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    picture upload

    How do I get a picture to load in a fourm post? I tried uploading to a site and then loading it and it didn't show. Whats the trick here?

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    Make sure if you using the picture function the picture has to end in png

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    Use the BBCode [img]link[/img]

    Use a direct link ie. a URL that ends in .jpg, .png, .gif, or whatever format your image is in. You can get it by clicking on an image and selecting Copy Image Address, or by opening the image itself and copying the URL. In your case, the tag doesn't work because you used, the URL of the page, instead of, the direct URL of the image.

    For your own uploading purposes, use an image-hosting service such as Imgur or a personal Discord server.

    To wit, [img][/img]

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