putting this here because this is probably too simple of a concept to really qualify as an “RPG thread”; you can move it if you want

Welcome traveler. You have just arrived at the pleasant little city of Corntown, set in a land where all sorts of people and things reside. Individuals from the past, present, and future all interact here.

Basically, it’s GTA where all sorts of characters popping up all over the place.

How this thread works:
-Come up with some sort of character. Post a bit about them in a post before playing as them.
-When you do play as them, format your post like this:
name: “what they say” *what they do*

-You can play as many characters as you want
-When certain events occur, I will post in the format of:
//Something is going on

-when posting OOC, just post normally

Never tried this before. We’ll see how it goes. Here’s the first prompt:

//It’s the middle of summer. The sun is setting. On the corner of a street, someone is living in a box…