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Thread: Grand Unified Theory: CHALDEA

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    Grand Unified Theory: CHALDEA

    00. FOREWORD

    Hello, Petrikow here, author of this frankly embarrassingly long document.
    I think its worth talking about why one should care about making theories like this in the first place?
    For me, primarily, it was a lot of fun to research and put together. Not because I think all I've uncovered is going to come true. Realistically speaking, a lot of details are fuzzy and unclear, and outright impossible to figure out without exact confirmation. That said, in the process of piecing together the honestly staggering amount of information about F/GO's primary mysteries, a model has to be constructed in order for the pieces to find a place to fit in. The structure of this model is ultimately something I've had to fabricate, using the incomplete information provided by the game. Right now, we don't have all the pieces to figure out exactly what happened, but we have enough to approximate the missing ones. And that is what I have done. So when I speak of things in certain terms in this document, I hope it is with the understanding from the reader that the certainty I speak of only ever pertains to the model. I am not exactly certain about all this. I have a lot of good guesses, but the truth is intentionally obscured by the author of F/GO as to provide a satisfying conclusion when you ultimately complete the game (or Part 2, I guess). That's not to say that I lack confidence, just that the process of theorycrafting is by nature an uncertain one.

    Nevertheless, I engage in this uncertain practice anyway, because in a way, this is the reason I care about F/GO at all. Rather than straight up entertainment, I find it more an exercise in thoughts. Thoughts about all kinds of things. History, philosophy, psychology, anthropology, religion, etc... When you line them up like that, it sounds like F/GO is perhaps much grander than what it is. At its core, F/GO is a story about people, their place in the world, and how they find meaning in it. And that meaning isn't something grand. It is something commonplace and ordinary; something all people have experienced. Not knowing how things will turn out, but still having hope for tomorrow. I suppose putting it like that, I must sound like the world's most aggrandizing F/GO enjoyer, but that's not quite it. I have a lot of problems with how this story has unfolded and continues to (very slowly) develop. But that just isn't the focus here today.

    The reason I bring up these themes is because in the process of constructing the model, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is what the story is trying to say. In order to build a completely accurate model (and that very much is the goal, even if an impossible one), the themes of the story have to respected. Though that is naturally under the supposition that the author follows the themes already established (though in this regard, I have few doubts about Nasu). Therefore, a lot of reasoning here may seem odd unless you keep a hold of some of the themes introduced, especially the ones from early on in F/GO. You may also find me going to absurd lengths (many citations, long explanations) to clear up a minor point, but in my mind, this serves not just to make model clearer, but also to build up an understanding of the themes. That, and I want it to be comprehensive. People who've already engaged with the community and common theories may find some of the early stuff very obvious at this point, but it needs to be established regardless.

    With that out of the way, please feel free to partake in what I've decided to call the Grand Unified Theory: CHALDEA. The ridiculously bombastic name has a certain tinge of sarcasm to it, but also serves as a way for me to keep my spirit in check. Always aim high, and shoot for the moon. (when you see text of this color, click it to reveal the source/additional context of the statement highlighted)
    ラニ:月を撃つ。Rani: Shooting Moon...
    Rani: That's what he said, correct?
    Neco-Arc: Oh yeah, right, right.
    Neco-Arc: Not the slightest what he meant by that though.
    Rani: What do you think happens when you shoot at the moon?
    Neco-Arc: The bullet gets stuck in it?
    Rani: Wrong.
    Rani: It really is a meaningless action to carry out in reality.
    Rani: If you shoot straight up, there's a risk the bullet will come down and hit you instead.
    Neco-Arc: Whatchu talking about?
    Rani: To realize a goal that's close to impossible, even if it means throwing away all other possibilities.
    Rani: It has that kind of meaning to it.

    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    (Click the source text again to close the opened statement)
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    The Shape of the Stars

    The Shape of the Cosmos

    The Shape of the Gods

    The Shape of Me

    The Celestial is the Hollow

    The Hollow is the Void

    Anima, Animusphere
    In the Void, there is God


    Last we (the players) left off in Grand Order, we stood face to face with a strange body in a lone operating room.
    (F/GO Traum)
    The answer we thought Traum would perhaps provide, was abruptly cut off. Instead of proof
    (F/GO Traum)
    , we were given falsehood
    (F/GO Traum)

    Where do we begin to pick up the pieces, in such a scenario? Upon her initial defeat, Morgan provided us with important advice regarding this: "Nevertheless, listen well, O Foreign Mage, ye as yet young boy. For a closed world like the Lostbelts, a spell that can command this amount of power is... abnormal. If you ever get the chance henceforth, do once again return to the original cause. What is Chaldea? For what purpose was Rayshifting prepared?"……しかし。『異邦の魔術師』。まだ幼い少年よ。異聞帯という隔絶世界において、これだけの力を発揮する術式は、異常だ。……この先、機会を得る時があるのなら、もう一度、原初の因果に立ち返るがいい。カルデアとは何なのか。レイシフトとは、何のために用意されたものなのかを。

    And return to the original cause is what we shall do. But just what is it?
    The Invasion of Chaldea on the 31st of December, 2017 certainly seems like the moment when the Bleaching occurred.西暦2017年12月31日。人類史は一夜にして白紙となった。(Narration - F/GO Yugakshetra)
    The Landing of Specimen E in Area 51 seems to be the cause as to why the Bleaching happened. 理由はあった。これは天災ではない。人災だったのだ。        (……だが、本当にそんな『理由』で?)(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis)
    The Incineration of Human Order seems like why the Beasts started being summoned.だが奴らは連鎖的に顕れるという。人類悪の顕れた世界は、“終局の悪”に向けて更なる災厄に見舞われる。Ⅰが顕れた時点で、終局のⅦはこの世界のどこかに出現しているのだろうよ。(Gilgamesh - F/GO Solomon)
    The Emergence of Singularity F (later X)特異点F……カルデアスが特異点Xとも定義した、2004年の冬木のことだね。(Da Vinci - F/GO Avalon le Fae) seems to be the initial and as of yet unsolved reasonここは残しておいた方がいいんじゃない?修正するのは七つの特異点が終わってからってコトで。(Angra Mainyu - F/GO Angra Mainyu interlude) for the disappearance of the future in the first place.つまり人類は2016年をもって絶滅する事が観測、いえ、証明されてしまったのよ。……現在に理由がないのなら、その原因は過去にある。……空間特異点F。西暦2004年、日本のある地方都市です。(Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki)
    The Suicide of Flauros seems to be why other timelines avoided activating the Incineration of Human Order.ちなみに『Fate/stay night』の時間軸ではこの人物が自殺するため、魔術王の企みは成立しない。(Lev Lainur entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)

    In fact, none of these are the original cause. Chaldea itself is the cause. And that is of course thanks to none other than its creator: Marisbury Animusphere.

    As far as conclusions go, this one is fairly lukewarm. Marisbury being deeply involved in the mystery of F/GO should come as no surprise to attentive players. But regardless of his guilt, Marisbury still did have a plan, and uncovering it is crucial to the mystery of F/GO. Marisbury prepared a plethora of tools and techniques to make Chaldea function, [color=lightblue]foremost of which is CHALDEAS, the Global Environment Model.カルデアスの完成だよ。実のところ、カルデアにあるアレは未完成なんだ。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon) In order to activate it, Marisbury needed more resources than he could ever realistically acquire.この大聖杯は英霊の魂を必要とするが、私のカルデアスはもっと現実的な問題だ。カルデアスを回すには一つの国を賄まかなうほどの発電所を半年間ほど独占しなければならない。 Thus, Marisbury participated in the 2004 Fuyuki Grail War with King Solomon as his Servant, and won.見事だキャスター。これで他の六人のマスター、その全てを排除した。聖杯戦争は我々の勝利に終わった。後は君を令呪で自害させれば、儀式は完成だ。 He used the Holy Grail's capacity to grant wishes in order to acquire the resources he needed for activating CHALDEAS.この、神域の天才が作り上げた魔術炉心だいせいはいを前にして、私は永遠の命も、根源への到達も願わず、俗人のように『巨万の富』を願うのだから! In the process, Solomon wished to become human and was reborn as Dr. Romani.それがソロモン。カルデアの召喚英霊第一号。マリスビリーと共に聖杯を手に入れ、願いを叶えた英霊だ。“人間になりたい”。口にしたコトは、そんな、よくある願いだったけどね。 But when he did, the last fragment of his power of Clairvoyance warned that the future was gone.けど、ここで問題が生じてしまった。ソロモンは全知全能と言っていい千里眼の持ち主だったが、人間になった瞬間、そのすべての能力を失った。それだけなら良かったんだけど―――その“無くなる”刹那に、視てしまったんだよ。人類の終焉を。 Indeed, these wishes being granted is the original cause. That is why Solomon, at that moment, had that vision.

    Another big clue as to the 'original cause' comes from outside of F/GO, in El-Melloi Case Files: "Long ago... my father, Marisbury Animusphere, said... 'the Greater Holy Grail of Fuyuki is useless.'" - (Olga Marie).「……昔、父さんが、マリスビリー・アニムスフィアが言ってたのよ」「冬木の大聖杯は使い物にならないって」 There, the events of F/GO do not take place, CHALDEAS is never activated, and Marisbury then abandons Olga, seemingly no longer having a use for her.聖杯戦争について調査してから、しばらくしてロードはオルガマリーに興味を持たなくなったわ。……あの大聖杯はゆがんでいてどうやっても一族の願いを叶えることは出来ない。ロードはそういっていた。(Trisha - Lord El-Melloi II {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note) If there is a cause, this is it.

    That said, knowing the cause doesn't tell us about why it is the cause. In order to figure that out, we need to zoom out and get a look at our puzzle pieces.
    What is Marisbury's objective really? What is Chaldea's purpose? What is Rayshifting's purpose? Who or what is the Alien God? How is Olga related to all this? What happened in Area 51? Why is Singularity X still around? How does the Beast system factor into this? What was Lev's true role?

    There are many question to be answered, so let's start with the most basic mystery of F/GO Part 2...
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    What do we know happened with the Bleaching?
    1. It occurred overnight on the 31st of December, 2017.西暦2017年12月31日。人類史は一夜にして白紙となった。連綿と築き上げた文明はすべて消えてなくなり、地球の表層はすべて白い荒野となった。(Narration - F/GO Yugakshetra) The same occasion when Chaldea was invaded by Anastasia.2017年 12月 31日。晴れていた空は、再び重い雲に覆われつつある。では、2017年の終わりを始めよう。
    2. It occurred concurrently with the Fantasy Trees falling onto Earth.(Image - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    3. Chaldea cannot find even traces of anything alive left on Earth.生命の痕跡は見られない。それは生き物の死骸……死の跡さえない、という意味でもある。(Narration - F/GO Götterdammerung)
    4. Chaldea lost contact with satellites and other celestial phenomena when they opened the coffins (after 16:30).地球に飛来する 宇宙線が 検知されません。人工衛星からの映像 途絶 しました。マウナケア天文台からの通信 ロスト。現在―――地球上において観測できる他天体は ありません(Announcer - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    But, there is an alternate account of the Bleaching. That of David Bluebook. Who exactly he is or where he came from is never made clear. Nevertheless, we make the assumption that his account is reliable due to the fact that he's got hyperthymesia私には、生まれてから今まで見たものを。明確に思い返せる、という特性があった。“超記憶症候群”。一言で言えば、決して失われない思い出だ。(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis), a condition that makes him remember everything in perfect detail.
    1. It occurred over the course of 3 months, beginning on the night of New Year's Eve.宇宙からの侵略が始まってから90日。地球は完全に漂白された惑星となった。たった三ヶ月の抵抗。いや。三ヶ月も続いた、長い長い戦いだった。(Bluebook - F/GO Anastasia) Exact year is never specified.
    2. It occurred after the trees invading the planet had killed everyone. ソラから伸びてきた無数の『樹』は触手のように地球全土を這い回り、生命体だけを明確に、執拗に消去していった。それが三ヶ月続き、人類をほぼ抹殺しきった後、『樹』はソラに消え去り、入れ替わりに世界は漂白された。(Bluebook - SIN)
    3. There were survivors organized in colonies taking shelter in the remnants.生存者たちの集まった集を出発してから、何日が経たっただろうか。(Bluebook - F/GO SIN)
    4. Earth lost contact with satellites and other celestial phenomena on the night (past 00:00) of New Year's Eve, 12 hours before the attack.たった12時間しかなかったが、確かに猶予はあったのだ。新年を迎えたあの夜、世界中の人工衛星が一斉にロストした。ついで、あらゆる宇宙線の観測が不可能になり、地球全体が灰色の空模様になった。(Bluebook - F/GO SIN)

    These blatant contradictions are initially covered up by the "90 day red herring" on part of the writers. Which is what, exactly?
    Well, in Anastasia we get to know from Da Vinci that Shadow Border will emerge from its Zero Sail 90 days after the attack.ちなみに、ペーパームーンによると、この波に乗れば地上との時間誤差は90日分ほどだ。ダ・ヴィンチ 地上に出た瞬間、そこは2018年4月初頭、という事かな。(Da Vinci - F/GO Anastasia)
    In the same chapter, the Crypters have a meeting where they discuss that 90 days have passed since their Fantasy Trees took root.空想樹の発芽から90日……三ヶ月もの時間が経過した。濾過異聞史現象――—聞帯ロストベルトの書き換えは無事、終了した。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Anastasia)
    And also in the same chapter we have Bluebook telling us that the attack occurred over 90 days as discussed before.
    The point is that this information is simply lined up conveniently to disguise what's going on. In fact, the three scenes are all one after another. It is an obvious red herring, in hindsight. A way to disguise the inconsistencies.
    In the third chapter, we finally get someone who seems a bit suspicious about these 90 days: Sion.三ヶ月も外では侵略が続いた、と。でも……んん~?(Sion - F/GO SIN)
    The point is, we don't have to think too much about these 90 days. They're there to trick us.

    Obviously, with the only conclusion we can draw from the contradictions is that Chaldea's world and Bluebook's world aren't the same.

    And yet, most of the things described by Bluebook about the Bleached Earth otherwise is perfectly in accord with Chaldea's account. He is, after all, an inhabitant of Earth, capable of reaching Area 51.アメリカ、ネバダ州南部。この地球において、唯一、白紙化していないエリア。エリア51と呼ばれる空軍基地が、私の目指す旅の終着点である。(Bluebook - F/GO SIN) That in itself feels like a contradiction with the conclusion we came to before, but consider this: Beryl calls the Bleaching a "rewriting of the texture".宇宙からの侵略も、テクスチャの書き換えも、ぜんぶ『異星の神』さまの偉業だからな。(Beryl - F/GO Anastasia) Something which is echoed elsewhere.異聞帯の出現によって地表のテクスチャーを削ぎ落とされた地球。(Bleached Earth entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) The point is, this isn't so much a different world as it is a different Texture. If you still feel unfamiliar with the concepts of Textures, I recommend reading Garden of Avalon, but I can provide a quick explanation: a texture is laid upon the planet, covering its surface. All within that Texture has to obey the Textures rules, and that includes stuff that you would normally think of as the rules of physics. Human history is one such Texture, and within F/GO's era, covers the world.

    What has happened, is that the Texture of Bluebook's world has been imposed upon Chaldea's world.

    Now, it's a bit more complicated than that, but it's the way we can reconcile how Bluebook's world can be ours and yet not.

    Normally, we would be happy to call Bluebook's world some kind of parallel world(known to some as an 'adjacent world', but the distinction is arbitrary) and get over with it, but there is reason we cannot do so. Part of what Bluebook describes could shouldn't be possible to apply to a parallel world, it's too different too be part of the same Compiled Event.貴方が言っているのは大幹の並行世界群……多少の差違はあっても未来は同じになる編纂へんさん事象と、エルメロイⅡ世 完全に別世界になり、いずれ滅びる枝葉の並行世界……剪定せんてい事象の話だな。 Let's look at some of these things:
    1. Bluebook rides a "outdated" motorcycle across half the globe with minimal food and resources, relying only on a solar-powered external generator.一方、私の愛車オートバイはよく働いてくれている。外付けの太陽光発電がここまで頼もしい装置ものとは思わなかった。から北米大陸まで渡れる、と証明してくれたのだから。(Bluebook - F/GO SIN)
    2. The last country to fall was the "united states"最後まで侵略に抵抗していた合衆国は数日前に消滅した。(Bluebook - F/GO Sin), but this word is rarely used to refer to America in Japanese (at least on its own).
    3. The one time Bluebook speaks, it is unintelligible.(Bluebook - F/GO SIN)
    4. Bluebook can understand the messages he finds in the remnants 唯一の収穫であるメッセージデータを再生する。……内容は、これまで見つけたものと大差はなかった。“怖い” “怖い” “怖い”“逃げろ” “逃げろ” “逃げろ”“痛い” “痛い” “痛い“いやだ” “いやだ” “いやだ”“助けて” “助けて” “助けて” ―――“どうか、許して”(Bluebook - F/GO SIN), while Chaldea can not.

    Indeed, the advanced technology, unknown language and strange conceptions of the world seems to suggest his world is from the future. So, what exactly is Bluebook's world? How did it replace ours? To figure this out, we have to investigate elsewhere.
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    The story presented to us throughout the game is always rather straightforward as to why things are the way they are. Aliens invaded and killed everyone with the trees. This is brought up as early as the first time Chaldea spots the falling Fantasy Trees.なら、あとはフィクションの話しかないね。たとえば、宇宙からの侵略者、といった。(Goredolf - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) The point is that the story tries very hard to sell you on this explanation in some ways. On the surface, this is still the what Chaldea go by, despite all the things it can't explain. Holmes has his suspicions for a long time (他の天体からの侵略兵器なのだろう。 だが、それに何の意味がある?(Holmes - F/GO Yugakshetra), but only arrives at the truth 我々の世界は既に空洞であり、空虚であり、虚空であり、然るに―――。なるほど。その理由であれば、私は従うだろう。(Holmes - F/GO Traum) in Traum. In fact, the big baddie themselves, the Alien God, a.k.a. Beast VII, a.k.a. U Olga Marie [color=lightblue](Beast VII - F/GO Olympus)provides this explanation themselves.『虚空の星にありし我が身の器、よくぞ用意した!少々時間はかかったようだが褒めてつかわす!』『フ―――それにしてもここが地球か! 我が同胞が苦しめられたというから来てみれば―――』『なあんだ、大した事のない惑星ね!』『小さい小さい!この程度、征服に一年とかからないわ!』 Now allow me to reassure you, this isn't actually what's going on.

    Actually, let me be clear: there is not a single alien involved in the Alien God's schemes, including itself (except for the Machine Gods and ORT, but that's not directly relevant to the invasion).

    Let's take a deeper look at the 'Alien Invasion Story' as presented:
    1. In 2016, Specimen E fell to Earth, before being taken to Area 51 18 hours later after being deemed an alien. 2016年 研究員 記す。 ニューメキシコ州の観測結果から18時間後。 ついに『検体:E』が当基地へ搬入された。……そして、明らかに人類われわれとは異なる、 人類以外の知的生命体である事だ。(Area 51 Scientist - F/GO Anastasia)
    2. Specimen E was brought to an operating room in order to try and resuscitate it and establish communication. 我々に与えられた任務オペは、 この遠い世界の友人を回復させ、相互理解コミュニケーションを取る事だ。(Area 51 scientists - F/GO Anastasia)
    3. Nevertheless, the project was never to be made official.このプロジェクトは最重要機密であり、 事が成し得るまで公にはされないだろう。(Area 51 scientists - F/GO Anastasia)
    4. After starting the resuscitation project, the scientists devolved into simply torturing with the hopes that the unknown signals it was sending out would attract another alien.……『蘇生』させる為の手術は、すぐに『利用』する為の実験に変わっていた。『この検体は常に、未知の電波を発信している』『助けを呼んでいるのだ。間違いなく』度重なる実験の末、研究員たちは確信していた。この検体実験を続ければ、もっと苦痛を上げさせれば、必ず次の検体がやってくる筈だと。(Area 51 data - F/GO Atlantis)
    5. 100 years of torture pass.100年前に地球に落ちてきたとされる生命体。100年間この場所であらゆる実験に晒され、人類への憎しみを募らせたもの。100年間この場所であらゆる実験に晒され、
    人類への憎しみを募らせたもの。(Moriarty - F/GO Traum)

    6. The Alien God wants revenge for its tortured companion,『フ―――それにしてもここが地球か! 我が同胞が苦しめられたというから来てみれば―――』 and so, invades Earth and kills everyone with the Fantasy Trees.
    7. Chaldea is successfully attacked to take care of the Rayshifting threatレイシフトによる過去修正。それだけが、我々にも防げない脅威なのだから。(Kotomine - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) right before the trees drop.

    This story has a few obvious holes, mostly to do with time.
    1. How could 100 years have passed if Specimen E arrived in 2016, but the invasion took place in 2017?
    2. Besides, how could it arrive in 2016 when nothing happened in 2016 because of the Incineration?なにしろこの一年間の記憶がさっぱりなんだから!ゲーティアが消滅し、人理焼却は却下された。でもこの一年の空白は無かった事にはならない。外の人間から見れば、目が覚めたら一年経過していたような状態だ。(Da Vinci - F/GO Solomon)
    3. To make matters worse, Moriarty claims the Traum Singularity was formed around 2017's Area 51そしてサーヴァントである張角はその願望を叶えるため、極大の特異点を作り上げたのさ。2017年、このアメリカ合衆国ネバダ州エリア51を起点としてね。(Moriarty - F/GO Traum), but then states that the subject has endured 100 years of torture.

    We can explain the first one with our previous conclusion. Because it happened in Bluebook's world, which is in the future. But the second defies anything we currently understand. Goetia burning down all of human history entails burning down all of its parallel worlds as well. There should be no possibility for any 2016 to exist. The last one so thoroughly screws up the timeline of what is going on, that we are left with no choice: we conclude that the "Alien Invasion story" is a fiction.

    But then what is Specimen E? Haven't we seen Specimen E with our own eyes now in Traum? Is Moriarty lying? Are the scientists lying?
    Yes, the Alien Invasion story is a fiction. However, it is an important fiction. It is a fiction that has been deliberately arranged for.

    First, we have to find a way to explain how all the facts we've observed can be true, while still letting the Alien Invasion story be a fiction. And despite what might seem to be against better judgment in this scenario, we will assume that the scientists' records are true. Specifically, their observations, but not their conclusions. The scientists deemed Specimen E an alien, but they based these on a few observations...

    1. It looked completely incomprehensible to them in every way, almost like a monster from a movie.ソレの姿、形状は、理解できないものだった。 人間の想像力を讃えるべきだろうか。 宇宙からの来訪者は、悪趣味な映画で出てくるような、 怪物そのものの姿をしていた。(Area 51 scientists - F/GO Anastasia)
    2. It was described as the root of a tree.この、『樹の根』のような、 未知の生命体の研究を。(Area 51 scientists - F/GO Anastasia)
    3. It was almost completely dead by the time it arrived at Area 51, but kept alive by the scientists.不時着による損傷で『検体』は死体とほぼ同義の重体だったが、空軍は瞬間凍結する事で(Area 51 scientists - F/GO Atlantis)
    4. It was made from elements that weren't possible to find on Earth.『検体』から検出された細胞はこの星にはない元素で構築されていた為、時間をかけて研究すれば軍事機関にも、そして一般家庭にも流通していたのは想像に難くない。(Area 51 scientists - F/GO Atlantis)

    We will then also assume that everything Moriarty says is true, but under one caveat: we assume the thing he introduces in Traum is not the same being as the one seen in the scientists' records. There are several reasons for why we should do this. Firstly, Moriarty uses a slightly different word. He calls it Subject E被検体:E, instead of Specimen E検体:E. But more-so than that, the thing we see in Traum is not described in the same way as Specimen E. And it doesn't look like the description either. In fact, it's shape is quite clear to us: it human-looking. Fujimaru even comments that it doesn't look strange, rather than something familiar that feels strange.だから、『不思議なもの』は沢山あった。驚嘆すべきものも、そうでないものも。そんな状況は滅多にない。(Narration - F/GO Traum

    And this allows us to conclude the following: Specimen E was not tortured for 100 years, Subject E was.

    But this still doesn't allow us to solve the time problem. The trick behind this lies somewhere unexpected. Before entering the room where both Specimen E and Subject E were held, there is a strange cosmic corridor.その通路の異質さに、三人は唖然とする。宇宙の……廊下……?(Narration/Choice - F/GO Traum) Bluebook passes through a similar corridor when he's trying to find proof of Specimen E's existence.原始的な手段で扉を開け、密閉されていた通路を進む。……予感がする。間違いなく、この先に答えがある。(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis) In both cases the word used to describe it is the same: otherness異質. It even uses the same animation when opening the door. This is the same corridor, and it leads to the same thing. But what Bluebook finds isn't what you find in Traum, instead upon the operating table lies something he describes as a "some bizarre object, almost like a dead tree".だが。その診察台には、確かに。枯れ木のような、よく分からない物体が(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis) And then, Bluebook is shot by an unknown figure. (Image - F/GO Atlantis)

    And now, for an assumption: This corridor actually makes people travel through time.

    What is the reasoning here? The first clue comes from Kadoc's reaction to the tunnel: he recognizes it.でも、ここはまるで(Kadoc - F/GO Traum) He doesn't say much more than that, but it's pretty clear what he's talking about if you read between the lines. When the Alien God resurrected the Crypters, they were submerged in imaginary numbers.『  しかし、彼らの肉体は虚数に沈み、   対価を払える状態にはない。  』(The Alien God (?) - F/GO Götterdammerung) Now allow me to introduce you to the concept known as "Outside of Space"宙の外 (Note: always read as "sora no soto").

    Now, if you play on the NA version of the game, you might have missed this, because it's a term they rarely keep around in the translation. When Solomon describes his Time Temple, he actually explains roughly what it entails: "My second Noble Phantasm is this space location itself. Ars Paulina. Ergo, my Reality Marble: Time Temple Solomon. Outside of space and cut off from time: a workshop in imaginary-number space."第二宝具はこの空間そのもの。『戴冠の時きたれり、其は全てを始めるものアルス・パウリナ』即ち我が固有結界、時間神殿ソロモン。宙の外、時間と隔絶した虚数空間の工房だよ。 And now take a look at how its visualized. (Hans Andersen - F/GO CCC Event An imaginary-number space that lies outside space and time, reflecting the motifs of the astronomical. This is what the corridor's true nature is, why Kadoc recognized it, and why they lose connection to Chaldea when they enter.恐らくこの先は、カルデアからの通信は不可能となるだろう。既に現状、乱れ気味ではないかな?(Moriarty - F/GO Traum) Much like how Shadow Border operates, going through this corridor makes you pass through imaginary number space, and as such, you become unbound by time. Of course, that doesn't mean causality can be so easily disregarded...

    Depending on where you enter, this corridor takes you 100 years into the future, or 100 years into the past. When Mash, Fujimaru and Kadoc walk through it, they pass from 2017 to 2117. This is why Subject E has been tortured for 100 years. And this is why it's important that Moriarty mentions that Area 51 is from 2017, and
    why Moriarty says its important to note that it holds modern weapons that Goredolf understands.ゴルドルフ:それ、現代の軍用兵器だよね?関係あるの?   モリアーティ:大いにある、では進もう。(Goredolf/Moriarty - F/GO Traum) When they finally make it to the operating room, Moriarty comments that the equipment is all the latest.壁にある装置は最新式らしいけどね、ま、触れない方が無難だろう。(Moriarty - F/GO Traum)

    But for Bluebook, it goes in the opposite direction. Remember, he's in the future. We'll assume for now that Bluebook is in 2117. We'll eventually tackle why that is, but not currently. We actually have a very good indication about Bluebook specifically going back in time: when he first arrives as the facility he expects something he calls "cutting edge", but because all of the machines are gone, we don't get a direct confirmationその機密性の高さから多くの最新鋭機の試験、訓練を行ったという話だが、今はもう見る影もない。生存者ゼロ……というだけでなく、自慢の最新鋭機が一つも残っていなかったからだ。飛行艇も装甲車も消滅している。(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis). But once he's through the corridor, he mentions that the operating room is extremely "retro", something unexpected for such a modern facility.この上なくレトロだ。最新鋭の基地、その機密の中枢とは思えない部屋。(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis)

    But when Bluebook came there, he couldn't see anything but the dead tree-looking thing. Then he was shot. When Mash, Fujimaru and Kadoc arrive there, a man-like but deformed figure lies collapsed by the operating table. Moriarty declares this as Subject E100年間この場所であらゆる実験に晒され、人類への憎しみを募らせたもの。『被検体:E』だ。(Moriarty - F/GO Traum), said to have fallen to Earth 100 years ago.100年前に地球に落ちてきたとされる生命体。(Moriarty - F/GO Traum) Here we have what is closest to Moriarty lying. Nevertheless, notice the wording "said to have"; he didn't say it was fact, only that such was it considered.

    Indeed, what we have in the room is not an alien, but rather David Bluebook repurposed into the image of an alien instead; the true name of Subject E.

    And with this, the fiction is established as real. The purpose of Subject E is to fulfill the role of an alien who had to be avenged.

    There are two things from Traum that support this conclusion.
    1. It is male: Moriarty insistently uses the male third-person pronoun for it.言うまでもなく、彼の行動は汎人類史への復讐、報復だった。彼にはその資格がある以前、カドック君にはそう語ったっけか?(Moriarty - F/GO Traum) We assume that David Bluebook is a man as well. Of course, all this does is cut out female candidates...
    2. Before being introduced to Salome, Fujimaru has a dream obviously starring Bluebook.その上でみっともなく、私は過去の記録を漁あさろうとしている。片道切符の燃料で、旧式の自動二輪にまたがって、だって、何もかもがおかしいのだ。疑問が多すぎるのだ。せめて死ぬ前に、この『何故』を解き明かしたいのだ。(Bluebook - F/GO Traum) And it's important that this is a dream Fujimaru is having. Unlike the previous parts which were narrated to us (the players), this is happening to him.

    However, Traum also presents us with a strange conundrum regarding Subject E. Both Mashサーヴァントに令呪を行使しているマスターは、同一人物である、ということくらいです。(Mash - F/GO Traum) and Holmes彼らの召喚には―――極めて奇妙な真実が、一つある。恐らく、彼らのマスターは一人だ。(Holmes - F/GO Traum are highly insistent that there is only one master. This seems to support what we later learn about Subject E, who Moriarty claims is the Master of the Traum Singularity. However, Xu Fu does some divination and comes up with the theory that there are actually one Master per Servant私思うの。私たちの汎人類史に対する叛逆、反発心の差は、マスターの差異じゃないかって。つまり、マスターは召喚されたサーヴァントの数だけ……もしかすると、もっともっと居たのかもしれない。(Xu Fu - F/GO Traum), contradicting this. So who is right? As if is hasn't become clear by now: both are true.

    When Kriemhild asks Zhang Jue about their Master, he answers with one word: "Humanity's Representative"……人類代表、でしょうか。(Zhang Jue - F/GO Traum)
    Now, as we learn near the end, Zhang Jue is the Servant who was closest with the Master of the Singularity, and in many ways, caused it.この特異点を作ったのはマスターだが、育てたのは張角と言っていい。彼の献身こそが、この特異点をここまで複雑怪奇なものにしてしまったのだ。(Moriarty - F/GO Traum) He knows this answer far better than anyone else. Subject E is a terminal not just for David Bluebook, but for the entirety of the humanity he represents. The one from his world, not ours. As the last human, and bestowed with a perfect memory, he recalls the faces of his friends私の記憶は今も鮮明で、かつて笑い合った友人たちの顔を克明に思い出せる。(Bluebook - F/GO Atlantis), and sings songs in their praise. どうか、最後の最後まで。人間として、有るべき姿に。今、■に、できることは、それしかない。(??? - F/GO Traum

    The fiction of the world is the truth which Holmes had overlooked. “名探偵が見落とすほど難しい問題”ではなく。“シャーロック・ホームズが 無視している事自体が問題”だった。(Holmes - F/GO Traum) The fact that made him seal his own memories.おそらく、私は自ら記憶を封印した。『異星の神』の使徒である事を忘れた。(Holmes - F/GO Traum) Once he figures that out, he quickly puts together the pieces: "Our world is already hollow, empty, void, therefore..." 我々の世界は既に空洞であり、空虚であり、虚空であり、然るに―――(Holmes - F/GO Traum) But Holmes doesn't finish... I'm sure you clever reader can put together what he meant to say; fiction!空想(often translated as 'fantasy', but both interpretations are valid)

    In fact, this was arranged for the whole time: his assassin was waiting for him all along.やあ。待っていたよ、ブルーブック。(??? - F/GO Atlantis) Bluebook was always meant to play this role. But how could an assassin know someone from the future was coming? Who is this assassin anyway? How did they turn Bluebook into Subject E? And for what purpose?

    And if this is only Subject E's identity, then what is Specimen E's identity?
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    "You once called the Incineration of Human Order a 'murder mystery on a mythical scale'.
    If that's the case, you ought to apply the same label to this invasion.
    Who perpetrated this crime, and how was it done?
    Once you've put together these pieces inside of your head, we shall meet again.
    If only so I may hear the answer of who is guilty straight from your mouth."

    ~ Kotomine to Holmes, Götterdammerung

    In order to solve a murder mystery, one must examine the scene of the crime. In our case: the Invasion of Chaldea.

    The notable sequence of events are as follows...

    1. The new director arrives in Chaldea on the 27th.2017年 12月 27日昨夜。まで吹雪ふぶいていた空は、夜明けとともに雲一つない晴天となった。一面の蒼天の下、黒い機体ヘリコプターが飛んでいく。終わりを告げる来訪者たちを乗せて。(Narration - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) The Chaldean staff is quarantined and promised to be let out on the 31st.物事が動き出すとしたら、それは間違いなく今年最後の日、31日だ。(Da Vinci - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    2. 31st, 4:30 AM. Da Vinci is called out from quarantine to help reanimate the A Team in the command room.……ダ・ヴィンチちゃんが戻って来ない……はい。昨夜からゴルドルフ氏に呼ばれて、もう12時間が経過します。(Choice/Mash - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    3. 31st, 4:30 PM. 現在、16時30分。……31日が終わるまで、あと8時間足らずですが……(Mash - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Approximately 12 hours after Da Vinci has left, Kotomine arrives to talk to Chaldea.こんにちは、藤丸。ミスタームニエル。そしてデミ・サーヴァントのお嬢さん。(Kotomine - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    4. Past 4:30 PM. While talking to Kotomine, the announcer says that in 3 minutes, the coffins will open.オペレーション 無事 完了。コフィン解凍が 終了しました。コフィン解放まで あと3分 です。(Announcer - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    5. 3 minutes later. The coffins open, but there's nothing inside.ありません。いえ、いません!コフィンにキリシュタリア・ヴォーダイムの姿がありません!こちらもです! コフィンB、C、D、E、F、G!どれも中に人は入っていません!(Chaldea staff - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Immediately, the announcer declares the symptoms the Bleaching: Earth has been cut off from space.地球に飛来する 宇宙線が 検知されません。人工衛星からの映像 途絶 しました。マウナケア天文台からの通信 ロスト。現在地球上において観測できる他天体は ありません。(Announcer - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) CHALDEAS turns grey and then cracks.なのにどうして、カルデアスに亀裂が入っているのかね!?(Goredolf - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    6. Post-coffin opening. The attack on Chaldea begins. Out of seemingly nowhere, Anastasia and Ivan's soldiers have arrived.
    (Image - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    The Priestess can be seen skulking around in Chaldea.
    (Image - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    Da Vinci is killed
    (Image - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    , but the rest of Chaldea staff (+ Goredolf) escapes in the Shadow Border.
    (Image - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    7. Inside Shadow Border. We get a conspicuous shot of the as of yet unbleached Antarctica. Anastasia freezes CHALDEAS on Kotomine's orders
    (Image - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    , on the pretext that it enables Rayshifting, which Kotomine determines the only thing capable of overturning the invasion.レイシフトによる過去修正。それだけが、我々にも防げない脅威なのだから。(Kotomine - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Kirschtaria declares the defeat of Pan-Human History over an open line to Shadow Border.汎人類史は、2017年を以て終了した。私の名はヴォーダイム。キリシュタリア・ヴォーダイム。7人のクリプターを代表して、君たちカルデアの生き残りに―――いや。今や旧人類、最後の数名になった君たちに通達する。―――この惑星の歴史は、我々が引き継ごう。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Part 2 Prologue Chaldea initiate Zero Sail, and escape into imaginary number space.シャドウ・ボーダー、現実退去。虚数潜航―――ゼロセイル、敢行する!(Da Vinci - F/GO Part 2 Prologue 

    These are the pieces we have to work with. In addition, we must consider this statement: "The only interference method the Alien God performed on Earth were the Fantasy Trees."『異星の神』が行った地球への干渉手段は空想樹のみである。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) And I will assume this statement is true to the letter.

    First of all, let's get back to the topic of the Bleaching. We must be aware that what we are currently talking about isn't the initial Bleaching of Bluebook's world but rather the secondary Bleaching caused by the overwriting of Textures on Chaldea's world. In the story, these are referred to by the same name.白紙化地球 This is an intentional ploy to confuse on part of the writers. As shown above with the shot of the Antarctic, Earth wasn't Bleached when Chaldea entered Zero Sail. The fact that we are provided in Olympus空想樹が落下する事で地球の白紙化が行われた、と。……本当にそうだろうか?私は、地表のデータを改めて観測・解析した。結論から言えば、我々は事実を誤認していた可能性がある。地球が白紙化した後、空想樹が現れたのだ。この順番はとても重要だ。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) about the ordering actually both helps and veils what is important. Armed with out knowledge of two Bleachings, however, it is easy to explain: Kirschtaria is talking about the initial Bleaching, while what happened on the last day of 2017 is the second.

    Of course, from the point of view of Chaldea, who are not privy to the information provided to us by Bluebook, it is also an impossible conclusion to reach. In their minds, there was only ever one single Bleaching, and that's the event we are about to discuss. As indicated above, I will refer to these by the words 'initial Bleaching' and 'secondary Bleaching'. This is why we are entirely in our right to assume the Fantasy Trees caused the Bleaching, as long as we assume it's the secondary. In fact, we have a source that perfectly and harmoniously describes the process of the secondary Bleaching: Moonlight/Lostroom materials.

    "The Bleaching occurred on the 31st of December, 2017. The invasion of the Fantasy Trees begins and the seven Lostbelts are established. The lands of what was correct history disappear, and then the Lostbelts are protected by the walls of storm. And then, after a small time-lag, the entirety of Earth's surface is bleached. It is plausible that the Bleaching spread out from each of the Lostbelts in a radial pattern."白紙化が行われたのは二〇一七年十二月三十一日。宇宙から空想樹の侵略が始まり、地表に七つの空想樹が落ち、七つの異聞帯が発生。正史であった土地は消失し、異聞帯は嵐の壁によって守られた。その後、若干のタイムラグの後、一斉に地球表面が白紙化された。白紙化は各異聞帯から放射線状に広がったものと考えられる。(Bleached Earth entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)

    Therefore, (with Kirschtaria's statement in mind) we can conclude that the Fantasy Trees are responsible for the secondary Bleaching, but not the initial. *The Alien God says this straight up to Kadoc. But because of the (seeming) contradictions with Bluebook's world, it is easy to confuse this for being part of the fiction.

    Current ordering of events: Initial Bleaching > (REQUIRED/ERROR: The Lostbelts are established) > Invasion of Chaldea > Fantasy Trees fall > The Lostbelts are established > Secondary Bleaching

    In this manner, we have solved the problem of the ordering of the Bleaching and the Fantasy Trees, but instead, noticed another flaw. As discussed prior, the Lostbelts need to be established before the Invasion of Chaldea, because Anastasia (and Ivan) are needed for the operation. However, this isn't fatal to our model. Through Ophelia's flashback, we have proof that they came into contact with the Lostbelts before the Invasion: "Well then, this would be a good time to celebrate our reunion in reality, but as of now, we are all competing for the same thing. There's no need to fraternize more than necessary. I presume each of us have come in contact with our Lostbelt and finished contracting with a Servant in our coffins."―――さて。現実での再会を祝いたいところだが、我々は既に競争相手だ。必要以上になれ合う事はない。それぞれコフィンの中で異聞帯に接続し、サーヴァントと契約は済ませているだろう。

    It's a blink or you'll miss it when you're reading the story for the first time, but extremely important to establishing the ordering. As Kirschtaria says, the Lostbelts and Servants were contacted while the Crypters were still in their coffins. As observed by Ophelia, the Crypters were in their coffins when the Alien God contacted them.声帯が生きていたのなら、え、と声をあげただろう。私の眼は、一つ隣のコフィンを視ている。 Now as far as how the coffins work: They first define the person's parameters, then creates a box in which they are neither dead nor alive. This makes the Master's vital status "unknown". Once Spiritron Conversion starts (part of Rayshifting), the interior of the box becomes defined as "nothing".1.コフィンに入る。マスターの全パラメーターを調査、定義。2.魔術的な「生きているが死んでいる箱」を作成。マスターの生命活動を「不明」状態に。……5.レイシフト先にマスターの霊子がすべて投射された段階でコフィンと外界を完全に遮断。コフィン内部は無の定義となる。(Rayshifting entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) But getting people out of the coffins is hard, especially the A-Team, since their coffins were turned on during Lev's attack.だが、コフィン起動中だったAチーム……マシュを除く7人のマスターはまだ冷凍中だ。解凍と蘇生が他のコフィンに比べて難しくてね。万全の状態になるまで後に回されていた。 This means that somewhere along the above process, they were stopped. Pepe implies that the Crypters would have died had it opened normally.コフィンの解凍なんて聞こえはいいけど、それは死体を回収するようなもの。私たちは全員、コフィンの中で死んでいた。暗闇から目覚めるコトはなかった。 Their uncertain state appears to have left them stranded in imaginary number space.『  しかし、彼らの肉体は虚数に沈み、   対価を払える状態にはない。  』(The Alien God (?) - F/GO Götterdammerung) This is probably a state from which normal humans cannot return alive.

    Imaginary number space is a very important equation here, because there are many more things there than in reality. As it turns out, there actually is a Main Interlude all about it! Imaginary Around. When it's revealed Gogh is a fabricated (read: fictional) Heroic Spirit, Skadi talks a bit about how the space works: "If you wish me to probe the purpose behind why the Heroic Spirit Gogh was made... First, they extended their invasive claws towards the earth of reality. A long fraught road from the outside to the inside; from fiction to reality. Such proves a cruel way of conquest."ゴッホという英霊を作り上げた意図を探るなら……まず、連中はおまえたちの世界……現実の地球へと、侵略の手を伸ばしているわけだ。外から内へ、虚構から現実への遠い旅路。それは過酷な征路になる。

    And while I'm sure most people can follow where I'm going with this, given the flagrant "from fiction to reality", there is another part which is important to note. "From the outside to the inside". If you remember the "Outside of Space"宙の外 term, you'll see that existences in imaginary number space count as "outside" and existences in reality count as "inside". This is important because there is an existence who we know comes from the "outside" but transfers to the "inside" after the coffins open: the Alien Priestess. We first see her on the "outside" in Moonlight/Lostroom
    , which takes place [color=lightblue]before the invasion of Chaldea
    . However, once the coffins are opened, she can be observed skulking around in Chaldea as noted above.

    Initial Bleaching (the fictional world of Bluebook) > The Alien God contacts the Crypters > The Crypters come in contact with their Lostbelts and summon their Servants > Invasion of Chaldea > Fantasy Trees fall > The Lostbelts are established > Secondary Bleaching

    Regardless, while the ordering is complete now, we still don't understand some of the mechanics of the invasion. First of all, how did Anastasia and Ivan's Oprichnik get to Chaldea before the Fantasy Trees had fallen? This is actually one of the easier problems to solve...

    Let's look at how Koyanskaya was involved in the operation.
    1. She "persuaded" Goredolf into buying Chaldea, knocking down the price by assassinating his competition, until he could purchase the whole thing without the Mages Association interfering.私どもはカルデアを確かな商品としてお薦めいたしました。その価値に偽りはありません。閣下はその価値を認め私財を投入し、私どもは閣下の競売相手たちを暗殺した。結果、閣下はカルデアの利権を独占し、我々は協会の邪魔が入る事なく目的を完遂できた。(Koyanskaya - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    2. After the 4 days Chaldea spend in quarantine, she first shows up after the coffins have been opened, commanding the Oprichnik.オプリチニキだなんて言って、使えない兵隊。サーヴァントひとり捕まえられない。まあいいわ、管制室は制圧したんだし。貴方たちはここで待機していなさい。もうじき皇女さまがいらっしゃるのですからね。貴人を迎え入れる作法ぐらいは心得ているのでしょう?・あれは……コヤンスカヤ!・あの兵隊たちの仲間だったのか……(Koyanskaya/Choice - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)
    3.Both Kotomineどう思う、コヤンスカヤ君。この作戦のプランナーとして。 and Kirschtariaコヤンスカヤの計画プランはよく出来ていた。問題があったとすれば―――あのサーヴァントが積極的に働かなかった事だ。だが、それはカドックの責任ではない。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) reveal that she planned the attack.

    As for the method, at this stage in the story there was no way of knowing (expect some good guessing), but since she's a Beast Larvaクラス・ビースト……!?ですが、彼女はまだ通常範囲の霊基です!だから、まだ『育ちきって』いない幼体なのさ。グランドが反応する程度には成長したのだとしても。(Mash/Holmes - F/GO Olympus, she has the Independent Manifestation skill単独顕現を持つ私わたくしですが、位置を特定できない彷徨海に忍び込める筈もなく……(Koyanskaya - F/GO SIN, which allows her to appear in the real world independently and move between Lostbelts.○単独顕現:B 単体で現世に現れるスキル。『人間社会の繁栄』によって確立される獣ではないが、宇宙より飛来した隕石を因に持つことで単独顕現スキルを獲得している。もとより『違う世界(領域)から飛来した』者であるビーストⅣ:Lは世界の壁をたやすく突破し、様々な異聞帯に跳躍・転移を可能とした。(Beast IV L - F/GO Servant Profiles) The Crypters use this property and employ her as their "driver"オレたちにはな。だが、その手の運搬屋に連絡がつくのがオレたちの強みだろう。ハーイ。誘拐、暗殺、国家転覆……
    全てのお困り事はこの私わたくし、NFFサービスにご用命を!(Daybit Zem Void/Koyanskaya - F/GO Yugakshetra)
    , allowing them to move between Lostbelts. The transport of personnelデイビットさんは、ほら、ちょっとアレな方でしょう?『異星の神』抜きで、すこ~し貸しを作っておこうかなと。(Koyanskaya - F/GO Yugakshetra) seems to be a part of her contract with the Alien God.ギブアンドテイクの関係、ですわね。確かに、私わたくしは『異星の神』とそのような契約を結びました。『こちらはそちらを排除しない そちらもこちらを理解しない』(Koyanskaya - F/GO Olympus)

    Koyanskaya brought Anastasia and the Oprichnik to Chaldea.

    The only caveat is that Koyanskaya exists on the 'inside' (NFF Services are known to have existed before the invasionNFFサービス、というのは聞き覚えがありますよ。確か半年くらい前にロシアでニュースになった。(Chaldea staff - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)), while the Alien God and its fiction exists on the 'outside'. Before the Lostbelts appears in reality (they start falling down on Earth), she cannot transport Anastasia and crew to Chaldea.

    Which begs the question of how the Lostbelts crossed this boundary. Ordinarily, fictions vaporize once exposed to reality, and that is the case with the Lostbelts when they lose their Fantasy Trees.滅びの形は一様ではあるまい。それは想定できた。夢の終わりに決まりきった定型がないのと同様に……空想樹を摘み取られ、虚構に堕した異聞帯がどのような形で霧散していくのか、各々の世界に異なる様相があるのだろう。吹き消される蝋燭ろうそくのように突然の幕引きか……(Narration - F/GO Interlude "Melancholy of the Judge") The Fantasy Tree's basic function is mentioned only once, by the one person we know has figured it空想樹の役割を見抜き、恐れるのではなく、逆に空想樹を利用した。(The Chaldean - F/GO Avalon le Fae) out: MorganTonelico; "The Fantasy Tree. A needle created for the purpose of closing off the cosmos, created on an alien star. The thoughts behind its design are beautiful, but that doesn't matter to me."空想樹。異星で作られた、宇宙を閉じるための針。仕組みはもう分かっている。設計思想は美しいけど、私には関係ない。(Tonelico - F/GO Avalon le Fae)

    We know the Fantasy Trees' branches reach into the gap between the troposphere and the stratosphere of earth地表から生えた空想樹の枝は地球を覆う膜となり、対流圏と成層圏の境界、対流圏界面に巨大な天幕を作ってしまった。(Bleached Earth entry - Moonlight/Lostroom Materials), absorbing energy for the trees惑星を覆おおった天幕は、地球からのマナだけでなく、磁場で弾かれていたあらゆる宇宙線を吸収してきた。これらすべてのエネルギーを一点に集中させ、『異星の神』を降臨させる。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Atlantis), and even forming a network together.他の空想樹を根元から燃やして、枝を通して山火をそっちにお裾分けってな。空想樹の枝はネットワークだって言ってただろ?それを利用したウイルスって寸法だ。(Beryl - F/GO Olympus) But this is not what is meant by them "closing off the cosmos". This dome exists for one thing and one thing only: collecting energy for the Fantasy Trees to grow.

    What happens when a Fantasy Tree is cut down? The Wall of Storms does as well.ああ。この異聞帯を覆っていた『嵐の壁』の消滅も確認した。やはり空想樹とあの嵐はセットのようだ。(Holmes - F/GO SIN) The Wall of Storms expanding also means the territory of the Lostbelt does.『嵐の壁』は、ロシア、北欧のように版図を拡げようとしていません。(Sion - F/GO SIN) Nothing physical can pass through these walls, not even light, nor electromagnetic waves.次元断層に近い障壁(白い嵐)に囲まれており、X線・電波・可視光による内部観測は不可能となっている。(Lostbelt entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) Unless something has the ability to pass through imaginary number spaceそこはボーダー本来の機能で突破します。あの嵐の幅は2キロほど。その距離分だけ虚数潜航で移動するのですよ。(Holmes - F/GO Götterdammerung), or they're someone with an ability to drift between worlds, like Musashiまとめますと、武蔵さんのドリフトは、まず『世界と世界の狭間』の空間に飛び、その後、『世界に出る』というものでした。その手順自体は変わっていないと思われます。だから異聞帯の『嵐の壁』も越えられるのかと。(Mash - F/GO Olympus), these walls cannot be passed. For all intents and purposes, they've closed out the outside world (the cosmos), and this allows the fiction to survive.

    Hence, the Fantasy Trees protect the fiction of the Lostbelts as they fall onto Earth, take root and then start to steadily expand their respective territories by absorbing energy from space.

    The follow up question is obviously then how the trees got to Earth in the first place. We've already ruled out alien invasion, or even any alien involvement at all. There is one statement I want to focus on in particular when we start answering this question. It comes right after the falling Fantasy Trees are first spotted by Chaldea: "Are those meteors?! No, but wait, there wasn't any warning about that from Panama?! There weren't any reports of falling objects large enough to burn up in the atmosphere! And I mean, look! What's with that trajectory?! How are they falling straight down?!"あれは隕石―――!?いや、しかしパナマから報告はなかったぞ!?大気圏で燃え尽きないサイズの落下物は確認されていなかった!大気圏で燃え尽きないサイズの落下物は確認されていなかった! Now if you're wondering if I put the emphasis on straight down, you'd be wrong. They use the "ruby dots"technique used a lot in Japanese writing, and especially in F/GO. Serves practically the same purpose as bolding does in English: emphasizing parts of a sentence. over 'straight down' in Japanese. And you'd best believe this is extremely important to figuring out how the Fantasy Trees got to reality.

    When Mash and Fujimaru first arrive in Babylonia, they find themselves in mid-air, falling towards the ground.落ちてる、落ちてます、バンジーです!目視ですが現在、高度二百メートル!地上まであと7秒!マママ、マスター、指示を! わたしはどうすれば!?(Mash - F/GO Babylonia) The same things happens to Fujimaru alone in Shinjuku.・まーたー空!?・落ちてる!? And I know what you're saying: "two doesn't make a pattern". And I normally I wouldn't consider it, but it just so happens that in the most comprehensive recount of how Rayshifting works, this otherwise trivia-level thing is mentioned: "7. The Master materializes at the Rayshift destination. In most cases they fall from the sky."7・マスター、レイシフト先に実体化。たいてい空から落ちる。(Rayshifting entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) And while the proof is faint, I believe the best way of explaining how the Fantasy Trees fell to Earth is precisely this. They Rayshifted there.

    There is another mystery which this theory answers. The question of why the coffins were empty when opened, despite Chaldea having confirmation there were people inside of them just moments before opening them.空っぽです!さっきまで反応はあったのに、どうして!?(Chaldea staff - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Da Vinci briefly hypothesizes that someone opened the coffins in the 4 days before her and faked the signal.コフィンは開けてみるまで証明のなされない箱だ。中からの反応はいくらでも偽装できる。(―――つまり。この四日間で、私より先にコフィンを開けて偽装したものがいる?)(Da Vinci - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Obviously, giving an answer to a mystery immediately after it's being posed is usually not F/GO's style, but regardless of that meta-argument, we have someone's word against hers: Goredolf mentions right before that they weren't able to open it in the 3 days without her.コ我々が三日かけてできなかった事をひと晩でこなすとは!(Goredolf - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) He mentions this right before, but to Da Vinci, Goredolf is a potential suspect, since she does not yet know he's innocent. At this point, we can rightfully assume his innocence (not to mention his probable inability to open the coffins).

    Essentially, the moment the coffins were successfully opened, it broke the "nothing" state the Crypters were, and so the path for them to escape imaginary number space opened. In normal circumstances all that would've come out is probably a corpse, as Pepe explained before. In fact, this is pretty much what the Alien God tells them too: become a Crypter, or die.栄光を望むならば、蘇生を選べ。怠惰を望むならば、永久の眠りを選べ。神は、どちらでもいい。(The Alien God(?) - F/GO Götterdammerung) If they leave the coffins without the Alien God's resurrection, they're done for when they open. But they're not in the coffins, neither alive nor dead. And the Alien God couldn't interfere with Earth other than through the Fantasy Trees... It's Rayshifting. The Alien God placed the Fantasy Trees (Crypter + Lostbelt included) in the coffin from the 'outside'imaginary number space, performed the necessary steps for Rayshifting (turning the coffin into a box of nothingness, then converted it to Spiritrons, and once the coffins opened on the 'inside' reality, the Rayshifting performed automatically.

    The Fantasy Trees were Reverse-Rayshifted onto Earth.

    If you were attentive, you might've spotted a massive unresolved contradiction when I was talking about how the Lostbelts are maintained. If fiction is exposed to reality, it disperses. The same principles should apply to the Texture of Bluebook's world, since we've defined it as fictional. Even if it somehow comes into reality, it doesn't matter how established its 'plot' is; if its fictional, it'd just disappear without something to protect it from the outer world. In a similar problem, Anastasia and co. shouldn't have been able to invade Chaldea if they're fictional existences.

    But there is a very simple explanation. The very first phenomenon associated with 'the Bleaching' that occurred: the loss of contact with the cosmos. Calling it associated with the Bleaching actually does this piece of information a disfavor. After all, it happened before the Fantasy Trees had fully fallen; before the Earth was bleached. In a sense, this is Earth's very own "Wall of Storms". As long as it blocks out the cosmos, the fiction inside of it is safe. So how did this happen? Perhaps one would naively assume the dome created by the Fantasy Trees. There are 2 reasons why this is wrong:
    1. We don't know exactly when the dome spread, but at the very least, it wasn't visually observable when Chaldea spotted the Fantasy Trees falling. Obviously, Earth lost contact with space before this happens.
    2. The entry on the Bleaching in Moonlight/Lostroom materials mentions that these branches let through electromagnetic waves, only stopping physical things.地表から生えた空想樹の枝は地球を覆う膜となり、対流圏と成層圏の境界、対流圏界面に巨大な天幕を作ってしまった。電磁波は透過するものの、物質はこの天幕を越えられず地球人類は閉じ込められたカタチになっている。(Bleached Earth entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)*(it also mentions that humanity has been have been trapped on Earth because of the dome. But only humanity. We are, after all, physical. This is a red herring to distract you from the more important statement) But the phenomenon observed in the prologue says the opposite: no electromagnetic waves, no space rays, no satellite or space observatory footage.観測値に 異常が検知されません。電磁波が 一切 検知 されません。地球に飛来する 宇宙線が 検知されません。人工衛星からの映像 途絶 しました。マウナケア天文台からの通信 ロスト。

    Its true origin no doubt lies elsewhere. Somewhere close at home. Just a little after this, CHALDEAS turn gray, and cracks. These two events are interlinked. We have practically exhausted all other events during the Invasion, and we are left with just these two.

    In order to understand this and the nature of the Alien God, we have to investigate farther into the past. And therefore, I leave you here for now.
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    05. DREAMS

    "Wanderer from a distant future. No, from the right side of history;
    You have no chance at victory.
    The world of humanity will come to ruin.
    That's how the future has been decided."

    The time for established truths has come to an end. The things we see in dreams never have a straightforward meaning. The visions are fixed, but their progression is hazy, their interconnectivity unregulated, and their answers unclear.

    If you haven't seen Moonlight/Lostroom, please, go watch it. It's very short (30 minutes) and has a lot of relevance to F/GO's overall themes and mysteries. I'll assume the reader will have seen it as I go through this.

    We don't need to wind back long. 2017's Christmas Day, one day before the arrival of Goredolf and Koyanskaya. Mash is looking for Fujimaru. She is informed by a staff member that he was last seen walking into the Lostroom, a place where it's said the flow of time is uncertain, due to its close position to CHALDEAS' magnetic field.地図上ではカルデアスの裏にあたる為、カルデアスの特殊な磁場の影響を受けて時空がかしいでいるのでは、と噂されている。(Lostroom entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)

    For people who've just watched Lostroom, I'm sure they'll be at a bit of a loss at what to think. And the more you think, the more you realize it's all so much more complicated than it even seemed at first.

    Let's clear up one thing that's (fairly) certain. The meeting we see between the people in the room is initially presented as a meeting from 2015, at least until Fujimaru comes in. This is a disguise to make sure the contents aren't too telling, especially since back when this aired (2017/12/31, same date as the start of Part 2), all these mysteries were very fresh. But the materials that were later released with Moonlight/Lostroom's physical release 'cleared this up'. What's happening is that three 'dreams' are proceeding inside the room at the same time.本作『MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM』では、三人の夢が同時に進行し、図のような状況になっていた。(Lostroom entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) When someone sleeps in the room, they'll see visions of things they've lost, or will lose.本作『MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM』ここで眠ると『いずれ失うもの、あるいはいつか失ったもの』を視るとされる。(Lostroom entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) There's a graph that shows approximately what's going on:
    (Lostroom entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)
    Three different dreams, with the actual anime taking place at the point where these dreams intersect. The three dreams listed are the "Dream of the Dead", the "Dream of the Living" and the "Unknown Dream". This then corresponds to Lev Lainur (the Dream of the Dead)死者の夢。魔術協会からカルデアに派遣されていた魔術師。(Lev Lainur entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials), Fujimaru Ritsuka (the Dream of the Living)生者の夢。カルデアに入ったばかりの新米マスター。(Fujimaru Ritsuka entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)" and Olga Marie... the Absent Dream?不在の夢。魔術協会からカルデアに出頭している魔術師たちのトップ。(Olga Marie Animusphere entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)" For some reason, the dream on the graph, and the dream on Olga's profile don't match. Is this a simple error? It doesn't really matter, but I'll assume both are meant to indicate Olga.

    First of all, despite the fact that there are only three dreamers listed in the materials, there are five people in the room. The two extras are Romani and Mash. As for Romani, he can be heard speaking, but never seen aside from his hands.
    A bit strange, and there are probably several things we can intuit. First is that has something to do with Ars Nova, but considering we "see him" in F/GO Part 2 proper, I don't think that's quite it. But it is probably related to the Chaldean. As if to hint that Romani's body has been taken away. Regardless, he's not all too important, so we won't focus on him too much.

    Then there's Mash, and this one is far trickier. The most important thing to realize about her here, is that she's seemingly "paired" with Olga.
    And not just visual-language speaking either. Near the end, she's the one who reveals (to Olga's own surprise), that our dear departed Director somehow participated in the Restoration of Human Order.

    This is in contrast to Fujimaru, who couldn't even tell who Olga was.

    In fact, Fujimaru asks this question to Mash... but gets an answer from Galahad.
    Indeed, the best way to explain Galahad's sudden appearance in the dream is that he was there to begin with, veiled as Mash in order to maintain the illusion Olga has about the Restoration.

    I guess we have to rewind a little bit before we get too caught up, though. Back to the dreamers, at the obvious start: Olga Marie Animusphere. If you haven't been paying attention, I'll have to reiterate very clearly...

    Olga Marie is the most important figure to understand if you want to decode Cosmos in the Lostbelt

    If you were at all surprised to see her re-appear again, you weren't paying attention. And not only that, but the biggest clues regarding her relation to the Alien God are in this anime. I wish I could've tackled this anime a long time ago (before Olympys) because in hindsight, it is hilarious how overlooked it was back then. Unlike some of the other characters (Lev especially), Olga also has the honor of starring in two seemingly unrelated scenes as well. The first is her reenactment of the Restoration of Human Order
    , and the other is her being... experimented on?
    And remember, we have to find a way to interpret these. Generally speaking, I like to take things as you get them, unless that makes no sense. And in this case, both her being experimented on, and her undergoing this odd Restoration of Human Order are things that I assume she went through in some way.

    But how? The first one is fairly simple, since we already know Kirschtaria underwent a simulation of the Restoration in order to get revived, whoever performed this on him probably did likewise with Olga.主観世界の主と、そこにシフトした彼。そのふたりが当事者となる、人理修復の旅である。あくまでシミュレーションだよ。現実の特異点ほど恐ろしいものじゃなかった。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) Obviously, last we saw Olga, she got pushed into the burning CHALDEAS by Lev.ああ。ブラックホールと何も変わらない。それとも太陽かな。まあ、どちらにせよ。人間が触れれば分子レベルで分解される地獄の具現だ。遠慮なく、生きたまま無限の死を味わいたまえ。(Lev - F/GO Fuyuki) The manner of her death does leave some questions unanswered, ultimately. But going by her description in the materials, you can read between the lines that unlike Lev, she's not dead, and unlike Fujimaru, she's not alive. Something in between. A description that fits terribly well with how the Crypters were.

    Ultimately though, I theorize Olga actually didn't manage to complete the Restoration, and the reasoning is a bit complicated... As we learn from Kirschtaria, what was needed was enough heat to revive them, and importantly, a result capable of overturning their fate.クリプターの蘇生には人間ひとりを蘇よみがえらせる為の熱量、因果を覆すだけの“成果”が必要だった。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) I think of it this way: in order for the Crypters to be recognized as among the living, they had to prove they were capable of reaching the future beyond the Incineration. When in her "Master simulation", she's abandoned by Mash and Fujimaru.
    Later, however, Mash mentions its 2016
    , and that Olga was the 'navigator'
    (essentially Dr. Roman's role in Part 1). As noted before, when Fujimaru asks who she is, the answer he gets is that "she's someone who couldn't reach this future"
    , which indicates to me, her inability to get past the Restoration regardless of her role (Master/Navigator). Essentially, the Alien God (?) tried to get her out of the nothingness, but she couldn't do it.

    Then there's the second cut showing Olga being experimented on. I think it's fairly unambiguous in what it's trying to say... But yes, I answered who I think Subject E is, but never Specimen E. So yes, the only conclusion I can draw from this scene is that...

    Olga Marie was Specimen E.

    The question remaining is more about how this came to be, and how it affected the way she ended up (turning in the Alien God, or playing that role?). And trust me when I say, no matter how hard you dig, you won't find a totally convincing answer to this problem. We'll leave it aside for now, because at the very least, Moonlight/Lostroom won't provide us with much more clues than that regarding her role as Specimen E.

    Now these are the obvious things we can presume from Moonlight/Lostroom. The rest of what we are going to talk about is highly speculative, because we now enter the domain of the dreams. The most interesting conversation is the one between Olga/Romani/Mash/Lev, and it's what takes up most of the anime. As I said before, at face value, this is a conversation from 2015 from when Fuyuki was first discovered.
    But I think pretty much all of it is a guise to cover-up that this conversation is actually a metaphor for the Alien God preparing for the invasion of reality. Near the end of this anime, it's revealed the Priestess has been watching from outside of space,
    furthering this connection.

    But how do you interpret what they're talking about then? I'll introduce roughly what I think the conversation is about...

    First, Lev simply asks if he can continue the conversation.
    There's not too much to this one, it just serves as an introduction.

    Mash brings up this 'unknown point'
    which Olga fears can turn into a Singularity.
    At first glance, they seem to be talking about Fuyuki, but this is not at all how things went down!
    1. Fuyuki was only ever discovered after a frantic search for the cause of the disappearance of the future.経済崩壊でも地殻変動でもない。ある日突然、人類史が途絶えるなんて説明がつきません。わたしたちはこの半年間、この異常現象未来消失の原因を究明しました。オルガマリー 現在に理由がないのなら、その原因は過去にある。
    (Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki)

    2. When Fuyuki was discovered it was already a Singularity!その結果、ついに我々は新たな異変を観測しました。それがここ―――空間特異点F。西暦2004年、日本のある地方都市です。(Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki)
    Ok, but then what is it? I think this 'unknown point' refers to Bluebook's world. Remember how Morgan turned her Lostbelt into a Singularity?ブリテン異聞帯は特異点となって成長し、汎人類史になってしまった。(Merlin - F/GO Avalon le Fae) I believe that essentially, the same thing was done with Bluebook's world, hence why they 'fear' it 'may' turn into a Singularity. The point of creating Subject E is for it serve as the same kind of 'keystone' as Morgan fashioned her throne into for Fairy Britain.モルガンの玉座は妖精國の要、妖精たちのサイクルを維持するもの。妖精暦の終わりで命を失った妖精たち、すべての命を回す歯車。『巡礼の旅』を終えたトネリコが、その『使命』に逆らって作った偽の円卓。―――召喚者の玉座。あの玉座と結びついた者は、『ブリテンの妖精』のマスターとなる。(Knocknarea - F/GO Avalon le Fae) This is the thing which turned Bluebook's world from 'Lostbelt/fantasy' to 'Singularity/reality'.異聞帯(くうそう)から続く貴方は、特異点(げんじつ)には生きられない。(Tonelico - F/GO Avalon le Fae)

    Anyway, let's keep going. Lev then says it may just be a malfunction of CHALDEAS...
    Olga refuses to accept it, and Mash brings up SHEBA as the cause instead.

    Once again, Fuyuki was never considered an error by hardware, but rather deliberately found, so this is strange.
    I think it's trying to tell us about the cause of Bluebook's world to begin with. Here's something Hinako says to Xiang Yu: "You can do the same as what CHALDEAS achieved: By assuming different conditions, different causality, you can calculate and simulate that which is lost."カルデアスが為したのと同様、異なる条件、異なる因果を前提とする異聞を、演算にて仮想できましょう。(Hinako - F/GO SIN) Note that what I've translated as "lost" here is 異聞, same as the first word in "Lostbelt" when written with Kanji. Essentially, CHALDEAS would be the tool that could generate something like Bluebook's world, or hell, even the other Lostbelts.
    As for SHEBA, it was needed for observing this world, of course. If there is only one observer, it becomes possible to show what is the truth.私は観測します。私が観測します。私だけが観測したなら、何を真実にするか、私だけが選択できます。(Mnemosyne - F/GO Patchwork London)

    Anyway, this argument goes on for a bit, until everyone present agrees Olga needs to rest more.
    Then Mash mentions this Rayshift experiment report
    , along with a selection of Masters
    , this odd 'mandatory 12 hours of rest' (what does that even meeeaaaan?).
    Then, there's this conspicuous close-up of Mash claiming they don't have any to take Olga's place.

    This is the part that initially tipped me off to the metaphorical nature of the conversation, because it's just all so strange.
    1. Rayshift hadn't been performed yet, there is nothing to report.特異点Fの調査の時がレイシフトの初動でもあった。(Rayshifting entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)
    2. The A-team had already been selected in Marisbury's time.クリプター、というのはね。Aチームが結成された時、マリスビリー所長から贈られた、特別なマスターとしての称号だったのよ?(Pepe - F/GO Yugakshetra)
    3. 12 hours of 'mandatory rest' is some kind of weird nonsense to begin with, but it also happens to line up awfully well with the 12 hours Bluebook describes as the grace period before the invasion.実のところ、我々に猶予はあった。たった12時間しかなかったが、確かに猶予はあったのだ。(Bluebook - F/GO SIN)
    4. The one about there being no one who could replace Olga is very odd. It's by far the most focused on statement. Obviously, she was replaced, and not even with much difficulty.
    The Rayshifting report might be referring to Shimousa, of all things. Limbo once referred to it as a theoretical proof for the upcoming Fantasy Tree establishment.貴方の推察通り、『異星の神』に仕える三騎のアルターエゴの一騎ひとり!来きたるべき空想樹立のためにいち早く行動し、仮説証明の一環として、下総を地獄に変えた働き者でございます!(Limbo - F/GO Yugakshetra) Obviously, the selection of Master then refers to the "Alien God" recruiting the Crypters in their coffins, and the mandatory rest is this grace period, as noted. Why exactly Olga can't be replaced is harder to identify. I think it has to do with her status as the last Animusphere, but we'll get into that later...

    Lev and Romani talk a bit about dreams (which is sort of interesting, but not all that relevant), before we get an infodump by Olga Marie about the Animusphere family, their Grand Order, as well as CHALDEAS. Most of this information can be found elsewhere, so it's not particularly new. That said, the imagery here is very relevant to us: Chaldea suspended in the void, held by an ethereal Olga.
    This imagery is very, very, specific. We'll come back to it eventually, but keep it in mind.

    After this, the conversation swings into talking about Servants. Mash remarks that Servants are good because they can function independent of the era they're summoned, and as Rayshifting can only bring the mage with it, this'll prove helpful.たとえレイシフトが成功しようと持っていけるのは魔術師の肉体だけ。現地で頼れる武器は何もない。そのために英霊、サーヴァントが必要なんですね。どれほど変異しようと、それが人類史の延長であるのなら英霊は存在する。(Mash - Moonlight/Lostroom) There's nothing strange about this statement, but you could easily interpret it as the Rayshifting of the Fantasy Trees, and how they'd carry Anastasia and co. with them.

    Olga then chides that the summoning system isn't stable
    because Da Vinci hasn't been cooperative with them
    , and that she'll get rid of the next chance she gets.
    This is one of my favorites, because I'm fairly certain this is the reason why Kotomine kills Da Vinci specifically in the Prologue, and nobody else. He is, after all, part of Olga's (the Alien God's) next successful summons. Speaking of which, the FATE summoning system probably was stable at this point (if we assume 2015), but we never quite have a definite word on that.

    Next up we get a lecture about Paper Moon.
    Most of this is actually just straight up exposition, and some of it proves important later, but most interestingly, when Romani mentions Shadow Border, the mood of the anime changes completely. The room turns dark, eerie music starts playing, and after this, the scene is focused entirely on Lev.
    Lev mentions that he'd overlooked Shadow Border, commenting that "no wonder I was insulted as being blind"そうか。私がシバを完成させたことで、使われなくなった機械があったのか。確かにこれは盲点だ。節穴と謗られても仕方がないな。(Lev - Moonlight/Lostroom) He's actually referring to something he was told by Goetia in Solomon.貴様―――貴様―――!馬鹿な、有り得ん! 節穴かフラウロス!(Goetia - Solomon) After this scene ends, we see him show a clock before he leaves the room, reading July 2015.
    Meaning, this is a blatant contradiction. If this is 2015 Lev having a dream, then this doesn't make chronological sense... But perhaps there is someone else there with him: Demon Pillar Flauros, who exists outside of time. Perhaps this is what the shift indicates.

    Flauros is interesting. There was one pillar within the Goetia collective who still had doubts about their mission.もう沢山だ。死の無い惑星の誕生は、おまえの望みでもある筈だ。わずか一柱だが我々にはまだ、迷いがある。ただ一人でいい。ヒトによる理解者がほしい。そうであれば、我らの計画はもはや揺るぎないものとなる。(Goetia - F/GO Solomon) This was practically stated to have been Flauros on Nasu's blog. Unlike the other emotionless pillars, Flauros was much more human-like, and capable of emotion.ちなみにレフこと魔神フラウロスについてちょっとだけ。他の魔神柱は機械的でしたが、レフは感情的に主人公を煽ってきました。人間を煽るって事は、人間に感情移入しているという事。なので最後まで「認めなかった&諦めなかった」のがフラウロスなら、ただ一柱、マシュに感情移入していたのも―――(Nasu - Bamboo Broom Blog) Near the end of Solomon, Gilgamesh and Flauros have a conversation about the value of humanity, where eventually Gilgamesh advises him to go ask Fujimaru himself.貴様が『価値なき者』と切り捨てた男が、まさに貴様を追い詰めているのだ。それほど疑問に思うのならヤツに問うがいい。それが、貴様の最期の救いとなるだろうよ。ふくくく、はははははははははははは!(Gilgamesh - F/GO Solomon) This is the last we hear of Flauros.

    Let's get back to Lostroom for a bit. Lev briefly explains that his ambition was always the furthering of humanity, then corrects himself to say "making this a better planet", and then adds that it's always been like that and will remain like that, before, and afterward.オルガ。私は1999年に近未来観測レンズ・シバを完成させた―――マリスビリーの要請を受けてね。その時点で私の運命は決定していたんだが……人類を救う、いや、違うな……この星をより良いものにする。それが私の人生だった。こうなる前も、こうなった後もね。(Lev - Moonlight/Lostroom) He places emphasis on "after" here. And yes, I'm thinking Lev's still in it, baby.

    Perhaps if you've been keeping up with theories surrounding the Chaldean, you've heard that many believe him to be Goetia.
    1. He can traverse the many different Lostbelts. Something which Koyanskaya was capable of because of her Independent Manifestation, as mentioned before. A skill that Beast I obviously possesses as well.
    2. He is described as not being human, but merely acting as one.さようなら、ドクター。もう出会う事はないだろうが、忠告を。その人マネは、あまり上手ではないと思うよ。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Atlantis)
    3. Morgan straight up calls him a "beast".これより先は私の世界だ。『異星の神』にも、獣にも居場所はない。(Morgan - F/GO Avalon le Fae)
    4. Someone is seen picking up one of the rings in the Time Temple at the end of this anime.

    I think there are a few more examples, but you get the picture. In someway, it obviously has to be Goetia. But remember, Flauros is a part of Goetia much as any of the other Demon Pillars. And unlike Goetia, whose character resolves in Solomon after he realizes the value in mortalityどうか見届けてほしい。この僅かな時間が、私に与えられた物語。この僅かな、されど、あまりにも愛おしい時間が、ゲーティアと名乗ったものに与えられた、本当の人生だ。―――いや、まったく。……不自然なほど短く、不思議なほど、面白いな。人の、人生というヤツは―――(Goetia - F/GO Solomon), Flauros remained unconvinced to the end, as shown in the dialogue he had with Gilgamesh. I mean, ask yourself why they choose him of all people to appear in this anime, which is an introduction to Cosmos in the Lostbelt. If the Chaldean truly is 'just' Goetia, that would be a huge wasted opportunity and indicative of essentially just fanservice. And that's not even mentioning Lev's very obvious connection with Olga, who lies at the heart of the mystery of Part 2!

    Lev Lainur Flauros took possession of Romani's corpse, retrieved one of Solomon's rings, and started branding himself the Chaldean.

    In that sense, you can see the conversation that goes on between Olga and Lev in this scene as a dialogue between Beast I and Beast VII. Lev goes on to explain that the innumerous possibilities of humanity's future is unstable. Even if humanity had great potential, if something went wrong, it'd all be for naught. Lev simply wanted to get rid of that risk.人間が築く未来というものはとにかく多彩で変化に富み、だからこそ安定性がない。人類という存在が素晴らしい大荷物を持っていても小石で躓けばご破算だろう?そういう危険を廃したいと思っていたんだ。私に出来ることは小さい。けれど、足元にあるをどかせるぐらいは出来るだろうとね。(Lev - Moonlight/Lostroom) He then asks of what Olga wants, but she's very unsure:

    "I... I don't want any of that. The only thing I feel towards the heavy duty of securing the future is anxiety. I actually don't care the slightest about the meaning or value of the future. All I have is an obsessive compulsion with proving how competent I am. Each day of my life is difficult. Each day of my life feels like it has no future. What do I have to do to end this? What do I have to do to be happy? I don't have the slightest idea of the answer to that, so how could I ever know my own goal?"私……は―――私はそのどれでもない。自分に人理保障なんて大役務まるのか、その不安しかない。未来の意味も価値もどうでもいいクセに、私にあるのは有能であることを示さなくていけないという脅迫観念だけだ。毎日が辛い。毎日に未来がない。何をすれば終わりになるのか。何があれば私は幸せになるのか。それが一向分からないのに、自分の目的なんて、とても―――(Olga Marie - Moonlight/Lostroom)

    These words lie at the core of Olga's being, and they're important to internalize if we want to understand the true nature of 'the Alien God'.

    And with that said, the lights in the room turn back to normal, Lev looks at his clock,
    and bids farewell. He's going to be very busy after all.

    After he leaves, Fujimaru enters the room. The change of people present does actually signal a shift in what the anime is going for. What follows is a conversation between Olga and Fujimaru about the latter's anxieties. This is a rare look into the mind of F/GO's protagonist, so for that purpose it is 'important', but it doesn't factor much into my theorizing, so we'll leave it be for now. It does include this really strange shot of Olga wondering if she should "crush" Fujimaru
    , which to me can only really be explained by this anime being metaphorically about the Alien God.

    Then we have the part with Mash alerting Olga it's 2016, as discussed before, after which she leaves. Her parting words to Fujimaru are very ominous: "There's nothing I can do anymore, but I'm cheering you on. Even if it happens that your future has been swapped out for something completely hopeless."もう私には何も出来ないけど、応援しているわ。たとえあなたたちの未来が……どうしようもないものにすり替わっていたとしても。 You know, in hindsight... people should've paid more attention to this anime. If it isn't clear, she gives a pretty neat summary of what concern the main plot of Cosmos in the Lostbelt. And notice the wording: "swapped out". This isn't a coincidence. Pan-Human History hasn't been bleached, it has just been swapped out for something else.

    Finally, we get to the part with Galahad. Sorry for teasing you earlier. Everything Galahad says is important. Everything that happens in this scene is important. It's perhaps the most important clue as to what is actually going on in F/GO.

    First, Galahad addresses Fujimaru: "Give up. There is no Human Order you can protect."諦めろ。君たちに守れる人理はない。
    At first glance, it seems he's talking about the Alien God's plot. But then you look around him. He's in Fuyuki, whose flames you can see smoldering in the background.
    He's referring to their overall mission, more than anything else. But how is that any different? We'll see in a moment.

    Then there is a short battle scene, and what's to note is that the Servants that Galahad fights are all previous allies from the Singularities.
    All except one: Saber Alter.
    A Servant who has a strong connection with Fuyuki, obviously. But more so than that, a Servant who is considered the "Guardian of Human Order"
    (In-game skill - F/GO Memorial Quests)
    Make no mistake, Galahad is not an ally. That is what this scene signifies.

    Then we get to the subtitle I put at the start of this chapter:
    "Wanderer from a distant future. No, from the right side of history;
    You have no chance at victory.
    The world of humanity will come to ruin.
    That's how the future has been decided."

    What does Galahad actually mean by the "right side of history"? Think back... Fujimaru arrived at Chaldea with little recollection of what he was doing, lying in the middle of a corridor.
    (Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia anime)
    We can actually take Galahad's words fairly straight up here.

    When Caster Cu says his final farewells in Avalon le Fae, he mentions that he's was the sole person from Pan-Human History helping Chaldea out.汎人類史からの唯一の助っ人として、いちおうの面目は保てたぜ。(Grimm - F/GO Avalon le Fae) One's first instinct is to rationalize that he meant that the other allies you had in Avalon le Fae were from the Lostbelt... and even if you want to disregard Tristan/Gawain/Lancelot for whatever reason (summoned by Chaldea, so they don't count?), an interesting trivia with this statement is that there is an unlockable dialogue option after Cu says this, that goes: "(The only helper... from Pan-Human History...)"・(……汎人類史、唯一の……)(Choice - F/GO Avalon le Fae This can only ever be picked if you have two・ここには存在しないものだって言ったのに?(Choice - F/GO Avalon le Fae) certain・……(少し、オベロンに確認したい事が……)(Choice - Avalon le Fae) conversations with Oberon. The latter of which concern the imaginary nature of Titania...存在しないから探さないのかい?それは逆だよ、藤丸。無いからこそ探すんだ。ありもしないものだから、求めずにはいられない。僕にとって僕の妃(ティターニア)はそういうものだ。空に輝くあの星と同じものだ。地上であがく僕らには、決して手に入らないものかもね。(Choice - Avalon le Fae)

    The reason there is nothing to protect is because, ultimately, F/GO's timeline is wrong.
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    "The future won't change"未来は変わらない
    "Olga Marie died"オルガマリーは死んだ
    "The Animusphere are no more"アニムスフィアはもう存在しない
    "The result cannot interfere with the cause"結果が原因に干渉することは不可能

    Once long ago, the Alchemist Zepia Eltnam Oberon sought to avoid ruin, and so tried to find a way to the future. For this wish he abandoned reality and even his own existence, challenged the Third Magic and was defeated. In the process, he turned into the phenomenon known as TATARI.かつて私は「未来」を目指した。現世を全て捨て、おのれの存在すら投げ打ち、理想の結末を追求した。結末は虚しくタタリと成り果てるも第三魔法という夢に挑み敗れたがゆえ。(Night of Wallachia - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    But for what reason do we avoid ruin?何のために滅びを回避しようとするのです?(Narration - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    For the sake of mankind, of course.決まっている。すべては人類のために。(Narration - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    Even if it means denying all of the present and the past? There is nothing productive in such a way of thinking. No matter what we do, ruin will come. That is how this universe is defined.過去と現在、その成果すべてを否定してまで?その考えは発展性がなく、間違っている。何をしようと滅びはやってくる。それが宇宙の摂理です。(Narration - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    If we evolve, the lifespan of the universe will shrink. We must remain the immature species we are now, and keep running from ruin, for all eternity.我々が進化をすれば、この宇宙の寿命が縮むのだおよ。我々は成長してはならない、滅びてはならない。このまま永遠に―――未熟な生命のまま滅びから逃げ続けなければならないのだ。(Narration - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    Welcome to the nightmare. I once called MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare (MBBAN henceforth) the most obtuse thing Nasu has ever written, and that stands true to this day. Nevertheless, it holds great importance to the events of F/GO. In case you've never heard of this work before, it's a sequel to what had been the rather long-running Melty Blood manga. It started serializing near the end of 2015, and finished sometime in 2016. Despite it nominally being a Melty Blood sequel, it contains characters from F/GO and Fate/EXTRA. Not only that, but it has a bunch of information that can't be found anywhere else, especially pertaining Olga and Lev. Even so, few people have actually read it*(not only that, but it has a very bad translation, bordering on "making things up"), so allow me summarize (if you have, you don't have to read this part):

    The Back Alley Alliance (Sion/Satsuki/Riesbyfe) are trying to find some way to enjoy summer at the beach, which is difficult for vampires, so they ask Arcueid for help. Arcueid doesn't prove much help, so Sion eventually leads them down a manhole where they find Kohaku selling vampire sunscreen. Down in the tunnel, Sion encounters the ghost (?) of a young Olga Animusphere, who tells her the future won't change. After this, they 'rent' Akiha's car and head for the beach, but are stopped by Neco-Arc and a massive Mecha-Hisui. When they return to the back alley, Sion thinks back to what Olga told her, and after a talk with Satsuki, heads out to give an answer back. Down there is now also Sialim (Rani the VIII's master), and before Sion knows it, she's been embroiled in a simulation of the possibilities of her own future, conducted by Sialim at the Atlas Institute.

    Back at the Great Cats Camp (as Neco-Arc calls it), the Necos are trying to film a movie, but have unexpected company: Lev Lainur Flauros, who with Neco-Arc's help, is trying to conduct the so-called "Operation Counterattack Annihilation of Chaldea: Shooting Moon". For this purpose, a dimensional transportation device called the "Meowuscle Cannon" has been prepared by Neco-Arc. They load Neco-Arc Chaos into the cannon to fire, who Lev plants a bug on to create a backdoor with. Because of a miscalculation, the cannon explodes in the process, much to Lev's frustration. Sialim at the Atlas Institute detects the disturbance in space-time and send Rani the VIII to investigate.

    Over the course of the simulations, Sion is gradually exposed to the ruin of her future. Nevertheless, in most of them, the ghost of Olga appears and tells her the future won't change, before demolishing the simulation. One of her futures is a door to Chaldea, where she wanders around in a ghost-like state. It turns out Olga Animusphere, here in her grown-up form, can see her, and the two interact, before Lev interrupts and brings Olga away. Her final simulation takes place 1000 years in the future, where Riesbyfe and Satsuki have been waiting for her that whole time. She looks up and sees the Crimson Moon, at which point the simulation is interrupted by an outside force...

    It doesn't take long for Lev and Rani to start being suspicious of one another. Both of them need the Meowuscle Cannon fixed for their own ends, so Rani starts repairing it. Lev tries to stay on her good side, but his malice is hard to mask. When Rani eventually completes the reparation, Lev stabs her in the back. He turns on the device, and blasts away. The Necos bury Rani, but as it turns out, she's still alive. She explains how she reconfigured the device to end up in a different place, with a slight time-lag in the transportation process. This bisects Lev when he arrives at what appears to be his old office at the Clock Tower. With Lev dead, Rani briefly questions why it appears Lev's fate has made all his possible futures end at 2015, before using the device to return home.

    In the simulation, Archetype:EARTH bursts through the door, the destroyed simulated futures having disturbed her rest. Sialim explains she tried to simulate all this to convince people of how dire the situation in her world was so everyone would start cooperating in preparing for the 'after' of their own ruin. When Sion hears this, she hacks into Sialim's systems and starts generating more futures, until they're so many they appear practically uncountable. She declares that this is her answer. Sialim protests, calling it unrealistic. Archetype:EARTH judges between the two of their conclusions, and says Sion is right. She then pushes the real Sion's consciousness out of the simulated Sion, and returns her to their planned pool party.

    In Chaldea, Lev and Olga talk about the topic of whether the future can be changed or not, and Olga starts to display doubts of their mission. Nevertheless, she has now realized that guaranteeing the future is one thing, but making sure its a good one is another. Lev doesn't seen perturbed at first, but Olga's conclusion that a good future just needs a little bit of normal common good does affect him, and he walks away, sullenly agreeing, noting that it's 2000 years too late for Animusphere to come to such a conclusion.

    Sialim is left with the simulated Sion, but still continues with one last possible future: one which nobody has ever seen, not even her. Sion say she'll gladly see what kind of future lies ahead for her there, and walks through the door. And that was the last they could see of her. The door never opened again. Rani and Sialim walk out, both smiling despite the grim future that lies in store for them. Sialim asks if Rani would go to the moon if she asked, and Rani agrees.

    Archetype:EARTH asks what everyone desires. Sialim and Rani answer: "to the blue above". Both Olgas answer: "the future". Sion meanwhile, says she has too many things she wishes for; she can't say it one word. Sion opens another door, herself at the pool, and herself in the simulation following with her. Beyond lies the beach, with Satsuki and Riesbyfe waiting for her. The End.

    Now even this simplified course of events is bound to sound like complete nonsense, and it sort of is. In order to even begin talking about how the events of this manga relate to F/GO, we have to make sense of what is happening. And to do that, we need to talk about Neco-Arc lore.This is not a joke.

    Neco-Arc is a Phantasmal Species, and her realm is part of fairylandほう。小さいが、立派な妖精郷ではないか。人間の文明圏に落とし穴を作るとは酔狂な幻想種がいたものだ。む?(Archetype:EARTH - Melty Blood Actress Again) (a.k.a. Avalonああ。死ぬ事も出る事もできず、今でも妖精郷アヴァロンの片隅の塔でいじけてるって話だ。(Mordred - F/GO London), a.k.a. the Inner Sea of the Planet星の内海、ですか?それはどのような……? ……まあ、楽園伝説ってヤツだよ。どんな神話でも、『永遠を約束する聖域』ってヤツがあるだろ。ユートピア。エデンの園。常若とこわかの国。ブリテンで言えばアヴァロン。(Mash/Muniel - F/GO Avalon le Fae)), and she's created a hole leading from human society down to there. Hence all the Neco-Arc shenanigans in Melty Blood. When Archetype:EARTH goes down there, Kohaku has conquered the place with Mecha-Hisuiそんなあ、やっとネコアルクさんたちを追放したのに、間髪いれずこの仕打ち……!ま、まさか貴女は―――伝説のキングネコアルク!?(Kohaku - Melty Blood Actress Again) (long story)see: Kohaku & Mecha-Hisui scenario in Melty Blood Actress Again. I hypothesize that the corridor where Sion sees Olga for the first time
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    is this entrance to 'the other side', because when she goes through it, she comes out where she came in.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    For a brief instance, she encountered Olga, who we later learn is the catalyst for why Sion's real consciousness could infiltrate Sialim's simulation.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    When Sion and co. comes out of the tunnel, we get a scene of the Atlas people having detected a "space-time fluctuation"
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    , which is later confirmed to be Sion by Archetype:EARTH.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    In essence, this brief interaction creates a tiny instability that lead to these worldsFate/EXTRA, Fate/Grand Order and Tsukihime colliding. How come Neco-Arc caused all this bullshit? Because she's the avatar of the multiverse, of course.
    Okay, but you said I was living proof for this multi-stuff. "The Avatar of the Multiverse" or something.
    You sure got me good. Never thought someone would catch on. Never would've pegged you as being so clever.
    (Neco-Arc - Melty Blood Type Lumina)
    She can make different worlds blend together if she tries hard enough.ですが運命にも縛られない。アナタの視界はいい意味でブレブレなので、
    On the other hand, you also aren't bound by fate. I mean it in a good way when I say your point of view is blurry.
    As such, even while in this world, you can observe the context and current events of worlds close-by.
    Just please try imagining it. What would happen if the inside of a single can of food had enough content for two?
    The heck? Stop scaring me. Wouldn't the can... burst?
    No. The contents would fuse.
    His fate of ending up with Heroine A, and his fate of ending up with Heroine B.
    These two blending together and coexisting is possible, you see. There could be a Route in which nobody gets hurts!
    If you just continuously observe Shiki intently enough that you risk sweating blood, then perhaps it could be realized!
    (Neco-Arc/Kohaku - Melty Blood Type Lumina)

    Meanwhile, Lev and Rani are actually on the other side, in Neco-Arc's world (a place they call Great Cats Camp, so this might not actually be their usual village) This is a place that they call 'Valhalla', the bottom of the world and realm of the dead, made out of 'unfathomable values'.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    She says that normally, even if you did somehow come in contact with it, you'd be forcibly expelled if you weren't invited (as she explains this, we see a flashback to when Neco-Arc drove back Sion and crew in the car). Lev of course wonders how come they're there then, and she mysteriously answers that they came out of their own will, even though that's wrong.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    If we look at the scene where Neco-Arc stops the car, right after, the young Olga can be seen looking over the scene.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    This is indicating she's a part of that world. Which makes sense, right? If she's a ghost, being in the world of the dead isn't that odd. Essentially, Neco-Arc not properly doing her job in keeping people in or out of this place is why Olga managed to contact Sion in the first place, which is the named cause of Sion getting caught up in the simulations.

    The point is that Neco-Arc's world of unfathomable values (which I presume means imaginary numbers) is that of 'fantasy'; that of 'fiction', and this is where remnant of the past (the dead) lie. This is the only thing which really bridges any of the disparate TYPE-MOON worlds. To each other, they're all just 'possibilities', and unrealized futures are nothing more than fantasy unless they're confirmed to be real.これは切り取られた未来。ごくわずかだけ私が演算し運び込んだ、世界の染みにすぎない。世界の染み……にしては、ずいぶんと現実感がありますが。これは魔術理論・世界卵そのものです。卵の内側にして外側……この世界が貴方によって完成されれば、内と外が入れ替わる。空想が現実に浸食するのではなく、現実が空想に封じ込められる大禁呪。(Ciel - Melty Blood Actress Again) The same goes for Sialim's simulations of Sion's future. It's revealed near the end of the story that Sion was just "deep in thought" during the whole time the simulations were happening.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    Her thoughts are on the same plane as Sialim's simulations: imaginary number space.

    This is sort of a complicated topic, but Skadi explains this: "Other religions often define this as the 'Primal Chaos'. The Great Mother, or the Primal Chaos, where all of land and heaven, cold and warmth, good and evil, blends into one, and therefore contains innumerable possibilities. In a somewhat similar sense, imaginary number space is a plane which holds the same innumerable possibilities. Unlike the Primal Chaos' universality, born out of its mixed-together nature, you could think of its universality arising from the impossibility of observing it. Hence, it is the reverse-side of our world, a region impossible to observe. With out current laws of physics, it is impossible to even get a peek of this place. And that's why all possibilities can be hypothesized to be here.異教では『原初の混沌』をしばしば定義している。天地、寒暖、善悪、一切が混然一体となった、故に万能の可能性を含む、世界の太母、原初の混沌……虚数空間とは、それと似て非なる万能性を有する空間だ。『混ざっているゆえ』万能たる原初の混沌とは異なり、『観測不能ゆえ』万能たり得る、と考える。即ち、我らが世界の裏側、観測不能域。既存の物理法則では垣間見ることすらできぬ場所。故に、あらゆる可能性がそこに仮定できる、というわけだ。(Skadi - F/GO Imaginary Scramble)

    But if its impossible to observe, how come again and again, we have examples of observable events happening there? Or rather, how come the events there can be shared among different people? In Imaginary Scramble, Nemo Professor attributes this to a "confluence of observations", which doesn't tell us a whole lot...元から虚数空間が暗礁と怪物だらけ……という仮説は、先端的な魔術理論の仮定と、あまりに乖離してます。誰かが虚数空間をいじって観測を収束させ、さらに虚数の暗礁や怪物をばらまいた……と考えるべきでしょう。(Nemo Professor - F/GO Imaginary Scramble) but we have another work entirely set in imaginary number space: Fate/EXTRA CCC! BB has constructed the world we see in CCC using her Noble Phantasm. And we learn there that the real crux of what you cannot create in imaginary number space is something which everyone agrees is the same (worded as 'a construction where values can be shared cannot be created there').本来、虚数空間である月の裏側において、価値観を共有できる構造体は創造できない。BBの心象世界をサクラ迷宮として成立させていたのも、この宝具の力である。(BB Infomatrix - Fate/EXTRA CCC)

    To put it in the simplest terms possible, imaginary number space is imagination. To build something in it, you need something of great power. Like Solomon's second Noble Phantasm, or BB's Potnia Theron. I'll leave it up to you to figure out as to why Neco-Arc can do this.

    That said, even if Neco-Arc can glare at things and make them blend together, we still needed the catalyst which bound Chaldea, Sialim and Sion together: Olga Marie Animusphere. When moving through imaginary number space, what matters isn't distance or time, but meaning and connections.我々が潜航している虚数空間―――マイナスの世界から現実へと戻るには、現実との『縁』が必要です。言うなればアンカー。(Holmes - F/GO Anastasia) When Sion goes back down into the corridor to give her answer to 'the future cannot be changed', Sialim now appears together with Olga Marie.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    Sialim is the one who says that Olga Marie is dead, and that the Animusphere are no more (because she's from the future?) It is after this that Sion starts being connected with the simulations. Once connections have been established on all sides, only then can this 'miracle' of Sion possessing a simulation of herself happen.

    And with all that complicated nonsense out of the way, we can talk a bit about the contents of this manga in a more concrete sense. That said, there's something I have to make sure you understand...

    the exact events of MBBAN basically don't matter, but what they show of the world and the characters do.

    That is to say that the continuity with F/GO is not worth thinking about. Yeah, F/GO Lev didn't have a funny adventure with Neco-Arc in the afterlife. But it tells us a lot about these F/GO characters that we can't find in other places.

    With that out of the way, let's talk a bit about the aforementioned Lev. I think for a lot of people, he is one of the most unexpected inclusions here. To most people, I imagine he's just this weirdly comically evil villain the have for the early part of F/GO for no particular reason. And while that does pretty much describe most of his screentime in F/GO fairly well, he's a strangely complicated character when you look a bit deeper. The first time we learn of him is actually in a different continuity, in a short story known as Clock Tower 2015. There, he's more broadly known as Mr Flauros and is actually a person with three personalities that correspond to the past, future and present.「―――そっか”現在”だ! ようは三人目のフラウロスさんがいたってコトね!」「そういうこと。なにしろ過去と未来に分かれた人格だろ。とくれば現在を担当する人格があるのは当然だ。」(Aozaki Aoko/Touko - Clock Tower 2015) This Flauros is part of the Tsukihime/Mahoyo continuity, rather than the F/GO one, however.「「2015年の時計塔」は月姫、魔法使いの夜よりの世界です。あの世界では「現代を守ために●●」した人物がいるため、FGOは発生しません。その成果を誰も知ることはなかったけど、彼は過去も未来も守ったわけである。(Nasu - Bamboo Broom Blog) Interestingly, the F/GO incarnation of Lev is a combination of his 3 different personalities from CT2015: Lev Uvall, Lainur Gusion, and Mr Flauros > Lev Lainur Flauros.

    CT2015 is ostensibly about Aoko and Touko trying to figure how Mr Flauros died. It's in this story that the concept of the Grand Orders is introduced.「魔術世界におけるもっとも崇高な血の掟。一族が途絶えるまでその使命に殉じさせる、呪じみた絶対厳守の誇り。それが冠位指定―――グランドオーダーと呼ばれるものだ。」(Aozaki Touko - Clock Tower 2015) Touko brings it up to explain that Mr Flauros would never kill himself just because he 'felt bad'「絶望程度で自分を殺せる訳がない」(Aozaki Touko - Clock Tower 2015), this almost curse-like Grand Order in his blood would stop him. In addition, he dies at the tail end of 2014, right before 2015.「これが2014年の、現在のワタシが見た最後の光景だ。この断片が何らかの意味を持つ日が来るのかどうかは、2015年を失ったワタシにはあずかり知らぬ事である。」(Narration - Clock Tower 2015) This implicitly tell us two things:
    1. Since this suicide stops "F/GO from happening"あの世界では「現代を守ために●●」した人物がいるため、FGOは発生しません。」(Nasu - Bamboo Broom Blog), Lev living past F/GO in 2015 is why F/GO specifically has the incineration happen.
    2. 2015 is most likely when Demon Pillar Flauros is supposed to activate, which is information we are never given in F/GO proper.

    Nevertheless, how come Mr Flauros was able to overcome his Grand Order? By the personality that represents the present destroying itself, the future and the past personalities would start plotting to kill each other, indirectly causing his death.「だが彼は自殺した。自らの人格を閉じて体を二人に明け渡した。それが過去と未来を殺す結末になると理解した上で、一番はじめに自らの命をたったのさ。」(Aozaki Touko - Clock Tower 2015) In the personality of the present's mind, his Grand Order was interpreted as "protecting the present", while his other two personalities had the inclination towards their respective spheres; the future and the past.そうだ。それが現代の私の結論だ。過去を殺したところで未来は喜ぶだけだ。未来を閉ざしたところで過去は頑強になるだけだ。私に天命を与えた何者かの思惑に添うだけだ。だから今を守るためには、現在が消えねばならなかった。(Mr Flauros - Clock Tower 2015)

    But then why does he not kill himself in F/GO?

    MBBAN builds on this in a rather strange way. While all of Lev's talk about the destruction of Chaldea and stuff may at first lead you to believe that he's up to his usual game, at the end of the Lev/Rani sub-plot, Rani drops some rather cryptic hints about Lev.
    1. When she analyzed his future, it turns out that all possibilities lead to him dying after before 2015.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    2. After explaining the meaning of Lev's naming of his 'operation' (Shooting Moon), Neco Arc Chaos asks if his own "straight-up imaginary number space visit" was Lev's plan, and Rani denies it, saying his plan was something else, but was ruined by Neco-Arc.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    So wait, how did Lev even get to the Great Cats Camp anyway? This is a question that's very ambiguous, because MBBAN gives zero concrete answers in this regard, but there is one credible hint in the story, which exists in one of the simulations that Sion goes through...

    The purpose of Sialim's simulations is to prove that Sion would come to the same conclusion as her (that the world coming to ruin meant that it was best to prepare for what came after). Therefore, she made Sion go through simulated scenarios of her future.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    But with the three of them connected, bizarre things start to occur in these simulations. Olga keeps appearing in the simulation to tell Sion that the future can't change.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    And eventually, one of Sion's futures is revealed to be... Chaldea?
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    And as we enter it, we sure don't see any of Sion's future. It's just normal Chaldea (sometime before the start of F/GO), while Sion herself is practically a ghost.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    Olga is there now! But not as a young ghost, just the Olga we know from F/GO.

    This part of MBBAN is extremely odd, because it should be a simulation, but it appears to be happening in reality. Or at least, reality for the F/GO world. MBBAN goes out of its way to prove this in a very odd way. One of the first things Sion does after entering this 'future' is put down her hat on the floor, walk straight, and then come back to the same place. She then teases Sialim that she doesn't have enough data to fully re-enact Chaldea.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    Olga briefly spots her, and later reports to Lev that there are ghosts in Chaldea.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    The interesting part is that she does so outside of this corridor. In other words, in F/GO's reality, Olga really did see Sion creep in here(?). As stated before, this doesn't really matter in terms of continuity, but it does imply some strange things about Chaldea.

    To get back to Lev, when he hears Olga report this 'ghost' to him, he dismisses it publicly to Olga, but in his mind is giddy at someone having found a "convenient backdoor" into Chaldea.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    Whatever this 'backdoor' actually is never comes up, but I think what happened is that the 'connection' Sion establishes here, leads him to find a way into Neco-Arc realm. And when does he do this? I personally think it's at the end of the story, actually, when we see him and Olga talk about the future. When Olga asks him if changing the future is possible, he stops his hand from going into his pocket to do something (probably kill her?)
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    , and instead eventually comes to agree with her, in a slightly bitter way (because "it's 2000 years too late, Animusphere")
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    The point is that Olga's 'change of heart' (which is implied to be because of Sion's answer) stops him committing his atrocity against the Animusphere, and instead go to this 'convenient backdoor' to find another way to solve the dilemma he has about Olga. In what way was Lev shooting for the moon? I think he wanted to fix everything that caused this whole thing to begin with: Marisbury's win in the Holy Grail War of 2004, even though he knew it was close to impossible.

    You know what also happened at the start of 2015? That's when the lights of CHALDEAS originally went out.現状は見ての通りです。半年前からカルデアスは変色し、未来の観測は困難になりました。(Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki) And I think perhaps the reason why, is because in ordinary history, as Nasu says on his blog, F/GO cannot happen due to Lev's suicide. 2015, in that sense, forms a 'boundary' for F/GO's history. Going past this year without certain things having happened causes the future to disappear after 2016 (the reason it became 2017 in Chaldea's case could be twofold, it's either because the 1 year blank left by Goetia caused the to essentially get an extra year, or because retcons*(There are a bunch of complications with the dates from early F/GO. In some later sources it is stated that it disappeared in 2016 instead of 2015, notably Babylonia EP0 and Moonlight/Lostroom materials. All that said, it's not all too bothersome to deal with, you just assume that 2015-2016 usually means the same thing in these contexts), lol). Perhaps this is because 2015 is when the Quantum Timelock is supposed to restore history to it's usual state. And wouldn't that mean someone has messed with F/GO's timeline? Fuyuki is what is discovered when they investigate the disappearance of the future, so... surely the cause lies there... but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

    Let's just say it like this: 2015 is a Quantum Timelock, and crossing it without certain things having happened, causes the disappearance of the future.

    I'll show you something even more bizarre about this already utterly strange manga. When it was sold in tankobon form, it had a wrapper written by Nasu
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    , here's what it says: "Singularity X-2 starts here. This is both a sequel to Melty Blood, but also a observational device that peers into Chaldea from the Tsukihime world. It goes by the name 'Predicted Quantum End Atlas'. In order to learn of a single conclusion, Sion challenges the Cornerstone of Human Order."特異点X-2、ここに開幕。これは『メルティブラッド』の続編にして、月姫世界からカルデアを覗く観測装置。その名を量子終末予測アトラス。ひとつの結論を知る為に、シオン、人理定礎に挑む。

    As cryptic as this is, I don't think it's that confusing. If anything it cleared up a lot of things for me, personally.
    1. Singularity X-2 here just refers to the Atlas simulation (a.k.a. "Predicted Quantum End Atlas"), which is explicitly said to have formed a Singularity when Archetype:EARTH enters the picture.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    It even has the same kind of pattern to its name as would a typical Singularity in F/GO: three two-kanji compound words followed by a katakana name.
    2. The Cornerstone of Human Order that Sion is challenging is... two-fold? Most important is that she's trying to give this answer she's found after being told 'the future won't change'. In other words, she's challenging the notion of Olga Marie's death. And that, then, is part of this Cornerstone of Human Order. The other is of course 2015 itself, as discussed earlier.

    Indeed: Olga Marie died, the future won't change. Obviously, she dies in F/GO's timeline as well, so maybe that's not so weird. But why is her ghost a young girl? In the last Chaldea scene of MBBAN, we see the adult Olga reminisce about how busy her father was when he was trying to activate CHALDEAS.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    Her appearance in this flashback is the exact same as that of her ghost. Following in her father's footsteps was something she felt she could never avoid...

    So because of this, I'll assume something: Olga Marie died when she was young. That is the 'correct' version of history.

    You might think this sounds silly, but consider the oddities that surround her appearance in Fuyuki. First of all, why is she even there? Unlike Fujimaru, she was clearly not around when the Rayshift happened. Secondly... why does the game so persistently mention that she has no Master/Rayshift aptitude, despite being a mage of a good lineage?いや、ホントに珍しいな。魔術回路の量も質も一流なのにマスター適性だけ無いなんて。何かの呪いか?(Caster Cu - Fuyuki) In fact, someone asked this very question in the First Order Materials Q&A and got the most suspicious non-answer ever. Nasu: "You'll find out about that at some point." Takeuchi: "Tediously so." Nasu: "Sometimes daringly so." Takeuchi: "A bit weaker please~" Nasu: "A bit stronger please~"奈須:そのあたりはおいおいと。武内:徒然と。奈須:時に大胆に。武内:そこは弱く〜。奈須:そこは強く〜。(Q&A - First Order materials)

    Let's go back to the start of the game. Olga Marie explains that only people with good Magic Circuits and those with 'Master aptitude' can perform Rayshifting.レイシフトとは人間を霊子化させて過去に送りこみ、事象に介入する行為です。端的に言えば過去への時間旅行ですが、これは誰にでも可能な事ではありません。優れた魔術回路を持ち、マスター適性のある人間にしかできない旅路です。(Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki) Why this is, is never explained. Nor is it explained what 'Master aptitude' entails. How very suspicious. Perhaps because if it was, Olga's deal would be too easy to figure out? But in all likelihood, the reason Olga doesn't have any Master aptitude, nor is able to Rayshift, is because she's dead. The process in Rayshifting which involves creating a box where someone is either dead or alive would never work on her. Nor would it be possible to confirm her existence later on. Nor could she bind a Servant to the world of the living.

    But then why does she appear to be alive? This contradiction must be solved.

    And before we leave the obtuse world of MBBAN, we need to investigate something about it that pertains to its themes. Near the end, Olga looks at CHALDEAS, and muses that: "We are undoubtedly trying to accomplish something great here. But at the same time, I feel like we've overlooked something crucial. We work towards securing the future, but who exactly is that security meant for? We say we're trying to take back the future, but exactly what future do we think is good?"私たちは間違いなく大きな偉業を成し遂げようとしている。でも同時にどこかで何か、致命的な見落としをしている気がする。これは未来を保証する為の仕事だけど、それは誰に対する保証かなって。……未来を取り戻すと言うけれど、私たちはいったいどんな未来を善いと思うのか。(Olga Marie - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    In case you aren't aware, Melty Blood (not just this manga, but overall) is story that's about the foolishness of trying to predict the future. This is what drives Zepia mad, and eventually leads him to transform himself into TATARI. This is what causes Dust of Osiris to try and turn all of humanity into Philosopher's stones. This is why Sialim causes the plot of this manga (and is eventually convinced by Sion that there is still hope in the future, as difficult as it may be to literally shoot for the moon) What awaits in the future is nothing less than ruin. Unavoidable ruin. Trying to overturn this is pointless. Humanity will one day end. That's simply how it is. So ask yourself, what exactly is it that Chaldea is trying to achieve?

    At the end of the manga, "Quite the weak-willed and belittling thing, that. The world moves at the mercy of the fluctuations of spiritrons. It calculates not. Neither human order nor human nature it obeys. By nothing can it stop. All it does, is merely change.""
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)]when Sion postulates that all people on the planet have a boundless amount of possibilities[/collapse2][/color], Sialim weakly protests: [color=lightblue][collapse2=万人に万人の可能性など―――世界はもう計算量の負担を受容出来ない…(Sialim - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)]"That each and every person would possess each and every possibility... the world wouldn't be able to bear the strain of such a volume of calculations..."[/collapse2][/color] Archetype:EARTH, the will of the world, then answers:

    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    Remember, Sion went up against the Cornerstone of Human Order, and won.
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    Father... In watching the stars and the future, where are we headed? What exactly is a 'clear future'? Why... why won't you give me an answer?"お父様。星を観て、未来を観て、私たちはどこへ向かうのですか? ”明晰な未来”とは、いったいなんなのでしょう? ……どうして、どうして何も応えてくれないの?

    We stand at the end of this story; a story about the cosmos, and those who watch it: the Animusphere.

    Let's return to the start of our questioning. Marisbury is undoubtedly the source of this tale. What were his plans? What did he want to achieve? The answers to this are spread throughout the game, and it's not exactly super hard to figure out thanks to his greatest disciple and admirer: Kirschtaria Wodime.まず一人目。キリシュタリア・ヴォーダイム。アニムスフィア家が牛耳、時計塔十二学科の一つ天体科の主席にして、Aチームのリーダー。家柄も魔術回路も千年単位の歴史を持つ、名門中の名門ヴォーダイム家の若き当主。オルガマリーより“ロードの後継者らしい”と噂された、マリスビリーの一番弟子。(Da Vinci - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    At the start of Cosmos in the Lostbelt, Kirschtaria announces his intent on completing Marisbury's神秘が途絶え、世界の基盤が人間に渡ってから二千年今まで、あらゆる賢人が到達しなかった世界に、あらゆる魔術師が考慮すらしなかった結論に私は挑む。見ているがいい、マリスビリー・アニムスフィア。貴方が描いた机上の空論を、この私が完成させてみせる。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Anastasia) impossible dream.(the term used is 机上の空論, which is difficult to translate. It means something like 'empty theory made by the desk'; basically, something that's theoretical but impossible to carry out in practice) We learn early on that, Kirschtaria's ambitions lie in returning the world to the Age of Gods.今一度、世界に人ならざる神秘を満たす。神々の時代を、この惑星に取り戻す。その為に遠いソラから神は降臨した。七つの種子を以て、新たな指導者を選抜した。指導者たちはこの惑星を作り替える。もっとも優れた『異聞の指導者』が世界を更新する。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Of course, Kirschtaria's objective is a bit more complicated than that: he feels as if humanity went down the wrong path in the past, and misused the gods. He wants to make sure humans can handle the power of the gods, and create a perfect Age of Gods.……そうだな。これは神々の復讐と言っていい。人間に支配者の座を追われた神々の。そして、私には人が神を使いこなすための用意がある。完全なる神代。弱い人間を廃する栄光の歴史。人の意識がどれほど沸騰しようと覆らない世界を、一部の欠損も欠片もない生存圏を、私は作り上げる。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Götterdammerung) To this end, he plans on using Divine Spirit Atlas to ascend all of humanity to the position of divinity, so they may one day reach the right answer.これが私の計画だ。新しい、神代の世界だ。誰もが神に等しい存在になる事ですべての不平等は解消される。ひとりひとりが世界に責任を持ち、また影響を及ぼせる生命となる。いつか、『正解』にたどり着ける知性体を生むために。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus)

    And while I think the overall direction of Marisbury and Kirschtaria's plans are similar (bringing about a new Age of Gods), the objective as to why appears to be different. Marisbury is a traditional mage, and wants to arrive at the私は、我ら天体科を司るアニムスフィアは、独自のアプローチで根源に至らなくてはならない。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon) Fount(known to many as the 'Root', but I translate it differently because I'm a bit of a bad boy) in his own way (the astromancy way). It's been established that the original shape of the Animusphere's type of magecraft was highly different in the Age of Gods.あ、ああ。所感ね。もちろんあるとも。あれは占星術の元になった魔術―――惑星と天空、そして宇宙の運営を借り受ける、天体魔術の“原始の姿”だ。(Da Vinci - F/GO Atlantis) It's reasonable to think that in Marisbury's mind, he could only ever get close to the Fount if the conditions were right for his magecraft to actually be usable in their 'ideal'あれは神代よりもっと古い、惑星と天空、そして宇宙に魔力が満ちていた頃の『理想魔術』だ。(Da Vinci - F/GO Atlantis) form. To this end, he needed to complete CHALDEAS.カルデアスの完成だよ。実のところ、カルデアにあるアレは未完成なんだ。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon) But how exactly he was planning to use CHALDEAS is never precisely established.

    Something to note, is that Kirschtaria heavily insists that his and the Alien God's goal are in conflict.『異星の神』の蘇生によって、汎人類史とは相容れない体になりはしたが……私は、『異星の神』の為に人理を覆そうとしたのではない。『異星の神』を排斥する為、汎人類史から離れたのだ。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) He's simply using the means given to him. Both Kirschtaria私は汎人類史を守ろうとも、これまでの人類史を最適だとも考えていない。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) and Marisburyしかし、その胸に燻くすぶる熱意は、煮えたぎるような人類愛は、揺るぎのないものだ。(Solomon - F/GO Solomon) are established as caring for humanity. Kirschtaria insists that the same cannot be said about the Alien God when Fujimaru confronts him about it.ここまで異聞帯を見てきた君なら分かるだろう。汎人類史と異聞帯は同じものだと。彼らはどうあれ同じ結論に向かっていた筈だ。人類の統治、地球の活用……即ち、世界の存続だ。だが『異星の神』は違う。『異星の神』にとって、人類も地球もどうでもいい。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) And as a bit of every corroborating evidence, when Kotomine orders Anastasia to freeze CHALDEAS, he likens it to crushing the 2000 year long dream of the Animusphere to reach the Fount.さて。では最後の仕事だ。疑似天球カルデアス―――二千年もの間、アニムスフィア家が空想に描き、願い続けた、根源に至る奇蹟。幼子の夢にも等しいそれを踏みにじるのはいささか胸が痛むが、やむを得まいよ。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) In many ways, Kotomine is the Apostle closest to the Alien God, so Kirschtaria's judgment likely holds true.

    Therefore, I am left to conclude that Marisbury's plot and the Alien God's plot are different.

    But then what was Marisbury planning to do with CHALDEAS? This secret is hidden within the Sirius Light inscribed onto the Crypters. The term 'Crypter' was bestowed upon the A-Team by Marisbury.クリプター、というのはね。Aチームが結成された時、マリスビリー所長から贈られた、特別なマスターとしての称号だったのよ?(Pepe - F/GO Yugakshetra) In his words, it is because they have the Sirius Light that they are Crypters.……違うのか?マリスビリー所長はこう言った。『大令呪は世界を覆くつがえす力。それがあるからこそのクリプターだ』と。(Kadoc - F/GO Olympus) They were supposed to be used in the seven upcoming Singularities, as a "finishing blow towards the security of Human Order", and could apparently be forced to be activated.裏の事情……大令呪シリウスライトの用途も、その強制発動のさせ方も知っている。想定された、人類史の七つの重要箇所。いずれ出現するとされた特異点。そこで使用される、人理保障の決定打のね。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Avalon le Fae) As we've learned with Ophelia, using the Sirius Light kills the Crypter.オフェリアは大令呪を使って死んだ、じゃないのね。大令呪を使ったから死んでしまった。(Pepe - F/GO Olympus) Their exact usage is never quite made clear, Kadoc only ever calls it "the power to overturn the world", but doesn't know the specifics, believing only Kirschtaria does.(……おかしな話だ。そもそも大令呪とは何なのか、僕たちは知らされていなかった)(大令呪の使用タイミングはリーダーに一任されていたからな)(だから、ヴォーダイムだけは大令呪の『本当の用途』を知っているはずだ)(Kadoc - F/GO Olympus) At a point earlier in the story, Kadoc believes he can use it to create a different world for Anastasia.僕は、彼女を皇帝ツァーリにすると約束した!この世界でダメなら、異なる世界を構築する!その違う世界で、彼女を皇帝ツァーリにする! 諦めるものか! 絶対に諦めるものか! 僕だって、君みたいにできるはずだ!! まだカードは残っている……! この、大令呪シリウスライトで―――!(Kadoc - F/GO Anastasia) Kirschtaria himself uses it at the end of Olympus, remarking that it's the only time it was used for its true purpose.すげえな、シリウスライト。オフェリアの時とはまったく違った。これが本来の使い途だからね。マリスビリー所長は私にだけ教えたんだよ。万が一の時は、これで世界を救いなさい、と。ふふ……まったく、無茶を言ったものさ。(Caenis/Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus)

    As you can probably tell, there's something very fishy about the Sirius Light. They were engraved on the Crypters without them being told what they're for, and can be remotely activated, which would kill them. Suspiciously, there are 7 Crypters (Mash doesn't count as she doesn't have the Sirius Light), 1 for each of the upcoming 7 Singularities. And what does that 'upcoming' mean anyway? If Marisbury had predicted Goetia's plot, wouldn't he have taken more stringent countermeasures? Especially if it leads to a future where Anastasia stomps upon his dream. In that case, the most likely scenario is that Marisbury himself was planning on creating them. When Pepe questions Kirschtaria about the Sirius Lights usage, he eventually realizes that "we really were the enemies of Human Order, weren't we?"ようやくその糸口が見えてきた感じ?うふふ……! 実感なかったけど、私たちったら本当に人理の敵だったのねぇ!(Pepe - F/GO Olympus) Indeed, Marisbury's goal was certainly one of securing Human Order, but who was that security meant for? It was only ever in order for Animusphere to reach the Fount. The 7 Singularities, the 7 Cornerstones of Human Order, the 7 Sirius Light... He meant to secure for himself a future where Human Order would serve him. The power to overturn the world, therefore, is the power to rewrite the Cornerstones of Human Order.

    The Sirius Lights were intended to be used in the 7 Singularities to overturn the Cornerstones of Human Order so Marisbury could secure for himself the future of his liking.

    This obviously begs a lot of questions about how that could even be possible, and we would need to talk about CHALDEAS in that case, the device that would enable all of this.

    But before that, let's a little look back at what I said earlier, because there's a rather large gap in our understanding now... Even if Marisbury is the cause of the story, he is not responsible for the Bleaching; the Alien God is. So then, who, or what, is the Alien God? How were the Fantasy Trees made? What is the relation with Olga Marie? How is it related to Chaldea?

    The answer to who they are is both simple, and mystifying: the Alien God is Olga Marie, nothing more, nothing less.

    That obviously isn't the whole answer so let us complete our knowledge of CHALDEAS and Olga Marie at the same time.

    In order to complete CHALDEAS and activate it for real, Marisbury needed a lot of energy. For this purpose, he wished for boundless wealth.これだけでは話にならない。ようは資金が足りなかったんだよ。……ああ。滑稽こっけいと、浅ましいと笑ってもいい。この、神域の天才が作り上げた魔術炉心だいせいはいを前にして、私は永遠の命も、根源への到達も願わず、俗人のように『巨万の富』を願うのだから!(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon) But what this this activation actually entail? I don't think it was as simple as like connecting it to a socket until it turned on. And it was not the act of copying Earth's soul. That was accomplished by the SERAPHIX team in the 90s* (the proof for this is actually slightly indirect; in the SERAPHIX manga, there is an original scene where the scientists there describe their attempt at copying the soul of the planet for the use of a "super large mystic code", so CHALDEAS isn't named. However, in Lostroom materials, there is a timeline chart where it is established that CHALDEAS was shipped from ******* in the 90s, and this censored part happens to correspond to セラフィックス (SERAPHIX) perfectly). There are only some slight hints about how CHALDEAS was before it was completed. One is that SHEBA could only see the future at first私は何を犠牲にしても、カルデアスを真に起動させる。人理を維持するためには、どうしてもアレが必要だからだ。そうすればレフ教授のシバも未来だけでなく、過去の光すら拾えるようになるだろう。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon), and the second is a page from MBBAN which seems to establish what CHALDEAS looked like before it was completed: it didn't have the rings that surround it usually.
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    This second one is what we'll focus on.

    In a geocentric model (and the Animusphere does traditionally follow that paradigm)貴方たち、アニムスフィアの一門は天体魔術を扱う時には天動説に従う。(Lord El-Melloi II - Lord El-Melloi II {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note) of the universe, there are the so called seven luminaries which surround Earth. You'd think these rings would be seven, then, but that's wrong; CHALDEAS has six rings.
    (Image - F/GO)
    There are a lot of ways to interpret this, and I've tried long to come up with a satisfying answer to no avail. One is that Chaldea itself represent the seventh ring. Either way, the larger scope of these rings is quite clear: they represent the cosmos. Therefore, what was required for CHALDEAS' creation was essentially the model of an entire universe to be added to the model of Earth. Why is this? Lostroom Materials tells us that what's peculiar about Chaldea as an observatory is that it wasn't made for observing the stars from Earth, but rather to observe Earth from the 'void'地球から宇宙の星々を視るための天文台ではなく、虚空から地球のすべてを視るために作られた天文台とされる。* (same word as used in the Animusphere chant; see above)[/color]. Basically, outer space.

    There is a character heavily associated with this concept of the void: the Alien Priestess. Kirschtaria, who appears to be the only person capable of understanding herああもう、何を言っているのだか分かりませんわ。そろそろこちらの言葉を憶えてほしいものですが……キリシュタリアなら理解できているのかしら。, calls her "the void in the shape of a priestess".見ているがいい、巫女の姿をした空虚よ。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) Morgan repeatedly calls attention to the fact that the Priestess can only watch, nothing else.あまた貴様か。見ているだけでは何も解決はできぬぞ、女。『異星の神』の巫女であれば、もっとも、『異星の神』の使徒は返り討ちになったがな。汎人類史の英霊を用いたサーヴァントでは、我が妖精騎士には太刀打ちできん。見ているだけしかできないのであれば、舞台裏に留まっていろ。それこそ目障りだ。(Morgan - Avalon le Fae) Similarly, Zeus cannot avoid her gaze no matter whatまあ、それでも『巫女』の視線だけは防げぬというのが、大神としてまことに不愉快であるが。(Zeus - F/GO Olympus), something Kirschtaria attributes to her being an "observer".あの『巫女』は観測者だからね。ある意味、まだ体のない『異星の神』より厄介と言える。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) So yes, when it's said that Chaldea observes Earth from the void, this is the observer.

    Marisbury's completion of CHALDEAS entailed the creation of the Alien Priestess.

    But where does that leave us with the Alien God? Koyanskaya does call the Fantasy Trees the Alien Priestess' nursery, and later Kirschtaria refers to the Alien God as the Priestess' 'true form'.計画は順調だ。空想樹は育ち、貴女の本体を降ろすに足る触媒になった。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) The point is, to some extent these two figures are conflated. Yet at the same time, even after Olympus, we see that she's still around (on account of her 'conversation' with Morgan). And at this point I feel like I've led you on long enough that you should probably know the answer in your heart. As I said, the Alien God is Olga Marie, and if the Alien Priestess is basically the same person, yet separate, it stands to reason that both the Alien God and the Alien Priestess are Olga Marie.

    Marisbury was described by TRIHERMES as a man of good conscience, who held normal ambitions.彼には人理焼却を望む理由がない。資料から読み取れる彼の性質は“良識”だ。人並みの欲があり、人並みの妬みを持ち、人並みの幸福を愛する―――そんな人物だ。(Holmes - F/GO Camelot)

    Marisbury was trusted by his coworkers.マリスビリー前所長は真面目で、熱心な人だった。気がつけばこんな僻地へきちにやってきちまった。(Chaldea engineer - F/GO Part 2 Prologue)

    Marisbury was beloved by his daughter.

    Marisbury was a man who loved humanity.しかし、その胸に燻る熱意は、煮えたぎるような人類愛は、揺るぎのないものだ。

    But Solomon knew his true character: Marisbury was someone who lacked morals in typical mage fashion.彼は魔術師特有の危うさを持つ男だ。一言で言えば道徳が欠けている。

    Marisbury 'killed' Olga Marie in 2004 to fashion her into an observer and representative of the cosmos for CHALDEAS.

    The hints about this are almost staggering at this point, if you know where to look:
    1. when Kirschtaria adresses her, he calls her someone who couldn't 'obtain a future'.計画は順調だ。空想樹は育ち、貴女の本体を降ろすに足る触媒になった。(Kirschtaria - F/GO Olympus) This echoes the sentiment Galahad had for Olga in Moonlight/Lostroom: someone who couldn't reach the future. (there's also the declaration by the two Olgas at the end of MBBAN: "the future!"
    (MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)

    2. in Part 2's 2nd OP, you can see Kirschtaria stop to look at a young Olga when all the rest of the Crypters ignore her.
    (F/GO 'Yakudou' Part 2 second opening)
    (you can also see her crying in the middle of 'nowhere' near the end)
    (F/GO 'Yakudou' Part 2 second opening)

    3. The fact that Marisbury abandons her in the Case Files timeline is now easily explained by the fact that he just needed her for CHALDEAS.
    4. In the Olga special of 'From Lostbelt', Olga is repeatedly haunted by a vision of her younger self.
    (Fate/Grand Order From Lostbelt)
    And it eventually ends by her being dragged into the void by a U-Olga Marie looking figure.
    (Fate/Grand Order From Lostbelt)

    5. In the mortalis:stella manga* (this is where the quote from the top of this chapter comes from), a bunch of Olga specific scenes have been added
    (Fate/Grand Order mortalis:stella)
    , all of them extremely damning of Marisbury.
    (Fate/Grand Order mortalis:stella)

    6. In Case Files materials, Olga has a profile where we learn a few new things about her.
    (El-Melloi II Case Files materials)
    Like how her 'fated day of battle' simply reads "outside of space", which (if you'll remember) was a concept we've already learned is associated with the Priestess. In addition, she has a middle name here that is something like Earthimilate, a combination of "Earth" and "assimilate". In fact, perhaps the reason she doesn't have this name (seemingly) in F/GO is because she's already served that purpose there. As an added bonus, she also counts "logical plots" as one of her likes. Quite appropriate for someone who's trying to build themselves up as an Alien God through the use of fiction, wouldn't you say?

    The signs all point in one direction, and this is the one.

    I imagine the procedure ripped Olga's soul out of her body and left her body/mind without it. This is why she appears to be both dead and alive. Aside from fitting well into the model, there is a curious thing in her From Lostbelt chapter that seemingly hints at this: "Olga Marie Animusphere, a lonely soul"
    (Fate/Grand Order From Lostbelt)
    reads the cover. Obviously one's first instinct would be to read this as something metaphorical, but perhaps it happens that this was always meant to be taken literally.

    What of the other Olga then? The one who represents the Alien God and goes by the name of U-Olga Marie. And I'm sure it almost goes without saying by now (just look at that mortalis:stella picture of Olga falling into CHALDEAS), but that's the 'remnant consciousness' that ended up in Fuyukiいや、生きている、というのは違うな。トリスメギストスはご丁寧にも、残留思念になった君をこの土地に転移させてしまったんだ。(Lev - F/GO Fuyuki), and was later thrown into CHALDEAS by Lev. Remember, she had lost her body in the explosion, so no wonder the Alien God claims it doesn't have a body, and is working towards getting a new one!『だがこの喜ぶべき偉業において、神にはいまだ肉体がないんだ。』(The Alien God - F/GO Götterdammerung) Meanwhile, the fiction of the Alien God is essentially a story worn by Olga.

    In summary of the 'whodunit': the young Olga Marie is the Alien Priestess, the older Olga Marie is the Alien God, and the story of an alien invading Earth to avenge its tortured comrade is nothing more than a fiction.

    But that's not the whole mystery, not by a long shot. This conclusion clears up a few things, but not all of them. If we now spoke of the 'whodunit', we now have to speak of the 'howdunit' and 'whydunit' as well. Usually the 'whodunit' is saved until after the 'howdunit', and that stays true in our case as well, because this 'whodunit' is only half the answer. There has to be one more actor involved in this plot. Most likely the person who shot Bluebook. Whatever we can intuit from Olga, her 'whydunit' doesn't add up. Remember, Moonlight/Lostroom has established that Olga has no idea what she wants. Even if the despair of her miserable state was enough to 'deny the world', doing it in such a specific manner doesn't match up. Why create this alien fiction? Especially since she herself ultimately has to play along with it.

    But there's more: she also lacks the means. Even if we suppose that the Priestess can use all of the systems that support CHALDEAS (SHEBA, TRISMEGISTUS, FATE) it has been clearly established that the extent of the Alien Priestess' power is 'observing'. This power of 'observation' seems to be what Limbo attributes to be the cause of Shimousa.これは違う。もう違うものなのです。この下総は人類史にあって人類史にあらず。異なる星の神が、その異なる目で観測した異世界特異点と似て非なる異界なのです!(Limbo - F/GO Shimousa) The usage of FATE would certainly allow for the summoning of the Apostles, and TRISMEGISTUS would account for the calculations needed to rayshift, but it doesn't explain the creation of the Fantasy Trees. Therefore, the 'howdunit' cannot be fully explained either.

    I'm sure in many people's minds, the only plausible suspect would be Marisbury, but I actually don't think he's the suspect. As established, the Alien God and Marisbury's plans are too different. Not only that, but the Alien God actively took harmful action against CHALDEAS. They stomped on the Animusphere dream.

    Let's take a deeper look at the Fantasy Trees, because they are the key. We learn in retrospect during Heian that Amakusa's Onriedo-castle was an attempt at creating a sort of Fantasy Tree.かの下総国は、亜種並行世界―――亜種の異聞帯とも言うべき異常な状態にあった。下総における厭離穢土城は、異聞帯でいえば空想樹に相当する存在だった。(Holmes/Da Vinci - F/GO Heian-kyou) And this sort of explains some of Amakusa's crazy ramblings to Kiyohime: It's a spell he learned from his so-called 'Satan'目覚めよ! 目覚めよ! 目覚めよ! サタンより賜りし術式に従って本格起動を果たすがよい!(Amakusa - F/GO Shimousa), which seems to imply it's some sort of magecraft. That would similarly be why Limbo could create his own variant on the Fantasy Trees. Even if Onriedo-castle is ultimately different from the proper Fantasy Trees, that much seems plausible.

    Another thing that is seldom talked about with the Fantasy Trees is that when Surtr consumes part of it in LB2,
    he comments that he felt life within it. Even going as far as voicing its 'screams': "I want to live", "I'm not going to die", "I won't forgive".
    「 クク 」「 望んで手を伸ばしてきたぞ 」「 樹なぞに意思はあるまいが 」「 命の熱だ 」「 空想樹■■■■■■■■の奥底にも、炎が在った 」「 刈り取られるのは厭いやだ 」「 生きたい 」「 死なない 」「 許さない 」「 そう叫ぶ 」(Surtr - F/GO Götterdammerung)
    The reason this is relevant is because there is some similarity to these and the things Xu Fu divines about Traum's master何故なら、私を引き当てたマスターについて道術で占ったところ―――『優しく』『人を恨まず』『人を憎まず』『どうして?』『だけど、やはり許せず』一方、試しに別のサーヴァントを対象として、占ってみると、『殺す』『許せない』『人類をここまで殺して許せない』『どうして?』(Xu Fu - F/GO Traum, especially the thing about 'not forgiving'. That's something which every divination had in it in some form. Similarly, the cries divined by Xu Fu are also quite similar to the ones Bluebook finds in one of the remnants.唯一の収穫であるメッセージデータを再生する。……内容は、これまで見つけたものと大差はなかった“逃げろ” “逃げろ” “逃げろ”“痛い” “痛い” “痛い“いやだ” “いやだ” “いやだ”“助けて” “助けて” “助けて” “どうか、許して”(Bluebook - F/GO SIN) This is all to say that I think the Fantasy Trees are constructed out of the people in Bluebook's world. The annihilation they underwent was part of the process of building the Fantasy Trees.

    Additionally, there's the question of the galaxy inside them. There is sort of a roundabout answer to this from Limbo's chant in LB4: he calls Fantasy Tree Spiral something which envelops the planet, and is one of the many limited 'farthest ends'.其の名は空想樹スパイラル!この惑星を囲う、数多有限の“最果て”なり!(Limbo - F/GO Yugakshetra) This word 'furthest end'最果て sort of represents the edge of the world. Where it begins and where it ends. My thoughts are basically that in order for a Lostbelt to survive, it needs an edge, which is what the Wall of Storms ultimately is, but it gains it from this galaxy serving as a 'furthest end'. This is also why the Fantasy Trees 'envelop the planet', as Limbo puts it. This contribution to the Fantasy Trees was probably where the Priestess was needed, since she represents the cosmos of CHALDEAS.

    Another thing worth mentioning is that they appear to have some 'grail-like' thing inside of them.空想樹が崩壊しました……。謎の女性も見えなくなって―――待ってください。この高濃度の魔力反応は……聖杯……!?(Mash - F/GO Anastasia) This is most likely the 'heat' that Kirschtaria spoke of as being part of the reason why he had to do the Restoration. And since the amount of Fantasy Trees had gone from the originally projected 1 to 7, each Crypter had to provide one each.

    Then there's the contribution of 'the shooter' to the plot in general. I assume they're the true mastermind behind most of Part 2's plot. They came up with formula behind the Fantasy Trees, and taught it to the Alien Priestess. They are also most likely the person responsible for the corridor before the operating room. They are also probably responsible for coming up with the specific scenario that the Alien Priestess/God later comes to follow. They are also responsible for leaving Subject E in that half-dead, half-alive state.

    I'll try and construct a sequence of events that I think can possibly explain all of this.

    1. Olga Marie's 'remnant consciousness' falls into CHALDEAS.
    2. Olga Marie is found by the Priestess who tries to help her overcome her fate by simulating the Restoration for her, but to no avail.
    3. The Priestess tries something different, by dropping her into a simulated 2016 in the hopes that the scientists of Area 51 will help her.
    4. Olga Marie is taken in by the Scientists of Area 51, whose primary purpose is to resurrect her. As she's from a different phase (dimension, essentially), and entered CHALDEAS without any way to overcome this phase differential, they cannot comprehend her and therefore incorrectly identify her as an alien.
    5. The shooter becomes aware of this, and contacts the Priestess, laying out the Fantasy Tree plan as a means to save Olga Marie for real (by getting her a body).
    6. The shooter enters the simulation and frees Olga Marie, and then together with the Priestess, creates the cosmic corridor. Olga Marie is let back into imaginary number space, her existence observed by the Priestess so she does not disappear.
    7. The Priestess then looks at the simulation 100 years in the future, and starts making the Fantasy Tree there by gradually assimilating the people inside of it, looking closely as to find someone willing to make the journey to Area 51 who fits their criteria.
    8. The Priestess contacts the shooter, and tells them that Bluebook is coming to Area 51. The shooter leaves a branch on the operating table as to make the connection with the alien being a tree more believable to Bluebook.
    9. In 2017 of the simulation, Bluebook arrives and is shoot, after which the shooter turns his body into Subject E.
    10. Subject E's version of history (tree-like aliens invaded the planet because humanity had tortured its comrade) is the only one remaining. Subject E's thus serves as 'humanity's representative' and becomes the lynch-pin of the world.
    11. Olga Marie is connected to the Fantasy Tree, whose purpose ostensibly is to manifest this Alien God. As it constituents only know of the 'alien invasion' version of history, this becomes the role Olga Marie has to play once she's resurrected.
    12. The Priestess starts summoning the Apostles*As you can see in the image below, the Priestess is likely their Master, given the command seal like pattern on her back.

    (Background - F/GO Anastasia)
    , beginning with Holmes.
    13. The Priestess contacts Kirschtaria in imaginary number space, posing as an "Alien God". Kirschtaria goes through the Restoration with all his buddies except Daybit which returns everyone back to 'living' status.
    14. Still in their coffins, the Crypters are introduced to their respective Lostbelts and summon a Servant in it, but aren't told much more.
    15. The rest is as detailed in 04.

    This 'sequence of events' is sure to be somewhat faulty, because trying to approximate details to this extent is difficult when we know so little. That said, it does fit well with the model.

    I'm sure you're all very curious at this point who I think the shooter is, and sadly the answer isn't super interesting. There really only is one candidate:

    Daybit Zem Void is the mastermind.

    As little as we know of Daybit, what we do know about him makes him the most likely candidate. The whole idea of 'fantasy' invading 'reality' is something he should be familiar with given that he used to belong to the Department of Lore.魔術協会での専攻は伝承科ブリシサン。伝承科は時計塔設立時から最も“生徒の少ない”科目……この世ならざる遺物を扱う、学長直属の異端学問でね。そこから追放された人物だ。(Da Vinci - F/GO Part 2 Prologue) Why is that relevant? Because the only other time the Department of Lore is mentioned in F/GO is when Raum talks about his plan to use 'lore' to create his own fiction.この惑星には、神性でも神秘でもない、さりとて受肉した悪魔でもない、『伝承』が残されている。魔術協会における伝承科。我らの王の弟子のひとり、ブリシサンが預かった禁忌の中の禁忌だ。……私は『真実』を用いない。迷信。作りもの。
    そもそもこの宇宙にいないもの。それこそが私の鍵だ。(Raum - F/GO Salem)
    How could he contact the Priestess? He was once called a 'an open hole in reality',……現実に空いた『孔』のような人物。デイビット・ゼム・ヴォイド。(Narration - F/GO Anastasia) a description that is awfully similar to the one provided about the Priestess in Anastasia by Holmes.何故なら、そこには『何も無い』からだ。空間にしみ出した虚無のような欠落。機械ではその人影を観測する事はできないが、その空白が、何かが『ある』ことを証明している!(Holmes - F/GO Anastasia) Perhaps he has a similar aptitude towards imaginary number space? He's the one person we know didn't go through the simulations of the Restoration together with Kirsch.それはいずれ語られますが、デイビットは自分の力でクリアーしているので、キリシュタリアが助ける必要はなかったんです。(Nasu - Famitsu interview 2020/08) He has connection with Area 51, given that he comes from Nevada.出身地 アメリカ、ネバダ州(Daybit Zem Void profile - Fate Grand Order material VIII) His boots match extremely well with the ones worn by Marisbury's shooter,
    (Fate/Grand Order Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia anime)
    someone who also appeared to favor a gun, just like Bluebook's shooter.

    It is very hard to speculate on his exact means, because we know so very little about him, but despite that lack of knowledge, the things we do know about him seem to fit the criteria of who could have concocted this plot to a tee. Sadly, the 'whydunit' is almost unsolvable until we get to know more about it.

    I'm sure some of you sharp people may have noticed that I've left something out, and that's the question of how contact with space was taken away from Earth. It leads into the next topic, in some ways, and that's Singularity X/F.

    But we'll talk about that in the next chapter.
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    The two things Morgan adviced us to investigate were Chaldea... and Rayshifting? Why this one specifically? Of course, we've already covered one rather peculiar use of Rayshifting, but that's actually not the most important part of why Rayshifting is so integral to the plot. We've previously discussed some of the facts surrounding Rayshifting as initially presented to us, both in Moonlight/Lostroom materials, and as otherwise explained at the start of the game. Morgan does, however, reveal some additional facts about Rayshifting that were previously unknown.

    Morgan's comments on Rayshifting:
    1. Without a coffin, Rayshifting can only send information across space-time.レイシフトで送れるものは情報のみ。実体のある人間を棺で情報体……疑似霊子化し、『特異点』に転移させる。(Morgan - Avalon le Fae)
    2. If used without a coffin, the user immediately perishes.
    3. Rayshifting cannot affect the past, because it is not actually time-travel過去改竄はできない。レイシフトは時間旅行ではないからな。(Morgan - F/GO Avalon le Fae)
    4. Rayshifting can only be used to travel to Singularities『特異点』が正常な時空間ではないからこそ可能となる、よく出来た魔術理論だ。だがそれはあくまで『ひずみ』の修正。特異点の範囲でだけ辻褄を合わせるシステムだ。(Morgan - F/GO Avalon le Fae)

    There are a few more sporadic statements spread across a variety of sources that help fill in a few important gaps. Specifically, Morgan's statement that Rayshifting isn't time-travel seems to contradict most of what we've learned about it.
    1. Rayshifting is a mix of time and parallel world travel. It involves sending someone into a different phase.疑似霊子転移。人間を疑似霊子化(魂のデータ化)させて異なる時間軸、異なる位相に送り込み、これを証明する空間航法。夕イムトラベルと並行世界のミックスである。(Dictionary - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare)
    2. Marisbury considers Rayshifting an impossibility without CHALDEAS.私は何を犠牲にしても、カルデアスを真に起動させる。人理を維持するためには、どうしてもアレが必要だからだ。そうすればレフ教授のシバも未来だけでなく、過去の光すら拾えるようになるだろう。疑似霊子変換投射レイシフト理論も、机上の空論ではなくなる筈だ。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon)
    3. PAPERMOON was originally intended to serve the same purpose as Rayshifting does (interact with Singularities), as it could be used to overcome the phase differential of CHALDEAS.虚数空間を観測・立証する羅針盤よ。カルデアスとの位相差を超える手段として用意されたらしいわ。もっとも、もう使い道はないのだけど。シバが完成した以上レイシフトが実証できるのだもの(Olga Marie - Moonlight/Lostroom)

    There are perhaps some among you who are unfamiliar with the usage of 'phase' as used here. In the Nasuverse, a different phase is essentially a different dimension. I cannot remember any direct statement on the top of my head that spells this out, but it's used as such with consistency. For example, the game-world that makes up the setting for the Requiem collab exists in another phase.おそらくは霊子転移レイシフトに類する現象と考えられる。かれらは霊子りょうしダイブによって異なる位相へ(Da Vinci - F/GO Astero-Akihabara) The point is that this is where the parallel world stuff comes in.

    So how does this tie into CHALDEAS? The answer is quite simple: CHALDEAS exists in another phase.我々とは異なる位相にあるため、人間の知覚・知識では細かな状況は読み取れません。(Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki) As mentioned before, overcoming this phase is the purpose for which PAPERMOON was made.

    In essence: Rayshifting can only be fully performed by changing phase to the one of CHALDEAS. This is why Marisbury needed CHALDEAS to perform Rayshifting.

    And you might be wondering how Morgan can claim Rayshifting can't change the past when she used it to do just that. The circumstances behind her usage was very different, however. Tonelico explains that Morgan can send things back in time before the Queen Era without it affecting the present because the history of the Lostbelt before Tonelico used the Fantasy Tree to turn the Lostbelt into a Singularity allows basically anything.そこはもうどうでもいいなー、と。どうせここは妖精暦、空想樹の歴史です。あの樹が切除されない以上、異聞帯として“何でもアリ”なのは変わらない。どんな要素が追加されても、そのたびにリアルタイムに歴史が調整されるでしょう。空想樹のある世界において、辻褄は合わなくてもいい。(Tonelico - F/GO Avalon le Fae Essentially: the same kind of 'corrective force' (修正力/修復力, words used to describe the process by which the world corrects history back to how it's supposed to be) that maintains causality in the real world doesn't exist in the Lostbelts. It's only when the year switches over to the Queen Era that such a thing occurs in Fairy Britain.ひとつ、説明しておきましょう。妖精暦から女王暦に変わる時、『新しい2回目』の妖精暦で付け加えられた情報は、すべて消去されます。(Tonelico - F/GO Avalon le Fae) So before Morgan Rayshifted her information back in time, there wasn't anything that would correct history. Now it's perhaps easy to see why Rasputin said Rayshifting was the only thing capable of stopping the Alien God's plans.

    This is sort of a limitation inherent to any kind of time-travel in the Nasuverse. The only one capable of actually straight up changing the past with no caveats appears to be Aoko Aozaki.第五法の到達者。終末に立ち会う事のない放浪者が何用か。立ち去れ。ここには、貴様の改竄対象になる誤差はない。  ……むう。なんでかなあ、お偉いさんはみんなそう言って私を煙たがるのよねぇ。私、そんな大それた事は一度もしてないんだけど?  可能である、という時点で十分に脅威だ。現在ではなく過去の私と立ち会うというのなら―――(Dust of Osiris/Aoko Aozaki - MELTY BLOOD Actress Again Current Code) For someone like Marisbury, whose plan involved changing the past, this is a huge deal. Much like Goetia eventually did, he planned to attack history directly in order to overcome this problem.

    But let's step back a second... if Rayshifting simply involves changing into CHALDEAS' phase, how could that possibly fix anything about human history?

    There are a few ways you could interpret it, but consider the question I left unanswered... how come contact with space was taken away when the coffins opened?

    As established the only interference method used by the Alien God was the Fantasy Trees. The coffins opened, and the Fantasy Trees were Rayshifted onto Earth. Once this happened, contact with space was lost, and CHALDEAS cracked. Therefore, something about the Fantasy Trees entering reality is what allowed it to happen. The Fantasy Trees are composed of the people from Bluebook's world, who carry with them its texture. But there's one more thing: the 'furthest end' of the galaxy contained within. In all likelihood, these galaxies represent the furthest end of the cosmos of CHALDEAS. Once they arrive on Earth, the furthest end of the cosmos has been moved to Earth, and thus 'space' as we know it ceases to exist. Of course, the only way this is possible, is if...

    CHALDEAS was F/GO's world from the beginning of the story.

    Absurd, right? But this actually aligns with a lot of small details spread throughout the story. The aforementioned problem with Rayshifting now practically solves itself, as travel
    ling through CHALDEAS is the same thing as traveling through the 'regular' world. And in a sense, this is probably the real realization that Holmes came to. The reason he cannot oppose the Alien God once he knows the truth is probably because their objectives roughly align.

    What is the Alien God's objective? The only ones who seem to know is the Chaldean and Kirschtaria. The Chaldean relates that while Morgan's plot would lead to the annihilation of mankind, and the destruction of the planet (render it a 'planet of death'), the Alien God's objective is much worse.おまえが勝利してこの惑星が死の星になるのなら、それはそれで良し、という事だ。だが、その方が遙かにマシだ。『異星の神』の目的に比べればな。(The Chaldean - F/GO Avalon le Fae) Similarly (as noted before), Kirschtaria gives a small lecture about how his and the Alien God's objectives are vastly different, even though both lead to the destruction of Pan-Human History. Something being phrased as a 'planet of death' is actually quite reminiscent to a description David Bluebook gives about the Bleached Earth. Though in his case, he asserts that the Bleached Earth isn't so much a 'world of death', as much as a 'world of nothing'.地球は『死の世界』ではなく『無の世界』になった。肉を腐くさらせる細菌すらないのだ。清潔感すらある。(Bluebook - F/GO SIN)

    Without beating around the bush, it is most likely that the Alien God wishes to straight up reduce reality to nothing. Something which in this case amounts to deactivating CHALDEAS. Marisbury's would-be assassin, a.k.a. Daybit Zem Void threatened Marisbury to get him to turn off CHALDEAS. Since we've assumed that Daybit is the mastermind behind the Alien God ploy, this fits perfectly into their objectives. As to why the Priestess would want this is a more layered question. The most likely answer is that she finds her own existence miserable, having essentially been turned into an immortal tool for Marisbury. She has lost almost all of what it means to be alive, and reconnecting with her more human part (the 'remnant consciousness' of Olga Marie that Lev threw into CHALDEAS) has rendered her aware of the misery she has to endure. As the lack of citations speaks for, however, these are merely guesses constructed by filling in holes in the model.

    Holmes's nature is "the Revealer", one who must find the truth no matter what. This is why despite 'the world telling him not to reveal the secrets behind fantasy and dreams'真実を調停し、人類史を維持するためにこそ万物を裁定せよという訳だ。……“明かす者”であるこの私に、幻想と夢のすべてを明かしきってはならないと世界は告げているかのようだよ。(Holmes - F/GO Interlude), he still feels the need to follow his nature. Holmes fundamentally cannot allow 'the false' and only pursues 'the truth'. If he comes to realize the truth of the world, he will have no choice but to deny it's veracity. As such, his nature compels him to follow the Alien God. The only way he can get away from this is to forget the true nature of the world. Therefore, he will return the world to nothing.

    To some extent this begs the question of why the Alien God's forces just froze CHALDEAS instead of destroying it during the Invasion of Chaldea, but the likely answer is that destroying it physically is rather difficult (if not outright impossible). This is most likely the same reason Daybit had to threaten Marisbury to turn it off instead of just... blowing it up. At the end of the day, CHALDEAS is a mass of information. It is rather unusual in that it is such a dense collection of information that it has gained mass.質量を持つほどの高密度の情報の塊であり、物質はその位相の違いから触れる事ができないとされる。(CHALDEAS entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials) If so, freezing it shouldn't have any effect either, but I believe in this case the more important part to stop was SHEBA, the lens observing CHALDEAS. Without SHEBA, CHALDEAS cannot be used for Rayshifting. As Marisbury said, the activation of CHALDEAS entails SHEBA starting to be able to observe the past, which would allow for Rayshifting.私は何を犠牲にしても、カルデアスを真に起動させる。人理を維持するためには、どうしてもアレが必要だからだ。そうすればレフ教授のシバも未来だけでなく、過去の光すら拾えるようになるだろう。疑似霊子変換投射レイシフト理論も、机上の空論ではなくなる筈だ。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon)

    Another thought that would perhaps enter the mind quickly at such a revelation is then how come its creator, Marisbury, couldn't really control it. As mentioned on several occasions, CHALDEAS is a black-box. Animusphere had deemed they couldn't create their own Earth from scratch, so they settled for copying the actual Earth's soul. While this did essentially provide them with a copy, it also meant they couldn't analyze how it worked or even interfere with it.アニムスフィアは『地球とまったく同じもの』を一から作り上げる事は不可能だが、その魂をまるごと複写する事は可能だと考え、これを実践した。無論、複写に成功したところで『そのファイル』の中身を解析する事はできないが、大事なのは『複写したファイル』というガワである。ただ運営するだけなら中身の解析は必要ない。アニムスフィアは複製した地球の魂を、その中身を開ける事なく起動させ、一〇〇年後を視るだけのシミュレーターとして利用したのである。(CHALDEAS entry - Moonlight/Lostroom materials)

    But then why would Animusphere need their own Earth in the first place? What could they do with it, that they couldn't do with the regular Earth? As has been emphasized, Rayshifting wasn't possible without CHALDEAS, so that is very much its purpose. Marisbury says that with Rayshifting, it would be possible for him to investigate why human history has been so unstable since the start of the common era, and why the Age of Gods ended.なぜ神代は途絶えたのか。なぜ西暦になってからの人理定礎は安定しないのか。レイシフトさえ出来るようになれば、その謎が、原因が、我々の手で究明できる。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon) When you first hear about this, it doesn't sound too crazy, but once you go back and think about Morgan's earlier statements, you'll find a problem with Marisbury's reasoning: Rayshifting isn't really time-travel and can only be used to travel to Singularities. So then, how was he planning on investigating this?

    But that's not a particularly difficult question to answer. As mentioned when we went over the Sirius Lights, Marisbury intends to create a bunch of Singularities anyway. How? Through Rayshifting, of course. As QSH put it, Rayshifting cannot change the past, but it can create Singularities.レイシフトで歴史の改竄かいざんは叶わぬ。せいぜい時空の澱よどみに過ぎぬ特異点を生み出すのが関の山、であろうに。(QSH - F/GO Interlude) So it's true that Rayshifting can only travel to Singularities, because trying to use it to travel to an actual time-period would just create a Singularity. In fact, the history created by Morgan's Rayshift in LB6 is actually just a very long-lived Singularity, as mentioned both by Tonelico and Merlin.

    There is one more question which is rather interesting, if not entirely integral. How come CHALDEAS is inside of itself? Consider the Animusphere chant: the Celestial is Hollow, the Hollow is Void, in the Void there is God... As mentioned before, Chaldea 'observes Earth from the void', and inside of the void is... God, a.k.a. CHALDEAS, which could only be truly activated through the creation of the Priestess. In essence, Chaldea (the institute) serves as the 'outside' and 'inside' of CHALDEAS at the same time, which effectively makes it a 'self-contained universe'. You might think this all sounds very bizarre and unfounded, but this is actually the exact same principle by which the Fantasy Trees operate. They contain their own worlds inside of themselves, both in terms of the galaxy that serves as their 'furthest end', but also in the sense that the Fantasy Tree itself exists inside of the Lostbelt.

    Before we leave this topic there is one more thing I want to bring up, and that is the nature of this world. As established, 'simulations' essentially exist within imaginary number space. Despite this, the world of F/GO (and most simulations) behave as if in regular number space. Remember that the real crux of the impossibility of 'constructing' things in imaginary number space is that involves multiple observers agreeing it is the same thing. This is why things in there are not possible to observe. However, CHALDEAS has the Priestess to observe the reality of F/GO. As long as this observer exists, F/GO's world is prevented from fading away into imaginary numbers. That said, this isn't exactly revolutionary. Simulations are created to be observed. What's different about CHALDEAS is that since it is a self-contained universe, it needs something like this.

    Regardless, F/GO's world exists much more adjacent to imaginary number space than the normal world does, and in most likelihood, this is why so many things manage to escape from imaginary number space into F/GO's world. The Outer Gods (the Cthulhu monsters) probably would never be able to make such a direct interference with the regular world. BB probably wouldn't be able to just walk around in it. Perhaps even Tiamat would be impossible to awaken. This direct interference from the 'outside' to the 'inside' is something which is almost never observed in other TYPE-MOON works. The one time it is, it's in Fate/EXTRA CCC. This game starts with a bunch of shadow-like creatures attacking the people of the 'near side of the moon' (inside) from the 'far side of moon' (outside). But as fate would have it, this just so happens to be a case curiously similar to our current: SE.RA.PH is a cyberspace simulated and managed by Mooncell.

    Even if we accept this as fact, it still doesn't fully solve the mystery at hand. Most specifically, the 'howdunit' of Marisbury. If you assumed that it was as simple as him winning the Holy Grail War and activating CHALDEAS, you've been a bit too naive. And not only that, it ties into the sole remaining mystery not yet covered by this theory: Singularity F/X.

    There are a number of mysteries surrounding the Fuyuki Singularity:
    1. Why is it still around?
    2. Why is it in perpetual blaze?
    3. Who is responsible for creating it?
    4. What is the objective of the Servants within?
    5. What is the connection to Marisbury?

    Obviously we know that Marisbury won the Fuyuki Grail War in 2004, as discussed many times already. That said, one peculiarity about this fact is that during the Fate/Zero collab, it is implied that unlike the Fate/stay night timeline, the Grail War only took place once in F/GO's world: "Well then, it appears that according to your records, 2004's Fuyuki City was the grounds of the very first Holy Grail War, but... as far as I know, the Fuyuki Grail War took place a total of 5 times."さて。君らの記録においては2004年の冬木市が最初の聖杯戦争の開催地、という事になっているが。私の知るところでは冬木の聖杯戦争は都合5回開催されている。(Lord El-Melloi II - F/GO Fate/Zero event) They then go on and try to reconcile this a bit, essentially pinning it on timeline differences. However, there is another line concerning Fuyuki's Holy Grail War, from when Holmes investigated the Fuyuki Grail War at the Atlas Institute: "The last time it was held was 2004, in a rural Japanese town.よろしい。そして、それは実際に行われた。最後に行われたのは2004年、日本の地方都市だ。(Holmes - F/GO Camelot) And while this might not seem like much, not how these two statements are actually opposite of one another. One claims it was the first time, the other that it was the last time. It's possible to argue that something that only took place once is both the first and last, but I personally feel as if "the last time" implies a previous time.

    As you might have guessed, it is my belief that the Holy Grail War did actually take place 5 times in F/GO's world.

    Something to also note is that both TRIHERMES and Chaldea have very good records of the past, so it's hard to understand why they would be different. In my understanding, this has to do with an intentional cover-up on the part of Chaldea. Specifically from the one involved in the Fuyuki Grail War: Marisbury. He claims that he'll cover-up who won the Holy Grail War so the other Lords of the Clock Tower don't interfere with his plans.冬木で起きた聖杯戦争は、セイバーとそのマスターが勝利した事にすればいい。……卑怯、卑劣な人間のする隠蔽だ。だが、そうしなければ他の君主ロードたちに足を掬すくわれる。私は何を犠牲にしても、カルデアスを真に起動させる。人理を維持するためには、どうしてもアレが必要だからだ。(Marisbury - F/GO Solomon) Obviously, this cover-up couldn't fool TRIHERMES, since it accurately related that Marisbury won.2004年、日本で起きた聖杯戦争。勝者の名はマリスビリー・アニムスフィア。(Holmes - F/GO Camelot) It did however fool Olga Marie, who claims Saber won the Holy Grail War during the Fuyuki Singularity.かつてここで七騎のサーヴァントが競い合った。結果はセイバーの勝利で終わった。(Olga Marie - F/GO Fuyuki) The point being that Marisbury could falsify his own records at Chaldea. Therefore, it is easy to reason that he could falsify other records as well.

    Obviously, this begs the question as to why he would do something like that. This has a bit of a complicated answer, so let's start elsewhere.

    It has been continuously emphasized that Fuyuki is perpetually on fire.いや、冬木の大聖杯は超抜級の魔術炉心だから、最悪の場合、この街すべてが吹き飛ぶ事も有り得る。でも―――こんな風に、いつまでも燃え続けている、というのは理屈が違うんだよね……。(Romani - F/GO Interlude) This large scale blaze should be familiar to readers of Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night, since it is rather similar to the fire caused at the end of the 4th Holy Grail War due to the spilling of the contents of the Holy Grail (even if of much larger scale here). In addition, it seems this fire actually occurred in the Holy Grail War that Marisbury won (as seen in the Babylonia anime)
    (Babylonia anime)
    * so this occurred in F/GO's history, not just in the Singularity.

    What exactly happened then? There are very few clues, aside from the aforementioned connection to the blaze in F/Z+F/SN. The only seemingly reliable commentary about it comes from Saber's interlude, where Romani claims it is mystical of nature, rather than something accidental.まあ、それは人間の都市開発による事故で、こっちは魔術的な災害だけど。(Romani - F/GO Interlude) Not much to go by, but it's something. When Saber asks what Fujimaru think the reason for the flame is, both of the choices are fairly interesting. "It must be because of the Holy Grail"きっと聖杯のせいだ(Choice - F/GO Interlude) or "It became like this after turning into a Singularity"特異点になったからだ(Choice - F/GO Interlude). Saber says
    the first answer is fact, as much as it pains her to admit
    聖杯が原因、なのですね。……私としては否定したいところですが、どうしようもない事実なのですね。(Artoria - F/GO Interlude)
    , while the second answer mystifies her somewhat.聖杯が原因ではなく、特異点になった事でこの都市の在り方が変化した?(Artoria - F/GO Interlude) In a way, I think the latter is closer to the truth, but the first is still relevant.

    Perhaps you've find a slight problem with the claim that the Holy Grail War took place 5 times by now. In case you don't remember (I mentioned it near the beginning), Marisbury gave up on the Fuyuki Holy Grail War in Case Files after learning that it was corrupted. However, if we assume roughly the same events for F/GO's Holy Grail Wars as F/SN's, then the Grail should be corrupted by Angra Mainyu.
    This is somewhat corroborated by Angra Mainyu's association with the Fuyuki Singularity in F/GO.
    As well as the fact that the Servants (aside from Caster Cu) encountered in Fuyuki were all corrupted by some black mud.ああ。そしてセイバーに倒されたサーヴァントはさっきの二人よろしく、真っ黒い泥に汚染された。 And since the state of the Fuyuki Singularity corresponds to the one Marisbury went through as seen in the anime, it sort of begs the question of why Marisbury could use the Holy Grail at all, especially since the corruption was why he had given up on it in another timeline.

    Which brings me to the crux of my conclusion: the Fuyuki fire was caused by Marisbury using Solomon's authority over magecraft to forcefully expel the corruption inside the Holy Grail, enveloping the entire city in the massive curse of All Evil in the World.

    The symptoms seen then make complete sense, as the fire is the same thing seen in F/Z+F/SN, but instead of just a bit of the Grail's cursed contents spilling out, it was all of it. This is also why there is grail mud in the Fuyuki Singularity to corrupt the Servants, and it's even why Angra Mainyu's interlude happens. Out of all the Servants Marisbury could have chosen, he deliberately went with Solomon. Sure, Solomon is extremely powerful, but there are other Servants who are similarly powerful. In most likelihood, he had a very specific purpose in mind for Solomon.

    But if it was this simple, then why didn't he just do the same in the Case Files timeline? I actually think he couldn't, for a variety of reasons. First, he needed to avoid having to deal with the other Lords, and didn't have the means at the time.ライバルである他の君主たちに貸しを作る事もなく、また、資金繰りを気取られ妨害される事のない、(Narration - F/GO Solomon) The other reason is a bit stranger, but I believe that he hadn't uncovered Solomon's catalyst yet.
    When Romani confronts Goetia, he says that Marisbury dug out the ring only 11 years ago to prepare for the Holy Grail War.
    ああ。たった11年前の話だ。Dr.ロマンカルデア所長、マリスビリー・アニムスフィア。彼は聖杯戦争に参加する際、最高の聖遺物を用意した。(Romani - F/GO Solomon)
    Some basic arithmetic tells us that 2016-11=2005. Importantly, not 2004, when the the Fuyuki Grail War took place. And while that could just be some rounding error or whatever else you want to call it, I think it's actually a subtle hint. I'm sure you're screaming that despite that, Solomon was summoned for the Holy Grail War in F/GO's timeline, so how could Romani possibly claim it was found in 2005?

    Because... Marisbury used Rayshifting to create the Fuyuki Singularity sometime in 2014, and with information on how to obtain Solomon's catalyst prepared in advance, summoned the Caster as to purify the Holy Grail.

    This is what it means that F/GO's world isn't 'correct history'. It was constructed upon the Fuyuki Singularity. Why 2014? Because Solomon relates in the flashback that Marisbury only had 10 years to live.そのかわりに、彼は時間の短縮を願った。マリスビリー本人の寿命が短いためだろう。彼は、彼に残された十年の活動時間内では、どうあってもカルデアスの起動は行えないと判断した。(Narration - F/GO Solomon) Had this Rayshifting been performed without CHALDEAS, and without coffin, like how Morgan does in LB6, then Marisbury would disintegrate. Therefore, his normal death was recorded as 2014. Once time in the Singularity hit that point, him being alive would be corrected. Another thing that could possibly hint about this is that Solomon's narration calls attention to the fact that Marisbury needed a method that "left no tracks, and couldn't be predicted" in order to avoid the attention of the Lords.何の痕跡もつけず、何の前兆も見せない方法として、この聖杯戦争に身を投じたのだ。(Narration - F/GO Solomon) While the lack of tracks being left is easily accountable for by his cover-up, the latter part is hard to grasp if you don't take this into mind. Obviously there'd be no way for people to know he'd participate in the Holy Grail War if he (or his information) went back in time.

    As far as Marisbury was concerned, his death didn't matter as long as he completed CHALDEAS, since that would entail the creation of an independent world anyway. As long as he stabilized the Fuyuki Singularity with something so it didn't disappear, CHALDEAS would stay active. It is even possible that CHALDEAS itself is what upholds the Fuyuki Singularity. The reason the Singularity was then discovered in 2015 is because history ran into the 2015 Cornerstone of Human Order, and the inability of Human Order to correct it caused the sudden change in CHALDEAS' status. Since CHALDEAS is a copy of Earth, it has the same history, and thus must protect it, even if it itself is a product of a temporal discrepancy.

    And finally, we enter a topic that's long overdue: the Beast system.

    The Beasts/Evils of Mankind are not born out of hatred for humanity, but the opposite, they are born out of love; out of a desire to protect it.ゲーティア。愛を知らぬ獣。嘆きのみを喰み、無を目指した人類悪。……皮肉なものよ。人類悪とは即ち、人類愛そのもの。人間を滅ぼすものは人間への悪意ではない。悪意など一過性のもの、使えば薄れるものだからな。故に―――真に人理を脅かすものは、人理を守ろうとする願いそのもの。(Gilgamesh - F/GO Solomon) It is an attack on mankind by mankind itself: a self-destruction mechanism.今は人類史を脅かす災害、と覚えておけ。英霊召喚の元になった、人類の自滅機構と安全装置とな。七つの人類悪。これも霊基として存在し、顕現する。人間の獣性によって生み出された七つの災害(Gilgamesh - F/GO Babylonia) In most likelihood, beings that qualify for Beasts have their nature forcibly turned toward destruction: Gilgamesh says that Tiamat is not the same as the one described to him by his father now that it's turned into a Beast, but is now rather a system for destroying the world.あれは、ただ在るだけで世界を滅ぼす機構。人類悪の一つになった時点で、おまえが父神から聞いていたティアマト神ではなくなっていたのだろうよ。(Gilgamesh - F/GO Babylonia) This is somewhat reflected in Goetia's 'true name'. Goetia first introduces itself as the "Human Order Incineration Formula"人理焼却式魔神王、ゲーティア(Goetia - F/GO Solomon), but after being destroyed, refers to itself as the "Human Order Revision Formula".人理補正式ゲーティア 実行を 終了します。(Goetia - F/GO Solomon)

    When Lev entered 2015, and Flauros was activated, instead of the performing the Human Order Revision, Goetia became a Beast in order to 'protect' Human Order, and bring an end to this mistaken world, re-branded as the Human Order Incineration Formula. Lev, whose solve objective always laid in protecting human history人類史を守るために、己の人生すべてを捧げているのだが……?(Lev Lainur entry - MELTY BLOOD Back Alley Nightmare dictionary), now felt it necessary to end it instead, and allowed Flauros to take control instead of committing suicide.

    The Beasts will then continue being summoned, until the world has been destroyed, with the 'the Beast of the End', VII, laying the final touches at the last day of 2017.

    The one who doomed this world was Marisbury, simply by creating it, he activated the Beast system.

    Yet ultimately, of what consequence is Marisbury now? He's dead, isn't he? Having either shot himself, or been shot by Daybit in 2012.

    There are some peculiar circumstances surrounding Marisbury's death in F/GO's timeline: Olga claims that his remains were found in 2012, but it was impossible to ascertain his cause of death. In addition, he left nothing behind for her. All she had was the beliefs she had been handed down as an Animusphere mage.その父も3年前私を残してこの世を去った。2012年。所長室で遺体が発見されたのだ。病死であったのか、事故死であったのかは、今も判明していない。私は父の死後このカルデアを引き継いだ小娘だ。父は私に何も残してはいなかったけれど、アニムスフィアは、魔術師としての信念は引き継がれている。(Olga Marie - Moonlight/Lostroom First, a gunshot can be clearly heard in Babylonia 0, even if it not established who shot, so how come the death wasn't possible to ascertain? Second, it is unusual that Marisbury would leave nothing behind to his heir. Usually, the Crest can be transplanted from a dead body to the heir. And who discovered his remains anyway? The passive voice used by Olga seems to imply it wasn't her. The one with closest access to Marisbury at this time period, and the one most trusted by him, seems to be Kirschtaria, his #1 disciple. Olga Marie herself clearly wasn't privy to many of his plans, and his nonchalant dismissal of her trying to ask him why her Rayshifting potential was nonexistent implies he didn't really care about what she thought.
    (From Lostbelt manga)
    Normally, this would be highly unusual for a mage, but to Marisbury, Olga had already served her role. With CHALDEAS completed, the Animusphere dream could be achieved by him on his own.

    I think Kirschtaria is most likely the one to have reported the death, disguising the fact that Marisbury had once again died by Rayshifting.

    In fact, it is highly likely that he, and Olga Marie as well, have been 'set' to Rayshift to 2004's Fuyuki upon their death. This would explain Olga's highly irregular appearance in Fuyuki perfectly, as her death essentially was the catalyst for why it happened at all. And if the same is true for Marisbury, there is a chance he is still there, granting him a chance to try his luck at the plan again.

    The one caveat around this are the corrupted Servants of Fuyuki. In mortalis:stella, Archer displays a lot of antipathy when he learns that Olga Marie is part of the Animusphere family.
    (Fate/Grand Order mortalis:stella)
    He and Saber are the primary opponents in Fuyuki, and their objective appears to be some kind of perpetual 'game'.永遠に終わらないゲームなんざ退屈だろう?良きにつけ悪しきにつけ、駒を先に進ませないとな?(Caster Cu - F/GO Fuyuki) They probably represent some sort of resistance against Marisbury's schemes in the Singularity. Perhaps this is the true reason for why Saber Alter is deigned a 'Protector of Human Order'.

    After the death of Solomon and the end of the Age of Gods, magecraft was destined to fade, destined to disappear completely by the start of the common era, around 2000 years ago. However, 20 years later, the Fifth Imaginary Factor, Ether, was discovered, and so magecraft lived on.
    (Case Files materials)
    For most mages, this was enough. But the Animusphere couldn't make do without True Ether. There began their mistaken journey.

    The Gods present in the Void of the Celestial above was something mankind had rejected. For them, the though the Hollow of the Celestial was a Void, it still contained the infinitude of Stars, all worlds in the own right. Mankind abandoned the gods, and aimed for the stars.

    When Kirschtaria activated his own Sirius Light, the normal Animusphere chant he employs for his magecraft had changed:

    The Shape of the Stars

    The Shape of the Cosmos

    The Shape of the Gods

    The Shape of Me

    The Celestial is the Hollow

    The Hollow is the Void

    Animus, Animusphere
    Nonetheless, in the Void, there are Stars
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    If you've read through this stupendously long document, thank you very much.

    Throughout the 'publishing period' of GUT, is has garnered more attention than I initially anticipated. Here we are on Christmas Eve, just one day left until LB7 gets released. While I doubt that all the answers to the mysteries of F/GO will be revealed there, I still think the publishing of a fairly congruent theory before Daybit takes us on his wild ride was a good idea. Naturally, making this after LB7 would have proven much easier, but I got the feeling upon reading the ending of Traum that Nasu was telling us "you now have all the clues you need, I'll give you half a year to figure this whole story out". A challenge which I very much felt compelled to take on.

    Do I think everything in this theory is going to hit the mark? Not even close. I feel like there are actually many holes in it myself (though it's worth mentioning that the things people point out as holes are usually not the ones I consider holes). That said, there are some general truths contained within that I doubt can be avoided. Well, at this point I cannot do more than wait. How will I feel if everything is proven wrong? Well, it really depends on the nature of how I am wrong. There are many things in this document where I've essentially extrapolated how a 'good story' would unfold, because I believe that, in general, Nasu follows his themes and ties his loose ends up fairly neatly. In some ways, I'd rather be wrong and pleasantly surprised than straight up right. That said, if I am 'right' (as I've said, being 100% right is practically impossible given the sheer size of this document and its plethora of predictions), I will reserve the right to be completely unbearably smug about it. Of course, if you happen to read this theory after everything about F/GO Part 2 has been revealed, and find things that are wrong, please refrain from coming in and being Captain Hindsight. I already feel stupid enough about the fact that I wrote 25,000+ words about this!

    And beyond that, here is some FAQ:

    Q: What about the Alien World mentioned by Moriarty?
    A: I've always felt that this translation has been rather misleading. What Moriarty emphasizes is that he's not a "Disciple of the Alien God"異星の神の使徒, but just an "Alien Disciple"異星の使徒. Because "Alien" is used as a descriptive, it becomes hard to render this Japanese noun into the translation already used for the "Alien God" and thus some trickery becomes involved. Moriarty describes it as a "system" rather than a world. Personally, I think he's talking about Bluebook's world in general, or more specifically, the thing underpinning it: Specimen E. Therefore, he has the same Master as the other Traum Servants, essentially. This would also explain why he's so knowledgeable about it when explaining it to CHALDEA.

    Q: What about Sion?!
    A: What about her? And yeah, I know a lot people think she's suspicious and a potential candidate for mastermind and while that could have some remote possibility of being true, it doesn't feel all that likely to me. For as much as she acts suspicious, there simply aren't any ways to connect her with the overarching plot. I think in some ways, Sion's suspicious behavior was put there in order to give the impression that she's guilty of something and mislead you. A red herring, basically. But more so than that (at least for me), Sion simply isn't part of the 'suspect list' from a meta perspective. Remember how the part about how Part 2 was a 'murder mystery on a mythical scale'? There are certain rules that murder mysteries follow (many point to the 10 commandments of Ronald Knox), and one of the more fundamental is that the perpetrator is part of the setup of the mystery. In our case, Part 2 Prologue (+ Moonlight/Lostroom) contains the people we should pay attention to. Not just the people who are physically present, but the people mentioned. This is part of the reason why Da Vinci and Mash suddenly tell you a whole lot about the various Crypters, and why Marisbury is brought up a bunch of times. Sion, on the other hand, only enters the plot after two Lostbelts have been defeated, and doesn't have much of a hand in anything that establishes the mystery of the plot, and certainly isn't mentioned before her introduction.

    Q: I didn't get X part! Can you explain this to me?
    A: Yeah, this whole document is very messy, and I do feel somewhat sorry about that. In some ways it simply reflect its creation process. This is actually composited from an older document I wrote with a mad assortment of thoughts and theories sort of woven into one big more connected mass. Not only that, but sometimes I just rushed certain parts or didn't explain things very clearly. There are probably also tons of cases where I assume some knowledge on part of the reader that they don't actually have. In general I've tried to explain concepts as they appear, rather than assume this, but as a baseline I sort of did the assumption that the reader had read at least up to Traum in F/GO (why else are you reading, basically). Even so, there are tons of times where I just did a bad assessment and should have explained more. I'll try and answer things in the thread if you have something you feel is insufficiently explained (well, answer from my perspective, at least).

    Q: Wait so... how do parallel worlds work?
    A: It's funny that despite the many explanations given about this in Extella and F/GO, it still is extremely unclear how it all fits together. Still, as speculatory as it may be, I do have some thoughts on the matter: you probably shouldn't view all of the Nasuverse as one big connected universe that's simply differentiated by different choices. For example, the Fate/Tsukihime divergence point is in 300 AD, but that doesn't mean that the Tsukihime world is part of the same Compiled Event as the Fate worlds. It is very likely that there are essentially two 'classes' of parallel worlds, one is the many different possibilities that exist within a Compiled Event. For example, once it is decided that "Britain will fall" in Fate/Stay Night's world, parallel worlds which contain that possibility are no longer created. The information in the Quantum Timelock doesn't allow such worlds to exist beyond it. If you try and go back in time and change this, the Quantum Timelock will reject the newly created timeline once it tries to cross that threshold. So the possibility of "Crimson Moon being active" doesn't exist in the many Fate worlds at all. Instead, the Tsukihime worlds probably form their own independent 'collection of parallel worlds' (Waver mentions the "大幹の並行世界群", so it's like each world has its own set of "fundamental parameters" through which different adjoining parallel worlds can be established). So while human history has the same over the Compiled Event, it doesn't really have any say about the more fundamental set of parallel worlds, which are independent of Human Order, as mentioned by Archetype:EARTH. This is most likely why BB mentions that Fate/EXTRA took place in a different Compiled Event, with the addition of 'world' as ruby above said term. I imagine that Zelretch's Second Magic governs every type of parallel world (aside from the Tsukihime/Fate split, perhaps, which might be much more fundamental, hence why Nasu draws a difference between Fate and Tsukihime Zelretch). Essentially, if the parallel worlds within Compiled Events are part of human history, the Compiled Events themselves are a fundamental part of the world (i.e, what Archetype:EARTH is talking about in MBBAN when she says that cryptic line about how the world's possibilities doesn't follow Human Order). It's possible that it's even more complicated than that, but it should serve to explain most things.

    Q: Why do you translate it (並行世界) as 'parallel world' instead of 'adjacent world'?
    A: Because that's what the story calls it: "つまり……派生したまま存続してきた人類史だと?
    的な可能性の話でしょうか?" It's also just the most obvious translation, and a concept everyone is already intimately familiar with from other sci-fi.
    As an aside, there are people that insist that the 平行世界 (near identical word with the same pronunciation and meaning but a single kanji exchanged) mentioned in the Prisma event are different from the first-mentioned word. The insistence placed upon that spelling there is somewhat intriguing, but as absolutely nothing has been said on the topic, and there isn't much to speculate on aside from this minor difference, I don't think that it's worth thinking about at this point in time. The Japanese fans pretty much treat these two words as a simple spelling difference, as mentioned on the Japanese TM-Wiki (not that we should always follow what the Japanese fans think, but given this is about the language used, I think the considerations from natives is important).

    Q: You forget to explain X or Y statement!
    A: In some cases, the additional coverage simply wasn't required to get the point across. In other cases I might have overlooked something; it happens! There are probably certain points which aren't as well elaborated as others and some points that are way too elaborated. Regardless, there isn't something which I feel is a 'fatal oversight', as in, there aren't things which are so catastrophically wrong that the whole thing falls apart. Keep in mind that this document features some 500ish citations. The sheer amount of information already being juggled is overwhelming for most readers. And even then I still feel like I had to rush through certain sections simply to finish the damn thing.

    Q: What parts are you least confident in?
    A: Generally speaking, the farther down you get, the less confident I grow. If there is a specific part I had to name... perhaps the Chaldean stuff? In some ways, I think this is where my own 'biases' came through. After watching Moonlight/Lostroom 20 times, and reading MBBAN 3 times, you sort of get to a point where Lev is this otherworldly mystical figure who contains every answer. Don't get me wrong though, I do think it is very plausible that the Chaldean is Flauros, but I will admit my reasoning relies a lot on meta stuff like thematic consistency and storytelling norms, which isn't all too convincing to some people.
    Another part I don't care too much for is perhaps the 'sequence of events' described in 7-1. It gets so down and dirty with the details that I imagine what'll happen is that practically none of it will turn out to be true. That said, it is useful as a 'rough approximation' of what happens. I guess in concert with this is another part that I found rather confusing, even now: the significance of 'trees' as a motif. Why exactly the Fantasy Trees have to be trees of all things I don't quite think there is a satisfactory answer to. The obvious thing would be to say it has something to do with 'branching possibilities' forming a kind of 'tree', but I think that answer is too simplistic for me to buy. For this reason, I never elaborate much on it in the theory, even if I actually think there is some much more important reason as to why trees are so integral to the symbolism. The mention of the Priestess being 'huddled up to a tree' in her F/GO mats entry is about the most direct reference to the tree symbolism, but it's very vague.
    The final part in general is something I'm a bit torn on. I've been balling with the idea that F/GO's world is a big dumb simulation for a long time now, and I'm sure many other have as well, but it was something I actually wanted to avoid because it's such a difficult thing to state with confidence. Regardless, the whole 'disappearance of space' thing felt like it kind of forced my hand. It was the only way I could satisfactorily explain everything in the Part 2 Prologue. On a personal level, I'm also a torn about it because I'm not entirely sure how it would play out on a thematic level? It is appropriate in some ways, and weird in others.

    Q: What parts are you the most confident in?
    A: The opposite of the above! Generally, everything up to Chapter 04. I have quite a lot of confidence in. Specifically the part about the fabricated alien stuff I find very convincing after having gone through it in such detail. It ties perfectly into the themes of Part 2, which seem to be specifically about the relationship of 'fiction' and 'reality', in all facets possible (simulations, fantasies, imagination, etc). It is probably the one prediction I'd be rather sad about not coming true.
    There was also the 'ordering' problem, which you might have noticed I spent a lot of time on in Chapter 04. The way I so deftly explain it all in this document you might think that it wasn't that big of a problem, but it actually was a massive issue for a long time, not only for me, but for a lot of people trying to solve F/GO's overarching plot. I think writing Chapter 04. in general was some of the most fun I had writing this theory, and I think it sort of shows. It is probably the most well reasoned part of it.
    Another thing is the true nature of CHALDEAS, or more specifically the Priestess relationship to it. Once you add all the fact together, combined with the overt foreshadowing about Olga becoming a part of it, it really does just seem like the inevitable conclusion. When I looked back at all the Olga content they've put out over the years, it really feels like they've almost been screaming at people to just get it already, and I almost feel a bit dumb that it basically took me until October this year to get it (incidentally, what gave me the impetus to finally write this all down).

    Q: Holy crap this is long, how much time did this take to make?
    A: A lot. Practically all my free time for 3 weeks just to write it, and that's not accounting for all the hours I've spent pouring over citations and endlessly searching through Atlas to find answers to theories and thoughts I have about the story. Don't worry about me though, this is what I love! If you think I could've managed to write such a sizable document without a bit of passion, you're dead wrong; perhaps why my college days were so painful.
    Additionally, in my rush to get this done before LB7 dropped, I had to dramatically cut down on some sections, especially in the back half. Under ideal conditions (I really should have started writing this after Traum dropped), it would've been about one third longer, I imagine. However, acquiring citations and transcribing dialogue, uploading images, and even just the act of writing so many letters really did take a toll on my available time, not to mention that I took a break between 7-1 and 7-2 to focus on everything else in my life that I had sort of neglected. I would like to say that I'll come back and proofread it and somewhat revise it one day, but the 'expiration limit' on this theory is basically tomorrow, so I'm not sure if there is a point!
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    So one question, the part of the theory about Galahad saying about right human history are you saying that guda came from a different history than Chaldea, I was not sure about that part

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    Are you going to mail this thesis to Nasu for him to grade it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinach View Post
    My opinion is better than your opinion, so it isn't up for debate. Much like Daybit, I am simply correct, and that is the end of the discussion.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gosserbam View Post
    I am not a shitposter at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Petrikow View Post
    Impressive argument.

    Mine, however, is superior: you are dumb.
    Quote Originally Posted by chevkraken View Post
    And you want to be taken seriously?

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    There, I added the afterword as well now. It is sort of rough and dirty, written in about as much haste as I managed to muster (2 hours-ish). It's currently Christmas for me, so time is short all over the place right now!

    Quote Originally Posted by Light View Post
    So one question, the part of the theory about Galahad saying about right human history are you saying that guda came from a different history than Chaldea, I was not sure about that part
    Oh yeah, no that's definitely my bad, I really didn't build this into the theory very clearly. In essence, I think he's from outside of CHALDEAS (FGO's world), having drifted in there through some circumstance or another. First Order mentions he was recruited by some weird dude in Japan, so perhaps there was some sort of structure of getting people from the regular world into CHADEAS' influence. On the other hand, it really isn't that big of a part of the theory, and I think bolding it kind of gave it more importance than perhaps it warranted. There were places where I definitely went for a more... dramatic style? And that was one of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nanashi(kari) View Post
    Are going to mail this thesis to Nasu for him to grade it?
    I'd have to proofread and translate it to Japanese first, so I'll put it on the pile of things that I plan to do but never carry out! Promise! Just for you!!

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    Hopefully Nahui Mictlan part 1 will answer nothing and you can make the deadline again in mailing the theory to Nasu.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comun View Post
    Hopefully Nahui Mictlan part 1 will answer nothing and you can make the deadline again in mailing the theory to Nasu.
    You know, that is actually a fairly distinct possibility. The problem is that if I had assumed a 2-parter, my deadline would've pushed up and I'd have finished even later...

    At least this gives me time to revise it...?
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    One question I have is about Angra Mainyu. You implied Solomon was the one Marisbury decided was best suited to deal with Angra Mainyu, is that because of his binding of the 72 Demon Gods or something else?

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    I assume it's related to how Solomon can control and even negate all magecraft made by humans when he has all ten rings together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Base View Post
    One question I have is about Angra Mainyu. You implied Solomon was the one Marisbury decided was best suited to deal with Angra Mainyu, is that because of his binding of the 72 Demon Gods or something else?
    Like Reign said, Solomon when he has all his rings gets to have complete power over all magecraft, and the Fuyuki Holy Grail is just a really big magecraft system, so even if Solomon wouldn't be able to control Angra himself he could just manipulate the whole system to flush out the bad part. Marisbilly just hired a plumber to get rid of the nasty water in his tap, basically.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01 View Post
    Ugh cokesakto no no no
    Quote Originally Posted by Neir View Post
    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kateikyo View Post
    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.

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    I like the explanation regarding the concept of parallel worlds, that's always been confusing. So FGO runs with it's own mechanics and stuff like the QTL likely doesn't apply to Tsukihime.
    The priest was waiting for the arrival of the princess, who was only an enemy of all of them.
    For the priest, the golden princess was the one and only main heroine.
    Everyone else was unworthy of his respect, no matter how strong they were.

    Tsukihime 2 Prelude III

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    If the FGO Fuyuki Grail War was always a Rayshift/a Singularity created as a false event, wouldn't 10 ringed Solomon recognise he's in a rayshift & creating a Singularity given his command of magic?
    I also thought Servant Solomon only had 1 ring (the one flung to the future & used as his catalyst), with the other 9 on Goetia's fingers.

    Fuyuki is doubtless the core secret underpinning everything in FGO, but given Romani's presence and role in part 1 from his last moment of Clairvoyance, I feel anything too overt comes with the concern of "Why didn't Romani mention any of this sus shit? Why didn't Romani know we're in The Matrix when he was Solomon?"

    I don't for a moment believe that the FGO timeline truly has only 1 grail war, but I don't believe Marisbury could manipulate infirmation to such an extent with just mundane means. He tells Solomon he's wishing for wealth, but is that truly all he wishes for? I don't remember if we hear him actually make his wish in the flashback.
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