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Thread: [Quest] Fate/Exquisite Corpus

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunny View Post
    3 was what attracted me to the genderbend as a conceptual fit, so going with that.

    2. Mystic Warrior

    As for skills...
    - Shapeshift
    - Enchant
    - Beauty of Trouble With Women

    The first two feel like they fit the most as a Caster while the last one does sum up their life pretty well.

    ...Also just, kyaaaa.
    Changing to this +1
    ... Now I'm wondering how Beauty of Trouble With Women would interact with us.

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    Niemira Trisagion
    Day 1 Ė Afternoon
    The Theatre

    Once I decided that Caster was female, the rest comes to me almost naturally.

    I can already see it now.

    Born a girl, Lleu Llaw Gyffes was rejected and cursed by her mother, Arianrhod. She was not allowed a name or arms or a wife. But in spite of her motherís shame and anger, she became a hero and ascended the throne.

    But what of Lleu herself? What did she think of all this? What motivated her actions? How did her story shape her into the person she is?

    What kind of person is she?

    1. Elegant and Fair: Raised carefully by Gwydion and Math, Lleu has become a well-mannered and refined woman. She is someone who holds herself to a certain standard and code of conduct. This sense of discipline and etiquette are what motivates and tempers her actions; in other words, she cares more about doing whatís right than what she wants. A befitting nature for the King of Gwynedd.

    2. Kind and Honest: Having been nurtured by the loving hands of Gwydion, Lleu grew to be a bright, starry-eyed maiden, untainted by harsher realities. It is this naÔve nature that allowed her wife, Blodeuwedd, to trick her. Even then after experiencing betrayal and battle over her lifetime, her nature has not been fully tarnished and she still sees the best in other people. Perhaps even now she has it in her heart to forgive the woman who wronged her so.

    3. Aloof and Ruthless: A woman who has sealed off her heart. After being burnt by the betrayal of Blodeuwedd, she has lost any childish illusions she may have once had about the cruel nature of other people and the world. She keeps other people at a distance and shows no mercy towards her enemies. With this Mind of Steel, she climbed all the way to the Throne of Gwynedd and established herself as an indomitable King, a Ravager of Red.

    4. Sly and Cynical: A trickster to her core. Having learned from the tricks of Gwydion and the betrayal of Blodeuwedd, she has come to understand that the only way to get what you want in the world is to manipulate others. She is able to talk and trick her way through any situation and achieve any goal no matter whether it means fooling oneís sister or oneís spouse or oneís own Master. Beneath her cheerful veneer, it is impossible to tell what this owl might be planning.

    5. Playful and Free: A bundle of cheer and liveliness. Having become one with nature and ascended to the throne, she is a free spirit who just enjoys life. Whether itís freestyling some poetry, playing music in public, going for a joy ride on her horse, or flirting with pretty women, she is full of love for the pleasures of the world. She may play some pranks that go too far, but itís all in good fun. Her fun.

    It was a difficult decision to make but I have also ultimately decided that Caster should be a Mystic Warrior with a balance of magical and physical abilities.

    As for Skills, I have picked out Shapeshift and Enchant as both useful and fitting skills for Caster to have. In addition, I believe Beauty of Trouble with Women will be a very suitable skills for Caster.

    All thatís left then is to determine the most important part of Casterís ability: the Noble Phantasm.

    One could say that a Noble Phantasm is a Servantís ultimate weapon or even the core of their abilities. It is the crystallization of their legend.

    For Lleu Llaw Gyffes, what would that be? What part of her legend can be considered the core of her legacy or her ultimate weapon?

    What is Casterís Noble Phantasm?

    NP Choice A
    Flower-Faced Talent
    Blodeuwedd Dawn

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit (Self)

    The invincibility of the cursed hero, Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

    It is a continuously active Noble Phantasm that maintains Casterís immortality. It is a Noble Phantasm comprising of Casterís nine magical attributes that make her invincible:

    1. She cannot be killed during the day
    2. She cannot be killed during the night
    3. She cannot be killed indoors
    4. She cannot be killed outdoors
    5. She cannot be killed while riding
    6. She cannot be killed while walking
    7. She cannot be killed while clothed
    8. She cannot be killed while naked
    9. She cannot be killed by any weapon lawfully made

    For each condition that is applicable, the rank of any attack that Caster takes is lowered by one and the damage is proportionally decreased as well. If the attackís rank goes below E, the entire attack is completely nullified. On the other hand, if none of the conditions are active, Caster will take extra damage.

    In practice, it as a Noble Phantasm that makes her almost unbeatable.
    NP Choice B
    Double Druid Deluxe
    Derw a Dryw

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Unit

    The oak tree where Lleu perched as an eagle after being struck by Gronw and the Wren that Lleu struck down with her skillful hand. A two-in-one Noble Phantasm that allows Caster to summon both Phantasms.

    The oak is a defensive Noble Phantasm that protects and heals anyone perched in it. It is said in legend that rain never wets it and heat no longer melts it. In other words, it has a defensive boundary field that protects someone resting on its branches. In addition, the boundary field has healing effects and can even keep someone with a fatal wound alive for extended periods of time.

    The wren is an offensive Noble Phantasm that assists oneís attacks. It is a conceptual target representing Casterís legendary precision. If the bird touches someone or something, that victim will become a target as well. Against any such targets, Caster is able to make one guaranteed attack against them no matter how difficult the shot.

    Derw is Welsh for oak and Dryw is Welsh for wren. The word Druid has been theorized to come from one of these two roots. In other words, this Noble Phantasm is a representation of Casterís nature as a Druid.

    Oak and Wren. When these two things come together, the true power of a Druid is revealed.
    NP Choice C
    Threefold Rejection of Fate
    Tynged Arianrhod

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Unit

    The three curses that were placed on Caster by her mother.

    It is a special Noble Phantasm as it is a power that is not wielded by the Servant but instead by the Master. Instead of manifesting as a separate weapon or ability, this Noble Phantasm instead powers up the Masterís three Command Spells.

    These upgraded Command Spells are not only more powerful and harder to disobey, but they are so powerful that they can even affect fate. With them, it is possible to change the very nature of a Servant, permanently increasing their powers beyond their original vessel or restraining them with a form of absolute obedience.

    In addition, with each Command Spell used, Casterís ability to overcome fate increases. Her LCK will increase and sheíll gain an additional powerful buff.
    NP Choice D
    Cage of Scorching, Consuming Flames
    Wicker Man

    Rank: B
    Type: Anti-Army

    Wicker Man. It materializes a giant made from small tree branches. The giant is covered in flames and attacks its target with powerful fire and heat damage.

    The torso of the giant functions as a cage, usually there would be sacrifice trapped inside. However, when materializing as a Noble Phantasm, the giant does not receive a sacrifice, and instead unleashes his fury against the gods while seeking one.

    It is a Noble Phantasm belonging to the Celtic druids and has been given to Caster who manifested as a Celt magus.

    Thatís basically everything.

    The process has gone smoothly, and Iíve finely crafted an idea of the Heroic Spirit in my mind.

    A Caster skilled in both martial and magical arts, possessing an ever-changing form, the silver tongue of a poet, and a penchant for beautiful women.

    A warrior, born a girl and rejected by her own mother, who overcame the cursed fate placed on her and ascended the throne in spite of her many setbacks.

    The hero named Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

    All thatís left is to consolidate all of those details into a single image.

    With a single stroke, I will bring forth the complete and true essence of the Heroic Spirit and summon it into this world.

    If it will obey my commands, then come forth!

    This is my Servant!!!

    Write-In: [Choose a FC]

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    4. Sly and Cynical:Not all who suffer betrayal can be so forgiving. Childlike naivety can immediately invert itself into a sheer wall of paranoia, the very thing that would have saved Lleu in life.
    Or maybe it's all an act.
    5. Playful and Free
    NP Choice C

    Simultaneously owning her mother's rejection as the pinnacle of her craft, while at the same time altering the fate she was forced to obey until it led to her death. This one stuck out to me specifically because it wasn't a combat NP.

    She Whose Hand is Composed of Utmost Skill

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    +1 to Bugs because Arianhod is the only word that I recognise from this figure

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    The Act of dozing off in the afternoon is a luxury indeed.
    Coffee would be nice, though.

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    An NP that turns our Command Seals into a lesser/pseudo-Sirius Light? That sounds fun as heck.

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    "What kind of person is she?"
    5. Playful and Free

    "What is Casterís Noble Phantasm?"
    - NP Choice A

    Write-In: [Choose a FC]"

    My write-in

    (Source: Trish from the JRPG "Triangle Strategy".)
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