly, pulling in a way that violated his most secret places.

    "Kill me"

    Yeah right...Neru thought, as he got to savor consciousness long after the destruction of his vital organs should have allowed him. Buddy, you kill me first.

    Location: Zeus High School – 4th Floor (Class 409)
    Time: Noon

    ...For a split second, Neru thought he was still dreaming. It was a classic staple of the nightmare. Feel like you managed to wake up, feel a blessed moment of relief, then look around and realize somehow things were even worse.

    ...Nope, this was painful reality.

    Theoretically the thin boy really shouldn't be scared. What could an art teacher do to him that hadnt been done by a hundred cthulhian horrors? But somehow...there had always been a look in that one's eyes...that made him think that there was at least one who could make everything up untill this point a prelude. No, a prologue, a short summary that led into the true tale of terror.

    Rather like the nightmare, the boy known as Neru Sune knew there was no move he could make that was the right one. He had, after all tried them all before. He had tried abject apology, being honest, laughing it off, lying, both cleverly and outrageously. So far the only good he had done was to set the curve for all the other students looking to avoid those wrathful eyes.

    Well...if the nightmare is going to continue anyway. Might as well do something I have never done before. If I cant keep myself from horror, I can at least make sure I am not bored.

    Neru turned around, flushing red, and picked up his own fallen chair and desk then arranged them as they were before turning and making eye contact Ms. Polley for all of about half a second. A feat of will power and determination which drew more then one audible gasp....then he walked to the back of the room where the supplies were.

    What followed next beggared belief. The flashing of paints and nigh furious shifting of a brush could not have come from someone far more athletically inclined then the relatively feeble and skinny lad. To say nothing of one point where he was painting with one hand whilst tearing the lid from a 5 hour energy and downing it in the midst of his work. In a few short moments, where once had been a clean area and empty canvas, was splattered colors surrounding a new painting.

    On it? A blasted, empty field, half dessicated carcasses croaking through nonfunctional throats, and a dissolved splatter of goo and one discarded to a mannequin grinning directly at the viewer of the art.

    At the corner, where should have gone an artist signature, was its title instead.

    KILL ME.

    "Ms. Polley"...Neru said, Putting a paint brush into a water bottle to rinse. "I wasn't sleeping see? I was...receiving inspiration."
    Quote Originally Posted by Bird of Hermes View Post
    The moment the opportunity arises for a pun, the one known as 'Taiga's Knight' will be there to deliver whether you like it or not.

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    Location: Zeus High School – Courtyard (Tree Garden)
    Time: Noon

    How disappointing.

    When Aster had caught sight of the tell-tale red hair that marked one as a member of the gang, he had hoped that he might have found an entertaining distraction, if not the challenge that he sought. Unfortunately his prospective quarry had been found… wanting.

    Cecily Ridley was her name and, as expected, she was a member of Zhong's gang. It was possible that she was capable of handling herself in a fight, many in the gang could, however her target of choice left much to be desired. Jane Rain was a known variable, a weakling incapable of standing up for or protecting herself and thus unworthy of notice and yet this girl still went after such feeble prey. Such actions only served to exemplify Cecily’s own weakness in Aster’s eyes. To him the strong did not hunger for such meagre scraps, no, their purpose was to seek true and proper challenge.

    Jane would not offer such to Cecily, and thus the same could be said of Cecily to him.

    It was only thanks to the entry of five new pieces to the board, that Aster had not left the situation then and there. Even after getting closer to observe the unfolding situation, he still did not recognize the five boys that had now sprung to Jane’s defence. This meant that they were either new students that he had heretofore not heard of or… they were students that were even more unworthy of Aster’s notice than Jane Rain, who at least had surrounded herself with some potential sport.

    Likely the latter… as is often with the weak who come together to face a stronger foe, the spectacle before him was no different. The prize for all this? To rut like beasts… how truly pathetic. Regardless, if their aim was to anger Cecily and to have blood spilled, they were certainly on the right path. Violence seemed inevitable at this point, much to Aster’s amusement.

    Mayhap I shall still be able to derive a modicum of entertainment from this situation.

    With that thought, he approached a nearby tree, one which would offer him a good view of the show, and settled himself against it. He crossed his arms as he continued to watch the situation develop, not deigning to make the effort to hide himself. Not that he'd need to, with how engrossed these people were with their petty bickering it seemed unlikely that they would notice the new spectator amongst the trees.

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    Jordan J. Jones
    Location: Zeus High School – Courtyard (Football Field)
    Time: Noon

    Jordan J. Jones had spent most of the meeting sitting smack dab in the center of the room, arms crossed and face scrunched up in a serious expression. As the atmosphere of the room descended further and further into murky silence, his brows furrowed further and further until it seemed like he might be pondering the secrets of the universe - but there was only one thing on Jordan's mind at the moment.

    "Damn, those second-string guys got good, didn't they? Used to be we'd steamroll 'em, but not anymore!"

    He stood, stretching his arms wide, no longer content to sit still. Jordan was tall and his limbs were long. He loped across the room like a panther, stopping by Lizbeth - who seemed bored with the whole thing, as usual. He grinned, smelling a target.

    Poke, poke. Fearlessly invading the personal space of the strongest girl in school, he poked at the bear's shoulder. The good one, not the one that'd gotten bruised earlier. "Need a lift to the nurse's office, Liz? That don't look like your usual bored. More of a 'still thinking about the blue sky after Duncan bowled me over' kinda bored. Or maybe a 'god damn this concussion is killing me' sorta bored. But hey, stick around and it'll get fun again, sleepyhead. Unless... you wanna fall asleep pronto? So you can see somethin' special in your dreams? Hahaha!"

    With one last poke he danced away from her, moving onto the real targets of the night - the Rain brothers.

    "Now dudes. Lads. Guys. Bros."

    In an instant, Jordan J. Jones was sitting between William and Nathan Rain, one lanky arm around each of their shoulders.

    "C'mon, what was that? No, wait, don't tell me. JJJ sees everything."

    William first. The more competitive of the two. Their receiver, who'd lost track of the strategy and run off to do his own thing. "I get it, Luigi. I saw the way Alfred was eyeing ya. Giving you that look that says 'anything you can do I can do better, I'll even catch the ball better than you'. He got pretty close there, didn't he? I'll tell you, it ain't cus he's a better catcher. If you don't stick to the route we planned out, how's Lav gonna be able to pass to you in the first place, man? He ain't six-foot six; picking your helmet out from the others is like playing Where's Waldo while the three stooges are a second from booking him a spot in the infirmary."

    Then Nathan. The runner. Fast, agile, but also... unmotivated. "And you, Mario. There's somethin' else going on, isn't there? Somethin' more important than practice three times a week. My senses can feel it, hanging in the air. And I ain't talking about the locker room smell. I see the look in your eyes, fam. You're on the field, everyone's cheering, coach is yelling, there's a big ugly bastard about to give you a knuckle sandwich... but you don't see that ugly bastard, do you? You see... her." Jordan extended his hand, sweeping it up and across like a rainbow. "It's a girl, ain't it? Gotta be! And I bet she's like 'oh Nathan, why don't we have a romantic dinner and watch that action movie you wanted'? And ain't no teenager in the world who'd say no to that! But I'm telling ya, man, if you lose your tone she'll drop you ASAP. You gotta keep up the practice or those muscles and your love-life are both going bye-bye. Take it from a a pro."

    That 'pro' was already up and about, dancing across the room again before either of the Rains could angrily retort. He met Lavrenti's eyes and grinned.

    "As for our last problem... I'd say some of the second-string guys are good enough to go first-string. It's not like we sucked; they were just damn good. That's practice paying off for ya. But if you want, I can go on a recruitment run. Gotta be at least one tough guy out there that didn't get snapped up by the redheads. Maybe the wrestling club's got a few we can bring in, shore up the line a little? What do ya say, Lav?"

    All in all, what the team needed was an ice breaker. They'd get through this like they got through everything else. With unflinching hard work and optimism. And Jordan was the perfect person to deliver that optimism. He couldn't lead the team, but he could at least galvanize it a bit.

    "If they come at us with a paper-thin strategy, we just gotta find a rock to bash through it, right?"

    Jordan bounced on the soles of his feet. He slammed a clenched fist into an open palm, grinning. Waiting to see if his little performance could be the spark to light up the Olympians' flaming spirits.
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    Location: Zeus High School – Dorms (3rd Floor – Myo’s Room)
    Time: Noon

    'Finally...' the girl mused to herself. A small, unpleasant feeling welled up in Myo's chest. It wasn't unease, but rather annoyance at her current mission. All things considered, this assignment has been an extremely irregular one. She had no idea what they were thinking, setting up an assassination, but without giving the target to be assassinated. Until now... She pushed such thoughts and feelings out of her mind and began focusing on her next course of action.

    She looked at her bed; her 'tools' had been delivered. Now that she had both the identity of the target, and the weapons to carry out her mission, she could simply arm herself and make a beeline to her destination. But that was just an idle thought, one she dismissed almost immediately. To begin, it was too early in the day, which meant too many people were out and about. And she did not particularly want to end more lives than needed. Besides, such a course of action would be more suited for someone from that warfaring section, a person who only thought about battle. No, such a course of action was stupid. Besides, it might alert the target, and cause them to retreat and go into hiding, making it all for nothing.

    Perhaps then it was time to find the 'messenger'. There was track practice today, but it was a flexibile sort of schedule... She debated skipping the practice altogether. It's not as if she would need her cover for much longer, if all goes well. On the other hand, it would probably be in her best interest to avoid arousing even the slightest bit of suspicion until her target had been ended. And it would be 'out of character' if she just didn't show up to practice, especially given that this was supposedly the reason she was even here. If people started wondering where she was, looking for her, prying... things could turn more troublesome.

    Myo made her decision. For now, she'd continue to play her role of 'ordinary student'. All in order to eliminate any potential shortfallings and perfectly execute her mission. Besides, it'd be easier to just let the 'messenger' find her. Considering that 'she' had already been able to break into her room once undetected to deliver the items, she could easily do so again. Or maybe she'll just appear whenever Myo found herself in a suitable location. And even if she didn't show up, Myo had everything she needed to carry out her task. And perhaps, in a small place, Myo was hoping for such a possibility. She had only ever worked solo missions up until now; sending two 'operators' was yet another irregularity for this mission.

    She glanced over at her bed again and hesitated. Slowly, she walked over, and picked up one of the weapons that was laying on top of her bed. It had been eight months after all... it wouldn't be a good things if her skills and abilities deteriorated in that time. The weight felt familiar in her hands, like a missing piece of her had finally been reunited after a long time. She walked over to her desk and picked up a sheet of paper. Holding it high above her head, she let go. She immediately moved her hand to the hilt and took a stance. Calm. Breathe. Patience. Breathe. Observe. Breat-


    An instanteous red flash as the light reflected from her blade that vanished just as quickly, as if it were an illusion. Silence, save for a quiet metallic hiss of something slicing through the air.

    Myo observed the results of her handiwork and was satisfied. She walked over to her bed, and hid her weapons beneath the covers. It's not like she could hide them on her person while playing the role of an ordinary student. She then left her room, making sure to lock it, and began making her way to track practice. Soon, everything would be over.

    Time may be given to everyone evenly, but fate makes it unfair.

    On the floor of Myo's room lay two identical sheets of paper. There was probably very few people, if anyone in this place who would be able to tell that each sheet of paper was half as thin as normal.
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    Sakura Sumeragi
    Location: Zeus High School - Floor 6 (Infirmary)
    Time: Noon

    I once again find myself here in this familiar room. The dull, yet soft sheets curl around me as I seek comfort in the smell of fresh linen. The gentle hum of the AC plays over the low droning of the lights above and fades into the backdrop. Though it wouldn't be inaccurate to call this place a school nurse's office, by my account it has an atmosphere more akin to a hospital room. Clean- all the way down to the smell- and so quiet that I have to remind myself that school life is happening all around.

    I've grown all too familiar with this scene. Seemingly spending the majority of my time here at Zeus High counting the number of creases along all the bedding. So much in fact that I've started to consider this place my own little hideout. But perhaps that's just my own way of coping with my condition.

    As the nurse, Ms. Kovaleva, questions me on how I'm feeling, I start to piece together the fuzzier parts of my recent memory. Apparently, I caught a cold and it really didn't agree with my body. No surprise there. But the interaction between the cold and my body was so alarming that my classmates took it upon themselves to drag me here.

    With the brief check-up done, Ms. Kovaleva leaves me to rest for a bit before I'm allowed to leave. In the meantime, it looks like the O'Brian twins are going to keep me company. So, since it looks like I'm going to be here for a bit, I might as well get comfortable.

    I smile through an exhausted sign, bringing the sheets over my head and wrapping myself up in a nice cotton cocoon.

    "Please take care of me."

    Honestly, having listened to the entirety of the situation, I don't think it's as bad as everyone may think. Maybe... Sure I might have managed to get sick again and look crappy enough for everyone to want me gone, but... The whole looking like I'm about to pass out thing? Likely my fault. I definitely stayed up all night reading the entirety of BoBo Part 4: Crystal is Crash and lets just say long exhaustive lectures weren't exactly agreeing with me after that.


    ... But I'll just keep that to myself. Wouldn't want people thinking I'm any more incompetent than they already do.

    "You guys are total lifesavers. I'd probably be dead if not for you two looking out for me."

    Honestly, I'm not all that sure how to talk to the M&M sisters. While we aren't exactly strangers, I don't think I can call them my friends either. Sometimes it feels more like they see me as some pitiable puppy that they often cross paths with. A puppy who looks worse minding their own business than a guy who literally just got his ass kicked.

    "So... Uh..." My brain scrambles to try and come up with conversation, "Thank you?"

    Smooth, Sakura. You have the mental faculties of a drowning rat.
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    Xavier Augustus
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Music Club)
    Time: Noon

    Xavier read through the composition intensely, concentrating on every aspect. It was fairly normal for Cynthia to suddenly grab him to work on her next show. However, he was surprised when she suddenly presented him with something that she had composed. There were a few mistakes here and there, but it was very cohesive. He glanced over at Adelyn and saw that she had reached the same conclusion; the piece was quite good. With both of them editing the music, it should be a quick job. Honestly, he was impressed.

    Despite its amateur nature, the piece clearly had deep emotion tied to it. Hope, determination, and a bit of frustration all flowed from the composition. He had played some of her shows before and had never felt this much feeling from her work. She must be going all out this time, he thought to himself. Xavier was ready to match this effort. He would elicit the emotions of the music as well as he possibly could. That was what he was best at.

    With a nod of approval, he spoke to the confident singer, “This is good. A few things need to be refined, but there shouldn’t be any major problems. How long have you been working on this?”

    Quote Originally Posted by RacingeR View Post
    “And then! I figured that this rhythm would be pretty good to dance to! So, with you and a few others from your club we should be able to put quite the spectacle!”

    “I’m good as long as I don’t have to dance. You know I’d end up making a fool of myself,” Despite his nonchalance, he still shuddered when thinking about his past attempts. His parents had tried to force him to learn ballroom dancing when he was younger. After a few disastrous sessions, it was decided that he would avoid any events that required him to dance. Maybe it would go a little better now. He could move with the music and hype up a crowd. But he still didn’t want to risk it.

    Then, like clockwork, Cynthia began one of her frequent rants about beating Shelia. Xavier was content to simply let it run its course when the dance club member spoke up.

    Quote Originally Posted by SnowSpartan View Post
    “I think you’re quite the gifted idol in your own right, Cynthia! I’m excited to see you use this opportunity to really show people what you’re capable of! Unfortunately, most of the dance club have little experience in the style necessary to perform this song and I would struggle as well. We could, however, work together on the choreography to make your performance absolutely stunning!"
    After hearing these words, Xavier gave the girl an appreciative smile. Cynthia was obviously far too concerned with her “rivalry.” Xavier had always wanted to nudge her away from her obsession, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He still chases his goal despite knowing it will hurt him in the long run. Saying anything would be hypocrisy in its highest form.

    Quote Originally Posted by RacingeR View Post
    “C’mon, I bet prodigies like you guys should be able to make easy work out of this…”
    A moment later, Xavier was approaching the idol. This taunt cannot go unpunished. If she attempts to tease them, then he will respond. In one swift movement, he pulled his hands from his pockets and lightly bopped her on the head with his fist. “Don’t be dumb. You’re just as much of a prodigy as the rest of us. You should know how hard it is to make good music. Or are you so airheaded that you’ve forgotten already?” Then he decided to double down: “Seriously! You should have at least checked what style the dance club focuses on before requesting one of their members!”

    With his work completed, he turned toward the person in question. Growing serious, he addressed the blonde directly: “What sort of choreography did you have in mind? Adelyn and I are going to edit this, so it would be best if we knew what the end product might look like.”

    Then a realization dawned on him. Cynthia had begun her presentation almost the instant he arrived. Now that it was over, he had instantly started barraging the dancer with questions! What the hell was I thinking?! Xavier sheepishly began to rub the back of his neck and glanced to the side. “I…uh, just realized that we never got introduced. I’m Xavier. Nice to meet you.”

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    Johnny Justice & Cyrus Ferdinand
    Location: Kansas – Zeus Approach
    Time: The Past

    “Is that so?” A small smile appeared on Darion’s handsome face as he looked from Cyrus to Johnny and then back at Johnny. “So, if I accept to play with you, whether I win or lose, it’d be an act of kindness? That’s quite amusing, young man. Sure, I accept these terms. After all, without a doubt, your talents are quite interesting.”

    Cyrus couldn’t help but to look at that man’s eyes, and the first pangs of uncertainty crossed his mind. There was a slight mischievous twinkle on Darion’s eyes when he heard what kind of game he’d be playing, and for a moment he idly wondered if the wrong gamble had been chosen against this old man.

    But it was too late, the terms of the bet had been issued, and where schemes failed, Cyrus could always count for his luck to carry through. And when luck failed, there always was Johnny’s muscle.

    “Well then, I say that the one who’ll come out of the café is- pardon.” Darion coughed slightly. “I predict that it might be a woman.” He clarified, and took a step to the side of the café’s entrance, and his bodyguard did the same, the white-haired youth standing unobtrusively to the side, but slightly forward, in such a way he could intercept either of you if you tried something physical.

    It was hard even for Cyrus to guess what the principal was thinking. The old man just… stood there, with a bland smile on his face, but his eyes shone as he examined the boys in front of him again.

    It was an almost physical sensation, the strength of his [observation]. As if he didn’t want to miss anything, concentrating on you two intensely.

    He seemed to be having fun, this old man, despite the strangeness of the situation.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike1984 View Post
    Besides, I don't see what's so terrible about looting anyway. It's only property, they're not actually harming anyone.
    Quote Originally Posted by lantzblades View Post
    when I say hero I don't mean hero in the spirit sense. I mean a morally grounded, good natured person who doesn't slaughter innocent people. No such person exists in the Nasuverse.
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    Cyrus Ferdinand
    Location: Kansas – Zeus Approach
    Time: The Past

    “Kindness? Yeah, I guess so.”

    Cyrus saw the eyes of a mischief-maker staring back at him. When confidence met wit, that was when the games got good. What he saw was certainly confidence, but was there wit behind it, or was he, like Cyrus, the naturally lucky kind?

    Not that Cyrus’ luck was natural, nor was it unconditional, nor was it even what could be called luck at all.

    But it worked.

    The boy lifted the bill of his hat to see more, then let go of his hat. His hands fell to the side, and Cyrus buried them in his pockets. That was the signal for the man inside to exit the café. Had the old man guessed a woman, he would have lowered his hat and folded his hands across his chest.

    “You took heads, so we’ve gotta take tails then. Let’s see who comes out.”

    Cyrus met the humdrum smile with his unrelenting glare. The old man was calm, which made sense. He had nothing to lose, nor did he have anything significant to gain. There was no reason for him to be nervous over the outcome. But beneath the calm was a confidence, the kind which crept in behind his statue-esque smile. It was staring at an amateur sculptor’s first completed work. A bust of a “happy man.” There were no other signs of complex, emotional humanity in it. It was just a smile, still as stone, which stared at the boys silently.

    A smile which only knew joy.

    In the back of his head, intuition that he had been born with, honed, and now carried with him like a knife, whispered in Cyrus’ voice.

    “We mighta lost, Johnny.”
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    Johnny Justice
    Location: Kansas – Zeus Approach
    Time: The Past

    Johnny smiled as he stepped to the side, leaning against the side of the door with a lazy grin on hi face.

    "Dunno if I'd call it kindness, but it's interesting enough, isn't it?"

    Johnny's eyes flicked over towards Cyrus as the boy gave him the signal. Even if they could have blackmailed the principal, it's always for the best to play with your cards on the table, in the end. Playing word games wasn't his style, that was something other people did.

    "I dunno about you Pres, but I'm feeling pretty lucky today!" Johnny said jovially as he winked at the principal and his bodyguard. "But the thing about luck is that it doesn't have even a lick of sophistication, right?"

    Luck is a learned trait. That's the secret that only kings can learn. To climb to the top, you have to be lucky every time. To stay up there, kicking down the upstarts and would-be rulers that come to your throne -- when you're the king of the rats, you need to be lucky every time. Rats aren't the kindest of creatures, and dragging down their betters was just another pastime. To Johnny, that kingdom of rats was a masterpiece. A beautiful, shining thing made of pain, of suffering and despair, but a masterpiece nonetheless.

    He was lucky every time.

    And then he wasn't lucky once.

    The games that people play always were interesting to a boy whose eyes could see through all the tricks. It wasn't long before "how'd you do that?" became "let me teach you this", and the way the cards bent was fascinating in and of itself. To be the kind of person to make a bet was simple - you just had to have something you wanted to win. To strive for. To grasp. In order to make bets, you had to want. But in order to win bets, you had to be different. Desire alone wasn't enough to make things happen. Wanting something wouldn't make it reality.

    Johnny bounced off the wall, and opened the door to the café, taking a step inside as he looked around, taking in a deep breath of the coffee-tinted air as he turned on his heel, winking at Cyrus as he walked out of the door and closed it behind him.

    "Worryin' about what-ifs and maybes - thinking about a thousand chances and a thousand answers - that's not really my thing! You want luck? I make it."

    Cyrus made bets. Johnny won them. It was the natural state of their relationship.
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    Eilian Aubrey
    Location: Zeus High School – 5th Floor (Crafts Club)
    Time: Noon

    Several of the tiny gearworks needed replacing, simply mangled beyond what a repair would be worth in any real consideration. Pinching the small works between her tool gloves fingers she disassembles the piece further in a matter of moments. Metal clad digits precise precise in their workings as she peers at a small gear set only 0.13mm in thickness.

    Unusual, perhaps an offshoot of an Italian style? From the creasing of a pinion tooth the metallurgy no, rather what generated the forces to sheer it so. Machined rather than cast, though lacking any artistic etchings that would be more reminiscent of that style...

    "If what you need is a time piece, I would recommend a quartz resonator, anything above 200 kilohertz should suffice for your need in accuracy."

    Her words delivered dryly without a glance up to the brown-haired club president.

    Over winding of the mainspring perhaps? That would not account for the escapement itself... no external signs of damage either. Hm.

    "If what you seek is sentimentality does the function still have applicability?"

    Here emotion enters her speech for the first time beyond bored commentary, the word sentimentality dripping with enough derision for her opinion of such a thing to be clearly evident. Looking up for the first time with her carmine gaze, seeking what answer they might have to justify the time required for such a repair.
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