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Thread: [FGO JP Main Chapter] Lostbelt 7: Nahui Mictlan ~ The One Who Rules the Planet

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    Quote Originally Posted by TresserT View Post
    >Have Olga bleach Earth's texture
    As Rasputin said, she was not originally part of the plan and became a god by accident. Personally, I don't think bleaching was part of the Evil Guy plan. Rather, when Malsbury created Chaldea, he needed someone to control her - the Administrator. The Administrator was Olga's soul (the priestess). When our Olga was later thrown into the Chaldea, she was given Administrator (god) rights and when she was tortured in Area 51 at some point she wished that the world would disappear. The world literally disappeared. What do you do when you find out you have an unwanted administrator in your system? You try to kick him out of the system. Most likely the whole point of planting the tree in the Lostbelt was to get Olga out of Chaldea.

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    Olga falling into CHALDEAS was not part of Marisbury's big plan. Olga herself definitely was- we know that from Case Files. Basically I'm wondering, what would have happened differently had Olga not fallen into CHALDEAS? Would she have bleached the Earth instead, and then swapped the bleached Texture onto CHALDEAS?

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    I mean, as far as I can tell, Olga using ORT as a vessel was not a negative for the Apostles. Having her around was probably useful.

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    Now that I've finished this, I wanna throw a few theories against the wall and see if any of them stick.

    For now, let's start with the shortest and simplest: I think Camazotz might still be alive.

    His conversation with Nitocris in Section 17 prior to Chaldea's arrival at the summit establishes that he could survive the destruction of Mictlan or even the Planet, nobody sees him die, and he doesn't leave a corpse behind despite being a flesh and blood inhabitant of that Lostbelt (besides which, there was no vanishing sound effect either). He's just gone, we're like "What happened to him?", and Nitocris is like "Don't worry about it". We're also told we need to finish him off "now or never" before he jumps off that cliff after Nitocris, suggesting he wasn't about to die on his own, so when Nitocris brushes off your question with "Besides, did you not slay him up on the summit?", it comes across as a fudged excuse. This all seems suspiciously like a setup to have him pop up later trying to protect Pan-Human History like he said he wanted to before his priorities shifted to Nitocris and that thread was dropped.

    It would also explain why he isn't summonable, though since there's plenty of precedent for characters like him not being summonable until much later, this is really not that weird even if he's dead. Finally, and more significantly, it would explain why his profile isn't added to the Spirit Origin List unlike every other Beast we've defeated.

    There are other ways to explain these facts, of course, but as a single, parsimonious explanation for all of them, I find this one attractive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OnesFleetingGlory View Post
    I wouldn't be too sure of that. There're staffs like Sylvia and Dustin, who have voiced their dislike towards her.
    Now that's actually surprising.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac View Post
    Daybit RENOUNCED HIS HUMANITY the moment his dad touched an OOPart. He's a freaky space guy now.

    The same place means the same location.

    The title Archetype: Earth comes from Tsukihime.
    He did what?

    Quote Originally Posted by Reign View Post
    What exactly an Archetype entails gets explained a bit further into LB7 too.
    Oh, I see.

    Quote Originally Posted by fumei View Post
    In this case "place" means "body", since he's saying he could drink your blood right now but that would mean it'd be ruined for when he could do it later after [more story things].

    Also, regarding "what even is the Human Order". The literal translation of it is "human principle", which might help understanding more, but to give you the short of it this is how it is described in Solomon (NA TL but word replaced cuz lazy):

    In other words, at its simplest you can just think of it as "the law of nature which says humanity must prevail" but also at the same time as "all the magical ways humanity's existence has affected the world". It comes in the form of, among other things, timelines and pruning (remember Alaya, the prayer for humanity's survival, prunes timelines specifically to maximize humanity's progress), and in that regard QTLs are included (as more QTLs are placed and humanity's history grows more "secure", the "Human Order Foundation" grows stronger), Servant summoning, no DAAs, etc etc.

    When Chaldea talks about "protecting the Human Order", they're saying they need to protect both the history we've made but also the survival of mankind. If someone says they're "outside the Human Order" it means they're so alien our governing laws basically don't even apply. You get the gist, I'm sure.
    I must have skipped that part then.

    Quote Originally Posted by fumei View Post
    You talk a bit again about how the deino are basically the embodiment of Kirschtaria's ideals
    Somehow I don't think he had this in mind.
    the bat offered a deal and she accepted of her own volition so that she could become stronger and be of more use to Chaldea
    By being stuck down there?

    Quote Originally Posted by fumei View Post
    Da Vinci
    The Inner Sea of the Planet is the "place of the mind", said to be sure to exist once the planet starts being treated like a single life form.
    You remember Reality Marbles, right?
    It is one of magecraft's greatest techniques: to manifest the magus' mindscape and, even if only temporarily, plaster it on top of reality.
    You could think of the Inner Sea of the Planet as Earth's version of this. The Reality Marble of the planet itself, you could say.
    That said, Earth is big, you know. It has more than one "mental characteristic".
    Such as "a mind closely adjoined with human society", or even "a mind that takes issue with human society".
    Avalon is nothing more than one of such characteristics, a world closer to nature, which doesn't concern itself with human society.
    I'm not sure of they're trying to say here.

    Mashu adds on that most beings like this are born in the Inner Sea, and then leave for the surface, before eventually returning to the Inner Sea. But there are those who cannot return, or maybe simply never do, and on the surface these came to be known as fairies or Elementals, and even sometimes Divine Spirits. However, all three of those can come into being in other ways, so you can't say all of those are born this way.
    And you go from that to talking beings. They were talking about places before.

    Da Vinci
    That said, there is an Elemental who can only ever be born in the Inner Sea of the Planet.
    It's known as the "Brain of the Planet", and is a special type of Elemental. If the planet has a mind, it also stands to reason that it has a brain, right?
    The one born from, and later set to inherit Earth's memories---the sights it cannot forget. The one constantly dreaming of the planet's surface.
    The world of magecraft calls it the Archetype. The Elemental who waits ahead is this sort of incredible "Recorder".
    Does that mean they made the planet or something else?

    I was wordering about the divergence point. So it's just because the one meteor came earlier for some reason.

    Not all. There is still one who remains alive.
    The last survivor, and the one who defeated ORT six million years ago: the King of the Ka'an.
    After undergoing such extensive body modifications, he couldn't even die, and succumbed to madness. Even now, this bat continues to soar across the underworld...
    The King of Braves, Camazotz. The mad king who still continues the search for his surely long-lost subjects.
    Are the Ka'an a real thing or are they just made up?

    From the ends of the galaxy, flying in from the Oort cloud, came a planet-eating monster---
    What exactly is the Oort cloud?

    Ixquic explains that though she can see from the eight to the second layers, Daybit proved an exception. From her POV as someone in an observatory, the space he occupied always appeared dark and without light. As if he was there, yet not; there, yet imperceivable. As though his atomic density was exceedingly low; an immaterial hollow. Da Vinci likens it to the supervoids of outer space, which seem normal when right in front of you, but when observed from a distance, they appear as nothing more than darkness. Perhaps Daybit camouflaged himself in such a manner?
    That's just even more suspicious.

    So the world is going to be destroyed in a few days anyway and while they know how Daybit is going to revive ORT, they still don't know why. But they know what they have to do to stop him at least.

    Back with Gudao and co. They give a quick recap of Tezcatlipoca's myth here, about how there are actually four of him in Aztec myth: red, blue, black, and white. The one before you is the black one, while Quetzalcoatl is the white one.
    How does that work?

    Quote Originally Posted by fumei View Post
    After all, such things are actually part of most of the departments' research. Take Servants, for example, who are literally RECORD BANDS made manifest.

    What's a Record Band?
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    Bob the Builder's evil twin.
    Quote Originally Posted by Imperial View Post
    HF felt like Nasu holding up a megaphone and screaming, "LOOK AT HOW SAD THIS IS! ISN'T IT SAD? YOU SHOULD FEEL SAD!"

    Quote Originally Posted by Altaris View Post
    > Einzbern

    > Making smart decisions

    Pick one

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    Palingenesis just sounds like we're creating Sarah Palin.

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    >tfw you betray your ideals to get some

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizukume View Post
    In short, Japan's syncretism BS striked again.

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    of the Boobs

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    He did what?
    The moment the halo activated, the Earthling Daybit was utterly obliterated, and what remained was a guy with a cosmic perspective and a connection to freaky space ghosts.
    What exactly is the Oort cloud?
    Quote Originally Posted by Arashi_Leonhart View Post
    canon finish apo vol 3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laserman View Post
    I'm not sure of they're trying to say here.
    They're saying that Earth has this thing called the "Inner Sea of the Planet", which is basically where the "mind" of the planet "lives". In LB6 we saw Avalon, which is one version of this, but they're saying that depending on undetermined conditions, there can be other versions as well. Avalon is just one that's like "nothing human here".

    Does that mean they made the planet or something else?
    No, it means it has the memories of that, among other things. The Archetype is a "recorder" in the sense that it's like an "omniscient" diary that the planet keeps.

    Are the Ka'an a real thing or are they just made up?
    The name comes from real history, but obviously IRL they weren't immortal cyberskeletons.

    How does that work?
    That's just how Aztec myth is structured, don't think about it too hard.

    What's a Record Band?
    A "Record Band" or a "Record Belt" or a "Record Boundary Band" or any variation of that term is the in-universe "scientific" name for what we call Servants. They're called that because they, more usually called Ghost Liners, are manifestations of a (historical) record, and the "band/belt" part refers to how it's a continuous thing. Thing about how Lostbelts are called that because unlike a Singularity, which is a single point in time, Lostbelts are a long period of history.
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    Ugh cokesakto no no no
    Quote Originally Posted by Neir View Post
    your ability to be wrong about literally everything you post is truly astounding. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but you haven't been right once.
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    The gay pics were the most entertaining thing going on in this discussion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laserman View Post
    How does that work?
    Four major creator gods of Aztec myth - siblings Tezcatlipoca, Quetzalcoatl, Huitzilopochtli, and Xipe Totec - all are also each called Tezcatlipoca and delineated by a colour; actual Tezca = black, Quetz = white, Huitzil = blue, and Xipe = red.

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