Hello everyone, I joined the forum to ask if anyone had any clue on how to get a certain doujin game, Tiger Quest IV Full Moon Edition, working. Sorry if this is the wrong sub-forum

I recently purchased it from Yahoo Auctions (as well as the Crescent/Half Moon editions). Seems, however, that this game requires connecting to the now-defunct site of the developer, Musenmai, to download an update. This update is very likely the script file for the game along with some few other things, making it decently hard to even try to play.

Saber should be saying something here, at least that's the assumption I'm making from seeing this same scene in the other two games
Also in this picture is the 'updater'. I believe the window with the progress bar says something along the lines of 'Trying to install update from the internet'. The error prompt says it can't connect to the server, which... makes sense. It's been offline for most likely over a decade. I've tried pointing the updater settings (config.ini and updater.conf in the root directory) to a Wayback Machine archive of the server, unfortunately to no avail. Probably was not archived, either that or I'm doing it horribly wrong.

This is what the game directory looks like. Game.ini seems to indicate that there's supposed to be a Data folder, which is likely the one that ties it together. I've also included how I changed the 'base' URLs to the wayback ones. Likely just weren't archived.

I guess the question is: does anyone have the game files I'm missing to actually be able to play this game? Through research I found that TQIV Crescent and Half Moon also received updates... surprisingly enough, the Crescent Moon one actually is archived: https://web.archive.org/web/20050901...0/TIGER_QUEST/. Half Moon isn't.

Thanks in advance for the help!