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Thread: Ordainment: False Grace - An FGO what-if story

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    Ordainment: False Grace - An FGO what-if story


    The world has been bleached.
    Humanity has perished.
    Seven lights descent straight down from beyond the atmosphere.
    A voice echoed throughout the entire world:

    “We have a message for all of humanity.”
    “This planet will soon be reborn as an old, brand-new world.”
    ”Human civilization was a mistake. The path of our growth was incorrect.”
    ”And so I have made my decision. I will revolt against all of human history–Proper Human History.”
    ”We are about to fill this world with inhuman Mystic secrets. We will restore the Age of Gods.”
    ”To that end, the gods have descended from a far-off galaxy, and in their wisdom, they have used seven seeds to select new leaders.”
    ”These leaders will remake this planet as they see fit. And the one who reign supreme shall be given the right to renew the world itself.”
    ”The life-forms from Proper Human History will not be permitted to take part in this war, or even to view it from the sidelines.”
    ”The roots of cosmic fantasy have descended upon us. Trees of creation have sprung up all across the land.
    Now, all of the old humanity's endeavors will be set aside, frozen.”
    ”Thus shall you atone for your sins.”
    ”2019...The year that Proper Human History came to an end.”
    ”My name is Wodime. Kirschtaria Wodime.”
    ”On behalf of the seven Crypters, I have a message for the scant few remnants of the human race."
    "WE will be the inheritors of this world's history.”

    With that declaration, Chaldea is about to face an utmost crisis yet.
    This is not that story.

    In truth, Chaldea had been utterly annihilated. A group of armed force had managed to invade the organization's base in Antarctic.
    All of its staffs were slaughtered, leaving no survivors.

    Amidst the carnage, in the main room where Chaldea's process called Rayshifting is conducted, two figures stood.
    “So this is CHALDEAS. It looks just like an Easter egg...”
    A woman, clad in white, royal robe, stared at the giant sphere.
    “That's right. That is what the tsar wants. You must use your Noble Phantasm to defeat the traitors.”
    The other figure responded. He’s a tall man wearing a cassock to indicate his role as a priest.
    “You must bury this magnificent crown jewel of humanity yourself, in a coffin of permafrost, Your Imperial Highness, Grand Duchess Anastasia.”
    With a wave of her hand, the enormous globe was encased in ice, frozen solid.
    "Our business here is done. Let's return home, Macarius."
    "As you wish, Your Highness."
    At the Duchess' command, they walked away from the ruined Chaldea, followed by the armed force.

    (With this, the facade is complete.)
    Macarius thought to himself as he walked alongside the Duchess.
    (Although it was unfortunate that we had to kill one of our own, the detective no longer serve a purpose with Chaldea's demise.)

    "I see, a job well done. See you along with the others in ninety days."
    Kirschtaria Wodime sat in a spacious hall, where there's a large round table filled with seven seats, one of which he occupied.
    (With this, there is no more obstacles in our way. All I need to do now is to keep watch over how the others are progressing.)
    Wodime thought. Chaldea was the only organization that is capable of thwarting their undertaking, as ordained by the being known as Alien God.

    (There are people from Wandering Sea who are also capable, but I can't imagine them care enough to interfere in the slightest. And we don't have any means to find them anyway.)
    Having concluded that, he rose up from his seat and leave the hall.
    (In ninety days, the 'trees' sown by the Alien God will mature fully, and then the competition can begin in earnest.)
    Seven people, dubbed as Crypters, were given a second chance by an unknown being known as Alien God and came back to life. In return, they must recreate the world that was once Earth through a battle royale among themselves. Its goal is to descend into this world as its god, and the Crypters, who’re the last vestiges of the old world, shall be allowed to live in this brand new history. To that end, each Crypter was granted a Lostbelt. They're special regions that slowly expand and overwrite the texture of the now bleached planet. And whichever Lostbelt remains until the end shall become the foundation to replace the old Earth.

    Who would be the winner of this competition? Will the new world successfully be born? Is the old world gone for good?

    Greetings everyone. This is my first ever fanfic, and one I've been wanting to do for a long time. Due to number of factors, I was unable to muster the will to write this, such as unknown Lostbelts(which are no longer an issue as of now), real life work, and most of all, a lack of confidence to write good. When it comes to writing stories, I'm amateur and inexperienced, so this story may read badly, and there could be OOC moments and lore contradictions. I'm doing this for fun, since the idea of an open war between Crypters unhindered is just too enticing a prospect. That said, I still study the plot points and other important stuffs in the game and other media as I write this. And there will be moments where I look back and change some terms and expressions to better suit the narrative, without changing the overall plot. And I had to at least start this while I'm still motivated, so for now it's just a prologue written, in order to keep me motivated and ideas pouring in to continue.

    Welp, this is more of an excuse than anything. I do hope this fanfic can turn out good by my standard and conclude satisfyingly. Cheers.
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    The teaser-like nature of the prologue allows for the movie trailer narration at the end to stand, but I assume you will enter more limited points of view in the story proper. The brevity gets a similar pass but fic writing prose allows far more space for expression than just depicting cursory scene-establishment and curt dialogue-action interchanges, so looking forward to that too. And I would suggest italics to denote characters' thoughts over parentheses as a style convention in general.

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    Chapter 1: Anastasia/Zero - A Plot to Overthrow the Tsar

    Kadoc Zemlupus took a breath of relief after the communication was terminated, with his Servant Anastasia stood beside him.
    “Is everything alright, Master? I believe Wodime voiced his satisfaction for your work.”
    “Dealing with stuck-up nobles can be exhausting, even when things are going smoothly.”
    “They got this air that makes them hard to approach casually, so every conversation feels tense.”
    It was true that his Servant managed to utterly destroy Chaldea. This accomplishment would doubtlessly make other Crypters see him in better light.
    “Still, I’m surprised how easy it was to wipe them out. Can’t believe those losers managed to stop the Incineration of Humanity. A surprise attack might play a factor, but c’mon...”
    “It’s alright, we can adjust our plan. If a direct confrontation is impossible, we have to take more cautious approach.”
    Assured Anastasia, but Kadoc grumbled.

    Kadoc had thought to factor in Chaldea stragglers to help him execute their plan, but that plan is no longer viable.

    “We still need additional help for a realistic outcome, so more Heroic Spirits would be welcome.”
    Servants are abound in this freezing Lostbelt, and they seem to form insurgence with the local Yagas. These ghost liners turned up possibly as agents of the Counter Force to repel foreign invaders; the Lostbelts.
    Some of the Servants would be interested to join force, after we’re appealing with our situation and goal. The problem is…
    “I trust everything is in order?” The clergyman chimed in. Kadoc’s taken aback by his sudden presence.
    “It is rude to eavesdrop, Metropolitan Macarius.”
    “Do forgive me, I’ve recently arrived. The Tsar is still asleep peacefully, although there were occasional murmur where he yearns for his beloved. The musician did his job quite well.”
    “I see, I don’t need to pretend for now.”
    It was a godsend. The monstrous Tsar had been on the verge of waking up in the past, but as if on cue, this Rogue Servant, Amadeus Mozart, barged into the chamber and volunteered himself to lull him to sleep. He’s been playing the piano non-stop for days. Not that Kadoc was worried. He’s a Servant with inhuman stamina. While keeping the Tsar placated, it also let his Oprichniki to remain manifested. They’re the armed force that had aided Anastasia in raiding Chaldea, led by a certain vixen.

    Speaking of vixen...
    "Where is Koyanskaya? She’s supposed to be in charge of Oprichniki back during the-”
    “She already left for South American Lostbelt.”
    “What? Why?”
    “I believe her exact words were, ‘Oh please, it’s not my style to stick around in one place for long. I got what I wanted from here, and a good merchant will waste no time to try expanding business opportunities. Ciao.’”
    The nerve! Kadoc gritted his teeth, but then relaxed his posture.
    “Oh well, on the bright side, she’s Daybit’s problem now, she won’t cause trouble around here anymore.”
    “Now the Oprichniki is answering to you, Your Imperial Majesty. I hope their service will be to your favor, so long you pledge yourself to the emperor.”
    Hearing Macarius, Kadoc felt chill in his spine, despite him already cold. Macarius’ word could be taken as a warning that they’d turn against them at a sign of disloyalty.
    Anastasia answered, “Of course Father, I’m grateful to be given such powerful army, and glory to the Tsar.”
    “Glad to hear it, now if you’ll excuse me...”
    With that, the Priest left the room.

    Kadoc broke into cold sweat, which Anastasia noticed.
    “Calm down, Master. It’s not good to be tense in every conversation.”
    “Vigilance is the key to survivability. We need to be cautious in every moment, both as Magi and as Crypters.”
    “You really need to ease up a little, or your eyebags will get worse.”
    Kadoc blushed by that remark. He’s actually conscious about them, though he tend to forget everytime he schemed for something, which didn’t help.
    "Metropolitan Macarius isn't part of this Lostbelt. He's an agent of the Alien God, so he also needs to keep tabs of the other Lostbelt. It just so happened since he's closely related to this land, that he's often around here. We could use that."
    Anastasia reminded him, which made him blush even more. He was the Crypter, yet his Servant keep her wits way better than him.
    Get it together Kadoc! You need to keep seeking out openings every chance you get!
    “And I just thought of a wonderful idea.”
    Said Anastasia, as she gestured to the direction of the chamber, where a music could be heard.
    “Do indulge me to a dance. Despite its purpose, that musician’s melody is quite delightful.”
    Kadoc sighed, knowing how terrible he was in dancing, but follow suit.
    He silently vowed as they walked side by side.
    I swear I’ll make you the Tsaritsa of this land.
    “Ninety days…”
    Kadoc pondered.
    “I have to work on the plan until then.”
    Thanks for the kind words Leftovers. Yeah, it's more of a teaser than a prologue when I read it again. I'm planning to focus on each Lostbelt faction and how they'll build their forces, so there will be more established points of view. I try to tell what the Crypters are doing during the three months gap, so that once the meeting began, we'll know each Crypter's fighting chance. LB1 is over for now, but LB2 may take a while since I'm still studying Ophelia and her LB.
    Once again, thank you for reading, until next time.
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    Chapter 2: Gotterdammerung/Zero – Audience with the Ice Queen

    Half a month had passed since Chaldea’s destruction.
    Wodime had told the other Crypters to take care of their respective Lostbelt’s affairs, including nurturing the Tree of Emptiness, until the gathering in two and a half months.
    Ophelia Phamrsolone, the Crypter of Scandinavian Lostbelt, stood in the large throne room alongside her Servant, ‘Sigurd’. In a throne before them, sat the ruler of this land of ice. Scathach-Skadi.
    “Ophelia, and Sir Knight.”
    She spoke, addressing them as though they were her subjects.
    “Your Majesty.”
    “I summon you here in regards to the existence of other worlds, or Lostbelts, as you called it. Dear Ophelia, you once told me that one of these Lostbelts, in particular, you proposed that I should cooperate with?”
    “Yes Your Majesty. I believe it is the wisest decision.”
    Ophelia and the queen was talking about the one in Atlantic Lostbelt, the one that Wodime presided over.
    “While I do find your description of such world appealing, you have yet to tell about the other five worlds that you mentioned.” Skadi noted.
    Ophelia bowed before responding to the Queen’s words.
    “My apologies, Your Majesty. I only told you about the Greek world because it’s the only Lostbelt I witnessed myself currently. I couldn’t speak for others since Lord Ki- I mean, Wodime wanted us to keep watch and nurture our own Trees until the Crypters’ meeting months from now.”
    “In that case, it won’t be fair for me to choose the Greek world without knowing of the others. I’d like you to contact your fellow Crypters and assess their merits first. I shall decide once you tell me.”
    “…Understood, Your Majesty.” Although frowned, Ophelia answered calmly.

    “Now, then-- Ah, it seems that man has shown up again.”
    The queen was about to talk, but then seemed to notice something that Ophelia did not.
    “The lively cannonneer sure has a penchant to cause ruckus.”
    “Him again?” Ophelia frowned. She had met the man in question. He left quite an impression on her, though not a pleasant one.
    What kind of person who would declare his love to someone he just met?
    “If I may ask, Your Majesty, what is that man doing this time?”
    “Apparently, he intercepted the envoys I had sent to collect the humans from Village 31. He retreated just now, though the envoys suffered many casualties and so had to postpone their conduct.”
    “I see..” Ophelia felt irritation that the man got away, and even more so with the mess he left behind.
    “If they can’t gather the humans, what about those giants, the Jotnar? If they did not feed on humans, they would go berserk.”
    The giants also served as the queen’s fighting force, though subjugated against their will. However, once their instinct resurfaced, not even her power could keep them at bay.
    “Do not fret, my dear. I had sent another group of envoys to another village while the ones tasked for 31 engaged the man.”
    Ophelia calmed down hearing that. Still, there’s the issue that the Servant’s still running around.

    “Bah, you’re too soft, queen. Your dolls are useless, I could’ve gotten rid of that Rogue Servant in a heartbeat.”
    ‘Sigurd’ spat out. As much as ‘Sigurd’ irritated her, she agreed with him on this matter.
    “Your Majesty, in this case Saber has a point. With all due respect, you’ve been lenient on that man… the cannonneer as you put it. He has been disturbing the affairs in your domain for days. With your power, surely you could easily track him down and deal with him? I will even order Saber to assist you.”

    Queen Skadi has Authority over winter. She could tell the sight and sound through snow and ice blanketing her domain, Scandinavia. That was how she knew the skirmish in Village 31.

    “Have you forgotten what I’ve told you, Ophelia?”
    The queen said, albeit with more raised voice.
    “There won’t be any killing, not in my land. I love all that lives in my land, including him. The cannonneers‘ actions have been distracting, true. But they only amounted to minor conveniences, there is still no need for direct confrontation."

    “Well, well, never thought you’d show favoritism. You sure wasted no time capturing that Alter Ego brat.”
    Hearing ‘Sigurd’s’ remark, Skadi tensed, her expression hardened. The room turned colder for a moment.
    “You will not speak of her again, Dragon Slayer.”
    “Yeah? Make me.”
    “Saber, that’s enough!”
    Sensing danger, Ophelia interrupted. Her intention was to curry favor with her Lostbelt King, not provoking her.
    “My apologies, Your Majesty. I overstepped.”
    “…Indeed, I do like you knowing your place. And despite your Knight’s insolence, I shall pardon him so long he behaved.”
    ‘Sigurd’ snorted, but spoke no more.
    Ophelia wondered why the queen were so obsessed with that High Servant. Perhaps it’s her Divinity?
    “Having said that, I do realize the unfairness of my decisions. I shall order my daughters to keep an eye on that man’s whereabouts.”
    The queen spoke, her answer was joy to Ophelia.
    “Thank you, Your Majesty. It means a lot to me.”
    Ophelia returned to her room, inside the ice castle provided by Skadi along with ‘Sigurd’.
    “Kuku. You should thank me, Ophelia. I knocked some sense to that wench.”
    “Silence, Saber. Turn to your spirit form this instant.”
    ‘Sigurd’ clicked his tongue, but demanifested as ordered.
    In the distance, a large, dark sun looms. Ophelia felt a sting underneath her eyepatch.
    She knew. She knew all too well what abomination contained inside that black sphere.
    “Lord Kirschtaria…”
    Caressing her two remaining Command Seals, she felt guilty toward the ice queen.
    Skadi was a powerful goddess, her rule over this land is indisputable, however the majority of her powers were used to quell the Giants and maintained the dark sun, keeping her from her full strength.
    Forgive me, Your Majesty.
    Ophelia thought, with sorrowful expression.
    Your land has no way to survive, it is doomed from the start.
    LB2's PoV completed. It turned out faster than I thought, and generally better than I had expected. As you can guess, the cannonneer is Napoleon. Given his character, I'd expect him to be as active in LB2 even without Chaldea around. He's also knowledgeable and informed Chaldea a lot of stuffs regarding LB2's situations, which must be based on his reconnaisance and the like. I tried to make 'Sigurd' as gruff as impudent, which I think I managed to convey from his interactions. Also, this Ophelia has talked to Wodime, and has been ordered by him regarding her Lostbelt. Not much else to say, so next up is LB3, though not sure when I'll finish it, but I hope soon. Thanks for reading.
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    Chapter 3: SIN/Zero - Deal with the Emperor

    Sometime after Chaldea’s demise, Akuta Hinako was currently inside the giant castle in Chinese Lostbelt. She was lying in the buff on an inspection table, with every kind of machinery arms looming around her. These machineries were moving around, inspecting her body thoroughly. The machines could reminiscent of a modern day facility … No, the technology used might even surpass the ones that had existed in Pan-Human era. No operators or technicians to be seen, everything was automated. A few hours later, the machines came to a halt, and were retracted into walls and ceilings, leaving the room empty safe for the table.

    “32nd analysis has been completed. That will be all for today. We permit you to go.”
    “Yes, Your Imperial Majesty.”
    A voice echoed through the speaker. Obeying the instruction, Hinako stood up and don her Chaldea uniform back before leaving the room.
    The voice belonged to Shi Huangdi, the first emperor to unify China, who has obtained the means to live eternally.

    That damn human and his obsession with immortality.
    Hinako thought as she walked down the corridor, clearly irritated with the monarch.
    Although the term human may no longer apply to the emperor’s current appearance. He had uploaded his mind to a vast construct; the bizarre fortress in Xianyang that she was currently residing in. A holy vessel as the emperor liked to call it, had become his new body where he could oversee throughout the fortress, and the rest of the land. He had been living in this form for 2200 years now, and was essentially immortal.
    Before this achievement, he once sent out one of his vassals across the seas to seek a way to immortality, but then they’ve never heard from again. One could wonder what become of them.
    Lostbelt or not, the fact that arrogant human stays true to his obsession is quite remarkable.
    Hinako begrudgingly acknowledged what Shi Huangdi accomplished. But he still yearned for more, which is where Hinako came in.

    As she kept walking, Hinako spotted a mechanical centaur walking at a different junction. Apparently he’s on his way to report for duty.
    “Ah-” Hinako was about to call out, but restrained herself. She tried hard to suppress the warmth and excitement welling up in her chest.
    Though different version he might be, and how drastic of modification he might have undergone, she still sense that deep inside is still the same person she once, and still loved. The whole reason she put up with the emperor’s whim was due to that centaur.
    After calming down, she resumed walking out of the castle, and to one of the house provided by the emperor.
    “Welcome back, Master.”
    A masked young man greeted Hinako as she arrived. He served tea for them both right after.
    Thank you, Lan Ling.” He’s Hinako’s Servant, Gao Changgong, also known as Prince of Lan Ling. He’s one of the few people she finds tolerable, human or not.
    “How was your day in the castle?”
    Lan Ling asked, while pouring the tea.
    “It’s the usual. I’ve grown accustomed by the examination, although it seems they’ve gotten briefer and briefer.” Said Hinako.
    “I see. I hope that means it’s going to be over soon.”
    “Yes, I certainly hope so. My wish will be granted once that emperor gets what he needs.” Hinako approved of Lan Ling's assessment.
    Despite already achieved a form of immortality, Shi Huangdi was still interested to a zhenren's immortality, of which Hinako possessed. This in turn gave her a bargaining tool to fulfill her own wish. And so they reached an agreement; Hinako would allow herself be studied by the monarch, and the monarch would then bequeath Kuaiji Zero, known as Xiang Yu in Pan-Human History to her.
    “And by the way, could you stop calling me that? We’re no strangers to each other.”
    “I’m afraid not, Master. It’s already a custom for those who’re bound by Master-Servant contract.”

    That’s Lan Ling for Yu, always sincere to a fault.

    “Still, Master, are you really not going to reconsider your decision?”
    Lan Ling brought up another topic, one that clearly wasn’t to Hinako’s liking.

    “I still think Emperor Shi Huangdi has a fair shot in the upcoming war. Just because this Lostbelt seems peaceful, doesn’t mean it’s lacking in fighting power.”

    During Shi Huangdi’s reign as a human, he came across a Xian’s work during his human life. Using its technology, he devised a way to extend his own lifespan and made China into what it is today. The people of this Lostbelt has not known war for hundreds of years, with the walls of China expanded beyond the atmosphere, and the emperor only employed mechanical automatons derived from Xiang Yu, or Kuaiji Zero to patrol the land. He also had a handful of royal guards around the capital on duty, for patrolling purposes, Notably, they’re led by a renowned martial artist that’s even known in Pan-Human History, Li Shuwen. Although none of the people here aware of that, not even the man in question. Meanwhile, the majority of his army was put to rest inside Mt. Li, by employing cryogenic freezing to preserve their prime state.

    “With such a force, it’s too early to think he won’t-”
    “Lan Ling, you are missing the point.” Hinako interrupted.

    “I refuse to let Lord Xiang Yu return to battlefield.”
    As she set down her tea, Hinako continued, “It’s better that the emperor to remain ignorant of other Lostbelts. The tree is also well hidden, he won’t suspect anything as long as he’s focused on his project. There’s no reason for me to go along with this farce of a contest. I’ll renounce my participation in the upcoming meeting.”

    After listening to her, Lan Ling conceded, “I understand Master. If that is your wish, then I shall follow it.”
    Hinako thought to herself.
    I only need to bear with it for a little while. As long as I can be with Lord Xiang Yu, I need nothing else in the world.
    LB3’s Zero chapter is complete. I tried to imagine what have been happening during three months prior to Crypter’s meeting in Olympus, and LB3 in particular was a bit tough since I had to look up QSH and other stuffs, and even then I’m still uncertain if I managed to convey it right. There won’t be any chapters for sometime due to work, though I really wanted to tackle India ASAP since I’m all giddy for Altjuna’s powers and fighting force. Thanks for reading and see you next time.
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    Chapter 4: Yuga Kshetra/Zero - Composite Deity

    Somewhere in Indian Lostbelt.

    A flying fortress could be seen hovering up high in the sky. A floating palace that served as god’s transport, Vimana. Its owner was the ruler, as well as the god of this Lostbelt, God Arjuna.

    At the moment, other than Arjuna who sat on the throne, two men stood before him, one dressed in black tight suit with light hair, and the other was red-haired, dark-skinned person with golden eyes.
    They’re Crypter Scandinavia Peperoncino and his Servant, Archer Ashvatthaman. They were about to conclude a conversation.
    “…In short, there were other worlds, of which we dub Lostbelts, that you could expand your reign to.”
    “More places… to be rid of defects…” Responded Arjuna. His tone was neutral and mechanical, yet the voice carried a commandeering weight befitting of a god.
    “Yes, and on that note, we will stick around, tending to the Tree of Emptiness until the inevitable clash, if you don’t mind.”
    “Irrelevant…do as you will…do not commit evil…”
    “I’ll keep that in mind.” With that word, Peperoncino took his leave.
    His Servant followed suit, but not before giving a piercing glare to the dark god.
    They dropped down on top of the mountain near the hovering Vimana.
    “Could you tone down the hostility a bit? We’re not looking for a fight, Archer.”
    Peperoncino admonished his Servant, aware of his actions before they left.

    “This Arjuna is not the one from your timeline, he isn’t responsible for the deaths of your comrades, or the tragedies happened to you.”
    Not to mention it would be a death sentence, given the sheer power he wields as the amalgamation of every Hindu gods.
    Although in exchange, the burden from containing that many Divinities inside him made him hardly emoted and could not move freely, unless in an all-out battle. Aside of rebuilding the world, He mostly spent his time watching over the land from his throne.

    “Shut up. Whatever version he is, he’s my sworn enemy back in the war. He’s the cause that made me pull through all that crap for thousands of years even after the war. You must be crazy if you think I’ll let go all the grudges just like that.”
    Said Archer, whose identity was Ashvatthaman, the warrior who had fought in Kurukshetra war by Kaurava's side, which made the Pandava's, including Arjuna, his long-time foes.
    To that response, Peperoncino sighed.
    “Where did I go wrong with your summoning? Are you not actually a Berserker in Archer’s disguise?”
    “Huh? The hell is that? I’ll kill you even if you’re my Master.”
    “Oopsie, didn’t mean a slight or anything, it’s just a rhetoric question.”
    The Servant fumed in frustration, unable to figure out just how serious his Master was.

    Meanwhile, Peperoncino brought up another topic.“It’s been some weeks after Chaldea’s destruction. Kadoc sure has come a long way ever since our time together back in Chaldea.” Peperoncino quietly reminisced. “If only he had taken care of his appearance just a little bit, he would turn up quite handsome. Maybe this achievement could let him ease up enough to take my advice. I’ll look forward to the meeting.”
    “I don’t give a damn.” Said Archer, to which Peperoncino responded.
    “Oh, sorry, just talking to myself.”
    As they descended from the mountain, they encountered a figure in green, cloaked in japanese clothes. Peperoncino remembered the man, he’s one of the Apostles sent by Alien God to oversee the Lostbelts, going by the name Limbo.
    “My, to what do I owe pleasure of an Apostle visit to my humble Lostbelt?”
    “Pay me no mind, Crypter. I’m just checking in on things, by Alien God’s order. He wanted to know how the progress of each Lostbelt going.”
    “Then he has nothing to worry about. We managed to build a good rapport with the god-king Arjuna, and he seems interested with the clash with other Lostbelts even if he doesn’t show it.”

    Hearing that, the Apostle hummed.

    “Nnnnnn…. Excuse me, I can’t help but be delighted by how the god of this Lostbelt managed his rule. The way he destroy and create the world to reach perfection is really amusing. He essentially turns this world into his miniature model to manipulate as he sees fit.”
    Said the Apostle, his face contorted in excitement. On the other hand, Peperoncino frowned at his words.
    “So I seek an audience with the god-king himself. Arjuna, was it? I saw his fortress currently near the peak onward. Am I wrong?”

    “What do you want from him?” Growled Peperoncino, losing all the pleasantries he had shown before.
    “I’m merely going to advise the god-king to put the Tree into good use. Us Apostles know the inner workings of Tree of Emptiness, and it’s crucial for the god-king to have this advantage over others, especially against Greek Lostbelt. Now, I shall excuse myself.” Finished speaking, Limbo passed through the two as he made his way to the peak.

    Watching Limbo's figure getting farther, Peperoncino silently thought,
    That Apostle is bad news. He lied through his teeth as naturally as he breathes.
    At least the Priest knows well to show gestures of neutrality. But that man… he doesn’t even bother to hide his fangs.

    Peperoncino worried. Despite the seemingly peaceful, idyllic sense this land gives, it’ll only last until the next cycle of Yuga. The cycle, which was suppose to last hundreds to thousands of years in this Lostbelt, had gotten shorter and shorter as willed by God Arjuna. The realm might still hold for now, but who knows what more he could do by abusing the Tree’s power? Right now it only took months to reach the cycle’s end, but it wouldn’t be long before this Lostbelt could collapse even before the clash.

    Seeing his Master frowned, which was rare, Archer spoke up. “You got a problem with that guy, Master?”
    Peperoncino responded, “He’s quite good-looking, I’ll give him that, but his personality can’t be any further than my type.”
    Not to mention the scheming type such as him would love to see the world burn more than anything else, ordered by Alien God or not. So…
    “Change of plan, Archer. Turn to your spirit form, I’m going back to the peak.”
    “Whatever.” Archer spat, and disappeared.

    As much as he hated to spy at the risk of being found out, he also could not risk to be ignorant of the nonsense Limbo might spew to the emotionless god. Arjuna might just take it at a face value.
    If I find his scheme to be harmless, then I won’t probe further. But if it isn’t, I could dissuade Arjuna, or at least stall until I find an alternate way to go about it.
    Thought Peperoncino as he traversed the mountain in swift movement.

    We’re all have chosen to oppose the current humanity, in exchange of this second chance. This false grace given by that man.

    He hadn’t told his fellow Crypters, but Peperoncino already suspected someone behind Alien God. Though he also suspected both Kirschtaria and Daybit sort of had a hint of Alien God's nature.
    Who else would use the term [Crypter] and [Sirius Light]?
    “Even in death, his influence can still be felt driving our actions.”
    The most I can do is to make full use of this second chance, even if false, to make better future for us all.
    A/N:LB4's done. I tried to balance out Pepe’s flamboyant attitude as to not exaggerate it too much to the point of being offensive. So I hope he’s written well. On another note, LB4 without Chaldea means no Jinako, so no cube to weaken Altjuna in this story. Also, Pepe is more wary of Limbo, and will glean any information he could get to stop his plotting, and also had ideas about Marisbury. Excuse the blatant title drop, I just couldn’t resist it. I guess that’s it, I’ll hit on hiatus before tackling LB5 in Olympus. Unlike other Lostbelts, the cast is exceedingly bigger with literal armies. There’s Odysseus, Chiron, Machine Gods, and that’s not before touching on Wodime and his Servants, and some loredump. Depending on the circumstances, it could be either a long chapter, or split into two parts. Thanks for reading.
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    Chapter 5: Olympus/Zero - The Looming Xenomachia

    In Greek Lostbelt, one could see that this Lostbelt only consisted of Atlantic ocean filled with man-made archipelago, with Fantasy Tree standing tall out of the sea, right at the center of it.

    However, this was merely illusion. For the real Tree was hidden underground, where the city Olympus also existed.
    On top of the palace of the gods, The Great Orbital Shrine Olympia Dodona, sat the altar that hosts the Fantasy Tree Magellan, which was renamed by Zeus as Atlas.

    A tall, muscular man carrying a staff shaped like a thunderbolt stood in front of the Fantasy Tree. This was the king of Greek gods, Zeus.
    Accompanying him, two figures stood on either side of him, they were the goddesses Aphrodite and Demeter.
    Behind them still, two young looking people attended, they’re Servants Dioscuri Twins, Castor and Pollux.

    Zeus spoke, “Fantasy Tree Magellan- no, Atlas, has grown exponentially, and it shall soon bloom brilliantly.”
    “Congratulations, Father.” Said the twins in unison.
    “Huh, so this is the so-called Fantasy Tree? The design looks tasteless.” Commented Aphrodite.
    “Now, now, Aphrodite. No matter what it looks like, it is undeniable fact that this tree is the lynchpin that made this world possible.”
    “Huh? Did I ask for your opinion, Demeter?” Spat Aphrodite after hearing Demeter’s reprimand.

    “Silence, both of you.” admonished Zeus.

    “There are some facts we must accept, no matter how humiliating they may be.”
    “Our glorious Olympus's prosperity, the Twelve Olympians' eternal reign, all depend on the Tree of Emptiness."
    “This we must come to terms with if we are to overcome the tree's hold on us.”

    “I agree with your intention Zeus, but why must we work together with these outsiders?”
    By ‘outsiders’, Aphrodite was referring to the Alien God’s Apostles. They knew while the tree serves as lynchpin of their world, it also works as the vessel for a god to descend to.
    Aphrodite added, “The thought that I must put up with that foreign god’s so-called Apostles makes me retch, especially that clown. They had the nerve to call themself a god from alien planet, when we ourselves migrated here from across galaxy.”
    “I do share Aphrodite’s sentiment. I believe to prove our supremacy, we too must prepare regarding the descend of this ‘Alien God’.”
    “All in good time, I have the countermeasures in mind.” Said Zeus in reassuring tone.
    “This Lostbelt's divine power must not remain relegated to Olympus. It must spread across the world. We must restore mythology to its rightful place.”
    Zeus continued, “But to do that, we must first get rid of the other trees, and therefore invade their Lostbelts, which is why I must ally with my sworn friend, Kirschtaria Wodime."
    "Zeus! Need I remind you that he is only a human/Zeus! You would still call that human your sworn friend!?"
    Both Aphrodite and Demeter spoke indignantly, but Zeus rebuffed them.

    "Silence. Kirschtaria Wodime the Crypter is no ordinary human. One could well liken the mammalian humans from Proper Human History to little more than sentient reeds. And indeed, Kirschtaria is sentient. But no mere reed could ever be that strong."
    Sensing the goddesses' dissatisfaction still, Zeus continued,
    "You saw for yourselves how he defeated me fairly, and so I must acknowledge his strength. Rest assured, Our fight is far from finished, and we will do battle again once we prevail over the other Lostbelts."

    “To that end, we must not be lenient with other Lostbelts, for they too shall fight with everything they got for the sake of their continued existence.”
    Hearing that, Aphrodite and Demeter nodded.
    “Indeed, I do look forward to crush the other Lostbelts, I’m really eager to kill those so-called monarchs and subjugate their lands.”
    “Well spoken, I too shall lend my power for the sake of Olympus. Together, we shall show the might of the fleet that has traversed the stars.”
    Once both goddesses spoke of their approval, Zeus declared,
    “My fellow gods, the time has come to claim this blank planet for ourselves. I declare this war with other realms Xenomachia, and like the wars before this, we too shall be victorious. We will unite, we will stand together, and my thunderbolts will eradicate our adversaries. Olympus will prevail.”
    His voice boomed, resounding throughout the altar, accompanied with the sound of thunder.
    We shall see, Wodime. Once this Lostbelt is the only one left standing, we shall settle the score of who reign supreme in the new world.
    Meanwhile, on the surface, Kirschtaria Wodime was on the beach of Nemesis Island accompanied by one of his Servants, Lancer Caenis, attending to a fleet of Atlantean sail ships mooring on it, forming a row. He talked to the figure who commandeered the fleet, Odysseus.
    “How are our forces doing?”
    “Everything is ready Lord Kirschtaria, the ships are in full power, every warrior has received theos klironomia, we are at our peak condition.”
    “And we have Artemis on stand by just beyond the atmosphere, its interstellar cannon at the ready.”

    Odysseus added, "And in the off-chance that anyone managed to get through me, Poseidon is on guard at the entrance to Olympus intercept would-be intruders."

    Wodime approved, “Good, while the battle with other Lostbelts are still far, Heroic Spirits have manifested all over Atlantis, so your first task is to annihilate them."
    “Understood.” Odysseus bowed, and boarded one of the sail ships.

    As the fleet began to sail away and fade to the horizon, Wodime began to ponder the wonder of his Lostbelt.
    “The technology of this world is really something else, who would’ve thought it invented something akin to nanomachines? Then again, given the Greek gods’ nature, it’s not really a stretch.”
    Ignoring his comment, Caenis spoke, “Oi Kirschtaria, you done daydreaming? Let’s get back down.”
    Before Caenis could walk, Wodime called out to them.
    “Caenis, there’s another reason why I chose to personally oversee the arrangement for the army in the surface.”
    “This is the only place where we can talk freely, away from Zeus’s ears.”
    Hearing Wodime’s words, Caenis’ expression hardened.
    “As you’re already aware, Zeus and I agreed to work together to destroy other Lostbelts, and once it's over, we will fight to determine the ownership of the Tree."
    "Yeah? Get to the point."
    "While we did agree it will be one-on-one duel, I'm still wary of the other gods' actions once Zeus lost. For that I need a backup plan."
    "Caenis, sometime during the war, I'd like you to pretend to have fallen in a battle, and bidding your time to strike the surviving gods, whether you do it alone or with third party's help is up to you."
    "The hell you say? You want me to lose on purpose and disappear to the sidelines?!"
    "Only after the war about to reach an end, until then, feel free to indulge yourself with enemies' blood, and you can slay gods once you 'died'."
    “Gah, fine! I’ll play possum! If it means I can kick the gods’ asses once there’s only you and them left. But first and foremost, Poseidon’s mine.”
    “Noted.” Wodime said, bereft of the aristocratic air he tended to show to his fellow Crypters.
    Returning to Olympus, Wodime went to his room after exchanging pleasantries with Zeus. looked into the locations of each Lostbelts, and pondering of their histories.

    Russia, Scandinavia, China, India, England, and Mesomerica. In truth, these Lostbelts weren’t suppose to exist.
    Wodime’s Lostbelt was meant to be the only one established, and thus has the highest chance to prevail.
    However, Wodime took it upon himself to offer his comrades from A-team the same chance he got, which led to six more Lostbelts came to be.
    It only takes six simulations with each member from the team to resurrect them all.
    Wodime noticed this anomaly, and there's one person he didn't interact with during the simulation in the resurrection process.

    But that could wait. For now, he needs to measure up the threats of other Lostbelts. Of course, There's a high chance that he didn't have to confront
    some Lostbelts once they fell to one another, but there are those whose residents could threaten even the gods in Greek Lostbelt.
    "There are perhaps two that I must be wary of. Scandinavia is a non-issue since I had Ophelia prepared a contingency. England could also count, but I already had Beryl dealt with it. India is known for its Hindu pantheon, whose members possess world-destroying weapons, so they're a potential danger. Mesoamerica with its Aztec myth revolving around destruction and creation could also potentially have dangerous Authorities. And also-"
    As Wodime talking to himself, he sensed a presence behind him.He turned around, and see a woman-like figure with long, silver hair. It's the Priestess of the Alien God.

    Confronting her, Wodime spoke, "I was wondering when you will show up."
    ”Perhaps it's time you considered sharing your own opinion before I make my final move, Priestess?”
    ”You must have seen the adjustments I made to my Fantasy Tree, along with the way my interests align with Zeus‘ own, even if our conclusions differ.
    “But somehow, in spite of all that, you continue to do nothing.”
    Seeing the Priestess did not respond, Wodime continued,
    “Very well then, I'll not waste more time asking why you continue to insist on observing rather than acting.”
    “Nobody knows if the Foreign God even truly exists. Not even the Apostles have seen them, or know the Alien God's true intentions may be.”
    “It is truly a god of the void, and I cannot leave mankind's fate to such being.”
    “...I will win this war, watch over Zeus until he passes, and establish the Fantasy Tree as reality.”
    “So continue to stay back and observe, void shaped like a priestess.”
    “Nobody else is left. I alone shall realize the future you failed to create.”
    The Priestess disappeared from the room, leaving Wodime alone.

    Despite declaring such, he did account one person that might be able to face him equally, and perhaps threaten his Lostbelt. The Crypter of Mesoamerica.

    Daybit Sem Void…

    Wodime thought,
    He’s perhaps my biggest obstacle to achieving my dream. I didn't meet him during the simulations.
    That would mean he didn't need my help and completed the simulations all by himself, which sets him apart from the others.
    Daybit is quite an enigma, and the late Director Marisbury had only shared his secret plans with him alongside Wodime. However, he seemed to disagree with it to some extent. Wodime thought that he'd use this chance to thwart Marisbury's plan, and by extension his own.
    Very well, our clash shall decide whether or not Marisbury's dream will come true. I shall do everything within my power to prevail, Daybit.
    LB5’s prologue is done, and it's shorter than expected. Almost a week, and not much time to write and think up ideas. I realized that during early stage of the war, Kirschtaria should have the advantage by knowing other Crypters’ Lostbelt beforehand, and his Lostbelt King got a headstart to prepare in advance, army and all. Though as you can see, he's unaware of Beryl's plot, and Daybit is a complete mystery to him, making him all the more wary of Daybit. Gonna do next chapter, LB6 more leisurely. Maybe I’ll wait for it to drop in NA first before writing, but that could change anytime. Thanks for reading.
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    This is great and you've done your research, I look forward to updates, tho I'd like to point out something that bugs me a bit. I don't know if it's an inconsistency or not but Kirschtaria didn't clear it 6 times, the reason is linked to why Daybit didn't appear, mostly because he probably resurrected by himself, this is kinda confirmed by Koyanskaya saying he doesn't own a debt to the Alien God which let's him do whatever he want, even if it doesn't align with the interests of the Alien God, it kinda has been just ignoring him.Last thing I look forward to is the Spider awekening since the other Lostbelts never had Aristoteles problems unlike PHH.

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    Chapter 6: Avalon le Fae/Zero - The Scheming Fairy Queen

    Moments before Chaldea was invaded, Beryl had been coerced by Wodime to renounce his right to participate by destroying his own Lostbelt. He was baffled at first, but Wodime had promised him that he could indulge anything to his heart's desire, which in his case is killing people.

    "This place is suppose to be a threat to him?" Pondered Beryl, as he regaled his Lostbelt's surroundings.
    Wodime's order couldn't be any clearer. He wanted him to get rid of his own Lostbelt.
    But the Lostbelt is empty. It's prowling with Phantasmal Beasts and Fairies, but not a single human was seen. A natural land devoid of humanity. A far cry from what Wodime feared.

    "Welp, I'm not complaining, it's easier for me to get rid of Fantasy Tree. All I gotta do is to summon some nasty Servant fit for the job."
    Having made his decision, Beryl began to chant Heroic Spirit summoning, using the land of Britain itself as a catalyst. The ground began to shine, a figure manifested afterward.
    "...Servant, Ruler, Fairy Queen Morgan has answered your summon. Are you my Master?"


    It's been two months ever since then, time sure flies.
    Beryl thought, as he walked in the hallway of an enormous castle. After a while, he arrived in a spacious throne room, greeted by various fairies present, some are heavily armored, and the kingdom's ruler currently sat on the throne greeted him.
    M"Welcome back, Beryl Gut, my husband. I trust you've been enjoying yourself in New Darlington?" Spoke Queen Morgan.
    "Yes, it was cathartic. Lady Spinel was really excited hearing all those fairies scream in agony and limbs tearing apart. It was a sight to behold."

    The surrounding fairies cringed at Beryl's words, but none dared to speak up. No matter what, the human was still Queen Morgan's husband, so they couldn't risk to draw the Queen's wrath.

    By Lady Spinel, Beryl was referring to Tristan, one of Morgan's three personal knights, and also her adopted daughter. She had been thrilled the first time she heard about outside world from Beryl. Coupled with his sadistic knack, the two immediately hit it off, with Beryl introducing her the culture of Pan-Human History, such as fashion and shoes, but mostly gruesome ones.

    Beryl then changed the topic, his real reason to come to her. "By the way, dear, it's been a while for us to have a chance for pillow talk, could I request you for some alone-time between us?"
    Morgan paused for a moment.
    "...Soldiers, my subjects, leave the two of us alone." Morgan commanded.
    Murmurs could be heard among the crowd as they left the room, and then the throne only had Beryl and Morgan present.
    "I've casted bounded field to ward off sounds. No one can eavesdrop on us. Speak up your mind, Master." Morgan spoke, now addressing Beryl as her summoner.
    Hearing Morgan's approval, Beryl started.

    "I'll get right to it then; 'I' died, didn't I?"

    Hearing Beryl's question, Morgan stayed silent as he continued,
    "Not before being resurrected, but the moment a barren land turned into a fairy kingdom overnight, the current 'me' who woke up back then is not the 'me' who had gone to sleep beforehand, yes?"
    Morgan finally spoke to Beryl's speculations.
    "Yes, Master. It was necessary step to turn the empty Lostbelt into a genuine fairy land of my own making, my Fairy Kingdom of Britain." Morgan started to tell Beryl of what had gone down back then.


    "In short, you managed to recreate the process of Rayshifting, sent your memories to your past self that had existed in this Lostbelt..."
    Beryl summarized Morgan's plan as she finished.
    "...And then the Lostbelt version of you analyzed the inner workings of the Fantasy Tree, and reverse-engineered it to suit your needs. And brought me back to life for added bonus?"

    Morgan corrected Beryl, "Not just 'bonus', Master. It is a token of my gratitude to you, for giving me the chance to realize my long held dream."

    As expected of Morgan. Her mastery over magecraft is really terrifying.

    Then this Lostbelt- No, this world is no longer bound by the existence of Fantasy Tree, and won't vanish like the others would.
    Quite cunning there, Fairy Queen. Guess you made use of your summoning to the fullest.

    However, Beryl couldn't be any more dejected than he did before.

    He was ecstatic at first, with this second chance in life and hearing that he could meet Mash again, he could pick up where they left off without the pesky doctor around, or anyone else. But then a report came that Chaldea was no more, utterly annihilated. The news made him feel cheated out of his wish.

    "Had you told me of your plan in advance, I would've asked you to leave me dead..." Whispered Beryl under his breath.
    "What was that?" Asked Morgan.

    Sensing Morgan's puzzlement, Beryl hurriedly recomposed himself. "Nope, nothing. So... what's your next move?"
    Morgan explained, "The Crypter that you spoke highly of, Kirschtaria Wodime, along with his Greek Lostbelt is far and away the biggest threat to my reign. While I do need to quell the insurgence within my kingdom, such as Child of Prophecy and Cnoc na Riabh, they're insignificant compared to the outside threat."

    Beryl had heard about this. These past two months he's been traveling all around this fairy Britain, with his safety guaranteed as the Queen's consort. He learnt of the six fairy clans of Fang, Wind, Earth, Mirror, Rain, and King. He noticed quite a number of disgruntled fairies and humans that were forming factions to oppose Morgan. The notable ones being Round Table Army, King clan Cnoc na Riabh's force in the north, and the rumored Child of Prophecy.

    "Meh, screw this power struggle crap between fairy clans, they have no idea that all hell would break loose once the other Lostbelts invade this land. I wager that only you and your Tam Lins could stand a chance against the other Lostbelts. And maybe add Woodwose for a good measure." Scoffed Beryl.

    Tam Lin, Queen Morgan's three warriors said to be the strongest in the Fairy Kingdom. They consisted of Gawain, a fairy from Fang clan whose might was unmatched on the ground, Lancelot, the strongest fairy in Britain whose swords and flight ability could raze an army by herself, and finally Tristan, the sadistic fairy who's also Queen Morgan's heir in Magecraft.

    Another strong individual loyal to the Queen was Woodwose, the current head of the Fang clan. Were it not for the Tam Lins, he would've been the undisputed strongest warrior in Morgan's army.

    Morgan spoke, "Yes, your expectation shall be met accordingly. But to face them directly without plan is foolish. To ensure my kingdom's prosperity, you will return to Kirschtaria Wodime and pretend to fulfill your duty. I shall cast a spell on you beforehand, meant to detect you and send my strongest magecraft your way. All to get rid of Greek Lostbelt from the inside."
    Beryl applauded his Servant-turned-Lostbelt King. Even now, he sensed an enormous magical energy flowing into Morgan's throne. Even with all that power at her disposal, she's still extremely cautious. It's a testament of her continuous reign for over 2000 years. However...

    "...Uhh, that's a pretty neat plan and all, but what about me? I'll definitely get caught in the crossfire."

    "Fear not, Master, you're merely a beacon. My spell shall annihilate your surroundings while leaving you unscathed. Once it is done, I can have you return here and deal with the other Lostbelts at your own leisure."

    Damn, that sounds like a Sirius Light's true purpose without drawbacks. Well, well, how sweet of her. Though it's possible that she could be lying and have me killed as well, I can't shake the feeling that she's really genuine with her words.

    "You sure got solid plan in hand. Perhaps there are something else I could help you with? Other than being a bait, of course."
    Morgan pondered, and spoke, "You could keep Tristan company while you're here. I've never seen her so cheerful for a long time."
    "Oh, Lady Spinel? Sure, I could keep her company. It helps that we hit it off rather quickly."
    Not to mention she's gonna be useful to me down the line... Beryl thought ominously.

    Truth be told, Beryl didn't have as much willpower to see this Lostbelt war through. Not after Chaldea's demise along with Mash. He decided to go with the flow this time.

    Oh well, beggar can't be chooser, I'll just have fun while it lasts. If I die, I die, but I'll take many people with me once it happened.

    Now then, let's see how much bloodbath I can cause once the game begins.

    LB6's done. Thank you Kaustrios, your post motivates me more to do this chapter sooner. Regarding the simulations, I was under the impression that Kirschtaria needed to do it six times including himself in order to overturn their fate. 'Alien God' made an offer, and he took it. Nasu stated that the only ones capable to clear out the trial are Kirschtaria and Daybit, and also Kadoc if he's paired with Lostbelt Anastasia, so it's not impossible for Kirschtaria to solo it.
    About Beryl, I figured with his main obsession Mash's gone, he's going to be less lively and more dour in Crypters interactions, though that might not show. And Morgan's pretty much the one running the show when it comes to LB6's faction, so he'll act around the other Crypter as if he dropped out of the game like with Hinako, but much later on since he needed to pretend that he's still participating under Kirschtaria's order. He's essentially playing double agent here.
    Next up, LB7's prologue, with Daybit and Tezca and also Koyanskaya, some tidbits about a spider. Daybit's character gonna be a challenge to portray, so I hope I could do him justice. Thanks for reading.
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    Oh I may have been dumb and misinterpreted it, I confused the "six more lostbelts came to be " with the 6 times and thought you wrote it as Kirschtaria having to clear it for Daybit.
    And also good luck on Daybit he doesn't really have the most relatable human mind, even Kirschtaria said so
    I'm gonna try to see this story to the end but really feel free to take your time.(PS, you probably know that but since Daybit resurrected by himself he didn't even use the reproduction of Chaldea's summoning system, Goredolf had a funny reaction to that, he wondered what kind of super master could clear the singularity by himself without any servants )

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    Chapter 7: Nahui Mictlan/Zero - Ritual for the Ultimate One

    Mesoamerican Lostbelt. It's a land of blazing inferno where mountains spew endless magma and lava. Nothing resembling life could be seen.

    That was but the surface. Hidden underground was a whole different world. A nature world shaped like a tube which was filled with trees, consist of nine layers with a sun-like sphere at the center traveling to and fro each opposite ends. One would think of O'Neill cylinder by looking at it from the surface.

    This is Mictlan, the land that're populated by Deinos. It's a race of evolved dinosaurs who're graced by an extraterrestrial entity from outer space known as Malla, and was peaceful. Or so it used to be.

    It all changed two months ago. By the arrival of Daybit Sem Void, the Crypter, he summoned the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca, the deity began to lead a conquest consisted of the humanoid apes native to Mictlan of which he called the Ocelomeh, subjugating and sacrificing the Deinos, nearly driving them to extinction. They rebuilt and repurposed a certain ruin in the fifth layer their home base and called it Mexico City, while the few Deinos who fought banded together and made the ruins in third layer as the center of their resistance, led by the Dinosaur King.

    By extension, the Ocelomeh's culture began to be adapted by Deinos, which led to them worshipping the underground sun. This caused deification and apotheosis of the sun, manifesting a deity native to Mictlan in the form an adult, humanoid female. The Deinos called her Kukulkan, after the serpent deity in Aztec mythology. The nascent goddess had taken a neutral stance in the conflict between the Ocelomeh and the Deinos, and was rarely seen.


    Daybit entered Mexico City after half a day exploring some ruins. It's been two months ever since the destruction of Chaldea. Like the other Crypters, he's been making his own preparations for the upcoming battle. Though in his case, he had additional things to take care of. During his first time arriving in Mictlan, he went straight to the seventh layer's observatory for information from the brain of the planet, then he went to ninth layer, fighting through a crazed bat god in the process, and managed to confirm his objective. Ever since then, he along with his Servant made foundation to achieve his goal; awakening the Ultimate One ORT.

    After a few more climbing, Daybit arrived at the altar of Mexico City, where the rituals were done. He saw the captive Deinos, some were alive and some were dead. Their hearts were ripped out by the Ocelomeh and crushed into liquid, of which the blood flowed through into the drainage located around the altar, with a young woman carrying a whip overseeing the whole process. It did not faze him in the slightest.

    "Hey bro, how's your day?" a friendly voice was heard from the side, addressing Daybit. An adult blond man dressed in leather jacket appeared. It's his Servant, Ruler Tezcatlipoca.

    "Discovered some new ruins. Ka'an's culture is quite advanced." Daybit replied.

    Tezcatlipoca seemed happy to hear his answer. "That's good to hear. You're quite adventurous, and not much a city person, aren't you? You're rarely seen around the Mexico City."

    "I just don't see anything that need my attention other than the ritual process. And even that seems to be well under Tlaloc's watch." Said Daybit, as he gestured to the woman at the altar.

    "Ah yes, Hummingbird has been really diligent. On top of rebuilding this ruin into a functional city, she single-handedly taught the Ocelomeh necessary steps to conduct for the rituals."

    At first, the Ocelomeh had been disorganized and overwhelmed by the Deinos in pure physical prowess, making the subjugation rather difficult, but then Tezcatlipoca made use of his Authority to summon two people to help out in his conquest. One was rain god Tlaloc, or Hummingbird as Tezcatlipoca likes to call her, and the other was a human warrior going by the name Izcalli. Thanks to them, Ocelomeh had become more coordinated, but it still took ten Ocelotls to barely take down a single Deinos. However, that too changed after a certain woman paid a visit and provided them firearms.

    "That fox lady Koyanskaya sure made our lives easier by giving away these." Tezcatlipoca said as he whipped up his gun.

    They're still trial run according to her, but I could study it and design my own version using this Lostbelt's materials. So we don't need to procure from her anymore. I can't wait to see her look once she returned to negotiate."

    After seeing Tezcatlipoca finished, Daybit abruptly changed the topic. "How's the ritual proceeding so far?"

    Tezcatlipoca frowned a little, but answered. "The daily ritual has proceeded smoothly. In my estimation, ORT's wounds will be mostly healed in ten months time. And the final sacrifice directly in its body will do the trick to jolt it up."

    "And that's where Izcalli comes in." Daybit finished Tezcatlipoca's words.

    "Yep, the lad has been rather diligent himself. He's really eager to become a Tezcatlipoca, even now he's training in some forest, hunting down Deinos as we speak, absorbing my teachings relentlessly."
    Said Tezcatlipoca, praising Izcalli like a proud teacher.

    "It's been a smooth-sailing business here in Mictlan." Tezcatlipoca concluded.

    Daybit approved, but also adding up a caution. "Good, There may not be any hindrances now, but there will be soon, once the battle begin."

    Obviously, Daybit spoke of the battle with his fellow Crypters.

    Tezcatlipoca confidently said, "Let 'em come. The more the merrier. Fighting and killing Deinos has been boring recently, so a fight with outside force is just the thing I need to spice things up."

    "I have no doubt in your abilities and the Ocelomeh, and the goddess will definitely protect her Lostbelt from invaders, but the ritual must not be disrupted no matter what. So I ask that you don't drag the battle to this place unless it's absolutely necessary." Warned Daybit.

    Hearing that, Tezcatlipoca scoffed. "Yeah, definitely can't promise that. you know how I am, I might even aid foes if it amuses me."

    "More so than destroying the world?" countered Daybit.

    Hearing that, Tezcatlipoca yielded. "...Welp, you got me there, being able to witness a possible end of this planet is too enticing a prospect. So I may be biased a bit with your plan."

    "I see that your mind's made up." Approved Daybit.

    Everything is set. But whether I will resort to ORT is up to him.

    Daybit thought, as he imagined the figure of a certain magus.

    Let's see how you will fare in a year time, Wodime.


    LB7 prologue done. All seven is finally done. Thanks Kaustrios. Personally, I'm satisfied with how Daybit turned out here, along with Tezcatlipoca. I took some of Comun's words as inspirations for the two's dynamic. LB7 is more than Daybit and the Ocelomeh. 'Zotz aside, Kuku will definitely protect Mictlan with a giant shiny hand chop. Next chapter would be an intermission, a recap of what each Lostbelt's fighting force so far, before the meeting of Crypters and the first Lostbelt war to occur. Thanks for reading.
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    Not a chapter, but a recap of what the factions' forces and situations look like. Now that all seven has been introduced, I want to show the details of each Lostbelt.


    Russia Faction

    Scandinavia Faction

    China Faction

    India Faction

    Olympus Faction

    Britain Faction

    Mesoamerica Faction

    Excluding their armies and monsters, these diagrams show the situation each Lostbelt has after three months. The Class symbols denote people who haven't been introduced to the story yet. You can guess who's who if you're familiar with the Lostbelts' stories.

    Next chapter might take a while, so I'll just post this to keep track of the battle royale. Cheers.

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    Chapter 8: The Gathering

    Ninety days have passed after Chaldea's fateful demise. The Crypters, as instructed by Kirschtaria Wodime, this is the day they will hold a meeting. Wodime is currently in a chamber where it housed a round table with seven chairs, along with the other Crypters. The Crypters are present as projections as if they're seated in the chairs, except Wodime.

    After accounting for all the Crypters, Wodime starts,

    "It has been ninety days... three full months since Fantasy Tree took root. The world has been successfully rewritten with the Lostbelts. The Felling Theoretical Phenomenon is complete. Let us take a moment to celebrate this milestone. None of this would have been possible without each of your devoted efforts.

    "Pfft, you're giving us waaay too much credit, Kirschtaria. None of us has done anything worth celebrating yet." Chimes Beryl in, feigning modesty.

    "The Alien God did all the work, invading and rewriting history and the world and all that. All we've done is keep our Lostbelt kings in good spirits. The real work's only just starting, yeah?"

    Ophelia speaks in response to Beryl's remark, "...You don't get it, Beryl. Stabilizing the Lostbelts and growing the tree are one and the same. Lord Kirschtaria is telling us to devote ourselves to maintaining our contracts with the Lostbelts' Servants. Particularly Masters like you, who treat this as some kind of game."

    Beryl thinks to himself, Man, did I overdo it? Welp, might as well double down.

    "Whoa, whoa, easy there, Ophelia. Looks really CAN kill when you're the one giving them. That aside, “Lord” Kirschtaria, huh? Changed a bit since you woke up, haven't you? Ah, don't worry. I won't give you TOO much shit about that. I get why you'd wanna cling to someone under the circumstances."

    Beryl continues, "But as long as we're on the subject, lemme make something clear here: I've never been more serious in my life. We already died once. Think I don't know better than to treat this like a game? This Foreign God person might've resuscitated us this time, but I don't see that happening a second time."

    "So you better believe that I wanna get things taken care of while I'm still kicking. After all, can only enjoy stealing and killing while you're alive. Don't you agree, Daybit?"

    Hearing his name, Daybit speaks, "Indeed. You cannot experience the sensation that accompanies methodical killing from the confines of the Coffin. Happily, our respective regions are quite primitive, so we are afforded plenty of opportunities for that experience now."

    I might've not done the killing myself, but I do help the Ocelomeh slaughter the Deinos for the ritual, so it's all the same.

    Daybit does not specify that he enjoys it, only that he acknowledges Beryl's predisposition. But Beryl does not need to know that.

    Beryl is overjoyed hearing Daybit's response. "You said it. They keep coming at us, practically begging us to kill them. Not a lotta time to screw around, huh?" Makes for great entertainments for Lady Spinel, too.

    Ophelia sighs. "...I see. I feel sorry for your Lostbelts."

    At the other side of the table, Peperoncino spots Kadoc's sullen look. "Hmm? What's the matter, Kadoc. Beryl is his usual self, but you seem a bit off. What's bothering you? You look just dreadful! Oh my, those bags under your eyes! Have you not been sleeping? Or is it just that you're under a lot of stress?

    Pepe is always good at reading people. Thinks Kadoc quietly. It's true, these past months have been very taxing to him. Between semi-governing a Tsardom, quelling rebels, to gathering intels and allies, he got his hands full that he could barely rest.

    Kadoc responds, "...Both. Never mind me. I'm doing what I'm supposed to."
    Peperoncino shoots back, "I'm sorry, you know I can't do that, Kadoc. If you really want me to leave you be, then at the very least, I need to see a smile from you! How could I not be sad, seeing a friend so down in the dumps?"

    "I can't help worrying about you, whatever you might think on the subject! Understand? If you really want to be alone, you need to be strong enough to handle it. And if you're letting your stress show like that, then you clearly aren't. Why not try relieving a bit of that stress with a bit of fun? How about some tea? I found some great tea leaves here in my own Lostbelt. I'd be happy to let you have some. I bet the Grand Duchess would be delighted as well.

    Kadoc seethes under his breath.

    Dammit, why does he have to be naggy all the time?

    "...None of your business. I swear, you just don't change no matter what happens, do you, Pepe?"

    Peperoncino lights up to Kadoc's remark. "Ooh, flattery will get you everywhere! I must say, that wasn't bad, Kadoc!"

    Kadoc barks back. "I'm not praising you. That was an insult."

    Beryl comments to Kadoc, "Don't get riled up, Kadoc. He's just that kind of guy. Just think about that weird nickname he picked for himself. He's a dyed-in-the-wool optimist, or maybe a natural-born outlaw. Either way, you don't wanna see him get serious, y'know? He'd only ever show his true colors if the shit REALLY hit the fan. Like, the apocalypse or something."

    Hearing that, Peperoncino thinks to himself. Got that right, Beryl. As a matter of fact, some snake is about to reach that point in my book.

    Getting impatient with all small talks, Hinako speaks up. "...No more wasting our time. Kirschtaria, what did you want to talk about? We've already reported in about our Lostbelts. Mine isn't fit for territory expansion, and I have no intention of competing with the rest of you. If you want to fight over who gets to rule this planet, knock yourselves out. Did I not already tell you all this?"

    Dropping out of THIS? Seriously? Kadoc is skeptical to Hinako's claim, and retorts,

    "...You think we buy that? You can't just shut yourself away and sit this one out, Akuta. In the end, we're going to have to choose a single Lostbelt. If you give up on expanding your Lostbelt's territory, it'll just be a matter of time until another Lostbelt invades it. You really want to just lose by default? You're okay with that?"

    After a moment, Hinako answers, "Yes, I am. And if my Lostbelt ends up disappearing, I'm fine with that too. This time, I just want to stay there right up to the end. As long as I'm satisfied, I'll go along with the rest of the Crypters."

    After all, just being with Lord Xiang Yu is enough miracle for me. Hinako secretly thinks to herself.

    Beryl chimes in, "So you don't give a shit about this power struggle thing, huh? Eh, can't blame you. We all know who's gonna win anyway. Kirschtaria's could beat all of ours put together with one hand tied behind its back. This whole game to figure out who's gonna be the king of the earth has been rigged from the start.

    "I mean, you should see how bad mine and Daybit's Lostbelts are. There's just no way these are possibilities for how humanity would turn out."

    Beryl speaks frankly. In his mind, Seriously, mine is a land of fairies where humans are bred to be playthings. And Daybit's? His 'humanity' is bloody dinosaurs! Meanwhile...

    "There's not a damn thing wrong with Kirschtaria's Lostbelt. Hell, things might even be better there than in Proper Human History! No fair, right? I swear, he was already the favorite to win before we even got started. No accounting for the luck of a born nobleman, huh?"

    Wodime fell silent to Beryl's accusation. He is not wrong. After all, he had been the only one who received Alien God's grace to get second chance and be ordained to replace the now blank world with his own. A world where Age of Gods flourishes, prospers, gods and men live together. Unbeknownst to others, they only received the same grace due to his insistence, his demand that his teammates be given second chance in life. They could be together again thanks to him. However, some of them are already aware of his deeds, and now one of them speaks up to his defense.

    "Beryl! Hold your tongue. Lord Kirschtaria conquered that city entirely on his own merits!" Shouts Ophelia.

    "Why else do you think he has no fewer than three Divine Spirits–"

    Wodime interrupts, "You will hold your tongue as well, Ophelia. Beryl is not incorrect. It is plain to all that I will emerge the victor. No comments about how I go about claiming my inevitable victory will change that. But there are no absolutes, which is why it was not just me, but the rest of you also received the same opportunity to participate in creating a new world."

    Said Wodime. Lie as it may be, this is his genuine feelings toward his comrades. He does not want to tarnish their pride above all else.

    "Now then. The reason I called you all is to establish where our places are in this... competition." Wodime snaps his fingers.

    As if on cue, a hologram of globe appears at the center of the table. On its surface, seven dots of varying size can be seen, denoting the locations of each Lostbelt. All eyes on the sphere.

    Wodime continues, "As you know, we have all consented to a nonaggression pact. As Crypters, our goal is to expand our respective Lostbelts' territories."

    "Eventually, our Lostbelts' borders will clash, and one will inevitably be consumed. Thus will the Lostbelt with the strongest Foundation of Humanity feed upon the weaker ones."

    "But it is in that clash, and ONLY in that clash, that a Crypter may interfere with another Crypter's Lostbelt. To that end, it is important we know the positions of the Lostbelt so that we can anticipate each other."

    Kadoc is the first to comment. "It seems my first clash will be with you, Ophelia. That is, if you didn't clash with Beryl's already."

    "True. But do not underestimate me. My Servant is the strongest possible Knight that can be summoned, and our Lostbelt King's forces are more than capable of taking you both at once." Says Ophelia with confidence.

    But then she sadly thinks, If only he's the actual hero and not fake...

    Beryl laments, "Augh, My Lostbelt is that small? Gonna be tough to compete with you guys. And to make matters worse, I got sandwiched between you and Ophelia, Kirschtaria. Oh well, unlike Hinako I still want to have fun, so I'll take my chances."

    Beryl's statement can't be further from the truth. In his Lostbelt lives a powerful fairy queen with enormous magical energy worth of thousand years. And she has an army of powerful fairies. Even now, he posseses a tracking spell in his body that awaits his signal to annihilate enemies in one fell swoop.

    But he can't use it right away. The powerful spell that Morgan spoke off still takes time to prepare, and even if it's ready, turns out Olympus' barrier is still too powerful for it to penetrate. So Beryl is bidding his time.

    Hearing Beryl's words, Hinako frowns.

    However, Peperoncino is the one who talks to Hinako, "Are you sure of this, hon? About forfeiting from the competition? Judging from their position, my Lostbelt will clash with yours before anyone else. But you won't put up a fight?"

    "Very sure. My mind's made up." Hinako assures Peperoncino.

    Hinako thinks to herself. Not that the foolish emperor will simply surrender. But by the time he realizes it, me and Lord Xiang Yu will be long gone.

    "I see. No hard feelings, then." Says Peperoncino. He's uncertain on what kind of force Chinese Lostbelt has on the table, but it's hard to think of beings that could match an amalgamation of Hindu pantheon on equal grounds, except perhaps the Greek gods in Wodime's Lostbelt. Even now, Arjuna is amassing divine beasts and Kalis alike in preparation. And enslave nearby Heroic Spirits to add into his army. All thanks to the whisper of certain Apostle.


    Daybit remains silent. He's pondering that his and Wodime's Lostbelts are placed the closest to each other. It seems the clash between them is the likeliest to happen.

    After a while, Wodime addresses the other Crypters.

    "Our duty is the Reconstruction of Humanity within our Lostbelts, to build a world where humans and gods can once more coexist in harmony. For my part, I would like to see all the Lostbelts realize their full potential, for each is the potential of humanity itself."

    Wodime continues, "And know this; We all are Crypters, former teammates from A-Team. We are here to compete over the new world, not to kill each other. In the end, only one Lostbelt can prevail, but Crypters are exempt from this rule. Once this is all over, we can all live together in the new world."

    Kadoc scoffs, "Quite optimistic there, Kirschtaria. A war is a war, and casualties are inevitable. Expecting all of us to go through it alive is too naive."

    "Kadoc!" Ophelia tries to admonish Kadoc, but Kadoc stops her. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry Kirschtaria."

    Did I just talk like THAT to his face? I must be more tired than I realized. Oh well.

    "Anyway, this is where I sign off. There are still things I need to take care of in my Lostbelts." Kadoc terminates his projection.
    I have to make some arrangements with my new allies., after all.

    Hinako follows suit. "I'm going to head back to the throne as well. My king's thirst for exploration and conquest is insatiable."
    Especially when it comes to immortality. I still have inspections scheduled after this meeting.
    "There's no telling what sort of trouble he might get into if I leave him alone for too long."

    Next is Beryl. "Right, then. I'll be off as well." I need to brief Morgan of this new development. While it's not possible for Wodime's Lostbelt yet, her spell may still work on others.

    Beryl's projection vanishes.

    Peperoncino sighs, "Well then, I'd best be signing off too. Something doesn't seem right on my end."
    Must be another trick of that Limbo bastard. I managed to dissuade Arjuna from taking in the worst of that snake's 'advice', but who knows what else he might do?

    And then Daybit. "All right, I'm signing off. Our next meeting is after the first clash concludes, yes? See you around."

    Now the table only consists of Wodime, and Ophelia's projection.

    Ophelia speaks first, "...Each of the other Crypters has returned to their posts. Are you sure this is for the best, Lord Kirschtaria? To tell you the truth, I doubt Kadoc is up to the task of maintaining Russia's Lostbelt."

    She continues, "The Russian King's Saint Graph strength is on par with a Divine Spirit Servant. You may be able to control him, Lord Kirschtaria, but there is no way Kadoc can."

    Kirschtaria ponders before speaking, "...Hmm. Are you worried Kadoc's Lostbelt may be destroyed before it can become food for the others, Ophelia?"

    "N-no, it's not that...! It's just...the way he was behaving left me with a bad feeling... And there are times when he prioritizes the Grand Duchess's wishes over our objective."

    Wodime assures Ophelia, "Have faith in him, Ophelia. This is actually the first time I've seen him so dedicated to his task. Remember that it was his Servant, the Grand Duchess that utterly crushed Chaldea. Back in Chaldea, he was full of self-loathing, and feeling out of place in our team, but now he's grown tremendously."

    Ophelia nods, "I understand, my apologies for speaking out of turn."

    "It is fine, if there were outside factors involved, I would've taken your caution and had one of my Servants go to investigate Russia. But right now, let us focus to our respective affairs until the clash." Assures Wodime.

    He adds, "The fate of your Lostbelt will have an impact on mine as well. If possible, I would prefer that our respective Lostbelts be the last two remaining in our competition. Our victory may be inevitable, but some manners of winning are better than others. And my victory must want for nothing. I expect great things from you, Ophelia. I need as many capable compatriots as possible."

    Ophelia's expression brightens. "Yes... Yes, Lord Kirschtaria! I promise, I won't let you down!" With that, her projection vanishes, leaving Kirschtaria Wodime alone in the chamber. He deactivates the holographic globe.

    "...The roots of cosmic fantasy have descended upon us. The advent of the Foreign God is at hand. After three months, the Lostbelts have finished their rewrites. Both this planet, and the next generation of human history, now belong to us. But that is not enough. I will not be satisfied with that alone.
    The sages from Proper Human History abandoned humans in their naivete. He who called himself the King of Mages first pitied humanity, but soon washed his hands of them."

    Wodime ponders, "It has been two thousand years since Mystics disappeared, when the foundations of the world were passed on to mankind... Now, I will attempt to reach a world that no sage ever could. I will attempt to enact an idea that no mage has ever before conceived. Just you watch, Marisbury Animusphere. Watch as I achieve what you only ever dared dream of."


    Alternate take of the Crypters’ meeting. Mostly recycled from the original in LB1 except Chaldea part. I add some monologues that correspond to each Crypter after learning about their situations in the Lostbelts. And without Chaldea’s interference, they can discuss which Lostbelts gonna clash first by looking at the map. Kadoc’s faction is severely lacking of real firepower, so he has to work harder and smarter compared to other Crypters, which may or may not bear fruit in the upcoming clash. Also, Lostbelt clash can finally start. As was told in the chapter, possible clash are; Kadoc vs Ophelia, Ophelia vs Beryl, or both. Then Kirschtaria vs Beryl, Kirschtaria vs Daybit or both. The one that will definitely clash is Pepe vs Hinako, with Hinako’s faction could be disorganized due to her choice. Thanks for reading.
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    Chapter 9: Russia vs Scandinavia(1)

    Kadoc terminates the comm on his end, stretching his body.
    "Haah... that was nerve-wracking."
    His Servant manifests beside him. "I think you did good, Kadoc. You spoke up your mind more often than before. Even your remark to that Wodime guy deserves a praise."
    "That was my exhaustion talking. You do realize how hard we've been working in the past months?"

    Months before, after comparing his own Lostbelt to others, Kadoc saw how lacking its forces are. The ones that are battle-ready were his Servant and the Oprichniki under her. The Priest claimed to be neutral in this war and Salieri is there to placate the Tsar, to maintain the Oprichniki. To compensate, Kadoc sought out possible allies in his Lostbelt, such as Rogue Servants and Phantasmal Beasts. His efforts are arguably rewarded.

    "We managed to capture some Krichat', Razrushat', and even D'yavol Tron through coordinated efforts of Oprichniki with the loyal Yagas, and also quelled some rebels in the vicinity, and even gaining a new ally in the process." Summarizes Kadoc.

    "Indeed, Master. Your skills are truly remarkable. In fact, it was thanks to your effort we managed to capture a rebel faction along with the Servant with little ease."

    "Nothing special, since I was lucky that my magecraft is suitable to deal with her kind." Kadoc answers honestly.

    "So, our first clash will be with that eye-patched woman, right?" the Grand Duchess asks, to which Kadoc responds,

    "Yes. Ophelia Phamrsolone. She is a prodigy in Evocation Department, owner of a Jewel-Ranked Mystic Eye. I heard her Servant was a Saber, who is strongest knight possibly summoned. And from the way she carries herself in last meeting, Wodime's right-hand woman."

    "So she has feelings for him?"

    Kadoc is taken aback by his Servant's sudden question, but doesn't show it. "Maybe, maybe not. It's irrelevant, what's important is that what force her Lostbelt has. So far, we don't know anything of her abilities, or the identity of her Servant other than being 'strongest knight', so we'll leave that out. But before I go on, let us meet with our new allies, that way we can also discuss strategies for the upcoming clash."

    Hearing that, Anastasia frowns. She follows Kadoc quietly.


    The two arrives in a big house somewhere near the capital of Moskow. Kadoc and Anastasia is greeted by Yagas. They're former rebels that Kadoc mentioned before. They were spared and given a shelter, in exchange to cooperating with Kadoc's group. But most importantly, their leader is the one Kadoc sought to ally with these past months, and whom Kadoc managed to convince.

    Entering one of the room, they see a woman dressed lightly. She has a beastman-like trait, but unlike a Yaga, they're limited to her ears and tails, the rest is a black, fur-like pelt worn around her body, with a boar-like feature as a pauldron.

    "Good evening, Atalante." Greets Kadoc. The woman is the Rogue Servant that originally led a rebel faction. But with Kadoc's wits, he managed to win her favor.

    "Evening, Crypter. Before you state your business, I'd like you to know how grateful we are for being provided shelters. Some of the members have their family who had nowhere else to go live with them."

    Kadoc responds, "It is fine, I'm glad that it's to your liking. As long as you provide us with your strengths, you and your group are free to use this house."

    "Yes. I believe it is the reason you came here today?" ponders Atalante, to which Kadoc nods.

    "Correct. As I've told you back then, a battle is about to break out, with this realm's existence at stake. This battle will drag everyone in each realm into the fight whoever they are, even children." Says Kadoc, with a little bit of nuance in the last phrase.

    "You don't need to point that out, I'm aware. It was the very reason I agreed working with you."

    "Good, then we can go straight to discussion."


    Kadoc, Anastasia, and Atalante sits on a circular table. Kadoc begins,

    "Our upcoming clash is with a Lostbelt located in Scandinavia, which Fantasy Tree being tended by Crypter Ophelia. We know that her Lostbelt King is at a Divine Spirit level, a physical goddess. Her army must be equally supernatural in nature. Given what's common in Norse Mythology, we could expect creatures like elves or dwarves, but the heavy weights would be trolls, giants like the Jotuns."

    Kadoc continues, "Worst case scenario, there could be other gods of Aesir and Vanir. But from what I heard, the Lostbelt King is the only god survived the Ragnarok, so we can rule them out. Still, a Norse goddess is in charge, and it's possible that she brings the surviving Einherjars from Valhalla, or even have the Valkyries themselves join in on the battle."

    Anastasia ponders, "Valkyries... as in those female warriors who guide the dead?"

    "Yes, they're the daughters of Odin, tasked to gather mightiest fallen warriors during Viking era to fight in the Ragnarok. They're often depicted as riding flying horses, or even flying by themselves. either way, we have to anticipate flying enemies, which is-"

    "Why you need my help." Atalante chimes in.

    "We don't ask for your opinion." Anastasia shoots back, but Kadoc assures her,

    "It's alright Caster, she's not wrong. This Lostbelt is severely lacking in air force. And since you possess a Noble Phantasm for flying, you could intercept those Valkyries. Meanwhile, the Oprichniki and the Phantasmal Beasts will handle enemies on the ground. It is crucial for the Phantasmal Beast to aid Oprichniki, especially D'yavol Tron since they can easily measure up to gigantic enemies, like the giants. Caster, how is the arrangement on the Northwest?"

    Anastasia answers, "...The preparation is nearly done. The Oprichniki are on standby, and the captured Phantasmal Beasts are being stationed around the edge where the boundary between Lostbelts might clash at this very moment."

    "Good. By our estimation, the clash will happen in approximately a couple of weeks. until then, we'll continue fortifying the defense line and capture more Phantasmal Beasts."

    Before Kadoc could continue, Atalante asks, "You seem to have thoroughly anticipated every possible scenario against enemy's forces, but you should be also aware that your faction is heavily disadvantaged against the power of the Age of Gods. In the off-chance that your defense line is breached, do you have contingencies?"

    "...Are you doubting my Master's plan?" Anastasia asks venomously.

    "Essentially, yes." Atalante bluntly responds, which then followed by sudden drop of temperature in the room. Anastasia is covered in dark aura.

    Kadoc hurriedly interrupts, "Stop, Caster, I was just getting to that part. Before the battle, this place can also potentially become battlefield, so we'll evacuate the people, mostly women and children, and have the ones who're willing to fight to stay. But there's another reason for the evacuation. I'm also aware that we're quite short-handed, which is why we'll involve the Tsar."

    Atalante raise her eyebrows to that. "What? I thought you said it's important to let him be?"

    Kadoc responds, "Yes, for the moment. He's best to be left alone during this time of peace, but during a fight, he'll work better awake than just dormant. I had discussed with the musician to compose the right music for that moment. It's probably impossible to completely control him, but it could somehow reduce his rampage and direct it to the ones we're fighting, as a form of damage control."

    And it also works to my favor when the Tsar exhaust himself enough, that way we can easily dispose of him.

    Hearing that, Atalante replies, "Very well, Zemlupus. Then I will brief my companions of your plan, and have them move safely right before the battle."

    "Before we leave, speaking of companions, did you get in contact with the other Rogue Servants? I'm talking about the Berserker and the Archer."

    "...No. As I already told you, I last met them over a month ago, and they didn't come to fight. They said they respected my choice, but refused to give their helps. I believe they've made that very clear." Assures Atalante.

    "I see. That's a pity."
    Walking back to the castle, Anastasia talks while pouting, "...You've been getting too chummy with that Servant, Kadoc. Remember, I am your one true Servant."

    Kadoc retorts, "Don't get the wrong idea. It was necessary to curry favor with her if we want her help, nothing more. And there are still other Rogue Servants in Russia we need to watch out for."
    Anastasia speaks, still not convinced, "I wish you didn't get too involved with her. You spent too much time with her as of late."

    That's not true. ...Is what Kadoc would say, but Kadoc would be lying if he said they weren't compatible. His brand of magecraft requires deep understanding of beasts to the point of using those very traits in combat. And it so happened that this version of Atalante has beast-like conduct that helps him get the better of her and managed to form alliance with, beside taking advantage of her fondness for children.

    Seeing Kadoc staying silent, Anastasia speaks, "Oh well, at least you didn't form a contract with her, so I could go easy on you a little. But you must do me a favor so I won't be angry."

    "As long as it's nothing too excessive." Says Kadoc.

    "Don't worry, it's easy enough. Whenever we are alone, call me Nastya."

    Kadoc gets flustered by her request, "W-what? that's your request?"

    Anastasia smiles impishly, "Yes, not too hard right? You're my Master and all, so it is only right that you're granted such privilege."

    "...Alright, alright. I'll play along then. ...Nastya." Says Kadoc under his breath, which makes Anastasia happy.

    Kadoc concludes, "Anyway, the clash with Scandivania is nigh, we need the Oprichniki stationed near the border on Scandinavia's direction on call. So that they can intercept them, or at least alert us on enemies' movements."

    Anastasia smiles brightly. "Yes, Master. Let's fight to win."


    This concludes Kadoc's preparation chapter. Looking at all the Lostbelts, I realized that Russia has the weakest firepower barring mammoth Ivan. It's understandable given that it's the first Lostbelt in gameplay, so it can't be anything too outrageous. I hope with this arrangement, I could make Kadoc seemingly stands a better chance against the others. This chapter also makes me wonder how well is Kadoc-Atalante(Alter) pair gonna be. With his anti-Beast Magecraft can be used to support beasts, and Atalante's beast-like traits, they could've been a force to be reckoned with imo. Next chapter is probably Ophelia's side. Thanks for reading.
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    Chapter 10: Russia vs Scandinavia(2)

    Scandinavia Lostbelt, Queen Skadi's Ice Castle.

    A week has passed ever since the Crypters' meeting. Currently, Ophelia is discussing with the Queen regarding their forces.

    "So you are saying there will be a pincer from two Crypters?" Asked Skadi after hearing Ophelia's reports about the other two neighboring Lostbelts.

    In response, Ophelia corrects her, "Not necessarily, Your Majesty. The two Lostbelts won't coordinate to attack us simultaneously. It just so happened that Scandinavia is positioned between England and Russia, so the clash with both is not impossible."

    She continues, "However, according to the observation, England shows no sign of expanding. So we won't clash with it anytime soon. Russia, on the other hand, has been expanding rapidly. So our clash is guaranteed soon."

    "I see. in that case, I shall order the Valkyries to lead the giants to that direction. They will definitely do the same, so we must not let our guard down."

    Ophelia agrees, but also adds, "A wise decision, Your Majesty. But if I may, you must also station some toward England's direction. It may not pose an immediate threat, but we need to at least be wary of it."

    "Your logic is sound, Ophelia, however I'm afraid we're spreading our force too thin. In the upcoming battle with Russia I doubt that I could exercise my warriors' full might with only half the number." Said Skadi reluctantly.

    "Forgive me, I should elaborate. I do not mean you should split the forces evenly. You can have the main army intercept Russia's force, but you should spare a few Valkyries to scout the area to England's direction. That way, we can react as soon as they spotted anything abnormal."

    Skadi approves, "Ah, I understand now. Very well, I shall have my daughters positioned to that direction, while have the three True Valkyries lead the main force. It shall be done the day before the clash. You may leave."

    "Thank you, Your Majesty."


    Afterward, Ophelia goes to her room, pondering about the other Lostbelts.

    England's boundary doesn't seem to grow, true. But stranger still, its walls are made of pillars of light, unlike the storms that others have.

    Did something happen inside? Thought Ophelia. Nevertheless, Ophelia is still wary that England's boundary might grow without warning.

    England was the headquarters of Mage's Association in the Pan-Human History, and under the assumption that the Age of Gods persisted, the amount of Mystery in it must be quite abundant. The most well-known Phantasmal Species would be the fairies given its legends. These Elementals are known for their powers. Even Arthurian legends also have them in crucial roles like Lady of the Lake and Morgan le Fay. And, depending on its point of divergence, it might even have dragons. The most famous one, especially to the world of Magi, is Albion.

    Ophelia frowns, (It's going to be like facing a natural disaster if those existed. And from what Beryl claimed, rampant killing happens in his Lostbelt. It must be quite a violent, vicious world.)


    It's been half an hour ever since she starts pondering about England, then she concludes,

    ...Speculating will only get me so far. On the other hand, I will clash with Kadoc first.

    Ophelia steers her focus to Russia. Unlike England, Russia's battle force has been mostly known to the Crypters. It was inevitable since they were the ones sent to destroy Chaldea.

    The Oprichniki is an endless army of above-average humanoid soldiers. A one-on-one fight should pose no trouble to a Servant, but if fought in group, along with their never-ending reinforcement, it might be difficult. As for Kadoc's Servant, the Grand Duchess, given her feat of annihilating Chaldea along with the Oprichniki, she's also a substantial threat for a Caster, even if the power came from her familiar, I cannot treat her lightly. However...

    That's where their advantages end. Unlike Scandinavia's force, Russia lacks fighters that can fly, or even fight airborne enemies, so the mass-produced Valkyries

    could easily overwhelm them. Not to mention the giants under the Queen's control can easily take care of the Oprichniki while keep advancing. It seems the battle will be in her favor.

    Still, there's one factor to watch out for; Russia's Lostbelt King. His Saint Graph could rival a Divine Spirit, and once he decides to take matter into his own hands, then not even the Valkyries' air advantage could help them.

    "Being a Lostbelt King, it is only natural for him to be the biggest obstacle. Even the giants can be trampled underfoot. The battle will be won once the opposing tree is cut, but we need to go through him nonetheless. The likeliest option is to have the Queen intervene herself to fight equally, Lostbelt King to Lostbelt King. But then-"

    "Why don't you just send me out?"

    A voice can be heard, distracting Ophelia's train of thought. Ophelia sees her Servant manifests at the corner of the room.


    "You've been wary of me lately, even ordered me not to manifest in the presence of that goddess." Accused 'Sigurd'.

    Yes, ever since he provoked the queen the other day, Ophelia became less and less reluctant to let him interact with the goddess, lest it would sour their relationship.

    'Sigurd' continues confidently, "You do know what I'm capable of, and even what I AM for that matter. If you doubt that skinny goddess' capabilities, then I could easily crush that so-called Lostbelt King."

    Ophelia reprimands him, "I don't recall asking for your opinions, Saber. Your task is to obey me, and I will decide your position in the upcoming battle, which will be to support me and the Queen as the final line of defense."

    "I'm flattered that you expresses your need of me, but we both know what you're trying to do. No, what you're trying NOT to do. You're risking defeat with your stubbornness, Ophelia. Even the smallest mistake can turn the tide of the battle. And in your case, willfully overlooking a mighty power nearby." Says 'Sigurd' as he gestured to the giant sun.

    "I will not hear further debate, Saber. You are to stay near the castle, guarding me and the Queen from potential ambush, and that's final."

    Hearing her order, 'Sigurd' sighs.

    "Your struggle is pointless. Sooner or later, there will be an enemy powerful enough to kill me, and then I shall fulfill my fated duty." 'Sigurd' demanifests with a huff.

    Ophelia is once again alone, while caressing her eye-patched right eye.

    "...At least one problem is solved now, though not the way I wanted it. I wish the Queen would have executed that man already."


    Meanwhile, at the dungeon in the queen's castle, a girl in pink attush robe can be seen sitting down on the floor, imprisoned.

    "So, how have you been, mademoiselle?" a voice calls out from the same prison. A buff man dressed in military garb. He's the Rogue Archer Napoleon Bonaparte.

    "Bored. And you Mr. General? How come you ended up getting caught?"

    The Archer sheepishly admits, "Well, it seems after my last stunt, the Queen has doubled down on hunting me down. She even sent out the three True Valkyries my way and overwhelmed me, and now here I am."

    "You are lucky, if it weren't for her principles, she would've executed you on the spot." Pointed out the girl.

    "Oui. You seem to know her well, mademoiselle. Are you two acquaintances?"

    The girl answers, "You can say that. As you know, I'm a High Servant, an Alter Ego, and apparently one of the Divinities within me has the same mythological origin as hers."

    "Je comprends, that would explain how eager she was on capturing you back then."

    "Yeah, which led to you able to escape. Although not anymore, apparently." shot back the girl.

    "Sorry about that, but I'm just one Servant, while she has a whole army of flying shieldmaidens. Sooner or later I'll get captured, too. I would've fared better if I had a Master backing me up, but that would be too luxurious nowadays."

    The two falls silent.

    "So, any idea on getting out of here?" Started Napoleon.

    "If I knew, I would've been gone ages ago. ...Is what I would like to say. Unlike you, these cages aren't meant to contain me. The queen is just too kindhearted to do that."

    Before Napoleon speaks, the girl continues, "But I suspect the moment I escape, she'll have her Valkyries chased me down. So I have to wait patiently."

    "Wait for what? Will we be able to get out, then?"

    "Yes, there will be commotion in the near future, and the castle will be short-staffed. We'll use that opportunity to get out, and gather some allies. I know a place where we could find one." Assured the girl.

    Napoleon approves, "Not a bad idea, but how come you know that? What kind of commotion would that be?"

    "What do you think? It's a Lostbelt clash."


    Chapter 10 done. Ophelia's side is much more stronger than Kadoc's, so there isn't much strategy involved. But she also needs to worry about Beryl, so they couldn't fight at full power from the get-go, not to mention her problem with 'Sigurd'. We also got glimpses of Napoleon and Sitonai. Napoleon was captured only recently, hence the conversation. But Sitonai is aware of the upcoming battle, and the two Servants will carry out their own plans in the middle of the clash. So next chapter is gonna be the clash, between Kadoc and Ophelia. I hope I can make it epic, while keeping it sensible powerlevel-wise. Thank you for reading.

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    Chapter 11: Russia vs Scandinavia(3)

    On the northeast of Fantasy Tree, a large army of Oprichniki can be seen standing in formation, facing the walls of storm. A distance away behind them are captured gigantic demonic beasts, chained to the ground.

    A group of Yagas can be seen watching the army from nearby hill. They're Yagas serving under the Tsar back in Moscow, tasked to escort important people.

    One of them starts a conversation, "How much longer must we stay here, freezing our butts off? It's been hours already. And for what? Staring into the storms?"

    His fellow Yaga responds.

    "Keep it together Patxi. The Tsar gave us an order, that we are to lie in wait, anticipating and reporting an enemy attack."

    "What attack? The last thing I expect is to see people, or anything at all getting through that storm! Besides, with all these Oprichniki and monsters, what good do we have standing around here? Just as cannon fodder?"

    "Don't tell me you didn't pay attention to the briefing. We're just observers. We don't need to engage in a fight, that's the Oprichniki's job. The moment we spot any sign of an attack, we must return to report to the foreign mage."

    Patxi is being reprimanded by his fellow Yaga.

    "Yeah, yeah, I know. But we weren't told when this supposed 'attack' will occur! Only that it's 'soon'. Too damn vague if you ask me! I wouldn't have taken this task if they didn't promise me they'll look after my mom!"

    The Yaga named Patxi continues his lament, "Seriously, those Oprichniki give me the creeps, remember what they did to rebels? How brutally they massacred a village in the name of the Tsar? Seeing them forming an army makes me nervous on what kind of attack that will come. Not only that, having these monsters chained and lined-up as weapons, what were they thinking? Are we really going to expect-"

    And suddenly, 'it' happened.

    The heavy storm that was once impassable, divides vertically, as if a gigantic gate has been opened. Beyond it, a ray of sunlight shines onto them.

    "What in heaven's...?"

    But the Yagas don't have time to be surprised, for as soon as the gap is wide enough, humanoid beings fly in, like a flock of birds.

    "What are those....? Angels...?" The Yagas are even more dumbfounded, only able to stare as the unknown figures fly through the sky of Russia. Then, a Yaga called out to Patxi.

    "Hey! Let's hurry back to the mage! We gotta report!"


    In Scandinavia, the other side of the walls of storm, Valkyrie Thrud and her sisters each command a group of envoys, standing in the front. On the ground beneath them, a number of giants can be seen forming a line, giving the impression of a tall wall across the land.

    A fissure opens up in the storm. Thrud commands the envoys to advance.

    The envoys move out. As they enter, they're hit by massive, raging blizzard from Russia's territory, but it does not impede their flight. As they fly through the sky, they notice an army of humanoid beings dressed in black under them, but they ignore it and press on. They can do nothing to obstruct an army flying high above, not even their bullets can reach. The envoys' main objectives are simple; to reach Russia's Fantasy Tree and immediately attack it.

    However, their flights are interrupted midway.


    From the woods, a stream of jet-black arrows fly out high to the sky, with several of them hit and kill a number of the flying beings. Recognizing a threat, the envoys halt their advance, scanning the surrounding area. The second volley of projectiles shoot out, but this time the envoys managed to guard against them.

    After launching another volley of arrows, Atalante takes to the air confronting the envoys.

    She observes them. So these are the Valkyries. They bear resemblance to Keres.

    "No wonder the Crypter wanted my help. This Lostbelt doesn't have the means to deal with airborne threats."

    One of the envoys declare, "We encounter a hostile, acknowledged as a Servant. We shall postpone the advance and terminate the opposing Servant. Begin link. Begin link."

    After robotic announcement, they start to gather in one place and assume a formation, not unlike soldiers on the ground.

    "So you decide to huddle up and try to win with sheer number. Fine, bring it." Atalante licks her lips as she nocks her bow.


    Inside the ice castle in Scandinavia, the Queen is currently overseeing the progress of her vanguard through a large, projection-like monitor. Beside her stands Ophelia Phamrsolone accompanied by her Servant, 'Sigurd'.

    "It seems the first wave of the envoys have been halted. Not only that, there were casualties among them."

    Ophelia shouts in disbelief, "What? It can't be! Russia shouldn't have any anti-air fighters!"

    Queen Skadi then elaborates further, "It is a Servant."

    A Servant? Kadoc's Servant is a Caster, there's no way she has enough range to reach the envoys' height, unless...

    "...A Rogue Servant." Specifies Ophelia further.

    It is not uncommon, Heroic Spirits manifesting throughout Lostbelts as a form of resistance from the world, such as the Archer in Ophelia's Lostbelt.

    "To think he managed to convince one to join his side... Well played, Kadoc. I didn' think we would face any opposition airborne in Russian soil."

    "It is fine Ophelia. From what was reported, it's only a single Servant, so it's only a matter of time until they're overwhelmed. I had hoped we could end this battle swiftly, but nevertheless, let's keep on the offensive."

    With that, Queen Skadi order the Valkyrie sisters with her runes. "Send in the giants."


    The giants who've been standing motionlessly are now beginning to move, guided by envoys to enter the gap between storms. As they enter, they're immediately greeted by bullet storm. The Oprichniki open fire, and intercept the giants' arrival. However, the bullets only slightly wound the giants' skin, and in response, they lift their enormous spear, and begin swinging onto the Oprichniki, which cause them to get swatted like flies. This does not deter the Oprichniki, for more replace their fallen ones and keep on attacking the giants, but it's still clear they cannot do much to stop them from advancing.

    The Yaga stationed on the hill shouts in frustration. "Dammit! What kind of crazy world out there?! Numbers aside, there's no way the Oprichniki could stop those... those THINGS! I have to tell the others!"

    Meanwhile, in one of the now-deserted village near the northwest outskirt of Russia, Kadoc Zemlupus and his Servant set up a base of operation. Anastasia is seen talking with the group of Yagas that came to report the unusual sight of flying humans.

    Anastasia, serving as the commander, inquire about the envoys. "I take it these 'angels' are currently engaged in a fight?"

    A Yaga answers. "Yes milady, with the former rebel woman. That's the last thing I saw."

    She nods in approval. It seems Atalante's strength is enough to halt the valkyries. Kadoc's decision in enlisting her help pays off handsomely.

    Still, there's a more pressing matter that needs to be addressed.

    "How is the evacuation progressing? Have you managed to tell nearby villages to flee?"

    Another Yaga answers, "Yes milady, by our account, there are two villages left unchecked, but they're aligned with the rebels according to our sources."

    "Good, you could leave those two. We only need to make sure that these villages are clear of any inhabitants, rebels notwithstanding." commends Anastasia.

    Hearing the subject, Patxi chimes in. "Forgive me in advance, milady, but I want to make sure. My mother, she has been evacuated, hasn't she? I've done all the reconaissance in exchange for her guaranteed safety, after all."

    Anastasia responds, "Yes, in fact, we prioritized her and her village to be relocated first. You have my words, she's far and away from the battlefield."

    "Thank goodness. That's good to hear, milady." Patxi breathes in relief.

    Suddenly, another Yaga barges in, "Emergency report! We spotted large, humanoid monsters emerge from the gap of the storm! The Oprichniki currently fight them, but they can't halt their advance due to the size difference!"

    Patxi exclaims, "What the hell? It's one thing after another..."

    "Looks like they caught wind of the, uh, angels' problem, so they sent out their ground force." comments Kadoc beside Anastasia.

    Which is composed of giants, as Kadoc listed among potential foes too. Good thing we prepared something to match their size.

    Anastasia declares, "Very well, let's return the favor. Heed me Oprichniki, release the D'yavol Trons."


    On cue, the Oprichniki begin to set loose the gigantic demonic beasts. The giant snakes not unlike Hydras begin to wrestle down with the giants, coiling around their bodies all the while breathing out poisonous gas. Coupled with Oprichniki's tenacious, coordinated attack, some giants begin to fall.

    Meanwhile, the poisonous gas produced by the D'yavol Trons begin to permeate into the sky, affecting the envoys. Their formation begin to weaken and more gaps show in their defense, which Atalante takes advantage by keeping her distance as to avoid inhaling the same gas while shooting arrows.


    From her throne, Skadi announces, "I've received reports from Thrud. It seems the group of giants met some resistance from giant snake monsters. They're currently engaging in battle along with the Oprichniki."

    Ophelia clenches her fist. "First a Rogue Servant, now a group of gigantic Phantasmal Beasts... Kadoc has been really busy. The amount of preparations he did explains his tired appearance back then."

    "You've got quite a cunning one as your first opponent, Master. Just say the word, and I will massacre them all."

    'Sigurd' gives his snide remark. But instead of Ophelia, Skadi is the one who answers.

    "That would be unnecessary, sir Knight. Stay with your mistress, for the Valkyries shall take care of both situations. Simultaneously."

    Skadi orders the three through their telepathic link. "Hear me, faithful daughters of Odin. Take into the battlefield and exterminate the enemies before you, be they Servants or demonic Beasts. You are permitted to use your strongest attack's True Name."


    "Very well. Come, sisters, let us show the might of All-Father's warmaidens." Commands Thrud. Ortlinde and Hildr acknowledge.

    "Understood./Got it."

    The three sisters who have been standing in the backrow, begin to fly high up to the sky and crossing the gap toward Russia.


    In the sky, Atalante can be seen getting the upper hand over the envoys. Sometimes she picks them off close and personal with her claws, sometimes she shoots arrows from a distance, destroying the ones that gather closely. The remaining envoys are reduced to less than thirty in number.

    They may be many, but they have such a poor sense of coordination. Their moves are predictable as this battle drags on.

    Sensing the enemy's number dwindles, she ponders further.

    Too bad that my aim is less precise in this state. Were I in my Archer self, my Noble Phantasm would've annihilated them faster. Oh well, that's trivial, the result is all that matters. Just a few more left to deal with, and-

    "Manifesting corresponding bodies. Synchronizing..."

    Before she could finish her thoughts, Atalante is distracted by glittering lights above her.

    "Unleashing True Name."

    She sees more group of envoys raising up their spears, with three figures distinct from the others at the center.

    "<Ragnarok Lifthrasir>."

    The three Valkyrie sisters hurl their spears down like a javelin, followed by the envoys throwing theirs behind them. Atalante flies sideways while raising her arms in defense, powering through the hail of shining spears.

    "Guh!" Atalante groans in pain. Such power! They're unlike the others I fought so far! Are they the leaders?

    Atalante managed to avoid the brunt of the attack, only left her with scratches, but she felt the high Divinity from the spears that were thrown.

    Unfortunately, she wasn't the only target. Below her is a fight between demonic beasts and giants. The shower of javelins hit the demonic beasts and the majority of Oprichniki, killing them instantly. But it doesn't stop there. The spears that hit the ground emit strange glow, which disintegrate nearby demonic beasts despite not being pierced, whereas the giants are completely unscathed.

    Afterward, the glowing spears vanish, letting giants to resume advance. Numerous Oprichniki immediately manifest back, but they can no longer halt the giants' advance without the help of demonic beasts.

    Atalante is confronted by who she believes the enemy commanders, with one of them addresses her.

    "I miscalculated. That attack was meant to kill you along with the demonic beasts below, but you managed to avoid it."

    "I take it you're their leaders?" Asks Atalante, which the blonde one answers.

    "Correct. We are the original Valkyries, created by Odin the All-Father himself. We are currently serving under Queen Skadi of Scandinavia."

    Atalante ponders, Skadi... if I remember correctly, she's a Norse goddess. She must be their Lostbelt King.

    "'Original', you say. No wonder you possess far stronger Divinity than the others."

    The blonde Valkyrie responds, "They are but mass-produced version, created by Queen Skadi to serve as her envoys. Do not lump us together with them."

    "Oh, I won't. In fact, I shall seriously respond in kind for what you did just now."

    Atalante begins to hunch over on the air, with dark haze covering her entire body, as she chants. "The burning shadow, the bow of far side of the moon, take all of my hatred."

    With her body now jet black, she leaps higher. "<Tauropolos Skia Thermokrasia>!!!"

    She lunges toward the Valkyries at the speed and strength of a ballistic missile. The Valkyries raise their shields in response, while also conjuring new spears, meeting the charge head on.


    "Ugh, guess that's it for the aid from demonic beasts." Laments Kadoc as he witnesses the whole thing unfold from nearby hill, with Anastasia beside him.

    "It's okay, Kadoc. it wasn't in vain. They managed to take down some of the giants, bought us more time than expected, and helped me preserve my magical energy."

    "I suppose it is my turn to enter the battlefield." Declares Anastasia.

    "Yes. You pick up the slack of the demonic beasts. Just don't overdo it."

    Anastasia chuckles at her Master's instruction. "Are you kidding, Kadoc? I'm eager to start. I wasn't able to let loose during the attack on Chaldea. They're pathetically weak for an organization that claimed to save the Human Order. Only the Chaldean Master put up a decent fight, but even he fell short in the end. This will be my first big battle in months, and Viy is also in top shape. I won't let that Berserker woman hog all the glory."

    Kadoc sighs, then reminds Anastasia again, "Remember our strategy, you don't have to take them all down. Just stall their advance as long as possible."

    Anastasia answers tiredly. "Loud and clear. You worry too much."

    "Then I will head back to the capital to prepare for our next step. Be careful, Nastya."

    Hearing him calling her nickname, Anastasia blushes a little, and then responds. "Yes. You too, Master."


    After seeing Kadoc leaves, Anastasia glides with large shadow behind her into the giants' path. The nearby Oprichniki assemble around her.

    "They really are gigantic up close. Shall we take it from the bottom, Viy?" As if responding to Anastasia, the doll in her clutch floats and emits a glow.

    Boulders of ice begin to form underneath some of the giants, quickly creeping upward encasing them up to their thighs. The giants try to move, but the moment they do, their legs shatter to pieces along with the ice, leaving their upper body flailing about helplessly. The Oprichniki immediately surround the collapsed giants and pick them off.

    Good, if I repeat this, the giants can be dealt with without ever reaching the capital. However...

    It's far from over. More giants start to enter from the storm, this time with faster gait. Not only that, they begin to pound the ground all around as if to scatter the hills, swinging their gigantic spears around toward Anastasia. Also, their movements become erratic and never stay still in one place.

    Anastasia glides all over the battlefield, avoiding the giants' attacks. "Darn, I knew it wouldn't be that simple, but were they always this nimble? Did the demonic beasts' breath affect them that much before?"

    Her worry is proven correct. The giants' current state makes it hard for her to freeze their legs, as they move all around before the freezing spell can take place.

    After gliding at a safe distance, Anastasia stands her ground.

    "Let's take it up a notch, Viy." Anastasia begins to float at the height of giant's face, with the shadow stretching long from the ground.

    "Viy, behold it all. Pierce through everything. Lay your incredible power as an offering at my grave."

    The shadow stretches its arms, slapping the nearby giants around, pushing them back. Afterward, it reveals a pair of ominous lights on its head, resembling eyes.

    "<Viy Viy Viy>!"

    The giants before Anastasia are instantly turned to ice from head to toe, then the shadow produces powerful gust of wind that makes the ice crumble away, leaving no trace of the giant bodies.

    "Aah, that felt great." exclaims Anastasia euphorically. But there are still more giants entering Russia.

    "Oops, guess we can't use that Noble Phantasm repeatedly Viy. Let's pace ourselves and retreat." Anastasia begins to glide toward the direction of the capital.


    Meanwhile, on the sky above Russia, Atalante begins to get overwhelmed by the combined strength of the three Valkyries. She tried to keep away as to shoot them down with <Tauropolos>, but the Valkyries quickly closed the gap in a heartbeat. Worse still, they've shown a teamwork and spear techniques that is incomparable to the envoys.

    Khh! Such might! They really are in a whole different league compared to others.

    Little by little, Atalante is forced to retreat closer to the capital's direction. At this point, the Valkyries stop their attack, with the blonde one speaks.

    "It's useless, you are both outmaneuvered and outnumbered. Were you in our goddess' territory, we might've implored you to surrender so we can spare you. But we are not within her majesty's grace, so the most we can offer you is a painless death."

    Atalante gives a sardonic response. "Thanks for the warning, but I have no intention to surrender, or die."

    "Foolish response, you are only delaying the inevitable." With that, the Valkyries resume their assault, circling around Atalante with nimbleness akin to swallows.

    She's right, though. I'm at a disadvantage since I can't unleash my full power as a Servant, while they're possessing Divine Spirit essence from the Age of Gods. I'm also on my own.

    Laments Atalante, but she isn't worried, for she does not have to defeat them.

    Very well, this is good enough, all I have to do now is to survive, and lure them toward the capital.


    Back in the Ice Palace of Scandinavia, Skadi assesses the situation.

    "It seems another enemy Servant joins the fray. Do you know her, Ophelia?"

    "Yes, Your Majesty. That is Kadoc Zemlupus' Servant, class Caster, the Grand Duchess Anastasia."

    "I see. What an impressive display of ice power. As an ice user myself, I commend her." Praises Skadi.

    "But it's still inferior to mine, it cannot deal with every single giant in my army. She will only exhaust her magical energy if she keep using it."

    She continues, "Retreating is a good move, but if she doesn't have anything else up her sleeve, sooner or later our force will reach the tree, and it will be our victory."

    "I concur, Your Majesty. Even the airborne Servant is gradually being pushed back by the three Valkyries. But we must not let our guard down. Their Losbelt King has yet to appear." Warns Ophelia.

    "You are right, Ophelia. But not to worry, we have yet to spot a single enemy in the land of Scandinavia, while the majority of our forces giving the pressure. Not to mention your Knight whom you dubbed the strongest staying on guard, and I have yet to exercise my full Authority. Victory is surely ours." Declares Skadi confidently.

    However, Ophelia is still suspicious. Is this all you've got, Kadoc? The flying Servant, the demonic beasts, they're all well prepared, yet you're still at a disadvantage. Is this really all?

    She keeps pondering, I have a bad feeling about this. But we have no choice but to advance. That's the tree's direction after all.


    In Yaga Moscow, Kadoc had arrived by carriage, and going straight to the Tsar's chamber. He meets with the musician that is playing the piano.

    "Is it ready?" Kadoc asks him, which he responds while still keep playing.

    "It is. I have picked a piece that will surely fit to welcome the Tsar."

    "Good, you keep him asleep for now." orders Kadoc.

    He continues, "Very soon, the very ground of Russia will rumble by the Tsar's might. And we will turn the tide with Scandinavia."

    Third part of Russia vs Scandinavia done. To be honest, I hit a block with how I'm gonna write this, since it's a clearly battle-heavy chapter, but I manage to do decently imo. RL kinda hinders me from thinking up ideas and how to convey them, especially the latter genuinely frustrated me. Next part is still a work in progress, and not sure when I can finish it. I hope I can be satisfied with how it'll turn out once it's done. Oh, and I added Patxi as cameo. Thank you for reading.

    P.S Valkyrie's NP is one of my favorites in term of animation.

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    Chapter 12: Russia vs Scandinavia - Intermission(The Yagas' Exodus)

    The battle between Russia and Scandinavia raged on, The additional forces that Kadoc had prepared beforehand, managed to intercept Scandinavia's own, both on the ground and air alike. The demonic beasts that terrorized the locals, especially D'yavol Tron were brought into the frontline to assist the Oprichniki, so they could fight the giants of Scandinavia on equal ground, whereas the Rogue Servant Atalante, with her Calydonian pelt to fly, managed to halt the flying envoys in the sky who're otherwise unreachable.

    However, the balance had begun to shift. The three original Valkyries had been sent out from Scandinavia, unleashing their True Name into the battlefield. Their attacks wiped out the every single demonic beasts that were fighting the giants, leaving giants free to advance, with Oprichniki being minor inconvenience to them. This led to Kadoc's Servant, Anastasia, to enter battle as to assist the Oprichniki. The woman in white wielded ice spells to fight the giants, but even she was not able to turn the tide of the battle, slowly retreating back.

    Meanwhile, with the appearance of the real Valkyries, Atalante had been gradually driven back. Their fighting prowess were far greater than the mass-produced envoys, and they displayed much better coordination, outmaneuvering the lone Rogue Servant. Atalante had been forced to be defensive. The battle would soon enter the capital of Russia, Yaga Moscow.

    Amidst of it all, two people, unrelated to the big battle, could be seen observing the battlefield from the woods in a safe distance. They were in the middle of guiding group of rebel Yagas on a safe route, with occasional skirmish with Oprichniki not involved with the big battle. They're the Rogue Servants Billy the Kid and Beowulf.

    Billy spoke, "The hunter lady seems to have a hard time up there. She's gradually forced to retreat toward the big city."

    Beside him, Beowulf added his thought. "Not surprising. The ones she had fought before were small fries, whereas those newcomers exudes greater magical energy, even Divinities that could be smelled from here."

    Billy elaborated, " But it's weird. She's clearly at a disadvantage, yet doesn't seem in panic. If anything, she expected things to go this way."

    "Is that so? I don't have an Archer's vision, so I can't see her expressions from here. But if it's true, then she may have something up her sleeve."

    Billy agreed with him, but still feeling suspicious. "Must be. But luring enemies to a populated area doesn't fit her character at all. I wonder if it has something to do with the Crypter guy?"

    "We can't be sure, but in the recent days we've heard reports from our scouts that the nearby villages have been deserted, except the ones associated with us. So whatever the plan is, it must've taken into account of potential casualties along the way. But the strange thing is, they spot some citizens fleeing the village, but not to the direction of the capital, but to the other side of the tree."

    Beowulf gestured at the towering, looming tree in the distance, opposite from the direction they're walking to.

    Billy pondered on. "Hmm. So it's safe to assume the same happens to that big city. Whatever it is, they might be planning to do something really destructive there, taking enemy forces down in one fell swoop or something."

    "Yep, it could be a blessing that we decided against raiding the capital, instead marching to the light."
    Their objective is the direction where the giants and the flying female warriors emerged from, the gap of the storm.

    "What do you think we will find on the other side?" Billy asked Beowulf.

    "My guess? Considering the things appeared from there; ice giants, flying female warriors, I'd say it's Norse world out there."

    "Norse? As in Vikings? Then those up there are...?"

    "Valkyries. Frankly, we might even lead these poor folks to a much harsher place."

    Beowulf gestured to the crowd behind them, who he addressed.

    "Are you lot really fine with this? It's still not too late to turn back to your home."

    "It's okay Boss. We've made up our minds. It's not like we give up the notion of opposing the Tsar, but the situation right now isn't ideal to attempt such. No point in wasting our life in a big battle at this scale. We could try another time, or they might take out the Tsar without us involved. Besides, we might even turn over a new leaf in some place other than here." Declared one of the Yagas, with the rest nodded in agreement.

    Billy chuckled to their statement. "Hear that, 'Boss'? Looks like they'll stick around for a little while longer."

    Beowulf sighed. "Oh well, you guys don't seem to give up anytime soon alright. And staying in an active battlefield by your own doesn't seem safe either. Might as well risk it in some new land."

    He added, in a hopeful tone. "And my gut tells me we are going to find others similar to us."


    Slightly shorter chapter this time around. We now temporarily switch focus a bit to the Rogue Servants in Russia. I alluded to their appearances some chapters ago, where Kadoc visited Atalante. They intent to flee from Russia not only for safety, but also to search for possible allies in Scandinavia. Personally, this chapter is easier to write compared to previous one. I need to work more on my action scenes to describe them better, that is more vividly and intense in a way that gets reader excited to imagine them. The problem is I'm still trying to find writings that explore fighting scenes, and which ones that might suit my style. Got to keep working on them. Thank you for reading.
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    Chapter 13: Russia vs Scandinavia(4)

    A day before the clash, Kadoc and Anastasia met Atalante to review their plan.

    "You want me to just buy time?" Atalante inquired to reconfirm the strategy.

    "Yes. It is as you said, this Lostbelt doesn't have the means to fight enemies on the air. Even with your help, you're still on your own and will soon be overwhelmed once they sent out their better fighters."

    Atalante listened intently. Kadoc then continued.

    "And in order to turn the tide, we need to wake the Tsar up. But to achieve maximum result from his awakening, we must first lure the enemy's force as much as possible to him. I'll go near the capital to coordinate with the musician Servant in order to wake him up. I will ignite the signal flare beforehand for you to see."

    Anastasia added, "And before you ask, don't worry about the nearby villages caught in the path, they're being evacuated as we speak. They will take refugee behind the gigantic tree, away from the battlefield."

    Kadoc nodded, and resumed speaking, "With that in mind, I'd like you to take enemy's army down as much as you possibly can, and once you find yourself at disadvantage, keep them preoccupied to stall, and slowly lure them here. And don't worry about the ground force, they will fight the Oprichniki and the demonic beasts we had gathered beforehand, they will stall for time."

    "Kadoc." Anastasia called his attention to her by nudging at him.

    "Of course. Caster here will join the ground force in the off-chance the demonic beasts are wiped out. We will stand by near the battlefield to survey the situation. Afterward, I'll return to the palace in order to coordinate with the musician."

    Hearing Kadoc's direction, Anastasia proclaimed smugly, " Yes. We will each be responsible for taking on the enemies in respective zone. So let's not interfere on each other's fight, shall we?"

    "Sure. Not that you'll be able to do anything for the enemies in the sky, anyway."

    Anastasia growled, "Look here, you--"

    "Now, now, let us all be on the same page here, it's crucial to hold the line for as long as possible. Next, you two will draw the remaining enemy forces toward the direction of the capital."

    Anastasia could only begrudgingly accepted Kadoc's reprimand. "...Understood, Master."

    Atalante needed to confirm another thing. "How long do we have to stall?"

    Kadoc elaborated, "The preparation is still underway, but it is expected to finish at tomorrow noon. So you'll have to buy time until then. I will fire a signal flare to indicate that, so brace yourselves."


    We're halfway to the capital now.

    At present, Atalante was still fighting off the group of envoys in the sky, led by the Valkyries. She had been struggling a bit against the Valkyries' spears and maneuver, adding more burden that the three had flawless coordination to keep her from flying freely, envoys notwithstanding. Atalante was not worried, though, she still managed to avoid the worst of the Valkyries attacks, and found some gaps to escape from their encirclement and even shot arrows in retaliation, all the while inching closer to the agreed point.

    On the ground, she spotted the white Caster gliding nimbly, avoiding the giants while picking them off with her ice spells, alongside the Oprichniki. She nonchalantly dodged the oncoming giants' spear swings, who're growing in numbers and moving more erraticly, possibly out of frustration due to unable to land a hit. The Caster, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy herself, sliding around the area as if she was figure-skating on the snow, elegantly casted ice spells to giants' limbs and shattered them, leaving the Oprichniki to execute the then limbless giants. Despite her control of the battle, the giants' remained superior in number, and so she retreated.

    She's really quick on her feet for a Caster. And not only that, she's toying with the giants. Were it not for the gap in numbers, she would've won given time.

    Atalante secretly acknowledged Anastasia's ability, not that she would say that to her face. At any rate, they will soon both reach Yaga Moscow, where the slumbering Lostbelt King of Russia was.

    Looks like everything's going well on Crypter's end. All I need to do now is wait for the signal.


    Back in Yaga Moscow, Kadoc had moved away the piano meant to placate the Tsar, along with the musician Servant. They're now stationed right in the hut just outside the capital. He had pinpointed the safe area while still visible enough to look at where the Tsar was. This was where they would execute their plan.

    Kadoc enchanted his eyes to enhance his vision. In the distance, he spotted two things he had hoped to see.

    "Alright, I saw Atalante and the Valkyries on the sky, and Anastasia fighting off the giants on the ground. Both of them has lured the enemies close enough to the Tsar."

    As he prepared the signal flare, Kadoc thought back to what happened a month ago.


    The musician Servant, Antonio Salieri, had replaced Amadeus in keeping Tsar Ivan slumber. After talking to him and analyzing his Saint Graph, Kadoc had found something interesting, something that even the Gottlieb did not possess. He couldn't help but inquire.

    "Salieri, about your Noble Phantasm... It's able to affect the minds of those who heard it, correct?"

    This sudden question had nearly interrupted part of the musical piece the Avenger currently played, meant to lull the Tsar.

    "Careful with what you asked, boy, lest you mess my play up. But yes, it is able to gnaw at the mind and body of the recipients, by mixing up the magical energy into my intention as I play a song. As you could guess, this is not something I possessed, or even existed back when I was alive. It is a sublimation of the rumors about me with Amadeus, and the cause of my current Class. Having said that, I did respect Amadeus as a fellow musician and saw him as a rival to surpass, but it was exaggerated by that wretched rumors about my overwhelming grudge of him. What about it?"

    "I see. Would it also affect the minds of non-humans such as Phantasmal Beasts?"

    "...What are you getting at?" Salieri grew impatient with the questioning, but did not deny the possibility.

    "I have a favor to ask, and this could also be your chance to surpass Amadeus."

    Hearing Amadeus' name mentioned, Salieri fumed. But the possibility of surpassing him triumphed over the grudge. "And what would that be?"

    "Amadeus Mozart could only lull the Tsar to sleep. Being able to control him with your music will prove that you're better than him."

    Kadoc's instructions to Salieri was this; he's to infuse his Noble Phantasm to his play, everyday for the Tsar to hear. He slowly conveyed a certain scenario into the sleeping Tsar's mind, There were no visible changes from outside perspective. The Tsar was still put to sleep, but the Tsar's mind would be slowly influenced by his Noble Phantasm, tailored so the Tsar will react instinctively, once a different music note is in play.


    Back in the present, Kadoc lighted up the signal flare high into the sky, and told Salieri, "Now, do it."

    "Very well. I shall play a song, a song for the mighty Tsar who stalwartly defend his homeland."

    Salieri began to jam the keyboard as if he was possessed. The melody permeated the air of Russia, resounding all the way to the capital.


    Atalante and Anastasia saw the signal flare from afar, accompanied by frenzied music, and both of them braced themselves for what about to happen.

    Suddenly, the land of Russia rumbled so heavily, even more so than what had been caused by marching giants. Dark clouds began to gather above the capital, and as if on cue, a gigantic dark shadow rose from the capital. The unknown mass akin to a mountain shook its body, throwing dirts, rubbles, even remains of buildings away as it revealed a giant animal with tusks and trunk, akin to a mammoth. It towered far above the existing giants and reached the height of those who had been fighting in the sky. This is the Lostbelt King of Russia, Ivan the Terrible.

    The music woke the monstrous Tsar, and also triggered all the infused magical energy in his mind, guiding the Tsar under the illusion of fighting an invading force, threatening his land. This worked well, for it wasn't far off from the truth. The air surrounding the mammoth began to crackle, thunderstorms formed all around him. He spoke thunderously.

    "Who dares.. invade my land?!"


    Back in the ice palace in Scandinavia, both Ophelia and Queen Skadi were dumbfounded.

    "What... is that thing?" Murmured Skadi in disbelief. In her mind, it seemed like watching a whole new mountain emerged from the flat ground.

    Ophelia regained her composure enough to answer, "...That is the Lostbelt King of Russia."

    Ophelia continued, "I had analyzed his Saint Graph beforehand, and determined that it was of a Divine Spirit-class. I never saw his real form until now. I did not expect him to fuse with a Divine Beast."

    So this is your trump card, Kadoc. No wonder you retreated so much into your own territory.

    "What do we do now, Your Majesty?"

    It took a while for the goddess to register Ophelia's question. "...Oh right. Right now, we still have the majority of our forces there, they will combat that, that thing while evaluating his strength."

    For the first time, Ophelia doubted their chance to win the battle easily. Beforehand, it was suspicions and wariness of what opposing Crypter might try to pull. But seeing what had unfolded, what could possibly described as mountainous abomination was enough to unnerve her. She then glanced to her Servant beside him, 'Sigurd'. He remained calm, only chuckled while stroking his chin, whisper was heard. "Fascinating..."

    Both Atalante and Anastasia fled from the battlefield, avoiding the thunderstorms that instead hit the unsuspecting envoys and giants alike. Same thought went through their minds.

    He's bigger than expected...

    The Valkyries issued a command in a calm, yet noticeably more restless tone. "Detecting Divine Spirit-class being, calling all envoys to gather on one point to assess the situation." The flying shieldmaidens were forming defensive formation against the newly emerged Lostbelt King.

    Each step taken by the behemoth caused an earthquake that could collapse buildings and uproot trees, thunderstorms roared around him, making it difficult for the Valkyries to get closer. Meanwhile, the giants that had been advancing uninhibited had tried to attack his feet which dwarved their entire bodies, predictably to no avail.

    The monstrous Tsar swung the trunk toward his front in a sweeping motion, swatting the giants away akin to ragdolls. But it didn't end there, for he lifted the enormous trunk up high, hitting some of the envoys unfortunate enough to be away from the Valkyries group, and slammed it down to the ground with all his might, creating a shockwave so massive it scattered the remaining giants left. The resulting force caused the ground to cave in, creating fissures on the land in a straight line. What left of the devastation was multiple leveled villages, that had been deserted beforehand, and hundreds of corpses of giants and envoys alike.

    Sensing the danger such monstrosity could pose in Scandinavia, the Valkyries alongside the surviving envoys rose higher to the sky, lifting their spears, with Thrud issued a command.

    "Sisters, we cannot let that beast cross over into Scandinavia, let us give everything we have in this next attack."

    The spears wielded the warmaidens began to glow brilliantly, even more so than last time they used it to wipe out the demonic beasts.

    "<Ragnarok Lifthrasir>!!!"

    The spears are thrown simultaneously, so fast it left trails of light in the sky. They pierced through the thunderstorm and landed on the Tsar's body, exploding brightly.

    It was a direct hit. The Valkyries readied their shields, waiting for the light to fade. What they saw was...

    "Impossible..." whispered Hildr, as they saw the gigantic Tsar remained unscathed, the hide of the beast was proven to be impervious, even to the fake Gungnirs bestowed by the All-Father himself. "Again." They hurriedly conjured new spears in their hand, ready to attack again.

    But suddenly, the Tsar put his trunk in parallel with his tusks, a massive energy began to form, crackling an electricity so intense it warped the surrounding air.

    Oh no. Thought Ortlinde, her instinct screamed at her to avoid this attack at all costs. For the first time, they lost their composure, with Ortlinde shouting at the top of her voice.

    "Take evasive maneuver!"

    The Tsar could be heard murmuring ominously.

    "Begone, insects."

    And then, large stream of lightning engulfed the flyers.

    Done, but with cliffhanger. I was excited on writing the emergence of Ivan and confrontation with Scandinavian army, but still having difficulties on how to describe it played out, so tried to write as epic as possible. I made a hypothetical way so that the scenario where the Tsar willingly engage the enemy is believable. I remembered that Salieri's NP was some sort of mental attack, as was shown in LB1, so I think it's not too far-fetched for it to also have semi-hypnosis effect. Next chapter might take a while, so the Valkyries' demise will have to wait. Thank you for reading.
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    Chapter 14: Russia vs Scandinavia(5) - Intermission(The Mind of the Tsar)

    What.. is...?

    I could hear an intense melody. It was not the usual one that soothes my soul. I awoke and rose up from my slumber. It had been so long since last time I lift my body, before me was the familiar landscape of Russia.

    The melody continued, a certain feeling welled up within me.

    Fight. Fight. Fight.


    While pondering of this sensation, I vaguely caught a glimpse in the distance. A swarm of winged human-like beings, flying closer. A horde of giant monsters, marching closer. One thing crossed my mind as I looked upon them.


    I can feel them. My people, the Yagas fled the villages, and even the capital was abandoned, they were all behind the enormous tree. Naturally, they did so to run from impending annihilation. My Oprichniki would have been no match for these foreign enemies. No doubt this was the reason for my awakening. The resounding music urged my very core to oppose these offenders.


    With the shout, I began to sweep enemies on the ground, and swat enemies in the sky. They fell before my might. However, the flying enemies began to throw shining objects at me, engulfing my beast part. They felt no more than prickly needles.

    I can tell they're about to launch another attack. In retaliation, I gathered the energy in front of me, and shot them down with a stream of lightning.


    Once the lightning dissipated, the invaders were no more. I looked at the bright path beyond the storms.

    That bright light... the invaders came from over there...

    Only one thing to do, for the sake of this land.

    I shall annihilate them... I shall protect Russia...

    As the supreme ruler, as the ultimate being of this land, such is my duty, the Tsar.


    A/N: Another short chapter. Not much free time IRL, so gotta do it this way as to maintain my motivations. Looks like this will be the style I do whenever I try to shift to other individual POVs outside of the two Crypter factions, dubbed as intermissions. I hope I'll get enough free time for another long chapter. The battle is still far from over, with Ivan making his move under Kadoc's machination, so Ophelia's side got to step up their game, something that Ophelia might be reluctant to do. Thank you for reading.

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    Chapter 15: Russia vs Scandinavia(6)

    At the capital's outskirt, Anastasia and Atalante rendezvoused with Kadoc. They witnessed as the living mountain moved toward the entrance to Scandinavia.

    "What power... that blast of lightning completely annihilated the army of giants and valkyries. Even those three are no more."
    Atalante spoke in awe, staring at the enormous Tsar who moved toward Scandinavia. She could not sense the three Valkyrie sisters either, so it's safe to assume they're gone.

    Anastasia smugly proclaimed, "Normally, it's not possible to have the Tsar himself to come out and fight the enemies for us, but my dear Master made that happen. Isn't he awesome?"

    Kadoc blushed a bit. "H-hey Caster! It's still too early for me to take credit. We haven't faced the enemy in their home turf yet."

    Hearing Anastasia's remark, Atalante got curious. "So what did you do to convince him?"

    "Not 'convince', it's more like 'enthrall'. I utilized the Noble Phantasm of this Servant, Antonio Salieri, that can gnaw at the mind, to guide the Tsar to do specific actions. And that entails to 'destroy the invaders'. It took him to play the music, infusing it with his Noble Phantasm, everyday for the Tsar to hear in order to effectively hypnotize him, which then is triggered with certain melody."

    Said Kadoc as he gestured to Salieri, who just stopped playing the piano.

    "And you did it, boy. To be honest, not even I fully know the capability of this Noble Phantasm, since it was registered to me as an Avenger. It was a gamble, but it worked as you wished it to be."

    Salieri continued. "And with that, I bid you farewell."


    Salieri's body began to glow, with his limbs starting to vanish.

    This startled Kadoc, but he could only sigh. "I had suspected something like this would happen, after all the work you did to achieve that."

    "Indeed. I put up my whole being, my Saint Graph, into delivering the most intense play fit for the awakening of the Tsar. And to begin with, I was already in the verge of disappearing days ago. Infusing magical energy into my play every day, it started to consume my Saint Graph."
    This worried Anastasia. "But what about the Tsar? Shouldn't you keep playing to keep him under the illusion?"

    "Fear not, princess. His mind has been infused with weeks-worth of my Noble Phantasm's influence. It'll take him days before he realized what happened. But whether you'll achieve your goal before then entirely depends on you."

    Salieri disappeared completely, only the piano was left. Anastasia remained dejected.

    Kadoc reassured her. "We can do this Caster, believe me."

    Atalante spoke. "Still, I'm glad that you managed to evacuate the villagers beforehand. They'd have been killed amidst this chaos. But to think that you would move them behind that gigantic tree, I figured the Tsar's awakening would cause untold amount of destruction, but the tree would protect them from it."

    Kadoc corrected her. "That's not just the reason why I told them to get behind the Tree. They're also an insurance."

    "How? Explain yourself." Demanded Atalante.

    "Before meeting you, we had conversed with the Tsar once, in his lair, for the lack of better word. He was against the tree taking root in his land, and so it stayed dormant ever since. In the off-chance he seeks to destroy the Tree, placing the Yagas near the Tree was a way to discourage him from attacking it, as he would risk harming his own people."

    "You're pretty cunning, Master." giggled Anastasia.

    "Indeed. Splendidly done, Kadoc Zemlupus." The three people who were present startled by sudden new voice.

    It was a man clad in dark blue robe, who clapped gently, as if to congratulate them.

    "Despite severely lacking in talent and manpower, you made use of your wits and cunning to their fullest. Not afraid to utilize everyone and everything you could get your hands on, even the Lostbelt King himself. Other Crypters will surely view you as worthy opponent-"

    "Who are you?! A Servant aligned with Scandinavia?!" Atalante put up her stance as she shouted, interrupting the priest.

    "Stay your fangs, huntress. I am not aligning with anyone in particular. At least not the ones you are fighting. I am but a neutral overseer, watching as this battle unfold. Treat me as a bystander if you will."

    "It's alright, he's telling the truth, Atalante. Me and Caster know him, and he's not an enemy."

    Atalante hesitantly relaxed her guard, though she remained vigilant.

    After he reassured the Berserker, Kadoc addressed the priest.

    "Father Macarius, we haven't seen you for quite a while now, so we thought you left for good. What brings you here?"

    "To resume my role. I've been aware of this war for some time now, and only now could personally see it through. My service was required in Atlantis to fend off some hostiles at our leader's request, so do forgive me for only able to join in now. Then again, it's possible that I might've been called for some other tasks."

    Atalante heard something that piqued her interest. Atlantis?

    "Although you've gained the upper hand, it seems the battle is still far from over, The Tsar will take an entire day to arrive in Scandinavia with that speed. If I were you, I'd make use of that time to prepare for the journey."

    "You don't need to babysit me, priest. I know what I need to do."

    Hearing Kadoc's retort, Macarius smirked. "Glad to hear it. I shall take my leave."

    The priest in blue walked to the direction of capital, disappearing into the blizzard, but not before exchanging meaningful glance with Anastasia.

    Atalante immediately asked Kadoc. "Zemlupus, what was that man talking about? Atlantis? That place still exists?"

    "As I've told you before, there are other Lostbelts that existed alongside us, and my goal as a Crypter is to fight other Crypters and crush their Lostbelts."

    "...And Atlantis is one of them."


    Atalante went silent for a moment.

    "There is a lot I want to ask, but that could wait until after this fight ends. Zemlupus, what's your next plan?"

    "We'll have the citizen return the capital once the Tsar is far enough, and have the villagers build some settlements near the tree. Their villages are along the path of the Tsar, so they're definitely destroyed, and the capital will be bloated if the villagers were let in."

    "Alright, I'll inform Patxi and the others about it. Although some of them are possibly terrified after looking at the Tsar, we can convince them that he's on their side, fighting off the invaders, which is technically true."

    "Good thinking, you do that Caster. Meanwhile, I'll prepare supplies. Once we're done, we will follow behind the Tsar at a safe distance to Scandinavia."

    "As for you, Atalante, you can return to your companions' side near the Tree. Although we could have your help in Scandinavia."

    "No, I'll stay with the former rebels. With the Oprichniki gone, there's no telling what might happen when they're left alone. I have to be there to keep watch of the situations."

    "Fine, suit yourself."

    Afterward, Atalante leapt into the sky, toward the tree.

    Kadoc noticed Anastasia pouting at him. "Kadoc, why did you have to offer her to join us? I might not be that useful against flying enemies, but that is no longer a problem with the Tsar as the vanguard. They'll mostly focus on him."

    "It doesn't hurt to get more help, Anastasia. She was crucial to halt the airborne enemies to buy more time, or else they'd have arrived at the capital and killed me and Salieri.
    Not to mention how crucial Salieri was in manipulating the Tsar."

    Seemingly unabated, Anastasia berated him. "Still, though! This and that are different! We don't need any more unpredictable allies that might switch sides on a whim!"

    "Fine, fine. I'll be more careful about it. So let's attend to our respective business."

    Anastasia was still fuming at Kadoc's dismissal, but calmed down a bit. They both returned to the capital afterward.

    "No, my daughters... my giants...."

    In Scandinavia, Queen Skadi grew pale at the display of Russian Lostbelt King. He alone managed to wipe the entire army that she had sent to invade, and now he slowly marched to her realm. She also lost contact with the leading Valkyries once they're engulfed by the lightning.

    Skadi was a Divine Spirit, and her powers were mighty enough to keep land of Scandinavia in order, but she's lacking the raw strength to match with the mountain-like Lostbelt King.

    Beside her, Ophelia was similarly depressed. The strength of enemy Lostbelt King is far beyond her calculation. She glanced at 'Sigurd', reluctantly considering the less palatable option.

    As if sensing her intent, 'Sigurd spoke. "Don't be shy, Master. Say the word, and I'll slaughter that oversized mammoth for you."

    "No, Saber. Unless the Queen wills it, you will remain here. Our safeties are more important."

    "You're being stubborn again. Unless you want to call the dolls stationed in the northwest, you don't have enough armies to spare. I alone are far stronger than all those dolls and giants combined."

    'Sigurd' might be seen as gloating, but there's no denying his strength. If he so much wished it, he could tear apart the Tree himself.

    This time, 'Sigurd' addressed the dejected Queen.

    "What about you, Queen? Surely you see sense in my words? Or would you rather have your precious humans be slain by that monster?

    Ophelia snapped. "Saber, you--!"

    "...porting. Your Majesty, reporting." Suddenly, a voice echoed in the chamber.

    "Thrud? Thrud! Is that you, my dear?! Are you alright?!" The queen, seemingly relieved, shouted the question.

    "Yes, Your Majesty, albeit barely. I'm glad we could re-establish the telepathic communication."

    "What about your sisters? Where are you right now?"

    "The three of us survived the attack, Your Majesty, thanks to Divine Iron Shields bequeathed by All-Father, but we're badly injured. Our Svanhvits are too damaged for us to fly at the moment, so we had to travel on foot. We are currently at the entrance into Scandinavia."

    "Very well. I'll send out envoys to pick you up. Once you're arrived, I shall heal you three with my Runes."

    Ophelia's expression brightened a bit, but 'Sigurd' clicked his tongue.

    "It's good news, Your Majesty. With all three of the true Valkyries survived, there might still be hope. With Your Majesty's support, then surely we'll gain the upper hand."

    "Indeed, my Runes will greatly enhance their powers, and I myself will go. I've never seen lightning that powerful ever since Thor, so it takes a god to restraint such might. I shall join the Valkyries in battle, and rally the remaining envoys to defend my realm. In the mean time, I'll have my people evacuated near the palace. There might not be enough time to move them all, so we will focus on the villages near the entrance."

    The Queen continued.

    "And Ophelia, lend me your help. Sir Knight speaks true, with the destruction of my daughters and the giants, I'm afraid there's only a few left I could spare. I must ask for the assistance of your Knight."

    "Oh?" 'Sigurd' hummed in amusement, whereas Ophelia hesitated, but ultimately agreed.

    "That's- ...Understood, Your Majesty."

    Hearing the Queen's decision, 'Sigurd' smirked under his mask.


    Another chapter done. I was wondering whether to have Skadi compare Ivan's size to Jormungandr, but realized that the world serpent is far larger than that, so I'll settle with Thor. The Valkyries have divine shields unlike the envoys and giants, so they survived the lightning beam, and now regrouping with Ophelia's faction. Rasputin made an appearance again, since I didn't know few chapters back where to put him when Kadoc was busy scheming. A bit of writer's block and IRL business, and my motivation dropped a little, so as always, next chapter will take a while. Thank you for reading.
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