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Thread: After the Dawn (OOC)

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    Codename: Grave Moss
    Name: Moss
    Gender: Female
    Place of Birth: Jungles of Sargon
    Date of Birth: 1070 April 1st
    Race: Pilosa
    Height: 195 cm
    Weight: 75 kg + 500 kg armor + 200kg shield + 100kg lance.
    Combat Experience: 22 years
    Infection Status: Mild

    Class: Defender

    Battle Arts
    No Step Forward - Short Range - 3 Turns
    Spinning her lance around by the chain Moss hurls the weapon at her target, lancing them before pulling them closer. Until she pulls the chain back she can focus better on defending with both of her hands on the shield.

    One Step Forward - 2 Turns
    Taking a single heavy step forward Moss puts all of her strength into a single strike. Enough force concentrated at the tip of the lance to easily punch through a reinforced bunker.
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    Basic File Performance Exam
    Code Name Santonia
    Gender Female
    Combat Experience 9 years
    Place of Birth Rim Billiton
    Date of Birth October 16, 1070
    Race Savra
    Height 182cm
    Infection Status Moderate Oripathy
    Physical Strength Excellent
    Mobility Flawed
    Physiological Endurance Normal
    Combat Skill Excellent
    Originium Adaptability Standard
    Originium Output Standard

    Profile Clinical Analysis
    Alyepe Taricha, codename Santonia, is a wandering Savra who has been trying to succeed as a musician since she was young. Travelling as a teen required her to be able to protect herself, so she has developed a very effective fighting style involving her tail and the neurotoxins it produces.
    Due to her previous experiences dealing with the Rim Billiton mining conglomerate's ownership of her hometown, as well as with R.I.MAster Records' ownership of the copyrights of her songs, we do not recommend deploying her on missions requiring diplomacy and/or negotiation with any of our business partners.

    Note from HR: Since we are already aware of her ongoing legal disputes with R.I.MAster Records, we have asked Operator Santonia to refrain from holding any kind of paid concert or presentation. She wasn't happy, but it is what it is.
    Note from HR II: Operator Santonia is henceforth PROHIBITED from performing songs from her first two albums, except in combat situations. Any attempt at playing them in any context that might be interpreted as an "unauthorized cover of music owned by R.I.MAster Records for one's own profit or promotion" can and WILL be used by them to sue us! Be careful people!!
    It appears that a peculiar interaction occured between the infection and the rare physiological characteristics of her body. Despite possessing more Originium granules than we would denote safe to classify as "Moderate Infection", most of it is isolated to the muscle tissues of her tail, keeping her organs from being damaged further. This mutation has increased the density of the muscles on her tail to supernatural desgrees, raising its endurance far above the rest of her body. Furthermore, toxic glands — organs usually only present in the tail of Savras in her tribe — have developed all over her epidermis, allowing her to secrete the neurotoxin from all over her body.
    Sadly, the effects haven't all been positive, and the infection has also decreased her natural resistance to her own toxins, causing her to be affected whenever it is secreted by glands other than the ones in her tail.

    Combat Information
    SP 15
    The operator may use an action in combat to perform quick treatment on themselves without the need of healing Arts. Heals some HP and may allow the user to recover from status effects.
    Santonia fights with her own fists, dancing around the enemy and trying to distract them or catch them off-guard, only ever keeping her distance to use her Arts or tail. She had never tried to apply complex tactics to her style until being hired by BSW, and still hasn't really internalized it.
    Arts Shot
    A ranged attack canalized by the Arts Unit on her left pauldron. Taking the form of a glob of liquid that shoots out after dripping down her arm, it possesses low power, but does not consume SP. That said, this attack cannot be used if SP has been reduced to 0.
    Battle Arts Single-target techniques involving the use of her mutated tail.
    Wrap Around - 2 Turn CD
    Santonia attempts to dodge an enemy attack by spinning around them. If she succeeds, the enemy is wrapped in her tail, Binding them.
    Chuck Toxin - 3 turn CD
    Santonia creates an opening by breaking the defenses of the target with a barrage of attacks, and then strikes them in the face with her toxin-coated tail. The target suffers damage and is Withered.
    Tail Hook - 3 turn CD
    Santonia wraps her tail around a target, pulling them towards herself, damaging and Binding them. If the target is a structure, she can pull herself towards it instead.
    Originium Arts Chemophony — whatever she percieves as a chemical reaction can be spread throughout the area through sound.
    Innate Chemophony - 5 SP (then, 3 SP p/ turn)
    Santonia secretes neurotoxin throughout her body and starts singing or playing, disseminating the effects of the toxin through the music to all those who can hear her. Her Arts are selective, so she can choose not to affect specific targets, though she must be aware of them being able to hear her song to do so. She can keep singing for as long as she wishes to.
    Those affected are Withered. If Santonia sustains the effect through the next turn, and they don’t stop themselves from hearing the song once again, they’ll be Stunned. This will continue for as long as she sings.
    Since secreting neurotoxin throughout her whole body is an involuntary reaction when using this ability, she’ll also be affected by it. She is not Withered, but will be Stunned from the second turn onward.
    Medium-Dependant Chemophony - Variable SP
    Santonia disseminates the effects of chemical solutions other than her own natural one. After using it, the chemical is depleted. Usually, she carries 3 cans of pepper spray and 2 of sleeping gas.

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    Gender Female
    Place of Birth Laterano City
    Race Sankta (Fallen)
    Height 185cm
    Weight 67kg
    Combat Experience 7 months
    Infection Status Uninfected
    Class Medic
    Physical Strength Normal
    Mobility Normal
    Physiological Endurance Standard
    Combat Skill Normal
    Originium Adaptability Outstanding
    Originium Output Superior

    // UNLOCKED AT TRUST: 50 //
    Operator Grapevine’s reputation within the medical branch at Rhodes Island is complicated. Her patients and coworkers are quick to compliment her talent and work ethic, but her bedside manner is something else entirely. Some of our trainees are as afraid of her as they are of Instructor Dobermann. Her tendency to avoid social events compounds this image of her, though we would like to emphasize that when encountered outside of the workplace, Miss Grapevine tends to be polite and professional.

    She is fantastically well-read, though, to the surprise of those who manage to strike up a conversation. Medical papers, herbology, regional folklore, Victorian dramas, and even the bawdy Bolivarian romances that were popular before the revolution, it is not uncommon to see her rejoin the landship at each mooring with a new volume or two in hand. It is our belief that despite her disinterest in socializing, Miss Grapevine wishes to learn as much as she can about the world outside of Laterano, and as such, maintains a wide range of interests in her free time.

    From my own experience, I once chanced to hear Miss Grapevine talking to Miss Perfumer about herbal remedies, in order to better treat Sarkaz children whose mistrust of Arts can make them difficult patients. If nothing else, this anecdote proves to me that Miss Grapevine is considerate of the feelings of her patients, and at least in the case of children, is willing to compromise.

    // UNLOCKED AT TRUST: 100 //
    As I’m sure you know, the number of medical staff in any given hospital with the training and willingness to work with Infected is… limited, to say the least. During the formative months of Rhodes Island, even if the company had possessed the reputation and resources it does today, we would have been hard-pressed to fully staff a single medical ward, much less offer our doctors a competitive salary compared to what they could earn in Columbia or Victoria. For someone of Miss Grapevine’s ability and insight, it would have been easy to start as a nurse and shoot through the ranks in a reputable hospital.

    Truthfully though, it’s hard to imagine someone of her principles and disposition taking that path. Working as a nurse while grinning and bearing the corporate obligations of the Columbian healthcare system she so openly resents? Probably impossible. The same could be said for Victoria’s selective enrollment programs, where patients, particularly the Infected, are so dependent on sponsorships to even make it into a proper facility. It is perhaps understandable, then, that the rigid and forthright Miss Grapevine maintained her status as a traveling doctor, occasionally operating illegally within the boundaries of Victoria and Minos.

    Keep in mind that everything that follows comes courtesy of Miss Closure, so much of it might be embellished.

    “So, you want to know about that prickly Sankta with the crooked rifle? Doctor Kal’tsit brought her in when we were passing by Londinium back before things really hit the fan. Apparently she was some kind of back-alley doctor and got up to all sorts of trouble. I hear she even broke into a quarantine zone and knocked out the locals so she could treat them. She’s real dedicated to her idea of what a doctor’s supposed to be, you know.

    Now if only she and lil’ Louisa could get along…

    Hey, are you recording this!? I thought this was off the record! I’d like to keep a positive relationship with the medical team, thank you very much!”

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    Operator Valravn

    Gender Female Class Caster
    Place of Birth Leithania
    Date of Birth September 17, 1082 Physical Strength Flawed
    Race Liberi Mobility Normal
    Height 173 cm Physiological Endurance Standard
    Weight 50 kg Combat Skill Normal
    Combat Experience 10 months Originium Adaptability Excellent
    Infection Status Severe Oripathy Originium Output Excellent

    Clinical Analysis

    Imaging tests for this Operator showed blurry outlines of internal organs with a visible dark spot where her heart is. An unusually high concentration of originium particles are present in her circulatory system, confirming her as an Infected.

    [Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 16%
    Operator Valravn exhibits ore lesions and other side effects of Oripathy in both arms.

    [Blood Crystal Density] 0.41u/L
    Malnutrition and the rigors of travel have contributed to an increase in spread. After treatment, the progression has stabilized.

    Unlocked at Trust 50

    Operator Valravn, real name Friia Galdr, applied to become a BSW operator through public channels. She arrived at the office and asked for the job, saying her arms made her unsuited to most manual labor jobs available to the infected and thought her skill with arts would make her a good operator. Although her general knowledge scores seemed in need of improvement, she scored well on the arts theory and practical tests as well as her tactical evaluation and was summarily hired as a trainee.

    Operator Valravn was initially unused to working in group settings and tried to complete objectives on her own. However, after some time it seemed she has warmed up to the idea of relying on others, at least in areas she knows she lacks. Socially she likes engaging in conversation with other operators, particularly about fashion, and has made some friends. However, her tendency to borrow things without asking often gets her into trouble.

    Unlocked at Trust 100

    Operator Valravn’s arms are mutated from the shoulder down: pale skin giving way to sinewy flesh, almost black in color, ending in clawed talons that are not unlike those of a bird of prey. Tests conducted on the claws show that they are a composite of keratin and originium. While these talons may give off an intimidating aura, Operator Valravn’s arms are actually quite frail due to low muscle density. Although she seems accustomed to her irregular limbs and not lacking in dexterity, her lack of strength means she struggles to lift heavy objects. When asked about her arms, the operator thought for a moment and then stated that she had them for as long as she could remember.

    It is the opinion of the medical staff that such a mutation could only stem from her severe Oripathy. However, given the extent of the changes to her physiology, this transformation must have taken course over several years. One theory posited by the medical staff is that the Operator’s mother was Infected, thereby beginning her infection and mutation at the natal stage. Another theory circulated in rumors claims that she was kidnapped by a Leithanian noble and her mutation was the result of forbidden arts research. These rumors are further fueled by the presence of several scars on her body. We would like to ask all staff to refrain from spreading such rumors.

    Originium Arts

    Operator Valravn is able to manipulate carbon in the form of ash and smoke using her originium arts. When she casts her arts the source of said ash is unclear and seemingly inexhaustible, however, a medical staff operator noticed one day that the lushness of Operator Valravn’s feathers became noticeably sparse and her hair lost some color after back-to-back arts training exercises. After a few hours, her feathers and hair returned to normal.
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    Operator Vitro

    Gender Male Class Supporter
    Place of Birth Siracusa Physical Strength Normal
    Date of Birth 12/16/1066 Mobility Superior
    Race Liberi Physiological Endurance Normal
    Height/Weight 160cm/62kg Combat Skill Flawed
    Combat Experience 3 years Originium Adaptability Excellent
    Infection Status Mild Oripathy Originium Output Superior

    Vitro, Supporting Operator of Blacksteel. At the ready to keep everyone hale and hearty.

    Even the most vicious poison can cure with proper application.

    Clinical Analysis

    Imaging tests have shown blurry outlines of Operator's internal organs to be clouded with abnormal dark spots. With Originium granules detected in his circulatory system, he is confirmed to be infected with Oripathy.

    [Cell-Originium Fusion Rate] 0.7%
    There are no obvious signs of infection or spread on the surface of his body.

    [Blood Crystal Density] 0.26u/L
    Curiously, the patient's disease is under control from the get-go. Considering Operator Vitro's interests and close proximity to Originium, the level of infection in his system is shockingly stable.

    Unlocked at Trust 50

    A former native to Siracusa, Operator Vitro -- real name Ilario Gigari -- arrived at Blacksteel's doorsteps offering his services after escaping the wrath of its ravenous wolves. While the medical branch initially had its doubts, their concerns were mostly placated once he procured his licensing from Siracusa-Palermo Medical Academy. Given the nature of his field and status as Infected, however, concessions were made and he was assigned as an Operator of Blacksteel.

    While officially dubbed a Toxicologist, Operator Vitro does admit his works seek to go beyond the study of poisons and toxins. Specifically, he sought after means to find and harness aspects of hostile compounds for beneficial use. Be it the flora of Catastrophe Sites or the infected fauna that stalks its premises, Operator Vitro has found use in what was initially sought useless. Making steady progress procuring antivenoms and even combat enhancements, the results speaks of his skill. But due to variables that are specific dosages and variance of physiology, have yet to find mass production.

    Though prone to nervous laughter and wild gesturing, Operator Vitro seems to mean well when socializing with fellow colleagues. Though some are still off-put by his presence or work, they are at the very least receptive of his help. This had play a great part when undertaking operations with noticeable casualties, where his expertise saved more than a few lives once they had placed their trust on him. Though not a Medic Operator, he was just as zealous in saving lives.

    Unlocked at Trust 100

    During the early days ol' Vitro never took off his protective gear, even back in base. He even avoided eating in the commons, and just up and holes himself up all private-like. 'Course, this led to a bunch of rumors -- from hiding hideous chemical scars, him being a secret Seaborn, the works. All nonsense, as you expect, but stuff like this happens when someone's acting all mysterious and weird-like.

    Though after some time spent with the lot of us (my backside saved by his brews many times, even), the old boy did seem to ease up. Once one of us was brave enough to ask about that outfit deal, he obliged us; and what do you know, he looks just like any other Liberi. Granted, as normal as a Liberi can be with frazzled hair, but there solves that mystery.

    Turns out he just doesn't remove them out of habit. Looking back at his job and situation, I supposed it made some sense -- that suit might as well be his second skin. Not long after that, ol' Vitro seemed to make more effort to join us in whatever was going on. Guy even brought some goods cooked on his own -- bona-fide Siracusan cuisine, cafeteria crap will never beat that Buridda stew of his.

    There was just one thing I noticed, though; whenever he brings something for the lot to enjoy, he always brought with him a smaller portion for himself. And I'm sure it's probably just the stuff that old boy works with, but...
    His portions always smelled off.

    - Account from Infected Operator [ - - - ]

    Originium Arts

    In combat, Operator Vitro uses Poison-Aligned Arts in the form of vapors or needle-like jets of chemicals to aid his allies, and should push comes to shove, utilizing the same means to hinder his foes. Though not immediately deadly in consideration of allies, it makes an effective means of controlling the battlefield.

    Please ensure personnel avoids inhaling the brackish clouds on-field – those aren’t restoratives.
    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

    [Collection of my Servant Sheets]
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    Operator Sting

    Gender: Male
    Place of Birth: Higashi
    Race: Entoma
    Height: 186cm
    Weight: 80kg
    Combat Experience: 10 years
    Infection Status: Moderate Oripathy

    Class: Specialist
    Physical Strength: Normal
    Mobility: Superior
    Physiological Endurance: Normal
    Combat Skill: Superior
    Originium Adaptability: Normal
    Originium Output: Superior

    Clinical Analysis
    Imaging tests have shown the outlines of his internal organs to be indistinct due to abnormal shadows. Originium granules have been detected in his circulatory system, confirming him to be infected with Oripathy.

    [Cell-Originium Assimilation] 9%
    Mild crystallization is visible on his chest and upper arms. These crystals have been incorporated into the design of the operator's traditional Higashian tattoo, resulting in portions of the crystallization being partially obfuscated.

    [Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 0.19u/L
    Operator was infected at an early age, the condition having worsened over the course of his life to its current state. However, it is currently stable with the spread of the disease having been slowed. According to Operator Sting it is because he "exercises every day, sleep eight hours a day and always eats his vegetables." Although it has been documented that such is often the case for patients in excellent physical condition, medical is not entirely willing to take Operator Sting's word that such is the case for himself as well.

    'Especially when he continues to smoke tobacco on the regular, no matter how often medical has told him to drop the habit!' - Blacksteel Worldwide Medical Operator

    Unlocked at Trust 50
    Operator Sting, real name Kenji Yamamoto, joined Blacksteel Worldwide roughly a year ago, shortly after arriving in Columbia. His application provided a breakdown of the skills he could bring to the company. Any and all other information that he provided was sparse and to the point, with many gaps present in regard to his personal history. He stated that he is from Higashi, however his dialect is clearly that of a Siracusan. That combined with only a mention of his homeland as the place of his birth and nothing more seems to call into question whether this is even true. As for Siracusa, though he confirmed that he been previously there before arriving in Columbia he does not provide a detailed explanation as to his dealings there other than that he had concluded his business and moved to Columbia to pursue the "Columbian Dream" as his parents had always wanted him to.

    As for his skills they were identified as perfectly fitting the role of infiltration, asset retrieval, target extraction and the elimination of targets that required an element of subtlety and thus he was granted the operator status of a Specialist. Though some of the upper management were skeptical of the claims the bug man had made in regard to his skills, he had been able to complete most solo missions granted to him with the ease of someone who had been doing such assignments for years, with at times surprising professionalism.

    However these skills of his don't excuse his personality which in a word can be summarized as brash. He is overly confident, often times is crass and seems to treat people in the same casual manner whether they be fellow operators or the upper brass of Blacksteel Worldwide. Indeed, were it not for his competence in his role as an operator it is conceivable that he would have already been dismissed from the company otherwise. In addition he appears to have an addiction to smoking, even though such activities are more harmful than usual to him when one considers his race, and can often be found smoking some sort of Siracusan brand or other whilst lounging around the non-smoking areas at headquarters.

    Locked until at Trust 100
    "Yeah, no, we don't know each other that well so I'm gonna just ask you nicely the first time to butt out of asking those sorts of questions, yeah?" - Operator Sting

    Originium Arts
    Operator Sting's Originium Arts relate to the generation of acid, allowing him to melt through various materials and armor. He however has only displayed a basic understanding in regard to the underlying science of Originium Arts and in turn has only displayed a very basic use of his Arts, even though tests indicate that the power behind these exertions is noteworthy. This leads one to wonder what he could have been capable of had he actually studied these sciences.

    Fellow operators that he has been on assignments with have noted that he had displayed a different application of his arts in the midst of combat, however due to his fighting style combat is often concluded before they are able to get a read as to what exactly he was doing.

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    Operator Asura

    Gender: Female.
    Height: 168cm
    Weight: ??? Kg
    Birth Date: July 17th, 1080.
    Combat Experience: 10 years.
    Infection Status: Uninfected.
    Nationality: Siracusa, later Kazimierz.
    Race: Lupo.

    Class: Sniper.
    Strength: Flawed
    Mobility: Superior
    Physiological Endurance: Normal
    Combat Skill: Excellent
    Originium Adaptability: Normal
    Originium Output: Superior

    Clinical Analysis
    Imaging shows no indications of infection whatsoever.

    Additional Notes: "Operator Asura's malnutrition can be considered mostly a solved issue. In fact, it was already being solved when she was in Kazimierz, and the time spent under BSW-provided treatment has done wonders for her. However, in regards to combat performance, she still lacks the appropriate muscle tone, and her weight still remains under appropriate levels as well. Her left arm is still a concern, as the deformation on both bone and muscle has proven rather difficult to correct. The new implants and some intensive rehabilitation work have allowed her to employ it in daily life, but it still remains far too weak to be of any use during combat.

    For these reasons, despite her insistence that she can double as a Guard operator if needed, and despite indeed possessing the means to defend herself up close, we cannot recommend such a role for her. Perhaps performance in combat may change the conclusion, but one would rather hope she'd focus on furthering her Originium Arts instead. Regarding..." - Excerpt from Operator Asura's medical evaluation.

    Unlocked at Trust 50
    Real name Oria.(Her surname appears to have been redacted.) Not much is known of her backstory as she hasn't been exactly forthcoming. Seems like she was born in Siracusa, something happened to her family, and she ended up in Kazimierz afterwards. She came to BSW because, in her own words, she'd gotten bored with her life there and thought that she might like it better over here. Other information is classified.

    Stealthy elimination of targets from long-range is her specialty. Her Originium Arts are particularly well suited for this, and even discounting this role, she excels in sneaky interference and ranged support in the battlefield. Her talent at infiltration grants her a lot of flexibility when it comes to setting up, as well. If anything, her combat performance has won her quite the high recommendations from the higher-ups. Her tendency to end up annoying squadmates, however, is a bit of a downside, to say the least.

    Asura’s personality can only be considered strange. She’s always cheery, off-beat, or perhaps more precisely, she marches to the beat of her own drum and functions on her own strange rhythm. She seems to lack any sort of filter, often saying what comes to mind regardless of how appropriate it is, although she's finally began obeying orders to tone it down some, or at least to not be so crude. Tends to act as if she were much older than she really is, often taking a role akin to a weird older sister to the younger operators in her squad, whether they happen to be older than her or not. Her hobbies are quite eclectic and hard to keep track of, as she tends to pick them up and then drop them after a week or so, depending on her whim. Seems to consistently enjoy people-watching and has a marked interest in technology. Can be often found lounging around the headquarter's rooftop.

    Unlocked at Trust 100
    "That chick ain't right. Yeah, I know, she's friendly as hell, a real ball of cheer when she feels like it. But y'know how it is... if you've been in combat with her. Switch's rather unsettling, ain't it? Like her personality just flips a bit, though she still sounds so cheery even while being so friggin'... efficient about murdering the target. Bit creepy. [...] so that's why that one Yen guy came up with Asura for her and it stuck. She really only seems to be really 'there' when in the heart of battle. Sounds dorky as hell, even she thinks so, she ain't liking her codename all that much. Would've expected her to pitch a tantrum about it, she didn't come up with anything better tho, so her supervisor just stuck it into her, cause what she kept coming up with sounded even dumber. But man, I tell ya, I get the feel that there ain't nobody actually close to this girl. Wonder if there's really something to get close to below all that. But I ain't got the balls to push on that one." - Anonymous BSW Operator.

    Originium Arts
    A telekinetic art that allows Asura to link with what she perceives to be an ‘invisible string’ to one or multiple objects and levitate and move them with ease as if they were part of her body. The objects she links to cannot be too particularly heavy, and the heavier the object she is manipulating, the less objects she can link to, and the more limited her manipulation.

    To exemplify, she’d be able to link to a person of average weight, and would be somewhat able to move them around, if the speed would be greatly diminished in comparison to what she can normally accomplish, and she’d be unable to link to any other object meanwhile.

    That’d seem to limit the usefulness of her arts greatly, but instead, Asura’s true talent lies in the capacity to greatly accelerate any object she’s linked to as long as they’re of a relatively limited size, transforming it into a deadly, but very potent projectile, often compared to the shot of a high caliber Laterano gun. More importantly, she’s capable of greatly dampening the noise made by her shots, although she’s unable to eliminate sound entirely.

    This renders her capable of transforming many mundane objects into a silent and deadly weapon, and transforms her into a very deadly Sniper indeed. Although she remains greatly untrained in actually casting her arts, her output is tremendous, and the amount of damage she can inflict with just a box of nails cannot be underestimated. When using actual specialized weapons, the result can be terrifying to behold.

    The range she can link to objects seems to be limited by her sight, and she loses her link to the object if it leaves her sight range.
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