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Thread: Mahoutsukai no Yoru PC Voice Port (Private Project)

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    Thumbs up Mahoutsukai no Yoru PC Voice Port (Private Project)

    Chapter 1:
    Chapter 2:
    Chapter 3:
    Chapter 4:
    7-?.ks file (I forget which one lol):

    Chapter 10: mostly done, but needs a lot of fixes
    Chapter 13: done, but tl is ass rn

    A bug-free pc voice port, canít say the same for the other insanely buggy ones out there (from other TL teams), complete voice control that does not completely mess up with the gameís other sounds, a flex project

    I will use McJonís as a base for Chapters 1-8, changing things as I see fit. For Chapter 9+ and side stories, I will have to do it myself. Although I cannot read Japanese, I am able to understand it audibly. My main way of translating things is by putting the Japanese text into apps to hear it and then using translating apps to verify what I think they said.

    I have no intention of releasing Chapter 8+ PC Voice Port vids nor my scripts, because I donít need no knowledge of Japanese ppl preaching to me the ďamazingĒ quality of Switch Eng TL nor them complaining about my own TL. They should settle for what McJon left them and ask Hollow Moon to do chapters 8+ for them. Or take up the task of actually doing it themselves instead of lazily telling other ppl how to do better job?

    I work at my own pace because I have school and a life. I do use other voice scripts as references, and it takes time to find their (many) mistakes.

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    created a python script to automate the process of importation.

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