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Thread: Fate Stay/Night UBW save file

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    Fate Stay/Night UBW save file

    Does anyone have a save file for Day 4 of UBW for FSN Realta Nua (the older version with 3 separate routes), or even a 100% save file? These save files aren't compatible with the 100% save file I found for the Ultimate Edition. I'm emulating via PlayOnMac which raises EAccessException whenever it tries to play the openings, and although I found a save file to get past the Prologue and play through the Fate route, I've been stuck after Archer/Saber fights Berserker in the graveyard. I've tried Ultimate Edition (wine freaks out over an unimplemented function and this seems too difficult to fix) and installed LAVfilters to get around this exception, but nothing has worked, so if anyone could provide a save file, I would really appreciate clarify, the game works smoothly otherwise.

    Update: Fuck PlayOnMac. Got Ultimate Edition working through Wineskin Winery, and toggled movies off.
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