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Thread: Summer Collaboration Contest 2023

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    Ah, okay, I see. Still... who'd be willing to take me on as a collaborater?
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    For those that don't necessarily care if my fics aren't all Type-Moon related.

    Hmm... this is a bit of a surprise these days.

    An archive of my works on the forum that's pretty accurate.

    Note that I don't wish to be seen as an idiot any longer. I can't always promise better works than before, but I can sure as hell try, alright?

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    I wouldn't mind giving a try collabing with you if you think my style of writing is something you can work with.
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    "You didn't have to fight for me, you know." "And you didn't have to curl your hair so we'll look even more alike." Ren stared before he softly chuckled, Akira joining him not long after. With one simple decision as a child, Ren Amamiya goes to Tokyo alongside his little sister, Akira. (P5R Sibling AU) (Ren/Ann, Akechi/Fem!Akira)
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    First order of business, then... see what your writing style is like, first thing.

    EDIT: Okay, that works out for me, pal. I'll happily work with you on this venture.
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    For those that don't necessarily care if my fics aren't all Type-Moon related.

    Hmm... this is a bit of a surprise these days.

    An archive of my works on the forum that's pretty accurate.

    Note that I don't wish to be seen as an idiot any longer. I can't always promise better works than before, but I can sure as hell try, alright?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DracoScribe View Post
    I wouldn't mind giving a try collabing with you if you think my style of writing is something you can work with.
    Sure. Want to do something?

    I can DM you my ideas.
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    Wow, I was very confused on what the summer collab until I figured it a thread and looked for it. Lo and behold, I was right.

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    Looking for somebody to work with.

    I had the idea of two people doing a single sheet together, where:
    1. both pick one figure together;
    2. one person writes the whole sheet;
    3. the other person does a second, "twist" sheet (done after the first sheet is complete) with the first sheet undergoing Saint Graph Modification: becoming an Alter, a Faker/Pretender reveal, plain old Summer change, self-seal malfunction, etc;
    4. the sheet includes a transformation scene that takes place in one of the areas of Serendell.

    As for the figure itself, I'm not picky, though I'd gravitate towards Ancient Greece and Rome, Japan, Portugal, Brazil and uhhh the entire pre-contact New World.

    I'm also down to do the more simple and conventional collab approach of two (or more) characters interacting.

    I'm new here and I don't have a Compendium. I did some fanmade Fate stuff before, but it's kinda... spread around the internet, and putting it in one place would take me some time. Feel free to check out my two Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest entries though!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sadist Katja View Post
    Looking for somebody to work with.

    I had the idea of two people doing a single sheet together, where:
    1. both pick one figure together;
    2. one person writes the whole sheet;
    3. the other person does a second, "twist" sheet (done after the first sheet is complete) with the first sheet undergoing Saint Graph Modification: becoming an Alter, a Faker/Pretender reveal, plain old Summer change, self-seal malfunction, etc;
    4. the sheet includes a transformation scene that takes place in one of the areas of Serendell.

    As for the figure itself, I'm not picky, though I'd gravitate towards Ancient Greece and Rome, Japan, Portugal, Brazil and uhhh the entire pre-contact New World.

    I'm also down to do the more simple and conventional collab approach of two (or more) characters interacting.

    I'm new here and I don't have a Compendium. I did some fanmade Fate stuff before, but it's kinda... spread around the internet, and putting it in one place would take me some time. Feel free to check out my two Monthly Create-A-Servant Contest entries though!
    Hello hello. Your idea seems really interesting ngl, so I wouldn't mind participating at all in this.

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    All cool here? Everyone found their partners, or are some still looking? I already matched two, if one is still searching, lemme know
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    Current status: Castellan and I have been talking about stuff. Having some trouble getting off the ground though.

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    I'm good! Got (at least) one partner. Thankfully. Even with my shy ass. XD
    Making good progress on it too. I think.
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    Persona 5: Refraction (SV link; link)
    "You didn't have to fight for me, you know." "And you didn't have to curl your hair so we'll look even more alike." Ren stared before he softly chuckled, Akira joining him not long after. With one simple decision as a child, Ren Amamiya goes to Tokyo alongside his little sister, Akira. (P5R Sibling AU) (Ren/Ann, Akechi/Fem!Akira)
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    I'm really sorry but it doesn't look like I'll manage to write for this contest after all. I'll probably try to come back in a few months or so

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    sad to hear, but we await your return with open arms.
    All the best, serra!

    Does that mean someone lost their partner? Or someone still looking for someone?
    "Let's see the color of your coin, my friend."

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    Quote Originally Posted by DelRey View Post
    sad to hear, but we await your return with open arms.
    All the best, serra!

    Does that mean someone lost their partner? Or someone still looking for someone?
    i lost Serra, but me and Draco may be doing something.
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    Summer Harmony
    Part I: Summer Storm

    The beaches of Serendell are one of the island’s greatest draws as a tourist destination. During the warmer months, they are packed to the brim with locals, and more prominently, tourists, alike. One of the most social spaces amongst the small island nation, all sorts can be found here, human, magus, Servant and other magical beasts alike, all existing in relative harmony as they enjoy the sun and surf.

    Of course, in a space which attracts such a variety of both people and species from so many different walks of life…

    Subject to the whims of so many all at once, that sort of harmony can prove rather ephemeral.

    Amidst the many people on the beach, some have taken to the volleyball nets set up as a way to pass time. And amongst those players is a young woman.

    The youngest of a fledging magus family, but still rather ordinary. Bright and cheerful. Not exemplary at anything really, but quite good at a lot of things. An infectious smile and laugh, the sort of person who draws others to her rather easily.

    And as negligible as that sort of charismatic pull proves compared to the raw presence of some Servants…

    It, just as much as anything more supernatural, can prove a curse.

    As she braces herself, she watches as her opponents set up an excellent pass. Her teammate gets into position and jumps for a block just as her opponent leaps up and lands a crushing spike, and the ball flies forward, hitting her teammate’s outstretched hands and bouncing off… to the side, the ball flying impressively far up the beach and bouncing into a grove of thick bushes and trees.

    That’s a point!” The player who sent the spike called with a voice triumphant.

    Yeah, and you hit it too hard!” The young woman’s teammate grumbled. “Now we have to go get the ball!

    Whaaat? You get it,” the opponent said. “It’s your turn to serve anyway, right?

    The young woman sighed as her teammate grumbled. “It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll go get it.” Giving a weary smile, she jogged up the beach towards the grove.

    As she reached the grove and looks down, she fails to see the volleyball, bright as it is, amongst the bushes. Pushing her way further in, keeping her head close to the ground to see through the brush and grasses, she crouched down and crawled her way inside.

    After a few moments of crawling, the girl spies the volleyball. Smiling, she made her way over to reach out and grab it out from the divot in the ground in which it has landed… and stopped, stunned out of surprise at hearing noises behind her, first a loud rustling and then a sharp scraping sound.

    The girl partially stood up, turning around behind her warily, and found herself puzzled at what she was looking at.


    A girl. There was a bit more to her than that, with feathers, taloned fingertips… and an unnerving aura about her. But in terms of physical appearance, she was a girl… or at least something wearing a girl as its shape.

    The newcomer, with turquoise hair and an unnervingly excited smile and look in her eyes, was squatting down on top of a large rock in the small grove, looking down at the now confused and slightly concerned girl. “Hi!!” She chirps, eyes almost seeming to sparkle.

    Um… hi?” The girl said in response to the monster girl. Individuals of this sort weren’t unheard of in Serendell, but her sudden appearance when she was in the middle of something else still left her a bit too surprised to really know how to respond.

    The monster girl looked the other inhabitant of the grove up and down slowly, leaving an awkward gap in which the sound of other beachgoers from the other end of the plants were heard, before her eyes snapped back up to meet hers once more.

    Hey, hey!!” The monster girl chirped at a breakneck pace. “Up in the mountains I found this really, really cool waterfall! It was really pretty! Do you want to see it too?!!

    Huh?” The girl said, too overwhelmed by the monster girl’s excitability to process a more coherent response.

    Now of course, what was meant by this ‘huh’ was an expression of confusion, and an unspoken request to repeat and clarify what was just said. To any socialized human, this sort of implicit meaning was clear and commonplace amongst casual conversation.

    Unfortunately for this young woman, she was not speaking to a human. To one unused to talking with people face to face, this meaning was missed.

    And so, what this ‘huh’ ended up communicating to ■■■■, rather than confusion…

    Was curiosity. And more importantly, not a ‘no’.

    At the same time as the volleyball goes flying, a distance away, a certain couple are walking along the beach.

    Huh, rather noisy, huh?” The woman asks, looking around at the grounds that pack the whole space. “Maybe we should have gone hiking in the mountains instead.

    If you’re saying that on my behalf, there really is no need to worry.” The man responds. “I do have some places of interest here I’d like to visit, but I knew you were interested in trying out some beach sports. I’ve already assembled a mental itinerary in my head for this vacation, and I can assure you, we can take our time. Worrying about what’s the best use of our time is liable to cause needless stress, and when the point of this trip is to relax, that is best avoided.

    The woman nestles into her husband’s side with a smile. “Aw, Xiao~ Only you would make indulging me like this a matter of logic.

    Wh… give me a little credit, could you?” Her husband lets out an indignant, but restrained cry, as the wife giggles…

    Before a pressure cuts through the peaceful atmosphere. A stifling, all-encompassing feeling weighing down on a sixth sense.

    The wife turns to the side, scanning the area around her, face serious and bordering on pained. The husband, familiar with this sort of situation, follows suit, tensing in turn without need for words.

    After a moment more to pinpoint, the woman locks her eyes on a cluster of trees and bushes. “It’s coming from there.

    Without a word, the wife runs off towards the source of discord, husband following close behind.

    That was easier than she was expecting! On her first try, and she had already found a cute girl willing to go on a date!

    ■■■■ used her powers to summon a storm cloud and shape it in imitation of an appendage of her true form, and then gingerly used it to pick up her date. The girl, of course, let out a shout… (out of excitement, of course!), and then ■■■■ shot up, ready to go for a fly.

    This was going to be the best date ever! Not only had ■■■■ staked out all of coolest, most remote spots on the island, but humans found flying around really romantic too! She knew because of that one movie about dragons she had watched!

    With an excited holler, she began to fly off and away from the beach, leaving the humans behind to watch with surprise… and then promptly let out an indignant yelp as she felt something collide into her.

    Her grasp on her date was shaken off in an instant, leaving a second intruding presence to catch her, as she herself was sent plummeting down into the beach, colliding with the sand face-first and skidding several feet, before falling flat face down.

    ■■■■ let out a pained grumble as she stood back up, wiping sand off of her face, and turned as she heard a sound behind her. She watched as two beasts, a very large bird and a snake-looking thing, landed on the ground in front of her. The dragon gently dropped something onto the sand… which ■■■■ then saw was her date, who ran off in a panic (no doubt at the sight of these two intruders!), and then the two monsters transformed, both turning into humanoid forms, a man and a woman.

    Nongyu let out a sigh herself as she looked over the source of the discord she had sensed. This creature was undoubtedly the cause of the disruption she sensed… but now that she was close enough for her Aura of Prosperity to take full effect… she could tell that this being, inhuman as it was, lacked intent to have harmed the girl she was kidnapping, let alone any other humans. This young woman wasn’t malicious. No, it was worse than that.

    She was just an idiot.

    Putting on the best smile she could, Nongyu forced as much cheer into her voice as possible. “Hey, hey! Sorry about that!

    What the heck?!” The creature squawked. “You just hit me!

    Yeah, sorry about that. But about that, uh, girl who you were grabbing…

    We’re going on a date! Well, we were, before you so rudely interrupted!!

    A date?” Xiaoshi asked. “Are you sure that’s what was happening?

    What do you mean? It was going great!

    Well, speaking as an outsider observer… it struck me that that young woman was in… considerable distress.

    What are you even talking about?!” The creature shouted, seeming outright offended by the implication.

    Well… she was shouting and struggling…” Nongyu said.

    Huh? But, that’s just how humans express their excitement.” The creature said.

    Nongyu suppressed the urge to pinch the bridge of her nose. This one truly had no idea what she was doing. It was worse than she thought.

    Listen, it’s a bit more complicated than that, okay? In some situations, humans do shout when they’re excited, but they also do it when they’re distressed. I think you really should have explained to that girl a bit better what you thought was happening, because clearly, she seemed to have a different idea of what was… um, hello?

    The creature’s eyes almost seemed to glaze over as she stared blankly at Nongyu, expression unfocused. She swayed gently from side to side, as if in a trance.

    Nongyu walked forward, waving her hand in the creature’s face. A few more moments passed in awkward silence, Nongyu and Xiaoshi both confused to the point of concern, before…

    A trick!” The creature shouted, before letting loose a blast of wind that pushed Nongyu and Xiaoshi back.

    What was that for?!” Nongyu shouted.

    Now I see what’s going on! You two… you turned into big creatures, so you must be monsters! And you,” the creature pointed at Xiaoshi. “You’re a dragon! Which means you were trying to kidnap that girl!

    Xiaoshi stared blankly. “I beg your pardon?

    Don’t try to trick me! Everyone knows dragons are evil creatures which live to kidnap innocent cuties and hurt people! You two are both here to cause trouble.

    Nongyu let out a laugh at the absurdity of the notion. “Oh, man… uh, listen, miss. That’s sort of a western dragon thing, but the two of us are Phantasmals and Heroic Spirits from Zhōngguó… or well, China, to a good chunk of the rest of the world. We both don’t like trouble… heck, we’re opposed to it by our very natures. So, we really don’t…

    No, no, no!” The creature shouted. “I see what’s going on here!” As the creature continued to speak, however, her eyes took on a predatory gleam. “But… this can actually be really good! If you two are here to be villains… than that means this is an opportunity for me to show off my nature as a hero! And that means I can impress that girl and charm her by protecting her from you!

    Nongyu felt her eye beginning to twitch. This was so stupid and… unpleasantly chaotic. Xiaoshi, though he didn’t really show it, had his patience worn even thinner than his wife’s at this point, even if he was still naturally inclined to solve this diplomatically.

    Xiaoshi cleared his throat, and began to speak. “Listen, this is ridiculous. We have absolutely zero reason to fight with you-

    PUT ‘EM UP!!” The creature shouted, before flying forward faster than the eye could see and reappearing in front of Xiaoshi, reared back for a punch. Nongyu’s eyes widened, and she leaped forward with a cry to her husband’s aid, before…

    Guh!” The creature flew backwards after getting smacked on the head by a flying life preserver, spinning around dazed and letting Xiaoshi step backwards. The creature shook her head and looked in the direction the projectile came from, glaring intensely.

    What the heck, man?!” She shouted, before looking confused for a second at not seeing anyone who could have thrown the projectile (The rest of the beachgoers, by now, had begun to run in panic at seeing the beginnings of a battle between Servants) … until she looked down.

    Fighting on the beach is a BIG no-no!A small child dressed in a rather goofy get-up shouted. “Bad bad bad! As the life Saver of the beach, you either have to stop when I tell you to, or stand still and let me beat you up!

    The creature stared blankly at the child which didn’t even come up to her waist... before turning back to Xiaoshi and Nongyu with an accusatory glare.

    What the heck is this?!” She shouted. “You brought along a kid as your evil minion?! That’s playing dirty! Everyone knows that heroes can’t hurt kids! That’s messed up!

    Oh, come on!” Nongyu grumbled. “We're not associated with him! He’s just here because you started causing trouble! Again, I really think you don’t get what’s…

    Well!” The creature shouted, interrupting. “I’ll have you know that even if you use dirty tactics like this… it won’t matter! After all… it is a heroes’ role to win, even when seems impossible!

    Nongyu held her face in hands. This was going to go horribly.

    Allow me to properly introduce myself!” The creature shouted, wind beginning to whirl around her. “I am a hero born of primordial water and earth! I am a being who looks upon all living things from above! As the mountains and trees are across the world are the earth’s spears… I, who live atop them, am the world’s spearhead!

    Again, I really do think you’d be more content by the end of this if you would just calm down and listen for one…” Xiaoshi said.

    I am the hero who will vanquish you! Listen closely, evil dragon and associates! Hear my True Name, and tremble! For I am…


    True Name: Anzu
    Class: Lancer
    Other Qualifying Classes: Berserker, Monster
    Source: Lugalbanda and the Anzu Bird
    Place of Origin: Lulubum mountains (modern-day Zagros mountains)
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Height: 170 cm / 5' 7"
    Weight: 60 kg / 133 lbs
    Traits: Servant, Female, Kemono, Demonic, Demonic Beast, Levitating Servant, Wild Beast, Summer Servant, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Catalyst: Fossilized feathers and eggshell fragments recovered from an ancient nest in the Zagros mountains

    Strength: B++
    Endurance: A+
    Agility: EX
    Mana: E
    Luck: A
    NP: A

    Gender: Female
    Likes: ‘Uncle’ Lugalbanda, kind older people, performing ‘heroic deeds’, cool weapons and treasures, cute and cool girls
    Dislikes: Villainous monsters, lightning, ‘complicated’ human social interaction
    Talent: Destruction
    Natural Enemy: Gilgamesh (Adult)
    Attribute: Heaven
    Armament: None


    The Anzu is a Divine Beast of ancient Mesopotamia, said to have been born of the fusion of the Abzu and the earth of the mountains. Most commonly conceived of as an eagle with the head of a lion, the Anzu was thought of as an embodiment of storm clouds and southern winds.

    The most famous legend attributed to Anzu was his theft of the Tablet of Destinies, an important artifact to the gods, in an attempt to usurp ownership of the universe from them. In an attempt to pacify his rowdy nature and place under his hierarchy, the gods initially attempted to offer Anzu a role as an attendant and guard of Enlil. However, this backfired, as Anzu learned of the Tablet of Destinies and grew intrigued by the power it offered. Anzu stole the tablet from Enlil, fleeing onto a nearby mountaintop and leaving the gods to lament. Enlil attempted to enlist the other gods to recover the artifact, offering supreme authority to the deity who defeated Anzu. The god Ninurta rose up, vanquishing Anzu and recovering the Tablet.

    This Servant however, is not ‘that’ Anzu, but instead originates from another legend. In the time of one of the first kings of Uruk, Enmerkar, Ishtar grew disillusioned with her patronage of the isolated and wealthy city of Aratta, having found herself more drawn to Uruk. To that end, she decided to manipulate the two cities into going to war, with her favour ensuring Uruk would emerge the victor.

    As Uruk marched over the mountains to begin to besiege Uruk, a warrior named Lugalbanda in Enmerkar’s army grew ill. His brothers, who had never liked him, led him to a cave in the mountain, and left after giving him the barest of provisions, leaving him behind while the army continued to march. Lugalbanda managed to recover with help of prayers to the gods and eventually found food, but he found himself alone, stranded and lost in the mountains.

    Across his journey across the mountain trying to find a way to lead him on the path to his king’s army, Lugalbanda eventually found himself at the nest of the Anzu, finding within the bird’s young chick. Anzu and his mate having left the nest to search for food, and Lugalbanda seeing the bird hungry, he decided to placate the animal by feeding it. Making cakes with the little food he had remaining and sweetening them with honey he found amongst the mountains, Lugalbanda approached the nest. At first surprised, the chick quickly was appeased by Lugalbanda’s gentle demeanour, happily eating the food provided. Lugalbanda fed and entertained the young chick, giving it meat and ornaments to play with.

    When the Anzu returned, at first not hearing its chick crying out from hunger, he initially feared the worst, but as he rushed back to the nest, he found himself astonished to see the nest cleaned and decorated, the chick quietly sleeping in content, further meat stockpiled and hung up along the edges of the nest.

    Anzu approached Lugalbanda, who was initially frightened at the great spirit, and thanked him for the service he had done his chick by treating it so kindly. Anzu offered him many treasures in return, but Lugalbanda turned them all down, only asking for a means to rejoin his king in his campaign. Anzu agreed, giving Lugalbanda a gift of supernatural speed and flying up above to find the troops of Uruk, now besieging Aratta. Telling Lugalbanda where to go, Anzu bid him well as he left.

    After Lugalbanda left the Anzu, he quickly used his gifts to distinguish himself, using his speed to return to Uruk and receive the counsel of Ishtar, leading to Uruk’s victory and obtaining of Aratta’s treasures. Having become the greatest hero of the military, Lugalbanda was named Enmerkar’s successor, and became Uruk’s king, over which he ruled for many years.

    Over his long reign, Lugalbanda remained friends of the Anzu, the two so close they treated each other as well as each other’s families. Lugalbanda eventually married the goddess Ninsun and gave birth to the child Gilgamesh, a boy fated to become a wise and great king and hero. The chick of the Anzu likewise grew up, treating Lugalbanda as an uncle figure, fascinated and in awe of Lugalbanda’s great stories about his many adventures as a warrior and courtship and eventual marriage to Ninsun.

    As Gilgamesh grew though, things changed. The Age of Man began to begin in earnest, with the gods growing further and further away from the mortal realm. Anzu and his family likewise became further apart from the affairs of Uruk, retreating back to the mountains for good until the time would come when they would eventually leave for the Reverse Side of the World. The Anzu chick, though, never forgot about Lugalbanda, his kindness and his wild tales of living life as a hero, protecting people, defeating monsters, finding treasures and winning the heart of such a beautiful woman.

    As the World began to change on the surface Texture, the young Anzu continued to hold onto those stories, this wonderful world of being a hero… and eventually, as she grew into an adult, she began to ask herself… would it be possible for her to become a hero too?

    And although she always dismissed as impossible, the World having changed too much to let an Anzu return to the surface and live her life there… eventually, she overheard something promising from another phantasmal which called the Reverse Side home. ‘Heroic Spirit Summoning’… a system wherein those of olden times could reincarnate back into the living world as Servants, legendary heroes famous for advancing and protecting humanity.

    Amazed and exulted at the idea, Anzu set to work connecting herself to this higher space, the ‘Throne of Heroes’, to let herself turn into one of these Servants too and set back out to the surface Texture to let herself become a hero too. Able to go on adventures, fight powerful enemies, and maybe, just maybe, meet someone cool and pretty like Ninsun was to have a romance of her own with. After all, she was fully grown now, and she needed to find a mate of her own…

    To that end, Anzu managed to connect herself to the Throne and become a Heroic Spirit, and now has managed to incarnate herself for her first ever summoning… Serendell. A beautiful tropical island from a unique worldline where Servants can be summoned without need to worry about a Master… and a place being rayshifted to by Chaldea Security Organization for a vacation, becoming a hotspot for famous heroes to gather and meet.

    Plus, everyone knows summer is a time rife with potential for new romances!

    Second Ascension


    I heard ahead of time before letting myself be summoned that this place here is a summer vacation hotspot… so of course I had the foresight to prepare a modern, human-style swimsuit! It was a bit of a pain to get my hands on this in the Inner Sea without any humans around, but it was totally worth it! Hehe, what do you humans think? Aren't I ‘smoking hot’ in this? Um, that being said, I only care if this attracts cute girls, not guys! Everyone knows heroes are supposed to ‘get the girl’, nothing was said about boys… A-and girls are way nicer-looking anyway!

    Class Skills:

    Magic Resistance A

    A Skill granting protection against harmful magical effects. The Anzu was a Mesopotamian Divine Beast born of the earth and primordial water beneath the underworld, and was powerful enough to render even the gods themselves cautious of it. Not just existing amongst, but embodying powerful Mystery completely unattainable within the modern age, she has been granted complete immunity to anything a modern magus is capable of.

    Personal Skills:

    Natural Demon (Chaotic) A+

    A Skill denoting an existence which have been monsters since the moment of their birth, rather than being entities which degraded into becoming monsters. Enhances physicality, giving bonuses which exceed which normal humans are capable of reaching. Additionally, this variation of the normal Skill indicates Anzu’s nature as a manifestation of natural phenomena. A being whose mere presence will create chaos and impose ‘monstrousness’ in the surrounding environment, causing strong winds, rains and eventual storms.

    The Anzu, while divine in nature, was said to have arisen from the primordial water of Mesopotamia, the Abzu, and the earth itself unprompted, similar to the children of Tiamat birthed from her Chaos Tide during the Enuma Elish, the first great war of the Gods. Thus, the divine monster is fundamentally separate and incompatible from the proper gods of Mesopotamia’s texture, a being who embodies the chaotic and primordial.

    …While this ‘Anzu’ lacks this origin, rather being the offspring of the original monster, her nature still fundamentally differs from humanity and the divine. Even now, having incarnated in a more humanoid form through her exploitation of the Anzu’s conceptual liminality, that has done nothing to diminish her inhumanity which still bleeds through. The magical energy which leaks out of her current shell still imposes her nature as a storm demon onto the world around her, independent of her own desires or input.

    So, for my first few attempts at my real, full-fledged heroic entrance so far, people have always started shouting with excitement really loudly, which must mean I’m making a good first impression! Then they’ve started saying a bunch of stuff about a monster… probably something about one they want me to vanquish, right? The problem is, it’s always so difficult to hear the specifics of the request with them talking over each other, and they’re always in such a hurry to get somewhere afterwards for some reason that I don’t have time to ask for specifics before they’re out of earshot…

    Collector (Pilfer) D

    A talent, or luck, for drawing high quality goods into the possession of the Servant. In this case, this Skill takes the form of ‘collecting’ items through denial of the ownership of other people… In short, it is a Skill specialized in the stealing of objects and treasures from other Servants and people. Forces contested luck checks when Anzu attempts to evoke it on a given object in the possession of another target. However, due to this Skill’s low rank, this ‘luck’ is flawed, and she rarely manages to maintain possession of any given treasure before losing it soon after. If she manages to steal a Noble Phantasm or object to which a Servant’s Skill is bound, she herself will technically be able to use it, but due to her lack of aptitude (…and intelligence), she is unlikely to derive much value from it compared to its proper owner.

    The most famous legend in Mesopotamian myth associated with the Anzu is the time in which it managed to steal the Tablet of Destinies from the gods, an extremely important object within the mythology said to grant its owner an ultimate legal Authority over the universe as a whole. This object is one of the greatest Noble Phantasms within its Texture, rivaled only by Ea. This talent for stealing and usurping Noble Phantasms and Authorities has been crystalized as a Skill allowing Anzu to re-enact said legend on other Servants… however, because of this anecdote being borrowed from her father and her inability to actually make use of that which she ‘collects’, the Skill’s rank is quite low.

    Now tell me, what the heck sort of hero doesn’t have a bunch of cool treasure or commemorative trophies they’ve got through their adventures, huh? Now that I’m being a hero, I’ve already gotten started building a hoard of my own, and someday it’s gonna be so big and special everyone will tell stories about it and everything! Huh? You want to see it? Sure!

    Wait, where did I put it all again?

    Seven Mountain Crossing in One Night EX

    A Skill modeled off of the gift which the Anzu was said to have provided Lugalbanda within the poem Lugalbanda and the Anzu Bird. As thanks for the kindness which Lugalbanda had shown the Anzu’s chick, the Anzu granted Lugalbanda the innate ability to move at speeds otherwise impossible for humans to reach through any means without divine aid. Later within the poem, to aid the otherwise stalled out siege of the land of Arrata by his King Enmerkar, Lugalbanda traveled from the gates of Arrata back to Uruk, crossing seven mountains and reaching Uruk by the following midnight to petition Ishtar for aid.

    As the Anzu gifted this ability to Lugalbanda, the demon himself naturally possesses this talent by virtue of his very existence… and this likewise extends to his daughter. This Skill allows Anzu to conserve magical energy even while moving at high speeds far beyond what even most Servants and Phantasmals are capable of, assuming all she is doing is ‘moving’ rather than ‘fighting’. The further bonuses this would grant to land mobility are somewhat wasted on Anzu, as she already possesses the inborn trait of flight… nonetheless, among Servants, her Agility parameter is among the highest. The stipulation of her magical energy conservation being tied to ‘moving’ instead of ‘fighting’ also has a loophole in how Anzu can inflict damage without technically fighting purely by virtue of the destructive shockwaves her movement produces… although whether she is doing this intentionally is somewhat unclear.

    Hm… I don’t even really know what this thing actually does, but I do know it’s something uncle Lugalbanda has too because the name’s just like part of one of his stories! And that must mean it’s really cool and powerful even if I can’t tell what it’s actually doing, so that’s good!

    Third Ascension
    Huh? Spirit Origin Ascension? …

    …GAH! W-w-wait! Hold on just one-


    Ugh… this is sooo embarrassing… U-um, I picked out this dress because I wanted to save it for when I did finally find a mate… Yeah, yeah, I probably was getting a little ahead of myself, I get it! It’s just like… It’s a dream of mine, to find a really cool and pretty mate just like how uncle Lugalbanda had Ninsun, get it? And I mean… it’s fine to be hopeful, right?! Hope is the stuff heroes are made of, after all!

    Noble Phantasm(s):

    Impetuous, Immature Bird of Storms
    Banda Imdugud Mušen

    Okay, special move time! I’m going above even the highest mountains for this one! Look at the great and awesome Anzu, the coolest hero there is! Banda Imdugud Mušen! …GAH! OW OW OW! MY EARS! WHY’S IT SO LOUD?!

    Type: Anti-Mountain
    Rank: A+
    Range: 1~99
    Targets: 499 people

    A Noble Phantasm weaponizing the undiluted true nature of the Anzu, an existence encompassing the storms and winds. Upon usage, Anzu sheds her humanoid shell and forcefully takes control of the air and moisture around herself, transforming into an enormous black thundercloud in the shape of an eagle with a lion’s head. Positioning herself above her enemies, Anzu channels an immense amount of magical energy throughout her cloud form, before letting out a thunderous roar. Her body then tears itself apart, firing downwards the collected magical energy in the form of torrential rain, blasts of fire and thunderbolts, an enormous storm and all the potential destruction therein released in a single moment. While exceedingly powerful, this Noble Phantasm is not particularly safe for its user, as Anzu leaving her already unstable humanoid container before being forced to recreate it to re-anchor herself upon dispersing her body is rather difficult for her, likely inflicting some damage to her Saint Graph.

    This Noble Phantasm is dependant on Anzu not summoning a storm, but embodying herself through one by dispersing Authority through the current natural locale, and then infusing it with magical energy to release it in a destructive fashion. Thus, this Noble Phantasm is more difficult to use within drier climates where there is less existing moisture for Anzu to take control of, and it may require her to absorb and stockpile ambient water ahead of time to allow it to be properly used. This makes Anzu less consistent, if still powerful as a Servant, in drier climates such as (ironically) the Middle East. In more humid climates such as a tropical island, however…

    Xiaoshi scowled, wiping blood from the corner of his mouth as he was sent skidding back. This was more difficult than he would have liked… he and his wife weren’t truly specialized in combat as Servants, and evidently neither was the child who had decided on a whim to aid them. This opponent on the other hand…

    Ka! Ka! Kakakakaka!” The enemy Servant flew forward, leaving Xiaoshi barely a moment to prepare a block before unleashing a flurry of punches. Xiaoshi managed to block most of them, before his guard broke and he braced himself, watching Anzu raise her taloned hand to scratch at Xiaoshi’s face…

    Before getting punched in the head from behind by Nongyu, leaving Anzu to stagger forward. Surrounded on both sides, the couple readied a consecutive attack…

    Only for Anzu to let out a defiant shout, stopping down and releasing a blast of wind and electricity which sent the surrounded sand flying up the height of a three- or four-story building. Xiaoshi and Nongyu flew backwards, landing hard on their backs on the sand.

    Ha! Nice try, but tricks like that won’t work on me- Gah!” Anzu raised her nose proudly at her display of power, wasting time boasting… only to be interrupted as a child leaped at her, landing on her back and latching onto her like a leech.

    G-get off!” Anzu shouted, shaking to try and send the diminutive Saver flying off. Normally, she would just let off another blast of wind to resolve the situation, but with this as her opponent…

    Nongyu and Xiaoshi nodded to each other, and began to sing, magical-energy infused sound traveling forward and buffeting the space around Anzu. Anzu let out a squawk of surprise, before trying to shoot up, hoping for the acceleration to dislodge the adorable little parasite stuck on her… and failed, with Twinkle Star looping his life ring around her neck and steering her erratically around the beach.

    …We’re lucky she’s not very smart, huh?” Nongyu said in between breathes as she and Xiaoshi chased after the runaway bird monster and unwilling passenger, who was getting a remarkable mileage out of his low-rank Riding Skill.

    Indeed,” Xiaoshi said back. “Her ferocity is not unlike a force of nature incarnate. If she had even a smidgen more tactical sense- or immorality, the three of us alone would be quickly overwhelmed.

    Ugh… but even if it’s working to our benefit, that same stupidity is why we’re here to begin with!” Nongyu grumbled. Xiaoshi sagely nodded in response.

    Meanwhile, Twinkle Star continued to stick to Anzu like glue even with the harsh winds blowing around him, hand grabbing onto Anzu’s hair. “You are BANNED!” Twinkle Star howled. “Super Saver and lifeguard say you are banned! Get OUT of the beach!

    Whhgh!” Anzu grunted, rearing back as Twinkle Star pulled on his life ring, constricting the airflow to her neck. With the winds Anzu’s presence had kicked up sending crashing waves along the beach, Anzu desperately clawed at the loose sand beneath her to try and obtain some sort of foothold and halt her momentum. After a few seconds of failure, Anzu managed to stomp downward with both talons, planting herself on ground once more. Letting out a sigh of relief, Anzu reached up, pushing the life ring back away from her neck, and preparing to dislodge Twinkle Star.

    Only to freeze at hearing an odd sound behind her. Anzu turned her head to look, and saw a beautiful bird Phantasmal flying just above the surface of the ground. The bird, eyes closed, let off a wave of shimmering energy towards Anzu, which slowly floated forward… over Anzu’s shoulder, and around Twinkle Star.

    Anzu adopted a confused an annoyed expression. “Hey, what the heck was that even supposed to-

    Anzu was cut off as a tail the size of a palm tree’s trunk slammed down onto her from behind, flattening her into the sand beneath. Twinkle Star, infused with the Fenghuang’s defensive Aura of Prosperity, harmlessly bounced away from Anzu as the attack smashed into her, leaving her alone to be cratered into the sand with a pained yelp.

    And then the Long lifted his tail again, and slammed Anzu again. And again. And several more times for good measure.

    As the string of attacks concluded, Xiaoshi flew backwards to join Nongyu and Twinkle Star, leaving Anzu to slowly crawl out of the hole she had been hammered down inside. The Lancer raised herself back up slowly, spitting sand out of her mouth and looking crumbled in on herself.

    Ugh…” She grumbled.

    Please tell me that was enough to calm her down,” Xiaoshi said.
    Anzu closed her eyes and took a long inhale, body straightening as she did so. After a few more seconds of silence, Anzu opened her eyes… which flickered with the same ferocity as earlier.

    Hahaha! Nice try, evil dragon and company!” Anzu laughed.

    …Noooope.” Nongyu sighed.

    Impressive, but you should know! A hero doesn’t give up that easy… even in the face of dirty tactics!” Anzu pointed a taloned finger at Twinkle Star, who glared back, sticking out his tongue. “That child has kept me from going all out… in that sense, your plan succeeded spectacularly. BUT… butbutbut… all that means is that you’ve forced me to use my trump card! With this… I’ll be able to defeat you without having to worry about hurting you at all!

    Tch!” As Anzu stood up, Nongyu tensed herself, ready to shoot forward and attack before the Lancer could release her Noble Phantasm… but as Anzu began to speak, words brimming with the familiar power of a Full Name Release, her sixth sense took effect again. A thick sensation of palpable desire to harm and destroy… not from Anzu, but from elsewhere. Determining where the feeling came from beyond ‘far away’ proved impossible for even Nongyu… but what was clear was the destruction this sensation forewarned of. Centered on Anzu, but spread around her as well… far around her.

    Born as opposition, I shall usurp the universe itself!” Anzu chanted.

    As Nongyu flinched, Xiaoshi turned to look over at his wife with a concerned look.


    Nongyu, voice as calm as she could make it, met his gaze. “We need to take the child and run. Now.

    The ultimate Me, the mountaintops shall be raised above the heavens themselves!

    Without another word, Xiaoshi nodded. One of his arms shot forward and grabbed Twinkle Star, who let out an annoyed whine, and then joined alongside Nongyu as the two flew off as fast as they could.
    Anzu, still so absorbed in her ongoing True Name Release to have noticed, raised her talons upwards to punctuate her chant’s conclusion. “Take this! Noble Phantasm release

    The (Definitely Not Cursed!) Tablet of Destinies
    Aš Dub Namtarra

    Type: Anti-World
    Rank: E
    Range: 1~60
    Targets: ???

    Dub Namtarra
    Tablet of Destinies
    , one of, if not the strongest Noble Phantasms of Mesopotamia myth. The ultimate, all-encompassing Authority, this object is said to dictate the ownership of the universe to its holder. Containing transcriptions of all that exists, the fates of other objects and living things can be freely overwritten and altered at the command of the holder. An invincible, omnipotent Noble Phantasm.

    Of course, this is not what Anzu actually possesses. While her father did claim this Noble Phantasm and use it to enact a reign of terror for a time, he was eventually defeated by Ninurta, with the Tablet being recovered in the aftermath and returned to the gods. A Noble Phantasm calling to memory a time in which the holder possessed it, being borrowed by an entity closely connected to the original thief, but not actually him… as a result, this Noble Phantasm is nothing but a heavily flawed, exceedingly unstable approximation of the true tablet.

    When deployed, this Noble Phantasm emanates outward, declaring authority and control over all within range and weakening their ability to act freely. Attacks aimed at Anzu will be deflected or reversed, and powerful curses take hold on those Anzu designates as enemies. The fundamental
    within this space will shift to favour Anzu. In that sense, this is still an exceedingly powerful Noble Phanatasm…

    But an artifact of this caliber being deployed has consequences. Immediately upon use, the corrective forces of the World will take notice and work to stifle and diminish this outside influence, further destabilizing the already patchwork composition it possesses. And with the World’s notice, so too comes the Divine Spirits which often act as its hands… The pantheon of Ancient Sumer and Babylon become aware of this counterfeit’s presence and take offense. Thus, almost immediately upon deployment, it becomes designated for destruction by those beyond its influence. This Noble Phantasm is essentially guaranteed to be struck by lightning by Ninurta the moment it reaches the peak of its instability (which will not be very long), forcefully exploding in a devasting release of magical energy, every single time it is utilized.

    This explosion could prove a devasting weapon in its own right, meaning this Noble Phantasm is still quite powerful despite its heavy limitations. That being said, a Master will probably need to mention this to Anzu, as she is unlikely to think of such an idea herself.


    A noisy, perpetually excited young monster girl. As an existence new to being a Servant, and whose knowledge of the human world and history is fragmentary and almost entirely second-hand, Anzu finds almost all experiences novel and fascinating, even that which to any other Heroic Spirit would seem mundane. Thus, she flits around and takes in the sights and sounds of the world with ever-undiminishing energy, leaving chaos and destruction in her wake all the while without ever thinking to look back.

    For her, the archetype from which all other heroes are derived is Lugalbanda… and while said man was capable of great kindness, the values of the times in which he lived are not really comparable to the modern day. Thus, she acts violent without actual malice, picking fights with anyone whose strength catches her eye without issuing any actual challenge, collects ‘treasure’ from opponents or otherwise normal people without much thought to the concept of ownership, and otherwise acts in a rather thoughtless fashion.

    What little she does know of the world around her is ridden with misconception and unusual jumps in logic, based around her worldview. For instance, as she is able to fly at absurd speeds as easily as breathing and doesn’t understand human difficulties with long distance travel, she seems to think vehicles exist entirely as a status symbol (‘Since I don’t have to work, I can afford to take my time and wait around in these cool-looking containers instead of rushing everywhere!’), she views visual appeal and value as inherently intertwined and thus views metal coins as greater than paper banknotes, and is completely ignorant to the parts of her that aren’t normal for others, such as her more monstrous features and absurd powers. As a result of all of this, she is likely to come off as frustrating if not actively frightening to those around her… although when she eventually manages to realize this, she will try and go far out of her way to correct any offenses she caused. After all, she almost immediately comes to like the people she meets even if they don’t like her, and doesn’t want to make them feel unhappy.

    A monster who aspires to emulate humanity, but has had little contact with humans besides a few exceptions just as extraordinary and abnormal as herself… as a result, she is naïve, unfamiliar with true conflict or challenge, and struggles to properly relate to and understand those around her. Judging by human standards, she is unintelligent and rather wildly dangerous.

    Although since contact with others is still a new experience for herself, she still has room to learn and mature, to hopefully eventually become the ideal hero she strives to be.


    Gilgamesh (Adult) (FGO): “Hmph, just because you have a head start doesn’t mean you need to be all smug about it. You’re tough, but you better watch yourself, or I’ll catch up to your level as a hero quicker than you can blink! I’m just as much a successor to uncle Lugalbanda as you!

    Child Gil (FGO): “Hey, you turned back into a chick?! That’s crazy! I didn’t know humans could make themselves younger again! Wow, that’s so cool! Wait, but if humans can do this, why would any of them ever die from old age at all?

    Ishtar (FGO): “Gah! It’s that crazy goddess again! Oh man, I have to hide before she sees me! After that thing dad did with her tree, she’s probably going to get mad if she sees me… and I might be strong enough to beat her up, but if I fight one of the gods, dad’s probably going to get really, really mad with me…

    Larva Tiamat (FGO): “Huh? Did mom turn herself into one of those things… what was it… the birds who are also lizards… a dinosaur? Wait a sec, no, I’m pretty sure she isn’t mom, but… she smells a looooot like that, uh, thing… the really, really old water. Dad said that he came out of that stuff and then the mountains, so that stuff was his mom, and I’m the same as dad… and I think I heard that she was that old water stuff’s mate… so she is my mom by marriage, but which number mom was she again…?

    Lugalbanda (Ail Don): “WOAH!!! It’s him, he’s really here, yes yes yes!!! Uncle Lugalbanda!!!!

    *Performs a flying tackle-hug that would kill a lesser man*

    It's so cool to see you again! It’s been so long I lost count! Hehehe, guess what! I’m a hero now, just like you! Although… I don't actually have any cool exploits I can tell you stories about yet… but just wait a little, yeah?! I’m gonna knock your socks out! That’s the right way to say that human saying, right…?

    Peštur (Der Ritter): “…Uh oh. When dad visited Uruk, I ended up getting dragged into being her playmate a lot, and… I mean, it’s not like I don’t respect her a lot, but she's just… really scary! I mean it! She’s so loud and likes roughhousing and all the while I don’t get what she's talking about at all! I kind of think she’s scarier than her brother, especially when she gets all wound up!

    Enmebaragesi (Daneel Rush): “The heck do you mean, you’re Uncle’s daughter? I’ll have you know, I went to Uruk a lot when I was still a chick, and I think I’d remember all of my cousins since you’re obviously older than Peštur. So what the heck sort of…

    Huh? She smells kind of like

    …Oh, yeah, r-right, I remember now! Right, there’s nothing unusual or s-suspicious about you in the l-l-least! Okay, if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to, uh… leave you alone.

    Ninurta (Vance): “Oh shit! It’s him, the one who almost got dad! And even worse, he’s got a new super form and magical power too! Fuck, fuck, run!!!!

    After minutes upon minutes of running, the young woman had put some distance between her and the beach, having reached the promenade. Heaving from exertion, she crumpled down, hands on her knees, and turned around to look at the beach she had left behind.

    Over the course of her retreat, thick storm clouds had quickly coated the sky and left no trace of the previous beautiful day. The wind had picked up as well, and the sound of crashing waves was still audible even kilometers away.

    Despite the foreboding atmosphere, however, the girl was glad to see no trace of the monster girl having followed her. It seems that despite her kneejerk feelings of fear, those other monsters had been there to protect her. Even if things still seemed dangerous, she was at least safer now.

    As she thought that, though, the girl let out a gasp of surprise at seeing the Phantasmals of China appear in her line of sight, flying in the direction of the promenade. She squinted, trying to get a view of what was happening behind them, and caught glimpse of some sort of shining source of magical energy…

    Before an enormous pillar of lightning pierced down into the beach from the sky, followed by a crack of thunder more deafening than any sound the woman had heard in her life. Ears ringing as she clapped her hands over them, she barely managed to stay on her feet as the shockwave from the lightning strike continued to ring out.

    The girl watched as steam rose from the beach… and as the smoke cleared, light reflected off of the surface. Her eyes widened as she realized the beach was effectively gone. Instead, a sheet of glass stood on the waterside, the water itself emanating a massive cloud of steam.

    A Magus could do impressive things with proper time to prepare, but this was far beyond anything the girl could claim her family to be familiar with. Battles between Servants… were truly something else.

    …Well, at least with a blast that large, withouther not having seen the monster girl who first grabbed her… hopefully that meant she wouldn’t have to worry about her coming after her anymore, right?

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    A very interesting Servant to start with-she's an interestin birdie

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    Summer Harmony
    Part II: Red and Blue Guardians

    Serendell. A city filled with magnificent beaches, various intriguing locales, and a hodgepodge of delicious cuisine, all within a temperament climate that many could enjoy. It was the perfect destination for a summer vacation. Of course, such a tourist spot meant there had to be accommodations for visitors and locals alike, and with the city being a melting pot meant the kinds of accommodations were just as varied as its residents and guests, even types that were tied to a specific place.

    Like, say...a ryokan.

    In the vacation city, while it isn't as bustling as the beach, the mountains near Serendell still had a considerable amount of visitors. Some came there for the challenging trails, yet another road they could list off in their climbing feats. Some came for the relaxing scenery, for the forests were more naturally inclined for calm walks and peaceful observations compared to the festive yet hectic atmosphere of the beach. And yet others try their luck at one of the more famous paths, one that led to an old temple full of monks that adolescents used to prove their courage, what with the rumors and tall tales of ghosts and spirits that appear in the night.

    And in the middle of it all, on the threshold between mountain and city, stood a traditional Japanese inn, acting as a nexus for a majority of, if not all, mountain visitors.

    And not just the human ones.


    "Yes? How can I help you?" Fuyu said with a kind but professional smile.

    "Excuse me," the guest said, huffing in a way she immediately recognized as "stuffy noble". "But can you tell me why is the restaurant full of...those?"

    It was only years of practice that kept her smile from turning smug as she followed where the guest indicated and said,

    "Do you mean our other guests?"

    Because the guest spluttered at her words and it would be rude to appear so smug.

    "They're guests?" the "noble" said in disbelief.

    Not that she blamed her. Where there were humans dining, there were also many creatures that any magus would know immediately to be Phantasmal Species, while the average person would call them either "monsters" or "yokai". Oni, elves, jorougumo, engkanto, werewolves...those were just some of the many kinds of guests dining in the same areas as the humans, if rather messily for a good chunk of them thanks to their natures. And that wasn't even counting the Servants that were staying as well, some human, some not, and some a measure of both or many in some way.

    But that was exactly why she hid her satisfaction behind her professional smile as she said,

    "Yes, they are. We welcome Phantasmals such as them or hybrids of them and humans such as myself in our establishment."

    The woman blanched at the implication of her mixed blood, but being the "noble" that she was, she regained her composure seamlessly and instantly.

    But not fast enough to stop Fuyu from saying,

    "If you are unsatisfied with our service or food, we can give you a refund as well as recommendations for other lodging that would be more suited to your preferences and needs."

    Because as much as she really wanted to kick the woman out of her family's hotel, she was still a customer. And this wasn't her first customer service rodeo.

    At the very least she didn't seem to be a complete "Karen" as she frowned, eyed one of the bars and asked,

    "So...that means that...'woman' is the famous bartender of your establishment?"

    The bartender in question was a "woman" all right, but she wasn't a human one. It was an oni, one with blue skin and a bright smile, mixing drinks and swapping stories with her various customers. Unsurprisingly, some of the more teasing ones poked fun at how short she was, needing to use a mobile and motorized stool in order to go to-and-fro between all of them, and to that she returned with appropriate comebacks, such as the baldness of one of the patrons, but just as the Phantasmal took it in good nature, so did they. And so instead of annoyance and demands for repayment, laughs were had before tasting and stories continued.

    This time Fuyu's smile was more genuine as she said,

    "Yup. She is."

    And instead of storming off at the "apparent gall of having sub-humans serve and be served at such an establishment", the woman frowned as she contemplated her choices...and then sighed, as her decision was,

    "No, I do not wish for a refund or similar. Thank you for answering my question."

    It was only once the "noble" was at the bar, had taken her drink, and laughed after a few exchanges with the "bartender" did Fuyu allow herself a satisfied smile.

    That was exactly the kind of sight she and her family loved seeing.

    What wasn't as much of a welcome sight though...

    "Tch. Almost ten..."

    ...was the oncoming portent of "doom".

    Giving her serving duties to one of the waiters, Fuyu hastily went past guests and Phantom staff with the kind of ease one could only gain from years and years of going down a well-worn path. Soon enough, she was in the kitchen, the chefs and such only briefly glancing at her appearance, and she went straight to the "current" head chef busy talking with the actual head chef...

    ...a red oni that was shorter than most teenagers.

    "Grandpa! Almost check out time."

    The oni was startled but soon looked at the nearest clock.

    "Ah. Thank you, Fuyu-chan! I'm coming."

    She nodded in acknowledgement then headed off, repeating her actions until she reached the bar.

    "I'm comin', Fuyu-chan! Don't worry!" the blue oni said, a knowing look on her face as she handed off her tools to a Phantom bartender.

    She couldn't help but laugh and say, "Aw well, I tried. Maybe I'll catch you almost slacking next time, Grandma."

    "You wish!"

    They shared a laugh before both left and easily reached the reception desk where the third of their party waited. And just in time. True, they didn't really need to be here thanks to all the Phantoms around. But the nice thing about the two oni being not only the owners of this particular version, but Servants summoned after their death, they had a lot more free reign to do what they wanted. Like constantly switching between the various roles in a ryokan for "fun".

    Which was a sight that heartened her.


    "Ready, Fuyu-chan!"

    And so it was with bright smiles and cheerful demeanors did the founders of her family say to guests both checking in and checking out,

    "Thank you for staying at Gokijo Ryokan!"

    Husband and Wife

    Class: Gatekeeper
    Other Eligible Classes: None
    True Name: Zenki and Goki
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Origin: Japanese mythology - "Biography of En no Gyouja"
    Attribute: Earth
    Height: 125cm / 4'1'' (both)
    Weight: 116 lbs / 52 kg (both)
    Traits: Male, Female, Humanoid, Oni, Demonic, Weak to Enuma Elish
    Catalyst: their remains passed down their descendants in Shimokitayama, Nara

    Talent: Innkeeping (both); cooking (Zenki); brewing (Goki)
    Natural Enemy: Emperor Meiji, Ashiya Douman

    Likes: Children, alcohol, serving guests (both); solving puzzles (Zenki); well made/brewed drinks besides alcohol, like coffee or tea (Goki)
    Dislikes: indiscriminate monster hunters, being alone (both)

    END: B+
    AGI: D
    MGI: B
    LCK: B
    NP: A

    BOND 0Hulking giants of power.

    Ravenous appetites that gourged on human flesh.


    ..."some of the most hospitable innkeepers you'll ever meet"...?

    It seems that, while they still very much have the power expected of onis, these two already integrated with humans long before they even became Servants.

    "But of course!"

    "How else can we repay our good friend for accepting us despite our past cruelty?"

    "So instead of taking from people..."

    "...we give to them!"

    "So we will give our all to our dear guests."

    BOND 1
    Class Skills
    Territory Fortification B
    A class skill of Gatekeepers, it marks the ability and disposition to defend one's territory with stalwart courage and devotion. Whenever a Gatekeeper is guarding a designated area marked as their "territory", their offensive capabilities are increased and their defensive ones significantly so. However, as it a skill that is dependant on the Gatekeeper's ability to repel invaders, so should the intruders break through, the effects of this skill will be lost.
    The shikigami of En no Gyouja, the founder of Shugendo, they were his close friends and his most prominent guardians, protecting him as he traveled and then the sacred mountain, Mt. Omine. When they later became the founders and parents of the five
    temple lodgings
    families that eventually turned into ryokan and minshuku generations later, their protection was extended to their descendants and their patrons. As such, their rank in this skill is high and grants them considerable boosts in defense when defending. They gains further boosts when defending places that either has a "mountain" trait or are designated as a "shelter for many" by their Master.

    Magic Resistance B
    A skill which denotes the ability to cancel and/or resist spells and such.
    As Phantasmal Beasts in an era and land still filled with Mystery, not only is their rank high thanks to that, Goki's abilities as a "mage" raise it to such. At this rank, a majority of modern magecraft is useless against them, including some of the greater types.

    BOND 2

    Long, long ago, in the lands of Japan that would be known today as Nara, there were two oni who found the area home. One was a distinct blue with a knack for creating drinks and risui. The other was a distinct red with a penchant for exploration. Everyday, the blue oni would hone it inbetween hunts for food and training her skills, enjoying figuring out the right mix for her concoctions. And everyday, red oni would find more and more to the place he called home inbetween hunts for food and training his skills, enjoying the sights and smells and more.

    But there was something missing.

    A sadness they couldn't figure out the source of.

    One that knawed and festered until they felt hollow.

    They hated it.

    Wanting to find a way to fill the hole, they set out off, following the Yoshino River.

    It was on a clear sunny day did the two meet in the middle, the blue smacking the red thinking he was a treat and the red carelessly following the scent of her various drinks. But where most oni would've either fought or just passed by each other without a second thought, the two apologized to each other, laughed at how they traded the blame back and forth...

    ...and stuck together.

    For the unknown sadness had disappeared.

    Replaced with warmth and satisfaction that bubbled and swelled until it filled their whole being.

    They loved it.

    They loved each other.

    And it was the best feeling they had ever felt.

    BOND 3
    Personal Skills
    Demonic Nature of Oni B
    A skill denoting the bearer's nature as an oni. In terms of its effects, it is a composite of Natural Demon, Monstrous Strength and Mana Burst, granting the bearer incredible strength.
    Zenki and Goki are onis, through and through, with the strength and appetite to match. However, unlike most onis, they did something few had done before or since: coexist with humans. Whether it was because their control over their bloodlust was stronger than most or that it was weaker than other onis is debatable, but whatever the answer, that fact means that, compared to most of their kind, they are nowhere near as destructive but still powerful enough to protect against many threats. Thus their rank isn't the highest but is still considerable. At this rank, their strength stat is high despite their height and can gain a considerable temporary boost.

    Red Oni, Blue Oni A
    Genial, relentless, and passionate.
    Gentle, adaptable, and tranquil.
    The red and blue oni are a pair of equals and opposites that are always counted as "one". One of the many "duo archetypes". It matters not if they are fighting on a united front or if they are competing against each other. As long as they are together, they are stronger than when they are alone, and no words are needed to be exchanged between the two to know what the other will do or what they want. This effect still works even if another Servant that is not their "other half" also has this skill, though not as effective. In essence, a variant of the Combination skill that works even when the two bearing it are arguing or even if they aren't their partner, so long as one fills the role of "red" and another the role of "blue".
    As one of the earliest instances of the archetype, if not the originator of it, Zenki and Goki have a high rank in the skill and thus gain noticeable boosts when together, which, considering their natures, is almost all the time. And should they encounter another Servant who isn't their other half who bears this skill and they fight together or compte with each other, the boosts are still considerable. On the chance they are separated, the boosts are no longer in effect.

    理水 水瓶
    Risui Mizugame B
    Bottle of Mystic Water

    Risui. A type of "spirit water" said to hold special properties that in turn can grant special powers when it is consumed.
    Through the water, it is said one gain eyes that can see spirits, enhanced senses overall, telepathy and even perform astral projection.
    And that is the water Goki contains within her
    water bottle

    At this rank, whenever Zenki or Goki consume this water, they are granted increased eyesight (equivalent to Clairvoyance C in effect but not in rank), the ability to see through concealing effects (such as Presence Concealment), short ranged telepathy (about 5 meters / 16 feet), and minor astral projection (which lets them "leave" their bodies for about 15 meters / 49 feet and become immune to attacks that do not harm the soul directly).
    However, this water has a limited number of uses, and how long the effects last depends on how much of the water they consume. At max for one of them, one full chug of the water can grant them one hour's worth of use. While if they want to use highest possible duration for both of them, it will be a mere thirty minutes. So typically they use the longer durations for when they want to make use of the astral projection effect, and do short bursts of the other effects.
    Once it is empty, Goki needs to spend time, preferably by a body of water with is considered sacred or spiritual to expedite the process, to create more.
    On the plus side, the water doesn't only effect them and can be consumed by others, both Servants and humans.

    BOND 4

    And then they found another, the love for their first child, and then their second, and then all the way to their fifth. They absolutely adored them with all their heart. It was amazing. It was joyful. It was light and wamrth and heady. It was...


    For whatever reason, their youngest child wouldn't eat what oni were normally able to. And where most oni would've left the child to die for the unwarranted pickiness, the two scrambled to find something their youngest would eat. They tried fish, they tried insects, they even tried plants. But still their youngest wouldn't eat, and still it grew weaker and weaker. And so they raided human settlements, taking their livestock...and their residents, not discounting any kind of possible source of food. ...It still didn't work. But they knew no other way to fix this. So they kept going. And going. And going. And going.

    But such frequent destruction and death on humans would draw attention.

    It was when they came back from one of their many trips, but instead of their older children quietly keeping an eye on their youngest, fearful for the death of their sibling, they returned to see them crying and apologizing, for their youngest was gone, taken by some man who gave instructions on where to find him. They set off immediately. Unfortunately for them, it was a trap, as the lone man restrained them with his spells. But instead of being slain then and there, the man merely asked how it felt to have their child taken from them. They answered that it hurt more than any injury they could sustain, and to that he told them "That is exactly what the parents of the human children you took felt."

    The realization struck them to their cores.

    BOND 5

    Noble Phantasm
    五鬼助 旅館
    Gokijo Ryokan
    A Legacy of Hospitality and Harmony

    Rank: A
    Type: Anti-Army (Self)

    They were just two regular onis.

    They had no amazing deeds, no feats of strength, or even a foe they fought and made famous through their defeat.

    But what they did leave behind...was proof that a Phantasmal Species and humans are able to coexist not just peacefully, but happily.

    And that is what their Noble Phantasm is.

    Upon True Name release, despite not having created one in life, the two form a large Bounded Field in the form of a high end ryokan, complete with several onsen, recreational rooms, food and drink establishments, and many, many luxurious bedrooms and items. Some might find it odd, but it is the crystalization of their legacy. And that legacy is their descendants. Thus their Noble Phantasm takes the form of the biggest mark their descendants have made on history: the ryokan that helped the Five Oni Families survive all the way to the modern day. So one could say that the inn is a gift from their descendants to their ancestors. But while this seems like a normal is anything but.

    For one, when it is summoned, thanks to it being created to "shelter and hide others from threats" by "hiding in plain sight", the area itself essentially has Powerless Shell, making it incredibly hard to detect and even when someone sees it, most won't realize it is a deployed Noble Phantasm instead of a normal ryokan, and that effect is extended to any allies who reside inside, along with all the Phantoms of all their descendants acting as the staff of the ryokan. As it is a crystalization of their legacy of "vastly different beings coexisting despite their immense differences", hostile intent and such are decreased significantly so long as the targets don't have some form of mental interfence immunity, while the effects are still present but lessened against anyone with a resistance. And because it is "an area for rest", any allies who stay within the Bounded Field will steadily heal their physical injuries.

    And lastly, as both its hosts and its sworn protectors, when within the area, there are several effects applied only to Zenki and Goki. As gracious hotel owners, the two essentially gain Item Construction (Ryokan), allowing them to create various items related to the ryokan, and Proof of Friendship, which paired with the area's own hostility dampening effects means the effects are even stronger and they can do their best to ensure no fighting is had in their hotel. But on the good chance a fight still breaks its guards, they gain boosts to all stats except Luck, the boosts separate from their other skills but can be "stacked" on top of each other, and Mana Defense for even higher boosts to defense.

    They will not let anyone harm their guests.

    "Especially you, dear Guest."

    BOND 6

    And with that, he let them go, and revealed that he not only had he simply hid their youngest child, he had cured it of the malady that prevented it from eating. In gratitude, they asked if there was any way they could repay him, and the humans they had hurt.

    And so, that was how Zenki and Goki became En no Gyouja's shikigami, and why they created
    temple lodgings
    near Mt. Omine.

    Thanks to that, the oni spent the next few years alternating between protecting their master, and good friend, as he traveled, and protecting the Shugendo worshippers who travelled to Mt. Omine, where their children stayed and learned how to receive guests. Thus when En no Gyouja was exiled and soon died, they had built enough goodwill that they could remain in the home they had made for themselves without their human friend vouching for them.

    BOND 7From then on, their life wasn't so
    different from humans
    out of the ordinary.
    Not that much different from most families, at any rate. They got to see their children grow up and fall in love with humans they took as their respective spouses, becoming the founders of five family lineages that would be known as the Five Oni Families. They got to see their hybrid grandchildren, helped them control their oni blood and then do the same once again for their children. They got to continue serve and protect Shugendo worshippers, just as they did with their friend. All the while, they did their best to not attract the interest of monster hunters, especially oni hunters, across the land.

    Eventually, they too, died, and then
    the Five Oni Family founders
    their pure oni children
    as well, none of them wishing to move to the Reverse Side, where they would be forever separated from their families and never return to them. Their remains would be used to form the basis of their descendants' magecraft, letting them protect them even after death. The practice would continue even when 1872 came and the
    abolish Buddhism, destroy Shākyamuni
    movement forced them to switch to ryokan and minshuku to remain afloat, for they refused to let their ancestors' legacy die out.

    Now the Five Oni Families are successful inn owners, and more importantly for their ancestors, they're alive and happy.

    One of which has decided to come to Serendell.

    The eldest of the Gokijo Family, the "head family" of the Five Oni Families, Fuyu came to the city to review one of the projects she had been commissioned to design by one of a client. But really, she was using her job as an architect as an excuse. The real she accepted the job was because of all the hearsay of Servants not only being easily summonable there...

    ...but being one of the few places in the world where not just many walks of human life coalesce, but also Phantasmal life.

    The perfect spot for an "impromptu" vacation with her ancestors.

    BOND 8Personality: Being the red and blue oni, many would have several expectations of them because of the archetype. And well...while they don't purposefully try to dispute it, some might find they most definitely do.

    For starters, while they express it different ways, both are incredibly friendly. Zenki comes off as that quiet yet passionate type, the kind of traits some of the more "nerdy" and "energetic" scholars mights have. He is a discoverer at heart, loving to puzzle things out, whether that be a new area, recipe or person. Goki comes off as that cheerful drinker type, the kind one would see at bars, cafés or even teas shops and is more than happy to share a drink or several, some ordered and some of her own make, with stories to come along with them. She is party goer at heart, loving to take part and organize fun group events. In other words, the "red oni" seems more "blue" while the "blue oni" seems more "red". But then when one sees them in combat, it's seems reversed. Zenki fights head-on. Not dumb, neccessarily, for if one was stupid they could never survive even a single instance of combat. But it is still "simple" in the face of schools of martial arts of both weapons and bare hands. Meanwhile his wife is a lot more methodical, making the most of her mystic water as well as her various moves since she fights without a weapon. She is the one who fights can and will resort to guile to achieve victory, though there are still some lines she will not dare cross. Yet should anyone ever manage to trigger their ire, the roles are reversed yet again, Zenki's wrath as sharp, cold and precise as the slashes of a blade and Goki's as blunt, burning, and far-reaching as a tornado.

    But really, it turns out that perhaps the truth is that any traits that seem more "fitting" for the other is simply the two rubbing off of each other. And considering the hundreds of years they've happily been together, it's no surprise. Zenki and Goki know each other as well as any individual could know another without becoming one with them and deeply cherish each other. Because unlike most oni, they are both very empathetic. While they might not always get the "why" behind someone's actions or feelings, even with the many years they've been with humans both blood related and not, they can still easily imagine, and feel, other's feelings. Thanks to this empathy, and their many, many years of life surrounded by family as parents and grandparents, that they can switch from being a cheerful and carefree young couple to a wise old one giving advice and comfort to others.

    Because despite how young they seem to act, they have experienced much in their long lives. Maybe not as much as some would want, but still enough to know how easy peace can be broken, how painful cruelties can be, and how vicious can people be towards each other over the smallest of things. And yet still, they are here. They were given a chance to coexist with humans, and they made the most of it, even when they fumbled. So they are steadfast in their optimism that the world can find harmony, and absolutely devoted to their role as innkeepers. Because even if the closest they did to being such when they were alive was helping managing the shukubo, the role is an extension and representation of what they stand for: being hospitable to others and doing their best to promote harmony.

    Because if there is one thing both hate with all their heart... being alone.

    And if no one ever gets along, then they would be all alone.

    "Our wish is still the same."
    "For everyone to get along."
    "We know that won't be easy but..."
    "We're here. We managed to do it."
    "So we believe humanity can too, some day."

    BOND 9Relationships
    Shuten-douji (Assassin)
    "She's a nice drinking partner."
    "Most of the time."
    "Yeah. True. When I tell her to stop... She doesn't like it when I do that."
    "But we can't have rowdy guests in our inn."
    "So we tell her anyway. And make sure she listens."

    Ibaraki-douji (Berserker)
    "Oh yeah. Her. I remember her. She was that upstart oni around the time that Raikou fellow was around, right?"
    "Yes. She is."
    "Leader of all oni though? Good thing she didn't come our way."
    "Agreed. Otherwise you, I and our family would've fought against her...and none of us would've escaped it unscathed."

    Watanabe-no-Tsuna (Saber)
    "One of the monster slayers who is close to Raikou-san."
    "And 'rival' of Ibaraki, according to her. Or something. I wasn't paying attention, haha."
    "He's calmer about it than I thought he'd be."
    "What? Like you being calmer than most oni?"
    "Haha, okay okay, point taken, dear. Still, I'm glad."
    "Same. He's not so bad for a monster slayer."

    Minamoto-no-Raikou (Berserker)
    "So you're the one who killed Shuten-douji..."
    "Oh don't worry. We don't hate you! We just wanna talk."
    "Yeah. You're part oni too, yeah? Our grandchildren and descendants are that. So..."
    "We just want you to know we accept you too!"
    "So if you want to talk."
    "Or rest."
    "Just come to us."
    "Even parents need some time to relax!"
    "Otherwise you won't be at your best for your kids."

    Beni-emma (Saber)
    "Beni-emma?! The Beni-enma?! You're here?!"
    "Wait, she is?! Oh oh! Do you mind if you teach us?!"
    "Yes! Yes! Your inn was so famous... And we're new to the inn business speficially, so we want to learn frok you!"
    (They are unsurprisingly very diligent students)

    Katsushika Hokusai (Foreigner)
    "Oh hey, Hokusai! Didn't he make some art of us and En?"
    "Her father did. That's the daughter."
    "Eh? But isn't her name Ei, or Oi, or something? Not Katsushika?"
    "I believe it has to do with why Katsushika is that small octopus."
    "Oh. Well, either way, nice to meet ya! If you wanna take a go at us again now that you got living references, we're happy to pose for ya!"

    Sakunabikona (Alter-Ego) (Nuclear)
    "Oh a fellow innkeeper!"
    "An onsen specifically, dear."
    "Oh. Whoops. Yeah. Either way... Wanna trade innkeeper techniques?"

    Soon enough, one of the busiest hours of the ryokan slowed down as most of their guests left and some new ones came in, knowing of the actual check in time and thus giving them ample chance to clean up the newly freed up rooms. But as Fuyu was in the middle of doing so, she stopped at a familiar sight at the bar.

    A lone girl drowning her sorrows with as much as alcohol she could chug.

    Normally, this wouldn't be a noticeable scene for her. It was familiar for a reason after all, what with her being part of the hospice business. However, the girl wasn't just any girl. It was Anzu, the "little monster girl" she and her grandparents-many-times-over took in when she had looked for somewhere to stay. She had obviously not known how actual rates went with inns because of being inexperienced with human society and culture, with the amount she gave being way too much for even a several nights stay and how she misinterpreted what a toilet was for. So they knew any other place would either rip her off or end up unable to handle someone of her nature. And considering what she had said to them when they asked if she would be coming back... It was clear she could use some cheering up from someone very familiar with her situation.

    "Grandpa? Grandma? Anzu's back."

    "Eh? She's back? I thought she said she'd be late?"

    "If she found a date. She clearly hasn't."

    "I don't think it's just 'cause she didn't find a date," she said with a meaningful tone.

    Understanding passed in their expression.


    "I see."

    "I'll handle things then. You go and cheer her up, okay?"

    Despite the problem, her ancestors smiled.

    "Thanks, Fuyu-chan!"

    "Yes, thank you."

    "We'll fix this. Don't worry!"

    "But well, if not, well... We can definitely lend her a listening and sympathetic ear."

    "That still counts as fixing to me."

    "All right, dear, if you say so."

    Fuyu couldn't help but smile despite things, their attitudes never ceasing to ease in confirming that, yes, indeed, everything her and the other families stood for was what their ancestral founders dreamed as well.

    "I'm sure you can work it out, just like you did before."
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    Summer Harmony
    Part III: A Hope for Harmony

    Anzu grumbled as she downed another drink, glancing around in hopes of finding the blue oni bartender even though it was obvious she still wasn't there. She wanted the alcohol she served, the same one from last time, since that actually tasted really good and had the memory altering traits she had heard so much about. Since...

    She gulped the whole giant cup in one go. Still wasn't working.

    Damn it. She didn't want to think about her ruined Noble Phantasm release... How she deployed it too slowly to actually use it on the evil dragon and his minions. How she had lost the girl she got a date with because of them. How...

    ...she saw everyone on the edges of the glass beach and barren seashore "crater" she caused looking absolutely terrified and, most importantly, how many of them were hurt.

    She had almost gotten innocent bystanders hurt. That wasn't anything close to heroic.

    How was she going to ever going to be a proper hero if she couldn't even do the basics?

    "Hey Anzu. What's wrong?" a soothing feminine voice said, breaking her out of her thoughts.

    She turned and saw it was actually the blue oni and her husband, the red oni, Goki and Zenki, sitting by her side with concerned looks.

    Anzu ignored the slight sting of her cheeks as she said, “The beer isn't working, that's what! I don’t know if it’s cause it’s made of this ‘rice’ stuff, but unless you serve it, all it does is make me feel bad instead of all tingly…aren't they working now?!

    But instead of complying like she usually did, Goki just raised an eyebrow along with her husband and said,

    "That's all?"

    A moment passed.

    What? What do you mean by that? Of course that's all,” she said, confused why they weren't listening like usual. And also that look on their faces.

    But then Zenki said, completely out of nowhere, "Date didn't go so well, huh?"

    And maybe the silence wasn't so bad after all so she just turned away and refilled her cup to drink. It meant she didn't have to think about that again. And she could ignore the two Japanese demons' looks. She didn't like how they were looking at her. She felt like running, but that meant leaving here, and she didn't really want to leave here felt nice, for the most part.

    "We can help you, you know. If we know what's wrong, we can tell you what you can do."

    Anzu snapped to them, astonished and a bit wary.

    Huh? Wait... Really?!

    Sure, they weren't exactly weak, but they weren't strong either. They were so tiny, so there was no way either were heroes. What could they possible know that could help her?

    Goki laughed. "Well, for one, we know how to get along with humans."

    "We are running a inn, after all. We have to be able to do that to be a great inn."

    "And we've lived with humans for centuries. Like actually lived with 'em. Part of the town and all that. So we know a thing or two."

    No way. That long?

    Like, sure, she didn't remember that well how long the Gods of her time actually stayed around humans, but she was pretty sure it was still long. These two were just regular old Demi-Humans that, as far as she knew, weren't that impressive compared to, say, Divine Beasts.

    "Uh huh. If you need proof, remember Fuyu-chan?" Zenki said.

    Yeah.” She did. It was even easier to remember since she would answer all her questions in ways that were pretty fun for her. Like showing how that toilet thing worked, which led to her realizing it was the perfect place to get rid of any of her feathers that fell off for whatever reason.

    "She's our descendant by about..."

    "Sixty generations! Give or take a few."

    "Uh huh."

    She was? That was neat—wait.

    That human is your descendant?"

    But they were oni. Did that mean—

    "She's part non-human, yes. Diluted a lot, but still, she has our blood," Zenki said as if he read his mind.

    "So yeah. Like I said, we know a thing or two about getting along with humans and helping others do the same."

    Still, she had to know. So she went and flew straight for the woman while she was talking with one of the Phantoms all to sniff her out.

    "Huh? Anzu-san? You all right?" the woman said as she seemed to make sure she didn't sniff at her breasts.

    Which, well, was fine. Thankfully she didn't need to smell them because, now that she was paying attention, she actually did smell oni blood on her. And not in the "I had been bathing in the stuff" kind of way. It was that distinct tinge that told her it was as much part of the source as was the skin they wore or the limbs that carried them.

    Wow. You really are a descendant.

    And to that, the woman's confusion turned into a bright and proud smile.

    "Yup. A Gokijo through and through. And I wouldn't have it any other way."

    With that done, she dashed right back to the two oni, who, for some reason, looked pretty amused at her return. Her, on the other hand...while she was happy to actually see a human so proud of their non-human blood...

    It's great and all that you did it, did you do it?” she said, unable to keep the whine out of her disbelieving voice. After all, “It's so hard. I keep trying to be a hero like Uncle Lugalbanda, but I mess up anyway even when I'm doing exactly like he does and I......don't know what I'd do if I can't become a hero because of that...

    "And you think we didn't?"


    "Of course we messed up. Because it is hard. That's what happens when fundamentally different beings interact with each other. Most...aren't really able to overcome it," Zenki admitted, somberly.

    But Goki then said with a grin, "But that's what heroes do all the time, right? Do the impossible, see the invisible, break the unbreakable?"

    "So it's okay if you feel it's hard. What matters isn't that you failed. What matters is learning from it. And if you can't do it on your own just yet...that's what friends and family are for. To help you when you fall."

    Both of their expressions turned warmer and encouraging as Goki said for them, "So? Can you tell us what happened?"

    With that last piece touching her heart, Anzu finally gave in, ignored her shame and embarassment and told them what happened. Saying it all so simply made it a lot shorter than she realized, and a part of her felt even more embarassment from that. It being such a short recount made it a much smaller deal than it really was. But that was soon forgotten as Zenki and Goki would ask questions about some parts and, once they were all answered, immediately gave their thoughts and advice on what she should do next and...

    Anzu blinked. “That's it?

    The smiles they gave reminded her a bit too much of her parents, like they knew her so well even though it has barely been days since they've met.


    "That's it."

    But it feels so...




    Or something like that. The solution felt less like something a hero would do and more like...something that prefers talking or something. She wasn't sure what to compare it to. Maybe those telephone things?

    The onis laughed, yet it felt in no way mocking.

    "Well I guess that just means you're starting to really think like a hero."

    "Because some people find this part really hard to do."

    "Not even the non-verbal or subtle or any other ways you can do it even if it's hard to actually say."

    Really?” she said, dubious.


    "Because talking to others..."

    "Trying to understand them..."

    "And having them understand you in return..."

    "That's one of the hardest things anyone can do."

    "So it can also be one of the scariest things too."

    And heroes always faced some of the most challenging obstacles...and won.

    So Anzu said after vigorous nod, “All right, I'll do it!

    He probably really shouldn't be surprised about the destruction. Anzu had told then she accidentally blew up the beach.

    Yet still, he would admit that he had vastly underestimated how much damage she had done.

    Both of them.



    "I thought you said you made a mess of the beach."

    I did!

    "This isn't just a mess! This is almost annihilating!"

    Because what they had assumed was something like a large crater in the ground, something that could easily be refilled either with time or the efforts of others putting the sand back. Not unlike if a meteor hit the ground, or one or two oni-blooded humans slamming into the ground with all their supernatural might.

    What they got was instead a majority of the beach turned into glass. That was a feat in and of itself, because they knew sand had to be melted into a liquid and then cooled into glass. But it replaced so much of the beach that they would've thought the entirety of it was gone were it not for the fact that they could, with a quick swig of his wife's risui, see some life on the fringes of the aftermath. And that's not even counting the fact there was still stean coming from the glass that likely had been past the shoreline.

    And of course all Anzu really had to say to that was,

    Er, what's annihilating?

    "Just think of it as blowing up but worse."

    "As in, this level of worse."

    To the storm chick's credit, she did flinch and look sheepish as she said,

    Oh. Then, uh...yeah. I did annihilate it.” Then she added, “But it really was an accident!


    "How so?"

    Zenki would admit a part of him had doubts, which he could see Goki had also, but they both kept them to themselves.

    Especially as Anzu said, downcast and guilty, “The lightning wasn't my Noble Phantasm. It...hit me when I used it.

    And both he and his wife couldn't help but soften. Because as destructive and immature as she was...they knew she meant no harm on humans, or others in general.

    So he simply said,

    "You're absolutely sure that's what happened?"

    Yeah! I am!

    "All right then."

    "Change of plans?"

    "Change of plans."

    Before Anzu could voice her confusion, his wife clarified, "Slight change of plans."

    "It's a bigger mess than we thought. So there's other stuff we would walk you through."

    "But it's not something we have to do right now."

    The oni couple shared a glance.

    And besides...the stuff about property damage and so on was more of Fuyu-chan's expertise, for despite being an architect, she is knowledgeable of things that, in her words, "are adjacent to it", like the various laws and such in involving properties and damages to them.

    "So for now..."

    Instead of Anzu walking to the beach to apologize first to the lifeguard and Chinese couple, Goki would stay with her in an appropriate hiding spot by the fringes while Zenki would go and convince them to come along so she could apologize to them. Because none of them wanted to cause another scene, especially since, of all the lifeguards Anzu had to fight, it was the one Raikou-san and Yuki-san were extrenely fond of and thus were on the lookout for the culprit. Thankfully, Nongyu and Xiaoshi, the Chinese couple, were easily open to the offer ("We can tell what she's like, don't worry. If she wants to apologize, we're happy to hear it"), and were able to get Twinkle Star to come along without the two "Moe Fan Club" members coming along or knowing ("Our Skills can grant you further Luck in gaining ice cream and other desserts and candies"). So Anzu was able to apologize to all three without anyone else disturbing them. Nongyu and Xiaoshi, unsurprisingly, were understanding of her circumstances and accepted the apology. In fact, they even offered to spend some time together later when Anzu was finished with her business. The little bird squacked in delight and promised to meet them later. Twinkle Star, however, while "fine" that the "meanie" apologized, still issued (“You can't come back for a bajillion summers!”) a ban that...Anzu was fine with. Though considering her words (“Aye aye, Super Saver!”), it was less that she was "fine" because she understood why the punishment was harsh and more that she didn't realize it was supposed to be harsh in the first place.

    But that was the easy part.

    The part where Zenki and Goki couldn't help but worry was...

    ...Anzu apologizing to the girl she had unknowingly attempted to kidnap.

    Oh finding her wasn't a problem. Between their enhanced vision bursts and her speed, they found the girl not long after her first set of apologies. However...

    ...she looked ready to bolt.

    Zenki would admit he had been tempted to intervene, to at least give the "young" Phantasmal a chance to speak, but he was glad he refrained.

    Wait! I'm sorry! Please don't go! I wanna apologize properly!

    And that had been enough to shock the girl in to staying.

    " to apologize," said the astonished girl.

    Anzu nodded vigorously, keeping her mouth shut.

    Silence pervaded the next few moments as the girl simply stared at her, as if a prey waiting for a predator to pounce. Admittedly, it didn't help that Anzu was fidgetting, but considering how much she would usually flit around, he saw it as an impressive and genuine effort. And thankfully, it seemed the formerly kidnapped girl realized it as well, as she relaxed and walked back to stand in front of her.

    Even if she was still a little wary as she said, "Okay. I'll hear you out."

    But Zenki chalked it up to believing she would be safe with him and Goki there.

    Either way, Anzu brightened. “You will?!” she said, before continuing on without a reply anyways. To her credit, she did dial back the excitement when she did. Which was good, considering she said, “Sorry about kidnapping you. Uh, I just wanted to take you a date.

    "A date?"

    But Anzu, bless her, didn't realize the implicit request to clarify her confusion and disbelief and forged on yet again, though luckily for the girl she unwittingly did so anyway.

    I didn't know I had to actually hear the girl say 'yes' and some kind of version of 'I wanna come' to make it actually a date instead of kidnapping. And I didn't know the screaming was 'cause you were afraid. I thought you were excited. So...” And then the crowning moment of the apology, Anzu bowed, “I'm sorry.

    A moment passed.

    And then she said,

    "Okay. I accept your apology."

    Anzu gasped and said with a hopeful smile, “Really?! Then does that mean you'll go on a date with me for real?!


    Anzu grimaced and deflated. For a second, the girl was regretful and fearful, looking ready to take it back...

    ...but then the young chick said with a wry but still earnest smile,

    Okay! I got it like a crystal!

    And the girl was surprised yet again. Though there was still a flash of wariness, she soon composed herself and said,

    "Okay. I'm going to go now and look for my friends."

    Anzu just nodded and the girl nodded in turn before she left. For a little while, it was just them watching her leave and her looking back on occasion, likely worried the storm bird might change her mind. However, nothing happened as she walked away.

    At least until she was out of their line of sight, which was when Anzu promptly deflated with a whine, looking the absolute picture of a miserably defeated teenager.

    Zenki and Goki couldn't stop their chuckle at the familiar and endearing sight, but managed to hide it from the little chick.

    So they promptly said,

    "Good job, Anzu!"


    "We said, 'good job'."

    But I still failed to get the girl! I thought that, maybe, she'd give me a chance...

    His wife raised a brow. "Did you already forget what we told you?"

    No! But...” She grumbled (adorably). “I don't see how not getting the girl is the same as not giving up on the impossible...

    "It is the same."

    "Because right now, it seems like an impossible thing for you... But!"

    "If you keep at it."

    "Know what you did wrong each time."

    "And make up for those mistakes."

    "You'll find out how to do it right."

    "And the day you do, you'll find your mate."

    "Because...?" they said, waiting.

    The young woman grinned. “Because heroes never give up!

    All three cheered at the declaration and shared a laugh.

    "All right. Now that you're about you come back to the ryokan and relax? You've had quite an eventful day."

    "Even better! Let's get that Nongyu and Xiaoshi and bring 'em to the ryokan for a drink with! What you think, Anzu?"

    Oh! Sure! Sure! I wanted to talk more to the rainbow bird lady!

    And so they discussed plans on their way to invite more company, all of them hopeful for the day when Anzu would find
    her mate and love.

    Creator's Notes
    Aaaand...that's that! The last lart of our collaboration entry! If it wasn't obvious, who did what in terms of writing was: we worked on our respective Servant sheets separately, we worked out the story outline together, then Farewell wrote Anzu snippet (including the dialogue of Nongyu and Xiaoshi), I wrote the Zenki and Goki snippet, and the Zenki and Goki & Anzu final third, with us checking each other's work for each other, as well as giving suggestions. Particularly wanna shout out to Farewell for helping me with the skills of Zenki and Goki since I was undecided on which way I wanted to express them.

    As for said Servant sheet...

    First off: oh my goooooosh
    the time it took me to find a male red oni compated to a blue female one
    and the lore and personality kicking my ass
    So please don't mind the four arms (and the club when it'e supposed to be an axe). It was the only one that had the vibe I wanted.
    And hopefully those sections are fine...

    Secondly, and more importantly, I went full on AU on the history of the Gokijo family, and the other "Oni" families. And no, it isn't the fact that these families have oni blood/are related to Zenki and Goki. No, that part is real, afaik. Those families (and I think many residents of the "hometown" of the onis, Shimokitayama) claim to be related to them. What I mean by AU is that, afaik, during the
    abolish Buddhism, destroy Shākyamuni
    movement, three of the families had to shut down their shukubos, another left many, many years later, and the last one, the Gokijo family...only has one last living descendant, the 61st family head, and he's an elderly man. Considering this idea of ryokan owners actually came to mind before i even found out about those facts and i just really wanted to do it is Fate and what I like to write...well, I decided to go AU with them switch to ryokans and such to survive that point.

    yes one day i hope to make a character sheet for fuyu, especially ever since i found out pepe uses a form of shugendo. she isn't there just to physically show off the legacy of. but that needs some confidence help first before anything.

    This sheet originally had an intro more akin to what I usually did (aka summoning lines) and a bond craft essence, however, after Farewell pointed it out a couple of things, I found it to be superfluous with the little story we did. However, I do still have what I wrote. While the intro isn't that different in vibes to the snippet actually, if you wanna see Bond CE, here ya go:
    cut Zenki and Goki Bond Craft Essence
    [centet]A Possible Time, In A Definite Place

    In many times, in many places

    People are chosen as a one of several Masters in a Holy Grail War

    In this time and this place, he happened to be chosen

    None of them liked it, including his extended family

    They knew war. They knew subjugation. They wanted no part in it.

    But they also didn't want it spread.

    So they knew what they had to do.

    Still it was with baited breath as he and several others placed all the pieces of their catalyst and he commenced the summoning sequence

    They didn't know if it would work. They didn't know if they were Heroic Spirits.

    But then—

    "We are here to answer your summons, dear descendant."

    "Are you our Master?"

    The heir of the Gokijo Family smiled.

    "Yes, I am... Grandpa. Grandma."

    The parents of the Five Oni Families returned it with their own.[/center]
    I...feel like there was other stuff I wanted to say, but I've forgotten them.

    Oh well. Either way, I had a lot of fun with doing this collab. I hope you all enjoyed reading it just as much as I wrote it! I'm so happy to write out Zenki and Goki's sheet, tie it to Farewell's Anzu's, have a Gokijo family member cameo, and wrap it all together in this small summer story.
    And thank you Farewell for collabing with me. It was a great pleasure to work with you. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would.

    And there we go. Hope folks enjoyed reading this.

    Regarding the creative process of this sheet… The actual text of Lugalbanda and the Anzu Bird has Lugalbanda say something to the effect of accepting the Anzu and his family as Lugalbanda’s own family. Beyond the interesting conceit of a monster being presented as a menace to the gods themselves getting along pretty well with a mortal hero, that in itself was probably the most interesting piece of this whole concept for me. The main conceit was to present Anzu as a sort of counterpart to Anzu, with Gilgamesh being the first proper Hero and being exceedingly competent but capable of acting in really messed up ways being juxtaposed with Anzu, a being lacking in real malice but being dangerously incompetent in her actions. With how Gilgamesh is representative of a greater facet of the Nasuverse’s conflict of the Age of Gods and the Age of Man, Anzu’s main character conflict ends up involving how something so distinctly part of the Age of Gods struggles to find a space to exist within the Age of Man.

    If she was a solo sheet I’d probably focus more on her potential dynamic with Gilgamesh, but in this case the underlying connection of ‘what does it mean for that which isn’t human to exist amongst humanity’ shared with Zenki and Goki ended up driving the sheet instead. An early idea I had was for Gilgamesh (Caster) to be the one who comes along and stops Anzu from going wild, but with the other Servants already picked I decided that would really only contribute to adding bloat to the whole thing. As it is now, I’m content with having filled in the details of how she plays off of Gilgamesh and his family within relationship lines.

    In a proper summer event Anzu would probably fill the role of ‘minor antagonist who ends up being a more active threat that the proper main antagonist’ in the vein of MHXX or Summer Abby and Summer Kiara. A reoccurring pain in the ass who gets tricked into thinking Chaldea are evil and fights them numerous times before she either burns herself out or Chaldea ends up finding out what’s really going on to talk her down. Also, comic relief.

    Anyway, again, hope folks here enjoyed this goofy feel-good summer movie plot me and DracoScribe put together here for you. Collaborating like this was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed working with her together on this. I hope the enjoyment behind the whole experience has bled through into the narrative and sheet so others can feel a bit of it as well!
    Author of:
    Persona 5: Refraction (SV link; link)
    "You didn't have to fight for me, you know." "And you didn't have to curl your hair so we'll look even more alike." Ren stared before he softly chuckled, Akira joining him not long after. With one simple decision as a child, Ren Amamiya goes to Tokyo alongside his little sister, Akira. (P5R Sibling AU) (Ren/Ann, Akechi/Fem!Akira)
    On Break until: January 31, 2023 (GMT +8:00)
    Velvet Throne
    My list of my Servants! Still small for now.

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    as the collaborator for Nongyu's sheet and illustrator for her 1st ascension, I can definitely see her punching Anzu in the head.

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    lovely entries, i really enjoyed the read.
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    Now seeing it in full-its a very lovely story. Like Anzu learning from Gatekeeper and their descendant

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