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    Create-an-Arknights operator

    Because I've been playing too much arknights recently

    Codename: Effigy
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Aug. 10
    Race: Unknown (suspected Liberi)
    Height: 190cm
    Weight: 40kg (this low weight is a result of crystalization of most of his body)
    Combat experience: Unknown
    Infection Status: Infection confirmed at a glance

    A mysterious man found in the ruins of a small city after a catastrophe. About 2/3 of his body are solid originium crystals, including both legs, the right arm and half his thorax, large crystals are also visible on his face and left arm.
    Found by operators sent to search the ruins of a post-catastrophe vilage, they first thought him a simple originium effigy, similar to what sometimes remains of fully crystalized bodies - by oripathy or catastrophes - before the crystals crumble under their own weight and become dust, until such effigy started to move. The operators then started combat believing having found a new type of originium beast, before talking it down and confirming he is in fact an infected person.
    Further investigation revealed remains of crystalized children where the subject was found, thus creating the belief among operators that he is somehow able to infect and extremely advance oripathy in other bodies. This has already been proved - partially - false, but the fear is still present among operators.

    Clinical Analysis
    Imaging and other techniques have been unable to show his internal organs, probably because of the massive amount of originium in the subject's body interfering with the equipment. His circulatory system is filled with some kind of thick originium-based liquid instead of blood.

    [Cell-Originium Assimilation] 11%-100%
    The crystalized part of Effigy's body is indeed that - pure, cold originium crystal. The "human" parts are unbelievably still alive and show symptoms similar to late-stage oripathy patients.

    [Blood Originium-Crystal Density] 2.44u/L
    Effigy's blood has a concentration similar to industrial originium compounds. Our medics needed special equipment borrowed from the craftsmen division to properly analyze its composition.

    "His blood has different reactions to chemicals than normal living beings and as such most drugs have no or unforessen effects, most imaging and sampling equipment simply does not work, I can barely even feel his damn heartbeat! Where did you guys even find this shit?! If this is some kind of prank I swear..."
    -Gavial, medic operator

    Archive File 1
    [Research notes 1]
    To everyone's disbelief, several tests proved that 2/3 of Effigy's body is indeed made of pure originium crystal. The more tests were made, the more questions our staff had "how can his internal organs still work?" "how does he even move these parts of his body?" "how is this even possible?".
    In face of such an unbeliveable specimen, the cientific curiosity inside most of our medics and researchers was lit, and even those who are more interested in treating and helping people also agreed that more tests were necessary. Operators from Rhine lab were specially invested. Tests were more frequent and extreme, until one incident when researchers injected him with different chemicals to test the effects, but they couldn't foresee how extreme the composition of his blood would react to some of the chemicals, resulting in profuse bleeding, unnatural contortion and extreme pain for the subject. Reports from the incident get increasingly disturbing. That reminded them that Effigy is a living being and not just some kind of scientific test subject. After an extreme reprimand and reorganization of staff, it was decided that tests on this subject would be limited to more safe and humane means. Staff from Rhine Lab has been forbidden from interacting with him, what still causes untold attrition between Rhines Lab and Rodes Island to this day.

    Archive File 2
    [Research notes 2]
    While the rumours of Effigy being able to instantly crystalize a body are certainly false, it is true that the crystalized parts of his body can be a vector for spreading oripathy. Tiny parts of his crystals break and fall when he moves, spreading originium dust where he passes. For this reason the subject was contained in a safe lab - with his approval - until he himself came with the schematics for a special hazard clothing that would not only hide his unnerving figure but also make sure his crystals bring no risk to anyone else. The craftsmen division got to work imediatelly and after a lot of adjustments and tests he was deemed safe to move around Rhodes Island and function as a normal operator.

    "While this clothing is... quite unique, I can see that whoever made it has a distinct fashion sense"
    -Orchid, operator

    Archive File 3
    [Research notes 3]
    While Effigy is normally very cooperative with the medical and research staff, he vehemently refuses to answer some questions - specially after the incident - , like his real name and past, always telling everyone to just call him "Effigy" even when some people refuses to call him that believing it is rude due to his situation. He also refuses to let anyone touch his enigmatic staff, even coming to blows with operator Gavial after she tried taking his staff by force. This was also why they convinced Effigy to take the combat operator test.

    "Although miss Gavial has... a strong personality, she is unusually impatient when it comes to sir Effigy. My personal theory is that he somehow reminds her of the people she couldn't save. That's one of the reasons why she applied to be a medic operator after all, to save those she couldn't"
    -Member of medical staff

    Archive File 4
    [Research notes 4]
    Effigy carries an elongated staff that somehow resembles a sword (think of summer Brynhild's sword but thinner and longer) and has refused to let go of it since coming to Rodes Island. While some parts of his staff are similar to several known designs, it is not quite like anything we know off.

    "Hmm... yes, this is quite the interesting design, but I can't really grasp its inner workings without testing and taking a look inside"
    -Passenger, operator, when asked to analize the staff

    Archive File 5
    [Combat test notes]
    While in combat, Effigy can indeed use his staff as a sword, having such fine control over his arts that most of our caster operators had a hard time actually grasping it. Apparently he uses fire arts in his attacks, but with so extreme control over it that the flames look like a solid object, something like a textile, doing exactly what he wants, to devastating effects. Physical strenght and resilience are off the charts, and his combat skill is on par with some of our most elite operators. He also showed outstanding tactical acumen and mental faculties. Strangely, his arts assimilation is very flawed. Even though he is capable of such fine arts when in melee, he has a hard time doing anything else, even basic caster exercises. As such, he was to be accepted as a frontline operator, but insisted in becoming a backline caster instead. He says that he's tired of the frontlines and instead wants to support his allies and burn enemies to ashes, so that he doesn't need to see blood spilled anymore. Ironically, he can only reach such level of arts when using his staff as a melee weapon, in the frontlines. As such, he was accepted as a caster operator in Rhodes Island.

    "However, the sound of crystals grinding everytime he moves is quite unnerving"
    -Member of the staff that applied the tests

    Archive File 6
    "Yes, yes... I can see why you showed this to me. Indeed, me and him have a similar style. In that, we don't exactly have a figthing style. The thing is, when you can cut buildings in half with a single swing, these fancy figthing techniques not only become unneeded, also quite hard to pull off. However, he is different. Even with all this strenght, he still seems to hold some technique. I don't know, he just seems more galant than me"
    -Blaze, elite operator, when shown recordings of Effigy's combat tests

    Archive File 7
    "As said before, me and a special team of researchers will be handling all matters concerning to the treatment and analysis of operator Effigy's situation. Current results are archived here for posteriority:
    As unbeliveable at that is, it has been confirmed that the crystalized parts of his body are indeed pure originium. There has never been any case of such a severe condition before, even having such a pure crystal pierce your body is enough to die from originium poisoning in a few minutes. But what little imaging tests worked confirmed that some of his internal organs are still functional, namely his brain and heart. It is unknown the exact condition of the other organs. However, we did detect one exceptionaly small current of arts everywhere in his body. Following interviews with the subject revealed what I had already suspected: he is using arts to keep his organs other than the heart and brain working, and judging by the amount of arts, he is probably controling each organ manually, this would also explain why he never sleeps, and why are his arts the way they are: Such fine control over it, and how limited it is, as most of his focus is inwards, literaly controling his own organs. With such mastery control over arts, one can only imagine what would he be capable of if he could use all his focus for offense.
    The same is true for his crystalized limbs. He uses exceptionaly thin lines made with arts to move his right arm and legs. This explains how he can move them so unaturaly fast. While he can do extremely fine and complex movements with the cristalized limbs, he has trouble maintaining the necessary focus for long, as seem in tests with drawing, writing and musical instruments. He's controling his own limbs like a string puppet. It has been confirmed that he has no sense of touch, smell or taste, and flawed vision and hearing. I believe this is because his nerves are also damaged and he has to choose what to focus to keep working.
    I must say, 'effigy' is a scarely fitting name"

    Archive File 8
    [Research notes 5]
    "In one of the recent tests with mister Effigy we had him play an instrument. When asked if he knew how to play anything, his face darkened like I've never seem before. Even though mister Effigy's expressions are a little hard to read sometimes, it is clear that he always does his best to look welcoming and upbeat. That was the first time I saw a pure emotion from him, that was pure sadness. This was for only a moment, and he soon replied with 'I can play the piano'. And indeed, he could! It was a beatiful and complex piece, like hearing an entire orchestra! But his performance started to fail in the middle, until it looked like he lost control of his own hand and accidentaly broke a few keys of the piano. No one knew what to say and for a single moment there was only silence, until I ran to him saying 'it's ok! You played beautifully!' but I couldn't really say the last word... because I saw his expression. Again, the pure sadness. I'm sure he would be shedding tears, but he didn't, I don't know if he was just trying to look tough or if he just couldn't for some reason, but we ended the tests there. He was still sitting, looking downwards, when I left.
    Later that day I heard a colleague singing mister Effigy's music under his breath, and asked him about it. He said it was an old Laterano song, but he had never heard it played as beautifully as mister Effigy's performance."
    -Member of the research team

    I will probably write more about this guy later
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